Old English sp English
Reach n Stretch out, extend. 2. the action in making the effort to vomit, hawk, retch
Reach n A continous stretch, as a waterway, land; sometimes found in place-names
Reach vb The act of stretching. 2. To make effort to vomit
Reach phr "Out of Reach" - not able to be reached or attained.
Reach phr "Reach Down" - bring something from a higher point by stretching one's hand.
Reach phr "Reach For" - stretch out one's hand to grasp a weapon.
Reach phr "Reach for the Stars" - have high or ambitious aims.
Reach phr "Reach Somebody's Ears" - come to somebody's notice or attention.
Reach phr "Reach the Top of" - achieve success at the highest level in business, a sport, profession, politics, etc.
Reach phr "Reach to" - stretch as far as.
Reach phr "Reach Out for" - Extend one's hand to take something. 2. make a effort to grasp. 3. to communicate (with); to make contact with.
Reaching n The action of one who reaches. 2. an attempt to grasp something by stretching.
Reachless adj That cannot be reached, unattainable, lofty. 2. without a reach.
Reach-me-downs n Ready-made clothing or garments. 2. second-hand clothes.
Read n The stomach of an animal
Read vb Think guess, discern the meaning of a riddle, dream. 2 inspect and interpret a loud or silently (signs representing speech)
Read phr "Read Back" - read aloud a message that has just been received so that the sender may check its accuracy. (computing) the act of reading data back from a location where it has been stored. 3. (aviation, telecommunications) The repetition of a message one has received, in order to acknowledge it. 4. the reading aloud by a court reporter or stenographer of testimony previously taken down in stenographic dictation, usually at the request of the presiding judge or parties involved in a deposition.
Read phr "Read Between the Lines" - gather meanings from a text that are not actually stated but implied.
Read phr "Read Down" -
Read phr "Read for" - study in order to gain a qualification, or the right to practice as a barrister.
Read phr "Read from" - read aloud a part of a book, etc.
Read phr "Read Into" - find something in the words of a speaker or writer which he did not intend.
Read phr "Read My Lips" - listen carefully (used to emphasis, somewhat rudely, the important of the words of the speaker)
Read phr "Read Off" - read completely (aloud or to oneself) a message, etc.
Read phr "Read Oneself to Sleep" - read with the intention or the hope of falling to sleep.
Read phr "Read Out" - read aloud to an audience something that interests them, or which they must take special notice of.
Read phr "Read Somebody Like a Book" - understand clearly what somebody's character is like.
Read phr "Read Somebody's Mind" - know or guess what somebody is thinking, wants or plans to do, esp. on a specific occasion.
Read phr "Read Something into Something Else" - extract a hidden, sometimes unintended meaning from.
Read phr "Read Through/Over" - read completely from beginning to end.
Read phr "Read Up " - acquire a knowledge of a subject through reading.
Read phr "Read Up On" - improve one's knowledge of something by reading, researching, and study; bring one knowledge of something up to date by reading, etc.
Read phr "Taken as Read" - assume something as true.
Read phr "You Need Your Head Read" - you should reconsider this matter.
Reader n One who reads or peruses. 2. an interpreter of dreams. 3. a proof-reader. 4. an editor. 5. one who reads aloud from scripture etc. in a church or place of worship. 6. one reads aloud to pupils or students; a teacher, an instructor. 7. in the Inns of Court, a lecturer on law. 8. a title for books containing for instruction or exercise in reading
Readerhood n Group of readers, readers collectively.
Readerless adj Devoid of readers.
Readership n The readers, and the extent of those readers, of a newspaper, magazine, etc. 3. office or position of a reader
Reader-unfriendly adj Something in learning, as a difficult grammatical rule, demonstrating its usage. 2. text difficult to read.
Readhead n One who reads obsessively. 2. a person who lives their life through stories they read in books.
Readily adv Without showing reluctance; willingly. 2. without difficulty.
Read-in n The input or entry of data to a computer or electronic storage device.
Readiness n The state or quality of being ready. 2. the quality of being quick or prompt; facility, aptitude. 3. a disposition for prompt compliance, willingness.
