The Anglish Moot
Old English sp English
Pick n The act of picking.
Pick n A double-headed, pointed metal tool, mounted on a solid wooden handle, as a pick-axe, used for breaking ground. 2. any of various implements for picking, as an ice-pick, or a pick-lock. 3. instrument with a pointed iron head at right angles to a wooden hand-part, for getting hard earth, stones, broken. 4. a small sharp-pointed instrument
Pick vb To pluck the strings of an instrument of music.
Pick phr "Pick and Shovel" - tools that are used in, or are symbols of, heavy laboring work.
Pick phr "Pick Away"- to pull apart slowly and surely. 2. to steadily and determinedly do something.
Pick phr "Pick off" - to remove by picking.
Pick phr "Pick Up" - take hold of and raise. 2. rescue by picking or plucking from the sea. 3. bear and gather.
Pick-a-back adv On the back of the shoulders; piggy-back.
Pick-axe n A pick or mattock with one arm of the head edged like a chisel and the other pointed.
Picker n A quarry-man who uses a pick for digging. 3. a fisherman who uses a pick or a pike to spear eels. 4. a guitar, banjo or other stringed-instrument player. 5. a mattock.
Pick-me-up n A drink, especially an alcoholic drink, taken to renew one's energy or spirits.
Pig n Middle English: probably from the first element of Old English picbrēd ‘acorn’, literally ‘pig bread’ (i.e. food for pigs). A hog or hog-like animal, especially when small or young. 2. the young of a swine, a young sow or boar. 3. a name for the young of a badger. 4. the animal or its flesh as an article of food: pork. 5. distinguished epithet to various species: bush-pig, wood-pig, sea-pig (porpoise). 6. applied contemptuously to a person or another animal or thing; ie. "make a pig of oneself" or gluttonize. 7. a policeman (disparagingly)- slang. 8. a police informer (slang). 9. a long mass of iron etc. made by heating metal till liquid and putting into forms.
Pig phr "Bleed Like a Pig" - bleed copiously.
Pig phr "Drive One's Pigs" - to snore.
Pig phr "He Has Brought His Pigs to a Pretty Market" - to make a very bad bargain.
Pig phr "In a Pig's Eye" - certainly not.
Pig phr "Live Like a Pig in Clover" - live in luxury.
Pig phr "Make a Pig's Ear of Something" - do something something badly, messily.
Pig phr "Make a Pig of Oneself" - overeat greedily.
Pig phr "Pig in the Middle" - person, or group in a helpless position between, or made use of by, others (from a children's game where the 'pig' tries to catch a ball tossed from one to another of a pair or ring of people; if he succeeds, the thrower becomes 'pig'.
Pig phr "Pig it" - to live slovenly in a squalor.
Pig phr "Pig Out" - a bout of eating a large amount of food.
Pig phr "Pigs in Clover" - people who have money but do not know how to behave properly.
Pig phr "Pigs Might Fly" - wonderful and seemingly impossible; things may happen. 2. an expression of disbelief.
Pig phr "Pig's Whisper" - a very short space in time; properly a grunt - which doesn't take long.
Pig phr "Pig Together" - to huddle together like pigs in a sty. 2. to share and share alike, especially in lodgings in a small way. 3. earlier meaning: to sleep two to a bed.
Pig phr "Stare Like a Stuck Pig" - with mouth wide open and staring eyes; as a pig being killed. 2. in the utmost astonishment, mingled sometimes with fear.
Pig phr "Sweat Like a Pig" -sweat copiously.
Pig-bed n A bed of sand for molding pigs into which metal is poured.
Pig-dog n A dog used for the hunting of pigs.
Pigdom n The condition of being a pig. 2. the realm of pigs (lit & fig.)
Pig-foot n Pig trotters, also known as pettitoes.
Pigginess n The quality of being piggy; piggishness.
Piggish adj Like a pig, greedy, muddy.
Piggishness adj The quality of being piggy; pigginess.
Piggy n A child word for a pig.
Piggy phr "Piggy in the Middle" - a person placed in an awkward situation.
Piggy adj Resembling a pig, especially in features and appetite
Pig-headed adj Obstinate, stubborn, obdurate, stupid.
Pig-headedly adv In a pigheaded manner.
Pig-headedness n The state or quality of being obstinate, stubborn, obdurate, stupid; pigheadedness.
Pig iron n An oblong mass of metal. 2. cast iron in pigs or ingots, as first reduced from ore.
Pigging n The act of bringing forth pigs. 2. to act or live like pigs.
Piggish adj Characteristic of a pig: piggishly, dirty, stubborn, selfish, mean, unclean, vile, unclean.
Piggy-back vb To carry another on your back.
Pig-boat n A slang term for a submarine.
Piglead n Unrefined lead, cast into blocks called pigs.
