Old EnglishspEnglish
Shab nA cutaneous disease in sheep; scab or scabies. 2. a low fellow, afflicted with scabs.
Shabby adjThreadbare, ragged, soiled or defaced, as from hard use. 2. characterised by worn or damaged garments. 3. usurious, mean, gombeenish, paltry.
Shack nGrain fallen or shaken from the ear of a plant, used for the feeding of pigs , poultry etc after the harvest. 2. a supply of fallen grain for this purpose. 3. a residue of barley. 4. stubble. 5. an idle, disreputish fellow.
Shackle nA fetter, chain, hobble.
Shackle vbto confine with fetters or shackles.
Shackle-bone nThe wrist.
Shackledom nImprisonment, incarceration, detention, jailing. 2. marriage (jocular).
Shackling nIdling, loafing, bulging, dissipation.
Shade nComparitive obscurity owing to interruption of the rays of light. 2. an obscure place, a spot not exposed to light. 3. a hidden or unseen retreat. 4. darkness, obscurity. 5. that which shelters from light or the direct rays of the sun. 6. that which protects from the heat of the sun or wind. 7. a screen, a protecting shelter, cover. 8. the soul after its departure from the body; so called because the ancients thought it perceptible to sight, though not touch it. 9. a spirit, ghost, phantom, a shade. 10. a darker portion of a picture or artwork; a degree of variation of colour, as darker or lighter. 11. minute variation of thought, belief, opinion, expression; anything which distinguishes from an other similar thing by slight variation. 12. "The Shades": the abode of souls after leaving the body.
Shade vbBecloud, bedarken, cloud over, dim out, darken, block out.
Shadow nAn unilluminated place; darkness. 2. something existing in perception or something refuge from danger or observation. 3. a dominating or pervasive prescence. 4. a spy employed to follow someone and reporrt their movement. 5. an inseparable companion. 6. darkness, shade, obscurity, shaded place, shelter, protection, security. 7. a reflected image, as in a mirror or water. 8. a spirit, ghost, apparition, phantom, uninvitted guest. 9. an adumbration, dimming body, a mystical form. 10. a small degree: a shade. Nb: Shade differs from shadow as it implies no particular form of definite limit. One speaks of the shade of a tree, we have no reference to it's form; but if one speaks of measuring a pyramid or other thing by it's shadow, we have definte knowledge of it's form and extent.
Shadow vbTo follow, usu. without the persons knowledge. 2. cast a shadow over, shade, shadow. 3. to make appear small by comparison; overshadow, dwarf. 4. to cast off light from, put in shade. 5. throw shadow over. 6. overspread with obscurity, shroud. 7. conceal hide, screen. 8. to protect, shelter, from danger 8. to make graduation or light, to shade. 9. to adumbrate, to represent faintly or imperfectedly. 10. to cloud, darken, cast in gloom. 11. to follow and watch closely, as a detective a criminal.
Shadow-adder nA serpent lurking in shady places; fig. " a snake in the grass."
Shadower nA spy, one who follows others to keep watch upon their actions. 2. private detective.
Shadowish adjCharacterised by shadow, shadowness, shadowy in look, feeling or umbrageous.
Shadow-land nLand or abode of ghosts, spirits , phantom. 2. a place of shadow or shadows. 3. a gloomy unhappy place. 4. a border land between places.
Shadowless adjWithout shadow or shadow
Shadow of death phrDarkness and gloom with a feeling of impending of death.
Shadowy adjSpying, following, trailing, tracking.
Shady adjFull of shade, casting a shade. 2. shaded or sheltered. 3. morally questionable, dubious, suspicious. 4. quiet, hidden
Shaft nIn OE only: creation, origin. 2. make, shape, constitution, nature or species. 2. a creature, that which is created.
Shaft vb
Shag nRough matted hair, wool. 2. a mass of matted hair. 3. a collection of shredded bark. 4. long coarse cloth. 5. tangled mas of trees, foliage, shrubs. 6. rough or coarsely woven carpet. 7. unkemptiness. 8. roughness and brutality of men (collectively).
