Old EnglishnEnglish
Table nLate OE: writing table; gaming table.
Table phr"At Table" - having a meal at a table.
Table phr"Drink Under the Table" - very drunk after a meal or a drinking bout.
Table phr"Lay on the Table" - put forward for discussion. 2. the parliamentary phrase for postponing the consideration of a motion, proposal, bill etc. indefinitely.
Table phr"Put On the Table" - offering for discussion.
Table phr"The Lord's Table" - the communion table. 2. the sacraments of communion.
Table phr"The Twelve Tables" - the tables of roman laws engraved on brass, brought from Athens to Rome by the decemvirs.
Table phr"Turn the Tables On" - to reverse the conditions or real;tions; as, for instance, to rebut a charge by bringing forth a counter-charge.
Table-beer nLight beer.
Table-bell nA small hand-bell set on the table and meal-times and used to summon servants.
Table-board nThe provision of daily meals; board (separate from rooming). 2. a table top; a table. 3. (dated, historical) A backgammon board.
Table-book nA book of arithmetical or other tables, such as a ready reckoner or weights and measures. 2. an ornamental book to be kept on table. 3. a note-book for jotting down casual observation.
Table-cloth nA cloth, often white, covering a table, especially for meals.
Table-clothed adjOf a table covering with a table-cloth.
Tableful adjAll that a table can hold.
Tablehood nThe state or quality of being a table.
Table-hop nTo move around from table to table greeting friends, as in a restaurant or nightclub.
Table-hopping vbThe moving around from table to table greeting friends, as in a restaurant or nightclub.
Table-knife nA knife used for meals, especially in eating a main course.
Tableland nAn extensive, broad elevated region, often treeless, with a level surface. 2. a plateau; specifically a mesa.
Tableless nWithout or lacking a table.
Table-like adjSimilar to or resembling a table.
Table-linen nCloth or mats of linen, napkins etc used at meal times.
Tableman nAny of the pieces used to play the game of tables, backgammon or drafts. 2. (rare) A person sitting at the same table.
Tableness nThe quality of being a table.
Table nest nA set of small tables, usually three, which fit into each other and are accommodated into a small space.
Table salt nA salt that is ground or easy to grind for use at meals.
Table saw nA table saw or sawbench is a woodworking tool, consisting of a circular saw blade, mounted on an arbor, that is driven by an electric motor (either directly, by belt, or by gears). The blade protrudes through the surface of a table, which provides support for the material, usually wood, being cut
Table-side nBy the side of, or adjacent to, a table, especially in a restaurant.
Table spoon nA large spoon for serving food. 2. an amount, or as much as can be held by this kind of spoon.
Table-spoonful adjAn amount held a tablespoon.
Table-stone nA flat stone, a stone tablet, also a horizontal stone. 2. cromlech, dolmen.
Table-talk nGossip, chit-chat, and chatter that take place around or at a table.
Tabletop nThe top of the surface of a table.
Tabletop sale nA sale at which participants sell unwanted possessions from tables.
Table-turning nthe so-claimed turning of tables without a mechanical sources at seances.
Tableward adjTowards or in the direction of a table.
Tablewards advTowards or in the direction of a table.
Tableware nWare for the service of the table: dishes, knives, forks, spoons etc. 2. collective term, often called table furniture, for articles used at meals, such as items of crockery, cutlery and when napery is included.
Tablewine nOrdinary wine for drinking at a meal.
Tablewise advLike a table.
Tabling nThe act of turning into tabular form; tabulate. 2. the act of presenting a motion for subsequent consideration. 3. the materials required for making a table. 4. a form of dovetailing in carpentry.
Tail nOld English tæg(e)l, from a Germanic base meaning ‘hair, hairy tail’; related to Middle Low German tagel ‘twisted whip, rope's end’. The early sense of the verb (early 16th century) was ‘fasten to the back of something’ 2. appendage of an animal. 3. tail-end of a creature. 4. rear of an aircraft. 5. object resembling a tail in shape. 6. a comet tail. 7. latter part of a time period. 8. in statistics: part of a distribution most distant from the mode. 9. a surreptitious follower. 10. in typography: lower loop of letters. 12. the reverse side of a coin. 13. in mathematics: last terms of a sequence, from some term on. 14. a slang term for the phallus or penis.
Tail vbTo follow and observe surreptitiously. 2. (architecture) to hold by the end; said of a timber when it rests upon a wall or other support; with in or into. 3. (nautical) to swing with the stern in a certain direction; said of a vessel at anchor. 4. to follow or hang to, like a tail; to be attached closely to, as that which can not be evaded.
Tail phr"Can't Make Head or Tail of" - to fail to understand.
Tail phr"Get Off One's Tail" - to stir oneself from inertia.
Tail phr"Heads I Win- Tails You Lose" - whichever way this matter goes I will win.
Tail phr"In Two Shakes of a Lamb's Tail" - in a few moments .
Tail phr"Keep On Somebody's Tail" - tenaciously follow someone.
Tail phr"Like a Dog With Two Tails" - ecstatic, very happy.
Tail phr"Make Neither Head Nor tail Of" - not understand something.
Tail phr"Out of the Tail of One's Eye" - with a side-long glance. 2. to see a thing out the corner of one's eye.
Tail phr"Sting in the Tail" - to be an unexpected, unpleasant conclusion.
Tail phr"Tail After" - to pursue closely.
Tail phr"Tail Away or Off" - to diminish gradually.
Tail phr"Tail Back" - forming a long line of traffic , extending back from an obstruction.
Tail phr"Tail End of Something" - the very end of something.
Tail phr"Tail In" - fasten (timber) by one end onto a wall etc.
Tail phr"Tail Off" - decrease, gradually, taper off supply, demand, etc. 2. fade into silence (usually because the speaker is shy or embarrassed.
Tail phr"Tail On" - to attach.
Tail phr"Tail Wagging the Dog" - a minor aspect with disproportionate effect on a major aspect. 2. a part controls the whole; subsidiary associate, group, element, factor, etc dictates the course of action for the more important associate, etc.
Tail phr"Turn Tail" - to run away.
Tail phr"Twist Tail" - to torment.
Tail phr"Two Shakes of a Duck's Tail" - in an instant.
Tail phr"With One's Tail Up" - in good spirits, cheerful, carefree, happy.
Tailback nThe forming a long line of traffic , extending back from an obstruction.
Tailboard nA hing or removable flap at the rear of a lorry etc. 2. the movable board at the back of a cart; a tailgate.
Tailbone nThe coccyx.