Pigless adj Without pigs.
Piglike adj Like or resembling a pig.
Pigling n A young or small pig.
Pigman n A farm worker who looks after pigs.
Pignut n Conopodium majus - a herb popular with pigs; hognut and St Anthony's nut for anthony the Great or St Anthony of Padua, both patrons saint of swineherds.
Pig-pen n A pen or sty where pigs are kept.
Pig-run n An open area of pigsty.
Pigskin n The skin of a pig. 2. football. 2. the skin of a hog used as a bottle. 4. a saddle
Pig-sticker n A long sharp knife or weapon used to hunt wild boar.
Pig-sticking n The hunting of pigs and wild boar.
Pig-sty n Enclosure or pen for pigs. 2 a hovel, slum
Pigtail n A plaited lock of hair worn singly at the back or on each side of the hair.
Pig-tailed adj Wearing or having a pig-tail.
Pig's whisper n The grunt of a pig. 2. a loud whisper, meant to be heard. 3. a very short space of time, an instant. 3. a whisper; a confidential tone of voice.
Pigweed n A name given to many plants used as animal fodder. 2. Pigwort
Pigwort n Pigweed. 2. Chenopactium, amaranths, purslane: "Portulacae oleracae
Pike n A tool consisting of a iron-bar and used as an digging tool. 2. a prehistoric instrument for breaking up rocks and soil. 3. a plectrum. 3. a playing card: diamonds. 4. an instrument for picking, as in an tooth-pick. 5. a hedgehog prickle or spike. 6. name of various pointed or pronged instruments for cutting or gathering or harvesting beans, peas and other similar crops.7. a pitchfork; hayfork; a fork-rake for collecting seaweed. 8. an eel-spear. 9. spear used for military person fighting on foot.
Pike n A narrow piece of land at the side of a field of irregular shape. 2. Sharp point or extremely tapering point, pointed tip of anything- such as a arrow, beak, spear, spike in the centre of a buckle. 3. a horn of a dilemma. 4. an anvil. 5. a pinnacle.
Pike-like adj Resembling or characteristic of a pike in some aspect.
Pike vb To attack, prod, or injure someone with a pike
Pikeman n The keeper ofa turnpike. 2. a soldier armed with a pike.
Pike-staff n A staff with a sharp metal spike.
Pike-wise adj In peaked or wedge-shaped formation.
Pilch n An outer garment made of skin dressed with the hair, in later use a leathern or coarse woollen outer garment. 2. a rug or pad laid over a saddle. 3. a napkin for an infant.
Pile n A dart, a shaft, arrow head of a heavy javelin of Romans. 2. a spike, nail, spine of prickly plant. 3. pointer of a sundial. 4. pointed blade of grass. 5. glume of hay. 6. pointed stake or post, made from a heavy beam of timber or a tree trunk. 3. a stake or post fixed in the ground. 7. a pile weir.
Pile-driver n An engine for driving in piles.
Pile-dwelling n A home, building built on piles, especially on a lake..
Pill n A tidal creek on the coast or a pool in a creek or at the confluence of a tributary (Cornwall & Bristol). 2. Old English pyll Modern English a pool, pill, a small creek, hereford, the channels through which the marshes enter the river are termed pills
Pill vb To plunder, spoil, extort, rob. 2. take by force, prey on, rape.
Pillow vb To take counsel is to take pillow; consult. 2. take a night to consider a matter of importance: sleep on it.
Pillow-book n A journal-type book kept to record sexual dreams and escapades. It is usually for the reader's eyes only.
Pillow fight n A common game mostly played by the young children in which they engage in a mock physical conflict, using pillows as weapons.
Pillow-less adj Without pillows; having no padding.
Pillow talk n Conversation, usu. of an intimate kind, held in bed.
Pillow top n (Of a mattress) Having a cushioned, textured top surface to provide extra softness.
Pillow-word n Pillow words are meaningless expressions which are prefixed to other words, merely for the sake of euphony. Almost every word of note has some "Pillow-word" or thatso to speak, rest it head on.
Pilt vb See pelt
Pin n Thin, pointed bit of wire with a generally rounded head, used for keeping bits of cloth, papers etc. fixed together; thin rod or pin of wood or metal used for joining purposes. 2. (slang) pins: legs. 3. point, pin, peak, apex. 4. gramophone needle or pin. 5. 6. a small cask or keg of one-half firkin, approx. 4 & 1/2 gallons. 5. a corn on the toe or foot. 6. pitch, degree, step, pin.
Pin vb Get fixed on something, wall etc. by a pin
Pin phr "For Two Pins I would Do So-and-so" - my tolerance is almost exhausted and I am very tempted to do so-and-so.
Pin phr "Not Care a Pin for (Something)" - not have the slightest interest in something.
