Old EnglishnEnglish
So advin the way or manner indicated, described, or implied: Do it so. 2. in that or this manner or fashion; thus. 3. in the aforesaid state or condition: It is broken and has long been so. 4. to the extent or degree indicated or suggested: Do not walk so fast. 5. informal. very or extremely: I'm so sad. conjunction 6. in order that (often followed by that ): check carefully, so any mistakes will be caught 7. with the result that (often followed by that ): He checked carefully, so that the mistakes were caught. 8. on the condition that; if.
So pnSuch as has been stated: to be good and stay so. 2. something that is about or near the persons or things in question, as in number or amount: of the original twelve, five or so remain.
So intjUsed as an exclamation of surprise, shock, discovery, inquiry, indifference, etc., according to the manner of utterance.)
So adjTrue as stated or reported; conforming with reality or the fact: Say it isn't so.
So .Only, just so many, being a limited or small number or amount: I can eat only so many pieces of fruit. 2. only / just so much, being a limited amount or quantity; up to a certain point or maximum: I can eat only so much fruit; just so much that one can do in such a case. 3. so as, a. with the result or purpose: to turn up the volume of the radio so as to drown out the noise from the next apartment. b. Older Use. provided that: I like any flower, just so as it's real. 4. so much, a. something, as an amount or cost, that is not specified or determined: The carpeting is priced at so much per yard. b. all that is or needs to be said or done.: So much for the preliminaries, let's get down to the real issues. 5. so much as, even: He doesn't so much as say hello to me. Usage note 6. The intensive so meaning “very or extremely” ( Everything's so expensive these days ).
So phr"And So On (or Forth)" - and others of the same kind. 2. and in other similar ways, etcetera.
So phr"Ever so" - very.
So phr"How so?" - why?
So phr"If You So Much as (Do Something)" - only, merely, even do something, 2. even, suggest a minimum, especially regarding what might be expected.
So phr"Is That So?' - really.
So phr"It Is So!" - yes it is!
So phr"Or So" - approximately.
So phr"So As (To)" - in order to, to.
So phr"So Be It" - provided that, if only, let it be. 2. an expression of acceptance or resignation
So phr"So Ever" - Used with generalizing or emphatic force after words or phrases preceded by how, what, which, whose.
So phr"So Far" - until now,(and still) previously, as yet. 2. a limited distance, literal or metaphorical. 2. hitherto, thus far; to the extent that.
So phr"So Far As" - to the distance of (a place). 2. to the extent that.
So phr"So Far, So Good" - up to this point the arrangemrnt is satisfactory, although incomplete; all is OK.
So phr"So Forth" - such and such a thing.
So phr"So Help Me God" - used as an oath, a hope that God will take action and help me and that action will be carried out.
So phr"So Is Life" - such is life: used to express the accept or misfortune.
So phr"So Long!" - goodbye; a greeting used when leaving or departing for a person or place. 2. till we meet again.
So phr"So Long As" - depending upon so condition or requirement; provided that; if, assuming; as long as.
So phr"So Long and Thanks for the Fish" - goodbye, farewell.
So phr"So Many" - a certain number number of. 2. great in number; very numerous, a large number of.
So phr"So Many Words" - just words, etc nothing more than words in it.
So phr"So Mote It Be" - may it be thus, a formula once used in ancient church and pagan rituals, and now used to conclude spells in wicca.
So phr"So Much" - a particular amount, often a large or excessive amount. 2. a demonstrated amount. 3. to a certain degree or extent. 4. great in quantity degree; a great deal of.
So phr"So Much For" - an expression of dismissiveness, disappointment, disregard, something said upon rejecting, giving up on, quitting. 2. that is all that needs to be done or said about.
So phr"So Much for Something" - that demonstrates how bad it is.
So phr"So Much So" - to such a great extent.
So phr"So Much the Better" - that is or would be even better.
So phr"So Much the Worse" - that is or would be even worse.
So phr"So Much On" - very busy or occupied with many things or matters.
So phr"So Near and Yet So Far" - near but not near enough to be effective or have a desired result.
So phr"So, So What?" - what of it, a colloquialism of American origin.
So phr"So That" - indicates purpose of order in that, in the result that, in such a way that, with the intent that.
So phr"So There!" - a defiant (and facetious) expression used to finish a poorly made argument. 2. that's how things are that the position and you needn't bother to argue, now then.
So phr"So They Say" - apparently, according to orders.
So phr"So to Say" - so to speak; the manner of speaking, as it were.
So phr"So to Speak" - so to say.
So phr"So What" - a reply to an unimportant; or irrelevant statement indicating indifferent on the part of the speaker. 2. what of it? a rhetorical question answer 'nothing'. 3. why should that be considered significant.
So phr"Without So Much As" - without even.
Soak vbTo lie in and become saturated or permeated with water or some other liquid. 2. to pass, as a liquid, through pores, holes, or the like. 3. to be thoroughly wet. 4. to penetrate or become known to the mind or feelings (followed by in) 5. informal. to drink immoderately, especially alcoholic beverages. 6. to place or keep in liquid in order to saturate thoroughly; steep. wet thoroughly; saturate or drench. 8. to permeate thoroughly, as liquid or moisture does. 9. metallurgy . to heat (a piece) for reworking. 10. informal. to intoxicate (oneself) by drinking an excess of liquor.
Soak phr"Soaked to the Bone" - thoroughly drenched.
Soak phr"Soak in' - (of a liquid) to wet a surface and be absorbed completely. 2, to spend time experiencing something. 3. of ideas : penetrate.
Soak phr"Soaking Wet" - extremely wet.
Soak phr"Soak Off" - remove something by soaking it in water.
Soak phr"Soak Oneself" - absorb as much as possible of; steep oneself in.
Soak phr"Soak Through" - make somebody (including his clothes) thoroughly wet.
Soak phr"Soak to the Skin" - drenched, soaking wet.
Soak phr"Soak Up" - to absorb or draw in a substance, especially all of that substance. 2. (figuratively, by extension) to absorb or deflect a series of actions; to endure a behavior from someone. 3. (idiomatic) to learn, especially passively or eagerly; to allow an experience to affect oneself; absorb, take up. 4. to enjoy some effects.
So-and-so nAn indifferent worthless fellow, poor in health or moderate in circumstances or prosperity.
Soakaway nA deep hole used for drainage, where rainwater and other waste water drains directly into the ground, without connection to any mains, drainage or sewerage pipes.
Soaked adjDrenched with water, or other liquid.
Soaken adjSoaked, saturated, intoxicated.
Soaker nOne who, or that which, soaks. 2. a person suffering from alcoholism. 3. a kind of woolen diaper. 4. a kind of perforated hose used to distribute drips of water to a number of plants.
Soaking nImmersion in water, a drenching or dunking. 2. the act of soaking or an instance of this.
Soaking adjExtremely or very wet, wet through thoroughly, saturated.
Soakingly advTo the point of soaking. 2. imparting extreme wetness.
Soaky adjSoaking wet; soaking, saturated; steeped in water. 2. characterized by soaking. 3. involving a soaking.
Soap nSubstance made of fat or oil mixed with alkali forming a lather when rubbed in water. 2. a cleansing agent consisting of sodium or potassium salts of fatty acid, made by decomposing the glyceryl esters with fats and oils with akali; a detergent. 3. flattery, as in soft soap
Soap vbTo rub, smear, lather, treat with salt. 2. to address with smooth or flattering words; to flatter.
