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Rabbi nA Jewish scholar or teacher, especially one who studies or teaches Jewish law. 2. a person appointed as a Jewish religious leader. Origin: Late Old English, via ecclesiastical Latin and Greek from Hebrew rabbī ‘my master’, from raḇ ‘master’.
Race nLate Old English, from Old Norse rás ‘current’. It was originally a northern English word with the sense ‘rapid forward movement’, which gave rise to the senses ‘contest of speed’ (early 16th century) and ‘channel, path’ (i.e. the space traversed). The verb dates from the late 15th century. 2. running, rush, impetus attack; akin to ON. rás. The act of running, a run. 3. the course of life or portion of it. 3. rush, onset, haste 5. a journey or voyage. (rare). 6. the reach of a river. 7. the channel bed of a stream. 8. a small thread of spar. 9. channel or bed of a stream, a raceway.
Race phr"Not in the Race" - having no chance.
Race phr"One Horse Race" - a race whose winner is known before the race commences.
Race phr"Race Against Time" - an effort to complete something before, or by, a given time or before something else happens to prevent its success.
Race phr"Race to the Bottom" - the situation in which companies and countries try to compete with each other by cutting wages and living standards for workers
Race phr"Race Up" - rise rapidly (to a particular level); shoot up.
Race phr"Two Horse Race" - a contest where there is only two serious contestants.
Race-glasses nBinoculars.
Race-goer nAn attendee at a race track for a race-meeting.
Race-going nThe attendance at a racecourse or racetrack for a race-meeting, consisting of a sequence of horse races.
Racehorse nA horse kept or bred for racing.
Race-meeting nA series of horse races of a paricular racecourse on a particular day.
Racer nOne who races or take part in a race. 2. anything having unusually rapid speed, as a racehorse, racing car. 3.
Raceway nA channel for conducting or carrying water. 2. a racecourse for trotting horses.
Rache nA hunting dog which pursues it prey by scent; also "ratch" from OE: raecc, related to ON rakki, dog
Racing nThe sport of taking part in races.
Racing phr"Have Racing Thoughts" - a series of uncontrollable thoughts that switch rapidly between ideas, a symptoms of bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders of other mental illness.
Rad adjQuick, hasty, speedy. 2. prompt, eager, ready, elated.
RadishnThe fleshy, slightly pungent, root of a cruciferous plant (Raphanus sativus), commonly eaten raw as a relish or in salads.
Radish-flynA small dipterous insect, Anthonyia raphani)
Radish-like adjResembling or characteristic of a radish.
Radknight nIn OE times, a tenant holding land on condition of performing services on horseback; also "Radman" and "Rodman"
Radly advQuickly, promptly, without delay, soon
Radness nFear, fright
Rafter nOne of the beams which give slope and form to a roof, and bear the outer covering of slates, tiles, thatch. 2. a large beam such as is used for a rafter. 3. One who is employed in rafting timber
Rafters nThe slender timbers, or common rafters, running from ridge to wall plate and carrying the coering of the roof.
Rag nEnglish has four separate words rag, none of them with a well-documented history. Rag ; 'a piece of cloth' is probably from Old Norse *ragg (suggested by derivative raggiġ “shaggy; bristly; ragged” and borrowed into Late O.E. Old English??? 2. tufted, shaggy. 3. strip of fur.
Rag-and-bone man* nA street trader who, formerly bought and sold old clothes, household waste or discarded articles.
Ragweed nA hogweed; a common North American weed.
Ragwort nA common roadside plant with bright yellow flowers on a tall, erect stem.
Raid nA variant of 'road' - search for something needed or desired. 2. raid an attempt by speculators to defraud investors. 3. raid a sudden short attack.
Raid vbTake over (a company) by buying a controlling interest of its stock. 2. search without warning, make a sudden surprise attack on
Raider nOne who makes a hostile and predatory raid, taking the spoils or plunder (often in wartime). 2. a corporate investor whose aim is to takeover a company, by buying a controlling interest in its stock and then bringinging in his own management team.
Raiding nThe act of carrying out a raid.
Raiding adjmarauding, attacking, assailing, assaulting, plundering, predatory.