Shake nA fissure in the earth or a rock; a fissure or crack in timber, caused by being dried to quickly. 2. roofing materail, a shingle. 3. a frothy drink, as in a milkshake. 4. a grasp or shaking of a person'a hand in an act of frienship, welcoming or congratulations. 5. a musical note that alternates rapidly with another note. 6. a tremulous tone. 7. a trembling of the body because of cold, fear, excitement. 8. a movement repeatedly from side to side. 9. a stirring or feeling of emotion.
Shake vbTo get rid of: shake off. 2. to grasp or shake another hand in an act of friendship, welcoming or congratulation. 3. to shake one's finger, fist, head in order to communicate a feeling, such as greeting, anger, peace etc. 4.
Shake-down nAny makeshift bed, esp. one of straw. 2. a forced contribution; an instance of extortion. 3. a search of a person or place.
Shake-off nMove or remove by agitating, vacillating or wavering. 2. rapid motion one way or another.
Shakes n"The Shakes": fever, ague, cold or flu.
Shale nIn wider meaning: a thing that separate. 2. a shell, husk, esp. the shell or outer covering of a nut, which encloses the kernel. 3. a pod of peas or beans. 4. an example of something without value, valueless. 5. scales of a fish. 6. shavings of metal. 7 mesh of a net. 8. collection or pile of loose ore. 9. a dish goblet, cup. 10. finely-grained sedimentary rock of a thin, laminated and often of a friable structure.
Shale vbTo shell or husk .
Shalk nOriginally a servant in alliterative poetry and one of the synonyms for a man, man -- sometimes used in a contemptous way.
Shall vbOE: I am obliged to owe, be under obligation for, to be obliged, must. 2. as an auxiliary indiates a duty or necessity whose obligation is derived from the person speaking.
Shallow nA freshwater fish, commonly known as "The Rudd. "
Shallow nA shoal, a shallow spot in a river or sea, " The Shallows."
Shallow adjLacking depth, not far from the top, shoally. 2. lacking intellectual depth, not wise, profound or mentally sharp.
Shallow-hearted adjHaving no depth or feeling of compassion for others.
Shallow-minded adjHaving no depth of intellect or thought. 2. shallow-brained
Shallowness nThe condition or state of being shallow.
Shallow-read adjReading few books or only those of popular appeal.
Shallow-rooted adjHaving no depth of roots or a rooting system, as the eucalypt. 2. having only shallow-dug foundation or base, (also fig.)
Shallows n" The Shallows."
Shallow-thoughted adjExamining matters on a superficial level only.
Shallow-witted adjHaving no depth of intellectual or thought.
Shamble nIn OE. a table or counter for offering goods for sale, counting money etc. 2. a footstool, a stool. 3. a place where meat, fish is sometimes sold. 4. a flesh or meat market. 5. slaughter-house, abbatoirs. 6. a place of carnage, wholesale slaughter. 7. scene of disorder, devastation and sin; a mess. 8. the frame of wood that hangs over a shaft horse in a cart. 9. a shoal
Shamble vbTo cut up and dispose of a corpse; to cut or slaughter in a shamble; to render shambled. 2. to move or walk in a ungainly, awkward, sometimes unsteady manner. 3. ill-shaped, wry, distorted.
Shame nA painful emotion or sensation coming from or caused by an awareness of a lack, an inadequacy, a guilty feeling or impropriety which may damage reputation, or that which one may wish to conceal. 2. state of dishonour, disgace, ignominy. 3. an unfortunate development, put-down, show-up, shyness. 4. reproach, incurred or suffered, dishonour, ignominy, persons state of being. 5. shameness, shamefacedness, modesty.
Shame vbCompelled through a sense of shame; to be ashamed. 2. to be surpassed or beaten by wide margin. 3. to be made to feel ashamed. 4. to bring about in a person, a feeling of guilt or impropriety or behaviour unfavourable to regulation. 5. to cover with reproach or ignominy. 6. to dishonour, disgrace, deride, mock, bring down, bring low, put down.
