Old EnglishspEnglish
Road nOld English rad "riding expedition, journey, hostile incursion," from Proto-Germanic *raido (cognates: Old Frisian red "ride," Old Saxon reda, Old High German reita "foray, raid"), from PIE *reidh- "to ride" (see ride (v.)). Also related to raid (n.). In ME., "a riding, a journey;" sense of "open way for traveling between two places" is first recorded 1590s. Meaning "narrow stretch of sheltered water" is from early 14c. 2. the act of riding on horseback. 3. a hostile ride against a particular area; a raid. 4. often in the plural, partly sheltered area of water near a shore in which vessels may ride at anchor. 5. a way used for travelling between places, originally one wide enough to allow foot passengers and horses to travel, now usually one surfaced with asphalt or concrete and designed to accommodate many vehicles travelling in both directions. 6. (fig.) path chosen in life or career. 7. an underground tunnel in a mine. 8. a single railway track. 9. (obs) a journey, or stage of a journey
Road phr"By Road" - using transport along roads
Road phr"End of the Road" - enforced conclusion/ limit.
Road phr"Find a Rocky Road Ahead" - be likely to encounter difficulties.
Road phr"Fork in the Road" - turning point for decisions.
Road phr"Get Out of My Road" - cease to obstruct a person.
Road phr"Get the Show on the Road" - get something started
Road phr"In the Road" - obstructing a thing or person.
Road phr"Knight of the Road" - a highwayman.
Road phr"One for the Road" - a final alcoholic drink before departing.
Road phr"On the Road" - traveling, esp. as a business representative of a company; a performer, hobo or vagabond.
Road phr"Out of the Road" - out of the way.
Road phr"Set Someone on the Right Road" - to show a person how to go about doing something.
Road phr"Take the Road" - set out on a journey.
Road apple nAmerican slang term for horse dung or droppings originated in the mid 20th century.
Road bed nThe foundation structure of a railroad. 2. the part of the road on which a vehicles travel. 3. the material laid down to form a road.
Roadbook nA book describing the roads of a istrict or country. 2. a narrative of a journey by road. 3. a log book kept by commercial drivers.
Roadbreaker nAn automatic machine worked by compressed air, for drilling into and breaking up the surface of roads.
Road burn n(Colloquial) skin injury caused by abrasion with road surfaces.
Roadcraft nThe system or motor car, truck, or motorcycle control.
Roaded adjProvided or laid out with roads.
Roader nOne who rides or uses the road, a road sweeper or cleaner.
Road game nA sport contest played away from one's home or own ground.
Road gang nA crew of men building or repairing roads.
Road-going adjA vehicle licensed and registered to travel on a road, street, highway etc.
Road grit nFravel, sand etc on or beside a road.
Road-hog nA driver who keeps his vehicle in or near the middle of the road, making it difficult for other drivers to go by.
Road-holding nThe capacity of a moving vehicle to remain stable when cornering at high speeed.
Roadhouse nA hotel, food outlet, restaraunt on a major road, usually in a rural area, where drivers and travelers can stop for food and refreshment.
Roadie nAn assistant employed by touring band of musicians to erect and maintain equipment.
Roadless adjWithout or lacking sufficient number of roadways or without enough bitumen roads.
Roadlessness nThe situation or fact of lacking sufficient number or roadways or sufficient number of bitumen roadways.
Roadlike adjResembling a road or roadway.
Roadman nA man employed to repair and maintain roads.
Roadmaker nOne who makes roads
Road race nA race on a public road, not always legal.
Roadrunner nA fast-running bird of Mexican and US deserts, related to the cuckoo.
Roadshow nA performance giving by a touring company, esp. a group of pop musicians. 2. a company giving such performances. 3. a radio and television program done on location, esp. a series of programs each from a different venue. 4. a touring political or advertising campaign.
Roadside nA strip of land beside a roadway.
Roadstead nA sheltered place, but less sheltered than a harbour, where ships can be anchored or lie safely near shore. 2. a road.
Roadster nA vessel in a roadstead. 2. a horse for riding. 3. a light carriage. 4. a coach driver or traveller. 5. one who has no fixed place of abode; a vagrant.
Roadstone nStone used for the building and maintaining roads.
Road sweeper na person who sweeps roads for a living. 2. a machine used to sweep street and roads.
Roadway nThe part of a bridge or railway used for traffic.