Reading n The act of perusing or printed matter; the practice of occupying oneself in this way. 2. the extent to which one reads or has read; literary knowledge, scholarship. 3 ability to read; the art of reading. 4. the action of uttering aloud of written or printed matter
Readingdom n The aggregate of readers; readers collectively.
Reading-down n
Reading room n A room devoted to reading, esp. esp on in a club or public library, or intended for public use.
Reading-stone n A kind of the earliest form of lens, developed in the C8th, that was placed on top of a text to magnify the letters, so that people with eyesight problems can read more easily.
Reading-week n A week in a university calendar, during which there are no lectures for students, with the intention for students to use the time for reading or research.
Read-only n Attribute is a boolean attribute. When present, it specifies that an input field is read-only. A read-only input field cannot be modified (however, a user can tab to it, highlight it, and copy the text from it.)
Read-out n The extraction or transfer of data from computer storage, medium or device. 2. a record or display of the output from a computer or scientific instrument.
Read-through n A first rehearsal of a play at which the actors read their parts from scripts.
Readworthy adj Worth reading.
Read-write adj Capable of reading existing data and accepting alterations of further imput.
Ready n An expression (elliptical) for money.
Ready adj In a state of preparation for something, prompt, quick. 2. ordered or arranged
Ready phr "At the Ready" - be prepared for action.
Ready phr "Make Ready" - prepare.
Ready phr "Ready for Anything" - alert and willing to do, or cope with, however unusual or unforeseen it may be.
Ready phr "Ready, Steady, Go!" - said to start off esp. in a children race; said when two or more contestants are starting to do something together.
Ready phr "Ready to Drop" - exhausted.
Ready phr "Ready to Hand" - readily available, within easy reach.
Ready phr "Ready Up" - in Australia, to prepare for a dishonest purpose, as at card-playing.
Ready phr "Rough and Ready" - usable, practical, but not necessary stylish or well-finished.
Ready-made adj Prepared beforehand or in advance. 2. easily fabricated or available without difficulty. 3. of clothing, made in a standard size, not to measure.
Ready-meal n A prepackaged, fresh or frozen meal that requires (often in a microwave) before being served, sometimes in its own package.
Ready-reckoner n book of tabulated calculations, providing an easy and quick method of finding an amount of money, involved in a financial or commercial transaction.
Ready-room n The room on an aircraft carrier where pilots are brief.
Ready-salted adj Of crisps, (potato chips) seasoned with salt but no other flavouring.
Ready-to-wear n Clothing that is made to standard and is suitable and ready to wear; pret-a-porter.
Ready-willed adj Of a ready wit, intelligent, quick of apprehension
Ready-wit n Knowledge, understanding.
Ready-witted adj Clever and mentally-alert in an emergency. 2. quick repartee.
Ready-wittedness n Intelligence, mental-alertness, ready-wit.
Reaf n Spoil, booty, loot. 2. garment, mantle
Ream n Cream in OE: the scum or froth upon any liquid.
Ream vb To froth or foam. 2. to be covered with cream. 3. to take the cream off; to skim 4. to make room, open up, widen, extend, enlarge
Reamer n An instrument used to make a conical or tapered hole.
Reaming } adj Foaming, frothy, creamy.
Reaming-iron n A caulker blunt chisel for opening the seams between deckboards of a ship.
Reamy adj Creamy, frothy, scummy
Rean n A watercourse, gutter, a rhine, ryne, rill.
Reap n The action of cutting grain for harvest. 2."The grim Reaper" 3. receive as the consequence of one's own or other actions.
Reap vb Cutting or ripping grain for harvest. 2. to cut grain with a sickle. 3. to cut ripe standing grain,for harvesting. 4. to harvest. 5. to receive as fruits of one's labour.
Reap phr "Reap from" - gather a crop from; derive joy profit from.
Reap phr "Reap What One's Sow" - be rewarded or punished (or not) in accordance with what one has done to deserve it.
Reaper n One who reaps. 2. a machine who reaps; a harvester.
Reaper phr The Grim Reaper: the personification of Death
Reaping-hook n A sickle.
