Old EnglishspEnglish
Quain vbTo waste away, lament, bewail, bemoan.
Quake nA trembling or shaking. 2. an earthquake, or trembling of the ground with force.
Quake vb To shake, quaver, tremble, to wave to and fro. 2. of things: to shake tremble, be agitated as a result of an internal shock, internal convulsion or natural instability. 3. of person, or parts of the body: to shake, tremble through cold, fear. 4. to cause to shake. 5. quaver, quiver, shake, shiver, shudder, tremble, vibrate, waver.
Quake adjOf or, pertaining to an earthquake.
Quake phr"Quake At" - become fearful of.
Quake phr"Quake in One's Boots" - be afraid.
Quake-bellied adjWanting in courage.
Quakeful adjCausing fear or shaking.
Quake-ooze nSoft ooze.
Quaker nA member of the Christian group, the "Society of Friends" founded by George Fox.
Quakerdom nThe world or community of the "Society of Friends".
Quakerish adjSomewhat fearful and trembling. 2. resembling or characteristic of the "Society of Friends".
Quakerishly advIn a fearful, quaking or shaky manner.
Quakerly advIn the manner or like Quakers.
Quaker-meeting nA meeting of the Society of Friends. 2. any silent meeting.
Quakily advIn a shaky, tremulous manner.
Quakiness nThe state or condition of being fearful.
Quaking nShaking, trembling,
Quakingly advIn a shaking, trembling, fearful way.
Quaking-grass nA popular name for grasses of the Genus: Briza, esp. "Briza media."
Quaky adjInclined to quake, shake, tremble. 2. shaky, tremulous.
Quale nDeath, destruction, mortality
Quale-house nTorture-house
Quale-sithe nDeath from pestilence
Qualm nGeneral or widespread mortality of men or animals. 2 death, sickness, a fit of sickness, illness, disaster, utter-qualm: total disaster. 3. plague, pestilence, loss, damage. 4. softer sense: feeling of faintness, swoon, uneasiness. 5. scruple or pricks, twinge of conscience, qualm-sick, compunction, moral conduct; a sudden feeling of doubt, or sensation of misgiving. 6. a sudden feeling of nausea, or sickness. 7. a sudden sinking of heart.
Qualm-house nA place of death, a place of execution, a qualm-stow,
QualminessnCondition of qualm, qualmy, nauseous
Qualming nThe state of having a qualm.
Qualming adjCharacterized by or having a qualm: nauseated, sickened, doubting, misgiving.
Qualmish adjOf persons: affected with a qualm or qualms; tending or liable to be so affected. 2. of feelings, etc.: of the nature of a qualm; hence quamishly,
Qualmishly advIn a qualmish manner.
Qualmless adjWithout misgivings, scruples, pricks of conscience,
Qualmlessness nThe quality or condition of having no qualms; lacking qualms or misgivings.
Qualm-sick adjNausea.
Qualmly advIn a manner, occurring, of a qualm.
Quaver nA trembling shake; quiver. 2. a trembling of the voice, as in speaking or singing; quiver. 3. (music) an eighth note, drawn as a crotchet (quarter note) with a tail.
Quaver vb)To shake in a trembling manner; quiver. 2, to use the voice in a trembling manner, as in speaking or singing. 3. to utter quaveringly.  
Quean nA young woman, girl, lass usu. one who is healthy and robustly appealing. 2.Bold, impudent, ill-behaved woman; hussy, jade, harlot, strumpet, shanky-ho. 3. of a woman, used in disparagement.
Quean phr"All Queaned Up" - to dress, although not invariably effeminate so. 2. also 'All queened Up'.
Queed adjOE. bad, evil, wicked, hostile; qued. 2. the Devil, the Evil One. 3. dung, filth, ordure.
Queal vbO.E. cwellan; to faint away, to die.
