Old EnglishspEnglish
RibnAny of a series of long curved bones occurring in 12 pairs in humans and other animals and extending from the spine to or toward the sternum. 2. part or piece, similar to a rib, and serving to shape or support something. 3. a cut of meat enclosing one or more rib bones. 4.(nautical) any of several curved members attached to a ship's keel and extending upward and outward to form the framework of the hull. 5. any of several transverse pieces that provide an aircraft wing with shape and strength. 6. (architecture) a long, narrow, usually arched member projecting from the surface of a structure, especially such a member separating the webs of a vault. 7. (knitting) a raised ridge in knitted material or in cloth. 8. (botany) The main, or any of the prominent veins of a leaf. 9. a teasing joke. 10. in Ireland, colloquially, a single strand of hair. 11. a stalk of celery
Rib vbTo shape, support, or provide something with a rib or ribs. 2. to tease or make fun of someone. 3. to enclose, as if with ribs, and protect; to shut in. 2. to leave strips of undisturbed ground between the furrows in ploughing (land
Rib phr"Stick in One's Ribs" - satisfy one's hunger. 2. dig somebody in the ribs.
Ribbed adjHaving or furnished with ribs.
Ribbing nA pattern of raised on a piece of clothing made for wool. 2. an act of laughing at some one in a friendly way.
Rib-cloudn A type of cirrus cloud, so named because it gives the impression of a vertebrae in a spinal column.
Rib-digger????nA person given to light-hearted banter and fun.
Ribless adjLacking ribs.
Riblike adjResembling or characteristic of ribs in some aspect or other.
Ribstone n An apple variety used in deserts, the ribstone pippin
Ribwort nPlantago lanceata, rib-grass: the narrow leave plantain.
Rich adjOld English rice via Germanic from Celtic, related to Latin rex (king); reinforced in Middle English from Old French. of persons: powerful, mighty, great, high-ranking, strong, potent of persons, powerful, mighty, noble, exalted, great. 2. of things, powerful, strong. 3. having large possessions or abundant means, wealthy, rich, opulent. 4. of places, countries: abounding in wealth or natural resources. 5. in a more general sense: fine, splendid, magnificent; plentiful, abundant 6. of feasts, food etc.,sumptuous, luxuriant. 7. of articles of food or drink with reference to their stimulative effects; composed of choice ingredients. 8. of colours: strong, deep, warm. 9. of musical sounds: full and mellow in tone. 10. of odours, full of fragrance. 11. of soils, abounding in the qualities necessary to produce good crops.
Rich vbIn OE: to tug, pull or draw a rope. 2 to take one's way; to run, direct, advise, arrange, prepare a thing, adjust, settle, right or restore. 3. to do something, to address oneself to a place.
Rich phr"Strike It Rich" - obtain a lot of money.
Rich phr"That's Rich" - that's ridiculous, unbelievable.
RichdomnA royal power, kingdom, sovereignty, dominion, authority. 2. the territory over which authority extends, a kingdom, earldom, a diocese, district, town and so forth. 2. wealth, riches
Riche nAlso rike, riche. a kingdom, realm, royal domain; also royal power or estate, sovereignty; riche. 2. The Kingdom of God or of Heaven; "The Heavenly Rike".
Richen vbTo make richer, to make richer or better; enrich
Richening nThe state of becoming richer or wealthier.
Riches nAbundance of means or of valuable possessions; wealth. 2. also the possession of wealth, condition of being rich.
RichlingnA rich person, often used contemptuously.
RichishadjSomewhat rich.
Richlyadj.In a rich, sumptuous or splendid manner. 2. in possession of riches. 3. ample, fully, thoroughly. 2. of colour, intensely deep.
RichmannA wealthy or powerful man.
Richness nThe state or quality of being rich and,or powerful.
Rich rootA kind of aconite: a poisonous plant of the order Rannunculae; esp. Monk's hood or wolf's bane.
RichweednA species of Baneberry, Actea racemosa. 2 Horse-balm, or stone-root.
RicknA stack of hay, corn, peas, esp. one regularly built and thatched; a mow. 2. a heap or pile. 3. a haycock in th e field. "Rick" words in combination: rick-burner, rick-shifter, rick-maker, rick-stones.
RickvbTo stack or pile in ricks; form corn or hay in ricks.
Rickingnthe action of making ricks
RicklenA stack
Rick-stand nThe foundation upon which a rick is built. 2. a wood floor for a rick, or pile, of any kind of loose material.
Rick-yardnA farm yard enclosure containing ricks; a stack yard.
Ridden nAn act of riding; a journey, esp. for pleasure, as on horseback, in a vehicle , etc., a riding track.