Soap phr"How Are You off for Soap" - a common street-saying of the mid C19th, of the indeterminate meaning. It may mean "What are you good for?" in the way of cash, or anything else; and it was just a bit of chhek general
Soap phr"Soap down" - rub soap over one's body.
Soapberry nThe soapy part of the fruit was used in washing linen. 2. any woody plant of the genus Sapindus, which is eponymous of the sapindoceae family. 3. the fruit of such a plant, especially of the tree Sapindus saposaria.
Soap box n(literally) a crate for packing soap. 2. (figuratively) any physical or media platform which gives prominence to the person on it and the views they espouse. 3. (figuratively) a talk about one's pet topic (or the topic itself), especially when only tangentially relevant to an ongoing discussion. 4. a soapbox car.
Soap box phr"Get (or be) On One's Soapbox" - firmly state one's (known) point of view. 2. to hold forth on an issue about which one feels keenly.
Soap dish nA dish for holding soap.
Soapfish nAny number of serranid fish that can secrete a toxic soaplike mucus. 2. a species of lizard fish.
Soapie nA Soap-box Opera: a daytime television or radio drama presented serially and usually dealing with domestic themes of a highly emotional character, so called in reference to the soap commercials often presented on such programs.
Soapily advIn a soapy way.
Soapiness nThe state or quality of being soapy.
Soaping nA cleaning with soap.
Soapland nA kind of Japanese brothel, ostensibly for bathing.
Soapless adjWithout soap.
Soaplessness nThe state or condition of being soapless, uncleanliness.
Soaplike adjResembling soap. resembling a soap opera r some aspect of one.
Soaplock nA lock of hair worn on the temple and kept in position, a c19th century fashion, any such lock of hair.
Soapmaker nA manufacturer of soap.
Soapmaking nThe business or process of making soap.
Soap-monger nA trader or seller of soap and other items of ablution.
Soaprock nSoapstone.
Soaproot nA perrenial herb who rot was formerly used as a substitute for soap.
Soapstar nA star of a soap opera.
Soapstone n(Geology) a soft rock, rich in talc ; also containing serpentine, and either magnetite, dolomite, or calcite. 2. steatite.
Soap tree nThe plant (Yucca elata) which has a substance in its roots and trunk in saponins.
Soapweed nThe plant Yucca elata
Soapwood nDodonaea viscosa, a flowering plant in the soapberry family.
Soapwort nA perennial herb (Saponaria officinalis,) with pink or white flowers and so called because it's juice when mixed with water forms a soapy substance or lather.
Soapy adjSmeared with soap, covered with soap suds or lather. 3. impregnated with soap; containing soap or soapy solution. 4. of the nature of soap, having the soft greasy feeling of soap. 5. of appearances, feel, etc; resembling that of soap. 6. having the taste of soap.. 7. (slang) over-smooth, suave, ingratiating, sycophantic, backscratching, unctuous.
So-called adjSo named, but often wrongly so or incorrectly. 2. called as stated; generally styled thus; usually implying a doubtful or improperform(mathematics, sciences) - so named.
Sock nA short stocking covering the foot, made of wool or synthetic material, not stretching as far as the calf.
Sock phr"Knock One's Socks Off" - astound, amaze.
Sock phr"Pull One's Socks Up" - make an effort, work harder to improve.
Sock phr"Put a Sock In It" - be quiet, shut up, make less noise.
Sock phr"Sock Away" - to save or hoard (in a sock).
Sock phr"Sock In" - to cause a temporary disruption of the operations of, usually an airport; (from the windsock) once used at airports.
Sockful adjAs much as a sock will hold.
Socking advVery, extremely; big, great.
Sock-knocking nStunning, amazing, very impressive. 2. knock somebody's socks off.
Sockless adjWithout socks; not wearing socks.
Socklessness nThe state of being with socks; being less of, or not wearing socks.
Socklike adjResembling or characteristic of a sock.
Sockman n(Socman): one who holds land or tenement by socage; a socager.
Sodden adj(Archaic p.p. of seethe)
Sodden vbTo make soddden; to soak.
Soddenness nThe state or condition of being sodden.
Soever advLiterary of any kind; to any extent, how great soever it should be.
Soever .A combing or compounding form (added to relative pronouns, adverbs and adjectives) of any kind; to any extent; whatsoever, however).
Soft adjOf a substance easily changed in shape by pressure, without fracture; impressionable, ductile, malleable, easily worked. 2. smooth and delicate to touch (soft skin). gentle in it's effect upon the ear; not loud or harsh. 4. mild in manner of physical action; gentle, bland. 5. of color: soft, unobtrusive, delicate in shading not glaring or striking; soft in tint. 6. of nature, personality: gentle, mild, conciliatory, sympathetic, courteous, softhearted. 7. easily or easy touched in feelings; tender, sympathetic. 8. incapable of heavy hardship; delicate. 9. of soft intellect; easily yielding to emotion; maudlin.
Soft phr"Be Soft On (Somebody)" - be lenient towards;. 2. be infatuated or in love with.
Soft phr"Have a Soft Underbelly" - to have a weakness which can be exploited.
Soft phr"Soft Answer (Turns Away Wrath) - a mild or peaceful reply, especially to some accusation, slight or criticism (reduces anger or hostility).
Soft phr"Soft as Silk" - very soft, soft as a baby's bottom.
Soft phr"Soft in the Head" - slightly (or abnormally) mad, weak, sentimental, foolish, especially in one's opinions, actions.
Soft phr"Soften One's Cough" - to completely negate or undermine someone's argument or position on a topic. 2. to humble or humiliate; put someone in his place. 3. to ease or sooth someone's cough.
Soft phr"Softening of the Brain" - a morbid degeneration of the brain, especially in old age or dotage. 2. dementia, senile decay.
Soft phr"Soft Soap" - to flatter someone.
Soft phr"Soften Someone Up" - reduce resistance. 2. to make a person more favorably disposed to one wishes.
Soft phr"Soften the Blow" - to take action to reduce the trauma of bad news.
Soft phr"Soften Up" - to butter up, honey, influence, lead along, kid along, induce, make mild, massage, mollify, soft soap, string along, undermine. 2. to debilitate, enfeeble, harass, harry, subdue by attrition, unstrengthen,. 3. weaken by military attack, wear down, work over.
Soft phr"Soften (Up)the Ground" - to prepare or create favorable conditions (for something) especially with the intent of improving public acceptance of a forthcoming occurrence.
Soft phr"Soft on" - marked by foolish or unreasonable fairness. 2. infatuated by; smitten by; lenient towards.
Soft phr"Soft soap" - the use of subtle, non-insistent methods of salesmanship. 2. to flatter, cajole, coax, deceive.
Soft answer nA good-tempered answer to abuse or an accusation.
Soft-back nA soft cover or paperback book.
Soft-belly nA vulnerable part of something , especially a group or organisation.
Soft-board nLow-density fibre board.
Soft box nA photographic lighting device consisting of a bulb with a reflecting back and side walls? and diffusing materials at the front.
Soft cheese nA spreadable cheese served on bread or biscuits as snacks. Most soft cheese should be used within a few days of purchase, as the spoil faster than firmer cheese.
Soft coal nBituminous coal, distinguished from hard coal or anthracite.
Soft drink nA non alcoholic drink.
Soft elm nUlmus ruba; Ulmus americana, an elm native to North America.
Soften vbTo make or become soft or softer. 2. allay, alleviate, temper.
Softened adjMade soft. 2. (linguistics) aspirated.
Softener nSomething that softens. 2. an action that mitigates or softens the severity of a mishap, misfortune , misdeed, etc.
