Old EnglishnEnglish
Trap nDevice or contrivance in which something (usually an animal) can be caught and penned.

2. drain consisting of a U-shaped section of drainpipe that holds liquid and so prevents a return flow of sewer gas. 3. something (often something deceptively attractive) that catches you unawares, snare. 4. a device to hurl clay pigeons into the air for trapshooters. 5. the act of concealing yourself and lying in wait to attack by surprise, ambush, ambuscade, lying in wait. 6. informal terms for the mouth, hole, maw, yap, gob. 7. a hazard on a golf course, bunker. 7. (slang) the mouth; a policeman.

Trap vbTo place in a confining or embarrassing position; pin down. 2. catch in or as if in a trap; to set traps for animals entrap, snare, ensnare, trammel (also fig.. 3. hold or catch as if in a trap. 4: to hold fast or prevent from moving; pin, immobilize.
Trap phr"A Death Trap" - place in which one is in danger of being seriously injured or killed.
Trap phr"Shut One's Trap" - (slang) : stop talking, shut up.
Trap phr"A Trap for Young Players" - a good opportunity for the inexperienced or naive to make mistakes.
Trap phr"Walk Into a Trap" - to be tricked into doing something
Trap crop nA crop planted to attract insect pests from another crop, especially one in which the pests fail to survive or reproduce.
Trap-door nA door, either sliding or moving on hinges, and flush with a surface, in a floor, roof or ceiling in the stage of a theatre. 2. a door in a level for directing the ventilating, a weather door.
Trap-door spider nOne of a group of large spiders, which makes a nest in the shape of a tube with a hinged lid which opens and shuts like a trap.
Trap-fall nA trap door yielding under pressure of feet.
Trapless adjWithout a trap holding area in a pipe or pump.
Traplike adjResembling a trap.
Trap line nThe ensnaring filament in a spider's web. 2. a series of traps set out at approximately equal distance.
Trap-maker nA maker of traps.
Trap-making nAn instance of ensnaring something or someone.
Trap net nA fishing net having a funnel -shaped entrance into an oblong net pen from which exit is impossible.
Trapper nOne who traps animals. 2. one who makes a business of trapping animals for their furs. 3. a boy who opens and shuts trapdoors in a gallery or level. 4. ornamental covering for a horse.
Trappiness nThe state of being trappy or tricky.
Trappings nClothes or equipment, that which gives the appearances of something.
Traprock nA form of igneous rock that tends to polygonal vertical fractures.
Trap-shooter nA participant in the sport of trap shooting.
Trap-shooting nA sport similar to skeet of shooting at a thrown object with a shotgun.
Trap-stair nA stair leading to a trapdoor in the roof.
Trapstick nA stick used in playing the game of trap ball. 2. fig. a slender leg.
Traps nShelter and belongings. 2. percussion instruments, such as cymbals and drums.
Trap street nA fictitious or inaccurately represented street on a map, inserted as a means of detecting plagiarism.
Tray nPain, affliction, trouble, grief, vexation.
Tray nFlat, shallow container or receptacle made of wood, metal, etc., usually with slightly raised edges, used for carrying, holding, or displaying articles of food, glass, china, etc. 2. a removable receptacle of this shape in a cabinet, box, trunk, or the like, sometimes forming a drawer. 3. a tray and its contents: to order a breakfast tray from room service.
Tray vbTo pain, grieve, trouble, vex, afflict.
Trayful adjAs much as a tray can hold.
Trayless adjWithout a tray.
Tray-like adjResembling or characteristic of a tray.
Tray-monger nA maker or trader of trays.
Tread nA step in walking or running [syn: pace, stride. 2. the grooved surface of a pneumatic tire. 3. the part (as of a wheel or shoe) that makes contact with the

ground. 4. structural member consisting of the horizontal part of a stair or step. 5. way; track; path. 6. the act of copulation in birds. 7. (Mach.) the part of a wheel that bears upon the road or rail. 8. The part of a rail upon which car wheels bear. 9. the chalaza of a bird's egg; the treadle. 10. bruise or abrasion produced on the ankle of a horse that interferes.

