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RudnRed or ruddy colour; redness; reddish, ruddiness. 2. complexion of those parts of the face naturally reddish.
RuddnA freshwater cyprinoid fish resembling the roach; the red-eye
RuddernA flat part fixed to the back of a boat, which may be turned from side to side in water for guiding it
Rudder phr"Be a Rudderless Ship" - be a project not managed properly.
Rudder-fish nThe pilot-fish.
Rudderless adjWithout a rudder; unsteerable; without guidance.
Rudderlessly advIn a rudderless way.
Rudder stock nThe vertical shaft to which the rudder of ship or boat is attached, having at its upper portion a yoke.
Rudder-wheel nA small wheel at the end of a plow to help in guiding it.
Ruddiness nThe property of being ruddy.
Ruddish adjSomewhat or rather ruddish.
Ruddle nA variety of red ocherous iron ore; reddle. 2. species of red earth.
Ruddle vbTo color with red ocher.
RuddocknRedbreast, robin: Grithacus rubecule. 2. a gold coin; hence gold money. 3. variety of cider. 4. species of toad.
RuddyadjRed or reddish: face suffused with a fresh healthy red. 2. of persons, having a red complexion. 3. red with blushing. 4. showing or having a healthy redness. 5. epithet of light or fire of the heavenly bodies, the sky or clouds. 6. a qualifier of other nouns: ruddish brown, somewhat ruddy or sad-yellow; ruddy-bright, ruddy-golden. 7. euphemism for bloody. 8. damnable, unmitigated, confounded.
RuddyvbRender ruddish or ruddy in hue. 2, to turn red or blush
RuenSorrow, distress, repentance, pity, compassion, regret. 2. The plant: 'Ruta graveolens'
Rue vbTo take the rue: repent, pity, repent, pity. 2. To effect (a person) with pity, compassion, penitence or contrition for sins or offenses committed. 3. to effect with sorrow, to distress, to grieve. 4. to repent of wrongdoing, to feel penitence, remorse or contrition for sins etc. 5. to repent of some action and wish it undone or altered, om account of consequences: rue the day. 6. to think of an event with sorrow or with regard; wish something had never happened or occurred. 7. to lament, feel sorry, pity or compassion. Nb: rueing: compassionate; pitying.
Rueful adjCausing feeling or experiencing regret or sorrow. 2. inspiring pity or compassion. 3. woeful, mourning, sorrowful, lugubrious, woe-begone.
Ruefully advIn a doleful or dismal manner, sorrowfully, dejectedly, regretfully.
Ruefulness nRepentance, sorrowfulness, pity, compassion, pity
RulyadjRueful, pitiable, pitiful, woeful, wretchedly
RunnThe act of running. 2. the route taken while running. 3. flow of liquid. 4. creek. 5. amount of something made. 6. faster than a walk. 7. gallop. 8. interval of distance or time; a linear measurement, as foot run etc.. 9. enclosure for animals. 10. nautical equipment. 11. unraveled stitches. 12. a point scored in some games. 13. a gangway. 14. planks, bridging gaps or rough ground, and used by workmen for transporting materials, especially by wheelbarrow or hod.
RunvbTo move quickly on two feet. 2. to move quickly; to move or spread quickly; to cause to move quickly. 3. to be in charge of. 4. to flow; to have a liquid flowing from; to make a liquid flow. 5. to extend in space or through a range. 6. to sail a boat with the wind coming from behind. 7. to extend in time, to last, to continue; to make something extend in space. 8. of a machine, to be operating normally; to make a machine operate. 9. to execute or carry out a plan, procedure or program. 10. to compete in a race. 11. to be a candidate in an election; to make run in a race or an election. 12. to be presented in one of the media; to print or broadcast in the media. 13. to leak, spread or bleed in an undesirable fashion. 14. to go through without stopping. 15. to transport someone or something. 16. to smuggle illegal goods — see smuggle. 17. of fish, to migrate for spawning. 18. of stitches, to unravel. 19. to flee away from a danger or towards help
Run phr"Against the Run of Play" - contrary to the flow of a game.
Run phr"An Also-ran" - an unsuccessful competitor.
Run phr"At the Run" - running.
Run phr"Be Run Down" - be in a weak state of health.
Run phr"Do a Dry Run" - have a rehearsal.
Run phr'Have the Run of the House" - to have free access and freedom to make use of what it offers. 2. be free to go anywhere in a house.
Run phr"In the Long Run" - in the end; ultimately.
Run phr"In the Running" - in an event with a good//poor chance of winning.
Run phr"Make the Running" - force or set the pace; take the initiative.
