Old EnglishnEnglish
Such advTo so extreme a degree; "he is such a baby.; such folk.
Such adjOf so extreme a degree or extent; "such grief"; "such beauty". 2.of that kind; of the like kind; like; resembling; similar; as, we never saw such a day; his misery was such. 3. having the particular quality or character specified. 4. the same that; -- with as; as, at such time. 5. certain; -- representing the object as already particularized in terms which are not mentioned.
Such prn"Such" used as a pronoun: "He was the father of such as dwell in tents". 2. "Such" is used emphatically, without the correlative: "I shall have such life".
Such phr"As Such" - as being of what is indicated or named.
Such phr"Such a One" - such a person or such a thing. 2. some person or thing unspecified.
Such phr"Such and Such" - such or such, certain; some, as already particularized in one way or another, or as being of one kind or another. 3. a particular kind but one not needing to be specified; a certain kind (but not defined); this or that. "In such and such a place ". 2. a person of thing of the kind not needing to be specified.
Such phr"Such and Such a Man" - a particular, a given, man.
Such phr"Such As It Is" - despite its shortcomings. 2. it/they are poor/unsatisfactory.
Such phr"Such Is Life" - that's what life is like; that's life. 2. like isn't always fair and/or equitable.
Such phr"Such or Such" = such and such.
Such phr"Such That" - indicates extent; to the extent that; 'the attack was so brutal, such that he was rendered unconscious and remembers nothing further of the incident.
Such-and-such adjTo such an extent; so much that.
Such-and-suchnessnThe quality of being so-and-so.
Such-a-thing nA thing-ma-bob.
Such like adjOf a like or similar kind. 2. of such a kind; similar.
Such-like prnPerson or things of that kind.
Suchly advIn such a manner; thus.
Suchness nThe quality or condition of being so.
Suchwise advIn such a manner.
Suck vbTo draw liquid from by the action of the mouth tongue and; as, to specific., to draw milk from the mother; to draw milk from the breast or udder; as, a child, or the young of an animal, as first nourished by sucking.. 2. to draw in, or imbibe, absorb by any process resembles sucking; to inhale; to absorb; as, to suck in air. 3. to draw or drain. 4. to draw in, as a whirlpool; to swallow up. 5. to suck out, to draw out with the mouth; to empty by suction. 6. to suck up, to draw into the mouth; to draw up by suction or absorption. 7. to draw, or attempt to draw, something by suction, as with the mouth, or through a tube. 8. to be objectionable, of very poor quality, or offensive; as, telemarketing calls at meal-time really suck.
Suck nThe act of drawing with the mouth. 2. that which is drawn into the mouth by sucking; a mother's milk. 3. a small draught.( Coll). 4. juice; succulence. 5. a whirlpool or eddy.
Suck phrGive Suck" - of a mother suckling her offspring.
Suck phr"Suck and Blow" - In Canada, Britain, slang, idiomatic, to perform two incompatible actions; to hold views which are in contradiction. 2. blow hot and cold.
Suck phr"Suck and See" - discover experimentally how something works.
Suck phr"Suck Down" - draw pull down, below the surface of something. 2. suck under.
Suck phr"Suck Dry" - exhaust the contents of a bottle, breast, etc. 2. exhaust a person's sympathy, resources.
Suck phr"Suck In" - engulf smother, drown in a sucking action. 2. involve a person in an unethical activity or enterprise, especially against his or her will. 3. to be taken in, deceived, tricked, and one who is gulled is said to be a sucker.
Suck phr"Suck Into" - to cause somebody to become slowly more and more involved in a business or situation that is often not to that person's liking.
Suck phr"Suck It" - to rebuke or dismiss.
Suck phr"Suck It Up" - to put up with something, to deal with something such as as pain or misfortune without complaining. 2. bear you plight, stand tall, be a man , grin and bear it, deal with it.
Suck phr"Suck and See" - try it out (used often as a derisive retort.
Suck phr"Suck Out" - draw out liquids by sucking.
Suck phr"Suck Up" - draw liquid etc up a tube by making a vacuum at its upper end.
Suck phr"Suck Up to (Somebody)" - behave, obsequiously especially for one's own advantage. 2. fawn on, flatter somebody in the hope of favor.