Reap-reeve n A harvest overseer
Reap-silver n A feudal due in lieu of services as a reaper, paid by the tenant to his lord.
Reaptime n Harvest time
Rear vb Bring up and educate children. 2. breed and care for animals. 3. to cultivate crops. 4. of a horse, raising itself on its hind legs. 5. to put in, or set, an upright position. 6. to build. 7. rear or hold upward one's head. 8. extend to a great height. 9. lift, elevate, raise, train, educate.
Rear adj Rare, half-roasted, half-cooked; underdone.
Rearing n The bringing-up or caring of a child by its mother of father, or a foster parent. 2. a young animal cared by its mother until it's fully grown.
Rearing-bit n A bit with a curved mouthpiece to prevent horses from lifting their head when rearing.
Rearmouse n OE hreremus (reremouse): the bat - most likely the fluttering mouse; from hrearan : to move, flutter. The bat may fly, a mouse it is not.
Reave vb Forcibly deprive of. 2. take by force or carry off. 3. make raids for plunder; plunder; reave.
Reaver n Robber, plunderer, marauder, raider, pirate, sea-robber; reiver.
Reavery adj OE: 'er' & 'y'; pertaining to robbery, plunder, piracy, reaving, or raiding.
Reck vb To take care, pay heed to, concern oneself. 2. be of importance.
Reck n Partly of an Old English word (reccan) of unknown origin and relating to Old High German (ruohhen) - care, concern, heed; importance
Reck phr "It Recks Little" - it is not very important.
Reck phr "Reck One's Own Rede" - to be governed by one's own better judgement.
Reckful adj Full of careful heed or attention, careful, caution.
Reckfulness n The state or quality of being caring and heeding.
Reckless n Careless, negligent, unconcerned
Recklessly adv Without regard to the danger of the consequences of one's actions; rashly.
Recklessness n A lack of regard for the danger or consequences of one's actions; rashness.
Reckon vb The original sense probably being to bring together, count, expect, think believe, suppose; opine, suppose, imagine, guess. 2. judge to be probable; calculate, estimate, count on, figure, forecast. 3. deem to be; see, consider, reckon, view, regard. 4. make a mathematical calculation or computation, cipher, compute, work out, figure. 5. have faith or confidence in; count, bet, depend, look, calculate. 6. take account of, count; to enumerate; to number; also, to compute. 7. to count as in a number, rank, or series; to estimate by rank or quality; to place by estimation; to account; to esteem; to repute. 8. to charge, attribute, or adjudge to one, as having a certain quality or value. 9. to conclude, as by an enumeration and balancing of chances; hence, to think; to suppose. 10. to come to an accounting; to make up accounts; to settle; to examine and strike the balance of debt and credit; to adjust relations of desert or penalty. 11. to reckon for, to answer for; to pay the account for. 12. to count or depend on; to include as a factor within one's considerations.
Reckon phr "Day of Reckoning" - time when one will have to face one's past mistakes and wrongdoings.
Reckon phr "One Reckons" - one thinks, supposes.
Reckon phr "Out in One's Reckoning" - make a mistake, wrongly calculate.
Reckon phr "Reckon Among" - include with or as one of, count among. 2. consider particular member(s) of a group to be the best, worst of candidates, etc.
Reckon phr "Reckon As" - consider to be, or regard as an industry.
Reckon phr "Reckon for" - to answer for. 2. to pay the account for
Reckon phr "Reckon In" - include, as a part of bill, estimate.
Reckon phr "Reckon On or Upon" - to expect, count or depend or rely on. 2. to include as a factor within one's considerations. 3. make one's plans in the sure knowledge that something will happen, or in the case, depend on.
Reckon phr "Reckon Up" - find the sum, find total of.
Reckon phr "Reckon With" - be reckoned with. 2. to settle accounts or claims with; -- used literally or figuratively. 3. to include as a factor in one's plans or calculations; to anticipate. 4. to deal with; to handle; tackle, with difficulty or hardship. 3. punish, deal with.
Reckon phr "Reckoned With" - to be dealt with only with difficulty.
