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PucknAn evil, malicious or mischievous spirit or demon of popular superstition, commonly identified with the biblical Devil. From the C16th, the name of a fancied mischievous or tricky fairy, goblin or sprite. Puck, in medieval English folklore, a malicious fairy or demon. In Old and Middle English the word meant simply “demon.” In Elizabethan lore he was a mischievous, brownie-like fairy also called Robin Goodfellow, or Hobgoblin.
Puckish adjNature or characteristic of Puck; impish, mischievous.
Puckishly advMischievously, over-playfully, in the manner of puck.
Pucklishness nThe state or quality of being puckish. 2. an instance of being puckish.
Puckle nThe Devil, Satan. 2. a fairy, elf, sprite.
Puckly advOf the manner of Puck: impishly, mischievously.
Puckness nThe state or quality of being like Puck: impishness, mischief.
Pucky adjExpressing disagreement with or dismissal of a statement, idea, etc. Usually with modifier, esp. in bull pucky, horse pucky (nonsense).
Puddle nFrom O.E. 'pudd' ditch, furrow. a small body of standing water, foul with mud, etc., or with a muddy bottom; a small dirty pool. 2. formerly including a pond, a bit full of water , or even a more extensive slough or swamp. 3. fig. esp. with reference to moral defilement, to false doctrine, etc., regarded as pollution. 4. a confused collection or heap; a muddle mess. 5. foul or muddy water as a found in puddles. 6. a preparation of clay, or of clay or sand, mixed with water and tempered, used as a water-tight embankments, lining for canals.
Puddle vbWade, walk through or dabble in a puddle or shallow water. 2. puddle or subject to puddling or form or shape by puddling; as to puddle iron. 3. puddle or dip into mud before planting young plants. 4. work a wet mixture, such as concrete or mud. 5. spend time idly, laze about. 6. puddle or make into a puddle. 7. make a puddle by splashing water. 8. mix up or confuse, as issues, addle, muddle, mix up, jumble, confuse. 9. assemble without order or sense. 9. urinate.
Puddler nOne who convert cast iron into wrought iron by the process of puddling.
Puddling nA preparation of clay, or of clay or sand, mixed with water and tempered, used as a water-tight embankments, lining for canals.
Puddly adjHaving the quality of a puddle; muddy, turbid; more generally., foul, dirty, full of puddles.
Puddock nPaddock (a frog).
Pull nOld English pullian ‘pluck, snatch’; origin uncertain; the sense has developed from expressing a short sharp action to one of sustained force. An act of pulling (applying force, a tug, yank, push, shove. attractive force which causes motion towards the source; an attraction. 3. any device meant to be pulled, as a lever, knob, handle, or rope; button, . 4. (slang) something in one's favour in a comparison or a contest; an advantage; means of influencing, sway, influence. 5. political influence, a source of such influence. 6.appeal or attraction (as of a movie star). 7. the situation (internet) where a client sends out a request for data from a server, as in server pull, pull technology. 8. a contest; a struggle, as wrestling pull. 9. (obsolete, poetic) Loss or violence suffered. 10. (slang) the act of drinking, as to take a pull at a mug of beer.
Pull vb To apply a force to (an object) so that it comes toward the person or thing applying the force, drag, tow, tug, yank.  2. to gather with the hand, or by drawing toward oneself; to pluck. 3. to pull fruit from a tree; to pull flax; to pull a finch. 4. to attract or net; to pull in.  5. to draw apart; to tear; to rend. 6. (slang) to persuade (someone) to have sex with one; score. 7. to remove (something), especially from public circulation or availability, recall, withdraw, yank. 8. to do or perform, carry out, complete, execute.. 9. to retrieve or generate for use, get, get hold of, get in one's hands on, retreive, obtain. 10. to row boat or similar watercraft. 11. to strain (a muscle, tendon, ligament, etc.) 12. (horse-racing) to hold back, and so prevent from winning. 13. to draw beer from a pump, keg, or other source.
Pull phr"Have (Some) Pull Over" - have some advantage. influence, have pull, authority, or power over.
Pull phr"Pull a Fast One On" - try to deceive or gain an unfair advantage. 2. to engage in a dirty trick.
Pull phr"Pull Ahead" - to pull out from, or goto the front of the opposition in a race.
Pull phr"Pull All Stops Out" - exert extreme pressure.