Tread vbPut down or press the foot, place or set the foot down; step or walk on. 2. to walk or go; especially, to walk with a stately or a cautious step; tread or stomp heavily or roughly; trample; to set the foot on in contempt or hatred. 3. crush as if by treading on. 4. to beat, crush or press with the feet; as, to tread a path; to tread land when too light; a well-trodden path. 5. To go through or accomplish by walking, dancing, or the like. 6. to press out with the feet; to press out, as wine or wheat; as, to tread out grain with cattle or horses. 7. to tread the stage, to act as a stage-player; to perform a part in a drama.
Tread phr"As Ever Trod Shoe-leather" (idiomatic, archaic) - as ever existed or lived. Treading shoe leather refers to walking, in the sense of walking on this earth.
Tread phr"Tread Down" - flatten or crush something by putting one's feet on it.
Tread phr"Tread Lightly" - to proceed carefully; especially to seek to avoid causing offense.
Tread phr"Tread the Boards" - an actor working or appearing on stage.
Tread phr"Tread the Earth" - to be alive, live.
Tread phr"Tread On" - put one's foot, or feet, down onsomething (so as to move spoil or damage).
Tread phr"Tread On Egg shells" - proceed with great caution.
Tread phr"Tread One's Shoes Awry." - to fall from chastity.
Tread phr"Tread On Someone's Neck" - to oppress or tyrannize over a person.
Tread phr"Tread On Someone's Toes" - offend a person or encroach on the privileges of another.
Tread phr"Tread On Thin Ice" - take unnecessary risks.
Tread phr"Tread the Ground." - to walk.
Tread phr"Tread the Thin Line" - cautiously take action in circumstances where either too much or too little will cause difficulties.
Tread phr"Tread Under Foot" - to trample, subdue, overwhelm, oppress ruthlessly.
Tread phr"Tread Upon One's Heels" - in close pursuit; closely following.
Tread phr"Tread Water" - to stay or keep oneself afloat, (fig & lit.) 2. to stay afloat in the water without the use of any buoyancy aid, by using kicking motions ad hand motions. 3. to make no progress, expending just enough effort to maintain a stable position.
Treadboard nA board to take a person's wit. 2. a tread of a staircase.
Treader nOne who or that which treads.
Treading nThe treadle.
Treadle nA step or stair. 2. a lever that produces rotary motion. 3. a bicycle pedal.
Treadle vbTo move one's foot or make one's way by pedaling, walking on a lever or operating a lever. 2. to operate a machine by working a treadle.
Treadless adjOf boots without soles. 2. tyres without treads.
Treadlightly adjPreceding carefully; especially, to avoid causing offence.
Treadling nThe act of operating a treadle.
Treadmill nA horizontal cylinder made to revolve by the weight of persons treading on boards as equidistant steps around its periphery. formerly in use in prisons as a instrument of discipline. 2. a kind of mental treadmill, where you are potentially climbing, but never rise an inch. 3. monotonous routine work.
Treadmill phr"Be On a Treadmill" - to be involved in an unpleasant ongoing activity which cannot be stopped.
Tread-miller nFig. one who has or follows a dull and arduous working life.
Tread-milling nThe action of persons treading on boards as equidistant steps around its periphery. formerly in use in prisons as a instrument of discipline.
Tread-softly nThe Carolina horse nettle; the splurge nettle.
Treadway nThe roadway on certain types of business.
Tread-wheel nA wheel rotated by the treading of animals or person to give motion to machinery to raise water etc.
Treddle nA diminuitive of turd: sheep or goats excrement or dung.