Tailed adjPossessing a tail.
Tailedness nThe condition of a distribution in having a specified form of tail.
Tail-end nThe hindmost or lowest or last part.
Tail-feather nA strong flight feather of a birds wing.
Tail-fin nIn zoology: a fin at the posterior extremity of a fish's body, typically continuous with the tail. 2. in aeronautics a projecting vertical surface on the tail of an aircraft, providing stability and typically housing the rudder.
Tail-first advBackward; with the hind side foremost. 2. tail'fore'most.
Tail-float nThe landing float below the tail of a seaplane.
Tail'fore'most advTail-first.
Tailgate nThe tail door of a car or hatchback; tailboard. 2. the lower end of a canal lock. 3. a party where food and drink are served at the tailgate of a motor vehicle before a sports event (typically a football match).
Tailgate vbDrive too closely behind another vehicle. 2. to drive dangerously close behind another vehicle. 3. to follow another person through access control on their access, rather than on one’s own credentials, especially when entering a door controlled by a card reader. 4. (finance, of a broker) to privately purchase or sell a security immediately after trading in the same security for a client.

5. (US) to have a tailgate party.

Tail-head nThe base of an animal's tail.
Tail-heaviness nA defect causing an aircraft to tilt slightly upwards when airborne.
Tail-heavy adjHaving too much weight at the rear; a tail-heavy airplane.
Tailing nThe refuse or inferior part of grain or ore etc. 2. the part of a beam or projecting brick etc. embedded in a wall. 3. the part of a projecting stone or brick inserted into a wall. 4. ore, dregs, chaffe, waste.
Tailings nThe refuse or inferior part of grain or ore etc.
Tail-less adjWithout or lacking a tail.
Tail-lessness nThe state or conditions of having no tail.
Tail-light nThe light at the rear of a vehicle, as a train, motor vehicle or bicycle.
Tail-like adjLike or resembling a tail.
Tail-off nA decline or gradual reduction, esp. in demand.
Tail pin nThe center in the spindle of a turning lathe.
Tail-pipe nThe rear section of an exhaust pipe of a motor vehicle. 2. the suction-pipe in a pump.
Tail-rope nIn coal-mining, a rope used for hauling up loaded kibble.
Tails nThe side of a coin that doesn't bear the picture of the head of state or similar.
Tail-spin nA downward movement of an aircraft in which the tail spiraling. 2. a very fast fall. 3. a state of chaos, panic or loss of control.
Tail stock nAn adjustable part of a lathe holding the fixed spindle.
Tail strike nAn event in which the rear empennage of an aircraft strikes the runway. This can happen during takeoff of a fixed-wing aircraft if the pilot pulls up too rapidly, leading to the rear end of the fuselage touching the runway. It can also occur during landing if the pilot raises the nose too aggressively,
Tailward adjTowards the tail or in the direction in which the tail is.
Tail-water nWaters located immediately downstream from a hydraulic structure, such as a dam (excluding minimum release such as for fish water), bridge or culvert. Tail water can also refer to a type of fishery. 2. the water in a millrace, below the ?, or in a canal below the lock.
Tail-wheel nThe wheel supporting the tail of an aircraft, designed to ease ground landings.
Tail wind na wind blowing in the direction of travel of a vehicle or an aircraft.
Tait adjOE: Taetan: to gladden, cheer. 2. cheerful. lively, active, nimble.
Tait nGladness, cheer, activity, alacrity.
Take nLate Old English tacan ‘get (especially by force), capture’, from Old Norse taka ‘grasp, lay hold of’, of unknown ultimate origin. 2. the act of taking or that which is taken. 3. an uninterrupted run of of a camera and sound apparatus in recording any part of a film. 4. (slang) money collected; receipts. 5. the quantity collected at one time, as a take of salmon.
Take vbTo grab with the hands 2. to grab and move to oneself. 3. to get into one's possession. 4. to accept. 5. to gain a position by force. 6. to have sex with. 7. to carry

8. to choose. 9. to support or carry without failing or breaking. 10. to endure. 11. to ingest medicine. 12. to assume or interpret to be. 13. to consider in a particular way. 14. to last or expend (an amount of time).

Take phr"Can Take It" - able to tolerate pain, trouble etc.
Take phr"Have Taking Ways" - to be of an ingratiating disposition; reading able to make oneself liked. 2. fetching-ways, winning ways amount to the same thing.
Take phr"Have What it Takes" - have the necessary qualities etc. for success.
Take phr"Not Take It Kindly" - not appreciate, or accept warmly; resent.
Take phr"On the Take" - slang: taking bribes.
Take phr"Take Aback" - surprise (and upset or dismay).
Take phr"Take a Back Seat" - take or be given a less important position or role.
Take phr"Take a Bath" - to bathe.
Take phr"Take a Bead" - to aim at something or someone with the sights of a forearm. 2. by extension, to focus one's attention with someone or something, with the purpose to attack or confront him, her, it. 3. to thoroughly understand, appreciate someone or something.
Take phr"Take a Beating" - bring defeat, heavy criticism, loss of credit on oneself.
Take phr"Take a Bite Out of" - to reduce something by eliminating, completing, or removing part of.
Take phr"Take Aboard" - take on board a ship.
Take phr"Take a Bow" - acknowledge applause.
Take phr"Take Abroad (With)" - take to a foreign country (with one).
Take phr"Take a Break" - have a short rest or break from work etc.
Take phr"Take A Breath - to inhale and then exhale.
Take phr"Take a Breather" - have a short pause or time out from something; hiatus.
Take phr"Take Care Not to Do Something" - be careful not to do something; make certain or sure that one does not do something.
Take phr"Take a Chill Pill" - to calm down, cool down, ease up, relax.
Take phr"Take a Crack at" - try, endeavor, work at, have a go.
Take phr"Take a Dip" - to swim.
Take phr"Take a Dive" - not try to succeed; feign, fix, sham.
Take phr"Take After (somebody)" - resemble, be liken to in looks, in character to a parent, grandparent.
Take phr"Take Against" - begin to dislike, esp. impulsively.
Take phr"Take a Hand In" - become involved, intervene in an matter.
Take phr"Take a Hint" - understand and do what has been indirectly suggested.
Take phr"Take a Hold Of Oneself" - control oneself, keep calm in a difficult situation.
Take phr"Take a Knock" - suffer a disappointment or setback.
Take phr"Take a Leaf Out of Someone Book" - copy somebody else; base one's conduct on what another does. 2. plagiarize someone writings.