Suck phr"Teach One's Grandmother How to Suck Eggs" - try to tell a much more experienced person something very obvious to them.
Suck-egg nAn animal repute to suck eggs, such as a weasel. 2. word used to designate a dog regarded as a type of viciousness or worthlessness.
Sucken n(Var. of soken; orig. "resort" (to a particular mill). 2. the duty and liability of tenants within a district astricted to a mill. 3. the lands astricted to a mill; also, the population of such lands. 4. the area of a baillifs jurisdiction: the district within which one practises or carries on business.
Suckener nOne who has his corn grounded at a certain mill.
Sucker nA young mammal before its is weaned; a suckling pig. 2. one who sucks with the mouth. 3. a shoot found growing at the base of a tree. 4. (fig.) reference to the withdrawal of the nourishment from the parent stem. 5. organ adapted for sucking or absorbing nourishment by suction. 6. a pipe or tube through which anything is drawn. 7. a part of an organ adapted for adhering to an object. 8. (slang) a greenhorn, a simpleton. 9. a blood sucker: an extortionist, blackmailer.
Sucker phr"A Sucker For" - one who is easily duped.
Suckerdom nThe sate of being being a sucker, gullible person. 2. the world or sphere of a sucker.
Suckered adjEqipped with a sucker or suckers.
Suckerfish nThe suckstone; the sucking-stone; suckfish, sucking-fish, remora.
Suckerhood nThe state of being a sucker or gullible person.
Suckerish adjResembling or characteristic of a sucker of an animal. 2. gullible, easily taken advantage of.
Suckerlike adjResembling or characteristic of a sucker (a sucking organ or body part).
Sucker-up nSycophancy, cajoling, kidding.
Suck-hole nA whirlpool.
Suck-in nA swindle, hoax, deception, fiasco.
Suckiness nThe state or condition of being sucky, inferiority, or badness.
Sucking nThe drawing of liquid from by the action of the mouth tongue and; as, to specific., the drawing of milk from the mother; the drawing of milk from the breast or udder; as, a child, or the young of an animal, as first nourished by sucking.. 2. the drawing, or imbibing, the absorbing by any process resembles sucking; the inhaling; to absorbing; as, the sucking of in air. 3. (Of a child or animal, etc) not yet weaned. 4. unfledged (sucking dove).
Sucking-bone nMarrow-bone.
Suckingly advWith a sucking sound or motion.
Sucking-tooth nMilk tooth.
Suckle vbSuck milk from the mother's breasts. 2: give suck to; breastfeed, nurse, wet-nurse, lactate; to nurse; to give suck to; to nurse at the breast.
Suckle n.A teat. (Obs.)
Suckle nClover.
Suckless adjThat does not suck or suckle.
Suckling nAn unweaned child or animal.
Suckling phr"Out of the Mouth of Sucklings" - (as sometimes indiscreetly revealed): the truth.
Suckly advTending to, apt to, prone to or succulent.
Suck rocks nA term of general disparagement; an emphatic version of suck(s).
Suckstone nThe sucking-stone; suckfish, sucking-fish, remora.
Suck-up nToady, creep, sucker-up.
Suckworthy adjWorthless or inferior; sucky.
Sucky adj(Slang) being something which sucks, which is unpleasant or inferior.
Sullow nA plough; a sull. 2. a plot of land described as so (in measure) as many sullow.
Sum sfxA connecting particle used with relative pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs, becomes a kind of separable suffix equal to "ever."
Summer nThe warmest season of the year; in the northern hemisphere it extends from the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox. 2. the period of finest development, happiness, or beauty; "the golden summer of his life". 3. the season of the year in which the sun shines most directly upon any region; the warmest period of the year.
Summer vbSpend the summer; "We summered in Australia". 2. to keep or carry through the summer; to feed during the summer; as, to summer stock.
Summer phr"One Swallow Doesn't Make a Summer" - much further evidence is desirable before any action is taken.
Summer phr"Summer and Winter" - to extend periods of time with. 2. to endure.
Summer phr"Summer of Love" - The Summer of Love was a social phenomenon that occurred during the summer of 1967, when as many as 100,000 people, mostly young people sporting hippie fashions of dress and behavior, converged in San Francisco's neighborhood of Haight-Ashbury.