Pin phr "Not Worth a Pin" - wholly worthless.
Pin phr "Pin Against" - trap somebody between oneself and a tree etc, and prevent him or her throw moving a way.
Pin phr "Pin Down" - make someone keep his word; or keep to the point in an argument or discussion. 2. persuade somebody to define his position, state his intentions.
Pin phr "Pin One's Hopes On" - rely on.
Pin phr "Pins and Needles" - a sensation of uncomfortable tingling or prickling, usually felt in the hands or feet. A common cause is leaning awkwardly on a limb, which presses against the nerves. Persistent pins and needles may be symptomatic of more serious conditions, such as nerve disease or nerve inflammation
Pin phr "Pin Something on Somebody" - incriminate somebody.
Pin phr "Pin Up" - attach to the surface with pins.
Pin phr "Weak on his Pins" - weaks on or in one's legs.
Pin phr "With One's Ears Pinned Back" - chastened.
Pinder n A keeper of a pound for straying animals.
Pine vb To grow thin or weak with longing, grief. 2. to have great desire or longing for. 3. to grieve for; pine.
Pine phr "Pine Away" - grow thin and pale through sorrow and illness.
Pine phr "Pine For" - desire strongly to return to or recover the good old days.
Pin-feather n A small feather ungrown or beginning to grow.
Pinfold n A pound for straying cattle.
Pinhead n The head of a pin. 2. any small object. 3. a person with a smallish head. 4. a minnow.
Pinheadness n Having a head that is unusually small or tapered. 2. foolishness or ignorance.
Pinhold n A place where a pin is fixed.
Pinhole n A small hole the size not more in size that could have been made by a pin. 2. A small hole the size not more than 1/16 in. in diameter due or that could have been made by pinhole borers; shot holes; wormholes.
Pining n State of weakness through longing for someone or something. 2. grieving, desiring, longing.
Pinny adj Minutely small; nanoid.
Pin-prick n A pin with a prick. 2. fig. a petty annoyance or irritation.
Pintle n The penis.
Pin-up n Pictures of "winsome young ladies in daring undress" in times past pinned up on the walls of dug-outs, office walls etc.
Pipe n A boatswain's whistle used to call his crew. 2. voice esp. used in singing of birds; song or note of birds. 3. a musical instrument, as a tuba. 4. tubular vessels or canal; a pipe. 5. channel of a small stream. 6. an icicle. 5. a pipe: a smoking (of tobacco) apparutus.
Pipe vb To lay down pipes, above or underground, to supply or convey water, gas, oil; to draw through pipes. 2. to play a tune upon a pipe; blow on or play on a pipe. 3. to whistle, as the wind, pipe as a bird etc. 4. to sing, pipe or whistle as a bird. 5. to entice or decoy a bird, animal. 6. to pipe one's eyes: shed tears, weep. 7. to breath hard, from exertion or exhaustion. 8. to utter in a shrill and weak voice. 9. to utter in a loud clear voice as a song bird, a singer.
Pipe phr "Pipe Down" - a command to someone to be less vociferous or noisy.
Pipe in phr "Pipe in" - to bring in, welcome, introduce a person to a group to the sounds of the bagpipes.
Pipe phr "Pipe on Board" - welcome somebody to the tune of the bagpipes.
Pipe phr "Pipe One's Eyes" - shed tears, weep, snivel, lament.
Pipe phr "Pipe Up" - call out, have one's say. 2. to raise the voice, speak up in a powerful voice. 3. to increase in sound as the wind.
Pipe phr "Put One's Pipe Out" - to spoil his piping; to make one change his or her tune.
Pipe phr "Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke It" - a challenge to another to contemplate and accept something frank or unwelcome.
Pipe phr "Set Up Ones Pipes" - to cry aloud
Pipeclay n A fine white clay used especially for makin tobacco pipes or for whitening leather.
Pipe cleaner n Chenille stem is a type originally intended to remove moisture and residue fom smoking pipes.
Pipecraft n An art or the skilled practice of a making pipes of various kinds, as water pipes, organ (musical) pipes; bag-pipes.
Pipeful adj A quantity sufficient to fill the bowl of a tobacco pipe.
Pipelayer n A pipelayer (or pipe-layer or pipe layer) is a skilled tradesman who lays pipe, such as for storm sewers, sanitary sewers, drains, and water mains. Pipelayers may grade (i.e., level) trenches and culverts, position pipe, or seal joints
Pipe-like adj Resembling a pipe or some aspect of.
Pipeline n A pipe used to transport liquids or gases. 2. gossip spread by spoken communication. 3. fig. an information channel direct from the source. 4. a line of pipe with pumping machinery and apparatus for conveying liquids, gases, or finely divided solids, such as petroleum or natural gas, between distant points. 4. the set of stages and processes from the invention or design of a product to its ultimate use, production, or commercial sale. 5. in the pipeline: still in preparation or under development, as 'in the pipeline.'