Shamefast adjBashful, modest, modest or virtuous in behaviour and character. 2. in a depreciatory sense, shy, akward in company, sheepish. 3. of action, behaviour, appearances: shameful, modest, bashful. 4. ashamed, abashed, full of shame.
Shameless adjImpudent; brazen, immodest. 2. done without shame, indicating a want of decency. 3. infamous, unworthy, wicked. 4. unbecoming, indecent, untrustworthy.
Shameworthy adjOf which one ought to be shamed.
Shank nThat part of the leg which extends from the knee to the ankle. 2. the tibia or shinbone. 3. the legs as whole (joc). 4. one's legs. 5. in animals, the lower part of the foreleg esp. the horse's between the knee and the fetlock; the tarsus of a bird; the tibia of some insects. 6. a part of a joint of meat, eg. in a ham, a leg of mutton. 7. a kind of fur obtained from the legs of kids, goats, sheep used for trimmimgs. 8. a stocking esp. a knitted one. 9. the legs as a triangle. 10. each of the two portions of a pair of scissors between the bows and the joints. 11. stem or straight part of anything, a goblet, a glass. 12. straight part of a nail, pin, drill between the head and the taper. 13. the stem of a plant. 14. trunk of a tree. 15. stalk of a flower. 16. the body as distinguished from the shoulders, face and feet. 17. stem of a tobacco pipe. 18. the shaft of a column. 19. the stem of a chisel. 20. the tang of a knife. 21. fang of a tooth. 22. the projecting part of a hill, or narrow ridge, which like a stem, joins the mass level ground. 23. the latter end of anything; the remainder of last part of a thing, esp. in the phrase " the shank of the night." ; " the shank of life (skankdom)."
Shank vbTo go on foot. walk, travel on foot. 2. to hit a golf ball on the bottom part of the club. 3. of a plant, to decay at the stem, or footstalk. 4. to sink a shaft. 5. to knit stockings.,
Shank-bone nTibia, the shanker.
Shape nOE: state, creation, creature, condition, fate, destiny, of the nature of what is decreed. 2. form, excellence of form, beauty. 3. species, kind; a creature. 4. phantom, a ghost, an ethereal, a figure dimly or uncertaintly percieved. 5. sexual organs; the distinctive organs of either sex; the private parts of a female. 6 the visual appearance of someone or somebody. 7. the state of good health: "in good shape." 8. a perpetual structure, composition of music. 9. Character or construction of a thing, it's outward look, figure, form, 10. embodiment in form, conception or thought; a concrete embodiment. 11. configuration, contour, body, human body, physical body, build, figure, physique, anatomy, frame, flesh, embodiment, model, lay-out, mould.
Shape vbTo take shape, influence, give direction or direct. 2. make or mould something for a specific function. 3. to form, to assume a definite form, create, forge, mould. 4. to adapt for a purpose; to lay out. 5. to imagine, concieve, to call forth idea. 6. to design, prepare, plan, arrange. 7. to build or shape oneself, to prepare, make ready. 8. to hew, cut, sculpt, trim. 8. to put together, put up, set up, work out, get up, write, compose. 9. to knead, prepare, mould.
Shapeless adjWithout shape or form; amorphous
Shapely adjFit, likely, suitable. 2. of good or elgant shape, well-formed.
Shapend nA creator, maker, fabricator, manfacturer.
Shaper nThe Creator or (Great) Shaper, God. 2. one who fashions of shapes something.
Shape-shifter nMythical creature who can change form, such as Proteus or Odin.
Shapesmith nA corset maker (joc.)
Shape upvbOf a person, to improve one's behaviour, activities, attitude, etc. 2. of a situation or person, to develop satisfactorily. 3. to be prepared to fight someone
Shape up or ship out phrEither do properly what one is supposed to be doing or simply go away --- rather than doing it badly.