Ridden sfxFiguratively construed as "repeatedly subject to" or "unable to escape from." 2. bedridden, book-ridden, church-ridden, cloud-ridden, devil-ridden, dust-ridden, fear-ridden, filth-ridden, god-ridden, guilt-ridden, hate-ridden, flea-ridden, louse-ridden, mose-ridden, rat-ridden, sin-ridden, sorrow-ridden, storm-ridden, war-ridden, worm-ridden.
RiddlenA question or statement intentionally worded in a dark or puzzling manner and propounded in order that it may be guessed or answered, esp as a pastime. 2 an enigma, conundrum, a dark saying.
RiddlenA sieve, sifter.
RiddlevbTo make riddles or enigmas. 2 . to speak in riddles. 3. riddling
RiddlevbTo pierce holes in materials or metals
Riddle phr"Riddle With" - make many holes in something. 2. full of holes, weaknesses etc
Riddleboard nA board used when making riddle bread or cake.
Riddle cake nA kind of leavened bread or cake made from oatmeal, the dough for which is often riddled to make it expand before baking.
RiddlecraftnThe craft or occupation of making riddles, conundrums or enigmas
Riddled adjhaving many holes in, esp. because of gunshot. 2. fill, spread through; permeate (holes, errors, a disease).
Riddledom nThe realm or world of riddles and enignas.
Riddle-like adjPuzzling, enigmatic
Riddle-makernA maker or monger of riddles, enigmas or conundrums.
Riddler nOne who creates riddles or enigmas. 2. one who speaks in riddles or conundrums.
Riddlesome adjEnignamatic, puzzling, perplexing.
Riddle-wisenClever at making riddles or enigmas
Riddingly advIn a ridding manner.
Riddling nSpeaking or expressed in riddles.
Riddlingly advIn an enigmatic manner.
Riddlings nCoarse materials left in a sieve after sifting; worthless materials.
Ride nTo transport oneself by sitting on and directing a horse, later also a bicycle etc. 2. to be transported in a vehicle; to travel as a passenger; 3. to transport (someone) in a vehicle. 3. of a ship: to sail, to float on the water. 4. to be carried or supported by something lightly and quickly; to travel in such a way, as though on horseback. 5. to support a rider, as a horse; to move under the saddle. 6. to mount (someone) to have sex with them; to have sexual intercourse with. 7. to nag or criticize; to annoy (someone). 8. to clothing: to gradually move (up) and crease; to ruckle. 9. to rely, depend (on). 10. of clothing: to rest (in a given way on a part of the body). 11. to manage insolently at will; to domineer over. 12. to convey, as by riding; to make or do by riding. 13. (surgery) to overlap (each other); said of bones or fractured fragments
Ride nAn instance of riding. 2. (informal) a vehicle. 3. an amusement ridden at a fair or amusement park. 4. lift given to someone in another person's vehicle. 5. a road or avenue cut in a wood, for riding; a bridleway or other wide country path. 6. a saddle horse. 7. (Ireland) a person (or sometimes a thing or a place) that is visually attractive.
Ride phr"Give Somebody a Rough Ride" - submit somebody to harsh treatment.
Ride phr"Go along for the Ride" - for the company; to make up the numbers (without taking part).
Ride phr"Let (Something) Ride" - leave something or a thing alone; don't interfere. 2. let something take its natural course.
Ride phr"Ride Again " - reappear, especially unexpectedly and reinvigorated.
Ride phr"Ride Ahead" - ride before a group.
Ride phr"Ride a Horse Foaled by an Acorn" - to be hanged on the gallows.
Ride phr"Ride Along" - for the company. 2. to make up numbers, without taking part.
Ride phr"Ride and Tie" - done by travelers sharing one horse between them. One rides ahead and the ties the horse up and walks on, the other has his go on the horse when he has reached it.
Ride phr"Ride Bareback" - a form of horseback riding without a saddle.
Ride phr"Ride Down" - overtake, or trample on horseback. 2. direct one's horse at somebody as if to knock them down.
Ride phr"Ride for a Fall" - act so recklessly, risking chagrin, defeat, failure, disaster.
Ride phr"Ride Hard" - said of a ship when she pitches violently at anchor.
Ride phr"Ride/Ridden Hard and Put Away Wet" - the way someone looks or feels when they've had a hard time of it. From a horseman's term, when someone has not taken care of a horse after a hard day.
Ride phr"Ride Herd on" - keep watch on.
Ride phr"Ride High" - be elated or successful. 2. riding high, but vulnerable.
Ride phr"Ride a High Horse" - to assume grand airs. 2. be arrogant, haughty, proud.
Ride phr"Ride On Ahead" - ride before others.
Ride phr"Ride On the Back of" - without effort to benefit from the prior efforts of others.
Ride phr"Ride On the Sheep's Back" - to benefit from the production of wool.
Ride phr"Ride Out a (Storm)" - come safely through a storm; survive danger or difficulty. 2. endure, weather, tolerate till something turns out successfully.