Rail nA garment, dress. 2. A neckerchief usu. worn by women; see also night-rail: a dressing gown
Rain nThe condensed vapour of the atmosphere, falling in drops large to attain a sensible velocity; the fall of such drops. 2. Showers of rain, rainfalls. 3. a (specified) kind of rain or shower. 4. The descent of liquid or solid particles or bodies thus falling. 5. A composition used in fireworks' rockets, producing a shower of bright-coloured sparks.
RainvbOf rain: to fall send down or pour down rain. 3 of tears and other things, etc: to descend, fall, come, etc like rain.
Rain phr"As Right as Rain" - fit, OK , all right.
Rain phr"Come Rain or Shine" - whatever happens. 2. no matter what the weather
Rain phr"Put Aside (something) for a Rainy Day" - keep hold of something till it's needed.
Rain phr"Rain Cats and Dogs" - pour with heavy rain.
Rain phr"Rain Down" - cause to fall in showers; fall thick and fast (on).
Rain phr"Rain, Hail or Shine" - lit., in all kinds of weather. 2. fig. in all sorts of difficult situations.
Rain phr"Rain Off" - cause an event to be interrupted, cancelled or terminated because of rain. 2. rain out.
Rain phr"Rain Out" - the cancellation or premature ending of an event because of rain. 2. rain off.
Rain phr"Rain Upon" - be offer in abundance; in great quantity; shower upon.
Rain phr"Right as Rain" - in good order; comfortably situated .
Rainberry nThe common buckthorn.
Rainbird nA bird said to foretell rain by its cry, esp. the green woodpecker.
RainbownA (rain) bow or arch exhibiting the prismatic colours in their order, formed in the sky opposite the sun by the reflection, double refraction, and the dispersion of the sun's rays in falling drops of rain. 2. also, a similar arch formed in the spray of cataracts.
Rainbow phr"Look for the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow" - be a good bit too unrealistic or naive.
RainbowvbTo brighten or span with a rainbow; to produce like a rainbow.
Rainbowed adjResembling a rainbow.
Rainbow trout na large trout, originally of the Pacific coast of North America.
Rainbowy adjPertaining to, or like a rainbow in some aspect; rainbowish.
Rain cloud nA cloud bringing rain.
Rain-dog nA small part of a rainbow, the rest being invisible
Rain-dropnA single drop of rain.
RainfallnA shower of rain. 2. the amount or quanity of rain falling during a certain time within a given area; estimated usually in millimetres.
Rainfast adjOf a surface coating or spray not able to be washed off by rain.
Rain-fowlnthe Mistletoe Thrush
Rain-glassnA barometer
Rain hat nA waterproof hat worn to protect the wearer from rain.
Rainily advIn a somewhat rainy way or manner.
Raininess nCharacterized by, full of, or bringing rain.
Raining tree nOld travelers to the the Canary Islands told of a linden tree from which sufficient water to supply all people and animals of the island concerned. In certain weather conditions moisture condenses and collects on the broad leaves of many trees. The genisaro or guango, Pithecolibium saman, or ornamental tropical tree, one of the Leguminosae, is known as the rain-tree. In this case ejection of juice by cicadas are responsible for the 'rain' under its branches. Another is the Andira inermis, found in tropical Africa and America.
Rainish adjSomewhat rainy or wet.
RainlessadjEntirely lacking in rain
Rainlike adjCharacteristic by, full of, or bringing rain.
Rainmaker nA person who seeks to bring rain by magic or seeding techniques. 2. an influential political lobbyist, typically one who can attract large donation.
Rainmaking nThe bringing about of rain through technology, such as cloud seeding.
Rain man nA nerd; one who may be smart or particularly knowledgeable in some areas but socially or otherwise developmentally retarded.
Rain-out nThe cancellation or premature ending of an event because of rain. 2. precipitation of radioactive water droplets from clouds masses resulting from an underwater nuclear explosions.
Rain shadow nA region shielded from rain by mountains, etc. 2. an area on the leeward (downwind) side of a mountain or mountain range that receives greatly diminished precipitation.
Rain-storm nA storm with heavy rain.
Rainswept adjExpsed to rain.
Rain-tight nImpervious to rain.
Rain tree nVarious species of tree, especially in India and South America valued for its beauty and shade rather than its wood.
Rainwash nLoose material, and the movement of this, carried away by rain.
