Old EnglishspEnglish
Pea-brain nFoolish, stupid.
PeacocknThe male of a gallinaceous bird, a pavonine. NB: alernate spelling: "Pocock"
Peacock eye nSmall localized circular markings in certain woods, like a bird's eye in maple, that add considerably to the decorative value. It si now suggested that they are caused by fungi, but embryo buds, insects, and birds are claimed to be cause.
Pea-codnThe pod or legume of the pea-plant; a pea-pod.
Peafowl nA pheasant of the genus or afropavo, notable for the extravagant tails of the mates; a peacock.
Pea-green adjA yellowish green color, like that of peas.
Pea hen nPeacock, peafowl.
Peak nPerhaps ???? from O.E. 'pic": point, A point; the sharp end or top of anything that terminates in a point; as, the peak, or front, of a cap.  2. the highest value reached by some quantity in a time period. 3. (geography) the top, or one of the tops, of a hill, mountain, or range, ending in a point. 3. geography) The whole hill or mountain, especially when isolated. 4. (nautical) the upper aftermost corner of a fore-and-aft sail. 5. (nautical) The narrow part of a vessel's bow, or the hold within it. 6. (nautical) the extremity of an anchor fluke; the bill. 7. (mathematics) A local maximum of a function, e.g. for sine waves, each point at which the value of y is at its maximum.
PeaknThe name "Peak Arse" in OE. "Peas aers" and in Domesday Book: "Peachears" applied to "Peak's Cavern," has suggested a conjecture that Peas may have been a name for a demon,(later "Devils Arse") cognate with OE. "Puca or Puck. Other placenames such as Peasaes del Kemble, Paesedon, (now Pegdon) in Bedfordshire have naturally been associated with the word "peak", but the history of the latter maked any etymological connection impossible.
Peak vbTo reach a peak. 2. to rise or extend into a peak, to form or appear as a peak
Peak body nAn organisation which represents an entire sector of industry or the community to the government, often incorporating other organisations in that area.
Peaked adjHaving a peak or peaks.
Peakedness nThe condition of having (a specified form of) peak.
Peak flow nThe largest measure of air respired from the lungs. 2. the largest volume of water discharged from a stream or river.
Peak load nThe maximum power load consumed or produced by a generating unit or groups of units during a specified time.
Peakily advCharacterized by peaks.
Peakiness nThe quality of having or being peaky.
Peakish adjOf or relating to a peak or peaks. 2. belonging to a mountainous region. 3. having peaks, peaked.
Peakless adjWithout a peak or peaks.
Peaklike adjResembling a peak or peaks.
Peaky adjHaving or as if having peaks, especially high-pitched spots.
Peanut nA legume resembling a nut, the fruit of the plant "Arachis"
Peanut phr"Earn Peanuts" - to get reward which is far too small in relation to the value of the services rendered.
Peanut milk nA non-dairy beverage created using peanuts and water. Recipe variations include salt, sweeteners, and grains. It does not contain any lactose and is therefore suitable for people with lactose intolerance. Similar in production to almond milk, soy milk, and rice milk, the peanuts are typically ground, soaked, sometimes heated, and then filtered through a fine filter: the resulting liquid is considered the "milk".
Peanutty adjResembling peanuts, pea-like. 2. of or pertaining to peanuts.
PearnFleshy, juicy, very eatable fruit of the tree, "Pyrus communis"
PearmongernA fruit seller, esp. of pears
Pear-shaped adjHaving the shape or cross-section of a pear
Pear treenA fruit of the genus, pyrus, which bears the pear as fruit.
Peary adjResembling a pear, pear-like.
Pearwood nThe wood of the pear tree.
PeasenPea, peas collectively.
Pea-timenThe last stages of anything, the end of one's life.
PebblenSmall roundish stone, a popelstan. 2. transparent and colourless rock-crystal.
Pebble phr"Throw a Pebble Against a Window" - to gently draw attention tpo oneself.
Pebble-like adjResembling a characteristic of a pebble.
Pebble mill nA tumbling mill that grinds or pulverizes materials without contaminating them with iron; used especially ceramic ingredients.
Pebble-stone nA pebble. 2. a material consisting of a mass of pebbles.
Pebble-warenA kind of Wedgewood in which the clay of different colours are include in the paste during manufacture.