Ride phr"Ride Over" - to tyrannize or lord over.
Ride phr"Ride Roughshod Over" - treat inconsiderately or arrogantly; bully.
Ride phr"Ride Shank's Mare - to go on foot.
Ride phr"Ride Tall in the Saddle" - to remain proud or stoi, in one one's manner of composure.
Ride phr"Ride the Pine" - in sport, to remain on the bench rather than being able to participate in the game.
Ride phr"Ride the Wave" - be at a high, or the highest point of one's power, success, popularity.
Ride phr"Ride to Hounds" - go fox-hunting on horseback (C18th term).
Ride phr"Ride Up" - of a garment, clothing, carpet: move up or work out gradually from its proper or normal position.
Ride phr"Take for a Ride" - hoax or deceive. 2. cheat or murder someone.
Ride height nRide height (also called ground clearance or simply clearance) is the amount of space between the base of an automobile tire and the lowest point (typically the axle); or, more properly, to the shortest distance between a flat, level surface, and the lowest part of a vehicle other than those parts designed to contact the ground (such as tires, tracks, skis, etc.)
Ride-off adjIn a riding competition: a round held to resolve a tie or determine qualifiers for a later stage.
Ride-on adjEspecially of a lawn-mower, on which one sits or rides while using it.
Rider nOne who rides. 2. an addition clause or other documents. 3. an additional clause to a bill. 4. a supplement attached to a motion or verdict.
Rider phr"Rider of the Shires" - of the radical William Cobbett's journeys on horseback through out England and recorded in his work "Rural Rides".
Riderless adjOf a horse, without a rider.
Ridership nThe number of passengers using a particular form of public transport.
Ride-sharing nAn arrangement whereby several participants or their children travel together in one vehicle, the participants sharing the costs and often taking turns as the driver. 2. a group of commuters or parents participating in a carpool.
Ridge nThe back of any animal; especially the upper or projecting part of the back of a quadruped. 2. any extended protuberance; a projecting line or strip. 3. the line or spine along which two sloping surfaces meet which diverge towards the ground. 4. the highest point on a roof, represented by a horizontal line where two roof areas intersect, running the length of the area. 4. (fortifications) the highest portion of the glaciers proceeding from the salient angle of the covered way. 5. a chain of mountains; chain of hills. 6. a long narrow elevation on an ocean bottom. 7. (meteorology) a type of warm air that comes down on to land from mountains.
RidgevbTo provide a building with a ridge; or a proper covering for this; to renew a ridge on a house. 2. to break up or throw up land or a field etc. into ridges. 3. to make a ridge or ripples; to raise ridges. 4. to form into a ridge. 5. to extend in ridges
Ridge-back nThe spine of a mountain, etc.
Ridge barrow nA long, parallel-sided mound of earth and stone erected for the storage of ceremonial or funerary materials.
Ridge-bone nThe backbone; spine; vertebrae.
Ridgelike adjResembling or characteristic of a ridge.
Ridge-line nThe top edge of a ridge of a mountain.
Ridge-runner nA farmer, or farmers collectively who live on, a farm an area of a ridge.
Ridge-side nA piece of land adjacent to a ridge.
Ridgeside advAdjacent to a ridge.
Ridge-top nThe crest that extends along the highest contours of a ridge.
RidgewaynA way, track or road along a ridge, esp. one following the ridge of downs or low hill ranges. 2. road built along the top or crest of a hill.
Ridging nThe various ridging of the roof of a building, taken collectively. 2. the act of covering a ridge with ridge tiles.
Ridging vbTo cover with ridges. 2. to mark with ridges.
Ridgy adjHaving ridges; raised in a ridge; ridged.
RidingnOne of the three administrative districts into which Yorkshire is divided. 2. a similar division of other counties or districts in the United Kingdom or in the colonies. 2. a knot; a slip knot
RidingnA way or road specially intended for person's riding: especially a green track cut through or skirting a wood or covert. 2. the practice or skill of riders of horses.
Riding-boots nA high boot worn in riding.
Riding-halter nA piece of rope of a leather strap that is tied around an animal's head so that it can be led by someone or tied to something.
Riding-hood nA cloak with a hood, formerly worn by women when traveling.
Riding-light nA white light on the foresty of a vessel at anchor or an aircraft made fast to a mooring post, to give an indication of its presence.
Riding school nAn establishment teaching skill in horse-riding and horsemanship.
Riding-spear nJavelin.
RiemnA long strip or thong of undressed leather; OE: reoma= rim: a long strip
RifeadjOf common occurrence; common, widespread; prevalent (especially of unpleasant or harmful thing). 2. abounding in; or containing in abundance, abundant, teeming with; frequent. 3. great or in large number or quantity, plentiful. 4.having power, active, nimble.
