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Sib nA blood relation, related to by blood or marriage, kinsman or kinswoman. 2. kinsman collectively, kindred, affinity, relatives. 3. peace, amity, concord.
Sib adjAkin, allied, related by blood or descent, related, similar.
Sib bond nA bond or bind, which connect descendants from a common ancestor, kindred, kinfolk, brother or sister.
Sib-in-law nSibling-in-law: a relative of one's generation, separated by one degree of marriage. 2. the sibling of one's spouse.

3. the spouse of one's sibling.

Sibling nChildren having one or both parents in common. 2. a blood relation; a relative used in eugenics, psychology, and anthropology to denote brothers and sisters.
Siblinged adjHaving a sibling or siblings.
Siblinghood nThe state of being a sibling.
Siblingless adjWithout a sibling or siblings.
Sibling-like adjCharacteristic of a sibling.
Siblingly advPertaining to sibling or siblings.
Sibling-ship nThe state or condition of being a sib.
Sibman nRelative, relation, family member.
Sibness nRelationship
Sibrede nRelationship; kindred.
Sibship nState of belonging to a sib, or to same sib or family group. 2. a group comprising all the individual born to a particular pair of parents. 3. a family.
Sibsomeness nPeace, concord, amity, frith.
Siche vbTo sigh: to draw in and exhale a deep, audible breath, as in expressing sorrow, weariness, pain etc. 2. siching.
Sick n"The Sick." -- those affected by physical or mental illness.
Sick adjAffected by an impairment of normal physical or mental function. 2. affected by a disease of any kind, indisposed, in poor health, ill, ailing. 3. feeling of nausea, queasiness, sickish. 4. affected by madness or insanity, demented, brainsick, crazy, unhinged.5. having a strong distaste for overindulgence, sick to death of, sick up to, tired of. 6. of light, lacking intensity or brightness, dim or feeble, wan, pallid, pale. 7. deeply affected by a strong feeling, as in "sick with envy." 8. shoddy, repellent, ghastly, grim, grisly, gruesome, macabre. 9. 'the sick' collective name for persons not enjoying good health.
Sick vbTo eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth, vomit, spew, throw up, retch, chuck up, regurgitate. 2. to fall sick, sicken.
Sick phr"Fall Sick" - become ill.
Sick phr"Go Sick" - report oneself as ill.
Sick phr"Look Sick" - be unimpressive or embarrassed
Sick phr"Make One Sick" - cause one to be angry or upset.
Sick phr"On the Sick List" - off duty owing to illness.
Sick phr"Sick and Tired Of" - wearied, very tired, bored, exasperated, irritated by somebody/something.
Sick phr"Sick As a Dog" - very sick with vomiting a great deal. 2. (fig) deeply concerned or depressed (often because of loss of opportunity).
Sick phr"Sick At Heart" - unhappy; anxious, harrowed by doubt, disappointment, fear io grief.
Sick phr"Sicken Of" - become weary of, disgusted with.
Sick phr"Sickness Unto Death" - personal despair over the disquieting circumstances of human existence. 2. despair, profound discontent, or a similar persistent debilitating malaise of the mind, spirit,soul that produces a decline in mental, physical or societal health and that culminates in death or dissolution.
Sick phr"Sick of the Sight of" - wearied, irritated, disgusted by somebody/something has seen or heard too often. 2. sick and tired of.
Sick phr"Sick to Death of" - wearied, bored, annoyed by. 2. sick and tired of.
Sick phr"Sick Up" - vomit, bring up food.
Sick phr"Take Sick" - be taken ill.
Sick phr"Worried Sick" - very worried.
Sick bed nAn invalid's bed. 2. the state of being an invalid.
Sick-brained adjMentally disordered.
Sick call nA visit by a doctor to aa sick person. 2. in a military sense, a call or summons for sick men to attend.
Sick day nA paid personal day intended to be used due to illness either for recuperation or medical treatment.
Sicken vbTo affect with loathing or disgust. 2. to show symptoms of illness. 3. to feel nausea or disgust, as sickened at the sight.
Sickening adjDisgusting, nauseating, abhorrent, repugnance, detestable, fulsome, revolting.
Sickening adjLoathsome, disgusting, very annoying, bothersome.
Sickeningly advIn a sickening manner.
Sicker adj(Siccer)Free from danger, or harm, secure, safe. 2. associated with safety or security from danger. 2. that may be depended on, on which one can put reliance, trust or certainty, sure. 3. having a firm foundation or support, unshaken part. 4. not liable to be distorted or unsettled, stable, assured, fixed, definite. 5. prudent, careful, undutiable, absolutely, certain. 6. genuine, good. 7. certain of it's effect, effective, sure. 8. having assured possession of something. 9. having confidence, or certain knowledge, fully assured or convinced. 10. having a sense of security. 11. assured of it's objective, confident, certain. 12. with safety, security, confident. 13. as a certainty, fact. 14. effective, with strength, firmly. 15. securely without risk of failing or shifting.
Sicker vbTo ooze, trickle, leak.
Sickerhood nAssurance, certainty.
SickeringnSecurity, secureness, safety, cautionness.
Sickerhood nAssurance, certainty, conviction.
Sickering nSecurity, security, safety, caution.
Sickerly advWith full certainty, conviction. 2. without doubt, undoubtedly, certainty, decidely, assuredly. 3. positively, confidently with assurance. a firm manner, firmly, fast. 5. in a manner of obligation, binding. 6. in a steady or stable manner. 7. with certainty of result, efficaciously. 8. sharply, severely, smoothly.
Sickerness nCertain prospect or possession of something, assurance, certainty. 2. Certainty as regard of feeling secure . 3. of sense of security, self-confidence. 4. state of condition of security; a freedom from danger or harm. 5. assured of source of security. 6. contract, bond, pledge. 7. safe keeping, safe custody.
Sick headache nMigraine; paroxysmal headache associated with vomiting, disturbance of vision and prostration.
Sick-house nA hospital.
Sickie nA period of sick leave taken for insufficient medical reason.
Sickish adjSomewhat sick or unwell; off-color. 2. about to become sick, out of sorts, sickly.
Sickishly advIn a sickish manner.
Sickishness nThe initial state of becoming sick.
Sickle nOld English 'sicol' to cut. An edged tool with a curved blade and a long handle used for cutting grass or crops. 2. anything sickle-shaped, especially the moon
Sickle vbTo cut with a sickle or scythe.
Sickle vbTo be ill, fall ill, to become sick, to ail.
Sick leave nLeave of absence granted because of illness.
Sickle-bill nA bird with a long curved narrow bill, especially any hummingbird of the genus Eutoxeres.
Sickled adjCut with a sickle, as hay or grass.
Sickle-feather nEach of the long middle feathers of a cock's tail.
Sickle-like adjResembling or characteristic of a sickle.
Sickle-shaped adjAnything sickle-shaped, especially the moon.
Sickle-smith nA maker of sickles.
Sickless adjFree from sickness, ill-less, well, healthy
Sicklewe adjSickly, unhealthy, diseased, ill-ridden.
Sicklewort nPrunella vulgaris.
Sickliness nThe state or characteristic of weakness, incapacity or physical distress due to poor health, especially of a chronic nature.
Sickling nAction of cutting with a sickle or scythe. 2. one who is often sick and delicate or unhealthy, esp. a child.
Sick list nA list of the sick, especially in a regiment, ship, etc.
Sickly adjUnwell, unhealthy, of weak health, apt to be ill. 2. of a person's complexion, look, languid, pale, suggestion of sickness. 3. of light or color: faint, pale, feeble. 4. of a book, sentimental or mawkish. 5. of color: an unpleasant shade inducing nausea.
