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Snail nVarious sorts of mollusc (esp. ones found in gardens, having a screw-like shell and very slow in motion 2. tortoise, turtle, slug. 3. used allusively to (somewhat) vehemently) the exceptionally slow. 3. an indolent or lazy person. 4. structure or formation resembling that of a snail or a testudo. 5. a formation resembling the letter "D" limacon. 5. a flat, spirally curved piece of metal or other material.
Snail butter n
Snail king n
Snail kite n
Snailfish n
Snail hawk nThe small, bluish-gray everglade kite, ranging from Florida to Mexico, that feeds on on snails.
Snailish adj
Snailless adj
Snaillike adjResembling or characteristic of a snail, or some aspect of one.
Snailshell n
Snaily adj
Snailwort n
Snaily adjResembling a snail or its motions.
Snake nA somewhat long-bodied reptile without legs, of which some are able to give a poisonous bite. 2. a false friend; a person who turns, suddenly and unexpectedly, against others.
Snake vbTo drag by seizing an end or a limb forcibly or quickly. 2 haul along the ground, as a log. 3. to wind or move like a snake.
Snake phr"Snakes Alive!"
Snake phr"Snakes and Ladders"
Snake phr"Snake Bite and Black" - "?
Snake phr"Snake in the Grass" - a treacherous person, secret or hidden enemy.
Snake bean n
Snakeberry n
Snakebird nOne of several birds (genus anhinga), with very long slender neck, frequenting southern swamps and feeding upon fish; the water turkey; the darter.
Snake bit n
Snake bite nThe bite of a snake. 2. poisoning caused by the venom of a snake.
Snake-bitten adj
Snake board n
Snakedom n
Snake eel n
Snake eyes n
Snakefish n
Snakefly n
Snake-fright nSnake-shy
Snake hawk nThe swallow-tailed kite.
Snakehead nThe turtle-head. 2. a person who organizes the illegal immigration schemes. +++
Snakehood n
Snakeless n
Snakelike n
Snakeline n
Snakeling n
Snakemeat n
Snakemouth nA terrestrial orchid (Pogonia ophioglossoides) native in eastern North America, with fragrant rose-pink flower.
Snakeneck n
Snakepit nA pit containing snakes. 2. a scene of vicious behavior.
Snakeroot nAny of various North American plants with roots reputed to contain an effective antidote to snake's poison, Aristolochia serpentaria. 2. includes white snakeroot.
Snakeskin nThe skin of a snake.
Snakeskin adjMade of or resembling snakeskin.
Snakestone nAn ammonite; so-called because it resembles a fossil coiled snake. 2. any absorbent stone-like material popularly believed to cure snakebite.
Snakeweed nA perennial plant with twisted roots; bistort or adder's wort.
Snake wine n
Snakewise adv
Snakewood n
Snakewort nConocephalum salebrosum; Dorestenia contrejerva.
Snakily adv
Snaking nDragging by seizing an end or a limb forcibly or quickly. 2 haul along the ground, as a log. 3. to wind or move like a snake.
Snakish adj
Snakishness n
Snaky adjOf or like a snake; serpentine, winding, sinuous. 2. insinuating, cunning , treacherous. 3. showing coldness, ingratitude, venom or bile. 4. infested with or composed of snakes. 5. angry, irascible, irritable.
Snead nThe shaft or pole of a scythe used by one who sneads. 2. a dweller by a clearing or piece of woodland; a piece of land; a clearing.
Snead vbTo cut or lop off a branch, to prune. 2. Fig, to cull, reduce in number, decrease, pluck out, select, shift, kill.
Sneeze nA sudden, loud, uncontrolled sound made in clearing the nose.
Sneezed phr"Not to be Sneezed at." -- important, great, enough to be taken into account and consideration.
Sneeze wood nA small South African tree, the sawdust of which causes sneezing.
Sneezewort nAchillea ptarmica: the wild pelitory or a kind of yarrow, the dried leaves of which are powdered and used to induce sneezing as a sternutatory.
Snell adjOf persons or animals, quick in movement or action, prompt, active, smart, strenuous, good. 2. keen-witted, clever, sharp, acute, aware. 4. of weather, bitter, severe, bleak. 5. of matters and condition, grievous, heavy, stinging, naggingly painful. 6. of taste, sharp, bitter, pungent, biting. 7. of voice, shrill, clear-sounding. 8. of action, quick, prompt, vigorous, strong.
Snese vbTo run through with a weapon.
Snice nA mixture of snow and ice.
Snike nReptiles.?
Snike vbCreep or crawl like a reptile.
Snite vbOE. snite: to snipe: to shoot at enemy for cover or concealment. 2. as a term of abuse or abuse: direct cutting or nasty remarks at others.
Snite vbTo clean or wipe the nose, esp. by means of the thumb or finger. 2. to snuff out a candle. 3. fig. to weak or pull.
Snithe vbTo kill, to cut, to hew, to pierce, to kill by cutting.
Snithing nCutting, hewing,nipping, piercing with a sharp instrument. 2. killing, snuffing out, wiping out.
Sniting nThe cleaning or wiping the nose with parts of the hand, thumb, fingers etc.
Snivel vbO.E snyflung.