Rife advPlentifully, abundantly.
RifenessnThe state or quality of being rife.
RiffnThe belly, as in "midriff"
RiffnA cutaneous eruption; an itch or mange
Rightn"A Bit of All Right" - an very attractive person, usually in referring to woman.
Right phr"A Right One" - colloquially; a foolish or silly person.
Right phr"As of Right" - having legal or moral entitlement.
Right phr"Be One's Right Arm" - one's most trusted and reliable helper.
Right phr"Be Right Back" - I will back be in a minute or so.
Right phr"By Rights" - according to the rules.
Right phr"Dead to Right" - with no excuse.
Right phr"Do Right by" - act fairly, properly and dutifully towards a person. 2. to do one justice; be perfectly fair to. 3. do one right.
Right phr"Get On the Right Side of" - make a good impression on someone.
Right phr"Get Somebody on the Right Road" - to show a person how to go about doing something.
Right phr"Get Something Right" - correctly understand something.
Right phr"Give One's Right Arm for" - I am very keen to acquire a person.
Right phr"Go Right" - happen correctly and/or successfully.
Right phr"In One's Own Right" - through one's on position or effort, etc.
Right phr"In One's Right Mind" - sane; sensible, competent to think and act, after a state of excitement.
Right phr"In the Right" - having justice and truth on one's side. 2. correct legally and morally.
Right phr"It Will Come Right in the End" - the hope of the optimist when things are going wrong.
Right phr"Keep On the Right Side Of " - be careful to make a good impression in order to remain in favor with. 2. not annoy another person. 3. maintain friendly relations with somebody. 4. somewhat less specified as a person's age.
Right phr"Left Hand Doesn't Know what the Right Hand is doing" - one section of the bureaucracy does not realize that another section is simultaneously doing something inconsistent.
Right phr"Right Side Out" - with the right side out.
Right phr"Put Right" - make correct or well ordered. 2. correct a wrong, or repair something.
Right phr"Put Things to Right" - to tidy up, put everything in its proper place.
Right phr"Right and Left" - on all sides.
Right phr"Right and Wrong" - what is honest, just, morally justified, normally admirable, contrasted what is not.
Right phr"Right as Rain" - perfectly sound and healthy.
Right phr"Right Away" - immediately, at once, right now.
Right phr"Right Enough" - an expression of agreement that what somebody else has said is sufficiently correct or accurate.
Right phr"Right Foot Foremost" - it was once considered unlucky to enter a house or a room, on the left foot. In ancient Rome a boy was stationed at the door of a wealthy person's home to ensure that visitors did not cross the threshold with the left foot.
Right phr"Right (Not Right) In the Head" - (not) sane, sensible; (not) normal psychologically.
Right phr"Right Now/Then" - immediately, right away; at this very moment.
Right phr"Right of Abode" - person right to take up residence or remain a resident in a country.
Right phr"Right Off" immediately, right away.
Right phr"Right off the Reel" - without hesitation; without needing or taking time.
Right phr"Right of Way" - the right of passing through the land of another.
Right phr"Right On" - (slang) an expression of strong approval or encouragement.
Right phr"Rights and Wrongs" - the particular aspects of a situation, procedure, way of behaving which may be considered right or wrong.
Right phr"Right Side Out" - with the right side inwards, not outwards.
Right phr"Rights of Man" - the rights of a man/woman to life, liberty, and property.
Right phr"Rights or Wrongs (of Something)" - particular aspects of something, procedure, way of behaving, which may be considered right or wrong, esp. morally or legally.
Right phr"Right the Helm" - to put the helm amidship - that is, in line with the helm.
Right phr"Right to Keep and Bear Arms" - the second amendment to the US Constitution allowing for a well regulated and trained militia, being necessary for the security and protection of a democratic nation, with the right of the folk to have and bear weapons.
Right phr"Right to Life" - pro-life.
Right phr"Right You Are!" - an exclamation of assent; certainly; I will do as you say.
Right phr"See Somebody Right" - ensure that somebody is well rewarded or paid.
Right phr"She'll Be Right" - everything is OK.
Right phr"Start Off on the Right Foot" - to begin well. 2. commence an operation with great care to do it properly.
Right phr"Strike the Right Key" - to find the appropriate solution.
Right phr"Too Right" - an expression of agreement.
Right phr"Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right" - a second error doesn't make the earlier error right.
Right phr"Within One's Right" - not exceeding one's authority or entitlement.
Right brain nThe right-hand side of the human brain, which is believed to be associated with creative thought and the emotions.
Right-downadjWith verbs: positively without any limitation or reserve; rightout. 2. positively, thoroughly, complete
Righten vbTo set right or correct.
RighteousadjRightwise; morally right or justifiable. 2. informally: very good, excellent.
RighteouslyadvCharacterized by uprightness or morality. 2. a righteous observance of the law.