Sickly sweet adjTo sweet, sickeningly so.
Sick-making nSickening.
Sickman nA sick person; a patient.
Sickness nIll-health, morbidity, disease. 2. illness; the state of being sick. 2. a particular form of disease, esp. nausea. 3. any disordered or weakness state, as "soul sickness."
Sickroom nRoom occupied by sick person. 2. a room adapted for sick people.
Side nAny of the faces of a thing, specially, not the top or base; or not an end. 2. one of the lines limiting a plane form. 3. right or left (side) of a body, specially, from under arm to top the leg. 3a. One or two or more contrasted surfaces, parts, or places: inside and outside. 4. part of a thing to right or left of the middle division. 4a. the lateral half of a slaughtered animal; the carcass. 5. part or place near the edge and away from the middle of a thing. 6. space near, about, direction facing, one's part, person or thing. 6. part of a question etc., question seen from one point of view. 7. cause supported by one of two opposing factions or groups in war, politics, sport etc. 8. a family connection, esp. by descent through one parent, as in my father's side. 8. the behavior of a person over-pleased with himself; an air or bearing of being self-important; pretentiousness, superciliousness. 9. all around and about: on all sides. 10. support or approval given to one; being on the side of. 11. put out of the way, put out of the way for future use: put to one side. 11. a less important issue than some other one: a side thing or issue. 12. support given to someone in an argument, dispute: take side or side with. 14. an extra-marital relationship: a bit on the side.
Side vbTo take up the cause of. 2. To cut into sides, as a carcass.
Side phr"Bit on the Side" - have extramarital partners.
Side phr"By the Side of" - close to, near by.
Side phr"Feel the Rough Side of Someone's Tongue" - to be verbally abused.
Side phr"From All Sides" - from all directions.
Side phr"From Side to Side" - right cross. 2. alternately each way from a central line.
Side phr"Get On the Wrong Side of Somebody" = become dislike by somebody.
Side phr"Keep On the Right Side Of" - to take care not to offend; to flatter. 2. make an good impression on a person.
Side phr"Let the Side Down" - perform badly to the detriment of other members one's group, team etc.
Side phr"Like the Side of a House" - very large in size; obese.
Side phrLook On the Dark Side" - be pessimistic.
Side phr"Look On the Bright side Of Life" - be optimistic.
Side phr"On All Sides" - in all directions.
Side phr"On Every Side" - in all directions, everywhere. 2. from and on all sides.
Side phr"On the Bright Side" - with favorable aspects.
Side phr"On the Other Side" - Life after death; (heaven), paradise.
Side phr"On the Right Side of" - nearly, just less than.
Side phr"On the Side" - as a sideline; in addition to one's regular work. 2. transacting of business out of one's normal field (usually one 's regular job) and often secretly or illicitly.
Side phr"On the Side of Angels?" - on the side of what is righteous, correct and moral.
Side phr"On the Wrong Side of" - just more than (an age).
Side phr"Put On Side" - pretend to be what one is not. 2. give oneself airs, be bumptious.
Side phr"Put to One side" - postpone something.
Side phr"Rise On/Get Out the Wong Side of the Bed" - be irritable, grumpy or bad tempered early in the day.
Side phr"Side by Each" - side by side.
Side phr"Side by Side" - one beside the other; close together, alongside, abreast, close at hand, near to, neighboring, touching or near to, in company or along with. 2. standing close together; especially for mutual support. 2. sport: designating a race or competition in which contestants start at the same time, racing alongside each other.
Side phr"Side With" - to arrange or put oneself on the side of; to take the part of in a dispute. 2. to agree or agree in opinion with. 3. back, back up, champion, fall in with, get behind, go in with, collaborate, stand behind, stand in with, stick by, stick up for, string along with, team with, throw lot in with.
Side phr"Stop Up a Hole in a Sieve" - do something quite useless.
Side phr"Take Sides." - to attach oneself to, give attendance to or support one or two opposing sides or parties. 2. support one or another cause or dispute.
Side phr"Take to One Side" - talk to somebody privately (away from others).
Side phr"Thorn in Someone Side" - to be a person whose persistent presence and righteous views annoy.
Side phr"To the One Side" - askew, awry.
Side axe nAn axe ground on one side only.
Side bearing n(In typography) the margin of the empty space on the left or right-hand side of a character in typeface.
Side-bitch n(Black slang) a mistress; a woman one dates in addition to his wife, usually in secret. 2. paramour.
Side-blade nA lateral blade, a blade protuding from the side of a weapon.
Sideboard nA table oe especially a cupboard at the side of a dining room for supporting and containing dishes, table linen, decanters etc. 2. In Britain and some other countries of the Commonwealth: hair grown by a man each side of his face; side-whiskers.
Side-bone nPart of the pelvis on either side of a bird or fowl which is easily separated from the backbone in carving. 2. sometimes the scapula or shoulder blade. 3. ossification of the flexible cartilage behind the cannon bone of the leg(usually fore) of a horse.
Side-box nA box placed alongside the main text in a book, etc containing further related text. 2. a box set in the side of a theatre's auditorium.
Side-burden n(Geology) the rock and subsoil that lies next to a mineral deposit such as a coal stream.
Side-by-side adjClose together, alongside, abreast, close at hand, near to, touching or near to, in company or along with. 2. standing close together; especially for mutual support. 3. sport: designating a race or competition in which contestants start at the same time, racing alongside each other.
Side chest n(Bodybuilding) a standard pose in which one's arm is bent at the elbow, and the chest muscles are flexed , with one side ? to the judges.
Sided adjHaving sides. 2. (in combination)having a specified side or number of sides (three-sided). 2.
Side dish nAn extra dish subsidiary to the main course.
Sidedly advOf or relating to the side (of something) ; lateral.
Sidedness nThe condition of having a specific number or form of sides. 2. handedness.
Side door nA door at the side of a building. 2. an indirect means of access.
Side-eye vbA sidelong glance expressing disapproval or contempt.
Side-flights nA staircase in which return flights branch to right and left. 2. a return in two flights.
Side foot nTo kick something with the instep of the foot; shanked.
Side hall nHaving a corridor aling one side of a building, rather than the centre.
Side hand nMove by placing the palm of the hand on top and sliding sideways.
Side-handed adjSideways from the hand. 2. done with the side of the hand. 3. indirect, subtle, sly. 3. an expanding baton or nightstick.
Side-handed advOf an action executed by the hand sideways. 2. using the side of the hand.
Side-handedly advIndirectly.
Side hill nA hillside.
Sideland nA byland; a peninsula. 2. an adjoining piece of land. 3. a portion of land jutting into the sea.
Sidelength n(Mathematics) the length of a side of a polygon.
Sideless adjLacking a side; open at the sides.
Side-light nA course of business, an interest pursued aside from one's regular occupation; a hobby. 2. a view or light on some question or matter from at a yet to be looked at direction. 3. a light from the side. 4. incidental information. 5. a light at the side of the front of a vehicle to warn off its presence. 6. the red port or green starboard light on a ship underway.
Side-line nWork, interest, activity taken up in addition to one's chief or min one. 2. the space next to where spectators sit
Sideline vbTo withdraw a player from a sporting team because of sickness or injury.
Sidlines phr"From the Sidelines" - in (or from) a position removed from the main action.
Sidelines phr"Sit on the Sidelines" - observe something without taking part in it.
Side-liner nOne who stays on the sidelines. 2. a spectator, a non-participant.
Sideling adjSideways, havinga a slanting or oblique position or motion; indirect; aslant.
Sideling advSidewise, obliquely, indirectly.
Sideload n(Computing) to transfer data between two local devices, rather than to or from a remote device.