Summer fallow nLand not cropped and plowed, etc., during the summer, in order to pulverize the soil and kill the weeds.
Summer-fold nA freckle, a lentuga.
Summerful adjEnough to fill a summer.
Summer-house nA light building in a garden used for sitting in fine weather.
Summerily advIn a manner reminiscent of summer.
Summering vbTo pass the summer; to spend the warm season; as, to summer in Turkey.
Summerish adjSuggestive of resembling of summer.
Summer kitchen nA kitchen in a separate building or in a separate room attached for use in hot weather.
Summerless adjHaving no summer.
Summer lightning nLightning unaccompanied by thunder resulting from a distance storm.
Summer-like adjResembling or characteristic of summer.
Summerliness nThe quality or state of being like summer.
Summerlong adjExtending throughout a summer.
Summerly adjTaking place or occurring during summer. 2. having the quality or conditions of summer, summery, summer-like.
Summer melt nThe phenomenon of prospective college students' motivation to attend college 'melting away' during the summer before the end of high school and beginning of college.
Summerness nThe state or characteristic of being summer.
Summer school nA course of lectures etc held during the summer holidays, especially at a university . 2. U.S. a course of remedial or accelerating classes held in the summer.
Summer's day nA day of summer.
Summer-soothed adjSoothed by the warmth of summer.
Summer-stirring adjSummer fallow;
Summer-stricken adjAdversely affected by the heat and humidity of summer weather.
Summer sweet nClethra alnifolia, a deciduous flowering shrub of eastern North America.
Summertide nThe summer season; summertime.
Summer-tilth nFallowed land.
Summertime nThe season or period of summer; summertide.
Summer time nTime as advanced one hour ahead of standard time for daylight saving in summer, especially British Summer Time.
Summerwear nClothes designed to be worn in summer.
Summerweight nOf clothes suitable for use in summer, especially because of their light weight.
Summerwood nThe later growth of an annual ring. the cells have smaller cavities, thicker walls, and produce harder, denser, and darker wood than the spring wood in most species.
Summer-work nSummer fallow.
Summery adjPertaining to resembling summer: warm and much light.
Sun nThe star that is the source of light and heat for the planets in the solar system. 2. the rays of the sun; sunlight, sunshine. 3. a person considered as a source of warmth or energy or glory etc. 4. any star around which a planetary system revolves

5: first day of the week; observed as a day of rest and worship by most Christians: Sunday, Lord's Day. 3. the luminous orb, the light of which constitutes day, and its absence night; the central body round which the earth and planets revolve, by which they are held in their orbits, and from which they receive light and heat. 4. any heavenly body which forms the center of a system of orbs. 5. the direct light or warmth of the sun; sunshine. 6. that which resembles the sun, as in splendor or importance; any source of light, warmth, or animation. 7. sea candle: a kenning for the sun, rising with light from and setting in the sea. 8. synonyms: eye of the day, eye of heaven, eye of the morning.

Sun vbTo expose one's body to the light and heat of the sun; to sunbathe. 2. to expose to the light or the heat of the rays of the sun or affect by exposure to the sun. 3. to warm or dry something in the sun.
Sun nSynonyms and/or kennings: day-candle, dew-drier, eye of the day, god's candle, king of the day, rodor-candle, weather-candle, world-candle, wyncandle, seacandle.
Sun phr"Against the Sun" - anticlockwise.
Sun phr"Make Hay While the Sun Shines" - to take advantage of the opportunity. 2. to strike while the iron is hot.
Sun phr"More Worship the Rising than the Setting Sun" - more people pay honor to ascendant than to fallen greatness. The saying is attributed to Pompey.
Sun phr"One's Sun Is Set" - the time of one's prosperity is over.
Sun phr"On Which the Sun Never Sets" - said of the British Empire and the large landmass it once ruled over.
Sun phr"Out of God's Blessing into the Warm Sun" - from good to less good or far inferior state. (a proverb of Ray)
Sun phr"Shoot the Sun" - ascertain the altitude of the sun with a sextant in order to fix the latitude.
Sun phr"Southern Gate of the Sun" - the sign Capricorn or winter solstice. So called because it is the most southern limit of the sun's course in the ecliptic.
Sun phr"Sun is Over the Yardarm" - an expression by naval officers that it is time for a drink.