Take phr"Take a Leak" - urinate.
Take phr"Take a Licking" - to be beaten or thrashed severely.
Take phr"Take a Load Off One's/Someone's Mind" " - relieve of anxiety, stress etc.
Take phr"Take a Look at' - examine, look at.
Take phr"Take a Lot of Stick" - suffer a lot of (unfair) criticism, blame, punishment, exposure to physical risk.
Take phr"Take a Lot Out Of" - make somebody physically or mentally tired.
Take phr"Take a Shine to" - to have or develop a fondness for someone. 2. to be attracted to or desire someone.
Take phr"Take a Shot in the Dark" - make a guess, take a punt or guestimate; take little care or consideration as to accuracy.
Take phr"Take Aside" - engage, lead somebody away especially for a private conversation.
Take phr"Take a Spill" - have a fall or take a tumble.
Take phr"Take a Spin" - have a go at doing something.
Take phr"Take As Read" - accept without reading or discussion.
Take phr"Take a Stand (Over)" - behave in a strong, assertive over some matter or issue.
Take phr"Take a Thing Lightly" - like or be pleased with.
Take phr"Take At One's Word" - believe someone is telling the truth.
Take phr"Take a Tumble" - fall; fall down. 2. (fig) diminish sharply or suddenly in value.
Take phr"Take a Turn for the Better" - to start to improve or get better.
Take phr"Take a Turn for the Worse" - sudden and unexpectedly deteriorate in fortune and/or wellfaring
Take phr"Take Away" - to remove or carry elsewhere. 2. buy and carry away, from an eatery, restaurant or shop, cooked meals for eating at home. 3. subtract a smaller sum from a larger sum.
Take phr"Take Away From" - cause somebody to leave a place, or from a person he/she is entrusted. 2. remove something from somebody (because it is dangerous or no longer deserved). 3. make a feeling or sensation disappear.
Take phr"Take Back" - retract or withdraw a statement. 2. convey a person or thing to its/their original position. 3. cause to return a library book, etc. 4. agree to accept or receive something which one has loaned, sold. 5. take somebody back to a position from which they have been dismissed. 6. recall earlier experiences to somebody.
Take phr"Take Back One's Words" - to recant; withdraw what one had said.
Take phr"Take Before" - make somebody appear in court to explain their actions or to be punished.
Take phr"Take Below" - lead somebody from a cabin of a ship to the deck below.
Take phr"Take Breath" - pause, as from work or to consider a situation.
Take phr"Take By" - in grasping somebody, something; take hold of a particular limb, or part.
Take phr"Take by Storm" - make a vivid impression on, quickly win popular acclaim or renown, as in The new rock group took the town by storm. This usage transfers the original military meaning of the phrase, "assault in a violent attack," to more peaceful endeavors.
Take phr"Take Care" - to be wary. 2. take care of; lokk after. 3. make sure that somebody is happy and well. 4. assume responsibility for the affairs of another person.
Take phr"Take Care Of" - to cherish.
Take phr"Take Care of Oneself" - take physical and emotional care of oneself.
Take phr"Take Down" -- to drop, lift or lower down from a higher level (as a shelf). 2. to record or write down. 3. to humiliate. 4. to take or pull apart or down.
Take phr"Take Five" - to take a short break, about five minutes.
Take phr"Take Flight" - retreat, escape, flee.
Take phr"Take For" - to mistakenly assume that somebody is somebody else.
Take phr"Take For a Ride" - (slang)- to kidnap, cheat or murder someone. 2. to fool, dupe, mislead, outwit.
Take phr"Take for a Spin" - go for the ride, especially by riding or driving something. 2. test a motor vehicle.
Take phr"Take for Gospel" - believe something something unquestionably or too credulously.
Take phr"Take Fright" - become fearful or frightened.
Take phr"Take From" - diminish, reduce, weaken the effect or value of, detract from; disparage. 2. choose, extract a text for reading r study from a larger work. 3. suffer be the target of another displeasure, anger.
Take phr"Take Hard" - be greatly grieved, disappointed, inconvenienced by something.
Take phr"Take Heart" - be encouraged or heartened by. 2. to gain courage or confidence.
Take phr"Take Heed." -- To be cautious, careful. 2. pay attention to, and draw lessons from warings, threats, portents, advice etc.
Take phr"Take Hold of" - (lit) to grasp something or someone. 2. that a thought, idea, concept away (to one's home) for a meeting or conference.
Take phr"Take Home" - of wages or pay: the net wages after deductions have been made from tax, etc. 2. carry something to one's home.
Take phr"Take In" - to deceive, defraud, delude, rip someone off, swindle, gull, hoax. 2. to enclose, include, cover, receive, admit. 3. admit lodgers for payment. 4. accept work for payment to be done in one's own home. 5. read, understand, absorb, comprehend, pick up. 6. observe, take in note visually. 7. lessen in size or scope make narrower alter. 7. to fit a thinner person. 8. include, embrace. 9. visit as a part of a tour. 9. hurl in a sail.
Take phr"Take in Hand' - undertake, begin, start doing or dealing with. 2. undertake the control or reform of a person. 3. assume responsibility for someone, with the aim of training he or she.
Take phr"Take In One's Stride" - manage effortlessly or unhurriedly (leisurely) without disrupting one's normal activity or routine.
Take phr"Take Into" -invite into one's house, with offer of shelter and hospitality.
Take phr"Take It" - withstand or tolerate suffering, hardship, punishment, insult, criticism, contempt etc.
Take phr"Take It As It Comes" - accept, be willing to tolerate or welcome, somebody or something without wishing it to be different. 2. take somebody, something as one find him/her/it.
Take phr"Take It (that)" - assume that, as 'I take it that you have finished. 2. endure a hardship or difficulty in a specified way.
Take phr"Take It Away" - remove, carry away from.
Take phr"Take It Easy" - proceed gently, slowly or carefully. 2. not exert oneself. 3. relax, avoid overwork. 2. not become flustered, angered, excited etc. 4. live a period, in a relaxed or restful way.
Take phr"Take It From Here" - carry on.
Take phr"Take It From Me" - I can assure you. 2. take my word for it. 3. believe on the speaker's authority that something is true.
Take phr"Take It From the Top" - an instruction, direction to replay a scene from a film etc from the start.
Take phr"Take It Into One's Head that" - reach a conclusion or believe a suggestion that one is foolish or ill-formed.
Take phr"Take It Into One's Head to do Something" - decide to do something; form the intention to do something.
Take phr"Take It In Turns" - do in the proper order or sequence.