Sidelock nA lock of hair worn at the side of the hair. 2. the design of a gun or firearm that has a lock? mounted to the inside of the plate, compare 'boxlock'
Sidelong adjMoving, turning, or inclining to one side; lateral, oblique, not directly forward.
Sidelong advObliquely; on the side. 2. steeply inclined.
Sidely advOf or relating to the side (of something);lateral.
Sidely advTo the sides; sideways, laterally, obliquely, indirectly.
Sideman nA partisan, a supporter, follower, one on the a side, sidesman. 2. a supporting musician in a band, as distinguished from the featured performers, especially a jazz band. 3. a person going around with a plate etc. collecting money in church.
Sidemeat na size of salt pork or beacon.
Sideness nThe state or postion of being sideways or side-on.
Side-netting nIn soccer, the net at either side of the goal, extending from the touchline to a few yards behind it.
Sidenhand advOn one side, aside, to the side.
Side-on advAspect or look of various bodies, animal, persons, things etc. viewed from the side. 2. on or towards one side. 3. (of a collision) involving the side of a vehicle.
Sider nOne who sides, or takes sides with a person or cause; a partisan, follower, supporter, fellow-traveler.
Side road nA minor or subsidiary road, especially joining or diverging from the main road.
Side-rod nThe coupling rod of a locomotive engine.
Side-saddle nA saddle for a woman rider who drive with both feet on the same side of the horse . 2.
Side-saddle advSitting side-saddle on a horse.
Side-seat nA seat in a vehicle etc. in which the occupant has his or her back to the side of a vehicle.
Side shadow nA literary technique that uses references not in the current text.
Side-shadowness nThe sate of a literary technique that uses references not in the current text.
Side shot n(Surveying) A reading or measurement from a survey station to locate a point that is off the traverse or that is not intended to be used as a base for the extension of the survey. It is usually made to determine the position of some object that is to be shown on a map.
Sideshow nA small show incidental to a larger or more important one. 2. a minor exhibition at a fair. 3. any subordinate or minor issue or matter.
Sidesman nA churchwarden's assistant who shows worshipers to their seat, takes the collection.
Sidestep nA step or movement to one side, as of a boxer. 2. a step on the side of a thing for ascending and descending.
Sidestep vbTo step to one side, avoid or negate responsibility. 2. to avoid as an issue, or postpone, as a decision, evade.
Side stepper nOne who side steps an issue etc.
Sidestick nA cylindrical stick used to limit the movement of a horse's head.
Sidestreet nA minor street intersecting a main street and terminating there.
Sidestroke nA stroke towards or from the side. 2. an incidental action. 3. a swimming stroke on which the swimmer lies on their side.
Side tool nAny tool with a cutting face at the side.
Side-swipe ???nIndirect rebuke, censure, hint.
Sidewalk nA path or pavement at the side of a street for the use of a pedestrian. 2. a footpath; a footway at the side of a road.
Sidewalk outline nThe chalked out figure of the corpse at a crime scene.
Side wall nA gable; a room-wall which does not hold the principal window or fireplace; any wall of an enclosure.
Sidewards adjDirected or moving towards or from the side, lateral.
Sidewards advDirected or moving towards or from the side, lateral.
Sideways advFrom one side; to, from, one side; with front turned to side. 2. so as to incline towards the side, or with the side forward -- moving it sideways. 3. towards one side, askance, oblique, indirectly. 4. moving to or from one side, as in a sideways glance.
Sideways phr"Knock Somebody Sideways" - confuse, shock someone.
Side wheeler nA steamer with paddle wheels; a paddle steamer.
Side wheels nA wheel at the side; specifically one of the two wheels on either side of a steamboat.
Side-wife nA woman who (among others) has the potential to become one's wife, or who is fulfilling the role of one's wife in addition to one's actual wife; a concubine, an affair partner.
Side wind nA wind from the side. 2. an indirect agency or influence; an indirect attack. 3. an underhanded course of action
Sidewinder nAn American rattlesnake, so-called because of its lateral motiion. 2. (slang) a sideways blow.
Side windows nEach of the widows on both right and left side of the car.
Sidewings nThe openings between the wings of a theatre.
Sidewise advIn a lateral direction, sidewards, sideways. 2. to one side. 3. on or from the side. 4. in an indirect manner. 5. directed towards one side.
Side yardnA yard at the side of a building.
Siding nThe act of taking sides, as in a controversy. 2. a short railway track that runs beside the main line, on which trains or wagons are shunted on 4. boarding or cladding material for the outside of a building. 5. weather boards or drop-sidings for vertical surfaces, as feather-edge boards.
Sidle nA sideways step or movement, sidling
Sidle vbTo move sideways, especially. in a cautious or stealthy way. 2. to cause to move sideways.
Sidlle phr"Sidle Along" - to walk in a timid, timid, furtive, stealth, or cringing manner.
Sidle phr"Sidle Up (to)" - approach in a nervous or furtive way.
Sidth nA side, length, depth, sith.
Sidy adjInclined to put on one side. 2. assuming an air of psuedo-superiority; affected in manner, swaggering.
Sieve nA utensil having a perforated or meshed bottom for separating solids or coarse from liquids or fine particles, or for reducing a soft solid to a fine pulp. 2. a vessel used by witches to sail in. 3. a divination tool. 4. used as a measure, or for holding anything.
Sieve vbTo put through a sift with a sieve. 2. examine evidence to select or separate.
Sieve phr"A Young Man's Love is Water in a Sieve" - love knows no reason, but often much confusion. 2. young love is fleeting.
Sieve phr"Head Like a Sieve" - a memory that retains little.
Sieve phr"Sieve and Shears" - an ancient form of divination mentioned by Theocritus. The points of the shears were stuck in the wooden rim of the sieve and two persons supported it upright with the tips of their two fingers. Then a verse of the Bible was read aloud, and St Peter and St Paul were asked if the guilty person was A, B, C (naming those suspected.) When the guilty person was named the sieve would suddenly turn around. This method was also used to tell if a couple would marry etc
Sieved adjSeparated as solids or coarse materials from liquids or fine particles, or for reducing a soft solid to a fine pulp.
Sieveful adjAs much as a sieve can hold.
Sieve-like adjResembling a sieve; thus having holes through which fluids can pass.
Sieving nThe act of passing something through a sieve. 2. materials that pass through a sieve.
Sievish adj(Figuratively, of memory) like a sieve; unretentive.
Sift nA sieve.
Sift vbTo separate coarser wood from finer ones. 2. to separate with a sieve. 3. to bolt, scrutinize, analyse, investigate, examine carefully or closely.
Sift phr"Sift Out" - examine, analyse closely.
Sift phr"Sift through" - examine by sifting.
Sifted adjSeparated by sifting.
Sifter nA sieve. 2. a person who analyses things thoroughly.
Sifting nSomething removed or separated by a sieve.
Siftingly advSo as to sift or sort through.
Sigh nA long deep breath, expressive of sorrow, fatigue, regret, or relief.
Sigh vbTo make a deep, single respiration, as the expression of exhaustion or sorrow. 2. to utter a long audibe breath. 3. to utter sighs over. 4. to mourn over.
Sigh phr"To Sigh Over" - to yearn for, long for. 2. to grieve for.
Sigher nOne who sighs.
Sighful adjFull of sighs or prone to sighing.
Sighing nThe utterance of a sigh.
Sighingly advIn a sighing manner; with a sigh.
Sighless nWithout a sigh.
Sighlike adjResembling or characteristic of a sigh.