RainwaternWater that falls directly from the clouds as, or in the form of, rain.
Rain waterpipe nA long square box, or closed trough, for conveying water from the eaves gutter to the ground.
Rainwear nClothes for wearing in the rain.
Rainworm nThe common earthworm.
RainyadjWeather or climate whose qualities are rainy
Rainy day nA day on which rain is falling constantly. 2. time of special need, usually financial need, and in the future.
Raise vbA close cognate to rear. It was borrowed from Old Norse 'reisa', which descended from the same Germanic word that gave us English 'rear' : 'lift', 'rise'. To cause to move upwards ??????
Raise phr"Raise a Glass to" - drink a toast to somebody, thus signalling one's approval or admiration of him,
Raise phr"Raise a Laugh/Smile" - amuse somebody one's companions, an audience, (either deliberately or not)enough to make them laughor smile.
Raise phr"Raise a Stink" - make a fuss.
Raise phr"Raise From the Dead" - restore to life, usually by supernatural means.
Raise phr"Raise Merry Hell" - complain, protest, exert one's authority, etc angrier or violently. 2. behave in an extravagant, noisy, unrestrained or riotous way
Raise phr"Raise One's Eyebrows" - express by facial gesture one's doubts, skepticism, or disapproval (cause others to display similar feelings).
Raise phr"Raise One's Hand Against" - physically threaten.
Raise phr"Raise One's Hat to" - indicate one's approval or admiration for somebody (by literally removing one's hat to).
Raise phr"Raise One's Rights" - be more ambitious.
Raise phr"Raise Someone's Hopes" - make somebody more hopeful that something will happen.
Raise phr"Raise the Roof" - make a lot or too much noise, by singing, shouting, applauding etc.
Raise phr"Raise With" - introduce in discussion a subject with.
Raising nThe act of lifting, propagating, erecting, causing a rise in any sense. 2. the embossed part of a sheet-metal work. 3. the process of deepening colors in dyeing.
Raising-bee nThe gathering of persons for the purpose of erecting the frame of a building.
Rake nPartly from OE and ON. - an implement consisting of a comb-like crossbar fitted with a long handle. 2.
Rake vbDraw together by means of a rake. 2. to proceed on the wrong course, make one's way; walk, stroll, wander; range about, as of hawks: to fly along after game; also rake out, off, away, to fly wide or (away from) game) the game. 3. of hunting dogs; to run with their noses close to the ground. 4. to direct a heavy volley of shots along the length of a ship or a row of soldiers. 5. to make a search or carefully examine. 6. to gather by diligent effort.
Rake nO.E (hracu): throat gorge, jaw (rare).
Rake phr"Rake About" - search here and there for something.
Rake phr"Rake In" - take (abundantly) as proceeds of one's business.
Rake phr"Rake Off" - to share in profits, proceeds, esp. in a shady or illegal deal.
Rake phr"Rake Over" - re-examine, have a second look at.
Rake phr"Rake Over Old Coals/Ashes" - revive (usually unpleasant) memories of the past.
Rake phr"Rake (Something) Up" - discover something (usually to someone's disadvantage).
Rake phr"Rake Through" - examine documents very carefully in search of evidence, etc.
Rake phr"Rake Up" - revive something which is now forgotten (and is best left forgotten); drag up. 2. rake something up, or discover something from someone's past that discredits them.
Rake phr"Thin As a Rake" - very thin.
Rake-off nShare of profit, proceeds, esp. in a shady or illegal deal.
Rake-up vb To concoct or fabricate
RakentenA chain, from OE rackan
Ram nO.E may be related to ON ramr 'strong,' the allusion being to the ram's (a male sheep) strength in butting. 2. a sexually aggressive man; a lecher. 3. the process of ramming.
Ram vb To beat down earth with a heavy implement, so as to make it hard and firm; force down by a heavy blow; pile drive
Ram phr"Ram Down" - strike something firmly so that it parts pack tightly together.
Ram phr"Ram Down Somebody's Throat" - repeat something often in the hope in the hope of impressing it on the hearer. 2. stuff something down someone's throat.
Ram phr"Ram Home" - make a point forcefully and absolutely clear by illustration or example.
Ram phr"Ram Into" - Drive one's motor vehicle with great force into another.