Take phr"Take It Kindly" - appreciate, accept warmly.
Take phr"Take It Lying Down" - to submit to insult or oppression without protest or resistance.
Take phr"Take It On/Upon Oneself" - to accept responsibility voluntary.
Take phr"Take It or Leave It" - an expression of indifference or impatient about anothers decision after making an offer. 2. accept or reject something, no other choice being allowed or possible.
Take phr"Take It Out of" - exhaust the strength of. 2. have the revenge or retribution. 3. lead somebody, or carry something, from a place. 4. withdraw, extract something, from an inner r enclosed space.
Take phr"Take It Out In" - be given goods as to the value of money which one is owed.
Take phr"Take It Out On (somebody)" - relieve one's frustration by attacking others, or directing one anger, displeasure or treating harshly others. 2. give someone a real drubbing. 3. to exact satisfaction from; get one's own back.
Take phr"Take Its Toll of" - damage, injure, reduce in number or strength.
Take phr"Take It That" - I assume that.
Take phr"Take Kindly" - be pleased or endeared to a person.
Take phr"Take Leave Of" - bid farewell to; say goodbye to.
Take phr"Take Life" - kill or murder someone.
Take phr"Take life" - acquire positive form, identity, significance, become animated. 2. interesting, come alive, come to life.
Take phr"Take Lightly" - be little disturbed or inconvenienced. 2. have a flippant or careless attitude towards.
Take phr"Take Like a Man" - take courageously, be resolute in the face of danger or misfortune.
Take phr"Take Lying Down" - to submit to harsh treatment with no or little resistance.
Take phr"Take Off" - to mimic in an amusing or satirical way, mock, ridicule, caricature. 2. remove one's clothing or an article of; remove a sheet, tablecloth. 3. amputate a limb. 4. remove from service. 5. transfer from one vehicle or vessel to another; rescue. 6. apply to leave one's work or occupation. 7. leave hurriedly to be somewhere else. 8.lose weight. 8. reduce in price, cost etc. 9. have a break or holiday. 10. no longer perform or entertain. 11. the moment an aircraft leaves the ground and is airborne. 12. the place where the feet leave the ground in jumping. 13. the manner in which a swimmer, runner starts a race. 14. suddenly improve, succeed, begin to show a profit. 15. detach, remove, especially something fastened to a surface or edge.
Take phr"Take Off Somebody's Hands" - remove the expense and responsibility of looking after somebody or someone.
Take phr"Take Off to" - accompany, way from one place to another.
Take phr"Take On" - to hire, employ. 2. take on board a ship, aircraft, vehicle or vessel; take aboard. 3. employ, give work to; enroll as a student. 4, to undertake to deal with, perform, assume a burden or responsibility. 5. change one's appearance, looks. persona. 6. contest or take on an opponent. 7. colloquially, to be very upset, exhibit violent emotion, or be considerably affected by , as 'Don't (or I'm going to) take so-and-so on..
Take phr"Take On Board" - take on board a ship, aircraft, vehicle or vessel; take aboard. 2. assume a burden or responsibility
Take phr"Take One Back" - cause one to remember.
Take phr"Take One Look At" - do no more than look at somebody/something for an immediate rssult.
Take phr"Take One's Breath Away" - surprise, startle.
Take phr"Take Oneself Off" - go away; leave, remove oneself (often with the suggestion that one is no longer needed, or is in the way).
Take phr"Take One's Eyes Off" - stop looking at (television, football match, a young child and its whereabouts.
Take phr"Take One's Hat Off to" - admire, express approval, admiration for, by literally (figuratively) taking one's hat off.
Take phr"Take One's Leave Of" - say goodbye to; farewell.
Take phr"Take One's Life in One's Hands" - take a serious risk of being killed.
Take phr"Take One's Mind/Thoughts Off" - distract or help one not to think about something worrying or distressing.
Take phr"Take One's Own Life" - commit suicide; kill oneself.
Take phr"Take One's Time Over" - not hurry; do something at the (slow) rate one prefers.
Take phr"Take(s) One to Know One" - of a person making the criticism who has similar flaws, faults or weakness to the person he is criticizing.
Take phr"Take On" (at) - accept as an opponent in a sporting contest.
Take phr"Take On(so)" - express strong feelings, esp.of sorrow or displeasure.
Take phr"Take On the Chin" - suffer a severe blow from a misfortune, etc. 2. receive a blow in a sensitive and vulnerable place (lit or fig).
Take phr"Take Out" - succeed to the management or ownership of. 2. accompany another or others somewhere for recreation. 3. extract, remove. 4. to obtain, by payment from a proper authority, a document that will ensure some kind of service in the future. 5. buy from a restaurant or eatery food to be taken away and eaten at home. 6. destroy, render harmless.
Take phr"Take Out Of" - deduct a sum of money owed, a debt incurred etc. from a particular source.
Take phr"Take Out Of Somebody's Hands" - remove from the responsibility for dealing with something.
Take phr"Take Out On" - make somebody the scaprgoat for something one has done or suffered. 2. work off against.
Take phr"Take Over" - assume control, management, ownership or possession of. 2. assume the direction or control of something, instead of someone else. 3. spend a certain amount or length of time dong something. 4. conduct, carry , convey something , to a place in another part of a city, country, region etc.
Take phr"Take Pride in" - be proud of, draw satisfaction from.
Take phr"Take Root" - begin to grow and draw nourishment from the soil. 2. become fixed or established; grow permanently.
Take phr"Take Shape" - assume a distinct form. 2. develop into something definite. 3. be given,a recognizable or ordered form.
Take phr"Take Sick" - become ill, especially suddenly.
Take phr"Take Sides" - take one or other causes. 2. favor, support one side in a fight or dispute.
Take phr"Take Silk" - become a Queen's, King's, or Senior Counsel.
Take phr"Take Sitting Down" - accept something unpleasant, unfortunate, or unjust without resistance, argument, or action. (Usually used in the negative to express the opposite.) I just found out my wife has been cheating on me for the last year, and I'm not about to take it sitting down!
Take phr"Take Some Beating" - be difficult to improve on (something specified).
Take phr"Take Somebody's Word for" - regard what another has said as trustworthy.
Take phr"Take Somebody for Somebody Else" - mistake one person for another.
Take phr"Take Somebody In" -cheat, deceive.
Take phr"Take Somebody Off" - imitate somebody.
Take phr"Take Somebody Out Of Their Self" - make somebody forget their worries and/or anxiety.