Sight nThe power of seeing things; seeing, eyesight; field of vision. 2. aspect, appearance, look, view. 3. person or thing whose look, general condition, gives a shock to the eye; a spectacle; eyesore. 4. the second a person is seen; a glimpse. 5. a glance, gander, observation. 6. in archaic usage, it often denotes a ' crowd or multitude' or a large number of persons or things.
Sight vbSuddenly see or catch sight of. 2. to behold, discern, distinguish, glimpse, observe, perceive
Sight phr"A Sight Better Than " - very much than.
Sight phr"At First Sight" - of first glimpse or impression (love).
Sight phr"At Sight" - immediately.
Sight phr"Be Short-sighted" - not to recognize the likely consequences.
Sight phr"Do Something On Sight" - do something immediately, without hesitation.
Sight phr"Get Out of My Sight" - go away.
Sight pht"Have Lost Sight Of " - no longer know the whereabouts of
Sight phr"In One's Sights" - in one's range of vision, or in one's awareness (with a view to possession).
Sight phr"In Sight Of" - visible, at hand, near; close enough to be seen.
Sight phr"Keep Sight Of Something" - remain aware of something.
Sight phr"Know Somebody By Sight" - recognize somebody(to whom one has not been introduced).
Sight phr"Lose One's Sight" - go blind.
Sight phr"Lose Sight Of" - cease to see or beware of.
Sight phr"On Sight" - as soon as a person or thing has been seen.
Sight phr"Out of Sight" - not visible. 2. (colloquial): excellent, delightful.
Sight phr Out of Sight, Out Of Mind" - ignore. 2. what one cannot see, will soon be forgotten.
Sight phr"Out of My Sight" - go away at once
Sight phr"Put Out of Sight" - to conceal quickly. 2. to conceal a large portion of food
Sight phr"Set One's Sights On" - aim at, try to achieve something.
Sight phr"Sick of the Sight Of" - very tired of seeing somebody/
Sight phr"Sight for Sore Eyes" - something that is very pleasurable to see or witness, especially something unexpected or surprising.
Sight phr"Sight for the Gods" - a welcome person or thing.
Sight phr"Sight In" - to align the sights of a firearm.
Sight phr"Sight to Behold" - an especially impressive, noteworthy, or remarkable person, event, or thing; something or someone who is very much worth seeing.
Sight phr"Sight Unseen" - without been seen or examined.
Sight phr"Take Sight" - to aim carefully.
Sight phr"Within Sight Of" - to see or be seen from.
Sight phr"With @0/20 Hindsight" - with the benfit of knowing what has happened.
Sight board nA large white screen(now Electronic) used on a cricket field to help the batsmen sight the ball
Sighted adjCapable of seeing, not blind. 2. having a specific or abnormal kind of sight, as 'long-sighted' far-sighted, short-sighted.
Sightedness nThe quality of being sighted or having the ability to see.
Sighter nIn shooting, a trial shot to obtain a range.
Sightful adjEasily or clearly seen; distinctively visible, observant.
Sightfulness nThe state of being sightful; perspicuity.
Sightglass nA transparent device for observing the interiorof apparutus etc.
Sight-hole na peep hole.
Sighthound nA hound or dog that hunts by speed and sight.
Sighting nThe act of catching sight of something, especially something searched for.
Sighting shot nAn experimental shot for guiding gunners in adjusting their sights.
Sightless adjBind; without sight; not appearing to sight. 2. (poetic) invisible.
Sightlessly advIn a sightless manner; blindly.
Sightlessness nBlindness.
Sightline nA hypothetical line from a person's eyes to what is seen. inside edge of of a member of a piece of framing.
Sightliness nComeliness, attractiveness, gracefulness; beauty.
Sightly adjBeautiful, fair, comely, handsome, sheen, pleasing to the eye; handsome. 2. attractive to the sight; not unsightly; well-proportioned. 3. visible, conspicuous, keen-sighted.
Sight-read vbto read and perform music at sight.
Sight-reader nOne who reads, interprets and perform music at sight.
Sight-readingnOne who performs sight-reading of music.
Sightsee vbTo visit places of interest as a tourist.
Sight-seeing nThe visiting (indiscriminately or planned) of objects of interest: sights of the town, mainly by visitors and tourists
Sightseer nOne who visits objects of interest: sights of the town, mainly as a visitor and/or tourist.
Sight-sing vbSing music at at sight.
Sightsman nOne who points out sights or objects of interest to tourists. 2. a local guide, tourist guide, cicerone.
Sight unseen advWithout previous inspection.
Sightwise advPertaining to, concerning or regarding sight or things or vision or things seen.
Sight words nSight words is a common term in reading that has a variety of meanings. When it is applied to early reading instruction, it typically refers to the set of about 100 words that keeps reappearing on almost any page of text. “Who, the, he, were, does, their, me, be” are a few examples.
Sightworthy adjSightly; worthy of being visited. 2. worth seeing or visiting.
Sike nA marshy bottom with a stream flowing through it. 2. a watercourse, small stream, creek, beck, rill, a syke. 2. gully, dip, or hollow. 3. a stretch of meadow, mead, field
Silk nThe creamy-white or yellowish, very fine natural, strong, soft fibre product by various insects, especially by larvae of the silkworm, to form their cocoons. 2. cloth, thread or garments made of silk.
Silk phr"To Hit the Silk" -- to descend from an airplane by parachute.
Silk vbTo clothe or cover with silk; to be silken.
Silk phr"Take Silk" - become a Senior Counsel in law.
Silken adjMade, resembling or consisting of silk, silky, silken. 2. silk-like, soft, glossy, shining, lustrous. 3. elegant, ingratiating of words, flattering. 4. of persons, their looks or voice: effeminate, soft, sweet, balmy, gentle. 4. soft , low in sound.
Silk vbTo clothe or cover with silk; to be silken or have a silky lustre.
Silken vbMade of silk. 2. wearing silk. 3. soft or lustrous like silk. 4. (of a person's manner etc) suave or insinuating. 5. (of sporting skills) smooth and free-flowing in movement.
Silk fowl nA breed of fowl with silky plumage.
Silk-hat nA top hat covered with plush and ironed to produce a high, silky polish.
Silkily advIn a silky or smooth manner.
Silkiness nThe quality of being smooth and smooth to the touch.
Silkless adjLacking silk.
Silk-like adjResembling or characteristic of silk in some way.
Silkman nA dealer in or manufacturer of silk; also, a operative in a silk factory.
Silk mill nA mill for reeling, spinning and manufacturing silk.
Silkmoth nAny of various large moths, whose caterpillars spin a protective silken cocoon, especially the adult of the silkworm.
Silkness nSilkiness.
Silk oak nSee "Silky oak"
Silk-spinner nAny moth that whose larvae spins silk to line their cocoons.
Silk Road nThe ancient caravan route along which silk was carried to China.
Silkstone n
Silk-tail nA bird like the common waxwing or chatterer.
Silk-thrower nOne who twists or spins silk and prepares it for weaveing
Silkware nArticles made from silk.
Silkwear nClothing made of silk.
Silkweed nMilkweed.
Silkwood nThe Queensland Maple or Eucalyptus Maple of Queensland, Aistralia.
Silkwork nGoods or products manufactured from silk.
Silkworks nA silk manufactory.
Silkworm nThe caterpillar of the moth Bombyx mori who spin a cocoon of silk and is bred commercially for this.
Silkworm gut nA very strong, fine cord made from the gut of the silkworm, used by hobby fishermen and as a material for suture by surgeons.
Silky adjLike silk to smoothness, softness, firmness, glossy or lustre. 2. made of silk, or pertaining to silk; silklike. 3. (of a person's manner) smooth, suave, insinuating and persuasive (in a negative sense)..
Silky anteater nA species of anteater, Cyclopes didactylus.
