Old EnglishnEnglish
Sea n One of the larger bodies of salt water, less than an ocean, found on the earth's surface. 2 a body of salt water, generally forming part of, or connecting with, an ocean or a larger sea; as, the Mediterranean Sea. 3. An inland body of water, esp. if large or if salt or brackish; as, the Caspian Sea. 4. sometimes, a small fresh-water lake; as, the Sea of Galilee. 5. The ocean; the whole body of the salt water which covers a large part of the globe. 6. (fig): Anything resembling the sea in vastness; as, a sea of hope. 7. (fig):a great quantity of anything (esp. liquids), "a sea of tea". "a sea of a load".
Sea phr"All At Sea" - in a ship at sea. 2. on the ocean. 3. at a loss what to do or think; bewildered; at sea. 3. to be confused, perplexed as to what is going on and what to do next. 4. wide of the mark. 5. in a state of uncertainty (like one at sea who has loss their bearings.
Sea phr"Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" - to be faced with two equally unpalatable alternatives which cannot both be avoided.
Sea phr"Follow the Sea" - to follow the occupation of sailor.
Sea phr"Half Seas Over" - quite or half drunk.
Sea phr"On the Sea" - in a ship at sea.
Sea phr"Put to Sea" - leave land or port. 2. go to sea.
Sea phr"The Four Seas" - those seas around Great Britain.
Sea phr"The High Seas" - the unenclosed or open expanse of the ocean; also, the main or that part of the ocean beyond a country's territorial waters.
Sea phr"The Old Man of the Sea" - in the story of Sinbad, the sailor, who clung to Sinbad's shoulders...
Sea phr"The Seven Seas" - the Arctic and Antarctic; North and South Pacific, the North and South Atlantic, the Indian Ocean.
Sea phr"To Ship a Sea" - to have a big wave flooding the deck.
Sea-adder nSea-snake, sea-serpent. 2. the saltwater stickleback.
Sea-anchor nA device such as a heavy bag dragged in the water to retard the drifting of a ship.
Sea ape nThe manatee. 2. the sea-fox, sea-otter.
Sea apple nThe sea urchin.
Sea-arrow nA genus of ten-footed cuttlefish; the flying squid.
Sea-bear nThe fur seal found in herds at the North Pacific, produces the sealskin of commerce.
Sea-beaver nThe sea otter.
Sea-bed nThe ground under the sea; the ocean floor.
Sea-bells nA kind of bindweed.
Sea-bird nA bird frequenting the sea or the land near the sea, as albatrosses,gulls, gannets, petrels, frigate, shearwaters.
Sea-bits and strew nFlotsam and jetsam
Sea-board nBordering on the sea; also the land or region bordering the sea. 2. the seashore or seacoast. 3. the line or neighbourhood of the coast.
Sea-boat nA boat designed for use at sea.
Sea-born adjBorn at sea.
Sea-born Goddess nAphrodite.
Seaborne adjCarried or transported on the sea or a sea=going vessel.
Seabread nAn unsalted hard biscuit used at sea; hardtack.
Sea butterfly nA pteropod.
Sea-calf nThe common harbor seal of the north Atlantic.
Sea-cat nA name given to various fishes, as the wolf-fish or sea wolf.
Sea-chest nA sailor's storage chest.
Sea chicken nAny of various types of fish known for their mild flavour.
Sea-cliff nA cliff that abuts the sea, formed by sea erosion.
Sea-cock nA Viking or sea-rover. 2. a valve in the ship's hull.
Sea-corn nA barnacle.
Sea-cow nAny aquatic herbivorous mammal of the order Sirenia , sometimes reaching a length of about 25 feet; especially the manatee or dugong. 2. the hippopotamus. 3. the walrus.
Sea-craft nMaritime skill or the art of navigation. 2. a sea-going vessel.
Sea-crow nCormorant.
Sea-day nA day on which a cruise ship remains at sea all day (i.e. passengers cannot leave the ship)
Sea-devil nA fish of the genus Lophius, growing to a large size, with a head as large as the body; the angler fish, devil-fish or the wide-gab.
Sea-dog nAn old, experienced sailor. 2. a pirate, corsair, buccaneer. 3. the dog-fish, of shark, seahound 4. a genus the seal or seal calf.
Sea-drake nThe male of the elder duck. 2. a cormorant.
Sea-dike nA wall or embankment to keep out the sea.
Sea duck nany duck that frequents salt water.
Sea-fare nFood obtained from the sea; fish, seafood.
Sea-farer nSea voyager, seaman, sailor. 2. a traveler by sea.
Seafaring nThe act of going on or voyaging at sea
Seafaring adjFollowing the sea as a calling. 3.
Sea-fight nA naval battle; a fight or engagement between sea vessels, ships etc. 2. a conflict between vessels on the high sea.
Sea-fire nThe phosphorescent light on the surface of the sea.
Sea floor nThe bottom of a sea or ocean.
Sea floor spreading n(Geology) The outward movement of the seafloor from central underwater ridges as a result of plate tectonics; the major cause of continental drift.
Sea foam nThe froth or foam on the sea. 2. meerschaum. 3. fluffy candy made of spun sugar.
Sea folk nSeafaring people.
Seafood nEdible food (sea fish or shellfish) from the sea.
Sea fowl nAny bird that spends most of its time in coastal waters or over the oceans. 2. a sea bird or sea birds collectively
Sea fox nThe fox shark or thresher shark, the most common of larger kinds of sharks in British waters, found near shoals of herrings, pilchards or sprats.
Sea-gird nEncircled, girt, girthed or surrounded by the sea, sometimes said of a peninsula.
Sea-gird island nBritain, as a island surrounded or girthed by sea.
Sea-god nA marine deity, a fabulous (god or goddess) being supposed to rule over the sea, as Neptune.
Sea-going adjOf ships, fit or adapted for crossing the sea. 2. (of a person): seafaring ; skillful in navigation. 3. pertaining to vessels which make long sea voyages.
Sea-grass nA name for various marine plants, as the grass wrack, thrift etc. 2. a variety of cirrus cloud, a forerunner of stormy weather.
Sea-green adjA bluish green color having or like the color of seawater, being of a faint green color, with a slightly bluish tinge.
Sea-hare nAny sea slug having an internal shell and long extensions from its foot.
Sea-heath nA perennial found on salt marshes of south England with procumbent, wiry branches.
Sea-hedgehog nA globe fish.
Sea hog nThe porpoise.
Sea-holly nA spiny-leaved blue-flowered evergreen plant with fleshy roots of the carrot family from which a sweetmeat can be made.
Sea-horse nThe hippocampus. 2. walrus, narwhal. 3. a mythical creature with a horse's and fish's tail. 4. having a head resembling that of the seahorse. 5. a fabulous animal half-horse and half-fish, driven by Neptune. 6. a large white-crested wave.
Sea hound nA genus of shark; the shark.
Sea-ice nFrozen seawater.
Seaish adjPertaining to the sea or things maritime
Sea-keeping nEffective operation of a ship at sea. 2. remaining seaworthy.
Sea-king nOne of the piratical chiefs or leaders, often Scandinavian Vikings, of the C9th who ravaged settlements and towns in many parts of Europe. 2. Neptune.
Seal nAn animal half on land and half in the sea; valued for its skin. 2. seal (impressed, mark, closure) is Anglo-french.
Seal nOE: sael. opportunity. 2. time, season as in a hay seal, wheat-seal.
Sealer nA person employed to catch seals
Sea-lane nA regularly ocean-going vessels.
Sea-lark nThe rock pit, sandpipers, plovers, dunlin etc.
Sea-lawyer nSailor always standing up for his rights, but with superficial knowledge of the law, and ready to resort to shady and capacious means to achieve his purpose.
Sea leather nThe skin of sharks, porpoises, dogfish prepared for use as leather.
Sealer na person or ship employed in hunting seals.
Sea-less adjWithout or lacking a sea; landlocked.
Sea-life nOrganisms (especially fish) that live in the sea.
Sea-light nPhosphorescence seen at sea. 2. a beacon, lighthouse, harbor light to guide ships.
Sea-like adjResembling a sea or some aspect of one.
Sea lily nA crinoid; a stalked marine invertebrate resembling a flower.
Sea-line nThe coast or seaboard; the littoral area. 2. the horizon, the line where the sea and sky meet or seem to meet. 3. the horizon at sea.
Sealing nThe hunting of seals commercially.
Sea Lord n(In the UK) either of two senior naval officers (First Sea Lord, Second Sea Lord)serving originally as members of the Admiralty Board (now of the Admiralty of Defence).
Seal-skin nThe skin of seals, used in the making of clothing.
Sea lungwort nAn attractive American herb Mertensia maritima of the borage family with white long-stalked flowers, common to the northern coasts.
Seam nSuture, junction, join. 2. joining of the edges a wound by suture. 3. joining of fabrics by the seam. 4. an intervening strip. 5. the raise stitching in a cricket ball. 6. a long furrowed groove on on in rocks or stone. 7. a streak of lightning. 9. joints in uniting the edges of sheet . 10. thin layer of stratum separating two strata of greater magnitude.
Seam nA pack-horse load. 2. a load; a burden. 3. a cartload, esp. a defined amount
Seam phr"Bursting At the Seams" - full to overflowing. 2. to be very crowded.
Seamy phr"Seamy Side of Life" ?????- nasty aspects of life.
Seam vbTo put a burden on; load, weigh down, to weigh heavily.