Take phr"Take Somebody's Word for" - accept on somebody's authority that something is true. 2. take at one's word.
Take phr"Take Somebody to One's Heart" - accept somebody lovingly
Take phr"Take Somebody Up On Something" - accept an offer.
Take phr"Take Some Doing" - difficult to perform or accomplish.
Take phr"Take Something as Read" - assume something to be true.
Take phr"Take Steps to" - take action.
Take phr"Take Something/Leave Something" - especially consume or do without something. 2. with indifference or equanimity.
Take phr"Take Something/Somebody to be Something" - understand, deduce that something/somebody is as named or described.
Take phr"Take Stock" - make an inventory of one's stock. 2. make a review or estimate of a situation. 3. to estimate probability, position etc.
Take phr"Take That!" - an exclamation accompanying a blow etc.
Take phr"Take the Bit Between the Teeth" - settle to a hard task in a determined way.
Take phr"Take the Bull by the Horns" - handle a difficult, or dangerous, situation by facing it boldly and directly.
Take phr"Take the Easy Way out" - escape a difficult situation by a simple, painless course.
Take phr"Take the Edge Of" - make less severe, stringent. 2.. blunt lessen the sharpness of, or force of.
Take phr"Take the Fall" - incur blame or punishment in the place of another person.
Take phr"Take the Field" - to begin a campaign or game.
Take phr"Take the Fifth" - in the US) exercise the right, guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution, of refusing to answer questions in order to avoid incriminating oneself.
Take phr"Take the Floor" - stand up or rise to speak at a meeting. 2. get up to dance
Take phr"Take the Heat Off" - one who reduces the amount of criticism another has to deal with, by taking the blame, consequences or anger.
Take phr"Take the Hint" - act or act on what someone is implying or suggesting.
Take phr"Take the King's/Queen Shilling" - enlist as a regular in one of the armed forces.
Take phr"Take the Law Into One's Own Hands" - act as law enforcement officer became one believes that law authorities are too slow or ineffective.
Take phr"Take the Lead" - become the leader. 2. advance to the first place.
Take phr"Take the Rise Out of" - make fun of somebody, with the aim of irritating him, her.
Take phr"Take the Rough with the Smooth" - accept adversity along with the good fortune.
Take phr"Take the Stand" - be a witness in a court case.
Take phr"Take The Sting Out Of" - make something more pleasurable or bearable.
Take phr"Take the Weight Off One's Feet" - sit down and relax after tiring exercise or work.
Take phr"Take the Wheel" - become the driver of a vehicle.
Take phr"Take the Wind Out of Somebody's Sails" - disturb somebody's balance or self-confidence. 2. humble an over-confident or pompous person.
Take phr"Take Things as They Come" - accept and deal with events as they occur, with a composed state of mind.
Take phr"Take Through" - read something to somebody, repeat it to her or him, so that its accuracy can be checked. 2. rehearse with another a play, film, etc.
Take phr"Take Time" - go as slow as one wants or needs. 2. use as much time as required. 3. to act slowly and at one's leisure. 3. take one's time.
Take phr"Take to" - begin or fall into the habit or past-time of drinking, etc. 2. become addicted to; come to like something; or adopt something habitually. 3. have recourse to. 4. adapt to. 5. pursue a study or sport. 6. be fond of; attracted to, form a liking to somebody. 7. come to like something; or adopt something habitually. 8. go away to a place; especially to escape from an an enemy.
Take phr"Take To Bits" - reduce something, (usually a machine) to the parts which it is made up of.
Take phr"Take to Heart" - be deeply or greatly affected by one's feelings by something.
Take phr"Take to One's Bed" - go to bed especially to recover from an illness.
Take phr"Take to One's Bosom" - (fig. jocular) embrace, draw affectionately to oneself.
Take phr"Take to One's Heart" - give a warm, enthusiastic reception to, show affection for.
Take phr"Take to One's Heels" - run away; flee.
Take phr"Take to the Cleaners" - defraud or rob a person of their money. 2. criticize severely.
Take phr"Take to the Hills" - flee to higher grounds. 2. head for the hills.
Take phr"Take to the Streets" - tell everybody about your problems.
Take phr"Take Turns (With)" - share a task; work turn in turn about.
Take phr"Take Under One's Wings" - behave or act protectively towards somebody. 2. act as a patron or mentor.
Take phr"Take Up" - to raise, pick up or lift. 2. absorb, soak up 3. make smaller or less; shorten or tighten 2. to pay as a mortgage or note. 4. to accept as stipulated. 5. to begin or begin again or resume a story interrupted or left unfinished by someone else; take up or begin as a job, resume. 5. raise mention a topic in order to consider or discuss it. 5. add one's voice or support to. 6. adopt as a protege, patronize. to reprove or criticize. 6. to occupy, engage, or consume, as space or time. 7. inquire an interest or devotion; pursue a hobby, past-time, study or sport. gather onto itself, by winding, a long thread of ribbon.
Take phr"Take Up Arms" - to fight, battle, wage war or rebellion. 2. champion a cause.
Take phr"Take Up House" - move into a property.
Take phr"Take Up On" - get to prove or confirm something which is claimed or proffered.
Take phr"Take Upon Oneself" - accept, take responsibility for, perhaps without warrant. 2. to assume control.
Take phr"Take Up With" - begin or commence to associate with; become friendly or make friends with. 2. begin to keep company with somebody or a group that perhaps one should avoid. 3. raise a matter for critical comment with the person most responsible or involved.
Take phr"Take Wing" - rise to flight. 2. (fig) become active. lively, active, interesting. 3. move on; away, disappear.
Take phr"Take Wings" - of a bird, insect or other creatures: to fly away.
Take phr"Taken With" - find somebody/something attractive.
Take phr"Take Years Off" - make somebody appear younger.
Take phr"What Do You Take Me for" - the speaker is asking rhetorically, whether another person supposes that he/she is foolish, deceptive, a liar, etc
Take phr"Won't Take No for an Answer" - not allow someone to refuse what you have offered.
Take phr"You Can Take a Horse to Water, But You Can't Make Him Drink" - giving somebody the opportunity is useless if he /she is not willing.
Take phr"You Can't Take it With You" - make use of your resources, material or financial, while you are alive because you can't take it to the grave.
Take phr"You Must Take Us As You Find Them" - said to an unexpected visitor, before whose arrival you have not had time to make preparations.
Take-away nA shop that cooks and sells food that is taken away and eaten elsewhere. 2. food that is bought at a take-away shop and eaten elsewhere; sometimes referred to as "take-out"
Take-down nA article able to be easily taken apart or down; as take-down home. 2. humiliation.