Pull phr"Pull Alongside" - stop, or move along. 2. at the side of (a car). 3. draw alongside.
Pull phr"Pull an All-nighter" - to vote diligently through the night, often in study in an attempt to catch up on or cram information for an examination.
Pull phr"Pull an Oar" - contribute towards a group effort.
Pull phr"Pull Aside" - move something to one side (esp. to reveal what is behind it) as a secret, curtain.
Pull phr"Pull At or On" - draw smoke steadily from a pipe, cigar.
Pull phr"Pull At One's Heart Strings" - to effect one emotionally.
Pull phr"Pull Away" - to pull back or move away or backwards. 2. use force or move something or somebody away, esp from danger.
Pull phr"Pull Back" - to draw or keep back in progress. 2. retreat, withdraw military.
Pull phr"Pull by the Ear" (noose, sleeve -) to gain attention, or to punish or insult, by pulling one's ear.
Pull phr"Pull Devil, Pull Baker" - an incitement to effort in a contest, or the possession of something.
Pull phr"Pull Down" - to demolish or destroy a house, building etc.. 2. to seize and bring to the ground; to overcome prey. 3. to weaken, lower or depress in health, spirit, size, strength, value, etc, to bring low, humble.. 4. to overthrow a government by force. 5. to lower or draw down a blind, shade. 6. cause to fall to a lower position in a class, employment.
Pull phr"Pull In" - to rein in one's horse; hence, fig. to check oneself in any course. 2. earn draw a wage. 3. draw attract to a place of entertainment, and various opportunity. 4. take (a suspect) to a police station for questioning. 5. halt, stop.
Pull phr"Pull Into" - enter, arrive at, draw closer to the side of a road, quay, river bank, draw in a driveway, a station.
Pull phr"Pull It Off" - succeed, accomplish something by stratagem.
Pullphr"Pull Off" - to win a prize or contest; hence to succeed in gaining or affecting something. 2. to achieve success or succeed in some enterprise or deal. 3. remove with some force, as a jumper, shoe.
Pull phr"Pull On" - draw smoke steadily from a pipe or cigarette. 2. draw or don a jumper or pullover over one's head; a sock onto one's foot.
Pull phr"Pull One's Finger Out" - to get on with a job or task with speed and urgency.
Pull phr"Pull One's Head In" - to retreat from a previously held stance or position. 2. 2. do not interfere in this!
Pull phr"Pull One's Horns In" - to retreat from previously stated views.
Pull phr"Pull Oneself Together" - to cease acting without purpose or enthusiasm. 2. stop behaving in a lazy, inefficient way. 3. regain control of one's emotions. 4. to rouse or recover oneself; to rally.
Pull phr"Pull One's Socks Up" - make an effort to improve one's work, performance or behavior. 2. to start, renew or redouble one's efforts. 3. improve one's performance. 4. become more purposeful and alert.
Pull phr"Pull One's Weight" - to row with an effect in proportion to one's weight. 2. to do or perform one's share of the work too merit one's pay or salary.
Pull phr"Pull Out" - of a vehicle leaving or drawing out of a station, depot, dock, etc. 2. of person: to depart, go from, leave. 3. get out of an undertaking; withdraw. 4. extract, draw out as tooth or nail. 5. remove or detach something, as a page from a book.
Pull phr"Pull Out All Stops" - to make a maximum effort. to do something as enthusiastically and vigorously as possible. 2. use all one's power to achieve an objective. 3. employ all resources at hand; go all out in some effort.
Pull phr"Pull Out Of" - force oneself to recover or come out of an illness, bad mood, etc. 2. withdraw, retire from a situation.
Pull phr"Pull Out of One's Hat" - unexpectedly find an answer to a difficult problem.
Pull phr"Pull Out Of the Fire" - remove someone or something from a dangerous or difficult position.
Pull phr"Pull Over" - move steer a vehicle to one side. 2. pass towards the roadside, either to stop or allow other vehicles to overtake.
Pull phr"Pull Somebody's Leg" - to tell a false but plausible story as an act of humour.
Pull phr"Pull Something Off" - succeed. (see:'Pull it Off".
Pull phr"Pull Something Out of the Fire" - to salvage something something in a seemingly hopeless situation.