Softening nThe process of making something soft. 2. the process of becoming soft.
Softeningly advSo as to soften.
Soft-foot vbTo tip-toe, go quietly.
Soft fox sedge nCarex conjuncta, a plant native to north central and north eastern United States.
Soft goods nSoft products manufactured from textiles, such as clothes, mats, curtains and cushions.
Soft hammer nA hammer designed to give driving force without damaging surfaces.
Soft-handed adjGentle, insufficient, nurturing, lenient, weak.
Soft-head nFool. idiot, simpleton.
Soft-headed adjLacking sound judgment and resolve; stupid, weak-minded.
Soft-headedness nThe state or quality of being soft-headed.
Soft-headedly advIn a softhearted way or manner.
Soft-hearted adjHaving a soft or susceptible nature. 2. kindhearted, tenderhearted, merciful, somewhat soft.
Soft-heartedly advIn a kind, tender, caring manner
Soft-heartedness nThe state or quality of being softhearted. 2. sentimental tenderness.
Soft-hued adjOf a light, soft color or shade.
Soft iron nIron containing little carbon.
Softish adjOf persons, inclined to be soft in nature, personality or attitude. 2. of materials, not hard or firm, but pliable or malleable. 3. somewhat or rather soft.
Soft key n(Electronics) a button located along a display device, which performs whatever function is shown near it on the the display. 2. a button flexibly programmable to invoice any number of functions rather than being associated with a single-fixed function or a fixed set of functions.
Soft key n(Film, Of lighting) - gently highlighting, low key.
Soft-landing nMay refer to soft landing (flight) -- a type of landing, usually of a hot air balloon, in descent by gradually reducing its buoyancy. 2. in rocketry, a landing which does not result in the destruction of the payload vehicle. 3. in economics, a process in the economy shifting from growth to slow-growth, to potential flat or little growth to avoid a recession.
Soft leaf n(Botany) having soft leaves. 2. found in combination in the names of various plants).
Soft-line vbA gentle and understanding way of dealing with others; esp. in political and diplomatic crises.
Soft-liner nA person who adheres to a flexible or conciliatory policy, belief, stance, etc. (opposite of hardliner).
Softling nAn effeminate or unmanly man; a weakling.
Soft load n(Computing) to load from a software source other than from ROM.
Soft lock nA situation where a game remains apparently unplayable, but further progress in it is impossible, typically due to a design flaw.
Softly adjIn a soft or gentle manner. 2. not loudly, nearly inaudible.
Softly-softly adj Discreetly, low-key, careful, diplomatic, understated.
Softly-softly advIn a very tactful, careful, or non-disruptive manner; gingerly. 2. also written : softly softly; softly, softly.
Softly spoken adjHaving a pleasant, gentle voice. 2. mild mannered of speech or when speaking.
Soft-minded adjLacking courage and conviction; easily-swayed, persuaded. 2. lacking intellectual rigor; given to sentimentality.
Soft-mindedly adjIn a soft-minded manner.
Soft-mindedness nStupidity, foolishness, gullibility, gormlessness.
Soft-mouth nA flatterer, smooth-talker, sycophant.
Soft-nosed adjHaving a hard metal jacket that covers all but the nose and encloses a soft core and mushrooming upon striking an object.
Soft opening nAn unannounced or lightly announced business opening, instead of a prior to, grand opening.
Soft-play nPlayground facilities and equipment made from soft materials providing safe play and sporting activities for children.
Soft-ripened adjOf fruit ripened until soft.
Soft roe nMilt.
Soft rot nA term applied to decayed wood when the residue is chiefly cellulose.
Soft rush nA plant of the species 'Juncus effusus' nearly worldwide in distribution, native over much of its current range, exclusive Australia, Madagascar and many islands.
Soft-sell nA subtle method of persuasion used by salesmen, rather than an aggressive or hard sell approach.
Soft-shell adj(Ecology) of creatures, having a relatively soft shell, as a soft shell turtle.
Softship n(Humorous) - a situation marked by ease, comfort, or convenience.
Soft-shoe n(Performing arts) A kind of tap dancing performed in soft-soled shoes, popular in vaudeville. 2. (idiomatic) a speech, explanation, sales pitch, or other set of remarks delivered in a restrained or conciliatory manner in order to persuade, distract, or otherwise influence someone. Often used in the expression "the old soft shoe."
Soft shoe adj(usually hyphenated) Of or pertaining to this kind of dance. 2. low-key, soft shoe???? 3. old soft shoe.
Soft shoulder nA road shoulder made of gravel rather than asphalt or concrete.
Soft-sided adjOf various crusable products and items having soft sides to facilitate storage.
Soft skills nAttributes that enable someone to interact harmoniously with others.
Soft-soap nA fluid or semi-fluid soap. 2. persuasion made by flattery or pleasing words. 3. blarney, flattery, gentle persuasion.
Soft soap vbTo attempt to persuade, flatter or butter-up.
Soft steel nSteel low in carbon, mild steel, ingot iron.
Soft top nThe foldable roof of a convertible or sports car which is made of fabric. 2. such a s car.
Soft underbelly n(Idiomatic) a weak spot; soft spot. 2. a predominantly right-wing perception of the Balkans as a contagious disease in the soft underbelly of Europe, best left to fester in isolation.
Soft wall nAny of various type of shock absorbing crash barriers installed as a safety feature at the boundary of race tracks.
Software nEncoded computer instructions, usually modifiable (unless stored in some form of unalterable memory such as ROM)
Soft-water n(Chemistry) water with a concentration of dissolved minerals, especially calcium making it easy to lather to soap.
Soft-wheat nVarieties of wheat with soft grains of higher starch and lower protein content, used in the production of biscuits, cakes, domestic flour.
Softwood nThe wood of pine, spruce, other conifers or needle-leaved trees, and easy to saw.
Softy adjA weak, but often very kind and accommodating person, often used by those without scruples or decency for their own advantage. 2. fig. a soft touch; one easily imposed on. 3. an extremely sentimental person. 4. a weak or effeminate man or boy; not one inured to hardship; a sissy.
Soke nOE. the power of holding court, domain, the right of investigation or seeking. 2. the Lord's power or privilege of holding court in a district, as in the manor or lordship, jurisdiction of causes, and a limit of that jurisdiction. 3. liberty or privilege of tenants of the manor excuse from customary burden
Sokeman n(Socman) one who hold lands or tenements in socage; a socager.
Sokeman moot nThe court of the manor and it's jurisdiction and power.
Soken nA district held by soccage; formerly a miller's right of grinding all corn within a prescribed area. 2. a toll.
Sold phr"Sold Out" - completely sold, no more (of a particular item) in stock.
Sold-out-ness nThe state or condition of being sold out.
Sole nA rope cord etc. 2. a rope or cord for tethering or tying up cattle or other animals. 2. a wooden collar or yoke used to fasten a cow etc. to a stall. 3. a yoke.
Sole nA muddy or miry place.
Sole vbTo become dirty, muddy, miry, grimy. 2. to abound in mud, mire, slush, miasma-like.
Some adjOf an indeterminate quality, number, amount, not much of, a little. 2. limited in degree or amount; moderate. 3. concerned or thought of, but not definitely known. 4. part of something, but not all of it; greater or less portion of sum. 4. worthy, considerable, very good: " that has some talk or notice, account." 5. considerable in number of quality.
Some adjReduced form of of I-some; sam. 2. united, reconciled, at peace, friendly, quiet, sedate; saught and some.
Some advIn an approximate degree. 2. as nearly as may be estimated (some thirty people arrived.) 3. about, near, more or less.