Reckon phr "Reckon Without" - to ignore in a calculation or arrangement the person whose assent is essential; hence,to reckon erroneously. 2. not include in one's plans or calculations some possibility.
Reckoner n a handbook of mathematical tables used to facilitate computation.
Reckoning n The act of, or an instance of, counting, computation. 2. a settlement of accounts. 3. account, score, bill, as a hotel. 4. the calculation of a ship's position, esp. when made only by log and compass; dead reckoning. 5. an accounting to God for one's misdeeds.
Reckoning phr "By One's Reckoning" - by one's consideration. 2. on one's self-deeming.
Red n Read of the colour of blood, sunset, clouds, rubies, glowing coal. 2. a widepread colour-name. 3. ruddy or rusty-colour
Red sfx A suffix forming nouns of condition or state, kindred, sibred, hatred.
Red phr "A Red Herring (Over Someone's Path)" - a factor deliberately introduced to mislead.
Red phr "In the Red" - in debt or financial difficulty.
Red phr "Like A Red Rag* to a Bull" - something that is liable to anger or provoke an angry response.
Red phr "Neither Fish, Flesh Nor Good Red Herring" - not classifiable by being neither one thing nor another.
Red phr "Red as Beetroot" - blushing, red in the face, because of embarrassment, shame etc.
Red phr "Reds Under the Bed" - Communists and left-wing wing activists, seen as threats to Western democracy, the instigators of industrial power.
Red phr "See Red" - be angry or infuriated.
Red phr "See/Get the Red Light" - be aware of approaching danger.
Red phr "The Red Meat of" - the more powerful or coarser, stuff (of something) as beef contrasted with mutton). 2. the essential or important part of something.
Red-back spider n Venomous spider found in Australia
Redbeet n Beetroot.
Red-belt n Territory under the political control of the political control of the former USSR. 2. elsewhere an area of communist strength or influence.
Red-blooded adj Vigorous, virile, full of life, spirited. 2. Restored to health, strength after illness or exhaustion.
Redbook n A book containing the names of all the persons in the higher services of the state. 2. list of the 'important' person in a society.
Redbreast n The Robin, a singing bird so named because of its red coloring.
Red chip n A share in a Chinese company that is traded on the Hong Kong stock market.
Redd n (colloquial) To put in order; to make tidy; generally with up, as 'to redd up' a house'. 2. to free from entanglement. 3. to free from embarrassment. 4. to fix boundaries. 5. to comb hair.) 6. to separate combatants. 7. to settle, usually a quarrel. 8. to save, rescue, deliver
Redd vb Perhaps from O.E. and related to rid - to save, deliver, rescue, free a person. 2. to save from burning; put out a fire. 3. arrange, tidy, compose, settle.
Redd phr "Redd Up" - to clean up, esp. a room.
Red deer n The wild deer in Britian, often called a stag.
Redden vb To make or become red, blush. 2. to impart a red colour to a substance or thing.
Reddening n The action or effect of the verb 'redd'.
Reddish adj Rather or somewhat red.
Reddishness n The state or condition of being reddish.
Reddle n Red ochre, ruddle
Red dwarf n An old relatively cool star.
Reddy adj Red, ruddy, reddish, redly
Rede n Counsel, rede or advice given by one person to another. 2. counsel, decision, or resolve taken by one or more person; a plan, design, or scheme, devised or adopted. 3. tale narrative, story; a saying, proverb, saw.
Rede vb To take rede or counsel together or with another, to deliberate. 2. also of one person; to take counsel for others. 3. to agree upon, resolve, decide after consultation or deliberation. 4, to read or expound a riddle or a dream. 5. to advise (a thing); to give advice or counsel. 6. to think, imagine, guess. 7. to interpret, explain; resolve. 8. to relate, tell.
Rede vb To comb the hair (reding-comb: a hair comb); to clear the way; to clean up or clean out; to clear a way for oneself
Reck phr "Reck One's Own Rede" - to be governed by one's own better judgement.
Red earth n A red soil found in tropical areas, containing oxidised iron.
Redecraft n Logic.
Rede-give n The giving of rede, advice or counsel.