Pull phr"Pull Strings" - to use one's special influence with those in a position of authority to make favorable decisions which might otherwise not be forthcoming. 2. influence people in authority. 3. exert influence from behind or outside the scene )like a puppeteer.
Pull phr"Pull the Birds" - attract women sexually.
Pull phr"Pull the Chestnuts Out of the Fire" - do illicit or dangerous work for another (from the fable of the monkey that used the cat's paw to pull chestnuts out of the fire).
Pull phr"Pull the Other One" - an expression of disbelief, (it's got bells on it)- I don't believe you.
Pull phr"Pull the Strings" - to control affairs; to be the actual operator of what is ostentatiously or apparently by another (usu. in a political sense).
Pull phr"Pull the Wool Over Someone's Eyes" - to deceive or deliberately mislead an other person. 2. conceal one's true actions or actions by somebody by a display of virtue.
Pull phr"Pull Through" - to get a person through a difficult, dangerous or critical situation. 2. to bring a thing to successful conclusion or end. 3. to survive a severe or critical illness; recover from an illness. 4. to get through a trail or tribulation with effort or difficulty. 5. to survive, go on, endure a period or time of crisis.
Pull phr"Pull Together" - to work in harmony; get on together; co-operate. 2. act in concert; combine. 2. draw the parts of something closer to each other. 3. to restore wholeness or unity of a family, organization, country etc.
Pull phr"Pull Under" - drag below the surface of a river, sea.
Pull phr"Pull Up" - halt, stop a vehicle, oneself, or an animal. 2. reprimand, scoild, upbraid. 3. improve one's position or standing in various senses of the word. 4. extirpate or pull up roots of a plant from the ground.
Pull phr"Pull Up Roots" - move somewhere else from the place one has lived for some time.
Pull phr"Pull Up the Drawbridge" - to refuse to co-operate.
Pull phr"Pull Wires" = see 'pull strings'.
Pull phr"Pull Your Head In" - do not interfere in this!
Pull-aside nA private, informal meeting at an otherwise structured event.
Pull-back nThe action or act of pulling back as the withdrawal of troops. 2. that which pulls back; a retarding influence, a check. 2. a piece of equipment, machine used for pulling something back.
Pull-down nA thing that may be pulled down or which pulls something down. 2. a list of options in a computer application which appears below a heading when it is selected, and remains only as long as the user needs it.
Pull-down adjMade or designed to be pulled down.
Pulled adjDenude of feathers; plucked, stripped of wool or hair.
Pulling nThe act by which something is pulled.
Pulling phr"Like Pulling Teeth" - to do something that is esp. difficult. 2. to get blood out of a stone.
Pulling-down nThe demolition of houses, building. 2. the humbling of a person, nation.
Pull-in nA roadside cafe or other stopping place. 2. a rest stop; place at the side of the road where drivers can rest.
Pull-off nSuccess in gaining or affecting something. 2. achievement, success in some enterprise or deal. 3. a pullover, jersey, jumper.
Pull-on nClothing pull over the head with being done up.
Pull-outnA special section or supplement in a magazine or newspaper which can be removed or detached. 2. a withdrawal or removal of troops. 3. the maneuver of an airplane in passing from a dive to horizontal flight.
Pull-over nThe act or action of pulling over. 2. having the function of pulling over. 3, a garment that is donned or pulled over the head
Pull-up nThe act of pulling up an animal or vehicle. 2. a sudden stop; hence fig. 3. a stopping place for drivers of vehicles.
PungnA purse
Punt nOld English, from Latin ponto, denoting a flat-bottomed ferry boat; readopted in the early 16th century from Middle Low German punte or Middle Dutch ponte ‘ferry boat’, of the same origin. A flat-bottomed boat shallow boat, broad and square at both ends; a boat of this kind propelled by poles thrust against the bottom of the river or shallow water.
Punt vbTo propel a flat-bottomed shallow boat,(a punt) by thrusting a pole against the bottom of the river. 2. to convey by a punt.
Purple nA loanword from Latin: any of a group of colors with a hue between that of violet and red. 2. cloth of a color between violet and red, formerly worn as a symbol of royalty or high office. 3. imperial power; high rank: born to the purple. 4. the rank or office of a cardinal; the rank or office of a bishop.
Purple vbTo make or become color or dye purple. 2. to become purple.