Run phr"In the Run Up to" - before, prior to, leading to an event, occasion etc.
Run phr"On the Run" - escaping, running away; fleeing from custody. 2. hurrying about from place to place.
Run phr"Run About" - bustle; hurry from one person or place to another. 2. play about without restraint, as children.
Run phr"Run After" - pursue with attentions; seek the society of. 2. follow persistently; pursue in the hope of attracting, as an attractive person. 3. run to try to catch up with a person, because he or she has forgotten something.
Run phr"Run Against" - happen to meet. 2. compete against, especially.
Run phr"Run Aground" - touch and become fixed on rocks,or the seabed in shallow water.
Run phr"Run Along" - a command to a junior or subordinate to leave or go away; be off with you!
Run phr"Run a Mile from" - said of a person who you are anxious and careful to avoid somebody who is boring, conceited, over-talkative. 2. run quickly away from somebody, something dangerous or life threatening (in panic)
Run phr"Run a Red Light" - to pass through the traffic light when the red light is on. 2. to enter a restricted area; to trespass. 3. to falsely accuse someone of wrongdoing.

4. to pass a political bill that is clearly based on false premises. 5. to claim a position that one does not rightfully earn.

Run phr"Run At" - run towards somebody as if to attack them. 2. run with the aim of jumping over something.
Run phr"Run a Tight Ship" - to manage efficiently an organization.
Run phr"Run Away" - get away by running, escape, fleeing, absconding; elope. 2. bolt as a horse.
Run phr"Run Away from" - escape from, usually because the life unpleasant. 2. avoid something or somebody because one is shy; frightened, lacking confidence.
Run phr"Run Away With" - carry off or steal property. 2. win a contest, match, prize etc clearly or easily. 3. accept a notion hastily; win easily; or accept unthinkingly. 4. leave home to have a relationship without parental consent of family approval. 5. consume, use up a great deal of cash, money. 6. deprive of self control or common sense by misleading someone with an unfounded idea, notion etc. 7. gain complete control of, dominate.
Run phr"Run Back" - wind a film, cassette, video etc in reverse so that it can be viewed or heard again.
Run phr"Run Back Over" - review, reconsider an event, one's career, relationship etc.
Run phr"Run Behind" - not keep pace with one's timetable for a meeting, appointment, schedule etc.
Run phr"Run by" - ask one's opinion, comment, advice on some matter. 2. to inform someone briefly of the main points of an idea. 3. to bring an idea or proposal to the attention of someone (esp. in order to obtain their opinion about. 4. to briefly stop at a location for a particular purpose.
Run phr"Run Down" - knock down to the ground; collide with. 2. reduce the strength by decline in size or numbers. 3. cause to suffer a loss of power, through neglect, age etc. 3. stop as an unwound clock. 4. become tired, feeble from overwork, lack of sleep or nourishment. 5. discover eventually after a long and thorough search. 6. disparage, denigrate; belittle, criticize unkindly.
Run phr"Run Down to" - stretched as far as, extend to a river, road etc.
Run phr"Run Dry" - cease to flow; stop flowing; be exhausted.
Run phr"Run for" - offer oneself or stand as a candidate.
Run phr"Run for It" - seek safely by fleeing; escaping. 2. make a dash for, or run quickly to safety.
Run phr"Run for Dear Life" - leave, depart, escape quickly because one's life is in danger.
Run phr"Run for the Hills" - flee; get away.
Run phr"Run for the Roses" - a hard-fought competition or demanding challenge of any kind.
Run phr"Run Hard" - be close at the heels of the winner.
Run phr"Run High" - have a strong current with a high tide, as the sea. 2. have strong feelings.
Run phr"Run Hot" - of an electrical system producing excessive heat while operating .2. to run ahead of schedule.
Run phr"Run Hot and Cold" - to alternate between two opposite extremes, such as enthusiasm and disinterest or success and failure.
Run phr"Run In" - run in carefully an engine, machine or vehicle in the new or early stages of it use. 2. be arrested; arrest somebody; take into custody.
Run phr"Run in One's Blood" - of traits inherited.
Run phr"Run in One's Head" - to linger in one's memory.
Run phr"Run Into (Somebody)" - strike, collide with. 2. meet accidentally, encounter by chance. 3. reach or amount to a specified figure or number. 4. be continuous or coalesce. 5. enter a period and/or area of bad weather.
Run phr"Run Into a Dead End" - get nowhere into an investigation.
Run phr"Run Into Heavy Weather" - to encounter difficulties.
Run phr"Run Into the Ground" - bring a person to exhaustion. 2. work, play energetically unto the point of exhaustion.