Seamish adjPertaining to or belonging to the sea; marine.
Sea-maiden nNymph of the Sea. 2. mermaid. 3. goddess of the sea.
Seaman nA sailor, a mariner, "salt."
Seamanly adjSeamanlike.
Seamanship nThe skill and ability of a good seaman in the art or management of a ship at sea; sea-craft.
Sea mark nAny landmark that serves as a guide in navigation; a beacon; lighthouse.
Seamed adjHaving or furnished with seams.
Sea mew na gull, especially the European mew (larus canus)
Sea-mile nA unit of length varying between approximately 2,014 yards (1.842 metres) at the equator and (1.861) at the pole.
Seaminess nstate or condition of being seamy
Seamless adjWithout a seam or seams. 2. uninterrupted, smooth.
Seamlessly advIn a seamless manner.
Seamlessness nThe quality or state of being seamless.
Seamlike adjResembling a seam or some aspect of one.
Seamy adjSordid, squalid, 2. having or showing a seam.
Sea load nThe weight of a payload on a vessel.
Sea mouse nAny marine annelid worm of the genus Aphrodite, with a broad iridescent setae.
Sea mouth nPt of a river, estuary, lagoon which broadens out as it enters the sea.
Sea oats nUniola paniculata also known as seaside oats, is a tall subtropical grass that is an important component of coastal sand dune and beach plant communities in the southeastern United States, eastern Mexico and some Caribbean islands.
Seamster nA person employed in sewing.
Seamstress nA women skilled in needlework, especially one whose occupation deals with sewing.
Seamy adjFull of seams; as the wrong side of the garment.
Sea needle nThe Garfish.
Sea otter nA marine otter an aquatic animal found in the north Pacific, having long hind legs resembling the flippers of a seal; a valuable full rich soft fur, grayish or dark brown, with a very strong thick pelt
Sea owl nThe lump fish.
Sea quake nAn earthquake under the sea.
Sear adjDry, withered, burned up: when a pasture is said to be dried up by the sun, it is said to look "sear". 2. of textile fabrics: thin, worn.
Sea rat nA pirate; the chimaera.
Sea-raven nSea ravens are bottom-dwelling fish that feed on small invertebrates, found in the northwest Atlantic and north Pacific Oceans. They are covered in small spines (modified scales). 2. the cormorant. 3. the deep-water sculpin.
Searedness nHardiness; insensibility, callousness.
Sea-rim nSeashore. 2. the horizon; the sea horizon.
Sear-leaf nLeaves and foliage of a tree withered, marcescent, or dead
Sea-rim nSeashore. 2. the horizon; the sea horizon.
Searing adjVery hot, blistering or boiling. 2. of a pain: having a sensation of intense sudden heat.
Searing-iron nA iron used for cauterizing flesh.
Searingly adjIn a burning, blistering, hot manner. 2, harshly, mercilessly, cruelly.
Searness nDryness.
Sea room nAmple room for safely manoeuvring a ship.
Sea run nThe salmon having returned to the sea after spawning.
Sear-wood nDead branches on a tree, needing to be cut off for safety.
Sea sale nA sale of tickets for seats at an event at a reduced price.
Sea salt nSalt prepared by evaporating seawater.
Sea sawdust nMarine, blue-green algae.
Sea shell nA marine shell or mollusk.
Sea sick nSuffering from sea-sickness.
Sea-sickness nDisturbances of the nervous system with nausea and vomiting produced by the rolling and pitching of a vessel at sea.
Seaside nThe land adjacent to the sea.
Seaside adjThe land adjacent to the sea. 2. the seashore, especially as a place of resort; also, the side abutting or facing the sea.
Seasider nOne who lives near the seaside.
Sea silk nAn extra fine, rare and valuable fabric; produced from the long silky filaments or byssus excreted by several mollusc which attach themselves to the seabed.
Sea sleeve nA squid.
Sea smoke nSea smoke or frost smoke, a fog which is formed when very cold air moves over warmer water. Arctic sea smoke is sea smoke forming over small patches of open water in sea ice. It forms when a light wind of very cold air mixes with a shallow layer of saturated warm air immediately above the warmer water.
Sea snake nA family of venomous, fish-eating aquatic reptiles brilliantly colored, found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. 2. a sea-serpent.
Seaspeak nA controlled natural language (CNL) based on English, designed to facilitate communication between ships whose captains' native tongues differ.
Sea spider nThe spider crab, found under stones at low water.
Sea star nA starfish.
Seasteading nThe creation of permanent dwellings at sea, especially outside the territory claimed by any national government.
Sea stick nA herring cured at sea, as soon as caught.
Sea swallow nThe tern, a bird resembling but smaller than the gull.
Sea-swept adjLocated on the sea.
Sea-swine nA porpoise.
Sea-stream nAn ocean current. 2. the sea (poet).
Seat nEtymology: not found in English till C14th - but a close relative of sit. 2. see: stool, bench, settle, setl.
Sea-wall nA breakwater. 2. the sea as a wall or barrier of defence.
Sea walnut nAny of the various ctenophores having an ovate body somewhat resembling a walnut, especially of the genus Pleurobrachia.
Seaward adjIn the direction or going towards the sea; seawards. 2. blowing, as wind, from the sea.
Seaward advIn the direction of the sea,
Seaware nSeaweed, especially, coarse seaweed thrown up on the beach; used for manure and other purposes. 2. (archaic) flotsam; articles cast up by the sea. 3. a kind of kelp; sea girdles.
Seawasp nAny of several marine stinging box jellyfish, some whose sting is deadly, found in northeast Australia and South East Asia
Sea-water nsalt water
Seaway nThe rate of progress or headway made of a vessel under way. 2. sea room for vessels. 3. a way or lane over the sea. 4. an inland waterway that receives ocean shipping. 5. a rough sea.
Sea-weary adjWorn out or wearied by sea voyaging: tired by or of the sea.
Seaweed nA green plant found in abundance around and near the seashore; including kelp, rockweeds, dulse, sea lettuce etc.
Sea wife nA variety of wrasse.
Sea-willow nA polyp which resembles the osier.
Sea-wolf nA predatory, voracious black and white toothed whale with a large dorsal fin, common in cold seas and oceans. 2. a viking, a pirate, a chimaera.
Sea woman nA mermaid.
Sea worm nA marine annelid.
Seaworthiness nThe seaworthiness of a watercraft that makes it fit to go to sea.
Seaworthy adjPertaining to a ship or seacraft considered fit enough to make a trip on the sea or any significantly large body of water. fit for proceeding to sea. able to withstand the buffeting of the sea.
Sea wrack nSeaweed, especially a kelp or other large species.
Seax nA Teutonic one-edged sword; a sax.
Sedeful adjVirtuous, moral, chaste.
Sedge nA grass-like plant Carex found in marshy areas
Sedged adjComposed of sedge.
Sedge-hen nA marsh hen.
Sedgy adjOver-grown with sedge.
See vbTo perceive by sight or have the power to perceive by sight. 2. observe or follow by the eye. 3. hold in the imagination or dream. 4. to understand, to understand the meaning of something, to interpret the context of something, realise, come to know, make sense of something, see the outcome of . 5. to conceive of, see in one's mind, imagine. 6. to deem to be, reckon, regard. 7. to get to know, or become to know or be aware of. 8. to view, watch, or see TV or a movie. 9. to come together, meet, run across, meet by-hap or hap upon. 10. to find out, realize, understand, learn, determine with certainty. 11. to visit for business, health or other reasons someone for professional advice or help. 12. to deal with, arrange, undertake, see to. 13. to date regularly. 14. to experience, endure, survive, go go through.
See phr"As Far As I Can See" - to the best of my judgement, understanding or belief.
See phr"As I See It" - in my opinion
See phr"Do You See" - do you understand,
See phr"Do You See What I Mean?" - do you understand?.
See phr"Glad to See the Back of You" - please to see when someone leaves.
See phr"I Have Seen Better Days" - has declined from former prosperity or good condition. 2. worn, less attractive.
See phr"I'll Be Seeing You" - an expression of parting; goodbye.
See phr"I See hat You Mean" ? - I understand.
See phr"Let Me See" - I am trying to calculate, decide, remember.
See phr"Not See Beyond the End of One's Nose" - make only a superficial search.
See phr"Not See for Dust" - not see somebody because he or she has left for dust.
See phr"Not See the Wood for the Trees" - to overlook the general picture because of undue concentration on the details.
See phr"See After" - take car of
See phr"See an End Of" - witness the ending of something (usually something unpleasant).
See phr"See Beyond" - foresee and understand events which are at some distance in space and time; be farsighted.
See phr"See Beyond the End of One's Nose" - to be able to understand more than is present and obvious.
See phr"See Blood" - to be very angry.
See phr"See Daylight" - to get the right answer, solution or end to a problem.
See phr"See Eye to Eye" - be in full agreement with. 2. have sympathy, same views to.
See phr"See Good" - to consider fit and proper.
See phr"See Here!" - calling attention to; expressing a protest, anger, an annoyance.
See phr"See How the Other Half Live" - observe, or experience, the life of people different from one's own kind in class, race, occupation or interest.
See phr"See How the Land Lies" - find out what the shape of a coast line is, so that one can sail along it, or land on it; observe the shape, arrangement of geographical features, streets, buildings, etc in a town, or furniture in a room. 2. (fig) observe the attitudes of others so that one can decide whether it is possible to do something one plans to do.