Roadwork nThe construction or repair of roads, or other roads involving digging up a road surface. 3. athletic exercise or training involving running on roads.
Roadworks nWork, as construction, or repairs done on the road.
Road-worn adjWorn out by long travel
Road-worthiness nThe state or condition of a vehicle fit to be used on roads.
Roadworthy adjOf a vehicle fit to be used on roads.
Roar vbTo laugh without restraint and heartily. 2. to utter words loudly and forcefully. 3. make a loud noise, as of wind, water, or vehicles. 4. emit long loud cries. 5. make a loud noise, as of animal. 6. to act or proceed in a riotous, turbulent, or disorderly way.
Roar nA very loud utterance. 2. a deep prolonged loud noise. 3. the sound made by a lion
Roaringphr"Do Roaring Business" - - be very successful in business.
Roar phr"Within a Bull's Roar Of" - be very close to something.
Roarer nOne who or that which roars. 2. a broken winded horse is so called from the noise it makes when breathing.
Roaring nA loud deep continuous sound, as of some animals, or of the waves of the sea.
Roaring adjEmitting or uttering a roar, bellowing. 2. characterized by riotous merriment, boisterous. 3. very prosperous or brisk.
Roaring drunk adjVery drunk and noisy.
Roaring-forties nStormy ocean tracts betwen latitudes 40 and 50 degrees south.
Roaringly advWith, or as if with, a roaring sound. 2. with lively success.
Roaring twenties nThe decade of the 1920s, with its outrageous life style.
Rock n(1)Late Old English appearing in the word "stanroc". 2. a symbol of solidity and strength.
Rock phr"On the Rocks" - of a marriage in danger of breaking up. 2. of a alcoholic drink served undiluted with ice cubes.
Rock vb(2)To move a child gently to and fro in a cradle, in order to soothe.
Rock phr"Be On the Rocks" - destitute, ruined, bankrupt.
Road phr"Find a Rocky Road Ahead" - be likely to encounter difficulties.
Rock phr"Get One's Rocks Off" - have a sexual orgasm. 2. gain enjoyment from.
Rock phr"Have Rocks in the Head" - be mentally unbalanced.
Rock phr"House Built Upon a Rock" - typical of a person or a thing whose foundations are sure.
Rock phr"Rock On" - to party to music, esp. rock-and-roll. 2. to continue to perform rock music. 3. to maintain a lifestyle in keeping with, or inspired by, the rock culture.
Rock phr"Rock the Boat" - disturb the equilibrium of.
Rock phr"Rock Up" - to turn up at a place or functions spontaneously or unexpectedly, without notice or prior warning.
Rock phr"Steady as a Rock" - very steady and reliable.
Rock bed nBase of rock or a rocky bottom.
Rock bottom nThe basis or foundation of any issue.The very lowest level.
Rock bottom adjThe very lowest.
Rock dove nThe London-pigeon is a semi-domesticated Rock-dove. 2. the European wild pigeon (Columbia livia) parent of domestic varieties.
Rock English nA mixed patois of English and Spanish spoken by the inhabitants of the rock of Gibraltar.
Rocker nA rock and roll singer. 2. a fan of rock-and-roll.
Rockfish nA rock-frequenting goby, basse, wrasse, catfish, etc.
Rockiness nQuality or condition being rocky.
Rocking nThe act of state of moving to and fro. a mass of metal or a mass of small stones forming the bed of a road.
Rocking-frame nA special form of mold. 2. the rocking-frame, wave-like, motion producing better and strongest concrete due to consolidation.
Rocking-horse nThe wooden horse mounted on rockers for children to ride on.
Rocking-stone nA large stone or boulder poised on a limited base so as to be easily swayed to and fro; as the Logan-stone near Land's End.
Rocking-tree nThe axle from which the lay of a weaving loom is suspended.
Rockish adjLike or resembling a rock. 2. having the characteristics of a rock; stony.
Rockless adjLacking rocks.
Rocklike adjLike or resembling a rock. 2. having the characteristics of a rock; stony.
Rock milk nAgaric mineral.
Rock pool nPool of water among rocks.
Rock rose nAny plant of the genus 'Cistus Helianthemum, etc., with roselike flowwers.
Rock salt nCommon salt as a solid mineral; halite.
Rock shaft nIn steam-engines, the shaft levers used for working the side-valves.
Rock star nA famous and successful singer or performer of rock music.