Some sfxA word forming element used in making adjectives, as a suffix added to numerals meaning, characterized by, or tending to be " a group of that number" -- a twosome. 2. approximately or having, adapted to or productive of: as in blithesome, burdensome, fearsome, fulsome, gladsome.
Some prnA certain undetermined quantity or part or portion. 2. certain particular ones not definitely, known or not specifically designated, as in "I had some."
Some phr"And Then Some" - and plenty more than that.
Some phr"Some by Some - little by little, gradually, by degrees.
Some phr"Some Day Soon" - before very long.
Some phr"Some Days You Get the Bear, Other Days the Bear Get You" -
Some phr"Get Some" (slang) -to have sex; to succeed in finding a sexual partner.
Some phr"Some and Some" - few at a time
Some phr"Some Kind Of" - (determiner) used other than with figurative or idiomatic meaning.
Some phr"Some Mothers do Have Them" - a colloquial midly pejorative to a clumsy or foolish action.
Some phr"Some of My Best Friends are English" - an argument used (often unconsciously ) to clear oneself of a charge against persons of a specified race, creed, class or profession.
Some phr"Some Old" - (determiner) used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning,
Some phr"Some Time or Other" - on an occasion in the past in the past or future. the precise time of date or date hich is not recalled, not given or not known.
Some phr"Some Time Yet" - an indefinite amount of time.
Somebodiness nThe quality of being somebody who matters; a sense of selfworth or personal validation.
Somebody prnA person unknown or named; a human, person, individual, a mortal or soul. 2. a person of consequence; important person; a dignitary, a big-timer, heavyweight, hot-shot, a something else, celebrity.
Somebody nA person of importance.
Somebody phr"Somebody else" - another, far from it, heavy, hot, not nothing like, out of sight, peachy, quite a thing, scrumptious, smashing, something else again, stunner, way out again, way out wonder. 2. someone else; some other person; another.
Somebody phr"Somebody or Other" - someone or somebody not specified; an indeterminate person or individual.
Somebody phr"Somebody Up There" - God or a supernatural controlling power.
Some char advOn one occasion; sometime; some day, some future time. OE: cer --a chore, odd job, also work done by the day.
Someday advSometime; at sometime in the future,
Somedays advOn certain days; or in certain times.
Somedeal adjSome portion or part of some thing or one thing; somewhat. 2. a considerable number of people, crowd, throng, a mingle. 3. in some degree or measure, by some extent, partly, somewhat.
Some-few adjAn inconsiderable number.
Some few advan inconsiderable number.
Somegate advIn some place, somewhere. 2. somewhere, somehow, in some way or manner.
Somehow advIn some manner or way not explained.
Someone prnSome person, somebody.
Someone nA somebody, an individual, person, mortal.
Someone phr"Someone Else" - another person.
Someone phr"Someone or Other" - some person, or thing , not yet known , or impossible to identify. 2. anyone of a number of possible persons, things, places, means or methods.
Some-say nA reported saying or statement.
Somesuch nSome such thing.
Somesuch adjDenoting a person or thing of the kind specified. 2. an indefinite quantity or degree; an unspecified amount.
Something nA particular thing indefinitely conceived or stated. 2. some portion or quantity. 3. a person or thing of importance.
Somethingphr"A Little Something-something" - a special or additional item, activity, (US and Canada) etc.; something pleasurable or indulgent.
Something phr"Have Something to Do With" - cause an argument, fuss, or make something appear more significant than it is, or understand.
Something phr"Make Something of Oneself" - become successful.
Something phr"Make Something Out Of It" -
Something phr"Or Something" - of some unspecified alternative possibility. 2. or some other thing.
Something phr"See Something Of Somebody" - see, encounter (a person) briefly or occasionally.
Something phr"Something Awful" - intensely or extremely; badly, in the worst way.
Something phr"Something Doing" - activity, work taking place.
Something phr"Something Else" - something different.
Something phr"Something Else Again" - an entirely different matter, situation.
Something phr"Something Good" - to a significant degree.
Something phr"Something Has Got to Give" - the strain, pressure, demand on.
Something phr"Something Is Better than Nothing" -
Something phr"Something Like" - approximately, somewhat similar, alike. 2. an amount in the region of. 3. exactly what one wants, likes, expects, hopes for, that etc is more like it.
Something phr"Something Like It" - excellent.
Something phr"Something Nasty????? in the Woodshed" - something shocking that leaves a deep and lasting impression on one.
Something phr"Something of" - to some extent; quite, rather,in some sense.
Something phr"Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue" - included in a bride's attire to bring good luck.
Something phr"Something or Other" - something unspecified or indeterminate, or whose name is forgotten or immaterial.
Something phr"Something Tells Me/One" - one has a feeling, hunch that something is true. 2. i believe, suspect, think.
Something phr"Something to" - some importance to.
Something phr"Something to Do with" - related to or relevant to.
Something phr"You Don't Get Something for Nothing" - one cannot expect to receive some benefit, if one does not pay for it some way or does not face a counter-balancing hazard or harm.
Something phr"You Know Something" - I am going to tell you something important.
Somethingness nThe fact or state of being something. 2. real or material existence. 3. an entity.
Something-nothing nA triviality, a mere bagatelle.
Something-nothing-everything adjThe spin or deceit in promises of con men and those less than honest in business and life.
Somethingth n(Pseudo-ordinal) of an uncertain ordinal.
Sometime advAt some future time not precisely stated or unspecified time. 2. at a time not precisely stated; eventually. 3. at some indeterminate time or occasion. 4. formerly.
Sometime adjFormer, erstwhile, quondam.
Sometime-food nA food that should be eaten in moderation.
Sometimes adjFormer, sometime.
Sometimes advOn certain occasions, or in certain circumstances, but not always. 2. on a certain occasion in the past; occasionally.
Sometimey adjVariable, unstable, unfirm.
Someway advIn some way or other; someways. 2. by some means, somehow, at some distance.
Someways advSomehow, in an unspecified manner.
Somewhat nAn uncertain quantity or degree. 2. an individual thing of consequence. 3. to some extent.
Somewhat prnArchaic something (loses somewhat of its force).
Somewhat advTo some extent.
Somewhat phr"More than Somewhat" - very.
Somewhatly advTo some slight extent or degree.
Somewhen advAt some time, something or other, usually indefinite and unknown.
Somewhence advFrom some indefinite place or from somewhere or otherly.
Somewhere prnAn unspecified or unknown place.
Somewhere advIn, at, or to some place unspecified or unknown. 2. in some place or other 3. in or to some existent place, as opposed to no-where. 4. approximately, nearby, close to.
Somewhere phr"Somewhere Along the Line" - at some point during the process of growth, development, assembly, manufacture.
Somewhere phr"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" - (idiomatic) at an unknown, hypothetical, or very distant place.
Somewhereness nThe state or quality of being in, occurring in, or belonging to a specific place. 2. the state or quality of existing in a place that is unknown or cannot be pinpointed. 3, the unique characteristics imparted on a wine by the conditions of the place in which it was grown.
Some-while (s) advAt or in some former time, formerly, erewhile, erstwhile. 3. some while since, some time ago. 4. before, sometime of a former or past occasion. 5. once, at one time. 6. for some time.
Some-whither advTo some indefinite or unknown place; somewhere. 2. in some direction. 2. to some place or other.
Some-why advFor some reason or reasons.
Some-wise advIn some way, manner or other. 2. in some-wise.
Someredness nSamredness: harmomy, unity, concord.