PurpleadjOf the color purple; red-bluish colour, between crimson and violet. 2. royal or imperial; regal. 3. elaborate and ornate: purple prose.
Purple phr "Born to the Purple" - born in a royal or noble family.
Purple phr"Purple and Pall" - an alliterative collocation in which 'pall' has a more general sense of 'rich clothing'.
Purple-death nDeath caused by alcoholism through drinking too much grappa and similar types of liquor that contain high percent alcohol level 30- 65 percent by volume.
Purple-heart nA US military decoration awarded by the US president for those who have been killed or wounded as a result of enemy action.
Purpleless adjLacking purple.
Purpleness nThe state or condition of being purple.
Purple-red adjRed incling to, or tinged with purple.
Purplish adjsomewhat purple; tinged with purple.
Purply adjPurplish.
PursenO.E. pursa "little bag made of leather," borrowed from M.L. bursa "purse" (cf. O.Fr. borse, 12c., Mod.Fr. bourse), from Late Latin posi "bag. 2. woman's handbag Meaning 3. sum of money collected as a prize in a race, etc. 4. Purse-strings, figurative for "control of money. 5. Purse-snatcher, (earlier purse-picker).
Purse phr"Hold the Purse Strings" - have control of expenditure.
Purse phr"A Heavy or Long Purse" - wealth.
Purse phr"A Light Purse" - poverty.
Purse-bearer nThe carrier of a purse; one who has charge of the money of another or of a company; a treasurer, bursar. 2. the official who carries the Great seal in front of the Lord Chancellor in a receptacle called a purse or 'burse'. 2. a marsupial.
Purseful adjAs much as a purse can hold.
Purseless adjWithout or not having a purse.
Purse-pridenPride of the purse or wealthy, the self-esteem or arrogance of the wealthy; purse-proud. 2. arrogance due to the possession of wealth.
Purser nThe person responsible for handling the accounts on a ship, or for dealing with the passengers on a ship or aircraft.
Pursership nThe rank or officer of a purser.
Purse-strings nThe strings holding the purse or leather bag of one's finances.
Purse-strings phr"Hold the Purse-strings" - have control of spending; to have financial power and responsibility.
Pursiness nThe state of being pursy or vain about one's wealth.
Pursy adjPurse-proud; vain about about one's wealth.
PutvbTo thrust, push and allied senses in which the application of force is expressed. 2. to thrust, push (with or without resulting change of a position), to shove, knock. 3. to butt or hit with the hea or horns. 4. to deal a thrust or blow, to give a push or knock. 5. to make a push or exert oneself. 6. to propel (a stone or a weight) mainly the swing of the body. 7. to plunge or thrust a weapon home or into the body; to drive or send a missile through; to stab, shoot. 8. place or set, express in words or speech.
Put phr"Be Hard Put" - to be pressed; find it difficult.
Put phr"Not Know Where to Put Oneself" - feel deeply embarrassed.
Put phr"Put About" - circulate, pass from one person to another. 2. to cahnge to the opposite tack; change direction.
Put phr"Put Above" - regard, treat, as more important than; put before.
Put phr"Put Asunder" - to separate.
Put phr"Put a Finger On" - identify and point out to the authorities. 2. to steal or rob.
Put phr"Put a Lid on It" - be quiet, shut up, to stop talking about something or making noise.
Put phr"Put a Match to" - ignite, set light to.
Put phr"Put a Name to" - identify by name.
Put phr"Put an End To" - draw to end, conclude, finish a war; destroy
Put phr"Put Aside" - save for spending later, save, place in reserve, put away an article for a customer who cannot afford to pay for it now. 2. put on one side; place to one side, set a side; abandon a project. 3. forget, disregard, discard, thrust aside, put on one side a difference, anger, etc.- to place in reserve; save; put away.
Put phr"Put a Sock in It" - be quiet, restrain yourself.
Put phr"Put a Spoke in Somebody's Wheel" - stop, circumvent, or hinder somebody's activity (which may be unpleasant or dishonest).
Put phr"Put a Stop To" - to terminate or abolish something.
Put phr"Put Asunder" - to separate.
Put phr"Put At" - calculate, estimate. to be the size of, or distance of something. 2.
Put phr"Put Away" - put something back in the correct, or normally kept, position position, in order to make tidy. 2. put something in a drawer, container, because one has finished using it. 3. put away, save (money) or put aside for future use. 4. confine, esp. in an institution or hospital for the mentally ill. 5. consume large amounts of foods and drink, wolf down.