Rock-stardom nThe state or quality of being a rock star.
Rock-weed nAny one of various coarse seaweeds (genera Fucus and Sargassum ) growing on rocks.
Rock wool nInorganic material made into matted fibre, esp. for insulating and soundproofing.
Rock work nA mound or wall of rocks set with mortar and arranged to imitate a rocky surface. 2. an artificial surface.
Rocky adjUnsteady, tottering, unstable, tipsy, drunk, swaying.
Rocky adjConsisting of or abounding in rock. 2. rembling rocks; disposed to rock. 2. tough, unfeeling, hard. 3. disreputable.
Rod n thin straight bar, esp. of wood or metal. 2. a fishing-line.
Rod phr"Kiss the Rod" - take one's punishment meekly.
Rod phr"Make a Rod for One's Own Back" - act in a way that will bring one trouble later.
Rod phr"Ride the Rods" - to steal a ride by getting on the metal framework underneath a freight train.
Rod phr"A Rod to Beat Somebody with" - a fact, incident, argument etc that can be used against somebody/ something in order to blame, penalize, impose a course of action.
Rod nOffshoot, tribe, scion
Rodewort nThe marigold or solsequium kalenda
Rod-fisher nA Fly-fisherman, an angler.
Rod-fishing nFly-fishing, angling.
Rodless nLacking a rod or rods.
Rod-like adjA thin straight piece or bar or material, such as metal or wood, often having a particular function or use, as: a fishing line.
Rod-shaped adjShaped like a rod; long cylindrical. 2. a specific form of bacteria.
Roe nA small species of deer inhabiting various parts of Europe and Asia
Roebuck nThe buck or male of the roe-deer
Roe-deer nDeer or a deer of the roe-deer; a roe.
Rome nAlso "Roome". The city or state of Rome; the Roman Empire.
Rome-penny nPeter's penny
Rome-scot nTax, rent or contribution levied upon the land and paid to the Romans. see "scot-free"
Romeward adjTowards or in the direction of Rome
Romish adjDerogatory term for a Roman catholic.
Rood nThe cross upon which Christ suffered.
Rood nA measurement of land, paving, digging, building- corresponding to a square pole, varying in length fron 6-8 yards. 2. a measure of timber. 3. a measure of wine
Rood phr"By the Holy Rood" - an old expletives used by way of assevation.
Rood-beam nthe beam across the entrance to the chancel for supporting the rood.
Rood-day nThe exaltation of the Cross on 14 Sept. or the Invention of the Cross on May 3rd
Roodland nA plot of land of one rood in size
Roodloft nGallery on top of a rood screen.
Roodmas nEaster
Rood-pine nThe torment and suffering of the Cross
Rood-steeple nA steeple in a church of cruciform style, rising at the intersection of the transept and nave.
Rood-tree nThe cross upon which Jesus was crucified; the Holy-rood
Roof nA protective covering that covers or forms the top of a building. 2. protective covering on top of a motor vehicle. 3. an upper limit on what is allowed 4. the inner top surface of a covered area or hollow space
Roof vbRoof provide a building with a roof; cover a building with a roof. 2. to cover with a roof.
Roof phr"Bring the Roof Down" - make a lot of noise.
Roof phr"Go Through the Roof" - of prices reaching extreme or unexpected heights. 2. become very angry.
Roof phr"Have a Roof Over One's Head" - have somewhere to live.
Roof phr"Hit the Roof" - become very angry.
Roof phr"Roof as Fallen In" - an enterprise has collapsed.
Roof phr"Roof of the World" - a name given to the Pamirs, the great region of mountains covering 30, 000 miles, and devoid of trees and shrubs, and most of it in Tajikistan.
Roof phr"Roof Over" - put a roof over; cover with a roof.
Roof phr"Shout from the Rooftop" - tell something to everyone.
Roof phr"Under One's Roof" - in the same building.
Roofer nA person who constructs or repairs roofs.
Roofing nThe act of covering with a roof; the roof itself; the matial covering the roof.
Roofless ajA building or edifice without a roof. 2. without home or sheltered by a roof, living destitute, vagrant.
Roof light nA window panel built in a roof. 2. a flashing warning light on the top of a police car. 3. an interior light on the ceiling of a motor vehicle.
Rooflike adjResembling a roof in some aspect
Roofline nOutline or silhouette of a collection of roofs
Roof of the Mouth nThe palate.