See phr"See In" - to show someone in; to introduce someone to the inside of a place++. 3. to welcome++.
See phr"See In a Good Light" - to regard a person favorably.
See phr"See In a New Light" - see in a different (usually more favorable) way.
See phr"See Into a Millstone" - understand a difficult matter.
See phr"See Into Something" - investigate, to examine.
See phr"Seeing is Believing" - only the sight of something is real proof of its existence. 2. one needs to see something before one can believe it exists, or happens.
See phr"Seeing That" - because, considering that.
See phr"Seeing Things" - having an hallucination, observing a visual illusion.
See phr"See Life" - gain experience of the world, often by enjoying oneself. 2. observe and/or experience various ways of living and behaving, those thought to be different from one's own, new or stimulating.
See phr"See Life Steadily and See it Whole" - have a balanced and mature reaction to people, events, fashions and opinions.
See phr"See Of" - meet have contact with someone often, seldom etc.
See phr"See Off" - say, bid, farewell to somebody. 2. drive, chase away.
See phr"See Ourselves as Others See Us" - realize that the impression we make on others. 2. be able to see ourselves objectively.
See phr"See Out of" - lead, guide, someone out of the building.
See phr"See Over" - to inspect (premises etc), view, tour, visit, examine a place.
See phr"See Red" - become or make someone suddenly enraged or extremely angry.
See phr"See Somebody Right" - look after somebody's interests. 2. ensure that somebody has all they want.
See phr"See Something with Half an Eye" - to sum up a matter instantly
See phr"See Someone Coming" - to see someone as a potential victim to swindle or otherwise deceive. 2. to notice in advance, especially to recognize as a threat or a problem.
See phr"See Someone Hung In Hell before Doing..." - emphatically reject the idea of doing, or agreeing to, what somebody wants.
See phr"See Someone Off" - be present at the departure of someone. 2. ward off; get the better of.
See phr"See Someone Out" - escort someone out of a building; accompany one to the door. 2. finish something, as a task, project etc., to completion. 3. remain alive, awake until the end. 4. to outdo.
See phr"See Someone Right" - ensure that someone is paid, rewarded for their work.
See phr"See Someone Through" - to give another necessary aid for a successful issue; help someone overcome a difficulty. 2. to penetrate, as a disguise or deception. 3. to aid or protect, as through a period of difficulty or danger.
See phr"See Stars" - see light before one's eyes as a result of a blow to the head. 2. be briefly blinded, perhaps with flashing sensations.
See phr"See the Back Of" - be rid of.
See phr"See the Light" - realize after formerly be mistaken, what one should properly do or think.. 2. to understand the real situation. 3. suddenly see the way forward. 4. undergo a religious experience. realize after formerly be mistaken, what one should properly do or think.
See phr"See the Last of" - to see something or someone for the last time, especially someone someone unpleasant or difficult.
See phr"See the Light of Day" - come into existence; usually, not see the light of day. 2. happen or accept; realize the merits of something.
See phr"See Them Come, See The Go" - outlast a succession of events, persons or things.
See phr"See the Score" - to appreciate the reality of the situation.
See phr"See the Sights" - pass, look at, visit the typical of, or famous in, in a city, district, country.
See phr"See the World" - travel, live and work widely in many parts of the world..
See phr"See the Writing On the Wall" - to appreciate a certain outcome of some event.
See phr"See Things" - have hallucinations or false imaginings.
See phr"See Through" - last, persist, see through. 2. understand the true nature of somebody beneath the a pleasant, deceptive appearance. 3. see that someone passes through a difficult time. 4. handle a situation and bring events to a happy conclusion.
See phr"See Through Somebody" - realize that somebody is deceiving you.
See phr"See to" - take care that something happens.
See phr"See to Someone" - to attend to; deal with, .
See phr"See Which Way the Wind Blows" - postpone a decision until one has further information. 2. see etc what is likely to happen; see etc what others think , feel, want, or are planning, especially to check before action is taken or a decision, oneself.
See phr"See with Only Half an Eye" - notice something that is obvious.
See phr"See With One's Own Eyes" - to see something in real life, as opposed to a picture or a projection.
See phr"See Yellow" - to receive a yellow caed in soccer.
See phr"See You" - goodbye; see you later.
See phr"See You in Hell" - a farewell which implies that the person addressed is about to die and be damned.
See phr"See You Later" - an expression of parting or saying goodbye.
See phr"See You Soon" - goodbye, something said at a farewell, not necessarily literally meaning that the speaker will see the hearer again.
See phr"See You When I see You" - used as a farewell, when the next time the speaker and interlocutor will meet is not known.
See phr"So I See" - I told you so.
See phr"Suck It and See" - discover experimentally how something works.
See phr""We Don't See Things As They Are, We See Them As We Are" - each person who sees a thing will see it filtered through their own perceptions. So none of us really see it objectively.
See phr"We Shall See" - let us wait for the outcome.
See phr"Wouldn't Be Seen for Dead" - be too ashamed embarrassed for something.
Seed nA small hard fruit 2. a mature fertilized plant ovule consisting of an embryo and its food source and having a protective coat. 3. one of the outstanding players in a tournament; a seeded player, as opposed to an unseeded player. 4. anything that provides inspiration for later work; source, seed, germ. 5. semen, seed, seminal fluid. 6. that which exists in rudimentary stature.
Seed vbGo to seed; shed seeds or seedlings. 2. help (an enterprise) in its early stages of development by providing seed money 3. to bear seeds. 4. place (seeds) in or on the ground for future growth; sow, seed. 5. distribute (players or teams) so that outstanding teams or players will not meet in the early rounds. 6. sprinkle or seed with silver iodide particles to disperse and cause rain. " to seed clouds"
Seed phr"Everything Has its Seed" - whatever you see manifested in the world and in your life began as a seed, which through time and reinforcement from internal and external sources germinated into reality —for better or for worse. A flower; a fruit, a rigid belief system; a loving relationship; a musical composition; a disease, a life.
Seed phr"Go to Seed" - to develop and shed seed. 2. to become shabby, useless, deteriorate.
Seed phr"Run to Seed" - to produce flowers and seed at the expenses of roots. 2. to dissipate one's talents. 3. to go to waste or ruin.
Seed phr"Sow Seed" - to propagate ideas in the hope that they will be adopted.
Seed-bed nA bed of fine soil in which seedlings are germinated. 2. a plot of ground for raising plants from seed. 3. a place of development, as 'a seed-bed of christian revival'
Seed-bird nThe water-wagtail. 2. the common gull.
Seed cake nContaining whole seed esp. of caraway as flavoring.
Seed corn nGood-quality corn kept for seed, especially maize, used or intended for seed.
Seed-down nA fine-hairy substance on some seeds, by which, they are wafted by the wind, the pappus or hairy crown.
Seed eater nA bird (esp. a finch) living mainly on seed.
Seed eating nFeeding off seed.
Seeded adjSown, matured,
Seeder nOne who or that which sows seed. 2. a device from removing seed from fruit.
Seed fern nA plant which has fronds like a fern and naked seeds.
Seedful adjFull of seeds, richly bearing seeds.
Seed gall nA small gall, resembling a seed, due to insect action.
Seed harrow nFarm implement for working down the soil and covering sown seed.
Seedily advIn a seedy manner.
Seeding nThe process of crystallization.
Seed leaf nA cotyledon or primary leaf.
Seedless adjWithout seed or seeds, barren, effete.
Seedlike adjResembling or characteristic of a seed.
Seedling na young, no longer depending on the seed for food.
Seed oyster n?A young oyster especially one transplanted to another bed, also 'oyster seed'.
Seedpit nA single seed in the center of a cherry, peach, plum, olive, avocado or other fruit.
Seed plant nA plant which bears seed, spermaphyte.
Seed plot nA seedbed.
Seedsman nOne who deals in seed.
Seed stalk nThe small stalk by which an ovule is attached to the placenta.
Seedster nOne who seeds or diseminates, a sower, origintor.
Seedstock nA stock of seed. 2. any supply of seed for planting in general. 3. (fig). any source of new (notably young) individuals. 2. a rookie list, recruitment pool, a source; a recruit, novice, neophyte.
Seedtime nThe sowing season; the season proper for sowing..
Seed wool nRaw cotton before the seed have been separated from the fiber.
Seedy adjAbounding with seed, run or going to seed, exhausted. 2. shabby, ill-looking, miserable or wretched looking, disheveled, scruffy, worn out. 3. diseased, unwell, poorly. 4. not up to the mark; poor and ragged. 5. salacious, pornographic, trashy. 6. pertaining to raw wool with grass seed clinging to it.
Seedy-toe nInfection of the laminar membrane of a horse's hoof.
See-er nOne who sees or is able to see. 2. a witness.
Seeing nThe act of seeing; vision, sight. 2.
Seeing conjTaking into consideration; since, in view of the fact.
Seeing phr"A Good Seeing-to" - a beating. 2. an act of sexual intercourse. 3. a thorough clean-up or repair.
Seeing phr"Seeing is Believing" - you need to see something to believe it; its visible facts cannot be denied. 3. skepticism aboUt a claim.
Seeing-eye dog nA animal companion and guide to the blind.
Seek vbTo try to get, reach, or come to. ie happiness; search, look for. 2. try to find, locate, or discover. 3. try to establish the existence of, make inquiry after. 4. to make an effort or attempt or endeavor to find. 5. to go to or towards. 6. inquire for, ask for, inquire for direction, beseech. 7. to seek after, to follow up, persecute, pursue. 8. try to acquire or gain; strive after, aim at, as to seek wealth and fame. 9. to be or go after, ask for, delve into, follow up, hunt for, look up, want to know, visit.