Tree nA stick, esp. staff or cudgel. 2. the cross or holy-rood. 3. gallows. 4. various wooden structures; poet. applied to a ship. 5. a wooden horse, such as that one of Troy. 6. a wooden vessel, cask. 7. the framework of a saddle. 8. a block upon which a shoe is shaped. 9. a structure or figure. natural or artificial of branched form. 9. a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown. 10. a figure that branches from a single root; genealogical tree, tree diagram. 11. something constructed in the form of, or considered as resembling, a tree, consisting of a stem, or stock, and branches; as, a genealogical tree. 12. piece of timber, or something commonly made of timber; -- used in composition, as in axletree, boot-tree, whiffletree, and the like. 13. wood; timber. (Obs). 14. mass of crystals, aggregated in arboresence forms, obtained by precipitation of a metal from solution; a lead tree.
Tree vbForce a person or an animal into a position from which he cannot escape, corner. 2. chase an animal up a tree; "many dog like to tree possums". 3. stretch (a shoe) on a shoetree. 4. plant or cover with tree.
Tree phr"A Tree Must Be Bent While It Is Young" - you can't teach an old dog new tricks.
Tree phr"At the Top of the Tree." - one who or that which occupies the top or chief position in one's profession etc. 2. in the highest position.
Tree phr"Bark Up the Wrong Tree" - informal , be pursuing a mistaken or misguided line of thought or course of action. 2. suffer under misapprehension
Tree phr"Can't See the Wood for the Trees" - be over attentive to small detail and fail to see the main issues.
Tree phr"Grow on Trees" - be plentiful (with negative connotations of waste or entitlement).
Tree phr"Out of One's Tree" - mad, insane, crazy, unbalanced.
Tree phr"Shake a Tree" - to do something in order to see what will happen or result.
Tree phr"Treeness of a Tree" - the essential qualities that make up a tree; in the absence of this the trre would not be a tree. Hence the absolute essentials of anything.
Tree phr"Up a Tree" - cornered; nonplussed.
Tree-bear nThe racoon. 2. the hyrax of North Africa.
Tree-bound adjSurrounded by trees. 2. secured to a tree. 3. moving towards a tree.
Tree-calf nA calf binding for books stained with a treelike design.
Tree-care nTree care is the application of arboricultural methods like pruning, trimming, and felling/thinning in built environments. Road verge, greenways, backyard and park woody vegetation are at the center of attention for the tree care industry.
Tree-clover nMelilotus alba.
Tree-creeper nAny of the various small species of bird who feed on insects in tree bark and live in woodlands throughout the Northern hemisphere.
Treed adjPlanted or covered with trees. 2. driven to taking refuge in trees.
Treedom nThe state or essence of being a tree; tree-hood.
Tree-dwelling adjArboreal or living in trees.
Tree-feeding adjBirds and animals that feed from the leaves of trees. 2. adding of various fertilizers to trees, such as nitrogen - based products to promote growth and to protect them from insects and bugs.
Tree fern nA large fern (Cyatheacae) with a large upright trunk.
Treefrog nA frog of a small size and more elegant in form than tree frogs, often with bright coloration.
Treeful adjThe quantity or number which fills a tree.
Tree heath nAn evergreen shrub of southern Europe (Erica arborea)about 4 feet high, with white flowers, also called brier.
Tree-hewing nTree cutting.
Tree-holder nA stand or container designed to hold up trees and shrubs.
Treehood nThe state or essence of being a tree; treedom.
Tree-hopping nTree hopping insects and thorn bugs are members of the family Membracidae, a group of insects related to the cicadas and the leafhoppers. About 3,200 species of treehoppers in over 400 genera are known.
Treehouse nA recreational structure built among the branches of a tree, or on stilts.
Treeiness nThe state or quality of being treey.
Tree-kingfisher nAny of the various birds of the suborder Alcedines having a large head, short tail and brilliant coloration; they feed mostly on fish.
Tree-length nA measure of the size and complexity of a tree.
Treeless adjDestitute or devoid of trees.
Treelessness nThe state or condition of being devoid of trees.
Treelike adjHaving some characteristic of a tree. 2. resembling or similar to a tree.
Treeline nThe condition of being a tree.
Tree-lined adjThe edge of the habitat at which trees are capable of growing; the timber-like.