Queen nLady who is wife of the king. 2. a female ruler of a state; female monarch. 3. goddesses of the ancient religions or myths. 4. a female person whose rank or preeminence is comparable to that of a queen; a woman, or something personified asa woman, that is foremost or preeminence in any aspect,such as a "Film Queen". 5. the perfect female of bees, wasp or ants. 6. woman, wife, "honoured" woman. 7. a chess piece. 8. male homosexual esp. feminine and ostentatious one).
Queen vbTo reign as a queen. 2. to behave in an imperious or pretentious manner: "to queen it."
Queen phr"Queen It" - dominate, take control (said of a woman).
Queen phr"Queen of Hearts" - a playing card. 2. a woman who has the adoration of the public.
Queen phr"Queen of Heaven" - the moon.
Queen phr"Queen of the Night" - the moon.
Queenbee nThe only fertile female in a colony or hive of social insects, such as bees, ants, and termites, from the eggs of which the entire colony develops. 2. Dominant female in various organizations and groups, such as among female prisoners.
Queencraft nCraft or skill in policy on the part of a queen.
Queendom nThe dominion, and character of a queen.
Queenhood nThe state and personality of a queen. 2. the state, or status of a queen. 3. the dignity of, character becoming a queen.
Queening nConsort or widow of a king. 2. the act of giving birth in the feline. 3. a female monarch. 4. a woman considered preeminent in a particular field.
Queenish adjLike a queen; regal. 2. like a drag queen.
Queenliness adj.In the manner or way of a queen. 2. having the quality of being queenly. 3. characteristic of a queen. 4. stateliness. 5. eminent among women in attraction or power.
Queenless adjWithout a queen.
Queenlike adjResembling a female monarch or some aspect of one; regal, majestic. 2. resembling a queen-bee or some aspect of.
Queenly adjBelonging or appropriate to a queen; resembling a queen or like a queen, queenlike.
Queen-mother nThe queen dowager who is the mother of the reigning sovereign.
Queen-of-the-meadow nMeadowsweet.
Queenright nOf a colony of bees with a queen in the hive.
Queens nA New York city borough, named for Catherine of Braganza, queen of English King Charles II.
Queen's bench nA division of the High Court in the UK.
Queenship nDignity and office of a queen
Queen's English n(Received pronunciation) is traditionally based on educated or formal speech in Southern England.
Queen's Highway nA public road, regarded as being under the sovereign's protection.
Queenship nDignity and office of the queen.
Queenware nA cream coloured kind of Wedgewood crockery.
Queenwidow nA queen dowager.
Queeny adjA flamboyant or effeminate man. 2. a spoiled princess, usually spoiled by her father and/or her grandfather.
Queeny advIn an effeminate manner.
Quell nMurder, killing, slaying, slaughter, destruction, quelling.
Quell vbTo kill, slay, put to death, destroy person or animal. 2. to dash out, knock down, to die, to put an end to, extinguish, vanquish. 3. crush, overcome, force down, reduce to subjection or submission, subdue, overpower. 4. to well out, flow.
Queller nOne who kills, destroys; subdues, conquers etc.
Quelling nThe act by which something is quelled, kill, knocked down, subdued, or overpower.
Quelling adjThat quells.
Quelm vb.To torment, to kill, destroy.
Quelm-bearingadj.Deadly, mortiferous, death-bearing, fatal
Quelmer nOne who torments; kills, destroys, overcomes, subdues, etc.
Quelmness nTorment, pain, anguish, incruciation.
Quelmstead nA place of death; a place of execution.
Queme vbTo please, satisfy. 2. to take, accept. 3. of persons, to please, gratify, to act as to please. 4. of things, to be acceptable or agreeable; to be suitable and fitting; to join or fit closely, to slip in.
Queme adjPleasing, agreeable, acceptable as a person. 2. of a pleasing appearance, beautiful, precious, fair, neat, tidy. 3. closed against or protected from the wind, snug, unruffled, smooth. 4. fitting, suitable, fit, convenient, handy, close at hand. 5. of persons, friendly or well-disposed; skilled, clever, smart, active.