Roof-rat nThe common black rat.
Roof top nThe outer surface of a roof. 2. the level of a roof.
Roof top phr"Shout It from the Roof Top" - make a thing embarrassingly public.
Roof-tree nThe main beam or ridge pole of a roof, the roof. 2. abode, dwelling-place, home
Roofwards advTowards the roof or roofs.
Roofy adjHaving or abounding in roofs.
Rook nA black raucous-voiced European and Asian bird or corvine. 2. a sharp, scammer, fraudster, swindler.
Rook vbTo swindle, esp in gaming; defraud, scam, cheat, dishonest in dealing with others.
Rooking nThe act of cheating and deal dishonestly with others.
Rooky adjInhabited by rooks; dark gloomy.
Room nroom live and take one's meals at boarding house. 2. an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling. 3. the people who are present in a room. 4. a space for movement. 5. opportunity for.
Room vbTo occupy a room; lodge.
Room phr"Make Room for" - clear or create a space for a person or thing.
Room phr"No Room at the Inn" - no room or rooms available.
Room phr"No Room to Swing a Cat" - a very confined space.
Room phr"Room and Board" - a situation, which, in exchange for money labor or other consideration, a persomn is provided with a place to live, as well as meals.
Room phr"Room In" - of a mother or her new baby, to stay together in the same room.
Room phr"Room Together"- of two persons: share a room together, as a dormitory or some other shared boarding arrangement.
Room sfxCombined with numbers to form adjectives which tells you how many rooms a house or flat has.
Roomed vbTo occupy a room; lodge.
Roomer nA lodger occupying a room-mate.
Roomful adjAs many or as much as a room will hold. 2. a number of persons present in a room considered collectively.
Roomily adjWith ample space; spacious.
Roominess nSpaciousness.
Rooming nOccupying or sharing a room with one or others
Rooming-house nA house offering rooms for rent; a boarding house
Rooming-in nA form of a hospital stay where the mother and newborn baby stay in the same room together and the mother takes as much care of the baby as possible.
Roomless adjBeiing without a room or rooms.
Roomlike adjResembling a room; spacious.
Room-mate nA person who shares a room with one or more others.
Roomsome adjRoomy or spacious.
Roomth nAmple or unconfined space. 2. an office, function or dignity. 2. in the roomth of, in the place of, instead
Roomthy adjRoomy, unconfined
Roomthiness nExtension in space.
Roomwise adjIn terms of rooms.
Roomy adjOf ample dimension, capacious, large, amply spacious. 2. of female animals: of large proportions internally.
Roop nA cry,a call; hoarseness.
Roop vbTo cry, to roar, to. sound hoarse
Roopy adjHoarse, husky of voice.
Roost nThe pole on which a bird nests at night; a perch. 2. a collection of birds nesting together.
Roost vbTo settle down to sleep, as birds on a perch. 2. to perch.
Roost phr"Chickens Come Home to Roost" - (of a scheme, etc) recoil unfavorably upon the originator.
Rooster nA domestic cock or fowl.
Roostering nOut-there, conspicuous, bold and self-satisfied.
Root nThe part of a tooth that is embedded in the jaw and serves as support.

2. (in linguistics) the form of a word after all affixes are removed. 3. a simple form inferred as the common basis from which related words in several languages can be derived by linguistic processes. 4. the set of values that give a true statement when substituted into an equation. 5. the place where something begins, where it springs into being 6. someone from whom you are descended (but usually more remote than a grandparent) 7. (botany) the usually underground organ that lacks buds or leaves or nodes. 8. a number that, when multiplied by itself some number of times, equals a given number.

Root vbTo turn up with the snout, as swine - hence, to tear up by the root. 2. to extirpate, to rummage, to uncover, to root out.
Root phr"Be Rooted In" - originate in.
Root phr"Get to the Root of It" - the primary cause of trouble, malfunction, illness, scandal, rumor.
Root phr"Pull Up Roots" - move somwhere else from a place one has live in for some time.
Root phr"Put Down One's Roots" - become established or settle in a place.
Root phr"Rooted to the Ground" - unmoving (although capable of doing so).
Root phr"Root Out" - get rid of; destroy, annihilate, eliminate.
Root phr"Root Up" - pull from the ground with roots; uproot.
Root phr"Strike at the Roots" - to work at the destruction of something.