Shard nA cleft, gap. 2. a gap in an enclosure, esp in a hedge. 2. (a) water(way) which divides. 3. a gap or notch in the blade of a tool. 4. fragments, remnant of something worn or decayed. 5. a broken piece of brittle substance, as of a earthen vessel. 6. a hard, thin, or a wing cover of an insect. 7. shell, scales of a dragon.
Shard vbOf a tree: to shed it's bark or sharding.
Sharded vbOf a serpent, caterpillars: scaly, ecdysis, shedding, casting off. 2. reduced to shards, fragments. 3. of the moon: reduced to a crescent.
Share nThe iron blade in a plough which cuts the ground and the bottom of a furrow: ploughshare.
Share nThe division or fork of a body. 2. the pubic region or groin.
Share nAssets belonging to an individual, person or group. 2. any (equal)portions into which something is divided. 3. a part played by an individual in bringing about a result. 4. a sharp steel wedge of a ploughshare that breaks up the soil's top layer, so that the seed can be sown.
Share vbTo have something in common, eg. children, an interest, a house as tenants. 2. to use jointly, individually, together or in common. 3. to have, give out as one's portion or share. 4. communicate an idea, a thought, or incident. 5. to part among two or more, to distribute in portions; to divide. 6. to partake of, use or experience with others. 7. to take and possess in common. 8. to cut, shear, cleave or divide.
Sharn nDung, especially of cattle.
Sharnbud nThe dung-beetle, from "budde" ---beetle.
Sharp adjClearly defined, as in a photo. 2. ending in a sharp point, acuate, acute, needle-like. 3. having the abilty to recognise a sharp distinction, insightish. 4. showing hard-headed, down-to-earthness smartness. 5. intelligent, shrewd, astute, keen in perception, quick to discern, penetrating, clever, sagacious. 6. keenly or unduly attentive to one's own interest; close and exact indealins with others. 7. in speech or language harsh, sharpworded, acerbic, biting, cutting, sarcastic, cruel. 8. very hard or severe upon other's feelings; sharp, rigorous, severe in rebuke. 9. extremely steep, precipitous. 10. high in pitch, sharp note or tone. 11. keen or painfully felt. 12. quick and forceful; keen in quest; impatient.
Sharp advSuddenly in change, direction, amount or degree.
Sharpness nQuick and penetrating intelligence. 2. an urgent attribute in one's voice tone. 3. a strong odor or taste; a pungency. 4. a keen and painful feeling. 5. a thinness of edge; a fineness of point. 6. a harshness of manner, asperity.
Sharp-set adjEager or keen for food, hungry. 2. having a desire fixed upon craving. 3. having a craving for sexual indulgence. 4. eager and ready to attack. 5. having a sharp-setness.
Sharpship nRigour, hardship: to be sharp or hard upon others in criticism or censure.
Sharp-sighted adjQuick of sight, having acuteness of mental vision, acuity.
Shave nA thin slice or shaving. 2. a cutting of the beard. 3. the operation of shaving. 4. exorbitant discount of price. 5. a hand tool consisting of a sharp blade, with a handle at each end. 6. the act of passing near, so as to almost touch or graze. 7. the act of swindling or extorting money, shaving.
Shave vbOE. sceafan: to scrape, shave, polish, cut, hack. 2. to use s razor to remove the beard. 3. to cut the hair closely. 4. to strip, steal or plunder someone of money or possessions. 5. to be hard in bargaining, extort, cheat, cut the price of. 6. strip, plunder, steal. 7. to cut in thin slices. 8. to touch the surface lightly, skim along the surface.
Shavewort nPlant of the genus Equisetum, Horsetail, Shave-grass, Shave-rush.
Shaw nA thicket, a small wood, copse or grove. 2. a strip of wood or underwood forming the border of a field.
Shaw vbTo fence or border (a field) with a shaw.
Shawy adjAbounding in shaws, woody.
She prThings female or of the female sex. 2. the female person or being previously mentioned or understood, in the nominative case. 4. that woman or female: any woman 5. an object designated or personified as feminine.
She -cmpFemale, feminine in hyphenated compounds.