Rede-giver n An adviser or counseller
Redeless adj Devoid or destitute of counsel, esp of, persons having no resource in difficulty or emergency; not knowing what to do. 2. with no to advise; foolish, unwise.
Rede-wise adj Wise in counsel or advice.
Red-eye n A red reflection from a person's retina seen in a flash photograph with the flashgun to close to the camera lens. 2. cheap whisky (slang).
Red-eye flight n An airline flight on which a passenger is unable to get adequate sleep.
Red fire n A mixture of easily combustible ingredients, especially strontium salts, that burns with a red light.
Red fox n A common fox, Vulpes vulpes, of Eurasia and north americausually havinn areddish or fawn coat.
Rad-hair adj Having red hair.
Red hair n A person with red hair.
Red-haired adj Having red hair.
Red-handed adj In the very act of crime, having the existence of guilt still upon the person esp. as in the phrase: "caught red-handed" 2. having the hands red with blood, sanguinary, violent.
Red-handedly adv In the act of being caught red-handed.
Red-handedness n The act or instance of being caught red-handed.
Red hat n Redhats are neither white hat nor black hat, but a mix of both. 2. red hats are people who are hired to find security holes in a network, do so, but create new exploits in order to take advantage of later. See: "white hat, black hat, gray hat". 2. a cardinal hat with its flat broad-brim formerly bestowed upon them; hence the office of cardinal.
Red-headed adj Of a person having red hair. 2. of birds having a red head.
Red-headedness n The state or appearance of having red hair or being red-headed.
Red heat n The temperature or state of something so hot as to emit red light. 2. great excitement.
Red-herring n Dried smoked herring. 2. a misleading clue or distraction (so called from the practice of using the scent of red herring in training hounds).
Red-hot adj Of persons, highly inflamed or excited, violently enthusiastic; extreme in some opinion or view. 2. Outstanding uninhibited, lively, sexy, passionate. Of things, action etc., burning, scorching, urgent, violent, furious. 3. Sensational, lively, exciting, intense. 4. very warm favorite (as a favorite for a horse-race, football match. 5. Unfair, unreasonable (Australian slang).
Redily adv Wisely, discreetly, prudently. 2. precisely, certainly, assuredly, redliness.
Rediness n Wisdom, discretion, prudence. 2.Certainty, certain knowledge, asuredness
Red ironwood n A tree with reddish-brown wood with strong resistant to insects, used for turnery, sleepers (Queensland ronwood).
Redland n Ploughed land, fallowed land, arable land. 2. sandy or clayey soil of a reddish colour
Red laws n The civil code of ancient Rome.
Red lead n A red form of lead oxide used as a pigment.
Redlight n A warning light, one instructing traffic to stop; a red light. 2 in a fig. sense: a signal of danger; a warning; signal to pause or desist in some course of action or thought. 3. a sign of a brothel; a light on a building or premise as a sign of a brothel.
Redly adv In a red manner.
Red meat n The red meat that is when raw (eg. beef or lamb).
Red-mist n Rage, anger, sufficient to stop clear thinking, as 'a red-mist came over the casual, placid preacher'.
Redneck n Usu. a member of the white rural, labouring class of the southern States of USA, but also applied to similar classes of folk in Australia and New Zealand. 2. one whose attitudes are considered characteristic of this class. 3. a reactionary or person with "red-necked" views.
Redness n The state or quality of being red.
Red-nettle n A variety of stinging nettle.
Red Nose Day n A day, usually annually, on which a charitable organization encourages the public to engage in fund raising for charity, sometimes for a specific charity, as 'Cot Death".
Red oak n One of the several having a dense cross-grained wood, as the northern red oak.
Red-rag n The tongue (slang). 2. An action or source of extreme provocation or annoyance. 3. something which excites violent indignation.
Red rose n The emblem of Lancashire or the lancastrians.
Red rot n Fungal decay of standing trees, timber or sugar-cane having red-brown rolled tissue
Redshank n A cardinal. 2. an inhabitant of the Scottish Highlands or Ireland.