Somerune nSamrune: Council, consultation, concord, unity.
So-mickle adjSo big or large.
Son nA male child considered with references to either parent or to both parents, male child, male issue, male off-spring. 2. amy male descendant. 3. one who occupies the place of a son, as by adoption, marriage or regard. 4. a person "son" regarded as a native of a particular country or place. 5. a male person who is characterized by some quality or thing or by being or representing some some quality or character, as in " Son of Freedom." 6. a divine word of God; Jesus Christ, the second person of the Trinity. 7. produce of anything.
Son phr"Every Mother's Son" - everybody; all, without exception; every one of you.
Son phr"His Father's Son" - he resembles his father.
Son phr"Like Father Like Son" - people usually behave like their parents.
Son phr"Son of a Bitch" - (slang) an objectionable person. 2. an objectionable thing.
Son phr"Son of a Whore" - son of a whore, unmarried persons, an illegitimate child, bastard. 2. an objectionable person.
Son phr"Son of God" - Adam. 2. Jesus Christ one of the regenerate.
Son phr"Son Of Heaven" - an emperor of China in earlier epochs.
Son phr"Son of Man" - in the Gospels, Jesus Christ.
Son phr"Son of the Morning" - a traveler, voyager.
Son-before-the father nVarious plants, such as the Willow-herb, Meadow-saffron, Colt's foot.
Song nThe singing of vocal music; more overly, any melodious utterance, as of a bird. 2. a musical composition for the voice or many voices. 3. a short poem whether to be sung or not. 4. a lyric or a ballad. 5. a poetry verse. 6. a mere trifle, as in "sold for a song." 7. an anthem, carol, chant, hymn.
Song phr"A Song or an Old Song" - a mere trifle, something hardly worth reckoning, as "it went for a song" , it was sold for practically nothing.
Song phr"Buy Something For a Song" - buy something very cheaply.
Song phr"Song of Songs" - an Old Testament book, also known as Canticles, traditionally attributed to Solomon.
Song phrSwan Song" - one's last performance, work.
Song phr"What! all this for a Song?" - ???
Song phr"Wine, Women and Song" -
Songbird nA bird having a melodious song or call.
Songbook nA book containing a collection of songs. 2. a recording, such as a CD, containing a collection of songs by a particular artist ("Christmas Songbook.")
Songcraft nThe art of making songs or verses, metrical compositions, versification. 2. the practice or skill of crafting or composing songs.
Songful adjAbounding or full in song. 2. melodious, good for singing. 3. disposed or able to sin, melodious.
Songfully adjIn a songful manner.
Songfulness nState or property of being song-ful.
Song-hit nA song which is a popular success. 2. a hit, hit song, pop song.
Songish adjConsisting or containing songs. 2. characteristic of a song, song-like.
Son-in-law nA husband of one's child.
Songish adjCharacteristic of a song, songlike.
Songless adjDevoid of song; not singing. 2. lacking the power of song or pipe or chirm.
Songlessness nThe state or condition of being songless, unable or without the power of singing.
Songlessly advWithout a song.
Songlike adjResembling a song.
Songline phr(Australian Aboriginal mythology) A path across the land (or sometimes the sky) marking the route followed by an Aboriginal ancestor made during the Dreaming; often recorded in traditional songs, stories, dance and painting.
Songliness nThe state, quality or condition of being songful.
Songly advOf, resembling, pertaining to, or expressed in song, songful musical.
Song-maker nA singer, song-writer or record producer.
Song-making nThe composition of songs.
Songman nA singer; a person accustomed to singing songs.
Songsheet nA document containing the lyrics of a song, to be consulted by the singer.
Songsmith nA composer or maker of songs
Songsome adjCharacterized or marked by song or singing.
Song sparrow nA North American sparrow-like bird, with a characteristic musical song.
Songster nA person or bird given to singing; one skilled in song. 2. a poet, skop, skald, leetman.
Songstress nA female singer.
Songworthy adjWorthy or appropriate to be put to music. 2. heroic, praiseworthy.
Song-wright nA song writer, singer
Song-writer nOne who writes songs.
Song-writing nAuthorship, the work of a songwriting.
Songy adjSonglike.
Sonhood nThe state, condition or quality of being a son; sonship.
Son-in-law nthe husband of one's daughter.
Sonless adjWithout, or having no son.
Sonly advOf, or pertaining to, or characteristic of a son.
Sonship nPosition, state, condition, or relation of being a son. 2. the state of being a son. 3. the character of a son;son-hood.
Soon advAt a future or subsequent time not long distant; shortly. 2. without delay; in a speedy manner; also, with ease ; readily. 3. willingly. readily; usu. with as would as, had as, etc. 4. in good season; early. 5. at once; immediately.
Soon phr"As Soon As" -- immediately after; at or after another event. 2. (implying a casual or temporal connection) at the moment that; not later than; as nearly as; as soon as.
Soon phr"As Soon as Maybe" -quickly, as soon as possible.
Soon phr"No Sooner Said than Done" - done immediately.
Soon phr"No Sooner Than" - at that very moment; as soon as.
Soon phr"Soon At" - a s soon as the time referred to arrives.
Soon phr"Soon Enough" - without being tardy; very soon from now.
Soon phr"Sooner or Later" - at some uncertain time in the future, eventually, as in " He will find out about her, sooner or later."
Soon phr"Sooner than Later" - in the fairly near future; fairly soon, at some future time; eventually.
Soon phr"Sooner the Better" - as soon as possible.
Soon phr"Sooner You than Me" - I am glad that it iis you not me who has to do something.
Soon phr"Speak too soon" - assume something will happen before it is certain.
Sooner nOne who makes an unfair and premature start. 2. one who takes things into his own hands and acts prematurely regardless of the law or condition.
Sooner-child nA child conceived before a weeding and born afterwards.
Soonish adjSomewhat soon.
Soonness nThe condition or quality or being soon. 2. speediness, promptness; soonness.
Soon-to-be adjPlanned or destined to be a specified position or quality in the near future.
Soon-to-wed nA person or couple due to be married in the near future,
Soon-to-be-wed adjDue to be married in the near future.
Soot nA black substance, essentially carbon from the combustion of wood or coal, as deposited on the walls of chimneys and other surfaces in contact with smoke.
Soot vbTo soil or cover with soot. 2. to smear, smudge, grime or foul with soot. 3. to cover with or with soot. 4. to sprinkle manure with soot.
Soot adjSweet to the smell or taste; sweet-smelling, fragrant. 2. of persons, quality or disposition: pleasant, agreeable, gentle, mild, sweet, gracious. 3. of sounds, melodious, harmonious.
Soot phr"As Black as Soot" - intensely black.
Soot phr"Soot Up" - to fill up or choke with a sooty deposit.
Soot-dew nA black, fuliginous, grimy coating parts of living plants or buildings.
Sooted pplBlackened, begrimed, covered with soot.
Sooth nTruth, fact, the sooth, verity, fulfillment. 2. the real or actual facts or circumstances; realness, not genuine, definiteness, certainty. 3. a true thing or saying. 4. prophecy, prognostication, soothsaying, prediction
Sooth vbTo prove or show a fact, statement, etc. 2. to be true, to verify, to demonstrate. 3. to declare a statement to be true. 4. to uphold as the the truth. 5. to corroborate or support. 6. to put forward a lie or untruth as being true. 7. to confirm, encourage or humor a person by expressing assent with approval. 8. to blandish, cajole, please by agreement or assent; to flatter in this way. 9. to smooth or gloss over (an offence) to render less objectionable or offensive.