Put phr"Put Back" - set back, act of putting or setting back; move to a later time or date. 2. rearrange something for a later time, as a wedding. 3. slow, retard, delay a (project). 4. return (a book to its place on a library shelf); place back. 5. put the hands of a clock to the correct time, as at the end of Summer Time.
Put phr"Put Back On One's Feet" - restore to health; prosperity, set on his/her/it feet.
Put phr"Put Before" - treat, consider, look at something as more important; put above(as the interest of one's family). 2. present for someone's consideration, as a plan.
Put phr"Put Behind One" - not allow something from the past to affect one's present.
Put phr"Put By" - save, put away, stow away (something)for future use. 2. to thrust or set aside; reject, neglect. 3. to turn aside, avert (a blow, calamity). 4. evade a question or an argument.
Put phr"Put Down" - kill an animal because its old, ill etc. 2. destroy because it is a danger or nuisance, as vermin. 3. stop holding, but withdraw support gently. 4. place wine in a cellar for maturing. 5. suppress, repress, silence a movement for civil rights, etc. 6. abolish or remove a social wrong, illegal or undesirable practice. 7. enter, record or write down a record, information or observation. 8. table a document before a court or enquiry. 9. place on a table, self. 10. set down something which is a danger or nuisance, annoyance to oneself or others. 11. land, settle as a plane, hovercraft, etc; allow to alight from a vehicle, ship etc. 12. humiliate another by word or action.
Put phr"Put Down As" - write, enter, something or somebody in a record, or on a form (often with a view of misleading or deceiving somebody else). 2. consider to be, take to be something (status or vocationally).
Put phr"Put Down for" - commit to make a payment, esp. to a charity. 2. to enter one's name or the name of another for admission, membership of an organization, etc.
Put phr"Put Down One's Foot" - see 'Put One's Foot Down'
Put phr"Put Down Roots" - adopt a settled way of life and living.
Put phr"Put Down To" - give as an explanation. 2. enter an amount of money in particular account, as petty cash. 3. regard as being due to. 4. give an explanation for.
Put phr"Put Food On the Table" -to make enough money to cover basic necessities.
Put phr"Put Forth" - sprout, display, bud, germinate, new leaf. 2. exert, display, put out strength, wisdom, hatred. 3. to extend, as as the arm or hand.
Put phr"Put Forward" - propose, suggest, advance, urge as a plan, argument or theory. 2. propose, recommend a colleague, oneself. 3. move the hands of a clock forward.
Put phr"Put Hair On Your Head" - put up a fight. 2. be more effective or emphatic.
Put phr"Put Heads Together" - combine one's ideas, thoughts etc, to solve a problem more quickly.
Put phr"Put Horns On" - cuckold; of a man whose wife has cheated on him.
Put phr"Put In" - install or fit a system in, put a cork or stopper in. 2. interject or interpose. 3. include, insert into a document. 4. spend time doing, planning, give or devote effort to a plan, project. 4. furnish with a worker(s). 5. elect or appoint someone to a position. 6. call, dock, moor a ship at a harbor, port or place of shelter.
Put phr"Put In a Good Word For Somebody" -praise, recommend somebody. 2. speak on the behalf of another.
Put phr"Put In For" - make a request, submit an application, request a promotion. 2. enter somebody's name (a athlete)as a a competitor. 3. recommend , propose somebody as deserving applicant.
Put phr"Put In Mind of" - remind one of; call one to mind, suggest a likeness to.
Put phr"Put Inside" - imprison, incarcerate.
Put phr"Put in Someone (of another) Shoes" - have sympathy or empathy for the dificulties of others.2. walk in another's shoes.
Put phr"Put in the Shade" - make, seem less important or insignificant.
Put phr"Put (me) in the Wrong" - make it seem perhaps unjustly, that somebody else (a colleague , partner) is to blame for something. 2. act wrongly thus losing any moral advantage.
Put phr"Put Into Words" - express into words, one's emotions, feelings, love, anxiety, etc.
Put phr"Put in With" - to commit to something. 2. to partner, fall in with; throw in with.
Put phr"Put It In One's Pipe and Smoke It" - tell an opponent, adversary (when taking independent a defiant stand) to accept and digest an unpleasant fact..