RighteousnessnThe quality of being morally right.
RighternOne who arranges or regulates. 2. an executive, headman. 3. one who settles or sets right, esp., wrongs or grievances: a redresser; a vindicator. 4. one who advocates equal rights for women.
Right-footer nOne who kicks a ball with his or her right foot. 2. a person who uses the right foot more naturally than the left; a person (especially a sportsperson) whose right foot is stronger or more dexterous than the left. 3. a kick executed with the right foot. 4. in soccer: a shot, pass, or clearance made by kicking a ball with the right foot. 5. slang (chiefly depreciative, sometimes considered offensive). : a Protestant.
Rightforthadjforthright, straightforward; or in a straight course.
RightfuladjOf a person, who is legitimately entitled to a a position etc; the rightful heir. 2. of status or property, etc that one is entitled to. 3. of an fair and equitable action.
Rightfully adjIn accordance with a legitimate right or claim to property, position or statue.
Rightfulness nRighteousness, justice.
Right-handadjPertaining or situating on the right side, dextral. 2. on or towards the right side of a person's or thing (right-hand drive). 3. done or carried out with the right hand.
Right-handed adjUsing the right hand by preference as more serviceable than the left one. 2. of a tool made to be used by the right hand. 3. of a blow struck with the right hand. 4. turning to the right; towards the right.
Right-hander nA right-handed person.
Right-handedly advUsing their right hand more skillfully or easily than left. 2. done with the right hand.
Right-handedness nThe state of being right-handed.
Right-hander nOne who uses their right hand by preference as more serviceable than the left one.
Right-hand man nOne chiefly depended on, as an indispensable chief assistant.
Rightish adjCorrect in direction somewhat to thre right. 2. somewhat towards the political right.
RightlechevbTo set right, rectify, amend to order, aright
Rightless adjLacking legal rights.
Rightlessness nThe state of lacking legal rights.
Rightly advIn a right manner, correctly, justifiably.
Right-minded adjHaving approved feelings or opinions. 2. well disposed.
Rightmost advFurthest to the right.
Rightness nThe quality or condition of being right. 2. moral rectitude. 3. correctness; straightness.
Right-of-way nA right established by usage to pass over another's ground. 2. a path subject to such right. 3. the right of one vehicle or ship etc. to proceed before another.
Right-on adjExcellent; fashionable; politically correct.
Right one nAn unpredictable person.
Right side nA better or desirable, or usable side of.
Right side phr"On the Right Side Of " - be careful to make a good impression in order to remain in favor with. 2. not annoy another person. 3. maintain friendly relations with somebody. 4. somewhat less specified as a person's age.
Right side phr"Right Side Out" - with the right side out.
Right smart nA large quantity; a great number. 2. a large pile. 3. rather well; "I fell right smart."
Right thinking nRight-minded.
Right-to-life adjPro-life.
Right turn nA turn that brings one's front to face of one's right side did before. 2. a turn or turning to the right.
Rightwards advRightward; towards or facing the right or right hand.
Rightwards advTowards or facing the right.
Right whale nAny large-headed whale of the family Baelenidae, rich in whalebone and easily captured.
Right wing adjA political party or group advocating conservative or moderate policies. 2. the part of any group advocating conservative policies.
Right-winger nOne who belongs to a political party or group advocating conservative or moderate policies. 2. one who is part of any group advocating conservative policies.
Rightwise adjRighteous.
Rightwisely advIn a righteous manner.
Rightwiseness nThe state or quality of being righteous.
Righty adjOf a person: right-handed. 2. a person who supports or is involved in right-wing or conservative politics.
Rike nSee "Rich" - sovereignty, dominion, authority. (Note German "Reich")
RimnRaised edge, margin, border or brim, as in dayrim, sea rim, wood-rim, way-rim; bank, coast. 2. the membrane (peritoneum, enclosing the abdomen, midriff, belly-rim: the womb. 3. the part of the spectacles surrounding the lenses. 4. a boundary line, as the rim of the horizon; the skyrim. 5. outer edge of a wheel on which the tyre is fitted.
RimnRocky bottom of the sea. 2. a membrame, pellicle, caul. 3. scale or film upon the eyes.
Rim vbBe a rim for or to; to edge, border.
Rim-burstennA hernia or rupture.
Rimcraft nComputation, computing.
RimenA hoarfrost; frozen mist, chill mist or fog.
Rime vbTo cover with rime or hoar frost.
RimenAlso "rim"": a number; reckoning
RimevbTo number, count, reckon. 2. to make clear or vacant for one's use, give up. 3. to clear or open up (a way) for some one. 4. to remove, clear away. 5. to move house, to remove 5. to extend, increase, enlarge, 6. to stretch or extend oneself. 7 to widen(a hole).