Seek phr"Far/Much to Seek" - lacking, or not yet found.
Seek phr"Seek and You Shall find" - something can be found if you look for it.
Seek phr"Seek Dead" - an order to a retriever to find game.
Seek phr"Seek for" - try to find, look for.
Seek phr"Seek No Further" - look no harder.
Seek phr"Seek Out" - search and find. 2. come looking for to seek help, pass on news or information.
Seek phr"Seek the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow" - to have naive expectations.
Seeker nOne who endeavors to find happiness, wealth, fame. 2. one who tries to establish the existence of something or someone. 4. one who inquires about something, such as knowledge.
Seekers nA C17th religious puritan group akin to the Quakers.
Seek-no-further nA kind of winter apple with a slightly acis taste.
Seel nGood fortune; happiness, bliss.
Seeksorrow nOne who acts to his own detriment. 2. one who contrives to give himself vexation. 3. a self-tormentor; a masochist.
Seelihood nHappiness; also: seelihead.
Seelily advHappily.
Seeliness nHappiness, blessedness, blissfulness, artlessness. 2. simplicity, silliness.
Seeling nThe rolling or agitation of a ship in a storm.
Seely adjHappy, blithesome, blissful, well-omened, lucky, eady. 2. said of persons, their condition or experience: spiritually blessed, enjoying the blessing of God. 3. pious, holy, good. 4. innocent, harmless, compassionate of persons and animals suffering undeservedly. 5. deserving of pity or sympathy, pitiable, miserable, poor. 6. helpless, defenceless, silly, artless. 7. insignificant, trifling, poor, feeble. 8. often of the soul --- in danger of divine judgement. 9. frail, worn, weary. 10. foolish, simple, silly.
Seem nAgreement, concord, reconciliation.
Seep nMoisture that drips or oozes out. 2. a small spring; a place where oil and other liquid flow slowly from the ground.
Seep vbTo ooze, drip, trickle.
Seeping nAn act by which something seeps; liquid that has seeped.
Seepy adjBoggy, marshy, not well-drained, of land.
Seer nOne who sees. 2. one to whom divine revelations are made in visions; a person gifted in profound spiritual insight. 3. magician, crystal gazer, scryer with second-sight.
See-saw adjUsually of one whose life is passed in monotonous repetition of the same incident. 2. moving backwards and forwards in the manner of a seesaw. 3. vicissitudinous.
Seesaw phr"To Seesaw" - vacillate or alternate.
Seethe nAgitation, ebullience, turmoil, botheration, furore.
Seethe vbOE: lit. to boil. 1. Ebullition of waves. 2. engendering an intense commotion of heat, to smoulder, to stew. 3. to boil, to prepare or produce by boiling, to keep boiling or boil vigorously to ebullition; foam. 4. to rise, surge, boil up like bubbles and foam. 5. to be in state of inner agitation, turmoil or fermentation. 6. of a person in an agitated, emotional state: feverish etc., of plans, discontent or change. 7. of a region : be filled with noisy activity and excitement, disaffection by agitation, be ebullient and tumultous.
SeetheadjIn constant agitation, ebullient, noisy, febrile, feverish, foaming.
Seething vnThe action of seethe.
See-through adjTransparent, diaphanous, allowing the passage of light, somewhat translucent, unimpeded vision.
Segge nA man (only used contemptuously).
SehelichadjThat may be seen, visible.
Selcouth adjUnfamiliar, unusual, rare, strange, marvelous, wonderful. 2. various, different, not of one kind; (not one selcouth); (no-selcouth) -- no wonder.
Seld nThrone, a set, a shop, stand for spectators.
Seld adjSeldom as in Seld-heard-of; seld-known; seld-shaven, seld-speaking, seld-trodden
Seldom advRarely, not often, infrequently.
Seldom adjRare, uncommon.
Seldom phr"Seldom seen, Soon forgotten" - out of sight, out of mind.
Seldomly advSeldom, rarely, uncommon.
Seldomness nRarenes, infrequency, uncommonness.
Seld-seen adjSeldom or not often seen; reclusive, hermit-like.
Seld-speech nTacturnity.
Seld-time adjRarely, seldomly
Seld-whenadjRarely occurring; infrequent, seldomly
Seld-where adjRarely found, seldomly found or located.
Seld-while adjSeldom worthwhile
Sele nHappiness, prosperity, good, good fortune. 2. favourble or proper time, opportune moment, right occasion, opportunity. 3. season, a period of time, time of day, " the day's sele." meaning to pass the time of day, that is a give a friendly greeting in passing.
Self nThe individual as the object of his own reflective consciousness. 2. the man viewed by his own cognition as the subject of all his mental phenomena. 3. the agent in his own activities, the subject of his own feelings, and the possessor of capacities and character. 4. a person as a distinct individual; a being regarded as having 5.personal interest, or love of private interest; selfishness; as, self is his whole aim.
Self phr"One's Better Self" - one's nobler impulse.
Self phr"One's Old Self" - oneself as one formerly was.
Self-arising nSelf-raising.
Self-aware adjConscious of one's character, feelings, motives, etc.
Self-awareness nThe state or property of being self-aware; state of being aware of oneself as an individual. 2. a personal trait regarding someone's ability to persistently and accurately perceive their presence among other people, their own knowledge and abilities; and subsequently, to recognize their limitations for those even which they're particularly confident with.
Self-be-got vbTo self beget, or create one's self by one's power.
Self-begotten adjSelf-created, self-made, set up by one's own hands.
Self-being adjIndependent existence, a self-existent being.
Self-belief nTrust in one's own positive characteristics, self-confidence, selfworth.
Self-binder nA reaping machine with an automatic mechanism for binding the sheaves.
Self-black adjOf a uniformly black color; naturally black color, not-dyed.
Self-blood nSuicide, self-murder. 2. relatives, relations, one's own kin
Self-born adjProduced by itself or oneself; not made externally.
Self-bow nA bow that has been made from a single piece of wood. 2. a bow stave.
Self-bred adjSelf-fertilization; autogamy occurring in hermaphroditic organism.
Self-build vbTo build or construct something one-self; to be a self-builder.
Self-builder nOne who constructs kit-homes.
Self-built adjBuilt by oneself, often from commercially available components.
Self-burning adjSelf-igniting.
Self-care nIn health care, self-care is any necessary human regulatory function which is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated. Some place self-care on a continuum with health care providers at the opposite end to self-care. In modern medicine, preventive medicine aligns most closely with self-care. 2. care for oneself, self-interest. 3. one or a group who looks after their own care.
Self-chosen adjChosen by or after oneself.
Self-cleaning adjCleaning itself when heating (esp. an oven).
Self-coolingadjCapable of cooling without external control and intervention, as an air cooler.
Self-dead nSelf-dead souls, self-annihilation.
Self-deadness nMost profound and spiritual humility.
Self-deal nDealing with oneself. 2. engage in dealings favorable to oneself. 3. taking advantage one's position as fiduciary.
Self-dealing nThe act of dealing with oneself. 2. the engagement in dealings favorable to oneself. 3. advantage taken when dealing in a position of a fiduciary.
Self-death nMurder, suicide.
Self-dislike adjThe dislike of one's imperfections and shortcomings. 2. self-loathing.
Selfdom nThe realm or dominion of self. 2. independence. 3. a condition of things of which self is the centre. 4. that which constitutes a person's self.
Self-drive adjOf a hired vehicle, driven by the driver.
Self-driven adjSelf-motivated. 2. self-propelled; automotive.
Self-driving adjOf a motor vehicle equipped with sensors and computer technology to allow it to drive without a human operator.
Self-emptying adjCapable of a machine of emptying without external control and intervention.
Self-end nPersonal or private end or object.
Self-ended adjOf merely private or selfish aims, characterized by self-centered actions or decisions.
Self-fearing adjThe fear of one's own behavior and the consequences
Self-feed adjA machine, boiler or other mechanical device that feeds food, drinks, tickets etc automatically.
Self-feeder nA machine, boiler or other mechanical device that feeds automatically.
Self-feeling nFeeling centered in oneself, egotistic feeling. 2. a sense of one's individual identity. 3. self-conscious.
Self-filling adjCapable of a machine of filling without external control and intervention.
Self-folding adjFolding of various materials by a mechanical device.
Self-forbidden adjAbstaining, self-refraining, self-control.
Self-forgetful adjForgetful of one's self or individuality. 2. having or characterized by no thought or concern of one's self.
Self-forgetfulness nState or condition where one is forgetful of one's self or individuality. 2. Condition characterized by having no thought for oneself.
Self-forgetting nWithout concern for oneslf.
Self-fulfilling adjA prophecy or prediction what gives rise to actions that brings about it's fulfillment.
Self-fulness nSelf-sufficiency. 2. self-centredness.
Self-given adjEmanating or derived from oneself or itself.
Self-giving adjThe giving of oneself for the benefit for others. 2. self-devotion; self-sacrifice.
Self-good nPersonal benefit or advantage.
Seelf-hardening adjPertaining to or designating certain steels which will harden property without the need of quenching.
Self-harming adjAny behavior which involves the deliberate causing of pain or injury towards oneself.
Self-hate nSelf-hatred of oneself, esp. of one's actual self when contrasted with one's imagined self.