Root phr"Take root" - become permanently fixed or established.
Root beer nAn effervescent soft drink made from the extract or roots.
Root climber nAny plant that climbs by means adventitious roots developed from stems.
Root crop nA crop grown for its edible value, as the turnip.
Root-eater nAn animal which lives on roots.
Rooted adjFirmly established.
Rootedness nThe state of being rooted. 2. firmly grounded in character and quality
Rooter nA plant which when divided, readily sends out new roots. 2. one who or that which roots, as a swine, or tears up as by rooting; a destroyer, eradicator.
Root-fast adjFirmly held, surely established and settled and held by the roots.
Root-fastness nState of being firmly held, surely established and settled by the roots.
Root-fallen adjOf a plant, that has become too large and heavy to support itself , and has fallen over so, uprooting the firm grounding of the plant.
Root-hair nA fine silky slender tube, the elongation of a cell of the outer layer near the tip of a root, which takes up food-solution from the soil.
Root-hardy adjOf trees and plants resistant to frosty climate zones. See Drought-hardy.
Roothold nThe firm attachment of a plant to the soil through the growing and spreading of roots.
Rootiness nThe quality of being rooty.
Rooting nA system of roots; a secure attachment (in something); a firm grounding. 2. the process of forming roots. 3. a method of creating a plant by getting pieces or an existing plant to form roots.
Root-leaf nA basal leaf, really from the stem
Rootless adjOf a plant or another thing, having no roots.
Rootlessly advIn a rootless manner; wanderingly.
Rootlessness nHaving no roots. 2. not belonging to a particular place or society.
Rootlike adjResembling a root or roots (of a plant) or some aspect.
Root-sheath nThe tough membrane covering the root portion of a hair.
Root stalk nAn underground rootlike stem; rhizome.
Root-stock nOriginal source; origin. 2. a rhizome. 3. a stem that grows entirely underground; a creeping stem. 4. a source from which the off-shoots have arisen; a primitive or first form.
Rootword nAn affix in English. 2. the primary lexical unit of a word, which carries the significant
Rootwork nIn horticulture, the mature roots of trees and plants used to create ornamental features in a garden; see: rockwork. 2. in dentistry, treatment of the root of a tooth, especially of the root canal. 3. in southern US Regional US regional (chiefly southern)and chiefly in African-American use: a spell cast using a preparation of plant roots; (more usually) the practice of casting spells using roots.
Rooty adjFull of or consisting of roots. 2. resembling roots.
Rope nThick strings, yarn, metal wires, or strands of other cordage that are twisted together to form a stronger line. 2. individual length of such material. 3. cohesive strand of something. 4 a continuous stream 5. in ceramics: a long thin segment of soft clay, either extruded or formed by hand. 6. in computer science: data structure resembling a string, using a concatenation tree in which each leaf represents a character.
Rope vbTo fasten with a rope. 2. catch with a lariat and lasso.
Rope phr"At End of One's Rope" - at the limit of one's patience.
Rope phr"Be On the Ropes" - in boxing forced against the ropes by the opponent attack. 2. on the verge of defeat, collapse or ruin.
Rope phr"Fought Back to the Rope" - fought to the bitter end.
Rope phr"Give One (some) Rope" - to allow full scope of latitude.
Rope phr"Give Someone Enough Rope To Hang Themselves" - allow someone sufficient freedom of action to bring about his or her demise.
Rope phr"Gone Into the Rope-walk" - for barristers taking up practice at the Old Bailey. The allusion is to murder trials there, and the convicted murderers getting the rope.
Rope phr"Know the Ropes" - to know what to do in any given circumstances.
Rope phr"Learn the Ropes" - to be taughht the elementary features.
Rope phr"On a Tight Rope" - fine balanced (figuratively).
Rope phr"Rope In" - persuade someone to take part in. 2. gather in supporters.
Rope phr"Rope of Sand" - delusive security.
Rope phr"Rope off" - separate or enclose an area with rope.
Rope phr"Rope Somebody In" - persuade somebody to join or become a member of a group.
Rope phr"Rope Up" - tie a rope around something, thus making it secure.
Rope phr"She Is On Her High Ropes" - in a distant or haughty temper.
Rope phr"Show Somebody the Ropes" - teach a beginner how to do something.
Rope phr"The Rope" - death by hanging; the noose.