Take-in nA deception, fraud, swindle, cheating.
Taken adjInfatuated; fond of or attracted to. 2. (informal) In a serious romantic relationship.
Take-off nThe act of becoming airborne. 2. an act of mimicking or satire. 3. a place from which one jumps. 4. a sudden increase in something.
Takeout nTakeaway food.
Take-over nThe act of attempting or succeeding in gaining a control interest in a business, club or other things. 2. an assumption of control (esp. of a business) the buying-out of one company by another.
Take-over bid nA favorable offer to the shareholders of a company to another company which wishes to secure control of it.
Taker nA person who takes a bet. 2. an person who accepts an offer.
Take-up nAn acceptance of something offered. 2. the act of tightening or taking up.
Taking nTouching, touch. 2. a seizure or attack of a disease.
Taking nTouch--- Old meaning. ?? 2. amount of money taken in a business.
Taking adjAttractive, fascinating or captivating. 2. catching, contagious or infectious. 3. the thing or things taken; in fishing a catch, a haul; in plural receipts, as of money.
Takingly advIn an attractive, fascinating or captivating.
Takingness nThe quality of being attractive to others.
Tale nA message that tells the particulars of an act or occurrence or course of events; presented in writing or drama or cinema or as a radio or television program: narrative, narration, story. 2. a trivial lie; : fib, story. 3. that which is told; an oral relation or recital; any rehearsal of what has occurred; narrative; discourse; statement; history; story. 4. anecdote; story; fable; incident; memoir; relation; account; legend; narrative. 5. be-all and end-all, falsehood, ghost story, gossip, gossip-mongering, half-truth, history, idle talk, lie, little white lie, mendacity, myth, narration, newsmongering, reckoning, slight stretching, tale-bearing, tale-telling, talk, tall tale, tattle, tell, the bottom line, the whole story, untruth, white lie, yarn.
Tale nOld English talu ‘telling, something told’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch taal ‘speech’ and German Zahl ‘number’, also to tell. A number told or counted off; a reckoning by count; an enumeration; a count, in distinction from measure or weight; a number reckoned or stated. 2. in law:a count or declaration. (Obs)
Tale vbTo tell stories. (Obs.)
Tale phr"Dead Men Tell No Tales" - one cannot be incriminated by somebody who is dead.
Tale phr"Live to Tell the Tale" - survive.
Tale phr"Old Wives Tale" - Legendary lore, or stories usually involving the marvellous, and only accepted by the credulous. 2. far-fetched stories.
Tale phr"Tell Its Own Tale" - be self-evident.
Tale phr"Tell Tales" - act of spreading malicious reports. 2. inform on; reveal confidences or confidential matters about somebody.
Tale phr"Tell Tales Out of School" - to reveal confidential information. 2. indulge in gossip.
Tale phr"Thereby Hangs a Tale" - the story could go on further.
Tale-bear vbTo officiously or maliciously carry or repeat private matters for gratify malice or idle curiosity.
Tale-bearer nOne who officiously or maliciously carries or repeats private matters for gratify malice or idle curiosity.
Tale-bearing nThe act of officiously or maliciously carrying or repeating private matters for gratify malice or idle curiosity.
Tale-book nA storybook.
Taleful adjFull of tales, making a short story long; talkative. 2. having a fund of stories.
Tale-gathering nThe collecting of fairy or folk tales.
Tale-ish adjOf the nature of a tale; fabulous.
Tale-maker nOne who writes folk tales.
Tale-monger nA rumor-monger; fable monger,or tale-teller.
Tale-spinning nThe telling of a story , esp. using a lot of imagination and fantasy.
Tale-teller nA narrator, teller of stories. 2. tell-tale, tale-bearer. 3. teller of made-up stories, with the object to deceive or mislead.
Talewise advGiven to tales or talking. 2. addicted to gossip, loquacious, garrulous, blabbery.
Tale-writer nThe writer of folktales
Talk nC13th, talken, probably related to Middle English tale "story," and ultimately from the same source as tale, with rare English formative -k (compare hark from hear, stalk from steal, smirk from smile) and replacing that word as a verb. East Frisian has "to talk, chatter, whisper." No record found in OE.
Talk vbTo communicate, usually by means of speech. quotations 2. (informal) to discuss. 3. to confess, especially 4. to criticize someone for something of which one is guilty oneself. 5. to gossip; to create scandal. 6. (informal, to influence someone to express something, especially a particular stance or viewpoint or in a particular manner.
Talk phr"Do the Talking" - be spokesman for.
Talk phr"Idle Talk" - gossip, useless information.
Talk phr"Know What One Is Talking Of" - be expert in; knowledgeable.
Talk phr"Make Small Talk" - have a trivial, but polite conversation.
Talk phr"Now You're Talking!" - I like what you say, suggest. 2. what you are saying is now really relevant.
Talk phr"Sweet Talk Someone" - flatter somebody (for gain).
Talk phr"Talk Against a Time" - to keep on talking to fill up time.
Talk phr"Talk Away" - consume time in talking. 2. carry on defiantly.
Talk phr"Talk a Blue Streak" - to talk ery much and ery rapidly.
Talk phr"Talk at" - make subtle innuendoes.
Talk phr"Talk Back" - reply defiantly or in an impolite or rude way. 2. respond on a two-way communication system.
Talk phr"Talk Down to" - speak condescendingly or patronizingly. 2. talk to somebody as if he or she is less intelligent or important. 3. talk with an air of superiority.
Talk phr"Talking Of" - now that the subject has arisen. 2. while we are on the subject of (said when one is reminded of the present topic of conversation).
Talk phr"Talk Is Cheap" - it is easier to say what you want to do, than actually do it. (said in response to someone who you do not believe will keep the promise).
Talk phr"Talk Of" - to discuss; bring to memory.
Talk phr"Talk of the Devil" - here is the person, unexpectedly arriving, we were just mentioning or discussing.
Talk phr"Talk of the Town" - something that everybody is, usually ephemerally, discussing, talking about, or debating.
Talk phr"Talk One's Way Out Of" - make excuses and give reasons for not doing something. 2. manage to talk oneself out of a difficult situation.
Talk phr"Talk Out" - block the course of legislation by filibuster or prolonging discussion in parliament.
Talk phr"Talk Out of" - persuade, dissuade somebody.
Talk phr"Talk Out of Turn" - not talk in the proper or appropriate order of conversation.