Sooth adjTrue, veritable, real, genuine of things or qualities. 2. of a deity, true, in accordance with, not false, fictitious or unsooth. 3. of persons, truthful, soft, smooth.
Soothe nCalmness, quietness, tranquility, mollification, appeasement, composure, mitigation.
Soothe vbTo render an animal, person, the feelings calm or quiet. 2. to restore to a normal peaceful or tranquil condition. 3. to mollify, appease, quieten down, calm. 4. to bring to a composed condition. 5. to effect in a tranquilizing and agreeable manner. 6. to reduce or mitigate the force of passion or pain. 7. to render less painful or violent, to allay, assuage, mitigate. 8. to soften, tone down, render less harsh or prominent. 9. to exercise a soothing or calming effect.
Soothen vbTo make comforted, cause to feel, to ease, relieve, or alleviate.
Soothe-sore nSomething that soothe or lessen the pain or discomfort of a sore or injury.
Soothfast adjSpeaking or adhering to the truth, truthful, true, faithful, loyal. 2. true, veracious, just, equitable. 3. reliable, certain, sure. 4. true, real, veritable, said esp. of God or persons of the Trinity.
Soothfastly advTruthfully, truly, veritably.
Soothfastness nThe fact or condition (in soothfastness) or quality of being soothfast: true and truthful.
Soothful adjSoothing.
Sooth-hoodnThe quality or condition of being truthful, veritable; honesty.
Soothing adjFlattering, blandishing, specious, plausible. 2. calm, pacifying, mollifying, quietening, comforting..
Soothingly advIn a soothing manner.
Soothingness nThe quality of being soothing.
Soothquide nA word or saying of truth, a proverb, adage, maxim, saw.
Soothly advTruly, verily.
Soothrightly advTruly, verily, genuinely.
Soothsay nA true or wise saying, a proverb, adage. 2. a prediction, prognostication, prophecy. 3. an omen, portent,
Soothsay vbPrognosticate, make prophecy, to fortune-tell. 2. to make predictions, to foretell the future. 3. to announce the future as a soothsayer.
Soothsayer nOne who tells the truth and one who predicts the future, using magic, intuition or intelligence.
Soothsaying nThe method of telling the future.
Sootied ppMade sooty, blackened, denigrated
Sootily advIn a sooty manner.
Sootiness nThe state or quality of being sooty.
Sootish adjSomewhat, or a little, sooty.
Sootless adjWithout or free of soot.
Sootlike adjResembling soot or some aspect of it.
Sooty adjStained, grimed or blackened with soot, besooted, soot-smeared. 2. consisting or producing soot. 3. black or fuliginous in colour like soot. 4. sooty in colour: dusky or brownish black; dirtish in tinge or hue. 5. of grain, blackened, affected by smut. 6. of the soul, fouled by sin and wrongdoings. 7. fig, black, dismal, foreboding.
Sooty-black advA very dark black, ebony, jet black, pitch black, tenebrous.
Sooty-eyed adjDark or blackish eyes
Sooty-mouthed adjFoul, cloacal, slanderous, vituperative.
Sooty-souled adjOf the soul, fouled with darkness, sin and hell-bound.
Sop nA piece of bread dipped or steeped in water, wine before eaten or cooked. 2. a dish of soaked bread. 3. of persons in respect of some pervading quality or property: a sop of sorrow, sop of knowledge, wisdom. 4. a dull or foolish one: a milksop. 5. of person, thoroughly soaked or steeped in something or some way. 6. something given to appease or pacify the recipient -- a sop. 7. a tuft of wet green grass among hay; also fig: an contradiction, a paradox. 8. a collection or accumulation of some liquid: soppy or soaked state or condition, thoroughly wet or soaking. 9. "The Sweet Sop" -- the Sop Tree of Luzone (Petiva Gazoply or Rhymay.)
Sop vbTo dip, soak or steep bread etc., in some liquid. 2. to become soaking wet. 3. to drench in moisture; to intoxicate. 4. to be carried away by sopping, as in slow sweeping into a structure, like a bridge. 5. to propitiate.
Sop phr"Sop in the Pan" - a tit-bit, dainty morsel; a piece of bread soaked in the dripping of meat caught in the dripping pan; (fig.) a bribe.
Sop phr"Sops of Wine" - an old European variety of apple, of a yellow and red color, shading to deep red.
Sop phr"Sop Up" - to absorb, soak up.
Sope nA small draught, a small amount of drink
Soppily advIn a soppy or sentimental manner.
Soppiness nThe state or condition of being soppy; wetness. 2. over-the-top infatuation
Sopping adjDrenching, soaking, saturating or saturated, or wet through with rain or water.
Soppingly advSo as to be wet to the point of dripping.
Soppy adjSaturated with water or rain. 2. soft or thoroughly wet in moisture, drenched, sodden of land, grass; paper or clothing. 3, of seasons, weather: very wet, raining. 4. of persons: sloppy, slovenly, full of mawkish sentiment, foolishly affectionate, inane, indulgent (occasionally. used affectionately.)
Sore adjPhysically painful or sensitive, as a wound, hurt, or diseased part: a sore arm. 2. suffering bodily pain from wounds, bruises, etc., as a person: He is sore because of all that exercise.3. suffering mental pain; grieved, distressed, or sorrowful: to be sore at heart. 4. causing great mental pain, distress, or sorrow: a sore bereavement. 5. causing very great suffering, misery, hardship, etc.: sore need.
Sore nSore spot or place on the body. a source or cause of grief, distress, irritation, etc.
Sore phr"Be a Sight for Sore Eyes" - be something welcome or a pleasant surprize.
Sore phr"Like a Bear with a Sore Head" - bad tempered.
Sore phr"Stand/Stick Out Like a Sore Thumb" - obvious to everyone, that everyone notices them because they are very different from the people or things around them.
Sore-head nAn irritable or out-of-temper person, like a bear with a sore head. 2. discontented, dissatisfied; (slang): a discontented politician.
Sore-hearted adjGrief-stricken, sorrowing, disappointed, upset by, sore-hearted (sorehearted) by actions or circumstances.
Sore-loser nOne who complains or blames others for their loss. 2. on who is easily angered by losing a game or contest, or because of some other mistake or bad luck.
Sorely advIn a manner involving pain, grief, distress, or oppression; hardly severely; (chiefly with words expressing injury, evil, badness or want) greatly, highly.
Soreness nThe property state, or condition of being sore; painfulness.
Sore throat nAny inflammation of the larynx that causes soreness. 2. a common symptom for many viral and bacterial infection.
Sore-thumbish adjDistinct in the way that draws negative attention, out of place, conspicuous.
Sore winner non who gloats over victory or when winning.
Sorrily advIn a sorry manner, poorly.
Sorriness nState or condition of worthlessness, due to insignificance. 2. paltriness.
Sorrow nDistress caused by loss, affliction, disappointment, etc.; grief, sadness, or regret 2. the characteristic feeling of sadness, grief or regret associated with loss, bereavement, sympathy for the suffering or injury done to another. 3. a cause or occasion of grief or regret, as an affliction, a misfortune, or trouble: 4. the expression of grief, sadness, disappointment, or the like: muffled sorrow. 5. as an outward expression of grief or sorrowing.
Sorrow vbTo feel sorrow; to grieve, to regret. 2. to show outward signs of grief: to mourn. 3. to think of with sorrow; on account of, to lament. 4, to give pain, to grieve, make sorrowful.
Sorrow phr"Drown One's Sorrows" - drink in order (to temporarily) forget ones forger one's troubles.