Tree-locked adj(Of a area) almost or entirely surrounded by trees. 2. iron tree-like structures that lovers affix their padlocks to, to make a bridge a site a unique and romantic place of love.
Treelore nDendrology.
Tree-loving adjHaving a great liking for trees; dendrophile.
Tree mallow nA tall woody-stemmed European mallow, Lavatera arborea, of cliffs and rocks.
Tree-marked adjOf a tree marked for felling
Treen adjMade of trees, wooden; applied to a collection of objects made from wood. 2. belonging to tree or trees; obtained from trees. 3. woodware; esp. when regarded as antiques.
Treenail nTrenail. 2. a cylindrical pin of hard wood used to hold in fastening

timber together.

Treenail vbTrenail. 2. to fasten or secure timber with trenails.
Tree of Heaven nAilanthus altissima, commonly known as tree of heaven, ailanthus, or in Standard Chinese as chouchun, is a fast growing, deciduous tree in the Simaroubaceae family. It is native to both northeast and central China, as well as Taiwan.
Tree of Life nA tree in the Gardebn of Eden whose fruit conferred immortality; (and hence symbolic of it). 2. arbor vitae.
Tree of Knowledge n(Knowledge: - ledge, a suffix of unknown origin and not found in Old English). 2. knowledge in general, and all of its branches.
Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil??/nA tree in the Garden of Edenwhose fruit Adam and Eve where forbidden to eat.
Tree of Wisdom nBuddhist knowledge and wisdom.
Tree-rat nA squirrel.
Tree-ring nThe annual growth ring in the trunk of a tree.
Tree-ripened adjreaching level of or maturity of a tree.
Tree-rune nOne of the letters or runes or sculptured helical characters of branched-like form.
Tree-sawing nThe cutting down of trees by sawing.
Tree-shaded adjShading of an area of building by planting trees near to them.
Treeship nThe condition of being a tree.
Tree shrew nThe tree shrews are small Euarchontoglire mammals native to the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. They make up the families Tupaiidae, the tree shrews, and Ptilocercidae, the pen-tailed tree shrew, and the entire order Scandentia.
Tree sparrow nAn eurasian bird of the species passer montanus inhabiting agricultural land. 2. a north American sparrow like, Spizzella arborea, of the bunting family, breeding on the edge of the tundra.
Tree stand nAn open or enclosed platform secured to to provide a vantage point to hunters.
Tree toad nTree frog.
Tree-top nThe top of a tree. 2. the utmost branches of a tree.
Tree-trimmer nOne who prunes trees for safety and appearance.
Treeward adjTowards or in the direction of trees or a tree.
Treeware n(Humorous) computer slang: documentation provide on paper.
Tree-width adjIn mathematics computing - the width (maximum number of nodes or leave at any level) of a tree
Tree-worker nCarpenter, housewright,
Tree-worship nWorship rendered to trees or to the spirits supposedly inhabiting them.
Treey adjAbounding in trees. 2. well-wooded.
Trend nA general direction in which something tends to move; "the trend of the stock market" ; a tendency or inclination. 2. general line of orientation; the way something bends, as the river takes a southern course; as the northeastern trend of the mountain range; course, bend. 3. a general tendency to change (as of opinion); movement, drift. 4. the popular taste at a given time; as in 1920s had their own style; vogue.
Trend vbTo wind wool into tops for spinning. 2. to turn or direct one's own course. 3. to turn in some direction; to bend in a particular way. 4. to have a particular direction; to run; to stretch; to tend; bend, as, the shore of the sea trends to the southwest. 5. turn sharply; change direction abruptly; swerve, sheer, curve, veer, slue, cut. 6. to clean wool.
Trender nOne employed in cleaning wool.
Trendily advIn a consciously fashionable manner.
Trendiness nThe state or quality of being fashionable, trendy, swanky, with-it.