RimelessadjWithout rime
RimlandnA peripheral area of land of political and strategic significance.
Rimless adjNot having a rim, edge or border.
Rimlock nA lock attached to the surface of a door in contradiction to the mortise lock.
Rimmed adjHaving a rim; edge or border.
Rim-sidenThe fleshy side of the skin.
RimthnRoomth, room, space, leisure. 2. A-rimth: in wide array
Rimyadjabounding in, or covered with rime or hoar frost. 2. accompanied by rime, frosty.
RindnThe external covering of coating of trees, fruits, cheese, bacon, etc.; skin, peel, husk, bark. 2. the bark of a tree or plant.
RindvbTo strip the bark from a tree or rind from fruit, cheese, bacon, etc.
Rindgall nA defect or surface damage in timber where the branch has been wrenched off and new growth has appeared.
RindlenA small watercourse or stream; a runnel; an ea, rill or yea; a waterway, a rindel; lick.
RindlessadjWithout rind or bark
RindyadjHaving a rind or hard skin
RinevbTo touch; affect. 2. to lay the fingers or hands on. 3. to fall upon, to reach to, something. 4. to take effect, to work, on one. 5. to touch on in discourse. 6. to belong to, to pertain to, be about something or someone; to tend to something.
RinevbOf rain: to fall; to send down, or to fall, like rain.
RingnA circular object, form, line, or arrangement. 2. a small circular band, generally made of precious metal and often set with jewels, worn on the finger.

3. a circular band used for carrying, holding, or containing something: a napkin ring. 4. pair of circular metal bands suspended in the air for gymnastic exercises, on which balancing and swinging maneuvers are performed while holding the bands as motionless as possible. 5. a circular movement or course, as in dancing. 6. an enclosed, usually circular area in which exhibitions, sports, or contests take place: a circus ring. 7. a rectangular arena set off by stakes and ropes in which boxing or wrestling events are held. 8. an enclosed area in which bets are placed at a racetrack. 8. bookmakers considered as a group. 9. an exclusive group of people acting privately or illegally to advance their own interests: a drug ring. 11. a political contest; a race. 12. an annual ring, a tree ring. 12. in mathematics: the area between two concentric circles; annulus. 14. any of the turns constituting a spiral or helix.

RingnA sound of a bell
Ring phr"A Ring of Bells" - a set of bells from 5-12 in number for change ringing.
Ring phr"Have a Hollow Ring to" - seem false or insincere.
Ring phr"Have a Ring-side Seat" - have a seat in front of a boxing ring, auction, etc.
Ring phr"Have a True Ring to It" - seem meritorious and worthy.
Ring phr"It Has a True Ring" - it has intrinsic merit; it is of real talent.
Ring phr"Ring a Bell" - revive a distant recollection; make familiar; remind somebody somebody of something.
Ring phr"Ring Back" - call someone who has rung you when you have been unavailable. 2. after speaking on the phone to someone,phone him again later.
Ring phr"Ring Down" - cause to end something.
Ring phr"Ring for" - to summon.
Ring phr"Ring Hollow" - sound fake, insincere or dishonest.
Ring phr"Ring In" - report or make contact by telephone. 2. to substitute fraudulently.
Ring phr"Ring In One's Ears/Heart" - linger in one's memory.
Ring phr"Ring in the New Year and Ring Out the Old Year"" - announce, or celebrate the end of one year, and the beginning of next year by ringing bells. 2. celebration of the New Year.
Ring phr"Ring Off" - end a telephone call by deliberately putting down the receiver.
Ring phr"Ring of Fire" - an area of frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity, around the Pacific Ocean.
Ring phr"Ring off the Hook" - of a telephone, to ring constantly or excessively.
Ring phr"Ring of Steel" - a form of civil protection (by using CCTV, control zones, and restricted areas) that effectively seals off city centres.
Ring phr"Ring of the Fisherman" - a seal-ring with which the Pope is invested at his election, bearing a device of St Peter fishing from a boat.
Ring phr"Ring of Truth" - convey an impression of truth.
Ring phr"Ring One's Bell" - to strike or bump one's own head with a strong blow, especially with concussive force.
Ring phr"Ring Out" - make a sudden, sharp noise, as a gun firing. 2. of a telephone giving a ringing tone.
Ring phr"Ring True" - seem or sound as if it is true, correct, sincere, genuine.
Ring phr"Ring Up" - call somebody by telephone. 2. record the amounts being paid for goods, by pressing the keys on a cash register.
Ring phr"Ring with" - be filled with a ringing sound; resound.
Ring phr"Step into the Ring" - to enter a competitive environment.
Ring phr"That Rings a Bell" - that recalls something to mind; that stirs a recollection.
Ring phr"Throw One's Hat Into the Ring" - to publicly announce one's interest in some position.