Sorrowed adjMade sad, caused to feel sorrow.
Sorrowful adjFull of or oppressed with sorrow. 2. sorrow-laden, grieved,. 3. indicative or expressive of sorrow or grief. 4. distressing, lamentable, doleful. 5. sorrowfully. 6. unhappy, melancholy, piteous, doleful.
Sorrowfully advIn a sorry manner; with sorrow and regret.
Sorrowfulness nThe state or quality of sorrow, sadness.
Sorrowing nThe act of feeling sorrow.
Sorrowless adjWithout sorrow, grief or pain.
Sorrowner nA mourner, one who grieves.
Sorrowness nThe state or condition of being sorry, grieving, lamenting.
Sorrow-ridden adjFilled with sorrow.
Sorrowsome adjMarked by sorrow, sad,; sorrowful, dreary.
Sorrowy adjSorrowful.
Sorry adjA feeling or expression of regret or sorrow or a sense of loss over something done or undone. 2. grieved for the loss of some good; pained for some evil; regretful. 3. bad, unfortunate, deplorable, distressing, lamentable, pitiful. 4. without merit, less of merit, good-for-nothing, good-for-nought, no good, poor, mean, worthless, wretched.. 5. causing dejection, blue, dark, dingy, dismal, gloomy, grim, drab, drear, dreary, melancholy, mournful, mortified.
Sorry phr"Feel Sorry for Someone" - pity somebody.
Sorry phr"Sorry for Oneself" - pity oneself (the implication being that that this is something to be avoided); dejected.
Sorry phr"Sorry I'm Late" - a phrase used to apologize for not coming on time.
Sorry day nAn annual event held in Australia 0n 26 May, since 1987, to commemorate the mistreatment of the Continent's indigenous population.
Sorryful adjSorrow.
Sorryish adjSomewhat sorry.
So-so advAn indifferent, tolerably, mediocre, average or a passable manner or degree; indifferently, not quite, satisfactorily.
So-so adjOf persons, their characteristics, ability, appearance, position, health, sobriety: mediocre, indifferent or middling quality; not very good or bad, but usually inclining towards bad.
So-so-ish adjOf or inclined to mediocre, so-so-ish, indifferent, passable, indifferent quality in performance.
Sot nA habitual drunkard???.
Sotted adjIn a stupor, especially with liquor?????.
Sotting nThe act of drinking oneself into a stupor??????.
Sottish adjAlcoholic, drinking heavy, drunk. 2. foolish, stupid, sentences.??????
Sottishly advIn a sottish manner.?????
Sough vbTo make or move with a rustling, muffling, or murmuring sound. 2. to draw breath noisily or heavily; to sigh deeply. 3. to hum a tune. 4. utter in a sighing or whining tone.
Sough phr"Keep a Calm Sough" - to remain silent.
Sough phr"Sough Away" - to die, expire, pass away, breathe one's last.
Sought adjWanted (usually for a crime).
Soughing nThe making of rustling, muffling or murmuring sound. 2. the drawing of breath noisily or heavily; deep sigh. 3. to hum a tune. 4. a sighing or whining tone utterance.
Sought phr"Sought After" - of something in short supply. 2. popular, desired, in demand.
Soul nPart of man which is not looked on as material, living after death. 2. the seat of feeling, thought, desire. 3. looked on as having some quality in marked degree, as in the soul of goodness. 4. the emotional or spiritual quality of Black American life and culture, manifested esp. in music often referred to as 'Soul' or 'Soul Music'. 7. folk, people, persons, as, 'more than 150 souls attended.'
Soul vbTo endow or endue with soul. 2. to inspire or animate.
Soul phr"All Souls Day" - 2nd November, the day following All Saints Day, set apart the Roman Catholic Church for a solemn service for the repose of the departed. In England it was formerly observed by ringing the soil bell (under-bell) by making and distributing soul cakes, blessings, beans etc.
Soul phr"Bare One's Soul" - talkatively to give a revealing insight into oneself; reveal personal details, facts.
Soul phr"Heart and Soul" - with maximum effort.
Soul phr"Keep Body and Soul Together" - sustain life; keep alive..
Soul phr"Life and Soul" -with total commitment.
Soul phr"Not a Soul" - nobody.
Soul phr"Not Can Call One's Soul One's Own" - to be somebody's control, power.
Soul phr"Own Somebody Body and Soul" - control somebody completely.
Soul phr"Sell One's Soul" - do anything to obtain something.
Soul phr"The Soul of" - a good example of.
Soul phr"Upon My Soul" - exclamation of surprise. 2. God bless my soul.
Soul phr"With All One's Heart and Soul" - most, sincerely and enthusiastically.
Soul-awakening nAn experience or experiences of a spiritually or deeply emotionly awakening, at different times in life, often occurring of life's trails and tribulations.
Soul-bell nThe church bell tolling upon a death or at a funeral.
Soul-blood nAccording to Christian belief, Adam's blood: the soul and spiritual make-up of the first man. 2. the gift of eternal life given to Adam by God.
Soul-brother nA spiritual brother,
Soul butter nFlattery
Soul-carer nClergy: priests, reverends, ministers of religion who look after the religious needs of the people.
Soul-choking phr"To enrich her coffers with soul-choking dust" - soul-destroying.
Soulcraft nAn activity that is nourishing to the soul, or fulfilling something that shapes and modifies one's soul or core being.
Soul-craving nA deep desire and yearning for spiritual enlightenment and understanding.
Soul-deadening nSomething that will deaden or benumb the soul or spirit.
Soul deep adjA deep, intimate feeling or emotion, based not on outward appearance or the superficial, but on mutual respect, goodwill and trust.
Soul-driver nClergyman, priest, pastor, reverend, minister of religion.
Souled adjFurnished with a soul.
Soul food nThe traditional food of American blacks.
Soulful adjHaving, giving signs of, the higher feelings. 2. full of soul, emotion or sentiment, expressing elevated feeling.
Soulfully adjIn a soulful manner
Soulfulness nThe state of being soulful.
Soul-gnawing phrA matter either spiritual or emotional that eats away at the the inner self and feelings .
Soul-gods nDemons, devils, fiends and other afgods and false prophets.
Soul-health nThe health or salvation of the soul, moral, or spiritual well-being.
Soul-hell nThe condition or state of being estranged and separated from Christ and eternal life. 2. the want of Christ in one's life.
Soul-hood nThe condition or state of being or having a soul.
Souling nThe giving up of the soul, dying, death, dead of the soul. 2. the custom of children during halloween going from door to door, asking for small change, morsels, cakes or small gifts by singing.
Soulish adj(Christianity) relating to or involving, the human soul.
Soulishly adjIn a soul manner.
Soulishness nThe state, quality or condition of being soulish.
Soul-kiss nA kiss in which contact occurs between the tongues of the kisser.
Soul-knell nThe knell rung or tolled at or after the death of a person.
Soul-less adjWithout any kind of higher feelings or soul. 2. without nobility of mind. 3. lacking spirit; unemotional, not inspired, dull, prosaic.
Soulless adjInsensitive or unfeeling, as if without a soul.
Soullessness nThe state or condition being soulless.
Soul-like adjResembling a soul or some aspect of one. 2. similar to soul music.
Soul-light nSoul light is not enough to make us truly wise.
Soul-making nFinding souls for saving: " make this world the vale or valley of soul-making.
Soul mate nA person with whom one has a strong affinity, shared values and tastes and often a romantic bond, esp. a lover, mistress, wife, partner. 2. a person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament and strongly resembles another in attitudes and beliefs.