Put phr"Put It Mildly" - without over-emphasizing or exaggeration.
Put phr"Put It No Higher" - without exaggeration, or making any great claim for or against something.
Put phr"Put It On" - exaggerate one's feelings. 2. increase one's weight by a large amount.
Put phr"Put Lipstick on a Pig" - to superficially in the hope of making it more appealing than it is in actuality.
Put phr"Put Off" - delay, leave till later, postpone, defer. 2. stop liking something or someone, be displeasure by a person's appearance or manner. 3. discourage, prevent from seeing one, making contact to discuss an important matter. 4. distract, disturb, annoy, disconcert, so as to interrupt another person's concentration. 5. cause to loose interest in, or appetite for some undertaking or activity. 6. allow to alight or disembark from a vessel or vehicle. 7. discard, do away with, rid oneself of something, lay aside responsibility. 8. put off to sleep. 9. apply physical or moral pressure in order to exact favors.
Put phr"Put Off Stride" - disturb the steady progress of someone at work. 2. spoil somebody's composure.
Put phr"Put On" - don, clothe, get dressed in, start wearing. 2. switch on a light or lamp. 3. assume airs or affectation; assume a manner, pose, facade in order to impress. 4. get fatter, grow heavier, put on weight. 5. deceive, lie, take down, swindle. . 6. add an amount to the price, cost of the provision of goods or services; add or impose a tax on a commodity. 8. wage a bet on a horse, team in a sporting contest, etc. 9. apply physical or moral pressure in order to exact a favor or promise. 10. produce, present a play or exhibition.
Put phr"Put One Over (Somebody)" - deceive, trick, dupe, scam. 2. cheat somebody out of something. 3. make someone believe something that is not true.
Put phr"Put One's Back Into" - make a strenuous effort to do something.
Put phr"Put One's Best Foot Forward" - do something with alacrity.
Put phr"Put One's Feet Up" - rest or relax in a chair or on a bed.
Put phr"Put Oneself In the Shoes (of another)" - have sympathy or empathy for others.
Put phr"Put One's Finger On" - (see: 'put a finger on")
Put phr"Put One's Finger to One's' Lips" - give a signal to somebody to be quiet by raising a finger to one's lips.
Put phr"Put One's Foot Down" - press the accelerator, causing a motor vehicle to travel at a faster speed. 2. assert one's authority, adopt a strong position against some course of action. to take a firm stand with regard to another or other's behavior , policy, actions.
Put phr"Put One's Foot In It" - say or do something hurtful, embarrassing or insulting unintentionally, thoughtlessly or insensitivity.
Put phr"Put One's Foot in One's Mouth" - to misspeak, to say something embarrassing or wrong.
Put phr"Put One's Hand To" - to set to work at something.
Put phr"Put One's Hands Together" - to chap, applaud.
Put phr"Put One's Hand Up" - raise one's hand in order to get attention; or that one can answer a question.
Put phr"Put One's Heart and Soul Into" - undertake something with total dedication.
Put phr"Put One's Mind to" - give one's full attention to; set one's mind to a task. 2. make a conscious effort.
Put phr"Put One's Name in the Hat" - throw one's name in the hat. 2. to run in an election or to nominate oneself for consideration in some selection process. 3. to nominate someone other than oneself for election or appointment.
Put phr"Put One's Shirt On" - gamble all one's assets on a horse, project
Put phrPut One's Shoulder to the Wheel" - make a determined effort.
Put phr"Put On Hold" - postpone or delay something.
Put phr"Put On Ice" - suspend, shelve something, as a proposal, with the hope or possibility of reviving it later. 2. set aside; store, keep in reserve until needed.
Put phr"Put On Oath" - put under oath. 2. call to witness. 3. to invoke or attest on oath.
Put phr"Put On One's (its) Feet" - restore to health, prosperity, set on one's feet.
Put phr"Put On One Side" - forget, disregard, put aside fears, trouble.
Put phr"Put On the Back-burner" - postponed; deferred as as an item of relatively low priority, requiring less attention.
Put phr"Put On The Red Light" - to advertise oneself as a prostitute or provider of sexual services by having a red light outside your premises.
Put phr"Put On to" - help people meet or contact one another; put in touch. 2. tell or reveal the whereabouts or activities of someone, so that he or she can be apprehended by authorities. 3. tell somebody of the existence of something interesting or advantageous.