Sun phr"Sun of Righteousness" - Jesus Christ.
Sun phr"Sun Oneself" - sunbathe.
Sun phr"Sun Shines on All Alike" - all are 'equal' under the sun.
Sun phr"Three Things Cannot Long Be Hidden, The Sun, The Moon and The Truth" - the truth will eventually prevail.
Sun phr"Under (or beneath) the Sun" - anywhere in the world or on earth, worldwide.
Sun phr"With the Sun" - clockwise.
Sunback nHaving a low-cut back on a dress or frock to allow tanning and coolness.
Sun-backed adjOf a dress, frock etc having a sunback.
Sun bake n(Of a person skin or the surface of a thing): drying, hardening or baking from the heat of the sun.
Sunbaked adjBaked by overexposure to the sun.
Sun bath nA period of exposing the body to the sun.
Sun-bathe vbBask in the sun, especially to tan the body.
Sunbather nOne who sunbakes.
Sunbathing nThe activity of sunbathing.
Sun beam nA visible, narrow, and intense (relative to ambient light) ray of sunlight. 2. (Australia, colloquial, dated) an item of cutlery or crockery laid out on a table, but not used, and which can be returned to the drawer without being washed. 3. any butterfly of the genus Curetis. 4. any hummingbird of the genus Aglaeactis
Sun bear nA small black bear Helarctos malayanus of south east Asia, with a light colored mark on its chest.
Sunbed nA lightweight usually folding chair with aseat long enough to support the legs, used for sunbathing. 2. a bed for lying under a sun lamp.
Sun beetle nAny of the genus Pachnoda of beetles.
Sunbelt nA geographical area of the southern United states that include those states , particularly Florida, Arizona, and new Mexico, that have relatively milder weather than the rest of the country all year round, and tend to attract retired people and those who prefer subtropical to temperate climates.
Sunberry nThe currant.
Sunbird nAny small bright-plumed Old World bird of the family Nectariniidae, resembling a humming-bird.
Sun-blasted adjHot, very hot, as 'sun-blasted-days and bone-chilling nights.
Sunbleached adjBleeched or whitened by the effects of the sun.
WSun blight nDamage to a plant, especially a fruit tree, caused by exposure to strong sunlight; specifically = "sun"(now rare).
Sun blind nA movable shade for protecting the windows of houses and shops etc from the sun.
Sun-blinded adjTemporary blinded by the rays of the sun.
Sun blush nOf tomatoes, partially sundried.
Sun-blushed adjOf tomatoes, partially sun-dried. 2. of cheeks slightly reddened by the rays of the sun.
Sunbow nA rainbow formed by the sun, as aopposed to a lunar or moonbow. 2. a spectrum of colors like a rainbow produced by the sun shining on spray of a waterfall.
Sun-break nThe breaking forth of the sun at sunrise.
Sunbright adjHaving a brightness that rivals the sun, as a sunbright mind or very high intellect. 2. flood with sunlight.
Sun-brown nThe color of a person's skin tanned by the exposure to the sun.
Sun-browned adjOf person's skin tanned by the exposure to the sun.
Sunburn ndarkening or reddening and inflammation of the skin caused by over-exposure to the sun. 2.
Sunburn vbTo darken or reddening the skin caused by over-exposure to the sun 2. suffer from sunburn.
Sun-burned adjSuffering from sunburn; brown or tanned.
Sunburnt adjSun-tanned. 2. bright of aspect, feeling, manner.
Sunburst nSomething resembling the sun and its rays, especially an ornament, brooch. 2. a firework or pyrotechnic. 3. the sun shining suddenly from behind rifted clouds.
Suncare nThe branch of skincare dealing with protection against the effects of the sun.
Sunday nThe day of the week after Saturday, regarded as a day of worship by Christians. 2. a newspaper published on Sunday.
Sunday phr"As Long as a Month of Sundays." - a very long time.
Sunday phr"Not in a Month of Sundays" - an extremely long time.
Sundayphr"Wear One's Sunday Best" - wear one's best clothes or attire usu. keep to wear on Sunday to church. 2. "Sunday's going-outs".
Sunday phr"Sunday of the Five Loaves" - Mothering Sunday, a day of honor of mothers, and/or one's mother church which falls on a Sunday three weeks before Easter Sunday.