Run phr"Run Like a Top" - operate flawlessly and smoothly.
Run phr"Run Off" - flee, escape. 2. produce copies on a machines. 3. decide a race, athletic contest, etc after a series of heats or in the case of a tie. 5. flow or cause to flow away, as from a vessel. 5. write or recite fluently. 6. digress suddenly. 7. reproduce by printing.
Run phr"Run Off at the Mouth" - talk incessantly.
Run phr"Run Off One's Feet" - be extremely business; work very hard. 2. to keep a person very busy on some physical task.
Run phr"Run Off with" - leave in the company of somebody, usually somebody the partner, husband or wife of another. 2. steal or carry away. run away with the money, takings, possessions of others.
Run phr"Run of Play" - the overall pace, or flow of a game, situating in a series of action, especially in sports.
Run phr"Run of the Mill" - that which is average in kind, class or quality.
Run phr"Run On" - of written character, as a ligature: run together. 2. continue in operation; flow, continue without a break often annoyingly or monotonously; elapse. 4. speak volubly; talk incessantly. 5. have a s a subject, be concerned with a discussion.
Run phr"Run One's Eye Over" - examine somebody or something very carefully in order to estimate its value or merits.
Run phr"Run One's Finger's Through One's Hair" - pass one's finger nervously through one's hair.
Run phr"Run One's Head Against Stone Wall" - face and be frustrated by an insuperable problem or obstacle while trying to do something. 2. hit, or run into a brick wall.
Run phr"Run One's Own Ship" - to do things and organize subordinates in one's own way.
Run phr"Run On Something" - great demand foe something.
Run phr"Run Onto" - enter; go onto. 2. continue traveling towards.
Run phr"Run Out" - come to and end, be ended, use up; expire, be ended; be no longer valid. 2. exhaust one's stock or supply. 3. flow from a container. 4. jut or stick out; project. 5. tire oneself completely by running too much. 6. in a contest compete to a required or specified position.
Run phr"Run Out of" - have used up, have no more of. 2. finish, exhaust supplies or commodities; ideas, patience.
Run phr"Run Out of Steam" - move more slowly, or halt because the original driving force is lacking. 2. to lose one's energy and enthusiasm.
Run phr"Run Out On" - desert somebody, abandon another, who needs or expect one's support, as a friend, family, associate.
Run phr"Run Over" - overflow. 2. of a driver of a motor vehicle : pass over, knock down and pass over a person's body, often killing or causing crushing injury to them. 3. study, read, say or repeat quickly, in order to learn it or refresh one's memory. 4. touch a keyboard, or piano keys etc in quick succession. 2. go on a quick journey or visit.
Run phr"Run Over With" - show an abundance of, overflow with enthusiasm etc.
Run phr"Run Roughshod Over" - to act without restraint. 2. to act without consideration of others needs, wants, feelings.
Run phr"Run Short of" - become or run low in number; become depleted, having too little left. 3. have little left or remaining of.
Run phr"Run the Show" - dominate in an undertaking.
Run phr"Run Through" - act, perform, especially to rehearse briefly. 2. peruse; review, summarize, pass or skip through. 3. deal successively through. 4. consume one's wealth or fortune by foolish and/or reckless spending. 5. pass through quickly by running. 6. pervade. 7. draw a line through. 8. play part of a film, video etc by passing it through a machine.
Run phr"Run Through with" - pierce with a weapon.
Run phr"Run to" - have the ability or money for; have enough money to cover to afford. 2. reach an amount or number; reach enough. 3. of a person having the tendency to run to or become, as fat. 4. be enough for (some undertaking or expense). 5. have the resources or capacity for. 6. fall into ruin or dilapidation.
Run phr"Run to Earth" - chase to a lair. 2. discover after a long and difficult search; locate a person, prisoner etc.
Run phr"Run to Fat" - become too fat by overeating or lack of sufficient exercise
Run phr"Run Together" - to mingle.
Run phr"Run to Ground" - to discover the whreabouts of somebody.
Run phr"Run to Meet" - anticipate (one's troubles etc)
Run phr"Run to Seed" - cease flowering as seed develops. 2. become degenerative, unkempt, shabby, ineffective or exhausted. 3. to deteriorate after a promising start.
Run phr"Run Up" - allow to accumulate, (a debt, expenses) quickly). 2. build or make hurriedly or in emergency from nearby material way. 3. raise or hoist a flag up a flagpole. 4. grow quickly. 5. rise sharply in price; to increase in amount. 6. amount to. 7. add up a column of figures. 8. go quickly by a flying visit.