Put phr"Put Out" - broadcast, distribute. 2. disturb or trouble someone. 3. extinguish a cigarette, fire etc. 4. move into open waters, away from the shoreline; put out to sea. 5. throw out (a person), eject fro a venue. 6. sprout, bloom, blossom. 7. publish, issue, broadcast, transmit, produce, generate, circulate, display. 8. exert energy or vigor, enthusiasm. 9. put to sleep by striking, a knockout in a boxing match; anaesthetize. 10. extinguish, switch off, blow out, turn off a light, fire etc. 11. dislocate, put out of usual position. 12 cause an inaccuracy in something, skew., throw out. 13. inconvenience, spoil, or complicate some arrangement. 14. upset, dismay,worry, vex.
Put phrPut Out Feelers" - take steps to discover if conditions are favorable to proceed.
Put phr"Put Out of Business" - force someone or a business to stop trading.
Put phr"Put Out of One's Mind" - deliberately forget.
Put phr"Put Out To" - give over all or most of the job to a manufacturer or worker who is not employee, and who will carry out the off-sit or work away from the premises. 2. lend at interest to a borrower or mortagor.
Put phr"Put Over (Somebody)" - successfully execute a scam, put over on, pull a fast one, trick. 3. convey, communicate to, put across, narrate a story, argument, proposal.
Put phr"Put Rights to" - settle, arrange properly.; restore to a proper state. 2. put to rights.
Put phr"Put Somebody Down As" - regard somebody as smart, honest, foolish, etc.
Put phr"Put Somebody's Lights Out" - knock out or knock unconscious.
Put phr"Put Somebody Off" -discourage.
Put phr"Put Somebody On" - deceive, trick, fool (usu. as a joke).
Put phr"Put Somebody Out" - inconvenience, annoy.
Put phr"Put Somebody Right" - correct a false impression somebody has.
Put phr"Put Somebody's Back Up" offend somebody; make somebody anger through your insensitivity or rudeness.
Put phr"Put Somebody Up to Something" - entice somebody to do something wrong.
Put phr"Put Something About" - spread about.
Put phr"Put Something Down To" - attribute something to.
Put phr"Put Something On" -wear something. 2. falsify or feign something.
Put phr"Put Something Right" - correct a flaw, or mistake.
Put phr"Put Strain On" - put someone or something under pressure; pu to the test.
Put phr"Put That in your Pipe and Smoke It!" - see how your like or cope with this. 2. take that! I give you something to think about.
Put phr"Put the Bee On" - to beat, finish off. 2. to borrow money from (to sting).
Put phr"Put the Boot On" - To kick a fallen opponent. 2. to kick someone when they are down.
Put phr"Put the Cart Before the Horse" - reverse the natural or proper order of things, events, causes and effects.
Put phr"Put the Fear of Death/God into" - thoroughly frighten or terrify. 2. force somebody to submit or obey by the strength of one's authority.
Put phr"Put the Feedbag On" - to dine, eat.
Put phr"Put the Finger" - accuse, and identify by pointing a finger at an accomplice, or an organization's conduct.
Put phr"Put the Hammer Down" - step on the gas, put the foot down, accelerate very quickly.
Put phr"Put the Lid On" - be the final event, conclusion, end.
Put phr"Put the Make On" -interest to pursue with romantic, esp. in an aggressive, sexually suggestive manner. 2. flirt with, hit on.
Put phr"Put the Thought into Somebody's Head" - make somebody think or believe something, which is not necessary true.
Put phr"Put the Wind Up" - scare, frighten, terrify, scare.
Put phr"Put This and That Together"- consider carefully two facts.
Put phr"Put Through" - connect someone by phone. 2. cause someone to endure pain, etc. 2. cause to pass through various legislative or administrative stages. 3. provide financial and other support to a person so that he or she can complete their education.
Put phr"Put Through the Mill" - set for someone an arduous and practical course of training to prepare them future employment. 2. be forced to endure an ordeal. 3. cause to go or undergo intensive work or training. 4. compel a person to learn by experience.
Put phr"Put Through the Wringer" - to interrogate, or scrutinize clearly. 2. to subject to some trial or ordeal.
Put phr"Put Through to" connect by telephone or electronic device. 2. put a call through to.