Talk phr"Talk Over" - discuss something at length.
Talk phr"Talk Over Someone's Head" - discuss a matter with someone who fails to understand its complexity.
Talk phr"Talk Shop" - talk tediously or inopportunely about one's work, trade, occupation, business etc.
Talk phr"Talk Someone's Ear Off" - to talk to someone endlessly. 2. to born someone with too much talking.
Talk phr"Talk Tall" - boast.
Talk phr"Talk the Talk" - to speak boastfully about something (indicates that one is being boastful or to express doubt that one can carry out what they have claimed they can)
Talk phr"Talk Through" - discuss thoroughly.
Talk phr"Talk Through One's Hat" - exaggerate, blow out of proportion. 2. bluff. 3. talk wildly or nonsensically.
Talk phr"Talk through (the back of) One's Neck" - tlk nonsense or foolishly.
Talk phr"Talk to" - to scold, address.
Talk phr"Talk Under the Table" - talk esp. tediously or inopportunely.
Talk phr"Talk Up" - discuss a subject in order to create interest in. 2. praise, to adertise in flattering terms.
Talk phr"You Can't Talk" - reproof that the person addressed is just as culpable etc in the matter or issue. 2. you are not in a position to criticize.
Talk-back nA system of two-way communication by loudspeaker. 2. radio program which allows conversation and discussion between the host and callers.
Talk board nAn on-line forum or chat room.
Talker nOne who talks frequently.
Talkful adjTalkative, garrulous.
Talkie nA film with soundtrack as distinct from a silent movie.
Talk-in nA gathering or meeting for discussion; a conference. 2. a form of political protest (esp. by student) at which the matter at issue is discussed. 3. a radio or TV. program, esp. a live one, in which the audience may take part.
Talkiness nA habit or inclination to talk too much.
Talking ncapable of speaking.
Talking-book na recorded reading of a book , especially for the blind.
Talking-craft nThe skill or art of speech.
Talking-film nTalkie; a film with a sound track.
Talking-head nA presenter, especially, on television, speaking to a camera and viewed in close up. 2. a television studio program consisting of an address, talk, dialogue, interview, discussion, debate etc straightforwardly presented by one or more people.
Talkingly advTalk in a garrulous manner.
Talking shop nDerogatorily, an institution regarded as a place of argument rather than action.
Talking-to nReproof or reprimand, as 'he gave them a good talking-to.'
Talkish adjRather or inclined to talk too much.
Talk-out nThe talking out of a bill in parliament, usu lengthy, a filibuster.
Talks nCommunication by spoken words; conversation or discussion. 2. formal discussions or negotiations over a period, peace talks.
Talk-shop nA centre for idle and non-constructive chatter, usu. derogatory, applied to Parliament.
Talk-show nA chat show.
Talk-stuff nmatter for conversation.
Talk-time nA time set aside, and structured to allow one to converse, especially with their partner.
Talky adjInclined to or abounding in talk and chatter. 2. loquacious, garrulous, verbose. 2. of a book, film, play: long-winded, loquacious, tedious.
Talky-talk nTrivial and meaningless talk: "talk for talk's sake."
Tall adjOE getael; swift, prompt, quick. High in stature; lofty; of a specific height, as 'he is five feet tall.' 3. excessive, exaggerated, boastful, inordinate. 3. proud, handsomely, arrogantly. 4. (first known meaning): swift, quick, prompt. 5. brave, sturdy, spirited.
Tall phr"From Tall Oaks Little Acorns Grow" - every major enterprise had a small beginning.
Tall phr"Tall, Dark and Handsome" - a certain ideal type of male beauty.
Tall phr"Tall Drink of Water" - an extremely tall and thin person.
Tall phr"Tall In the Saddle" - to ride in an erect, imposing manner. 2. to act or conduct oneself in a manner that is imposing, imperious, resolute, or manly.
Tall phr"Tall Talk" - unbelievable, remarkable claims in conversation.
Tall phr"Walk Tall" - to bear oneself proudly, handsomely
Tall hat nTop-hat.
Tallish adjMore than the average height; somewhat or rather tall. 2. ready, active. 3. swift, prompt (OE getæl).
Tallness nHaving a relatiely great height.
Tallship nA sailing ship with a high mast or masts.
Tall tale nAn account of happenings that is seemingly improbable, thhat is either an invention or exaggeration of facts.
Tame vbTo domesticate an wild animal. 2. domesticate, break, train, master, subdue, subjugate, bring to heel, enslave
Tame adj(Of an animal) not dangerous or frightened of people; domesticated, domesticated, domestic, not wild, docile, tamed, disciplined, broken, broken-in, trained, not fierce, gentle, mild, used to humans. 2. of a pet: house-trained; housebroken. 3. (of a person) willing to cooperate, docile, submissive, compliant, meek, obedient, tractable, acquiescent, amenable, manageable, unresisting, passive, mild, subdued, under someone's control/thumb, suppressed, unassertive, ineffectual 4. amenable, biddable, cooperative, available, willing . 5. (derogatory) not exciting, adventurous, or controversial; unexciting, uninteresting, uninspired, uninspiring, dull, bland, flat, insipid, spiritless, pedestrian, vapid, lifeless, dead, colorless, run-of-the-mill, mediocre, ordinary, prosaic, humdrum, boring, tedious, tiresome, wearisome; harmless, safe, unobjectionable, inoffensive, mainstream; wishy-washy. 6. (of a plant) produced by cultivation; (of land) cultivated.
Tamehede adjCapable of being tame.
TamelessadjThat has not been tamed; wild, untameable.
Tamelessness nThe state or condition of not being tamed.
Tameliness nState or condition of being tamed,
Tamely advSubmissively, tractably, quickly, passively, without resistance. 2. without spirit or acrimony; in a tame manner. 3. without bold features
Tameness nThe quality or condition of being tame in any sense. 2, domesticated, absence of wildness. 3. lack of spirit, courage, animation or variety, common place.
Taming-stick nKind of yoke for newly captured slaves.
Tan nLate Old English tannian ‘convert into leather’, probably from medieval Latin tannare, perhaps of Celtic origin; reinforced in Middle English by Old French tanner. A brown skin color resulting from exposure of ultra violet rays. 2. a yellowish-brown color. 3. bark especially of oak, bruised and used to tan hides. 4. (in full spent tan) tan from which tannic acid has been extracted, used for covering roads.
Tan vbMake or become brown skin color resulting from exposure of ultra violet rays. 2. convert raw hide into leather by soaking in a liquid containing tannic acid or by use of mineral salts etc. 3. slang: beat, thrash.