Run phr"Run Up Against" - meet, encounter come face to face with difficulties, problems obstacles etc., etc.
Run phr"Run Upon" - of one's thoughts: be engrossed, dwell upon.
Run phr"Run Wild" - grow unchecked or undisciplined or untrained.
Run phr"Run With Something" - to take advantage of some current development.
Run phr'Run with the Hare and Hunt with the Hound" - keep in friendly with opposing parties or sides.
Run phr"Still Waters Run Deep" - somebody can be more emotional/knowledgeable than he/she firsts appears.
Run phr"With a Run" - suddenly, abruptly.
Runabout nA motor boat; a light car, a light aircraft.
RunawaynA fugitive; escapee, convict escaped from prisoner. 2. an animal or vehicle that is running out of control. 3. that is running away or out of control, as inflation, prices, success etc. 4. done or performed after running away.
Runaway helpline nA telephone service for those who run away, been forced to leave home, are thinking about it or are worried about someone who might be considering doing so.
Run-back nThe act or gesture of taking someone by car to their house. 2. the rewind a film, cassette, video, etc.
Run-downnA reduction in numbers. 2. giving of a detailed analysis, information, and briefing.
Rundown adjDecayed after prosperity. 2. enfeebled through overwork or illness.
RundlenA small stream or rivulet, brooklet, watercourse, gully, rojo, burn, bourn, ea, yea, rindle, runnel
Rune nAny of the letters of the earliest Germanic alphabet, used by Vikings and in late Old English by the Anglo-Saxons or from about the C3rd. 2. a similar mark of mysterious or magic significance.
RunenA course on onward movement, esp. of heavenly bodies. 2. the running gait of a person. 3. a flow of blood. 4. a watercourse, stream, rivulet, rindle, runnel, rhine, reen.
RunenWhisper, secret, counsel, mystery.
Rune-like adjResembling a rune.
Runer nA Gothic bard.
Rune-stavenA runic letter, staff or symbol; a rune-staff.
RungnA stout stick or rounded form, esp one used as a rail (in a cart, etc.). 2 a round or stave of a ladder. 3. in ship building: a timber floor.
Rung phr"Rungs Up a Ladder" - gradual steps to an ultimate goal.
Run-holder nOne who owns or leases land, generally to run or farm sheep.
Run-in nThe approach to an action or event. 2. colloquial: a quarrel.
Runless adjWithout a run in baseball or cricket. 2. of stockings: not susceptible to runs.
RunnelnA small stream of water; a brooklet, rivulet, rill, trickle. 2. a small watercourse or channel; a gutter
RunnernOne who runs ; a racer, a good racer, a horse in a race, a roadster. 2. a vagabond, fugitive, deserter. 3. one who carries messages backward and forward; a messenger. 4. a bookmaker's assistant. 5. freelance antique dealing. 6. one who solicits customers for hotels, restaurants, trade organizations, tow truck-operators, journalists, ambulance chaser etc. 7. bearers along which anything slides. 8. the supports of a drawer. 9 horizontal timbers supporting the bearers or joists, for shuttering.
Runner phr"Do a Runner" - leave, hastily abscond.
RunnerlessnOf certain plant, as the strawberry, not producing runners.
Runner's knee nAny of the various overuse injuries involving pain around the knee cap.
Runner-up nThe competitor or team taking second place. 2. an animal that takes the second prize.
Runniness nA liquidy state or quality.
Running nThe action of a runner. 2, the sport of racing on foot. 3. the way a race etc proceeds. 4. of water, streams, etc. flowing..
Running adjContinuing an an essentially continuous basis through changing in detail. 2. consecutive; one after the other. 3. done with a running (jump).
Running phr"Be Up and Running" - to be operative.
Running phr"His Shoes Are Made of Running Leather" - said of one giving to wander or roam.
Running phr"In (and, out of) the Running" - in an event with a good//poor chance of winning.
Running phr"Make the Running" - force or set the pace; take the initiative.
Running phr"Running In" - running a new machine with a light load only until all running parts are working sweetly.
Running phr"The Sands are Running Out" - the time available for some action is nearly at an end.
Running-board nA foot-board on either side of a vehicle.
Running dog nFrom Chinese zougou, from zou (running) + gou (dog), apparently as an allusion to a dog running to follow his or her master's commands. This term was employed in Chinese Communist terminology to refer to someone who was considered subservient to counter-revolutionary interest. Earliest documented use: 1925.
Running fight nThe defence put up by a force retreating in good order.
Running-fire nSuccessive shots from a line of troops etc. 2. a bombardment of questions or interruptions at a public meeting.