Put phr"Put To" - convey, express, communicate to. 2. question, query, enquire. 3. ask a meeting to vote on. 3. suffer or undergo expense, bother, ongoing trouble. 4. submit to a witness for explanation or answer.
Put phr"Put to Bed" - cause to go to bed. 2. send a newspaper in its final edited version for printing. 2. conclude, end, solve a problem or dilemma.
Put phr"Put to Bed with a Shovel" - bury, inter, commit to the grave.
Put phr"Put to Death" - kill, execute.
Put phr"Put to Flight" - cause an an enemy, invader to flee in disorder.
Put phr"Put Together" -fit pieces or parts together to make a whole. 2. assemble, fit together.
Put phr"Put to Rest" - to settle or finish, esp. a question or discussion.
Put phr"Put to Shame" - to something or somebody seem slighr or insignificant by comparison one's efforts, achievements, etc.
Put phr"Put to Sleep" - kill an animal (generally a pet) painlessly by injection.
Put phr"Put to the Sword" - kill, esp. during wartime.
Put phr"Put Towards" - make or give a financial contribution to a particular fund.
Put phr"Put to Work" - cause to start work, etc.
Put phr"Put Two and Two Together" - draw a conclusion, make a conclusion. 2. make a simple connection between related facts and draw the obvious conclusion.
Put phr"Put Under" - render unconscious by anaesthetic.
Put phr"Put Up" - allow someone to stay at your house for a a night or a few days. 2. increase or raise prices, taxes, duties, etc. 3. show skill, determination in a contest, competition, fight; offer resistance, struggle, etc. 4. raise hoist a flag or banner. 5. fasten or stick in a place where a notice or announcement will be seen. 6. erect or construct a building. 7. pretend to be, feel,or have done something in order to hide one's true intentions, activities, etc. 8. state, advcate, present case, proposal, argument. 9. advance, lend, give, funds, money, cash. 10. prepare food for eating at a picnic, as a snack, meal etc. 11. provide board, lodgings or offer accommodation for friends, wayfarers and travelers..
Put phr"Put Up a Fight" - to offer some form of resistance to an attack. 2. (fig.) - to protest or make a fuss, esp. over a proposed course of action.
Put phr"Put Up a Good Fight" - struggle valiantly and bravely against overwhelming odds.
Put phr"Put Up For" - propose, nominate something to a position of authority. 2. offer oneself as a candidate for election.
Put phr"Put Up for Sale" - offer for sale, put n the market.
Put phr"Put Upon (Somebody)" - take advantage of somebody. 2. take advantage off. 3. make unfair or excessive demands upon.
Put phr"Put Up or Shut Up" - defend or justify oneself or remain silent. 2. if you really believe in what you're saying, you should be willing to stand and defend your argument.
Put phr"Put Up the Shutters" - cease to work for the day. 2. cease business permanently.
Put phr"Put Up To" - encourage someone to do something.
Put phr"Put Up With (Something)" - tolerate something, bear, endure, see through, submit to; stand for.
Put phr"Put Wise" - inform a person about something.
Put phr"Put Words Into Somebody's Mouth" - attempt to get someone to say something in the particular terms drafted for another person. 2. suggest or tell what another person should say.
Put phr"Put Years On" - feel, seem or appear older.
Put-downnA snub, a slight. 2. a delivery by a vehicle.
Put-forthnImposture, pretense.
Put-off nAn evasion, excuse.
Put-innOne's turn to speak. 2. one's affair or business.
Put-on nA hoax, deception, fraud.
Put-outnAn annoyance, inconvenience, set back.
Putt nA variation of the word 'put' (to place) A light stroke on the putting-green to place the ball near or in the hole.
Putt vbTo strike the ball with a putting-shot.
Putter nA Golfer who plays a putting-shot.
PutternAct or work in a feeble or unsystematic way. (variation of the word, 'potter')
Put-throughnThe going through of a process, such as an economical transaction. 2. to bring to a successful completion. 3. to cause to perform. 4.
Putting nThe action of playing a putting-shot at golf.
Put-upnLodgings, accommodation, quarters. 2. pre-arranged on concocted beforehand act, as a burglary by conspiracy with other persons usu, "insiders". 3. plan in an prearranged, underhanded way.
Put-up adjPrearranged or contrived in an artful way.
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