Tan adjOf a yellow-brown color.
Tanner nOne who tans hides.
Tanning nThe condition or state of acquiring brown skin color from exposure of ultra violet rays. 2. the art or process of converting raw hide into leather by soaking in a liquid containing tannic acid or by use of mineral salts etc
Tannish adjSomewhat brown of skin color. 2. resembling tanned leather.
Tanpit na vat in which hides are steeped in the process of tanning.
Tan-yard nA tannery.
Tap nA peg for the vent hole of a cask. 2. plug, stopper, peg. 3. the act of tapping a telephone call. 4. a device used for tapping a telephone call.
Tap vbTo provide a cask with a tap. 2. let out a liquid by means of a tap. 2. draw sap from a tree by cutting into it. 3. extract or obtain ; discover and exploit. 4. connect a listening device to a telephone.
Tap phr"On Tap" - ready to be drawn off by a tap. 2. ready for immediate use; freely available.
Tap phr"Tap Off" - draw liquid through from a csk etc through a tap.
Tap phr"Turn Off the Tap" - to deny further access to supplies or information.
Tapless adjWithout or lacking a tap.
Tape nOld English tæppa, tæppe; perhaps related to Middle Low German teppen ‘pluck, tear’.
Tape phr"Breast the Tape" - win a running race.
Tape phr"Got One/Something Taped" - have a good knowledge of the nature of something or someone.
Tape phr"Tape Off" - to cordon, separate from the surroundings using tapes or similar materials.
Tape phr"Tape Out" - Of a piece of land, to measure out so as to be able to accurately fire upon it.
Tape phr"Tape Up" - to repair using tape.
Tapeless adjWithout or lacking tape.
Tapelike adjResembling or characteristic of a tape in some aspect.
Tapeline nA tape-measure.
Taper nOE - not in cognate languages. 2. a wax candle, used for devotional purposes. 3. candle, wick of a tapering. 4. something that gives light or burning. 5. modern meaning: something that gives a feeble light.
Taper nA spire or slender pyramid. 2. something which tapers to a point. 3. gradual diminution in thickness.
Taper phr"Taper off" - allow, or cause, to grow less intense, active, productive etc. 2. tail off. 3. become, make, narrower at one end.
Tapered adjGradually diminishing in thickness or intensity. 2. becoming pointed or thinner.
Tapering adjHaving a tapered shape.
Taperingly advIn a tapering manner or way.
Taperlike adjResembling or characteristic of a taper.
Taperness nThe condition or being tapered or tapering.
Taperwise advIn the manner of a taperwise, with gradual diminution of thickness.
Taperwort nVerbascum thrapsis: mullein.
Tapet nA piece of cloth, used as a hanging table cover, or drape; a carpet.
Tapet vbTo adorn with tapestry.
Tapeworm nA parasitic flatworm.
Tap-house nAn alehouse, tap room of an inn.
Tapless adjWithout or lacking a tap.
Taproom nA room in which alcoholic drinks (especially beer) are available on tap.
Taproot nA straight tapering root growing vertically downwards to form the centre from which subsidiary rootlets spring.
Tapster nA bar attendant, who drew ale or other liquor in an inn.
Tapwater nWater from a piped supply.
Tapwort nThe dregs of ale or beer.
Tar nA black, oily, sticky, viscous substance, consisting mainly of hydrocarbons derived from organic materials such as wood, peat, or coal. 2. (slang, dated) a sailor, because of their tarpaulin clothes. 3. (slang) black tar, a form of heroin.
Tar vbTo smear with tar and feather.
Tar vbTo irritate, vex, provoke, to incite, hound on. 2. to weary, fatigue.
Tar phr"Tar and Feather" - smear with tar and then cover with feathers as a punishment.
Tarlike adjSimilar or resembling tar.
Tar-pit nA pit of tar
Tarring nThe act or process of covering with tar.
Tarse nThe penis; pintel, pintle.
Tart adjOE: Of pain, punishment, suffering, discipline: sharp, severe, grievous, hurting. 2. of taste: biting, pungent, sour, acidic. 3. of words, speech, speaking: sharp in tone or tendency, biting, cutting, acrimonious, caustic. 4. point of a weapon:sharp.
Tart-tongued adjBiting, caustic, sarcastic.
Tartly advIn a tart manner: sharply, with acidity. 2. sourness of look, mood.
Tartness nSeverity of painfulness. 2. sharpness, pungency, acidity of taste. 3. acerbity, pungency, acrimony.
Tar-water nA mixture of tar and water used for medicinal purpose.
Tarweed nAny number of American plants of the daisy family with sticky leaves and a heavy scent.
Tary vbTo provoke, vex, worry, harass. weary, tire, fatigue.
Taryingness nProvocation, tarry. 2. frivolous, idle-chatter.
Tatter-monger nAn idle and malicious chatter or talker; a talk-monger. 2. ON cognate with Old English tættec, tætteca "rag, 'tatter' - a rag & bone man.
Tatty adjOE: tættec: rag, tatter. 2. of hair: tangled, matted. 3. of an animal skin: shaggy, often matted. 4. of a person, animal: scruffy, untidy, disreputable. 5. of a place, building: dilapidated, neglected.
Tattiness nThe state or condition of being tatty.
Tattily advIn a tatty manner.
Taum nOE: taum, team. 2. a fishing-line, strings other kinds.
Taut adjOE teon : pull; tight of a rope, muscles etc. 2. of nerves : tense, not slack. 3. of a ship: in good order or condition.
Tauten vbTo be tight; tense; in good order or condition.
Tautly advIn a tight or tense manner.
Tautness nThe state or quality of being taut.
Tavel nOE: tæfl. 2. a dice used in a game of chance.
Taw vbOE: tawian. 2. to make ready, prepare, or dress (with some material) for use or further manipulating or processing; i.e. to soften by heating; to heckle hemp. 3. to make skins into leather (mostly white leather), usu. by steeping them in solution of alum and salt. 4. to treat a person or contumely. 5. to vex, torment, afflict, harass. 6. abuse, discharge, profane. 7. whip, flog, birch, thrash. 8. earlier meaning: to till the land.
Taw phr"Get down to Taw" - get down to the aspects which really mattter.
Tawer nOne who prepares leather.
Tawing nVarious action or acts in preparing leather. 2. vexing, tormenting, harassing, afflicting. 3. whipping, birching, flogging.
Tawne vbTo show, manifest, exhibit. 2. to tame, subdue, soften.
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