Sunday best nOne best clothes kept for wearing on Sunday.
Sunday board nA format of comic strip containing a large number of frames, always filling a whole page, usually in large quantities and in color; ( also some are in black and white).
Sunday driver nA person who drives chiefly at weekends , especially slowly or unskillfully.
Sunday-go-to-the-meeting nBest (of clothes or manners).
Sunday house nIn the German immigrant culture of Texas Hill country, and of the houses erected by farming settlers for overnight stays while visiting towns for supplies and church (Sunday house) attendance.
Sundayish adjSunday-like.
Sunday-like adjResembling a Sunday or some aspect of one, especially the religious observance and abstinence from work on the Christian Sabbath.
Sundays advOn Sunday; each Sunday.
Sunday school nA school for religious instructions of children on Sundays.
Sunder vbTo separate, divide, to come apart
Sunder phr"In Sunder" - apart.
Sunder phr"Sunder Out" - to separate or set apart from others; split out; segregate. 2. to apportion; allot; assign. quotations 3. to remove a piece of something from the whole; separate out. 4. to break out; divide or scatter about
Sunderwood nA dark red brown wood, with faint black streaks growing in India (Heritera fomes, Heritera Minor).
Sundered adjSeparated, broken apart, parted. 2. exposed to the wind and/or sun. 3. different, not similar to, unalike.
Sunderer nOne who sunder, separates or takes apart.
Sundering adjSeverally.
Sunderlepes advSeparately; apart from the rest, severally; esp. particularly.
Sunderling adv}Separately.
Sunderly advSeverally, separately, apart from, individually, singularly, widely, differently, in a dispersed manner.
Sunderly adjPeculiar, special, private. 2. separate, several, distinct, diverse, different.
Sunderness nDiversity, variety.
Sunderwise advAsunderly, separately.
Sundew nAny small insect-consuming bog plant of the family Droseraceae, especially of the genus drosera, with hairs secreting drops of moisture on which insects are caught.
Sun dog nParhelion or mock sun in the form of a very bright spot of light on the solar halo. 2. a small rainbow lying near the horizon.
Sundown nThe going of the sun; glow of the setting sun; sunset, as opposed to sun-up. 2. a broad-brimmed hat worn by women.
Sundowner nIn Australia, a person, esp. a swagman, who arrives at sundown in the knowledge that the evening meal is about to be dished. 2. a strict, rigidly uncompromising ship officer; originally a ship's captain who granted liberty only until sundown. 3. in colonial Africa and India a drink taken after sundown. 4. in the USA., an official who works late into the night at the office.
Sun-downing nThe activity of sundowning.
Sundown Town nAlso known as sunset towns or gray towns, are all-white municipalities or neighborhoods in the United States that practice a form of segregation by enforcing restrictions excluding people of non-white races via some combination of discriminatory local laws, intimidation, and violence
Sun-drenched adjReceiving lots of sunshine; sunny.
Sundried adjDried by the exposure to the sun, as vegetation. 2. dried up, parched by the sun.
Sundries nSmall articles of a miscellaneous kind; especially, small items lumped together in an account as not needing individual mention.
Sundrily adjSeparate, individual, special. 2. diverse, various.
Sundrily advSeverally, diversely, variously.
Sundriness nDiversity, variety, a variety of things.
Sundrops nAny of several American species of evening primrose (genus: Oenothera) having large yellow flowers, and blooming in daylight.
Sundry nMiscellaneous small things.
Sundry adjMiscellaneous, various.
Sundry advSeparately, apart, severally, individually. 2. of a single object (or anything so consider); in or into pieces.
Sundry phr"All and Sundry". - everybody, everything, in all classes; one and all. 2. all collectively and individually.
Sundry-fold advIn a manifold manner; diversely, variously.
Sundry-hood nDiversity, variety.
Sundry-man nA dealer in sundries or a variety or articles.
Sundry-shaped adjDiverse, manifold in shape.
Sundry-shop nIn Malaysia a shop, similar to a delicatessen, that sells predominantly Chinese food.
Sundry-where advIn various place.
Sundry-wise adjVarious or different views, variously, diversely, in sundry ways.
Sun-dust nMotes, small particles, dust in a sunbeam; sun-dusted.