Trendle nA circle, ring, coronel, circular dish, orb, ball, globe. 2. a wheel, trundle, trundle. 3. a suspended hoop or on which tapers were fixed, forming a chandelier (often found in churches. 4. a vessel, round or oval tub, circular trough. 5. a bundle of partly cleaned wool. 6. applied to various round or rounded objects.
Trendle vbTo cause to roll, or revolve.
Trendled adjRolled, revolving. 2. rounded, circular, globular.
Trendling nThe action of the verb: "trendle" - rolling, circling, rounding.
Trend-set vbOne who or that establishes trends in dress, thought.
Trend-setting nThe action or condition of being at the forefront of the latest in trends.
Trendy adjExtremely fashionable, voguish, and in step with current fashion, but sometimes silly or annoying. 2. in accordance with the latest fad. 3. with-it, swank.
Trim nThe condition, order, or fitness of a person or thing for action, work, use, etc. 2. the set of a ship in the water, especially the most advantageous one.

3. the condition of a ship with reference to its fitness for sailing. 4. the adjustment of sails, rigging, etc., with reference to wind direction and the course of the ship. 5. the condition of a submarine as regards buoyancy. 5. a person's dress, adornment, or appearance. 6. material used for decoration or embellishment; decorative trimming. 7. decoration of a store window for the display of merchandise; window dressing.

Trim vbTo make firm or strong; to give as security; to arm or array (a force); to settle , arrange; to encourage, comfort, exhort; to put in proper condition for some purpose; to prepare; dress. 2. to fit out a ship for sea. 3. to repair, restore put right (something broken, worn or decayed). 4. to put (a lamp, fire) in proper condition for burning, by removing any deposit or ash, and adding fresh fuel; also, to cleanse or cut level(a wick);by extension to renew the burnt out carbons or electrodes (of an arc-lamp). 5. to equip, supply. 6. to array, dress, adorn, dress up. 7. to decorate a hat, garment, etc. with ribbons, laces, embroideries or the like; also of a thing, to form the trimming of. 8. to dress the (hair or a beard); to clip the hair (of a person); also to dub a cock. 9. fig. to beat, thrash, trounce; also to recommend, scold. 10. to cut off the excrescences or irregularities of; to reduce to a regular shape by doing this; also as the part removed, as object.. 11. to bring, etc. (a piece of timber) to the required shape. 12. to distribute the load of (a ship, boat) so that she floats on a even keel; intr. vb of a boat or ship; transf, to adjust (the balance) so as to equalize. 13. to adjust (the sails or yards)with reference to the direction of the wind and the course of the ship; to turn, adjust, adapt. 14. to stow or arrange coal or cargo in the hold of a ship, or carry it to the hatches when discharging; also to shift, arrange coal on a ship or truck. 15. (with 'it") to modify one's attitude in order to stand well with opposite parties; also accommodate oneself with the mood of the times; to modify according to expediency.
Trim phr"In Trim" - looking smart, healthy.
Trim phr"Trim Down" - lessen, reduce the bulk of something by removing excess matter.
Trim phr"Trim Off" - make smaller, make neat and trim, by cutting, clipping etc.
Trim phr"Trim Up" - to put up trimmings especially at Christmas.
Trimly advIn a manner trim.
Trimmed adjThat has been trimmed. 2. furnished with trimmings.
Trimmer nSomeone who trims material that is removed by trimming something, as a piece of steak. 2. the joist carried by two trimming joists and in turn carrying the trimmed joists.
Trimming nThe act of someone who trims. 2. material that is removed by someone trimming something, as a piece of steak. 3. straightening or squaring the end of a board or molding. 4. correcting the mitred end of molding. 5. framing an opening in a roof, floor, ceiling timbers.
Trimness nThe state or quality of being trim.
Trims nAdditional decorations, typically along the edge of something and in contrasting colors or materials. 2. prepared woodwork for the finishings of building, such as doors and window linings or casings, architraves, etc.
Trindle nA wheel in a mill; a trendle, trundle. 2. the wheel of a wheelbarrow. 3. a spindle. 4. a roll or coil of wax taper, used to light medieval churches. 5. sheep or goats excrement, dung, pellets.