Running hand nWriting in which the pen is not lifted after each letter.
Running headline nA running head: a head printed at the top of a number of consecutive pages of a book etc.
Running knot nA knot that slips along the rope etc. and changes the size of the noose.
Running light nEach of a small set of lights on a motor vehicle that remains illuminated while the vehicle is running.
Running-rope nA rope that is freely that is movable through a pulley etc.
Running shed nA shed where trains or trams are housed.
Running shoes nShoes for athletics with sharp spikes in the soles.
Running sore nA suppurating sore.
Running speech nThe continuous sound of spoken dialogue from which the listener is able to distinguish individual words and sentences.
Running-stitch nA line of small over-lapping stitches for gathering etc. 2. one of these stitches.
Running water nWater flowing in a stream or from a tap etc.
Runny adjTending to run or flow. 2. excessively fluid.
Run-off nAn additional or special competition, contest,race, after a tie or inconclusive result. 2. an amount of rainfall that is carried off an area by streams and rivers. 3. the part of the rainfall in a particular area which is not directly absorbed but is drained of in rills or streams.
Run-of-play nThe overall ? pace, or flow of a game, situating in a series of action, especially in sports.
Run-of-the-mill adjOrdinary, undistinguished.
Run-on nPrinting: appended or added matter.
Run-out nThe portion of a motion-picture film immediately following the last frame of the picture itself.
Run-through nA rehearsal. 2. a brief survey.
Run time nRuntime is the period of time when a program is running. It begins when a program is opened (or executed) and ends with the program is quit or closed. It is a technical term, used most often in software development. It is commonly seen in the context of a "run-time error," which is an error that occurs while a program is running. 2. the time a film or television program runs.
Run-upnThe lead-up to an event. 2. the period preceding an important event.
RunwaynA specially prepared surface along which air-crafts take-off and land. 2. a trail to an animals watering-place. 3. an incline down which logs are slid. 4. a raised gangway in a theater, fashion show. 5. an artificial track or gangway.
RureadjScabby, leprous, scaly, crusty, rindhard.
RushnAny marsh or waterside plant of the plant Juncaceae. 2. a thing of little value or worth.
Rush phr"Not Worth a Rush" - a thing of little value or worth.
Rush candle nA candle made by dipping the pith of a rush in tallow. 2. rush-light.
RushenadjMade of rushes, or a rush
Rush-like adjResembling or resembling any marsh or rush plant.
Rush toad nThe natterjack.
Rushy adjAbounding in or made of rushes.
RustnA red, orange or tawny formed upon the surface of iron. any of various fungi causing rust disease in plants. 2. the formation of reddish-brown ferric oxides on iron by low-temperature oxidation in the presence of water. 3. a plant disease that produces a reddish-brown discoloration of leaves and stems; caused by various rust fungi. 4. a red or brown oxide coating on iron or steel caused by the action of oxygen and moisture
Rust vbTo become coated with oxide. 2. to become destroyed by water, air, or a corrosive such as an acid. 3. to cause to deteriorate due to the action of water, air, or an acid
Rust adjOf the brown color of rust.
Rust phr"Rust off" - to come apart fro the process of rusting.
Rust belt nAn area of once profitable industry, esp. in the American Midwest and north-eastern states.
Rusted adjHaving accumulated rust.
Rustful adjFull of rust; resembling rust,, causing rust, rusty.
Rustily advIn a rusty way.
Rustiness nIneptitude of awkwardness as a consequence of age or lack of practice. 2. the condition of being coated or clogged with rust.
Rustless adjWithout rust.
Rustlessness nThe state or condition of being rustless.
Rustlike adjResembling or characteristic of rust; rust-like.
RustyadjRusted or affected by rust. 2. stiff with age or disuse. 3. of knowledge : faded or impaired by neglect. 4. rust-colored. 5. of antiquated appearance. 6. antiquated, behind the times. 7. of a voice; croaky, croaking or creaky.
Rusty phr"To Turn Rusty" - like a rusty bolt that will not turn; obstinate, surly or ill-tempered.
RuthnOE: hreow: sad; the quality of being compassionate, feeling sorrow for another, compassion, pity. 2. contrition, grief, distress, lamentation. 3. matter or occasion of sorrow. regret.
RuthfuladjFull of sorrow or pity; sorrowful; merciful. 2. causing sorrow.
RuthlessadjHaving no compassion; unrestrained by pity; merciless.
Ruthlessness nThe state or quality of being ruthless.
RuthnessnThe state or quality of being sorrow, contrite, regretful.
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