Red snow n Snow reddened by the presence of a minute algae, Protococcus nivalis, found in artcic and mountainous regions where its reddish color at one time caused it to be regarded as a foreboding of evil. 3. snow coloured red, especially by snow algae containing carotenoid pigments.
Red shift n The displacement of the spectrum to longer wavelengths in the light coming from distant galaxies etc. in recession.
Red streak n A variety of apple, suitable for cider-making.
Red-to-red adj A nautical term describing the condition in which two sea-going ships travelling in opposite directions pass each other on their port sides, making their red navigation lights face each other. 2. connecting between two batteries' positive terminals, for instance when jump starting a car
Redwards adv Towards the red end of the spectrum.
Redware n A large brown seaweed 'Laminaria digitalia' of the New England coast, sometimes used for food.
Red-watch n One of the three watches at sea when not more than one-third of the ship's company is closed up at 'cruising' stations.
Redweed n The corn poppy.
Redwood n A Sequoia esp. the very tall Sequoia sempervivus of the western US. 2. any tree with reddish wood.
Red-wud adj Stark mad; woody.
Red-yellow adj One of the range of colors situated between red and yellow portions of the visible spectrum, sharing the hue of each but identiale with neither.
Ree n A stream, channel, waterway, river.( perhaps rep. OE: "ea" - the "R" being the fem. article.
Reed n Any of various types of tall stiff perennial grass-like plants growing together in groups near water. 2. the hollow stem of these plants. 3. music: the part of the mouthpiece of certain woodwind instruments, comprising of a thin piece of wood or metal which shakes very quickly to produce sound when a musician blows over it. 4. music: a musical instrument such as the clarinet or oboe, which produces sound when a musician blows on the reed. 5. weaving: a comb-like tool for beating the weft when weaving. 6. architecture: reeding. 7. mining: tube containing the train of powder for igniting the charge in blasting. 8. straw prepared for thatching a roof
Reed phr "A Broken Reed" - a supporter who has failed; something not to be trusted for support. 2. a weak adherent.
Reed phr "A Reed Shaken by the Wind" - a person blown about by every wind of doctrine. 2. one not firm in his belief.
Reed-bed n A bed or growth of reeds.
Reeded adj Covered by reeds.
Reed-less adj Reedless: without or not covered by reeds.
Reed-pipe n An organ pipe having a reed whose vibrations set in motion the air column.
Reed-sparrow n A common british bird, "Emberiza schoendis" frequenting reedy place- also called the Reed Bunting. 2. the Sedge-warbler.
Reediness n Quality or state of being reedy.
Reedy adj Full of reeds. 2. like a reed, esp. in weakness or slenderness. 2. of a voice like a reed instrument in tone, not full.
Reek n Smoke, vapor, steam. 2. a foul or stale smell. 3. a vapor, a visible exhalation (esp. from a chimney).
Reek vb To smell strongly and unpleasantly. 2. have an unpleasant or suspicious associations. 3. to emit or give off smoke or fumes.
Reek phr "Auld Reekie" - the city of Edinburgh.
Reek phr "Reek to high Heaven" - to be patently unethical.
Reek phr "Reek Of" - have a strong (and unpleasant) odor of tobacco, garlic, alcohol. 2. suggest something strongly unpleasant, as an atmosphere, discussion.
Reeking n Smelling, esp. of smoke or other vapors.
Reeking-house n An inhabited house
Reeking adj Of dead or mangled bodies, still warm. 2. sending out, full of, unwholesome or unpleasant fumes or smell
Reeky adj Smokey, smelly, exhalation. 2. soiled by emitting smoke.
Reel n O.E hreol - a cylindrical device on which a film, tape etc., or (British) thread yarn, wire, etc.are wound. 3. a quantity of thread etc. wound on a reel. 4. a revolving part in various machine.
Reel n Confusion, bewilderment, shock.
Reel vb Wind a thread on a fishing line etc. on a reel. 2. stand or walk unsteadily;stagger from side to side. 2.be shaken mentally or physically.
Reel phr "Leave somebody Reeling" - to leave a person in a state of mind.