Ringbark nRemoving a ring of bark to kill the tree.
Ring-bearer nTraditionally a small boy aged four to eight, walks down the aisle just before the flower girl (if there is one), carrying a pillow with two rings tied to it
Ring-bindernA loose binder used to hold documents.
Ring-bolt nA bolt with a ring attached to for fitting a rope to.
Ring-bone nA bony enlargement or excrescence on the pastern bone of a horse; usually causing lameness.
Ring-craftnSkill in boxing
Ring-dove nThe cushat, also called the wood pigeon.
Ringed adjHaving a wedding ring; hence lawfully married. 2. encircled by raised or depressed lines or bands, as the stems or roots of some plants. 3. surrounded or encircled by a ring or rings of color. 4. composed or rings.
Ringer nA ring-in; an athlete or horse entered in a race/competition by fraudulent means, esp. a substitute. 2. a person or thing's double, esp. as a double. 3. in Australia, the fastest shearer in the shed; that is the one who shears the most sheep. 4. a person who ring, esp. a bell-ringer.
Ringer phr"Be a Dead Ringer (for Someone)" - to resemble a person exactly.
Ringer-iron nAn implement, used in crate making, for bending and twisting the staves.
Ring-fingernThe third finger on the left hand, on which the marriage ring is worn.
Ring-innFraudulent substitute
Ringing nThe act or sound of ringing a bell.
Ringing adjMaking a sonorous or resonant sound.
Ringing phr"The Ringing Island" - Britain was once called because of the fame and excellence of its bell ringers.
Ringingly advIn a ringing manner.
Ring-latch nA fall-bar, or latch, operated by a drop-in ring.
RinglenA ringing jingling sound, as a door ring, used a knocker.
RingleadernA leader or organizer of any undertaking, esp of an unlawful act, deal, like a riot.
Ringless adjLacking rings or a ring.
Ring-like adjShaped like a ring or circle.
Ring-mail nChain armor.
Ring main nAn electrical supply serving a series of consumer and returning to the original source, so that each consumer has an alternative path in the event of a failure.
Ringmaster nThe person directing a circus performance.
Ring-neck nAny of various ring-necked birds, esp. a type of pheasant.
Ring of Bells nA set of bells from 5 to 12 in number for change ringing.
Ring-pull nA ring on a tin for pulling or breaking the seal.
Ring road nA bypass road encircling a town or city.
Ring rot nDecay in logs following the direction of the growth rings.
Ring shake nA cup shake caused by lack of cohesion betwen adjacent groth rings.
Ringside nThe area immediately beside a boxing, wrestling or circus ring.
Ringsider nOne who is near to the ring during a boxing, wrestling or circus event.
Ring-side seat nA seat in front of a boxing ring, auction, etc.
Ring-sightnA sight esp. a gun-sight, in the shape of a ring or concentric rings, through which aim is taken and distance estimated.
RingsternA member of a political group or ring.
Ring-streaked adjStreaked with encircling rings, as an animal.
Ring-tail adjOf possums or monkeys having a ringed-tail.
Ring-timenThe time of marriage and betrothal
Ringwise advTowards or near to a boxing , wrestling or circus ring.
Ringwork nTraining down by boxers or wrestlers to prepare for contests.
RingwormnA contagious skin disease affecting both man and beast, caused by a fungi with red, round marks on the face and skelp
RinknA man esp. a fighting man, a warrior.
RipnA tool for opening safes. 2. An implement that is attached to a tractor to break-up concrete or hard soil. 3. a person or thing esp. good, as an attractive young woman.
RipvbTo rob; see "Ripe"
RipevbTo rob, to engage in robbery. 2. to grope, search for or after something hidden. 3. to search a place, bin or receptacle etc. thoroughly in order to find something; to ransack. 4. to search out or into; examine thoroughly, inquire, investigate, scrutinize. 5. to clean, cleanse out. 6. to break, dig or plough new ground.
Ripe adj(Of a grain, fruit, cheese, etc) ready to be reaped or picked or eaten. 2. mature, fully-developed. 3. mature (of a person age). 4. fit or ready, as in the 'time is ripe for'. 5. red and full complexion, like fruit.
Ripe adjOf fruit, grain, etc) mature and ready to be eaten or used; fully developed. 2. mature enough to be eaten or used. 3. fully developed in mind or body. 4. resembling ripe fruit, esp in redness or fullness. 5. (followed by: for) ready or eager (to undertake or undergo an action) 6. (followed by: for) suitable; right or opportune time. 7. mature in judgment or knowledge. 8. advanced but healthy, as a ripe old age). as slang: complete; thorough, excessive; exorbitant. 10. as slang slightly indecent; risque, salacious.
RipenvbTo make or become ripe.
Ripen phr"Ripen Up" - make or become ripe or mature.