Rope bridge nA Bridge made of rope.
Rope-feed nApplied to circular saw benches (noow superseded) on which the stuff is pulled through mechanically by a rope.
Rope ladder nTwo long ropes connected by short crosspieces, used as a ladder.
Ropeless adjNot Having or lacking a rope or ropes.
Ropelike adjResembling or characteristic of rope.
Ropeman nSomene who uses a rope, as a cattleman.
Ropemanship nSkill in rope-walking or climbing using ropes.
Roper nA cowboy; an expert with a lasso. 2. a roper maker. 3. a crafty person.
Rope's end nShort piece of rope used to punish by flogging, (esp. sailors) with.
Rope-walk nAA long covered building where ropes are manufactured.
Rope-walker nAn entertainer performing on a tight-rope; a tight-rope walker.
Rope walking nTight-rope walking.
Ropeway nA railway operated with cables. 2. an overhead system of transportation with small buckets hanging from and running along a suspended cable.
Ropework nThe making, repairing, knotting, splicing and storing of rope. 2. the making of devices rope.
Ropeyard nA business making ropes; a rope-monger.
Rope yarn nMaterial obtained by unpicking rope strands , or used for making them. 2. a piece of rope yarn. 3. a bagatelle.
Ropily advResembling a rope or ropes. 2. forming sticky glutinous string or threads, as some liquids do.
Ropiness nHaving the quality of rope. 2. stinginess, stickiness, viscosity, as of liquors.
Ropish adjSomewaht ropy.
Roping nSet or arrangement of ropes.
Ropy adjLike a rope. 2. of poor quality wine or bread.
Rose nSomething having a dusty purplish pink color. 2. a dusty pink color. 3. any of many shrubs of the genus Rosa that bear roses .
Rose phr"A Rose By Any Other Name (Would Smell as Sweet)" - a name title doesn't matter in itself.
Rose phr"A Rose is a Rose Is a Rose" - a rose is what it it is, and neither is, nor means, more than what it is.
Rose phr"Be a Bed of Roses" - an easy situation.
Rose phr"Be no Bed of Roses" - be difficult or uncomfortable.
Rose phr"Be On a Path Strewn with Roses" -to lead a very pleasant life.
Rose phr"Come Up smelling Roses" - not have a stain on one's character.
Rose phr"Everything Coming Up Roses" - everything is going well.
Rose phr"No Rose Without a Thorn" - there is always something to detract from happiness or pleasure.
Rose phr"Not Roses all the Way" - full of difficulty or complication. 2. not always a pleasant and easy life, experience, task.
Rose phr"Rose Between Two Thorns" - something beautiful in the midst of ugliness.
Rose phr"Roses all the Way" - free from difficulty or complication.
Rose phr"Under the Rose" - in confidence, under a pledge of secrecy.
Rose Alder nAlso called Corkwood wood, and Rose-leaf Marara.
Rose-apple nTropical tree of the genus Syzygium cultivated fot its foliage and fragrant fruit.
Rose Ash nFlinders Lavicarpa, very similar to yellow-wood Ash.
Rose bit nA brace bit for countersinking holes in wood or soft metals.
Rose-burner nA circular burner with many jets used in gas-stoves.
Rose-chafer nA beautiful green or copper-colored beetle found frequenting roses.
Rose-cold nA variety of hay fever, assumed to cause rose pollen or fever.
Rose comb nThe flat fleshy red comb of a fowl.
Rose drop nA medicinal sweet or lolly with a rose-flavored taste.
Rose gold nAn alloy of gold mixed with copper giving pinkish hue.
Rose head nA rose with a many-sided head, somewhat resembling the petals of a rose.
Rose hip nA ruit of the rose plant.
Rose-hued adjRose colored.
Rose leaf nA petal of a rose. 2. a leaf of a rose.
Roselike adjResembling a rose plant or flower in some aspect of one.
Rose madder nA pale pink pigment.
Rose mallow nThe hibiscus, also called mallow rose. 2. the hollyhock.
Rosen vbConsisting of roses; rosy.
Rose Nails nWrought nails with rose-shaped projecting heads.
Rose red nThe color rose red.
Rose red adjRed, like a rose, rose-colored.
Roseroot nA yellow-flowered plant, Rhodolia roses, with roots smelling like roses when dried.
Rose Sunday nThe fourth Sunday of Lent, exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday.