Sunegild nA female sinner, sinegild.
Sun-eye nThe sun; the eye of the day.
Sunfall nSunset, nightfall, dusk.
Sunfast adjOf dye not subject to fading by sunlight. 2 color fast in a way that will not fade in the sun.
Sunfastness nThe degree or quality of being sunfast.
Sun-filled adjFull of sunshine.
Sun finger n(In palmistry) the third finger along the hand that represents certainty, good fortune and success.
Sunfish nAny of the various fish of rounded form or brilliant appearance, especially a very large ocean fish (a species of shark), Mola mola, with a circular laterally flattened body. It basks in the sun near the surface of the water.
Sun-flooded adjFlooded with the rays of the Sun.
Sun fly nThe Heteromyzidae (formerly Heleomyzidae) are small to largish flies usually occuring in temperate or wet forests. Borboroides are small heteromyzids, resembling lesser dung flies (Sphaeroceridae), that are associated with wombats and can be found at their fresh dung - these have been appropriately coined Wombat flies.
Sun-glass nA burning glass; a glass used for the concentrating the rays of the sun.
Sun glasses nTinted glasses worn to protect the eyes from sunlight.
Sun-glow nThe rose tint or faint yellow of the sky the precedes sunrise or follows sunset. 2. the warm glow of the sun.
Sun grass nCogon grass, Imperata cylindrica.
Sun-heated adjHeated or warmed by the sun.
Sunglow nA rosy flush in the sky seen after sunset.
Sun-god nThe sun regarded or personified and worshiped as a god. 2. a god identified as specially associated with the sun.
Sun-go-down nSunset, sundown, dusk, sun-sitting, sun-going-down.
Sun-goldened adjMade a golden or rich yellow shade by the rays of the sun.
Sun-go-up nDawn, sunrise.
Sun hat nA large, wide-brimmed hat worn to protect the head from the sun.
Sun-hatted adjHaving or wearing a sunhat.
Sun-helmet nA helmet of cork etc formerly worn, to protect the face, by white people in hot climates.
Sunhood nA hood which shelters something (such as a person's head, a camera, or an office building) from direct sunlight.
Sun-hot adjExtremely hot; red-hot.
Sunk adj(Slang) in a difficult position; in a sorry plight. 2. recessed, a part lying below the face of the framing.
Sunk bead nOne not at the edge of the material, and slightly below the surface.
Sunken adjThat has been sunk; lying at the bottom of the water; below the proper level; hence fallen in a hollow. 2. located beneath the surface, submerged. 3. lower than the surroundings or usual level(as a sunken garden) 4. (of the eyes, cheeks etc) hollow, depressed.
Sunken-chested adjA congenital deformity of the anterior wall of the chest, in which several ribs and the sternum grow abnormally, giving a caved or sunken appearance
Sunken-floor nThe space of the living room, while on a lower level than the kitchen and dining area, feels open and inviting, even with the hardness of exposed structure and concrete flooring.
Sunkenly advIn a sunken way.
Sunk shelf nA plate shelf. 2. a recess is formed near the back of the shelf to receive piece of crockery, such as a plate, vertically, so that it rests against the wall.
Sun-kiss nA freckle.
Sun-kissed adjWarm of affected by the sun.
Sun leaf nA mature and healthy tree will have many thousands of leaves, all of which need sunlight to be able to make energy for the plant through photosynthesis. Shade leaves are larger and thinner than normal sun leaves, and often appear a darker green (they contain more chlorophyll).
Sunless adjDestitute of sun or sun rays; not illumined by the sun. 2. dark, dull, cheerless.
Sunlessly advWithout sun.
Sunlessness nThe condition of being sunless or an absence of sunlight.
Sunlight nLight from the sun.
Sunlighting nThe amount of illumination provided by the sun. 2. working at another job when taking time off from one's regular (day) job. 2. the daytime equivalent of moonlighting.
Sunlights nThe lighter coloring of hair in the summertime due to exposure to sunlight.
Sunlike adjLike or resembling the sun, or that of the sun; esp. very bright or resplendent.
Sunline nThe navigator's observation of the sun to determine latitude.
Sunliness nThe state of being illuminated by the sun; or full of sunshine.
Sunlit adjLighted up by the sun.