Silky ash nEhretia accuminata - a light fawn, smooth, lustrous. Similar to white ash in grain and texture. Easily wrought and polishes well.
Silky beech nVillaresia moorei, it resembles English beech,and is a native to Queensland.
Silky oak nCardwellia sublimis, an excellent wood which is not difficult to work. It polishes well, but does not fume readily. 2. any of certain trees or shrubs in the the family Proteaceae.
Silky smooth adjExtremely smooth.
Silky wood nSometimes applied to highly figured Canadian yellow birch.
Sill nThe piece of wood or stone-work forming the lower horizontal part a the window opening. 2. the threshold of a door or gateway; the lower part of a door case. 4. the floor of a gallery in a mine.
Sillikin nA simpleton, fool, blockhead, dill.
Sillily advPoorly, badly or in a senseless manner. 2. in a foolish manner, absurd
Silliness nThe quality or state of being silly, foolish, trifling, mentally incapable.
Silly adjIs the German selig (blessed) and use to mean in English 'happy through being innocent'; whence the baby Jesus was termed ' the harmless, silly babe', and sheep were called 'silly'. As the innocent are easily taken in by wordly cunning cunning, the word to signify 'gullible', 'foolish'. 2. ithout good sense, simple, foolish, imbecilic, idiotic, fatuous. 3. frail, weak, feeble, helpless, defenceless, esp. of women and children. 4. of animals, like sheep. 5. weak, feeble, sickly, ailing, insignificant, trifling. 6. scanty, meager, poor, sorry. 7. unlearned, unsophisticated, rustic, ignorant. 7. mental or physical incapable.
Silly goose nA silly or foolish person.
Silly head adjA silly or foolish person.
Sillyish adjSomewhat silly.
Silver nA soft white metallic element, sonorous, ductile with malleable and capable of a high degree of polish. 2. a soft, white, precious, univalent metallic element having the highest electrical thermal conductivity of any metal. 3. a metallic element of various light shades or hue: lustrous, grey, argent, slivery, silverish, light ash-grey, ash grey or silver grey.
Silver vbTo cover with silver ; give a silver appearance. 2. to acquire a silver colour. 3. to impart a brightness on something. 4. to make hoary or white like silver.
Silver phr"Born With a Silver Spoon in One's Mouth" - to be brought up by wealthy parents.
Silver phr"Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining" - there are benefits and positive outcomes even in adverse situations.
Silver phr"Have a Silver Tongue" - be eloquent.
Silver ash nEucalyptus sieberi, the silvertop ash or black ash, is a common eucalyptus tree of south eastern Australia. The range of distribution is in the higher rainfall areas, from near sea level to high altitude. Growing on shallow soils of medium to low fertility, south from Morisset, New South Wales to Victoria and Tasmania. It can grow to 45 metres in height, though is mostly seen between 15 and 30 metres tall. The tree can be identified by the black rough bark at the base, and the smooth cream upper branches
Silverback nA silverback gorilla is the mature, experienced male leader of a group of mountain gorillas in the wild. Named for the silver saddles across his back, the silverback is responsible for the safety of his group. A group of gorillas, also called a “troop,” can contain from 5 to 30 gorillas.
Silver bath nA solution of silver nitrate, used for sensitizing plates in photography. 2. the flat dish or tray used for this.
Silver beech nNothofagus menziesii, commonly known as silver beech, is a tree of the southern beech family endemic to New Zealand. Its common name probably comes from the fact that its bark is whitish in colour, particularly in younger specimens.
Silver-beet nChard (also known as Swiss chard, Silverbeet, Perpetual spinach, or Mangold) is a vegetable. It is in the same family as Spinach, Amaranthaceae.
Silver berry nA shrub (Elaegenus commutata) of the north-western United States, with silvery foliage, flowers and edible fruit.
Silver birch nA common birch, european birch, or betula alba, with silver-colored bark.
Silver cloth nThe world of motion pictures; filmdom, moviedom. In the early days of motion pictures, a silver lenticular (vertically ridged) screens, which are made from a tightly woven fabric, either natural, such as silk, or a synthetic fiber, were excellent for use with low-power projector lamp heads and the monochromatic images that were a staple of early projected images.
Silvered adjCoated with silver or made reflective or shiny.
Silver eel nThe silver eel (Ariosoma mellissii), also known as the Melliss's conger,[2] is an eel in the family Congridae (conger/garden eels).[3] It was described by Albert Günther in 1870.[4] It is a rare tropical, marine eel which is known solely from St. Helena, in the southeastern Atlantic Ocean. It is known to dwell at a maximum depth of 67 meters. Males can reach a maximum total length of 42.8 centimetres.
Silver eye nThe silvereye or wax-eye is a very small omnivorous passerine bird of the south-west pacific. In Australia and New Zealand its common name is sometimes white-eye, but this name is more commonly used to refer to all members of the genus Zosterops, or the entire family Zosteropidae.
Silver fern nNew Zealand tree fern, Cyathea dealbata. 2. a stylized silver fern leaf as an emblem of New Zealand.
Silver fin nA small Norh American freshwater cyrinoid fish, Cyprinella whipplei.
Silver fir nApplied to several species of Abies.
Silver fish nAny small silvery wingless insect of the order Thysanura, esp. Lepisma saccharia in houses nd other buildings. 2. a silver-colored fish, especially a colorless variety of gold-fish.
Silver foxnVariety of the common fox (Vulpes vulpes) found in the northern parts of Europe, Asia and America. 2. a dark-haired man with silvery-grey tips or threads through his hair.
Silver frost nA deposit of glaze on trees and shrubs and other exposed objects during the fall of freezing precipitation (the product of an ice storm).
Silver gar nA spear.
Silver gilt nSilver or silver-plate with a thin plating of gold; gilded silver. 2. an imitation gilding of yellow lacquer over silver-leaf.
Silver grey nA grey or bluish color like that of ailver; lustrous grey.
Silver-grey adjA lustrous-grey color.
Silver greywood nThe chugam of the Andaman isles and India.
Silver-haired adjHaving white or lustrous, grey hair.
Silver-headed adjTipped with silver; white haired.
Silverily advIn a silvery manner.
Silveriness nThe state or quality of being silvery.
Silvering nThe process of coating glass with a silver film.
Silver-leaf nAny of several plants that have silvery leaf. 2. a fungal disease of fruit trees. 3. silver beaten into a thin, fine leaf.
Silverless adjIn a silvery manner.
Silver-like adjResembling or characteristic of metal silver.
Silver-lining nConsolation or hopeful feature in misfortune. 2. prospects of a better time to come.
Silver-lining phr"Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining" -
Silverly advWith a silverly appearance or sound.
Silver moth nA grub destructive to silver beet.
Silvern adjMade of silver
Silver sand nA fine, pure, white sand used in gardening.
Silverside nThe upper side of a round of beef from the outside of the leg and suitable for salting.
Silverskin nA silverskin onion.
Silver slumber nA sweet, gentle, peaceful sleep or nap.
Silversmith nA worker in silver. 2. a manufacturer of silver articles.
Silversmithing nThe work of silversmith; the forging of silver.
Silver spoon nA sign of future prosperity.
Silver Star nA U.S. military decoration, first issued in 1932, in the form of a bronze star inset with a small raised silver star, awarded for gallantry in action.
Silver steel nAn alloy of steel with a very small proportion of silver. 2. common tool steel as a centerless ground round bar.
Silver stick nA field-officer of the Life Guards on duty at the royal palace whose insignia of office is a silver wand.
Silver streak nThe English Channel.
Silver tail n(In Australia) a term to describe a wealthy person.