Self-hated adjHating or loathing oneself.
Self-hating nadjExhibiting self-hatred towards oneself.
Self-hatred nHatred of oneself, esp. of one's actual self when contrasted with one's imagined self.
Self-heal nAny of several plants believed to have healing properties in treating cuts and wounds, Prunella vulgaris.
Self-healing nThe action or faculty of providing for oneself without the assistance of others.
Self-help nThe theory that individuals should provide for their own support and improvement in society. 2. fending for one's self. 3. the act or faculty of providing for or improving oneself. 4. redress of one's wrongs by one's own action, without recourse to legal action.
Self-helpfulness nThe state of being or behaving in a way helpful to oneself.
Self-helplessness nA state or quality of being helpless.
Self-hidden adjThe Hidden Self represents a subconscious part of the mind which is moving in a different direction from the one in which our conscious mind is headed. It is a part of the mind which, in most ways, is thinking to be helpful to the general self, but whose strategy is ineffective and often destructive.
Self-holding nA series of exercises of holding oneself to bring about calmness and relief from anxiety.
Selfhood nThe state of being an individual, or that which constitutes such a state; personality. 2. the unique individuality possessed by a self or person. 3. only for one's self or one's own interests.
Self-hope nHope that one's life and persoanl affairs will have a successful and happy outcome.
Selfie n(Mobile telephony) A photographic self-portrait, especially one taken manually (not using a timer, tripod etc.) with a small camera or mobile phone.
Selfie-stick n(Mobile telephony) -an extendable monopod arm onto which a smartphone or camera can be mounted in order to take wide-angle photographs of oneself.
Selfing npollination of a stigma from the anthers of the flower. ++++++++
Selfish nPertaining or connected to oneself. 2. devoted to or concerned with one's own advantage or welfare to the inclusion or regard for others. 3. ethical theory: with self as the real motive for human action.
Selfish adjPertaining to concerned with one's own advantage or welfare to the exclusion or regards for others. 2. concerned unduly over personal profit or pleasure, lacking consideration for others; mercenary, greedy.
Selfishly advTo act in manner which is concerned with one's own advantage or welfare only.
Selfishness nCondition or quality of being selfish, regarding one's own interest or happiness to the disregard of the well-being of others. 2. an undue or excessive care for one's own comfort or pleasure, regardless of the happiness, and often of the rights of others.
Self-kindness nAn aspect of self-compassion, used as a therapy to treat the feeling of shame, and problem of anxiety and deal with stress.
Self-knowing nSelf-knowledge, knowing of oneself without help of others.
Self-knowledgenEtymology: 'ledge' is of unknown origin. Knowledge of oneself: one's character and capabilities.
Self-law nA law of one's own making to suit oneself.
Self-learning nAutodidactic learning or self-education (also self-learning and self-teaching) is education without the guidance of masters (such as teachers and professors) or institutions (such as schools).
Selfless adjHaving no regard for or thought for oneself; not self-centred, unselfish. 2. a life devoted to unselfish means.
Selflessly advIn a selfless manner.
Selflessness nThe quality or state of being selfless.
Self-life nExactly similar; corresponding. 2. of or pertaining to self or one's self; personal; individual; own; elfish; self-centered.
Self-lighting adjOf street lights sensitive to darkness turning on automatically at dusk or during extremely cloudy periods during daytime.
Self-like adjSimilar; very much like oneself, of the self-same kind.
Self-like nSelf-existence. 2. life lived for oneself. 3. a life devoted to oneself.
Self-liked adjConceited, self-satisfied.
Self-liking nSelf-love, conceit. 2. attachment to one's own
Self-loading adj(Esp. of a gun)automatically reloading itself.
Self-loathing adjLoathing oneself; self-hating.
Self-locking adjLocking itself.
Self-loss nLoss of one's own being or personality.
Self-love nDue care for one's own happiness and well being, which is perfectly compatible with justice, generosity, or benevolence towards others. 2. love for oneself. 3. self-centredness; self-indulgence, selfishness.
Self-loving adjLoving or devoted to oneself. 2. seeking one's own interest or advantage. 3. characterized by self-love.
Selfly advOne or it's own. 2. even specially. 3. one or by oneself (or itself). 4. of it's or one's own accord 5. spontaneously.
Self-made adjMade by oneself; or one's own actions of efforts of own making. 2. self-made woman/man. 3. self-making.
Self-made man/woman nSomeone from a humble background who has become wealthy, important entirely by his/her/their own effort
Self-martyrdom nIn psychology a person who has a martyr complex, sometimes associated with the term victim complex, desires the feeling of being a martyr for his/her own sake, seeking out suffering or persecution because it either feeds a psychological need, or a desire to avoid responsibility.
Self-minded adjObstinate in one's own opinion.
Self-mindedness nCondition or state of being obstinate in one's opinions.
Self-murder nSuicide.
Self-murderer nOne who commits self-murder or suicide.
Self-named adjNamed after oneself or by oneself.
Selfness nPersonality, essence. 2. selfcentredness, egoism, selfishess, self regard. 3. selfish act or manifestation. 3. due regard for oneself; individuality,
Self-nothingness nSelf-annihilation, self-abasement
Self-nought nDeprecation or self-effacement of one's self as manifested in the lives of the saints or mystics.
Self-one adjAlone with oneself or itself.
Self-opening adjOpening of one's own accord.
Self-ownership nSelf-ownership (also known as sovereignty of the individual, individual sovereignty or individual autonomy) is the concept of property in one's own person, expressed as the moral or natural right of a person to have bodily integrity and be the exclusive controller of one's own body and life.
Self-planted adjSelf-germinating.
Self-pride nPride in oneself.
Self-righteous adjRighteous in one's own esteem. 2. overconfident in one's own moral standards, superiority.
Self-righteously advRighteous in one's own estimation; pharisatic.
Self-righteousness nHaving or characterized by a certainty, especially an unfounded one, that one is totally correct or morally superior. sanctimonious, holier-than-thou, self-satisfied, smug, priggish, complacent, too good to be true, pious, pietistic, moralizing, unctuous, superior, mealy-mouthed, hypocritical; 2. more having or characterized by a certainty, especially an unfounded one, that one is totally correct or morally superior.
Self-righting nThe action of righting oneself or itself after an upset or (boat)capsizing.
Self-rising adjSelf-raising; that rises itself. 2. having the leaven already added by the millers, as some flours..
Selfsame adjThe very same, identical. 2. the same self person or thing. 3. identical, identical things
Selfsameness nThe property of two or more appearances of being of the selfsame underlying object; sameness as regards self or identity..
Self-shifter nA car with an automatic gearbox.
Self-schooled adjSelf-taught.
Self-searching adjExamination of one's own thoughts and feelings.
Self seed vb(Of a plant) to propogate itself.
Self-seeding n(Of a plant) propagate itself by seed, as "an early-blooming, self-seeding primrose
Self-seeker nOne who selfishly seeks his own welfare. 2. a sycophant, a toady.
Self-seeking nGiven to the exclusive pursuit of one's own interests or gain.
Self-seeking adjThe seeking of one's own welfare, happiness before that of others; the prosecution of selfish ends.
Self-seekingness nThe state or action of seeking of one's own welfare before that of others; the prosecution of selfish ends.
Self-ship nSelf-hood, personality, individuality
Self-slain adjSlain by one's own hands: suicide; harakari.
Selfsome adj(Neologism) of or characteristic of self or one's self. self-centered; self-moving, self-motivated. self-sufficient; autotelic. isolate, isolated, alone
Self-soothe vb(Of a young child, especially one left to fall asleep on their own) stop crying without being comforted by a parent or caregiver, as ‘my son only started self-soothing when he was eight months old.’ 2. comfort oneself, as a self-soother, when unhappy or distressed, as ‘many of us self-soothe with junk food, a glass of wine, maybe some mindless TV.’
Self-soothing adj(Of a young child, especially one left to fall asleep on their own) stop crying without being comforted by a parent or caregiver. 2. to comfort oneself when unhappy or distressed, some people self-soothe with junk food, a glass of wine, maybe some mindless TV.
Self-sown adjSown by itself without human or animal agency. 2. grown by seed scattered naturally.
Self-standing adjStanding or existing in one's own power, ability or competence, non-reliant. 2. individual; independent. 3. lacking affixes or stems.
Self-starter nOne who makes things happen; an innovator, pro-active person. 2. an internal combustion engine, with automatic or semi-automatic starting mechanism, also, such mechanism.
Self-starting adjOf a person who begins or undertakes a project on his or her own iniatives, without the need to be told or encouraged to do so.
Self-steering adjMaintaining a course without constant human action.
Self-stick adjCapable of adhering to a surface by application of pressure without the addition of moisture.
Self-sticking adjSelf adhesive; something that can stick or seal on its own without any tool or moisture.
Self-talk nThe act or practice of talking to oneself, either aloud or silently.
Self-taught adjTaught by oneself without direct aid from others; self-educated. 2. of what is learned. 3. acquired by ones own unaided efforts.
Self-teaching adjHaving a knowledge or skills acquired by oneself own efforts without formal instruction.
Self-thinning adjThe death or spontaneous casting off of branches, fruit, etc., from a plant, ensuring the remaining parts of the plant have adequate room to grow. 2. a natural progressive decline in the density of a population (especially of plants) that occurs as its members increase in size or as the population increases in number; frequently attributive.
Self-understanding nThe act or instance of comprehending one's actions and reactions. 2. sympathetic tolerance or awareness of oneself.