Quemed adjPleased, satisfied.
Quemeful adjPleasing, agreeable, kind, gracious.
Queming nThe act of pleasing, satisfying. 2. satisfaction, mitigation, pleasing.
Quemely advPleasantly agreeable or becomingly of manner, neatly, gently, smoothly.
Quemeness nPleasure, satisfaction.
Quench vbOld English -cwencan (in acwencan ‘put out, extinguish’), of Germanic origin. To put out a fire, put out anything that gives light. 2. to destroy the sight of the eye. 3. to cause something to cease. 4. to cool, slake, to slake thirst. 5. to stifle, suppress feeling. 6. to destroy, kill. oppress, crust. 7. to quash, squash, to bring to an end, to cease to burn, to put out.
Quenching nThe act of extinguishing; causing to stop burning. 2. the slaking of thirst. 3. the stifling of feelings. 4. quashing, oppressing, ending.
Quenching adjExtinguishing; causing to stop burning. 2. slaking thirst. 3. the putting out of light. 4. quashing; destroying, stifling.
Quenchless adjUnquenchable, inextinguishable. 2. insatiable, irrepressible.
Quenchlessly advWithout quenching.
Quenchlessness nThe state or condition of being incapable of being quenched.
Quencher nOne who quenches
Quench-fire nA fire-retardant, extinguishing.
Querken vbTo choke, suffocate.
Quern nA grinder, a quern-stone, a mill-stone.
Quernhouse nMillhouse; grinding house.
Quernsong n('Grotta saungr') a lay of pagan times. 2. a song composed or sung while operating a quern.
Quern-stone nEither of two circular stones forming a quern, found at prehistoric sites from neolithic times onwards.
Quetch vbTo shake, brandish, to drive, chase 2. to speak, say, tell, utter, declare, call. 3. of things: to shake terribly. 4. to stir, to move from one place to another, to go, to run, to hasten. 5. to hasten, to move the body or any part of it. 6. to shrink, wince, twitch with pain, "quetching, or quitching the skin". 7. to utter a word usu. negatively
Quetching nMoving, shaking, chasing, sounding, hastening.
Quethe vbTo bestow, to bequeath. 2. to say or declare.
Quethe nLegacy, bequeath. 2. a speech, sound, address, cry.
Quething nBequeathing.
Quething-word nLast farewell.
Quick nSoft tender flesh. 2. the growing part of a fingernail, or toenail. 2. the living; those who are living.
Quick adj Living, endowed with life, in contrast to what is naturally inanimate. 2. characterized by the presence of life. 3. alive, growing, flourishing. 4. "quick with child," pregnant, esp. in the early stages of pregnancy. 5. alive, instinct with life (life, soul, feeling). 6. having the freshness of life, productive of some ores. 7. burning strongly, brisk fire. 8. lively, full in speech; sharp,caustic in writing. 9. busy, full of activity. 10. readily inflammable. 11. brisk, effervescent of wine and wines. 12. sharp, pungent in smell and taste. 13. of air, light, piercing, sharp.
Quick adjMentally active, alert. 2. keen or rapid in function. 3. hasty, impatient, hot-tempered. 4. moving with speed, rapid, swift. 5. happening or done over a short time. 6. busy, full of activity. 7. expeditious, brisk, rapid, swift. 8. characterized by rapidity or readiness of movement, action, nimble, prompt. 9. alert, sensitive, perceptive. 10. responding readily to impressions; excitable.
Quick vbTo quicken. 2. to amalgamate surfaces prior to gilding or silvering by dipping them into a solution of mercury or nitric acid.
Quick phr"As Quick as Lightning" - very swift, sudden or deft.
Quick phr"Be Quickened" - to be or restore life (soul).
Quick phr"Galled to the Quick" - irritated, galled, hurt deeply.