Silver thaw nA formation of a glassy coating of ice on the ground or an exposed surface by freezing rain or the refreezing of thawed ice. 2. a condition when ice on roads is covered with a thin layer of moisture; black ice.
Silver thistle nThe acanthus.
Silver thorn nElaeagnus pungens is a species of flowering plant in the family Elaeagnaceae, known by the common names thorny olive, spiny oleaster and silverthorn; also by the family name "oleaster". It is native to Asia, including China and Japan.
Silver-tongue nPerson readily, clear, effective, fluent, eloquent of speech. 2. silver-voice, clear and ringing.
Silver-tongued adjPersuasive, eloquent.
Silver top nA kind of eucalyptus tree Eucalyptus sieberana. 2. a disease, due to insects attacking the upper stalks of grasses.
Silver Tree nA monument fashioned by Guillaume Boucher, a Parisian silversmith who was captured during the Mongol invasion of Eastern European. Boucher had the Silver tree erected in the middle of the palace courtyard at Karakorum. The original disappeared centuries ago; today, on the site of Karakorum, the Mongolian government has set up a reproduction of Boucher's Silver Tree. 2. a small South African shrub.
Silverware nArticles made of or coated with silver, especially tableware.
Silver-wedding nThe 25th anniversary of a wedding.
Silver weed nA wayside plant with silvery leaves on the underside,esp., a potentilla.
Silver whiting nSouthern school whiting.
Silverwork nWork, usually ornamental, done in silver.
Silverwort nPotentilla anserina, goose grass, wild tansy.
Silvery adjLike silver in color or appearance. 2. having a gentle ringing sound. 3. (of the hair) white and lustrous.
Silvery sedge nA sedge species, Carex canescens.
Sin nMoral wrongdoing, an offence against God, a misdeed, transgression, trespass, offence.
Sin advThen, thereupon, thereafter, afterwords, subsequently, from that time onward, before now, ago, long sin, for a long time before, from after, subsequent to, from or since the time that. 2. a contracted form of sithen; sen, syne, since.
Sin phr"For One's Sins" - (jocular) a judgement on one for something or other. 2. by way of punishment, as it were.
Sin phr"Like Sin" - (colloquial) vehemently or forcefully.
Sin phr"Live in Sin" - live together without being married.
Sin phr"Old Sins Have Long Shadows" - past misdeeds are liable to return to haunt a person.
Sin phr"Seven Deadly Sins" - pride , wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, avarice and sloth.
Sin phr"Sin Against" - break transgress, some moral or religious law; offend (against).
Sin phr"Man of Sin" - the Antichrist.
Since advFrom then till now, subsequently, ago.
Since advReduced form of sithence; sineth. 2. from then till now, subsequently, ago.
Since conjFrom the time that; seeing that, because that; inasmuch as.
Since prpAt some time, subsequent to, after.
Since phr"Since When" - (sarcastic): from what time. 2. an interrogative interjection meaning:used to indicate doubt ofthe veracity of a statement.
Sin bin nIn some sports, a penalty box. 2. a place set aside for offenders of various kinds.
Sine nSinew, huxen, hockshin.
Sin eater nA person who, through ritual means, would take on by means of food and drink (sin eating), the sins of a deceased person thus absolving his or her soul and allowing the person to rest in peace.
Sineth advSince, alteration of sithen
Sinew nA rib in a leaf. 2. a nerve. 3. strength, energy, force. 3. the main strength, mainstay or chief force of something, as the "sinews of war," that is, the money of financing of the campaigns. 4. strength, or that which supplies strength.
Sinew vbTo supply with a something to strengthen, as by sinew. 2. to enervate, harden, innure.
Sinew phr"Sinews of War" - money, as a means of carrying on war. 2. essential funds for the prosecution of a war. Tropps have to be paid and fed and the materials of war are costly.
Sinewed adjHaving sinews; strong, firm, vigorous.
Sinewer nA strengther, a mainstay, driving force.
Sinewish adjPertaining to sinews and their strength, energy and vigor. 2. sinewy.
Sinewless adjDestitute, without or lacking, vigor, feeble, flabby, weak, enervated, powerless.
Sinewness nThe state or quality of being sinewy.
Sinewy adjCharacteristic or consisting of sinew or nerve. 2. well-braced with sinews, strong, brawny.
Sinflood nThe Deluge; the Flood.
Sinful adjCharacterized by wickedness or iniquity; unholy. 2. having committed unrighteous acts. 3. far more than usual, over-the-top, extraordinary. 3. suggestive or tainted with sin, criminal, bad, damnable, evil, evil-doing. 4. evil., unholy, unrighteous, unworthy, wicked.
Sinfully advActing in sinful manner.
Sinfulness ndepravity, moral corruption.
Sing vbTo make a melodious sound with the voice. 2. make a ringing, whining or whistling sound. 3. to utter a musical inflection or modulation of voice. 4. to celebrate or give praise in song. 5. to lull a child to sleep. 6. to accompany other musicians in singing. 7. to tell or recite something in poetry or verse. 8. cry out, complain. 9. to divulge confidential information or secrets, blab, babble, rat-on (prison slang)
Sing phr"Not Over Till the Fat Lady Sings" - it is not yet finished.
Sing phr"Sing Along" - sing in accompaniment to a song or piece or music.
Sing phr"Sing Out" - call out loudly; shout. 2. to cry or squeal in chastisement.
Sing phr"Sing Small" - to play a humbler part. 2. to cease boasting and assume a quieter tone.
Sing phr"Sing to Sleep" - make a child fall to sleep after singing to them.
Sing phr"Sing Up" - sing more loudly.
Singalong nA tune etc., to which one can sing in accompaniment. 2. an occasion of community singing.
Singback na musical exercise of notes, where the pupil is instructed to sing back a sequence of notes, previously played or sung.
Singe vbTo burn superficially, lightly burn ends or edges of something. 2. to remove hairs from carcases by lightly burning or by being singed. 3. to burn ,fire, cauterize. 4. used to describe the effect produce by extreme cold.
Singe phr"Singe One's Wings" - suffer harm in a risky attempt.
Singeing nA superficial burn. 2. the act of burning slightly.
Singer nOne who or that which sings, a vocalist.
Singer-like adjResembling a singer.
Singer-songwriter nA person who sings and writes songs, especially professionally.
Singing nThe act of singing; vocal music; a humming noise in a car, on a telephone, circuit, etc.
Singing-bird nA song bird.
Singing-bone nThe funny bone or humerus.
Singing-book nA book containing singing exercises; a song book.
Singing-dog nA wild dog, possibly related to the dingo, native to new Guinea.
Singingly advWhist singing; accomapanied by the sounds of singing.
Singing sand nSand that produces sound when walked upon.
Sing-song nAn occasion of feasting and musical celebration, esp. in P.N.G and some islands of The Pacific. 2. a ballad, piece of verse, having musical qualities, rather than poetical qualities, esp. one of a monotonous or jingling cadence. 3. a tone of voice marked by a monotonous rise and fall, with a kind of singing effect. 4. an amateur concert of informal nature; a convivial meeting. 5. of persons, a mere jingling rhythm or monotonous verse featuring trivial or simple singing.
Sing-song vbA music piece sung in a monotonous cadence or tone.
Sing-songy adjLike a piece of sing-song, simple and melodic; songlike.
Singster nSinger, songstress.
Sink nA pool or pit formed by a hole in the ground for the collection of waste, water, sewage etc. 2. a cesspool, a container for filth or ordure. 3. a conduit, drain for dirty water, sewage, sewer. 4. a basin for the collection of kitchen liquid waste: a kitchen sink. 5. a plumbing fixture consisting of a water basin fixed to a wall or a floor and having a drain pipe. 6. a depression in the ground with an underground way. 7. a covered cistern which waste water and sewage flow into. 8. cesspool, cesspit, sump. 9. a trapdoor in a theatre stage for raising or lowering scenery.