Pipeline phr 'In the Pipeline" - something that hasn't arrived yet but its arrival is expected; still in preparation or under development.
Pipeline phr "Pipeline to Someone" - an intermediary used as a means of communicating ideas to a person.
Pipeliner n A worker who works on oil pipelines.
Piper n A worker who lays pipes; a worker who makes pipes. 2. a plumber. 3. musician who plays pipes.
Pipes n The bagpipes, pibroch. 2. "Set Up Ones Pipes" : to cry aloud
Pipe-smoke n The fumes from a tobacco pipe, cigarette or cigar.
Pipesmoker n A person who smokes a tobacco pipe.
Pipe-smoking n Pipe smoking is the practice of tasting (or, more uncommonly, inhaling) the smoke produced by burning a substance, most commonly tobacco, in a pipe. It is the oldest traditional form of smoking
Pipestone n A hard red-clay or soft stone used by American's first-nation folk for smoking-pipe making.
Pipeweed n A herb smoked in a pipe like tobacco.
Pipework n Pipes that consists of a part of a machine, building, factory or structure.
Pipe-worker n A person who installs pipe works in buildings.
Pipewort n A plant comprising aquatic or marsh herbs allied to grasses, with a tubular membrane.
Pipe-wrench n An adjustable wrench (Stillson wrench) for turning soft iron pipes and fittings with a rounded surface.
Piping n In industry, a system of pipes used to convey fluids (liquids and gases)from one location to another.
Piping times n Merry times.
Pistle n From the Latin word: epistle: a communication in writing, letter, literary work, or a dedication in the form of a letter. 2. a spoken story or discourse. 3. a pistle-book
Pistle vb To write an epistle, assail in an epistle; satirize.
Pit n Shaft, hole, cavity, well in the ground. 2. hole dug for the burial of a dead body; grave. 3. mass grave; a large hole dug for the burial of many bodies. 4. a enclosure in which animals, birds are set to fight; cockpit, bullpit. 5. hollow or cavity in any vessel.
Pitch n Old English pic (noun), pician (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch pek and German Pech; based on Latin pix, pic-. 2. thick black sticky substance obtained by boiling down tar.
Pitch vb To cover over with pitch, smear with pitch.
Pitch phr "Black as Pitch" - very dark.
Pitch black adj Completely dark, very black or dark.
Pitch stone n A glassy volcanic rock resembling pitch.
Pit eye n The bottom of a central mine shaft.
Pitfall n a trap: a concealed pit in to which animals or men may fall and be captured.
Pitful adj As much as a pit can hold.
Pith n Sponge like materials inside the stem of some plants. 2. most important, necessary part of something or someone. Concentrated force, vigor, substance hence the essential part, quintessence, gist. 4. the marrow of bones or the spinal cord.
Pith vb To kill by severing the spinal cord. 2. to remove the pith or essential part of someone or from something.
Pithead n A top of a mine shaft.
Pith helmet n (Also known as the safari helmet, sun helmet, topee, sola topee, salacot or topi[a]) is a lightweight cloth-covered helmet made of pith material. Typically, a pith helmet derives from either the sola plant, Aeschynomene aspera, an Indian swamp plant, or from Aeschynomene paludosa. In the narrow definition, a pith helmet is technically a type of sun helmet made out of pith material.
Pithily adj In the way that goes to the pith, essentially, in substance or essence. 2. With significance, substance, brevity, tersely, forcibly, essentially. 3. solid, substantial, esp. in speech or writing, condensed, forcibly terse
Pithiness n Full of meaning with brevity of expression; condensation and force of style, terseness, sententiousness.
Pithless adj Without force, vigour, substance
Pithsome adj Given to or full of terseness, brevity; substance, sturdiness, meaning; vigour or force.
Pithy adj Consisting of pith; like pith. 2. forcible, terse
Pit lane n (Motor racing) a lane adjacent (usually on the inner curve) to a racetrack where the competing teams garages is situated.
Pitman n One who works in a pit, as in sawing, mining etc; the man who has charge of underground machinery. 2. a miner, collier.
Pitman's candle n A miners' candle.
Pit-master n One who operates a barbeque pit. 2 sometimes a term for someome who is skilled at preparing food on a barbeque.
Pit-pan n A type of dugout canoe, common in South America.
Pit saw n A two-handed saw for cutting logs over the mouth of a pit, one man standing in the pit
Pitstop n In motorsports, a pit stop is where a racing vehicle stops in the pits during a race for refuelling, new tyres, repairs, mechanical adjustments, a driver change, as a penalty, or any combination of the above. Not all of these are allowed in all forms of racing.
Pitty adj Pocked, hole-ridden, marked.