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PrattnIn OE: guile, trickery. 2. Fraud, prank, frolic. 3. cunning, astuteness.
Preen nA forked tool used by clothiers for dressing cloth. 2. (dialectal) a pin. 3. bodkin, brooch.
Preen vbTo fasten with a pin.
Prettily advIn a pretty manner.
Prettiness nThe quality of being pretty.
PrettynIn OE. trick, wile, craftiness, cunning; in the C15th clever, skilful, ingeniously made or cleverly done, artful 2. of things, fine, pleasant, nice, proper (sometimes condescendingly used), but also as general epithet: nice, pleasant, agreeable, fine,swell. 3. Ironically used, fine, wonderful, special: "to come to a pretty position." 4. In golf: the Fairway as opposed to the Rough. 5. a considerable sum or measure or an approximate, as in "pretty nearly", "pretty good", "a pretty penny." 6. having beauty without majesty or stature, pleasing, comely, homely, but aesthetically pleasing to the eye and ear; having a beauty that is attractive rather an imposing. 7. Conversely: insignificant, ordinary.
Pretty phr"Pretty Penny" - to be dearly bought; costly.
Pretty phr"Pretty Much" - almost, very nearly; pretty well..
Pretty phr"Pretty Penny" - to be dearly bought; costly.
Pretty phr"Pretty Nearly" - almost; almost completely.
Pretty phr"Pretty Up" - make (falsely) pretty or charming.
Pretty phr"Pretty Well" - almost, just about, very nearly.
Pretty phr"Sitting Pretty" - be comfortably off. 2. in a favorable or advantageous position or circumstance.
Prettyish adj"Somewhat pretty.
PricknA depression scratched or carved into the surface. 2. a pointed instrument that holes or punctures. 3. the act of punctures or pricks. 4. the sensation of being pricked. 5. a sharp point, minute mark, spot, dot. 6. marked made by a pricking or puncturing object; a puncture. 7 a target point for archer's aim. 8. a mark denoting degree. 9 a mathematical point. 10. a hare's footprint. 11. a small roll, such as a tobacco prick; spun yarn prick. 12. insulting word for a person who is silly, dopey prick; irritating or ridiculous. 13. euphemism for the penis. 14. a goad for an oxen.
PrickvbTo puncture, make a hole in, or nick with a small point. 2. stab slightly with a pointed object. 3. cause sharp emotional pain (prick one's conscience). 4. sting as a insect. 5. spur on, incite, goad. 6. in embroidery, outline a pattern or form. 7. to make pungent or sharp. 8. to trace on a chart a ship's course.
Prick phr"Prick Up" - listen sharply, have the attention of, as in "prick up one's ears. 2. To prink or spruce up.
Prick phr"Prick Up One's Ears" - to pay attention; do best to listen to hat's going on. (an illusion to the twitching of the ears of a horse, when its attention is attracted.
Prick phr"Pricking for Sheriff" - the anual choosing of a sheriff used to be done by the king, who marked the names on the list by pricking them with a bodkin at random. Sheriffs are still 'pricked' by sovereign, but the names are chosen beforehand.
Prick phr"Prick Off" - to transport seedling by placing them in holes pricked in the ground.
Prick-eared adjSaid of a dog with upstanding ears. The Puritans or Roundheads were so called because they had their cut short and covered their heads with a black skull-cap drawn down tight, leaving the ears exposed.
Pricker nThat which pricks; a sharp-pointed instrument.
Pricking n
Pricking phr"Pricking the Sheriff" - the annual choosing of the Sheriffs used to be done by the king, who marked the names on a list by pricking them with a bodkin at random. Sheriffs are still pricked by the Monarch, by the names are chosen beforehand.
PricklenThorn or spike
PricklevbTo feel a tingling or prickling sensation. 2. to prick, as with a goad etc, hence, to goad, instigate.
Prickle apple nThe soursop, the fruit of the tree Annona muricata of the Carribean.
Pricklefish nA stickleback (now rare). 2. a member of the family Stephanoberycidae of small deep-sea fishes of tropical and subtropical waters, which bear spines ventrally and dorsally in front of the caudal fin and typically have toothed scales with backward-pointing spines.