Sink vbTo fall or descend to a lower place or level. 2. to cause to sink a sea vessel, such as a warship. 3. to pass into a petrified state or condition. 4. to go under water or into some soft substance, such as quicksand or a miasma. 5. to appear to move downwards. 6. to fall or sink heavily; decline markedly, slump, fall off. 7. to be overwhelmed or depressed; to fall or sink from weakness; fail in strength; to decline; decay, decrease. 8. to fall, subside, drop, droop, lower, decline, decay, decrease, lessen.
Sink phr"Be a Sitting Shot" - to be a person whose actions make them very vulnerable to criticism
Sink phr"Be Sunk" - be in a hopeless position.
Sink phr"Everything but the Kitchen Sink" - an unnecessary number of things.
Sink phr"Like Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship" - the desertion of an organization, team , group, etc when failure seems imminent.
Sink phr"Sink and Draw" - (angling) a method of angling in which the bait or fly is allowed to sink before being gently drawn back to the surface.
Sink phr"Sink Deeper Into the Mire" - get into further difficulties.
Sink phr"Sink In" - penetrate or make its way in. 2. become gradually absorbed, comprehended or understood. 2. invest capital heavily in some venture.
Sink phr"Sinking Sand" - a area of loose, soft, shifting sand into which people or objects may sink and be covered over; quicksand. 2. (fig) a shaking moral foundation to one's life, as the affair with my best friend's wife made me realize what a sinking sand I had lived on.
Sink phr"Sink Into" - fall fast asleep. 2. fall to a lower moral or physical level.
Sink phr"Sink Like a Stone" - sink straight down immediately.
Sink phr"Sink One's Teeth Into" - to be enthusiastically involved about.
Sink phr"Sink Or Swim" - even at the risk of complete failure be determined to try. 2. perish or survive; total failure or thrilling succeeding.
Sink phr"Sink Slowly Into the West" - to fail gradually.
Sink phr"With a Sinking Heart" - to growing despondency.
Sink bench n a surface in a kitchen intended for or equipped with a sink; (now) a kitchen unit comprising a sink and draining board; = sink unit
Sink boat nA type of oblong boat used in wildfowl shooting, which becomes submerged to water level and serves to conceal the hunter. 2. boat sunk in the rim in water; used in duck-shooting; also called a surface boat.
Sinker nA weight used to sink a fishing line or a sounding line; a die-sinker. 2. (slang) a doughnut.
Sinker phr"Fall Hook, Line, and Sinker?" - completely
Sinkers nRoots or climbers of parasitic plants. 2. logs too heavy for floating in the ponds at the docks; also called dead-heads.
Sinkful adjAs much as a sink can hold.
Sink head nA reservoir attached to or forming the top of a channel in a mould, used to continuously supply molten metal to a casting as it cools and contracts.
Sink-hole nA hole or hollow, an opening or aa sink drain, for foul matter to run into or be thrown into (Also, fig.) 2. a hole, cavern, cavity, made in the earth by the action of water on soil or underlying ground and frequently forming the course of a river or stream underground. 3. cesspool, miasma.
Sinking nA shallow recess. 2. a part sunk below the surrounding surface.
Sinking-feeling nA bodily sensation, esp. in the abdomen, caused by hunger, dread or apprehension.
Sinking lid nA policy of lowering staff numbers by not replacing workers who resign or retire, typically in public services.
Sinking speed nThe rate at which a mine shaft is excavated (now rare); 2. the speed with which a body sinks or is sinking; esp. the rate at which a glider descends.
Sinking spell nA sudden episode of dizziness, palpitations, weakness, etc.; a fainting fit or dizzy spell, a ‘turn’.
Sinking ship nSomething which is doomed; an impending debacle; an going disaster, a lost cause.
Sinkless adjWithout a sink(of any kind).
Sinklike adjResembling a sink or some aspect of one.
Sinkpan nA hollow or depression in which waste water collects, a sinkhole
Sinkroom nA scullery: a small room off the kitchen where the messy work is done, such as cleansing dishes and utensils.
Sinkward advtowards a sink.
Sinkwater nThe water in a sink.
Sinless adjWithout sin or moral wrong; guiltless, innocent, pure.
Sinlessly advIn a sinless way, without sin.
Sinlessness nThe state of being unsullied by sin or moral wrong. 2. lacking a knowledge of evil; free from sin.
Sinner nA person who sins without resisting. 2. one who is habitual, persistent, incorrigible. 3. a transgressor, wrongdoer.
Sinnership nThe condition or state of being a sinner or living in sin.
Sinning nThe act of committing a sin.
Sin-ridden adjDominated or plagued by sin.
Sinsick adjDistressed by one's own wrongdoings. 2. suffering in the mind from the effects of sin. 3. sin-soiled, blemished or soiled by sin.
Sinsyne advSince then, from the time, since syne.
Sipe nA groove or channel in the tread of a tyre to improve its grip.
Sipe vbOf liquids, water, to percolate or ooze through. 2. to drip or trickle slowly, to soak, sieve.
Sissy nAn effeminate or cowardly person.
Sissy adjEffeminate, cowardly.
Sister nA female person who has the same parents, mother and father, as another person. 2. a nun, as sister of a religious order. 3. a female person who a member of a sorority, labor union, or other group. 4. a slang term for an attractive young woman. 5. daughters of the same parents are full or whole sisters. those who have only one parent in common are called half-sisters.
Sister adjBearing the relationship of a sister or one suggestion of sisterhood.
Sister phr"All (Are) Sisters Under the Skin" - sharing fundamental qualities and only differing superficially.
Sister phr"The Three Sisters" - the fates who shaped the destiny of men, Atropos, Clotho, and Lachesis.
Sisterdom nSisterhood; the quality of being a sister.
Sisterhood nThe state of being a sister. 2. a society or association of women, esp. when bound by monastic vows or devoting themselves to religious or charitable work or the feminist cause. . 3. the relationship between sisters. 4. a community of women living together for religious or charitable purposes. 5. a community of feeling and mutual support between women.
Sister-hook nA safety clip-hoop, consisting of a pair of hooks moving and fitting close together from the same pivot; a clove hoook.
Sistering n(obsolete) contiguous.
Sister-in-law nA sister of one's wife or husband. 2. the wife of one's brother. 3. the wife of one's brother-in-law.
Sisterless adjHaving no sister.
Sisterlike adjLike a sister. 2. becoming or befitting a sister a sister; affectionate.
Sisterliness nThe property of being a sister.
Sisterly love nThe fem variant of brotherly love. 2. agape (synonym). 3. a kindly and lenient attitude towards others.
Sisterly advCharacteristic of or appropriate for a sister or sisters. 2. sisterly affection.
Sistership nA kinship relationship between a female off-spring and the siblings. 2. an association, society or sorority of women who are linked together by a common purpose, trade or interest.
Sister soul nKindred spirit, a female one, soul mate. 2. confidante, fellow-believer, compadre.
Sister tongue nA cognate language or languages.
Sister-wife nA woman who is simultaneously a sister and wife to her husband. 2. in a polygamous marriage; a woman who is the sister and co-wife of another. 3. a co-wife in general.
Sit nA sit or bedsit : a furnished sitting room with sleeping accommodation (and some plumbing.) 2. the way clothing fits on a person's body.