Quick phr"Have a Quick One" - have a final drink (alcoholic) before you leave.
Quick phr"In Quick Time" - as soon as possible, soon, almost immediately, with a very quick response.
Quick phr"Quick and the Dead" - all souls alive and dead.
Quick phr"Quick and Quething" - alive and speaking.
Quick phr"Quick as a Cat" - the speed and agility of a cat in pouncing on small moving things, like mice, is legendary. 2. also applied to persons who are mentally alert and catch on quickly. 2. swiftly as a cat is also a similar saying.
Quick phr "Quick as a Wink" - quite fast: the wink of an eye takes but a second.
Quick phr"Quick as Lightning" - very fast, arrow fast; with lightning speed. 2.quick as a flash.
Quick phr"Quick of the Mark" - fast to act or react.
Quick phr"Quick on One's Feet" -clever to take an advantage of a situation.
Quick phr"Quick on the Draw" - rapid in response to a challenge; act precipitately, smart, mentally alert; opposite of "slow on the draw.'
Quick phr"Quick on the Uptake" - mentally alert, quick to grasp information, understand the meaning of, suggestion, hint.
Quick phr"Quick with Child" - said of a female in the stage of pregnancy at which the motion of the foetus is felt.
Quick phr"Stung to the Quick" - cut to the quick.
Quick phr"The Quick" - the living.
Quick phr"To the Quick" - cut to the tender underlying flesh. 2. to the level of living tissue. 3fig. to injure emotionally; very deeply, at one's most sensitive level of feeling.
Quick-answered adjQuickly and cheekily answered.
Quick-beam nThe Rowan tree.
Quickborn adjBorn live, as 'his own twin, quick-born inthe same womb'.
Quick-bread nAny bread, biscuits, etc., whose leavening agent making immediate baking possible.
Quick-break nA current switch equipped with a spring or other device to permit rapid contact-opening independent of the operator.
Quicken nCouch-grass or quitch; also the underground stems of this and other grasses 2 the mountain ash or rowan tree. 3. the juniper.
Quicken vbTo give or restore vigour to a person or thing. 2. to excite, inspire, stimulate. 3. to kindle (a fire); cause or help to burn up. 4. to make a liquid more sharp or stimulant. 5. to hasten accelerate. give more speed to; become faster. 6. to receive life, revive, become living. 7. to reach the stage ogf pregnancy at which the child shows signs of life. 8. to come into a state comparable to life. 9. to become bright.
Quicken phrQuicken Up" - become, make much faster; speed up pace, business, movement.
Quickened adjDone faster or quickly.
Quickener nOne who does things quickly or without delay.
Quickening nThe process of showing signs of life. 2. a biological process, organic process - a process occurring in living organism. 3. the stage of pregnancy at which the mother first feels the movements of the fetus. 4. degree, stage, level, point - a specific identifiable position in a continuum or series or especially in a process. 5. maternity, pregnancy, gestation - the state of being pregnant; the period from conception to birth when a woman carries a developing fetus in her uterus. 6. the act of accelerating; increasing the speed, speedup, acceleration hurrying, speeding, speed - changing location rapidly.
Quickeningly advSo as to quick or bring to life, animatingly. 2. so as to speed up.
Quickening-up nFact of becoming, make much faster; speed up pace, business, movement.
Quickens nQuitch, a weed.
Quick-eyed adjSharp of sight and vision.
Quick-fire nShots or shooting in rapid succession.
Quick-firing adjAble to fire shots rapidly and continuously.
Quickflesh nof the flesh or parts of the body.
Quick-footed adjNimble footed.
Quick-freeze vbFreeze food rapidly so preserve its natural qualities.
Quick-grass nCouch-grass.
Quick-handed adjNimble-handed, dexterous, skilled in things of the hand.
Quick-hedge nA hedge of living plants.
Quickie nSee 'quicky'
Quickish adjIn a somewhat quick manner.