Sheaf nA quantity of stalks of cut grain or the like, bound together; a bundle of straw. 2. any collection of things, as papers held together by a band or tie. 3. the quiverful of arrows carried by an archer -- usu. 24. 4. a bale, bidle, bundle, faggot, quiver, truss.
Shear nAn edge tool that cuts sheet metal by passing a blade through it.
Shear vbTo deviate, sheer, to cut, clip, or sever a thing with shears or similar instrument, to shear or to shear a fleece a sheep. 2. to reap grain or other similar crops. 3. to deprive of property. 4. to separate or remove with shears or a like instrument. 5. to cut off or clip from the surface.
ShearernA workman who shears for a living.
Shearsmith nA makers of shears.
Sheath nA protective covering. 2. an enveloping structure or covering enclosing an animal or plant. 2. a case or holder for a knife or sword.
Sheathe vb To put into a sheath; to gather and bind into a sheath, as in to sheaf wheat. 2. to plunge a sword into flesh, as if into a sheath. 3. to encase or protect with a covering, as the hull of a ship with metal. 4. to draw in as claws.
Sheave vbTo bind in a sheaf; sheave.
Sheave nSlice of bread. 2. a slice. 3. a shaving.
Shed nDistinction, discrimination, separation (of one thing from another). 2. the faculty of discerning, or distinguishing. 2. something being shed or fallen as "a shed of snow."
Shed nA small low building, often with its sides or front open. 2. a lean-to 3. any building used for storage made from tin; sometimes a temporary covering. 4. a store-house barn.
Shed vbTo fall in drops; to pour out in drops. 2. to let fall the parts, as seeds or fruit; to throw off a covering. 3. to drop leaves, branches. 4. to get rid of, dismiss, sack, let go, release. 5. to shed or spill blood. 6. to cause or allow a substance to flow, spill or run out. 7. to cast off hair, fur, skin, feathers or other coverings like certain animals: to molt, exuviate, slough. 8. to emit, diffuse, cause to flow or pour out, as the sun sheds light. 9. to sprinkle, intersperse, to cause: her hair was shed with grey.
Sheel nShell, husk, pod, shell or outer covering. 2. that in the process of sheeling, shealing. 3. a parting, separation, division. 4. the act of parting, separation, dividing.
Sheen nA beautiful woman, a sheen. (Your beautiful sister Lucina, the sheen.) 2. The Sun: " The Sheen." 3. Gloss, lustre, brilliance, dazzle.
Sheen adjSomething to behold. 2. of a person, esp. of women and their appearance, features: beautiful, fair, comely, beholding. 3. " a sheen " a beauty in a woman or women. 4. of animals, inanimate objects, places: beautiful, attractive. 5. in a non-material sense: beautiful, noble, pure, clean, free from sin.) 6. bright, shiny, sheeny, resplendent. 7. of the day, the sky, bright, sheeny, sun-filled, bright in colour.
Sheen vbTo shine, glisten, gleam, glint, to glow after.
Sheenless adjWithout beauty, plain, unattractive, ugly. 2. dull, wan, dark, sunless. 3. ignoble, impure, unclean, peccable.
Sheep nA medium-sized, domesticated animal of the genus "Ovis aries." 2. an animal, a ruminant, keeped by man for its wool, skin and meat. 3. a docile vulnerable person with the supposed temperament of a sheep: meek, self-conscious, sheepishly bashful, foolish-feeling, weak and timid, a simpleton, who is preyed upon by. 4. the people of God under god's protection.
Sheepish adjSpiritless, shy, bashful, sheeped, coy, hesitant.
Sheep-run nAn extensive tract of country where sheep range and graze.
Sheet nA towel, napkin, a cloth. 2. a broad piece of linen or cotton stuff, canvas or the like for covering, swathing, protecting from injury. Nb: "a burying sheet": shroud.
Sheet-flood nA short-lived expanse of running water that spread as a continous sheet over a large area following rain.
Sheet-lightning nA diffused glow of light flashing out of the clouds and illuminating their outlines.