Rame vbTo scream.
Rammish adjLike a ram, esp. in being lustful.
Rammishness nThe quality of being rammish (sheeplike)
Rammy adjPertaining to or like a ram.
Ramraid nA robbery in which the shop window is rammed with a vehicle and looted.
Ramraider nOne or those who carry out a ramraid.
Ramraiding nThe act of robbery by ramraid.
Ramrod nA rod for ramming doewn the charge of a nuzzle-loading firearm, 2. a thing very straight or rigid.
Ramrod phr"As Stiff as a Ramrod" - of a person, standing or sitting with their back very straight or stiff.
Ram's horn nThe plant Orchis morio
Ramson nBroad leaf garlic, allium ursinum
Rand nOE brink or bank, shield rim; a border, edge, a margin. 2. a river border overgrown with reeds or the unplowed border around a field. 3. a strip or long slice of ham. 4. a rand or strip of leather placed under a shoe or boot, to make this level. 5. a strip of iron. 6. a piece or mass of ice.
Rank adjProud, highminded, haughty, froward, rebellious. 2. stout & strong. 3. having great speed or force; swift, impetuous, violent. 4. having an offensively strong smell. 5. lustful, licentious, grossly indecent. 7. grossly offensive or loathsome. 8. corrupt, foul, festering. 9 numerous, frequent. 10, luxuriant, abounding, full; rank-springing.
Rank-goat nMotherwort.
Rank-minded adjOffensive in thought and mind.
Rankness nStrength. 2.state of rank: offensive, strong etc.
Rank-old adjOld & smelly; renky
RapenOne of the six administrative districts into which Sussex is divided; each comprising several hundreds
Rare adj(OE. hrere: lightly boiled) - not thoroughly cooked; applied to a roasted or broiled meat retaining its rareness and juices; in England commonly called 'underdone'.
Rare-ripe nA fruit that ripens early; applied esp. to some varieties of peaches; and onions.
Rare-ripe adjRipening early.
Rash adjSee "race" - unrecorded but probably from OE????. 2. reckless, impetuous, hasty. 2. acting or done without due consideration.
Rashly advIn a rash or reckless manner.
Rashness nThe state or action of being rash.
Rat nRodent of some of the larger species of the genus "mus". 2. one who refuses to join a trade union but takes the benefits the union wins for him/her and his/her fellow. workers.
Rat vbTo betray the trust of another, betray.
Rat phr"As Wet as a Drowned Rat" - very wet.
Rat phr"Like Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship" - cowardice or prudence makes people desert a friend, employer etc if danger threatens.
Rat phr"Rat On (Somebody)" - betray, inform against, grass. 2. withdraw from an agreement or undertaking.
Rat phr"Smell a Rat" - be suspicious.
Rat phr"Take a Rat by the Tail" - a picket pocket. When purses were worn suspended from a girdle, thieves cut the strings by which the purse was attached.
Rat-arsed adj(Slang) : drunk.
Ratbane nRat poison.
Rat-brain adjTo think like a rat: cunning, opportunistic, sly
Ratch nOE : raecce; a hound which hunts by scent, as the blood-hound; also 'rach'.
Rat-eyed adjTo have eyes like a rat: cunning, furtive, steathly and alert
Rat-foot dots nIn Chinese painting, a method of representing pine boughs or branches by brush strokes that resemble the print of a rat foot; four or five slightly curved strokes radiating from a white centre dot.
Rathe nCounsel, advice, help,
Rathe vbTo counsel, advice
Rathe adjQuick in action, speedy, prompt; rath. 2. eager, earnest, vehemence. 3. finished, done, ocurring or coming before the usual or natural time, early, as in rathe grave: early or premature death.6. belonging to, or forming, the first part of some period of time.
Rathe advDenoting rapidity in the performance or completion of an action. 2. quickly, rapidly, swiftly; esp. without delay, promptly, swift. 2. too quickly, too soon, too early; before a fitting or natural time: rathely. 3. rathely, precociously,early; betimely.
Rathe day nEarly in the day or early in morning..