Sunlit uplands nA wished-for place of happiness and prosperity.
Sunlock nHollock (Terminalia myriocarpia) a grayish brown wood with beautiful dark striation, lustrous.
Sun lover nOne who likes being in the sun and living in sunny regions.
Sun-loving adjFavoring, tending to or liking og living in sunny/and or tropical climates.
Sunly adjOf, pertaining to, or characteristic of the sun; solar. 2. (by extension, and in contrast with moonly) sane.
Sunly advIn a sunny manner; optimistically.
Sun-mote nDust in a sunbeam.
Sunnight nSunday evening or night.
Sunnily advIn a sunny fashion; optimistically.
Sunniness nThe state of being sunny.
Sunning nExposure to the sun; basking in the sun; shining like the sun. 2 to expose to the sun's rays; to warm or dry in the sun; as, to sun clothes.
Sunnish adjResembling the sun in color and brilliancy; applied to a bright golden tan.
Sunny adjPertaining to, or like, the sun. 2. bright with sunshine or sunlight; bright like the sun. 3. exposed to be warmed by the sun. 4. filled with light and warmth of the sun. 5. of a person: genial, cheerful and bright in temperament. 6.
Sunny advWith the sunny side up.
Sunny phr"Sunny Side Down" - Of an egg prepared for food, fried on one side until most of the whites have been cooked, then lightly fried on the other to finish cooking the whites, leaving the yolk unbroken and slightly soft.
Sunny phr"Sunny Side Up" - of an egg fried on one side, served with the unbroken relatively soft yolk on top.
Sunnyside advThe sunny side of a house, street, hill that gets most sun. 2. the cheerful view of a circumstance, situation or questuion; anyways looking on the sunny side; optimistic.
Sunny phr"On the Sunny side" - having an optimistic view of life.
Sun pipe nA natural lighting system that maximizes the concept of renewable energy by channeling natural daylight from roofs to indoor environments. 2. a skylight.
Sunquake nPowerful earthquake-like events on the sun's surface, that can be set off by huge belches of charged particles from the solar atmosphere.
Sunred adjOf a red sky at night. This means that the setting sun is sending its light through a high concentration of dust particles. This usually indicates high pressure and stable air coming in from the west. Basically good weather will follow.
Sun-reddened adjOf a person's skin or fruit reddened by the sun.
Sunripe adjRipened by the Sun.
Sunrise nDawn, sun up; the sun's daily rising on the horizon at dawn. 2. the colored sky associated with dawn. 3. the time at which sunrise occurs. 4. the east, the Oriental.
Sunrising nSunrise, sun-up, daybreak.
Sunrist nSunrise, the sun's rising at dawn. 2. the east.
Sunroof nA panel in the roof of a car that slides open.
Sunroom nA room built to admit a profusion of sunlight. 2. a solarium.
Sunrose nPlants in the family "Cistaceae" the rock rose family
Sunseed nA variety of sunflower seed intended to produce healthier sunflower.
Sun-seared adjSorched or burned by long exposure to the sun.
Sun-seeker nA person who enjoys exposure to sunlight; an avid sunbather.
Sunset nThe sunset in the evening. 2. the descent of the sun below the horizon. 3. the time of the disappearance of the sun. 4. the colrs in the sky at sunset. 5. evening; the west. 6. the ending or declining period of one's life.
Sunset-like adjResembling or characteristic of the sunset.
Sunsetting nAn instance of the sun-setting; a sunset.
Sunsetty adjCharacteristic of a sunset.
Sunset years nTwilight years, old age, golden years.
Sunset yellow nAn orange- coloring, 'Sunset Yellow' is used in food, cosmetics, and drugs. For example, it is used in sweets, desserts, snacks, sauces, and preserved fruits. It is often used in conjunction with amaranth, to produce a brown coloring in both chocolates and caramel.
Sun-shade nSomething used as a protection from the rays of the sun; an awning, a parasol.
Sun-shaft nA sunbeam.
Sun-shaped adjHaving the shape of a sun (round).
Sun-shelter nA cover or protection from the effects of the rays of the sun.
Sun-sheltered adjCovered or protected from the effects of the rays of the sun.
Sun-shielded adjCovered or protected from the effects of the rays of the sun.