Sheeted ppWrapped in a sheet or sheets, esp. a windy or encircling sheet; applied to the dead or ghosts. 2. encircled by a sheet as protection against injury or cold. 3. spread out like a sheet, esp. of rain, snow, lightning.
ShellnAmmunition fired by a cannon or rocket-launcher. 2. the hard outer covering of any animal; the housing or outer covering of something. 3. outer covering of some fruits, such as eggs, nuts. 4. rigid covering that covers an object. 5. a very light, narrow, racing boat. 6. metal sheathing of any thickness. 7. any slight, hollow structure. 8. a basic structure of a building or buildings left after bombing, after demolition or during renovation. 9. framework, hollow, skeleton. 10. a coarse, thin kind of interior coffin, enclosed within a more stronger one.
Shell vbTo direct, throw or use explosives on or upon enemies during or conflict, bomb or bombard a city. 2. create by explosion and explosive blasts a hole through a rock. 3. remove from a pod, husk, outer covering friut, nuts, seeds. 4. look for and collect shells by the seashore. s break off the shell, as in shelling peas or nuts. 7. separate the kernels of or from the cob, ear or husk. 8.
Shell-meat nFonsisting of shellfish or testaceous molluscs.
Shell-monger nShell-seller or trader in shells. 2. shell collector.
Shell outphrDistribute freely
Shell-sand nMinute fragments of shells constituting a considerable part of the seashore or beach.
Shelf nOE. (scylfe) ledge, a ledge or shelf of rock or mountain, a floor. & OE. (scylf) rugged rock, pinnacle. Modern word " shelf" from LG. (Schelf)
Skelp nOE. (scylp): a sandbank in a river or sea; sometimes seen as shelf.
Sheltron nOE. (scieldtruma): a troop. 2. a close, compact body of troops, troops drawn in battle array. 3. a phalanx. 4. a compact body of ships; a shieldtrum.
Shelve vbOE. to shield or defend.
Shench nA cupful of drink or liquor,
Shench vbTo pour liquor. 2. to give a person a drink. 3. to shenk
Shenker nA drinker, a bibulant, boozer.
Shend vbTo put to shame and disgrace. 2. to confound, confuse. 3. to destroy, ruin, bring to destruction. 4. to disfigure, corrupt, infect, defile, soil. 5. to overcome with fatigue, bewilder, stupefy. 6. a milder sense: to injure, hurt, impair, damage, spoil; to discomfit in an argument or disagreement. 7. to dishonour, blacken, denigrate, demean, to be shent.
Shendful adjInfamous, disgraceful, vile, ignominous, shendlac
Shendship nShendness, disgace, ignominy, infame, vileness, the condition or quality of shend: shendness.
Shene vbTo burst asunder, break, blow up, explode.
Shent nDisgrace, shame, ignominy, scandal.
Shepherd nOne who tends, feeds and guards sheep, esp. a grazing flock. 2. a church pastor or clergyman who gives religious guidance.
Shepherd-hearted adjKind, compassionate, caring.
Shepstare nThe starling: from their habit of sitting on a sheep's back and searching for ticks to eat.
Sheriff nShire-reeve, the shireman.
Shewel nA scarecrow.
Shide nA piece of wood split for timber, often used for fire wood, a shider.
Shide vbTo divide, cleave, split, shatter, splinter.
Shield nA scute, carapace, plastron, or any proctective plate covering. 2. a privy, toilet, out-house. 3. sheet ice. 4. the dome of a shield volcano or a very broad dome with gently sloping sides.
Shield vbTo protect, hide, or conceal from danger or harm. 2. hold back a thought or feeling about. 3. to harbour a grudge etc. 4. to cover with, defend, protect from injury. 5. to ward off, to keep off or out, to forbid. 6. to avert misfortune
Shift nA transformation, displacement 2. a workshift: time which you are at work. 3. a crew of workers. 4. the act of moving one place to another. 5. switch, changeover, directional change, dislodgement. 6. unsteady sideway movement. 7. a geological fault, fracture, break. 8. division, veering, distribution. 9. a woman's sleeveless undergarment.