Ripener nMaturation; one who, or that, which comes to ripeness.
Ripeness nThe state of being ripe.
Ripening nTo make or become ripe or ripened; mature.
Riper nA robber; rip-off merchant; a ripper.
Ripewood nA term applied to certain trees, as the silver firs, that not produce apparent heartwood.
Rip-off nThe action of stealing, swindling, defrauding, racketering, exploiting financially. 2. Plagiarize usu. in order to exploit public taste
Rise vbTo assume a standing position after lying, sitting, or kneeling. 2. o get out of bed. 3. to move from a lower to a higher position; ascend. 4. to increase in size, volume, or level, as a river. 5. to increase in number, amount, or value, as prices. 6. to increase in intensity, force, or speed, as the wind. 7. to increase in pitch or volume, as one's voice. 8. to ascend above the horizon. 9. to extend upward; be prominent, as a mountain. 10. to slant or slope upward. 11. to come into existence; originate. 12. to be erected, as a new skyscraper. 13. to appear at the surface of the water or the earth; emerge.m14. to puff up or become larger; swell up.

15. to become stiff and erect. 16. to attain a higher status. 17. to become apparent to the mind or senses, to haunt. 18. to uplift oneself to meet a demand or challenge. 19. to return to life; rise from the dead. 20. to rebel, revolt, mutiny, rise up against. 21. to close a session of an official assembly; adjourn.

Rise phr"Get a Rise" - receive a pay increase.
Rise phr"Give Rise to" - to cause or originate.
Rise phr"On the Rise" - on the increase; going up in price, more value especially in shares.
Rise phr"Rise Above Oneself" - be superior to petty feelings etc. 2. show dignity or strength in the face of difficulty or poor conditions.
Rise phr"Rise and Fall" - increase and then decline in power, popularity.
Rise phr"Rise and Shine" - get out of bed smartly, wake up.
Rise phr"Rise from the Ashes" - fig. for a building having to be new after destruction. 2. come out as new from something that has been wiped away.
Rise phr"Rise from the Dead" - reappear alive after having been believed dead. 2. become conscious after having been supposedly dead.
Rise phr"Rise in the World" - attain a higher social and economic position in a society.
Rise phr"Rise To" - develop powers equal to an occasion.
Rise phr"Rise to One Feet" - stand up , usually to make a speech, propose a toast.
Rise phr"Rise Up" - come to the surface or top, go up, ascend, emerge. 2. rebel, mutiny, revolt. 3. stand upon one's hind legs as a four-legged beast.
Rise phr"Rise Up with the Lark" - rise up very early in the morning.
Rise phr"Rise With the Sun" - get up early in the morning.
Rise phr"Rising Twenty" - not much younger than twenty etc; close on, pushing.
Rise phr"Take A Rise Out Of" - provoke an emotional reaction from a person, esp. by teasing.
Risen nThe act of rising.
Riser nA person who rises, esp. from bed, as an 'early riser'. 2. the vertical part of stairs
Rising nA revolt, insurrection, rebellion, uprising, armed revolt against 'legal' authority.
Rising adjGoing up, increasing, or sloping upwards.
Rising phr"A Rising Tide Lifts all Boats" - this aphorism is associated with the idea that improvements in the general economy will benefit all participants in that economy, and that economic policy, particularly government economic policy, should therefore focus on the general macroeconomic environment first and foremost.
Rising damp nMoisture absorbed from the ground into the wall.
Rising Star nA person who is growing quickly in popularity or importance in a particular field.
Rising sun nThe sun as it emerges above the horizon.
RistnA source, origin. 2. a rise in cost, prices etc. 3. a rising ground or slope, an ascent. NB. Sunrist, (dawn) uprist (resurrection.) nb: pp of rise
RitvbTo rip or cut with a sharp instrument, to tear, scratch, slit. 2. to thrush asword through someone.
RithenA small stream or channel, a rythe, rivulet, brooklet, lick, watercourse, runnell, burn, bourne, fleet, yea, ea. 2. A small stream, usu. one flowing only at times of heavy rain, a fleet.
RivelnA wrinkle, pucker or fold upon the skin, esp. of the face. 2. fold on the skin of fruit.
RivelvbTo become wrinkled, puckered or shrivelled; to form wrinkles or small folds. 2. to cause the skin to wrinkle, shrivel, shrink, or pucker.
RivelledadjWrinkled; full of wrinkles or small folds; corrugated or furrowed. 2. of the skin or face; of fruit: dried up. 4. of bark: shrunken, shrivelled, esp. by heat. 5. twisted, coiled, pleated or small folds. 6. undergoing shriveling, shrinking, or riveling
RixlevbTo reign, bear away, rule, have dominion over, prevail. 2. to deal masterfully with a person. conduce: to lead away.
RixlingnRule, reign, dominate, lead.
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