Selfwards adjTowards or in the direction of oneself. 2. tended or directed towards oneself; self-warding.
Self-watering adjOf pots drawing water up from the outer pot into the inner pot using a piece of fabric, ensuring that watering occurs automatically.
Self-weening adjSelf-opinionated, self-conceited, conceited
Self-wilful adjWith a will of one's own.
Self-wilfulness nSelf-indulgence.
Self-will nOne's own will or desire; obstinacy. 2. wilful or obstinate persistence in following one's own desires or opinions.
Self-willed adjWilful or obstinate in the pursuit of one's own desires or opinions. 2. characterized by self-will or self-willingness. 3. wanting to have one's own way in all things. 4. very uncooperative.
Self-willingly advVoluntarily. 2. voluntarily of one's own accord. 3. without cause.
Self-willingness nThe state or quality of being self-willing.
Self-winding adjHaving a magnetic, electrical, or other attachment which automatically winds a clock or other mechanisms at certain times.
Self-wise adjWise in one's own conceit. 2. relying on one's own wisdom, self-wit or self-wisdom.
Self-wisdom nThe condition of being self-wise or having self-wit; self-witted-ness
Self-wise adjWise in one's own conceit or self-wit. 2. relying on one's own wisdom; a self-wiseling
Self-worship nAutolatry.
Self worth adjSelf-esteem: a good opinion of oneself, as in high self worth or esteem.
Self-worthiness nThe state or condition of self worth.
Self-wrong nInjury done to one's self.
Self-wrought adjProduced, made or brought about by one-self.
Selfy nSee 'Selfie"
Sell vb To give, to deliver; (from a noun akin to sale). 2. to transfer to another for an equivalent 3. to give up for a valuable consideration. 4. to dispose of in return for something, especially for money. 5. To make a matter of bargain and sale of. 6. to accept a price or reward for, as for a breach of duty, trust, or the like; to betray 7. To impose upon; to trick; to deceive; to make a fool of. 8. (slang): to cheat, hoax, a sell. 9. to sell one's life dearly; to cause much loss to those who take one's life, as by killing a number of one's assailants. 10. to sell (anything) out, to dispose of it wholly or entirely. 11. To practice selling commodities.
Sell nAn imposition; a cheat; a hoax. (colloquial.)
Sell phr"Be Sold On Something" - be utterly dedicated to a proposal
Sell phr"Sell At" - give in exchange at a particular price level.
Sell phr"Sell Down" - self-watering containers have an inner pot that holds the plant and soil, and an outer pot or bottom reservoir that holds extra water. A wick joins the two and pulls water up into the root ball as it's needed. Most reservoirs are large enough to supply water for several days or more depending on the weather.
Sell phr"Sell for" - give in exchange for a particular sum of money.
Sell phr"Sell Like Hot Cakes" - be bought regularly or eagerly, by large numbers of people.
Sell phr"Sell My Clothes, I'm Going to Heaven" -
Sell phr"Sell Off" - to dispose or get rid of by sale of goods which have not sold well (esp. at a reduced or lower prices). 2. sell a plant which is not efficient, so as to free the money invested in them. 3. to sell the whole of one's stock or possessions.
Sell phr"Sell On" - enthusiastic about.
Sell phr"Self Oneself" - promote one's own abilities. 2. offer oneself dishonorably for money and other rewards.
Sell phr"Sell One's Life Dearly" - do great injury before being killed, like "Doolan at Ambon in 1942.
Sell phr"Sell One's Soul to the Devil" - exchange one's soul for worldly gains. 2. abandon one's spiritual values or moral principles for wealth or other benefits.
Sell phr"Sell Out" - to betray through secret bargain or agreement. 2. betrayal, or an organized event with full attendance (all tickets sold). 3. sell one's entire stock.
Sell phr"Sell Out of" - out of stock.
Sell phr"Sell Short" - disparage, underestimate, belittle someone or oneself. 2. present as less good as reality. 3. agrre to sell something one does not yet have in hope of obtaining it quickly and cheaply enough to amke a profit. 4. cheat somebody in value or quantity.
Sell phr"Sell Through" - the proportion of wholesale items that are eventually sold at retail. 2. the practice of retailing items (such as DVDs) that are normally, or were previously rented. 3. an item that is sold at retail (as opposed, for example, to being rented out).
Sell phr"Sell Up"- to dispose or sell of the whole or a portion of the goods (of an insolvent or bankrupt person). 2. sell what one owns, business etc to pay ones debts or to retire.
Sell phrSold on Something" - be convinced of something's worth.
Seller nOne who sells. 2. a book, or later any type of article like a best, wide seller; now mostly a book.
Selling nThe action of selling. 2. an instance of selling
Sell-off nThe disposition of by sale of the remainder of goods (esp. at a reduced prices); to sell the whole of one's stock or possessions.
Sell out nThe of selling out, to sell one's whole stock in trade or one's entire interest in a property or a business. 2. to betray the trust of another.
Sell upvbTo dispose of the whole or a portion of the goods (of an insolvent or bankrupt person) by sale.
Selly adjStrange, wonderful, marvellous.
Selth nProsperity, happiness, good fortune, success.
Selthlike advSuccessfully, prosperously
Sench vbTo sink, plunge, dive, asench
Send vbCause to go somewhere; 2. to cause or order to be taken, directed, or transmitted to another place. 3. mail, post, . 4: transport commercially; transport, send, ship. 5: assign to a station, post, place. 6. transfer, get off, send off. 7. cause to be admitted; of persons to an institution; commit, institutionalize, charge. 8. broadcast over the airwaves, as on radio or television; air, broadcast, beam, transmit. 9. to dispatch an agent or messenger to convey a message, or do an errand. 10 to pitch; as a the ship sends forward so violently as to endanger her masts. 11. to send for, to request or require by message to come or be brought.
Send phr"Send After" - ask somebody to follow a person, to tell her/him that he has left something behind.
Send phr"Send Ahead Of" - dispatch somebody in advance of a main party etc, to inquire, find lodgings etc. 2. send someone ahead so that they arrivee before you do.
Send phr"Send Away" - make somebody leave, depart, remove himself/ herself, themselves from one's presence.
Send phr"Send Away for" - send an order to a dealer for goods.
Send phr"Send Back" - return something to a shop, because one is unhappy with it. 2. as k a waiter to take food back to the chef because it is unsatisfactory.
Send phr"Send Down" - rusticate or expel from university. 2. sentence to imprisonment.
Send phr"Send for" - summon; order by post. 2. help etc, or message asking for it. 2. make a request, or order for something.
Send phr"Send Forth" - to emit, produce, let out.
Send phr"Send In" - submit something to an official, superior for approval. 2. submit an entry for a competition etc. 3. cause to go in.
Send phr"Send Off" - send a letter by post, etc. 2. celebrate, as a gesture of goodwill, on the occasion of a person's starting on a journey or undertaking -(can also be used disparagingly). 3. of a referee in sending a player off the field in a sporting contest for a breach of a rule.
Send phr"Send Off for" - send away for.
Send phr"Send On" - send to a further place, destination or in advance of one's arrival. 2. dispatch somebody for the purpose of a holiday, etc. 3. ask, get, continue somebody on a journey ahead of others. 4.
Send phr"Send Out" - emit, radiate, transmit.
Send phr"Send Out (for)" - sk somebody to go from the office , shop to fetch something, etc.
Send phr"Send Out (of)" - ask somebody to leave (e.g. as a punishment, at the start of a game etc)
Send phr"Send Someone Away With a Flea in His Ear" - give someone a frank but unwelcome facts.
Send phr"Send Someone Flying" - to knock someone off their feet.
Send phr"Send to" - arrange for someone to attend a particular school; college, etc.
Send phr"Send to Bed" - make somebody go to bed, because they are ill or as punishment.
Send phr"Send to One's Death" - act in a way, whether consciously or not, that will cause somebody's death.
Send phr"Send to Sleep" - make somebody fall to sleep.
Send phr"Send Up" - cause to go up or rise. 2. transmit to a higher authority. 3. in US sentence to imprisonment. 3. satirize or ridicule, by mimicking or mocking. 4. destroy, especially by fire or explosion; blow up.
Send phr"Send Up the Wall" - annoy greatly or unbearably, infuriate, drive around the bend, up the wall.
Send phr"Send Word" - send news, message, information to.
Sender nSomeone who sends. 2. a device or component that transmits, as in telegraphy or computer networks.
Send-forth nA celebration or event to mark a departure, used as a modifier, as send-forth party.
Send-forth adjA celebration or event to mark a departure, used as a modifier, as send-forth party.
Send-off nA friendly demonstration on the occasion of a person's starting on a journey or undertaking -- (can also be used disparagingly). 2. a sending-off.
Send-up nA parody or satire.
Sene nVision, power of sight, ease of sight.
Sene adjEasy to see, evident, manifest.
SengreennThe House Leek; also to other evergreen plants esp. some variety of saxifrage, the periwinkle. (OT: sen (always) & gronjo (green.)
Sennight nA week or seven days, from se(ve)n & night.
Senye nA military banner or standard. 2. emblem, token, slogan. 3. battle cry, rallying cry, slogan. 4. a bookmark.
Sere adjSear, searing: dry, excessively dry or sere-dried, withered. 2. thin, worn, of cloth or textile.
Sere-month nAugust.