Pelican nA large, gregarious, fish-eating webfooted bird of warm regions, having a distensible membranous pouch on the upper for the temporary storage of fish. 2. the axe-head.
PennA small enclosure for domestic animals and livestock, as cows, sheep, swine or poultry. 2. a fold, sty, coup. 3. a number of animals sufficient to fill a pen; also animals contained within the pen in a collection. 4. a division within a pen, sty, etc. 5. a river or canal; weir or dam.
PenfoldnAn enclosure penning sheep or cattle; a small fence-area for stray animals and livestock
Penniless adjWithout money; without a penny; poor.
Pennilessness nDestitution.
Penning nEnclose in a pen; confined.
PennynA coin used in the UK. and Commonwealth countries. 2. money in general
PennynUsed in combining form: twopenny, halfpenny, etc. 2. Costing a specified number of) pennies nails; formerly designating the cost of nails per hundred; but afterwards denoting their length.
Penny phr"Have One's Penny's Worth" - have one's (minor) say in a matter.
Penny phr"Not Have a Penny to One's Name (Or to Bless Oneself)" - have no money.
Penny phr"Pennies from Heaven" - unexpected money.
Penny phr"Penny for Your Thoughts" - tell me what you are thinking about.
Penny phr"Pretty Penny" - much money.
Penny phr"The Penny Dropped" - somebody (finally) understood something.
Penny phr"Throw in One's Six Pennies' Worth" - to modestly supply one's own facts or views.
Penny phr"Two a Penny" - very cheap, common.
Penny phr"Two-penny, halfpenny" - cheap, trivial.
Penny-dreadfulnA cheap book or magazine containing popular, usually sensational fiction.
Penny-farthingnalso penny farthing, "ineffective," from penny + farthing, the two together making but a small sum. 2. a kind of bicycle with a small wheel in back and a big one in front (so called from the notion of different size coins).
Penny-fathernA person who is extremely careful with their money: a skinflint, miser, scrooge
Penny-liner nA journalist who contributes articles, etc to a newspapers at so a much a line; a hack writer.
Penny-rotnName for the Marsh Pennywort, from its round leaves and supposed property of causing rot in sheep.
Penny-weight nA troy weight of 24 grains.
Penny whistle nA tin whistle.
Penny-wisdom nThe quality or characteristic of being economical in small matters, but wasteful in large ones.
Penny-wiseadjUnduly economical, but not always wisely, in small matters; usually in the phrase: "Penny wise. but pound foolish."
PennywortnSeveral species of the Hydrocotyle: the parsley family. 2. Cotyledon Umbilicus
Penny-worthadjAs much as can be bought for a penny. 2. a small amount, a trifle
Pep nVigor, go, get-go, spirit.
Pep phr"Pep up" - make more interesting , lively or powerful. 2.fill with vigor.
PeppernAny plant of the genus "Capiscum". 2. powder made from small berries of certain plants, used to give a spicy, hot taste to food. 3. spiciness, pungency, raciness.
PeppervbTo sprinkle or season with pepper. 2. to shower with missiles; spatter, pelt.
Pepper phr"Pepper and Salt" - cloth made of light and dark wool or material mixed. 2. black hair with a intermingle of grey and or white. 3. a finely speckled greyish look
Pepper phr"Pepper With" - strike somebody with a stinging shower of food, drink, conversation, entertainment, proceedings.
Pepper-cornnA berry of the pepper plant. 2. anything trifling or unimportant
Peppered adjSeasoned with pepper. 2. speckled.
Pepper mill na device for grinding pepper by hand. 2. a pepper quern
Peppermint nA pungent aromatic herb (Mentha piperita) used in medicine and confectionery.
Pepperbox nA gun or artillery piece with a revolving set of barrels.
Pepper-potnA earthenware or metal pot or container for pepper; a pepperbox.
Pepper-quernnHandmill for grounding pepper. 2. a pepper mill.
Pepper-rootnAny plant of the pepper family. Lepidium latifoloia, Diphyilia dentaria
Pepper-shaker nA pepper pot.
PepperwortnLepidium latifolia.
Peppery adjPertaining to or like pepper, pungent.
Peppiness nThe quality of being peppy.
Peppy adjFull of pep; energetic, cheerful, sparky, full vim, vigor.
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