Shift vbIn OE: to determine. 2. put in order, arrange. 3. apportion, distribute, divide into shares, partition off. 4. manage matters, make provision, deal, bargain. 5. bestir oneself; make a living by one's own devices. 6. manage with something inferior; to made do or to make shift. 7. to change someone mind; to change places. 8. to dress in fresh underclothing. 9. to change a scene. 10. to evade, turn aside. 11. transfer blame, responsilbilty or burden. 12. to palm off something onto a person. 13. to change a mechanical thing like a lever. 14, to alter direction. 15. to avoid, elude, escape. 16. shirk, to put off, deter. 17. to quit or leave. 18. to rid of. 19. to put off a person with a subterfuge. 20. evade or turn aside an argument or promise. 21. get rid of the effects, of drink, etc. 22. to change one's lodgings. 23. to move away, withdraw, depart esp to slip off unobserved.24. travel, journey, fare, move on.
Shiftless adjHelpless from self-defence. 2. void of cunning or artifice. 3. lacking in resource, incapable of shifting for oneself, hence inefficient, effete, lazy, shiftlessness. 4. of action, ineffective, futile, unvarying, unchanging, without shift, wendless.
Shildy adjGuilty, culpable.
Shill vbTo resound, sound loudly, ashill,
Shill vbTo separate. 2, to curdle milk.
Shilling n (shilling vbn: to shill)
Shim nShadow, gloom. 2. the streak of white on a horse's face. 3. a faint or transient appearance; a glimpse, a shimmer.
Shimmer n Nb: shimmerless, shimmeriness(flickering)
Shimmer vbEarlier use to shine brightly, glisten. 2. to shine with a tremulous, somewhat flickering light. 2. to gleam faintly. 3. to shim. 4. to move effortlessly, glide, drift.
ShinnThe inner and thicker of the two bones of the human leg, between the knee and the ankle. 2. the foremost part of the human leg, between the knee and the ankle. 3. the tibia.
Shin vbClimb akwardly, as if to scramble. 2. to climb a tree, pole etc. by grasping it by the arms and legs, without the help of spikes, steps or other aids: "to shinny up.". 3. to go or run hastily in order to borrow money from a number of persons: 'to shin it.'
Shinder vbTo shiver. 2. to shatter into pieces.
Shine nThe quality of being bright and emitting light rays. 2. the quality or state of brightness, lustre, gloss, polish, sheen. 3. effulgence, refulgence. 4. sunshine, fairweather. 5. a liking or fancy for another.
Shine vbTo be bright by reflecting or casting light. 2. to be shiny, as if wet, glisten. 3. to emit light, beam, gleam, glint. 4. to be distinguished, eminent, talented. 5. to have a bright complexion; to glow, beam, radiate. 6. to touch or seem to be touching visually. 7. to experience a well-being feeling or happiness. 8. to make a surface shine, looked polished, smooth, smoothen. 9 to fall upon, strike.
Ship nA sea vessel that carries freight and passengers. 2, any large sea-going vessel. 3. a space going craft. 4. a dish originally fashioned like the hull of a ship, used to hold incense.
Ship vbTo engage to serve on board a vessel. 2. to engage or secure for service seaman on board a ship. 3. to embark on a ship. 4. to put on board a ship or rail train ;for transportation, to transport or convey. 4. convey on ships belonging to one country or industry, such as on a cargo ship, merchant ship.
Shipbote nPayment or charge for the repair of a ship
Shipbreche nShipwreck
Shipe nIn OE. sense, dignity, condition. 2. something allocated, wages, reward, remuneration, shiping.
Shipe vbTo reward, pay wages.
Shipper nA seaman. 2. a sea captain, skipper. 3. one who ships goods for transportation. 4. one who transports goods by rail.
Shipping nThe commercial enterprise of moving goods and materials; transportation, transport; transportation, transport. 2. conveyance provided by the ships belonging to one country or industry.