Rose tree nA rose plant, esp. a standard rose.
Rose water nPerfume made from roses.
Rose windor nA circular window with a series of mullions diverging from the centre, a special feature of Gothic cathedrals.
Rose wine nA table wine, pinkish in color and made from red grapes.
Rosewood nAny of several fragrant close-grained dark wood from South america and used in making furniture. 2. a tree yielding rosewood.
Rose worm nA larva of several species of lepidopterus insects which feed on leaves, buds, blossoms of the rose.
Rosewort nRoseroot. 2. orpine; another name for the Rosaceae
Rosily advIn a rosy manner.
Rosiness nThe quality of being rosy, blooming red, blushing. 2. charming, bright, favorable.
Rostle vbTo roast. 2. to burn slightly or parch
Rosy adjCrimson in colour like the rose; rose-pink. 2. blooming red, blushing. 2. charming, bright, favorable (of chances); optimistic; auguring success.
Rot nThe process of decomposition, decay, putrefaction, molding.
Rot vbTo decay, putrefy, decomposed through death or disease
Rot phr"Rot Away" - decay to a point where it breaks up or disintegrates. completely.
Rot phr"Rot off" - fall off, separates (from the main body) because of decay.
Rotgut nCheap harmful alcoholic liquor.
Rother nThe ox, an ox, oxen
Rotheren nOf or belonging to cattle or oxen.
Rotherish adjResembling cattle or oxen
Rotten adjOf animal matter: in a state of decomposition or putrefaction
Rotten-apple nA bad, esp. morally corrupt person in a group, etc.
Rotten-borough nA borough able to elect an MP though having very few voters.
Rotten-hearted adjof a thoroughly bad or corrupt nature or character.
Rottenly advIn a rotting, decaying, decomposing manner.
Rottenness nThe state or condition of decomposition, decay, putrefaction; deterioration.
Rotten-stone nA decomposed siliceous limestone used as a powder or substance to polish metals.
Rottern A person who is worthless ad thoroughly objectionable on moral and ethic grounds; a scoundrel, a cheater, trickster
RoughadjNot smooth or level; having bumps, projections, etc.; uneven: a rough surface. 2. not easily traveled over or through because rocky, overgrown, wild, etc.: rough country. 3. shaggy or bristly: an animal with a rough coat.

4. characterized by violent action, motion, agitation, disturbance, or irregularity; 5. stormy; tempestuous: rough weather; boisterous or disorderly. 5. coarse in manner, tastes, etc.; lacking refinement or culture: rough men, rough language. 6. regarded as being risky, dangerous, offensive, etc., often as a result of lacking in conventional social controls: a rough crowd, neighborhood, etc. 7. lacking refinements, comforts, and conveniences: not refined, polished, or prepared; natural, crude, etc.: a rough diamond. 8. not finished, elaborated, perfected, etc.: a rough sketch not worked out in detail; without claim to be exact or complete; approximate: a rough estimate. 9. requiring muscular energy rather than skill or intelligence: rough labor. 9. severe, difficult, or disagreeable: a rough time.

Rough advIn a rough manner
Rough phr"A Bit of Rough" - a (usually male) sexual partner whose toughness or lack of sophistication is the source of attraction.
Rough phr"Be Rough on Somebody" - treat somebody harshly, or be unfortunate for somebody.
Rough phr"Feel Rough Edge of One's Tongue" - be talked to severely or in harsh words.
Rough phr"Get the Rough End of a Stick" - receive or endure harsh treatment.
Rough phr"Have a Rough Ride" - submit somebody to hard or harsh treatment.
Rough phr"Live Rough" - live without modern comforts or conveniences.
Rough phr"Rough and Ready" -serviceable if not elegant or finished. 2. of a person, brusque but reliable.
Rough phr"Rough and Tumble" - a fight with a number of people taking part in, not with any serious attempt to injure. 2. the rough and competitive nature of life.
Rough phr"Rough in" - enter roughly or in outline on a drawing.
Rough phr"Rough It" - to put up with hardship or discomfort.
Rough phr"Rough Out" - to sketch out, or draw hastily or crudely. 2. plan in broad outline, but not in detail.
Rough phr "Rough Up" - treat a person with violence; attack violently. 2. push somebody about, tear and dirty his clothes, usually with the intention to frighten him, but not harm him.
Rough phr"Sleep Rough" - sleep outdoors or not in a proper bed.