Sere-ward adjProne or towards decay
Sester nA vessel for holding liquid, a jar, pitcher. 2. a brewing vat. 3. a liquid measure for beer, wine. 4. dry measure for wheat.
Set vbNB: a set, or a collection of things is from Old French. and is not Anglish. Cause to sit. 2. to position; to fix, to make ready. 3. to put to music. 4. of the sun: to go down. 5. to become firm or fixed, hence have direction of one one way or action. 6. to deliberately think out or plan. 7. to formally arrange, esp. beforehand or prior. 8. to remain steadfast or refuse to vary in attitude or action. 9. liable or incited to react in a particular way.
Set ppBeing or (setting)below the horizon. 2. determined or (set down) by an an Authority
Set adjFixed and steadfast. 2, fixed in a particular spot or position. 3. set down according to a particular plan. 4. becoming hard or fixed by cooling or drying.
Set phr"All Set" - ready to begin.
Set phr"Have One's Heart Set on Something" - be very keen to achieve something.
Set phr"Rot Set in" - the begin of a decline, deterioration.
Set phr"Set About" - begin a task, start to take steps towards purposefully and energetically.. 2. colloquial: attack.
Set phr"Set Against" - compare, contrast, weigh, something as a piece of evidence balancing something that has already been suggested. 2. consider or reckon (a person or thing) or counterpoise or compensation for (another). 3. cause (a person or persons) to oppose a person or thing. 4. cause people who may be related, or close friends to become enemies or rivals.
Set phr"Set Ago" - to cause to move, start, begin, to set agoing.
Set phr"Set a Hare Running" - in order to achieve some desired effect to initiate some realted activity.
Set phr"Set Aside" - to put or place to one side. 2. to put away, disregard, annul, cancel, reserve, quash. 3. get rid of, make oneself free of, dispense with.
Set phr"Set Aside for" - reserve, save, name for a particular purpose.
Set phr"Set a Spell" - to set down for a period of time, especially in the company of other persons in order to relax or to engage in casual conversation.
Set phr"Set a Thief to Catch? a Thief" - the best way to discover a wrongdoer is use a wrongdoer to do so.
Set phr"Set At Nought" - to undervalue, contemn, to despise.
Set phr"Set Back" - place further back in place or time. 2. situate, place at some distance away from a road etc. 3. impede , hinder or reverse the progress of. 4. to deteriorate. 5. be an expense to somebody, cost someone something, knock back.
Setphr "Set Before" - to exhibit, to bring out to view. 2. offer. 3. to proffer
Set phr"Set By" - to reject, set aside; save for future use.
Set phr"Set Down" - to place on the surface; deposit. 2. to write, enter in writing or print; record, register, lay down authoritatively, explain. 3. choose, name a day when a court case is to be heard. 4. to alight from a vehicle. 4. to judge or consider. 4. to attribute or ascribe. 5. to free. 6. to establish. 7. to ordain. 8. to humiliate; snub.
Set phr"Set Eyes On" - to see, perceive, sight, behold, lay eyes on.
Set phr"Set Fair" - in a stable and favorable condition (for something to happen or be achieved).
Set phr"Set Fire to" - to cause to deliberately burn. See "set on fire"
Set phr"Set Foot In" - enter, arrive in a place or location.
Set phr"Set Foot On" - put an action, process in motion.
Set phr"Set for Life" - necessary, sufficient resources, especially financial, to last a lifetime.
Set phr"Set Forth" - to manifest, make known, declare, expand, offer or present to view, publish, exhibit, display. 2. show to advantage. 3. begin or start on a journey. 4. present, outline. 5. leave home, a base etc at the state of an expedition , campaign etc.
Set phr"Set Forward" - begin to advance, promote, start.
Set phr"Set Free" - release, liberate,
Set phr"Set In" - (of weather, a condition etc) begin (and seem likely to continue); become established. 2. gain a hold and likely to spread, as an epidemic. 3. have fixed, established ways of behaving, reacting, as one's behavior, habits, customs, methods etc., 4. flowing inwards. 5. insert (a precious stone in jewellery; a a sleeve in a garment).
Set phr"Set In One's Ways" - driven by habit or determined to contrive according to one's customs or established preferences.
Set phr"Set in Stone" - to make something permanent and incapable of being changed, typically a plan or idea. 2. carved in stone; engraved in stone, written in stone. 3. permanently fixed or firmly established; incapable of being changed. 4. (fig). permanent or not subject to change.
Set phr"Set Little By" - considered to be of little value.
Set phr"Set Much By" - considered to be of high value or esteem.
Set phr"Set Off" - begin or start a journey. 2. detonate or explode a bomb, charge, mine etc. 3. initiate, stimulate, stimulate a discovery, invention, riot, panic. 4. cause a person to start laughing, talking (usually by telling stories). 5. cause or make a person to be angry. 6. serve as an adornment or foil to; make something apppear attractive by contrast.
Set phr"Set Off Against" - use as a compensating item. 2. balance, match one thing against another as loss, expenditure,rivalry, shyness.
Set phr"Set On" - attack violently. 2. cause, incite or urge to attack; set upon.
Set phr"Set Oneself Up" - make pretensions to being.
Set phr"Set One's Hand to" - start work on; engage in.
Set phr"Set One's Heart (Hopes) Up/on" - want or hope for eagerly. 2. desire intently, long deeply with all one's heart. 3. to do, achieve something.
Set phr"Set One's Mind at Rest" - dispel , lighten, somebody's anxiety.
Set phr"Set One's Mind to" - be determined to do something. 2. give one's full attention to. 3. put one's mind to.
Set phr"Set One's Shoulders to the Wheel"
Set phr"Set One's Sight On" - to aim to achieve something. 2. have as one's goal or objective.
Set phr"Set One Sights High" - be, or make somebody, ambitious about one's future, or in an aim or project; have, set, morals, a high standard of work, morals or behavior.
Set phr"Set One's Teeth" - clench them in summoning one's resolve.
Set phr"Set One's Teeth On Edge" - cause an unpleasant sensation in one's teeth (as when one scrapes their fingernails on metal).
Set phr"Set On Fire" - cause to burn by accident or design; set alight; set fire to.
Set phr"Set On Foot" - to start (some project business, plan etc).
Set phr"Set On His Feet" - help to return to help, prosperity.
Set phr"Set On Something" - keenly desire something.
Set phr"Set Out" - begin a journey. 2. begin work or a task with the intention of achieving a particular aim . 3. demonstrate, arrange, exhibit, show in an orderly manner. 4. mark out. 5. declare; publish, state. 6. prove, explain. 7. arrange items on a table, board.
Set phr"Set Out On" - start to move, begin a journey, leave on a journey, set off. 2. begin doing something vigorously. 3. go to work on.
Set phr"Set Out to" - aim or intend to. 2. begin to fight or argue.
Set phr"Set Right" - to adjust, correct.
Set phr"Set Sail" - hoist the sails. 2. begin a voyage, journey by sea to a certain place.
Set phr"Set Someone Back on Their Heels" - shock, surprise someone.
Set phr"Set Someone By the Heels" - imprison.
Set phr"Set Someone on the Right Road" - to show a person how to go about doing something.
Set phr"Set Someone's Teeth on Edge" - to cause a person to feel unhappy about a situation.
Set phr"Set the Thames on Fire" - arouse considerable excitement. 2. achieve a remarkable success.
Set phr"Set the World on Fire" - to do something particularly brilliant.
Set phr"Set the World to Rights" - discuss, argue about, important problems, so creating an illusions that they have been solved.
Set phr"Setting a Hen" - giving a hen a certain number of eggs (a sitting) to hatch.
Set phr"Setting of the Moon, Sun" - their sinking below the horizon.
Set phr"Set To" - begin doing something vigorously, esp. arguing, fighting, or eating. 2. begin to do something purposely.
Set phr"Set to Work" - begin working.
Set phr"Set Tongues Wagging" - to behave in a way that encourages scandal-mongering.
Set phr"Set to Work" - to cause to start, to work or how to start to work.
Set phr"Set Up" - place in position, erect, establish, institute. 2. organize or start a business. 3. establish in some capacity. 4. supply the needs of. 5. begin making or creating, etc. 6. cause, produce or make arrangements for a condition or situation. 7. prepare a task etc for someone. 8. restore or make someone better, healthier, more livelier of. 9. establish a speed, time, distance record in a sporting event). 10. propound a theory. 11. cause (a person) to incriminate him or her self r to look foolish. 12. to frame or maliciously blame someone.
Set phr"Set Up As" - establish oneself in a business or trade; make possible for some somebody to do so by providing the money etc. 2. consider, reckon somebody or something to be special in some way; have pretensions of being such a person.
Set phr"Set Up House Together" - live together as man and wife (whether married our not)
Set phr"Set Upon" - to attack upon. 2. to begin to embark upon a course of action.
Set phr"Set Up Shop" - establish a business.
Set phr"The Sun has Set on Something" - something has concluded.
Set phr"Well Set Up" - secure, well provided for.
Set-aside nThe act of setting something (an amount or quantity etc) aside for a special purpose. 2. the policy of taking land out of production to reduce crop surpluses (set-aside land).
Set-back nA check to progress, reverse in fortune or plan, hindrance. 2. retardation or retrograde movement. 3. a relapse, reverse. 4. a setting back or backwards. 4. a counter-current, an eddy.
Set bolt nAn iron pin, or bolt, for fitting planks closely together in shipbuilding.