Shippon nA cattle-shed, a cowhouse, an ox-stall, a shippen, farm buildings.
Shipwreck nThe partial or total destruction of a ship at sea. 2. utter or practical destruction or ruin. 3. scatterd remnants, as of a wrecked ship, wreckage.
Shire nIn OE: official charge, adminstration office, esp, that of a bishop, steward, governor. In Old English times of smaller districts, hundreds and wapentake for purposes of local government. 2. A province, district.
Shire adjBright, shining. 2. of liquids: clear, translucent. 3. pure, unnixed. 4. morally, spiritually clean or pure. 5. complete, perfect, sheer, utter; also negatively mere, bare. 6. thin, tenuous, not dense, scanty, sheer, weak, small.
Shirely advBrightly, clearly, purely, shirenessly 2. with main force: mightly, straight down.
Shire-moot nJudicial assembly of the shire in OE. times.
Shire-wite nTax paid to the sheriff for holding a shire court.
Shirt n
Shit nExcrement; the act of defecation. 2. a contemptible person.
Shittle adjOf persons and their faculties: inconstant, variable, wavery, flighty, fickle. 2. Of things, shaky, unstable. 3. shittle-wit: a foolish person; shittle-willed: wavering, fickle in resolve.
Shittleness nFickleness. instability, vacillation, shakiness.
Shive nA sheave, a particle of tusk. 2. a splinter. 3. a piece of thread or fluff on the surface of a cloth. 4. refuse of hemp or flax. 5. a sliver of light; a shivelight. 6. a piece of bread, a sheave of bread.
Shiver nA fragment, a chip, splinter. 2. flake, loose fibre, or filament. 3. slately stone. 4. a breastplate of a plough.
Shiver vb
Shoad vbIn OE. to divide, separate, shed. 2. loose fragments of tin, lead, copper.
Shoal nFlock of birds. 2. large number of person, a throng, a crowd, a troop. 3. a large number of inaminate things. 5. a mass of floating ice.
Shoal adjOf water, watercourse, harbour, sound: not deep, slight in the depth, becoming shallow, shoaling. 2. of mind or intellectual: shallow, unprofound, shallowness.
Shoal vbOf waterway, streams, bays, harbour: to become shallower. 2. Of a ship to come into shoal or the shallows. 3. to dig or drive less deeply into soil.
Shoal-hoodnShallowness, unprofundity, slightness.
Shoaling ppgrowing or becoming shallower.
Shoat nA young weaned pig. 2. an idle, worthless person.
Shock n
Shock vb
Shode nThe crown of the head. 2. the part(ing) of the head. 3. a dividing ridge.
Shoding nSeparation. 2. the parting of the hair.
Shoe n
Shoe vb
Shoemaker nOne who makes boots, shoes, etc. 2. a cobbler, a sutler, a souter.
Shoe-treen A wooden or metal form inserting in boots or shoes to preserve their shape or to stretch them; also called a boot-tree.
Shond nShame, disgrace, , ignominy, scandal, infamy. 2. "To do someone shond." --- treat with indignity. 3. "to bring shond upon oneself or another." --- bring scandal, infamy, etc.
Shood nThe husk of oats after threshing. Also spelt "shude."
Shoot vb
Shoot n
Shop nA building, a commercial establishment, in which goods, wares, items are sold by retail. 2. a small place, a workshop, where handcrafts or manufacturing done. 3. a course of instruction in a trade class.
Shop vbTo go or do shopping, buy at, patronise.
Shopping nThe act of looking around for goods and services available for sale
Shop talkphrInterest, conversation about one's work or what's going on in their workshop. 2. to make one's work the chief topic of conversation, to talk shop.
Shore adjPrecipitous, rugged, sheer; steep.
Shortlivy adjEphemeral, shortlived, unenduring, fleeting.
Short-tongued adjInarticulate, stammering, lisping. 2. taciturn, unwilling to speak.
Shot nA solid missile, as a ball of iron, or a bullet, a pellet of lead. 2. the act of shooting
Shot vb
Shoulder n


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