Snode nA piece, a bit, morsel, tidbit, morsel.
Snood n(O.E: Snod) a thread. a band or ribbon for confining the hair; later, the distinctive hair band worn by unmarried women. 2. a fine, short line fixing a fish-hook to a long line.
Snoter adjWise, learned, skillful.
Snough nCoughing and sneezing simultaneosly.
Snow nWater, frozen vapor from the air turned into ice and falling to earth in soft, white, light flakes. 2. taken as a type of whiteness; pure white, snow white. 3. a fall of snow, snow storm. 4. as a marking a period of time; a winter. 5. an accumulation, expanse or field of snow. 6. "The Snows." -- The Arctic Regions. 7. the white hair of age. 8. the white bloom or blossom; spray or foam. 8. cocaine.
Snow vbTo fall, throw down, strew or cover with snow. 2. to cause the hair to turn the color of snow.
Snow phr"Snowed Down" -
Snow phr"Snowed In" -
Snow phr"Snowed Out" -
Snow phr"Snowed Under" - to be overwhelmed with work.
Snow phr"Snowed Up" - to be isolated or blocked by snow.
Snow phr"Snow on the Roof" -
Snow apple nThe fameuse.
Snow bear n
Snow bed n
Snow bell nAny of the genus (Styrax) of trees and shrubs of warm regions, bearing showy white flower racemes; especially, Snow bell americana of the south east United States.
Snowberry nAny of the various shrubs with white berries, esp. the ornamental Symphoricarpus albus. 2. a West indian plant Chiococca alba of the madder family; also called milkberry.
Snowbird nA small finch (genus Junco) of North America. 2. the snow bunting. 3. a cocaine or heroin addict.
Snowblade n
Snowblading n
Snowblind adjTemporary blinded by the glare of light reflected by large expanses of snow.
Snowblindness nThe impairment of being temporary blinded by the glare of light reflected by large expanses of snow.
Snow-blower nA machine that clears snow by blowing it to the side of the road.
Snowblown adj
Snowboard nA wide ski used for sliding downhill on snow.
Snow-boarding n
Snowbound adjForced to remain in place by heavy snow, snowed in.
Snowbright adj
Snow-broth nSnow melted; water obtained by the melting of snow.
Snow cat n
Snow cloud n
Snow cold adj
Snowcrab n
Snowcraft nThe art of traveling or living in snow or snowy regions.
Snowdog n
Snow-drift nA heap or mass of snow driven together, or piled up by the actions of the wind. 2. a driving mass or cloud of snow. 3. a snow-wreath.????
Snow-driven adj
Snow-dropnA bulbous plant with white flowers in early spring, Galanthys nivalis. 2. the common anemone
Snowdrop tree nThe silverbell.
Snow-eater nChinook.
Snowfall nA fall of snow . 2. meteorology, the amount of snow that falls on one occasion or on a given time within a given area.
Snowfield nA permanent wide expanse of snow in mountainous or polar regions.
Snow fight n
Snow free n
Snow flea n
Snowfolk n
Snow-go nA snowmobile.
Snowgoing adj
Snow goose nA white arctic goose, Ansero Caerulescens with black-tipped wings.
Snowgrass n
Snow-haired adj
Snowhole n
Snow-ice nOpaque white ice formed from melted snow.
Snowily adv
Snowiness n
Snowing n
Snowish adj
Snow kite n
Snow lady n
Snowland n
Snowless adj
Snowlessness n
Snowlight n
Snowlike adj
Snow-lily nAn attractive spring-blooming herb (Erythronium grandiflorum) of the lily family native in the Rocky Mountains..
Snow-line nThe general level on mountains etc., above which the snow never completely disappears; the lower level of perpetual snow.
Snowload n
Snow maker n
Snow-making nThe production of artificial snow.
Snowman nA figure resembling a man made from snow.
Snow melt n
Snow pit n
Snow plow nA device or vehicle for clearing roads of thick snow.
Snow-sheen nSnow-blink: the reflection from snow or ice-fields in polar regions
Snow sheep n
Snowshoe nA flat device like a racquet attached to a boot for walking on snow without sinking.
Snowshoe hare nA north American hare, Lepus americanus, with large hind feet and a white coat in winter.
Snow shower n
Snow-sleep nA somnolent condition induced by walking in the snow.
Snow slide nAn avalanche of snow, a snowslip.
Snow snake n
Snow stormnA heavy fall of snow, especially with a high wind.
Snow stormy adj
Snowswept adj
Snow thrower n
Snowtime n
Snow-topped adj
Snow under vbTo bury in snow; fig. to submerge, overwhelm, overpower.
Snow up vbTo block, obstruct, incommode, imprison, esp. with snow.
Snow wear n
Snow-white adjA pure white color.
Snow-wort nAbrotanella nivigena. (snowwort).
Snow wreath nA heap of snow blown together by the wind; a snow-drift.
Snowy adjOf weather, characterized by the prevalence or presence of snow. 2. composed of melted snow, consisting, formed or made from snow. 3. covered by snow, abounding in or full of snow, snowiness. 4. resembling snow; of or like snow, snow-white.
Snowy owl nA large white owl, Nyctea scandiaca native to the Arctic.
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