Reel phr "Off the Reel" - immediately, straight away
Reel phr "Reel Back" - move back out of control, stagger back (after receiving a strong blow or shock).
Reel phr "Reel In" - wind a fishing line onto the reel fastened to the end of a rod, causing the line to rise from the water.
Reel phr "Reel Off" - say, recite or repeat something quickly and smoothly, as a list, or catalogue.
Reel phr "Reel Up" - to pull up something towards you, by winding around a reel the wire of line attached to it.
Reel phr "Right from the Reel" - without intermission, continuously.
Reeler n A person employed to wind material onto a reel.
Reest n OE: reost. The share-beam of a plough. 2. a mould board. 3. a piece of wood or iron fixed between the mould-board.
Reeve n The chief magistrate of a town or district. 2. an official supervising a landowner estate. 3. In America a chief official in a village or small town. 4. in Canada, president of a town or village council. 5. in early England, certain officials charged with fiscal and judicial duties, as shire-reeve (sheriff,) borough reeve, a steward, bailiff.
Reeveland n Land belonging to the sheriff (recorded in the domesday book).
Reeve-pole n The Saxon way of counting.
Reeve-ship n The office of a reeve.
Reghel-boc n Book of monastic rules.
Regwort n Stinking gleddon or ringwort: "reg" earlier form of "ring"
Regworme n Ringworm
Reh adj (Ray): rough, stormy, fierce, violent, troubled, disturbed (in the mind). Etymology obscure: OE=OS, hreh becomes "ray" or "reh". Rehliche (rehlike/raylike) and rehship/rayship.
Reif n That which is taken by force or robbery: spoil, plunder, booty; reifing. 2. the act or practice of robbery, reavery; application.
Reif-bird n Bird of prey or plunder; also: "reif fowl"
Reigh n The fish called the "Ray"
Reke vb To cover up in earth or ashes; to bury
Rekels n Incense; "rekel-fat": censer
Reken adj Rapid, violent, terrible (in OE only). 2. Of persons: ready, prompt, straightforward. 3.Of language: honest, sincere, smooth, elegant, beautiful.
Rekenly adv Quickly, immediately, promptly, properly.
Rend n The violent separation of parts. 2. the tearing or pulling apart of something.
Rend vb Tear or wrench forcibly. 2. split or divide into pieces or into factions, a country by internecine. 3. cause emotional pain to, or distress the heart etc. 4. to pass through the air noisily.
Rend phr "Rend and Tear" - usually applied to the sundering of textile materials.
Rend phr "Rend One's Hair" - display extreme grief or rage.
Rendles n Rennet, runnet
Rendling n Curdling, settling formation of rendles.
Rendled-wood n Barked oak
Rerd n Voice, utterance, cry, din; rerd. 2. loud or noisy cry. 3. noise or din made by crying or roaring. 4. a noisy tongue (fig); rerd. 5. uproar, rerd or clamour, tumult made by a number of persons or animals. 6. noise or din of any kind; rerd. 7. "rerding" : clamour, tumult.
Rerd vb To speak, discourse. 2. to make a noise, to roar, resound.
Rere vb To cry, resound, roar
Reremouse n A bat (O.E. hrermus).
Rese vb A rush or run. 2. a swift course or rapid movement. 3. the act of running or moving rapidly or impetuously. 4. the act of rushing or running against or upon others- as a rush into battle. 5. "in rese" or "on rese": in a rush or run; hence in haste to get from one place to another.
Rese n An onset, assault, attack, sally, rese, rush into battle. 2. action proceeding from a sudden or violent impulse. 3. wantonness, recklessness, rashness; rese. 4. hot or hasty temper, anger, impulsiveness; rese. 5. natural impulse to something; sudden violent impulse. 6. paroxyn ttack, fainting; rese. 7. sudden violent act. 8. a moment, short space in time; rese.
Rest vb Be at rest. 2. stay the same; remain in a certain state. 3. take a short break from one's activities in order to relax. 4. give a rest to, as when injured or ill. 5. rest on or as if on a pillow. 6. sit, as on a branch, as a bird. 7. not move; be in a resting position. 8. put something in a resting position, as for support or steadying. 9. be inactive, refrain from acting. 10. have a place in relation to something else, as one's fate.