Prickliness nThe quality of being covered with prickly thorns or spines. bristliness, spininess, thorniness. raggedness, roughness - a texture of a surface or edge that is not smooth but is irregular and uneven.
Prickling nA prickling or stinging sensation.
PricklyadjHaving, furnished, being armed, or full with prickles. 2. smarting, tingling, having the sensation many prickling points.
Prickly ash nA prickly shrub or tree (Zanthoxylum americanum) of the rue family, with pungent and aromatic bark.
Prickly-heatnA common name for Lichen tropicus, an imflammatory disorder (miliaria) of the sweat glands, prevalent in hot countries, with eruptions of small sores and a tingling pricking sensation.
Prickly pearnAny species of the Cacteous opuntia, prickly plant with pear-shaped fleshy edible fruit; also the fruit
Prickshaft nAn arrow.
Prick-songnMusic sung from notes written or pricked in on a parchment; as distinct from that sung from memory.
PrickwoodnDogwood, prick timber, the spindle tree.
Pricky adjHaving pricks, pricles of spines; obnoxious, detestable
PridenSelf-respect. 2. over-high opinion of oneself, one's position. 3. feeling of pleasure; approval, about something one is responsible for or has a connection with.
Pride phr"Fly Pride Says the Peacock" - a bird proverbial for pride, the pot calling the kettle black.
Pride phr"Pride Comes/Goes Before a Fall' - an adaptation of 'pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.
Pride phr"Pride of the Morning" - the early mist or shower which indicates or promises a fine day. The morning is too proud to come out in all its/her glory all at once - or the proud beauty being thwarted weeps and pouts a while.
Pride phr"Pride Oneself On" - regard as a special reason for pride or satisfaction. 2. take pride in.
Pride phr"Swallow One's Pride" - humble oneself.
Pride phr"Take Pride In" - feel proud about.
Prideful adjFull of pride; arrogant, scornful.
Pridefully advA high or inordinate opinion of one's own dignity., importance, merit or superiority. 2. pleasure or satsfaction taken in an achievement, possession or association. 3. parenatl pride.
Pridefulness nThe state or condition of being prideful; pride.
Prideless adjWithout pride, unassuming.
Pridingly adjWith a show of pride; vauntingly; proudly.
PriestnOne trained in the work of religion and religious matters. 2. 'romish' godsmith soul-carer, soul-whisperer, man of the cloth.
Priest phr"The High Priest of Something" - the leading advocate of something.
Priestcraft nPriestly policy. 2. the stratagems practiced by priests to obtain power, influence etc.
Priestdom nThe office or duty of a priest. 2. priests collectively.
Priesthole nA hiding place for a Roman Catholic priest during times of religious persecution.
Priesthood nThe or position of a priest. 2. priests generally or collectively.
Priest-like adjLike a priest. 2. in the manner of or befitting a priest; priestly.
Priestliness nOf or relating to a priest or the priesthood. 2 characteristic of or suitable for a priest. 3. state or quality of being like a priest.
Priestly adjPertaining to a priest. 2, befitting a priest.
Priest-ridden adjUnder the domination of priests.
ProudadjHaving feelings marked by pride. 2. stately 3. stiff, cold, in behaviour. 4. of things, important-looking, causing respect.
Proud phr"Do Somebody Proud" - treat somebody very well.
Proud phr"Proud as a Peacock" - very proud.
Proud phr"Proud Of" - feeling pleasurable satisfaction over something by which you can measure your self-worth. 2. pleased with (as of one's child or children).
Proud phr"Proud of Something" - protruding, or extending, above something.
Proud phr"Stand Proud" - in engineering said of a project which sticks out (farther or above a particular plane than required).
ProudfallnThe forelock or front hair.
ProudfleshnFlesh or tissue around a wound which is healing.
ProudfuladjProud-hearted; full of pride.
Proud-hearted adjHaughty, arrogant.
ProudishadjSomewhat proudish.
ProudnessnPride, state of having or feeling proud.
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