Ratheness nEarliness, prematurity, precociousness
Rather advComparative of rathe: earlier, preceding another in time; coming in an earlier hour. 2. antecedent, prior of greater in place. 3. earlier of two (of persons or things), of earlier times. 4. more willingly; preferably, on the other hand; on the contrary, somewhat. 5. for the reason that; by so much the more.
Rather phr'Rather than" - prefer
Rathe-ripe adjRipening prematurely; precocious. 2. of fruit, flowers which grow or bloom or ripen early in the year.
Rat-hole nRefuge or hiding place. 2. a squalid or cramped building; a small underground hovel.
Ratless adjFree from rats.
Rat race nThe fiercely competitive struggle or constant struggle to maintain one's position in work or life; life in it's toughest
Rat run nA route on minor roads used by traffic to avoid congestion at peak periods.
Rat-souled adjReproachful; wretched, despicable, ignoble, surreptitious, sly in quality and action.
Ratter nA rat-catcher. 2. a dog or cat that catches rats. 3. a deserter or traitor.
Rat-tight adjRat proofed; secure against rat infestations or presence.
Rattish adjDevoid of noble qualities or action. 2. belonging to or resembling a rat. 3. in the way of or manner of a rat.
RattyadjCharacteristics of a rat or rats. 2.infested with rats. 3. wretched, miserable, irritated, ill-tempered, angry. 4. surreptitious, stealthy, thievish.
Raven nA bird of ill omen; fabled to forbode death, and to bring infection and bad luck. 2. a common name for several, generally large and lustrous black species of birds with a raucous voice in the genus Corvus, especially the common raven; a blood bird. 3. rapacity; food obtined by violence. 4. plunder; prey. 5. a undertaker, funeral director. 6. a female given name for a girl with raven hair, used since the 1970s
Raven, adjOf the color of the raven; jet-black. 2. rapine
Raven vbTo obtain or seize by violence.m 2. To devour with great eagerness. 3. to prey with rapacity; to be greedy; to show rapacity.
Raven flint nObsidian, a raven's wing's gleam against the light just like a slab of obsidian.
Ravenhood nThe state or quality of being a raven.
Ravenish adjResembling or reminiscent of a raven; especially blackish, dark.
Raven's book nList of the dead, obituaries.
Raven's eye nSpecies of toadstool
Raven haired adjHaving hair very black and lustrous.
Raven-kind adjThe class or type to which ravens belong.
Ravenlike adjResembling or characteristic of a raven.
Raven's woe nDeath and destruction (often relating to war and battle). The raven is considered a bird of ill-omen.
Raven-wise adjThe raven has the playful nature, acts like a trickster and is one of the most intelligent of all the birds. As such it has long been considered a prophetic bird, a bird of dawn (cawing the day) and a a symbol of knowledge, omniscience.
Raw adjOE: hreaw; usually uncooked, in a natural, unworked, not wrought. 2. crude, inexperienced. 3. "In the raw" : in the nude
Raw phr" Get a Raw Deal" - an unfair deal or unfair treatment.
Raw phr"In the Raw" - bare, in the nude, naked.
Raw phr"Rawhead and Bloody Bones" - a bogey at one time the terror of children.
Rawboned adjA very lean or gaunt person, a mere skeleton, thin, projecting bone.
Raw deal nHarsh or unfair treatment.
Raw-edged adjWithout a hem. 2. not yet mellow. 3. having a raw edge or edges (literal and figurative).
Raw-headed adjCallow, young, immature, inexperienced.
Rawhide nUntanned hides. 2. a rope made of untanned hide.
Rawish adjSomewhat raw.
Rawly adjAt a mature age. 2. crudely insufficient or unsatisfactory manner. 3. ignorant; of little knowledge or experience. 4. barely, scarely, immaturely exposed
Raw milk nUnpasteurized milk.
Raw-necked adjCrude, unsophisticated, boorish, conservative
RawnessnInexperience, ignorance, crudeness. 2. incompleteness. 3. bareness of flesh. 4. excoriation. 5 soreness; smarting. 6. indigestion. 7. chilliness, dampness, cold.
Raxnessvb To stretch oneself after sleep. 2. to start up wake up from a swoon: to rax. 3. to become longeror be stretched by pulling, to stretch, to be hanged. 4. to wax, grow. 5. to extend the hand, reach out. 6. to extend one's power or influence, to prevail. 7 to elongate the neck
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