Soul-rights nThe right to as soul and eternal life
Souls nFolk, people, persons as, (more than 200 souls attended.")
Soul-scot nA due paid on behalf of a dead person to the parish church to which he or she belonged. 2. a mortuary payment.
Soul-searing adjWithering and blighting, painful and suffering of the soul.
Soul-sick adjSuffering from spiritual indisposition or depression. 2. sick at heart, deeply dejected. 3. characterized by dejection of the spirit.
Soul-sister nA fellow African American woman.
Soul-sleep nA belief that after a person dies, his/her soul “sleeps” until the resurrection and final judgment.
Soul-stirring adjAn exciting, strong but not unpleasant emotion.
Soul-sucking nDepressingly tedious.
Soulster nA performer of soul music.
Soulstess nA female soul singer.
Soul thief nSatan, Lucifer, Old-Sooty, The Devil and all the false prophets who seek to rob others of their soul and spirit.
Soul-weal nThe welfare of the soul.
Soul-whisperer nOne who cares for the soul and the eternal life of others. 2. the clergy collectively. 3. proselytizer
Soul-winner nOne who proselytizes; a proselytizer.
Soul-winning nProselytizer.
Soul-work nProselytizing, missionary or parish work.
Soul-world nThe invisible world; heaven, paradise.
Sound nA strait. 2. a spring or pool of water. 3. a relatively narrow channel or stretch of water, esp. one between the mainland and an island of connecting two large bodies of water. 4. an inlet of the sea. 5. the air bladder of a fish.
Sound adjOf persons, free from disease, decay, infirmity or injury; healthy, in good condition. 2. having or enjoying good bodily health; healthy, robust, solid, entire, unbroken,. 3. of appetite, health: free from impairment or deficiency. 4. unimpaired, in good condition, undamaged. 6. of air, liquor food: not spoiled or vitiated in any way, hence wholesome, good or strong. 7. financially safe; well-founded, financially secure, solvent in business, legal. 8. of things or substances: solid, massive, compact. 9. of land: dry in subsoil; not boggy or marshy. 10. of sleep: deep, profound; undisturbed or unbroken. 11. of a solid: substantial, reliable, ample, thorough of nature, effective, orthodox. 12. of blows or a beating: dealt or given with severity and force.
Sound advSoundly, completely.
Sound phr"Sound as a Bell" - in good condition physically.
Sound phr"Sound in Wind and Limb" - physically fit.
Sound-lore nThe science of good health.
Soundness nThe state or quality of being healthy; solid, reliable, financial solvent, effective etc.
Sound wormy nSound wood but with small warm holes, such as pin-holes. it is often used as a core for veneers.
Sour nSomething sour or distasteful. 2. a beverage in taste, sour or acidic.
Sour vbTo make or become sour. 2. to become impracticable or unprofitable.
Sour adjSharp to taste. 2. one of the four taste taste sensations. 3. having an acidic or rancid taste as a result of fermentation. 4. of weather: cold and wet, inclement. 5. of land: acidic. 6. of persons: crabby, distain, bitter, morose.
Sour phr"Go or Turn Sour" - of food: to become sour or go off.
Sourdough nA batter of flour and water left in a warmish place till it sours or ferments, then shaped into cakes and baked. 2. leaven.
Soured adjEmbittered; very discontented, aggrieved.
Sour-grass nA low spreading plant with yellow flowers and clover-like leaves, Oxalis stricta.
Sour-honey nPropolis: an aromatic glue-like substance produced by honey bees from tree resin, waxes and their own secretions, used in the construction of their hives.
Souring nA substance which renders sour or acidic, such as leaven, lemon juice or vinegar. 2. the process of becoming or making sour. 3. the process of souring cloth, skins, material by the use of dilution in acid. 4 a variety of crab-apple.
Sourish adjSomewhat sour in various senses.
Sourly advIn a sourish manner; bitterly, discontentedly..
Sourness nThe quality, condition or state of being sour.
Sourwood nOxydendron arboreum; a hard, brown-tinged with red, moderately heavy, strong, and stiff wood.
Souter nCobbler, shoemaker.
South nCardinal point opposite the north; region or part of a country lying to that side. 2. south-east(ly); south -west(ly). 3. south-by-east, south-by-west, south-south-west etc.
South vbTo move towards the south; of the moon to c
South adjPertaining or coming from the south.
South advTowards the south.
South-east nThe point of the compass midway between south and east; a region lying to that side.
South-east adjPertaining to, in, or from, the south-east.
South-east advTowards the south-east.
South-easterly adjSituated or pointed towards the south east, 2. chiefly of a wind coming from the southeast.
South-eastern adjOf or part of the south east. 2. pertaining to, in, or from, the south-east.
South-eastwardly advSoutheastwards.
South-eastwards advTowards the south-east.
Southern adjPertaining to the south or a place relatively in the south. 2. proceeding from the south, like a wind.
Southern lights nThe aurora australis.
Southernly advSomewhat southern.
Southernly advSouthward.
Southernness nThe stae or quality of being southern.
Southern Red Oak nAmerican read oak, Quercus rubra.
Southern Whitewood nMagnolia.
Southing nA southern movement. 2. (nautical): the distance traveled or measured southward. 3. astronomy: the angular distance of a star etc. south of celestial, equator.
Southland nA land or region situated to or in the south. 2. "The Great Southland" : Australia.
Southmost adjFurthest to the south; most south.
Southness nA tendency in the end of a magnetic needle to point towards the south pole.
South sea nthe southern Pacific Ocean.
South-south-east nThe point midway between south and south-east.
Southward(s) advSituated in or towards the south. 2. in a southerly direction; southwardly; southwards
Southwardly advSouthwards, towards the south.
South-west nThe point of the compass midway between south and west; a region lying to that side.
South-west adjPertaining to, in, or from, the south-west.
South-west advTowards the south-west.
Sow nA female hog. 2. a female of the swine; a female pig. 2. (fig) an elderly, sour and bitter woman
Sow phr"A Still Sow" - a cunning and selfish man; one wise in his own interest. 2. one who avoids talking at meals that he may enjoy his food the better. From the old saying or proverb, "The still sows eat the wash" or draff".
Sow phr"A Pig of my Own Sow" - said of that which is the result of one's own actions.
Sow phr"Get the (Wrong) Sow by the Ear" - take the (right/wrong) sow by the ear." -- to hit upon the right or wrong person or thing, conclusion or outcome (solution).
Sow back nA low ridge of sand.
Sowbane nA plant, the red goose.
Sowbelly nSalted pork for the belly of a pig.
Sowbread nThe common wild cyclamen.
Sowlike adjResembling or characteristic of a sow.
Sow n(2)The act of scattering, spreading, or disseminating seed.
Sow vb(2)To scatter, sprinkle, seed over the land (for growth). 2. to spread, disseminate, implant.
Sow phr"Reap as One Has Sown" - to experience the consequences of one's actions.
Sow phr"Sow One's Wild Oats" - To engage in carefree, rebellious or promiscuous behavior, typically in one's youth before settling down.
Sow phr"Sow the Seeds of" - to propagate ideas in the hope that they will be adopted, initiate, originate. 2. be responsible for actions, statements or conditions which is likely to produce future discontent, better understanding.
Sow phr"Sow the Wind and Reap the Whirlwind" - suffer serious consequences as a result of one's actions.
Sowing nThe act or process of which something is sown.
Sowthistle nAny of the thistles in one of the genera 'Cicerbita' and 'Sonchus'
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