Rest n Freedom from activity (work or strain or responsibility). 2. a support on which things can be put. 3. a musical notation indicating a silence. 4. euphemisms for death (based on an analogy between lying in a bed and in a tomb). 5. a state of inaction "a body will continue in a state of rest until acted upon". 6. a pause for relaxation; a short rest.
Rest phr "At Rest" - not moving, still, motionless, dead.
Rest phr "Be Resting" - not moving, not agitated or troubled, dead.
Rest phr "Come to Rest" - cease moving.
Rest phr "Day of Rest" - Sunday.
Rest phr "Go to Rest" - die, go to the grave and repose.
Rest phr "God Rest His/Her Soul" - may God grant one's soul repose.
Rest phr "Lay to Rest" - bury in a grave, entombed, inter.
Rest phr "Put Somebody's Mind to Rest" - reassure, calm.
Rest phr "Rest Her/ His Soul" - may he/she 'sleep' in eternal peace.
Rest phr "Rest On One's Oars" - have a break from hard work.
Rest phr "Rest Up" - rest oneself thoroughly.
Rest phr "Rest Upon" - have, as its basis, be based upon; depend upon.
Rest phr "Rest With" - be the duty or responsibility of.
Rest phr "Set at Rest" - set or relieve a person's mind of anxiety or worry, etc
Rest phr "Why Don't You Give It a Rest" - desist, stop doing it.
Rest balk n A ridge left unploughed between two furrows.
Rest day n The Sabbath; Sunday, the day of rest.
Rested adj Ceased, abstain, relieved from exertion. 2. refreshed or reinvigorated by rest.
Restful adj Characterized by, or the nature of, productive of, rest or repose. 2. free from strife or disturbance. 3. quiet, peaceful, taking, giving or enjoying rest; soothing, peaceful, quiet.
Restfully adj In a quiet, restful soothing manner.
Restfulness n The state or quality of being restful. 2. quietness, tranquility, calmness.
Rest-harrow n A field shrub (Ononis arvensis) with tough roots, also called cammock.
Resthold n A hold in wrestling designed to restore one's energy while holding one's opponent in a lock. 2. generally, in various situations, an act of containment or stabilization.
Rest-home n A place where old or frail persons can be cared for.
Rest house n A place of refreshment for travellers.
Restiness n The quality of being restive; restiveness.
Resting adj That rests or is taking a rest. 2. remaining stationary. 3. dormant.
Restless adj Deprived of rest; finding no rest; uneasy in mind or spirit. 2. marked by unrest; affording no rest. 3. constantly stirring or active, or desiruous to be so; averse to being quiet or settled. 4. impatient. 5. of conditions: unceasing, continuous. 6. of things: never ceasing or pausing. 7. restlessly.
Restlessness n Unsettled state of mind or body.
Restroom n A room in a workplace in which workers can spend a rest period. 2. a place where a mother can attend to the needs of a baby or young child.
Retch vb To make an effort to vomit, to throw-up; reach.
Retching n The action of trying to vomit.
Retchless adj 'Reckless' - of persons: careless of consequences of one's actions; heedless of something. 2. lacking in prudence or caution. 3. of action, conduct, things, etc. characterized or distinguished by carelessness or heedless rashness.
Rethe adj Of persons or disposition: fierce, cruel, harsh, stern, asperic, severe, strict. 2, keen, eager, zealous. 3. of things, dreadful, terrible, severe, furious. 4. of the sea, rain, floods: terrible, furious, disastrous.
Retheness n Fierceness, cruelty, severeness, strictness. 2. eagerness, zealotry. 3. dread, terror, furousity. 4. disaster, terror.
Rew n In adverbial phrases, such as "by rew" meaning in order, successively. "On or in a rew" meaning in a row or line. 2. a row or line of persons or things; a rank or series. 3. a hedgerow. 5. a streak or stripe. 6. a line in a book. 7. marked with lines or stripes, as in rewing.
Rewth n Pity, rue, compassion, sorrow, regret, repentance.
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