Sit vbTo be seated or take a seat; to remain in a seated or settled position. 2. to rest on the haunches or the trunk of the body. 3. to be in session, as in a court. 4. to take a position for artistic purposes. 5. sit and travel on the back of an animal. 6. to be situated or located somewhere. 7. to look after a baby for its parents; that is: babysit. 8. show to a seat, as a usher. 9. to service in a professional capacity, sit on a board. 10. to rest, abide, remain in a position. 11. to lie, rest, remain, stay; to remain passive or inactive, or in a position of idleness or rest. 12. to befit, fit, for a jacket or coat. 13. to cover or warm eggs for hatching. 14. to occupy a place, as a member of a body, such as a committee
Sit phr"Sit at" -- to be subject to.
Sit vb"Sit At Meat' - to be at the table for eating.
Sit phr"Sit At the Feet Of" - go to learn from some real, or would-be, authority.
Sit phr"Sit Back" - after strenuous activity, relax one's efforts. 2. do nothing when action is needed.
Sit phr"Sit Bolt Upright" - be sitting, or sit up suddenly, with one's back very straight. ( as a conventionally formal posture or because one is surprised).
Sit phr'Sit By" - look on without interfering.
Sit phr"Sit Down" - sit down after standing; take a seat, settle down. 2. cause to sit. 3. submit (tamely) to an insult, etc.
Sit phr"Sit Down Under" - endure, suffer something without protest or resistance. 2. to sit tamely to; to put up with.
Sit phr"Sit For" - to represent in parliament. 2. take an exam. 3. to pose as an artist or have one's photograph taken.
Sit phr"Sit In" - to join or become involved in a game, activity, business venture or deal. 2. to join a passive demonstration and sit in protest against a perceived wrong.
Sit phr"Sit In For" -
Sit phr"Sit In On It"
Sit phr"Sit On " - to hold an official inquiry about; serve as a member of a board.
Sit phr"Sit On (Somebody)" 2. neglect, suppress a complaint; repress a person. 3. to snub, repress, rebuke; deliberately do nothing about something for somebody. 4. handle firmly someone who misbehaves impertinently; put somebody in their place.
Sit phr"Sit On One's Hands" - deliberately take no action. 2. refuse to applaud or clap.
Sit phr"Sit on the Sidelines" - observe something without taking part in it. 2. not take part in the main action.
Sit phr"Sit Out" - leave the dance floor, and sit down with one's partner. 2. stay or wait till the end (of an ordeal, unpleasant situation etc). 3. stay in one's seat until a performance is over (even though you may find it unpleasant). 4. sit outdoors. 5. outstay (other visitors).
Sit phr"Sit Pretty" - to be in a favorable position. 2. be comfortably off.
Sit phr"Sit Still" -
Sit phr"Sit Through" - remain a theatre etc till the end of a performance (even though one may dislike it).
Sit phr"Sit Under" - to sit regularly to the preaching of.
Sit phr"Sit Up" - rise from a sitting or lying position. 2. sit firmly upright; straighten one's back. 3. move into an upright position, in a tense, alert way, usually from fear or surprise. 4. go to bed later than the usual time. 5. wait(not go to bed) until someone comes home. 6. to keep watch (with) during the night.
Sit phr"Sit Well" - have a good seat in riding.
Sit phr"Sit Well On" - suit or fit.
Sit bone nEither of the two ischial tuberosities.
Sit-by-the-fire nA person who prefixes to stay at home rather than go out and socialize. 2. a homebody.
Sitch nA sike, stream, beck, burn, bourn, watercourse, waterway.
Sit-down nA period of sitting. 2. a place where some activity takes place, as a sit-down protest where demonstrators occupy their workplace or sit down in a public place.
Sit-down adjA meal eaten at a table.
Sit down strike nA form of strike in which the strikers refuse to leave their place of work, day and night.
Sitfast adjFixed; stationary.
Sith advThen, thereupon, afterwards, subsequently. 2. next in succession, order or place. 3. some or anytime since, ago. 4. "sith ago", long ago, before now. 5. continuously or ever from, during the period, at some time or any time. 6. since a specified time. 6. from subsequent, to, or since the time that, during.
Sithe nA going, journey, path, way. 2. fortune on a journey: also generally: fortune, hap, luck. 3. with cardinal numbers or equivalent term, denoting frequency of occurrence, as in oftsithe; on or in one sithe; one in the same sithe: at one and the same time. 4. used to express multiplication of times, esp so many times ten or twenty; bysithes. 5. used to express comparison.
Sithe vbTo go, journey, travel, voyage.
Sithence advSince
Sithre advAt a later time, subsequently.
Sit-in nA passive demonstration in which participants gather in government offices, a movie theater and various other places in order to protest against a perceived wrong or a social injustice.
Sitter nOne who sits. 2. a persons who minds other people's children, home or pets etc. 3. a person sitting as a model.
Sitting nThe state of resting on a seat. 2. the act of placing oneself on a seat. 3. a session, a business meeting. 4. each occasion where food is served to a group of persons. 4. a continuous space in time devoted to a specific piece of work. 5. a time given up for a posing of an aartist. 6. a clutch of eggs for incubation.
Sitting adjHaving sat down. 2. of an animal or bird not running or flying; perching. 3. resting on one's haunches. 4. of a hen engaged in hatching. 5. of a current member of parliament.
Sitting duck nA duck resting on water and therefore an easy target for a hunter. 2. an easy target; a vulnerable person or thing.
Sitting-room nA room in a house for relaxed sitting in. 2. space enough to accommodate seated persons. 3. a waiting room; receptionist room.
Sit-up vbTo rise from a recumbent position or from sleep. 2. to sit with the body upright. 3. to sit with, and esp. late or through out the night with a sick or dying person.
Sit-uponnTo belong to a jury, commission, etc. as a member. 2. to hold discussions about and look into carefully, as in a court case. 3. to suppress, hold onto, lock down or quash a matter, controversy, scandal, or secret. 4. the buttocks.
Sive nSiftings, bran, meal.
Sivedy adjFull of bran, siftings, grains.
Six nA cardinal number following five and preceding seven. 2. anything made up of six units or members.
Six adjBeing one more than five; twice three.
Six phr"At Six and Sevens" - all mixed up, without order and organization. 2. in confusion, concerned, undecided and indisagreement.
Six phr"Knock for Six" - utterly overcome, defeat or surprise.
Six phr"Six Feet Under" - dead and buried.
Six phr"Six of the Best" - a punishment (once a time in schools)by canning or strapping.
Six phr"Six Ways from/till Sunday" - used in this manner, the phrase refers to covering the topic from multiple viewpoints, in every way possible. Alternatively, using the idiom in a statement such as "the crowd dispersed six ways to Sunday" means the crowd disperse in all directions.
Six phr"Throw InOne's Six Pennies' Worth" - to modestly put forward one's one facts or views.
Sixes-and-Sevens nA particular type of crate used in the pottery trade.
Six-fold adjSix times as much or many.
Sixfoldness nThe state or condition of being sixfold.
Six-foot way nThe strip of ground between two sets of railway lines.
Sixish adjAbout or around six in number.
Sixpence nThe sum of sixpence, before decimalization.
Sixpence phr"On a Sixpence" - within a small area or distance. 2. quickly and with ease.
Six-score nOne-hundred and twenty.
Six shooter nA revolver that will fire six shots without reloading.
Six-sided adjHaving six-sides; a hexagon.
Sixsome nAs one of six, with five others
Sixth adjNext in order after the fifth; one of six equal parts.
Sixthly advIn sixth place; six in a row.
Sixtieth adjTenth in order after fiftieth, the ordinal of sixty. 2. being one of sixty equal parts. 3. the quotient of a unity divided by sixty.
Sixty nThe cardinal number following fifty-nine and preceding sixty-one.
Sixty adjBeing one more than fifty-nine and ten-times six.
Sixtyish adjOf about sixty years of age.
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