Quicklime nCalcium oxide.
Quick-line nAsbestos, thrumstone, stoneflax, earthflax, devil's dust.
Quick-one nA final alcoholicdrink before one leaves.
Quickly adv.In a living or lively manner, rapidly, hastily, speedily. 2. with animation or vigour. 3. sensitively
Quickly-gone adjDisappearing a flash.
Quickly-growing adjGrowing rapidly.
Quickly-speaking adjSpeaking in a rapid rate.
Quick-minded adjWith a quick or ready mind.
Quickness nLife, vitality, vital principle. 2. animation, briskness, vigour, freshness. 3. liveliness, readiness or acuteness of feeling; perception or apprehension. 4. speed, rapidity of action or motion. 5. hastiness of temper. 6. sharpness; pungency or acidity of taste. 7. sharpness of speech
Quick-one nA quick, single alcoholic drink, esp. taken to refresh one before dinner.
Quicksand nA bed of extremely wet and loose yielding sand. 2. fig.: applied to things (more rarely persons) of an absolutely treacherous and yielding character.
Quick-sandlike adjResembling or characteristic of quicksand.
Quicksandy adjResembling or like quicksand.
Quick-seller nan article, esp. a book which sells quickly or is in high demand.
Quick-set adjLive slips or cutting placed in the ground.
Quickship nQuickness.
Quick-sighted adjHaving quick sight; sharpness, awareness of vision. 2. being argus-eyed, keen-sighted, sharp-eyed. 3. having the ability to perceive or understand ; keen in discernment.
Quick-sightedness nThe state or condition of being quick-sighted. 2. perception, understanding, discernment.
Quicksilver nMetallic mercury, widely used in metallurgy, industry, arts. 2. an amalgam of tin used for the backs of mirrors.
Quick-silver phr"A Quick-silver Mind" - a very alert and intelligent mind.
Quick-silverish adjResembling or somewhat like quick silver.
Quick-silverness nLiveliness, volatility.
Quicksmart adjQuick.
Quicksmart advQuickly.
Quick-starts nRubber soled sneakers; popular for those who wish to make a speedy get away.
Quick-step nIn a normal marching pace of 120 steps per minute. 2. a march or dance in rapid tempo; a quick march.
Quick-stepping nThe action or act of marching at 120 steps per minute.
Quick-talking adjFast talking; speaking very rapidly. 2. fast talking, persuading, misleading, or obtain with a smooth line of talk. 3. confidence-trickery.
Quick-thorn nA thorn bush used for hedging because of its quickness of growth.
Quick-time nA fast marching pace of 120 thirty inch steps per minute.
Quick-water nA stream or that part of the stream having a swift current.
Quick-witted adjHaving a quick or ready wit, sharp, mentally alert, intelligent, mind; esp, used to alert danger; make an effective reply. 2. clever; quick of wit, quick to react and/or respond .
Quick-wittedly advIn a quick-witted manner.
Quick-wittedness nMental alertness, sharp, keen mind. 2. intelligence revealed by an ability to give correct responses without delay.
Quick-worded adjHasty in speech or writing.
Quick-work nThe part of a ship under the water, when laden.
Quick-worker nA successful womanizer who achieves his seductions quickly.
Quicky adjA cheap firm. 2. quickie, any done hastily as a short cuts or makeshift methods. 3.quick alcoholic drink.
Quitch nCouch-grass
Quiver adjSee quaver. Middle English: from Old English cwifer ‘nimble, quick’. The initial qu- is probably symbolic of quick movement (as in quaver and quick) 2. for arrow case, see 'cocker' from Old English coccor.
Quiver vb To shake or move with slight and tremulous motion; to tremble; to quake; to shudder; to shiver.  
Quoth vbTo say; bequeath. 2. said or spoke; uttered.
Quotha intArchaic: (quoth he) indeed! forsooth! - usually in slight contempt.
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