Set-down nA single drive ending where the passenger first alights. 2. a vehicle plying for hire; the distance covered by such a drive. 3. a placing of something on the surface or ground. 4. unexpected and humiliating rebuff. 5. a severe scolding or putting one in their place.
Sete nA number of men posted to intercept or shoot game.
Sete vbTo sit, settle, settle or be easy in mind; to be content. 2. to be fitting, wholesome or suitable (of food or drink).
Setness nThe quality, state or character of being set. 2. constitution, establishment, imposition of law. 3. what is deemed or determined. 4. a statute, ordinance. 5. a fixed abode.
Set-off n An offset or counterpoise. 2. a counterclaim.
Set off vbSeparate from the whole with a particular purpose. 2. to separate or portion off. 3. a thing set off against another; a counterpoise. 4. a thing of which the amount or effect may be deducted from that or another or opposite tendency. 5. a counter claim. 6. a thing that embellishes; an adornment to something.
Set-out phrTo present to view, exhibit.
Set right vbTo correct, put in order; make right.
Set over vbTo assign, to transfer, convey.
Setter-on nOne who instigates or incites, urges on or impels.
Setter-out nOne who sets out a document, a plan, a design. 2. a publisher; a proclaimer.
Setter-up nOne who sets up or establishes something or someone.
Setting nThe context and environment in which something is set, set in or inserted: the setting of the sun; hardening of plaster or other moist substances. 2. the state of the environment in which a situation exists; the surrounding of any object regarded as its framework; the environment of a thing; the position or manner in which a thing is set. . . 3. arrangement of scenery and props in a play or film; the place and time, etc of a story, drama etc.. 4. the physical position of something; the immediate surroundings of a house. 5. the table service for one person. 6. a mounting or frame having a piece of metal (as in a ring or jewellery) that holds a gem in place. 7. the music to which the words of a poem, song, etc are set. 8. a set of cutlery and other accessory for one person at a table.
Set phr"Setting a Hen" - giving a hen a certain number of eggs (a sitting) to hatch.
Set phr"Setting of the Moon, Sun" - their sinking below the horizon.
Setting board nRounded piece of wood with a depression down the centre, used for setting out butterflies, etc for butterflies for preservation.
Setting-stick n(Printing) a piece of metal with a rim on the back and on one end and fitted with a movable bar, used for setting type, a composing-stick.
Settle nA bench with a high back and arms, and often with a box fitted below the seat..
Settle vbTo put in order, establish, make firm or secure. 2. to bring to an end an argument or dispute, usu. by agreement. 3. to come to rest, sit, subside. 4. of water, to clear or transparent again after muddying. 5. to take up residence, abode or occupy. 6. to take possession, settle and develops a region; to colonize.
Settle phr"After the Dust has Settled" - when sufficient time has passed.
Settle phr"Settle an Old Score" - avenge oneself (for past wrongs).
Settle phr"Settle Back" - lean comfortably back in one's chair.
Settle phr"Settle Down" - to become established in a permanent job. 2. to become tranquil, calm, peaceful. 3. seat oneself comfortably (usually for some, quiet, long activity). 3. marry, and begin the routine stable life sometimes associated with that state.
Settle phr"Settle for (Something or Someone)" - accept something or someone in a marriage or relationship reluctantly or as a compromise. 2. ready to accept something simple , undemanding etc, because one has modest tastes or lacking in ambition etc.
Settle phr"Settle In" - become established or settle into in a new place and make oneself comfortable or at home.
Settle phr"Settle On" - decide or agree to take, buy, accept, use a date, rendezvous, meeting, house, car, partner etc. 3. give, leave money, property under the terms of a will.
Settle phr"Settle Something on Somebody" - (formally) donate something to somebody.
Settle phr"Settle Up with (Somebody)" - pay an amount, debt one owns before leaving a hotel, restaurant, medical center etc, . 2, finally arrange a matter. 2. get a revenge on.
Settle phr"Settle Upon" - o decide something over other options. 2. to settle on.
Settle phr"Settle With" - punish someone for an injury suffered. 2. get even with; avenge a wrong. 3. square one's accounts.
Settle-bed nA piece of furniture so constructed, that folded it can be used as a couch, and unfolded as a bed.
Settler nOne who settles, becomes fixed or establishes. 2. a colonist, emperialist. 3. a negiotator who settles disputes and confrontation. 4. that which settles and finishes. 5. an agreement that settles a dispute or argument. 6. a blow or action that ends and usu. wins a boxing-match or an sporting or contest. 7. a worker in a betting-shop who calculates the winnings. 8. a vessel or tub in which crushed-up ore is allowed to sit or settle.
Settling nThe act of making a settlement. 2. the act of subsiding. 3. the adjusting of matters in a dispute. 4. in plural: dregs, lees, sediment.
Settling day nThe fortnightly pay day on the US stock exchange.
Set-to nA talking to; a dressing down. 2. a fight, contest, an attack both physically and verbally. 3. a heated debate, fight, argument. 4. a drinking bout.
Set-up nThe way something is arranged or organized. 2. an organization, structuring of a business, department, household.. 3. a conspiracy or trick whereby a person is caused to incriminate him or her self to look foolish; or a criminal is caught red-handed. 3. physique, physical build, make-up.4. carriage of a boy, bearing.
Seven nOne more than six, or three less than ten. 2. the sum of three units and four units. 3. a symbol of this (7, V11). 4. a size denoted by seven. 5. the time of seven o'clock. 5. a playing card withh seven pips.
Seven adjThat amount to seven.
Seven phr"Be at Sixes and Sevens" - be confused, concerned and undecided.
Seven phr"Seven Deadly Sins" - the sins of pride, covetous, lust, anger, gluttony, envy and sloth.
Seven phr"Seven Wonders of the World" - seven buildings and monuments regarded in antiquity as specially remarkable.
Sevendele nA seventh part or seven-deal.
Sevenfold adjSeven-times or sevensithe. 2. seven times as much or as many. 3. repeated seven times; increased to seven times the size.
Seven-fold advSeven times as much or often.
Seven-foldness nThe state or condition of being sevenfold.
Seven-hilled adjAs in seven-hilled burgh: an epithet for Rome.
Seven hundred nThe cardinal number six ninety-nine and seven hundred and one.
Sevenish adjAny time close to seven o'clock.
Seven-leaves nThe sept-foil.
Sevenness nThe property of being seven in number.
Seven-night nSennight.
Sevens nAn abbreviated form of rugby: 'seven-a-side'.
Sevenscore nThe number (140).
Seven Seas nThe oceans of the world: the Arctic, Antarctic, North Pacific, South Pacific, North atlantic, South Atlantic and Indian Ocean.
Seven Sisters nThe Pleiades.
SevensitheadjSeven times.
Seven Sleepers Day nIn Germany, June 27th is Sebenschlaertag (Seven Sleeper's Day). The weather on that day iss supposed to determine for the next seven weeks.
Sevensome adjComposed of seven units or things.
Seven Stars nThe Pleiades or The Great Bear.
Seven Sorrows nHer (Mary's Sorrows) Simeon's prophecy, the Flight into Egypt, the loss of the Holy Child, on meeting Our Lord on the way to Calvary, the Crucifixion, the Taking Down from the Cross, and the Entombment. Her festival is 8th September.
Seventeen nOne more than sixteen, or seven more than ten. 2. a symbol for this (17 et al). 3. as ize denoted by seventeen.
Seventh adjThe ordinal form of the number seven.
Seventh phrBe in Seventh Heaven" - the highest abode or conition of happiness. 2. the highest heaven according to various ancient systems of astronomy or in certain theologies.
Seventh heaven nThe highest abode or conition of happiness. 2. the highest heaven according to various ancient systems of astronomy or in certain theologies.
Seventieth adjThe ordinal form of the number seventy.
Seventies n(In plural) the numbers from 70 to 79, esp. the years of the century, or of a persons life.
Seventy nThe product of seven and ten. 2. a symbol for this (70). 3. (in plural) the numbers from 70 to 79, esp. the years of the century, or of a persons life.
Seventy adjThat amount of seventy.
Seven Wonders of the World nAny of the several lists of remarkable natural or man-made places. 2. "Seven Wonders of the Ancient World": Seven man-made structures that were listed and accepted as the greatest such in the vicinity of the Eastern Mediterranean and Near East.
Seven year itch nSupposed tendency to infidelity by some partners around and after seven years of marriage. 2. boredom, restlessness, desire for sexual variety that is supposed to set in about seven years into a relationship.
Sew nJuice, gravy, a seasoned dish. 2. moisture; humors. 3. pottage, broth, mess of pottage. 3. a delicacy 4. elesew.
Sew vbPut, fasten or join together by stitching, needle work, or a sewing machine. 2. to do needlework. 3. to make clothes and clothing by sewing. 4. to enclose by sewing up, eg. potatoes into a bag.
Sew vbTo drain a pond for taking fish
Sew phr"Sew Down" - with needle and thread, fasten completely to the surface something which is partly attached to it.
Sew phr"Sew On" - attach accessories to a garment with needle and thread.
Sew phr"Sew Up" - join, seal an opening by drawing the edges together with thread. 2. bring to a desired conclusion or condition; complete or finalized satisfactorily, ensure a favorable outcome of a deal. 3. organize, arrange , settle a deal etc., for the purposes of trade.
Sewing nMaterial or work to be sewn.
Sewing room nA room in a home set aside for sewing.
Sexhindman nA thane of the middle class, assessed at 600 hundred shillings. 2. a sixhyndeman.
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