Sunshine nThe shiny light of and heat from the sun; the direct ray of the light. 2. a place on which the sun rays fall or shine. sunny, fine weather; a sunny place. 3. the warmth of the sun's rays. 4. cheerfulness; joy, any cheerful influence (brought sunshine into her life). 5. a car , denoting a roof which slides open, to admit sunshine and air.
Sunshine law nIn U.S. a law requiring certain official meetings, records, etc., of certain government agencies to be open and available to the public.
Sunshineless adjWithout sunshine.
Sunshine roof nA sun roof.
Sunshining adjFull of sunshine.
Sunshiny adjBright with sunshine; pleasant.
Sun shorts nShort trousers worn during summer.
Sunshot n(poetic) shot through with sunlight.
Sun-shower nA rain shower which occurs while the sun is shining.
Sun-sitting nSunset, sun-go-down, sundown, dusk.
Sun-smile nA beaming, joyful, full-faced smile.
Sun-sodden adjBathed or drowning in sunlight.
Sun spell nA period of sunshine or sunlight.
Sun spider nAn arachnid belonging to the order Soli fugae; the camel spider.
Sun star nAny starfish of the genus Solaster, with many arms.
Sun-starved adjDeprived of sufficient sunlight.
Sun-stead nSolstice, sunsted, sunstay.
Sunstone nA cat-eye's gem , especially a feldspar with embedded flecks of haematite etc. 2. a variety of feldspar; an aventurine.
Sun-streaked adjHaving lines, or streaked through on a surface by the effects of sunlight upon it.
Sun strike nThe Glare from the road that can temporarily blind a driver
Sun strike vbTo be temporarily blinded by the glare from the road.
Sunstricken adjAfflicted with sunshine.
Sunstroke nAcute illness with prostration, collapse, coma or convulsion caused by overexposure or insolation to the sun.
Sunstruck adjAfflicted with sunshine.
Sunswept adjEnjoying a great deal of sunshine.
Suntan nThe brownish coloring of skin caused by exposure to the sun.
Suntan vbTo cover the skin with suntan.
Suntanned adjHaving a suntan.
Suntans nThe lightweight summer uniform made of khaki worn by US personnel.
Sun-thickened adj(For use in the art of painting) The thickening of certain oils as refined linseed oil and pour it in a metal tray and leave it in a window in direct sun light and stir it every other day (for several days) for a minute or so.
Sun-time nTime by the sun; apparent time.
Sun-topped adjOf a mountain whose peak or summit is covered with sunshine.
Sun-up nSunrise; dawn, the sun's rising at dawn.
Sun-up-to-sundown nThe whole day, a very long time.
Sun-wade nThe sun is said to wade when covered by dense atmosphere.
Sun-wake nThe reflection of the sunset or sunrise on the surface of the sea.
Sunward adjFacing towards or in the direction of the sun.
Sunwards advTowards the sun.
Sun-warmed adjWarmed by the rays of the sun.
Sunways advClockwise, deasil, sunwise.
Sunwear nSunglasses and certain ranges of clothing suitable for wear in summer and tropical climates.
Sun-weathered adjShowing the effects on a person's skin of one who has been overexposed to the rays of the sun.
Sun wheels nAn ingenious contrivance for converting reciprocating motion, as that of the work beam of a steam engine, into rotatory motion.
Sunwise advWith the sun; in the direction of the sun's course: from east to west. 2. in a clockwise direction.
Sun-withered adj(Of a person's skin)shriveled, shrunken or faded, especially due to the overexposure to the rays of the sun.
Sun-worn adjDamaged as a result of overexposure to the sun.
Sun-worship nThe worship or veneration of the sun as a god.
Sun-worshipper nOne who venerates the sun or a representation of the sun as a deity; heliotheism.
Sun-worshipping nThe veneration of the sun or a representation of the sun as a deity; heliotheism.
Sun-wrinkled adj(Of a person's skin) shriveled, due to overexposure to the rays of the sun.
Sun-yellow adjA yellowish-red color.
Sun-yellowed adjHaving a yellowish red color.
Sup nA small quantity of liquid, a small mouthful; a sip.
Sup vbTo take into the mouth a little at a time. 2. as a liquid to take in sips. 3. to eat with a spoon, as soup.
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