Rough phr"Take the Rough with the Smooth" - accept the disadvantages with the advantages.
Rough-and-ready adjRough or crude but effective, not elaborate or over particular.
Rough-and-tumble nA haphazard fight; a scuffle.
Rough-and-tumble adjIrregular, scrambling, disorderly.
Rough-breathing nIn linguistics, the absent of an aspirate.
Rough-deal nHard or Unfair treatment.
Rough-draft nFirst drawing or delineation; first copy of a document, speech.
Rough-drawn adjDrawn, draft or designed hastily or roughly
Rough-dry vTo dry clothes without smoothing or ironing.
Roughen vbTo make, or become, rough.
Rough-footed adjHaving feathered feet
Rough-grind vbTo grind roughly or so as to leave an unsmoothed skin or uneven surface
Rough-handle vbTreat or handle roughly.
Rough-hew vbTo cut or saw timber roughly; to shape out roughly. 2. to give crude form to.
Rough-hewer nOne who is a rough hewer of timber. 2. one who does things roughly, lacking in refinement, sophistication, plain, blunt, roughish, uncultivated
Rough-hewn adjRoughly hewn or shaped out; wrought roughly. 2. of persons, lacking in refinement, sophistication, plain, blunt, roughish, uncultivated. 3. rough-natured, cruel, heartless
Rough-house nA disturbance or row; boisterous play.
Rough-house vbHandle things and persons roughly. 2. make a disturbance; act violently.
Rough-houseish adjIn a rather rough-house way.
RoughingvbnThe act of making rough. 2. the fact of undergoing hardship, or living under hard conditions
Roughish adjOn the rough side.
Roughly advIn a rough manner. 2. approximately (of number).
Roughly-speaking advIn an approximate sense.
Rough neck nA rough or rowdy person. 2. a worker on a oil rig.
Rough-ride nA difficult time or experience.
Rough-ridernOne skilled in breaking-in wild and untamed or wild horses. 2. a rider who rides wild horses or bulls at a rodeo.
RoughshodadjOf horses, having shoes roughly fitted.
Roughshod vbShod with shoes armed wirh spikes.
Roughshod phr"Ride Rough-shod Over" - treat inconsiderately, high-handed, or arrogantly. 2.: to domineer, terrorize, tyrannize or dictate to
Rough-sleeper nPeople sleeping, or bedded down, in the open air (such as on the streets, or in doorways, parks or bus shelters); people in buildings or other places not designed for habitation (such as barns, sheds, car parks, cars, derelict boats.
Rough-spun adjOf a garment woven from roughly spun yarn. 2. unpolished, rough and ready, uncultured, unsophisticated.
Rough-tongue nA habit of speaking rudely; or rudeness in speaking.
Roughwork nPreliminary or provisional work. 2. colloquial: violence. 3. task requiring the use of force.
Roughy adj(Slang) In Australia, an outsider in a sporting contest, election, any kind of ballot for a position.
RounnA dark, mysterious or esoteric saying; a secret or mystery. 2. a runic letter. 3. that which is written; writing, a book, an epistle. 4. Counsel, consultation, esp. of a private or secret nature; a whisper; secret counsel. 5, a speech or discourse. 6. a song; a cry or a call. 7. a form of speech, a language as in the English roun.
RounernA whisperer, a tale-bearer
RouningnWhispering, murmurming, in secret consultation
RouninglyadvIn a whisper.
RoutvbTo snore (from OE: hrutan).
RoveadjScabby, leprous, scaly, crusty, rind-hard.
RownA continuous chronological succession without an interruption, as three years in a row. 2. an arrangement of objects or people side by side in a line. 3. a linear array of numbers, letters, or symbols side by side. 4. a long continuous strip (usually running horizontally).
Row nThe act of rowing as a sport
RowvbPropel with oars.
RowadjRoughly, angrily, fiercely (variant of rough.)
Row phr"Hard Row to Hoe" - a difficult task.
Row phr"In a Row" - consecutively.
Row (1) phr"Row Over" - complete the course of a boat race with little effortowing to the absence or inferiority of the competitors.
Row boat nA rowing boat: a small boat propelled by oars.
Row house nA terrace house.
Rowing boat nA row boat.
Rowlock nA deviceon a boat's gunwale , esp. a pair of thole-pins, serving as a fulcrum for an oar and keeping it in place.
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