Trindle vbTo make round, round. 2. to revolve or turn as a wheel or spindle. 3. to roll as a ball, hoop, cylinder along a surface.
Trine vbTo touch.
Trithing nA thirdling, third part.
Trod nTred, tread, footprint, track, trace. 2. a footpath, way, trodden way. 3. tread of a wheel.
Trod vbTo pursue a path; to follow footprints of the tracks of; trace.
Trodden pplChiefly, as a second element; trodden path, trodden down., down-trodden.
Trodden adjTrampled, stepped out, walked on. 2. formed or marked as a path.
Troth nA mutual promise to marry; betrothal, troth, engagement. 2. a solemn pledge of fidelity; plight; one's faith as pledged in a solemn agreement or undertaking. 2. belief, including religious belief; faith; faithfulness, good faith, loyalty; fidelity. 3. truth; honesty, verity; veracity; as, by my troth. 4. betrothal. 5. faith, trust, confidence. 7. truly, verily, indeed.
Troth vbTo (be)troth: give to in marriage. engage, affiance, plight. 2. to contract to any one for a marriage; to engage or promise in order to marriage; to affiance; -- used esp. of a woman. 3. to promise to take (as a future spouse); to plight one's troth to. 4. to nominate to a bishopric, in order to consecration.
Troth phr"Plight My Troth" - to pledge one's faith. 2. pledge one's word in marriage.
Troth phr"Upon My Troth" - a form of asservation.
Troth-breaker nOne who breaks the pledge of troth: disloyal, infidelity, unfaithful of promise.
Trothed adjPromised, pledged, betrothed, engaged.
Trothful adjFull of troth or loyalty, faithful, trusty, trustworthy, truthful.
Troth-keeping nOne remains loyal and faithful to a pledge or plight of troth
Troth-kiss nA kiss as a symbolic gesture of faithfulness, loyalty and fidelity.
Trothless adjPerfidious, disloyal. 2. destitute of loyalty, faithfulness, truth. 3. false, mendacious, incredible, untrustworthy.
Troth-plight adjEngaged or covenanted by a "troth" esp. of marriage, bethrothed.
Troth-plight nThe act of plighting troth, or truth plighted; solemn engagement, esp. of marriage; covenant of marriage, affiliation, betrothal.
Trough nA narrow depression (as in the earth or between ocean waves or in the ocean bed). 2. a channel along the eaves or on the roof; collects and carries away rainwater; gutter. 3. a concave shape with an open top; bowl. 4. a treasury for government funds; public treasury, till. 5. a long narrow shallow receptacle. 6. a container (usually in a barn or stable) from which cattle or horses feed; manger. 7. a drunkard.
Trough vbTo form into a trough or into the shape of a trough. 2. to treat in some way in a trough, to stain or mould in a trough.
Trough phr "Trough of the Sea" - the hollow on the surface between two waves.
Troughlike adjResembling a trough.
Trout nA well known freshwater fish of the genus Salma ; esp. Salma fario.
Trouting nFishing for trout.
Trout-like adjResembling or characteristic of a trout.
Trout lily nAny of the various plants in the Liliaceae genus Erythronium, also called the fawn lily, and dog's tooth violet.
Troutling nA young trout.
Trouty adjAbounding in or full of trout, or containing trout.
Trow vbTo trust, have confidence in; believe. 2. to trust oneself to a person. 3. to believe in, or on, trust in. 4. to believe in a doctrine; hold to a truth. 4. to give credence to, to accept as true; trustworthy. 5. to believe, think, be of opinion, suppose, imagine. 6. something to believe confidently, feel sure, be assured. 7. expect, hope. 8 to prove to be true; to vouch for, to verify. 9.
Trowed ppl Believed to be such, supposed, implied.
Trower nA believer.
Trowing nThe action of trow: trusting believing, having confidence in, having faith in, holding to be true, vouching for etc.
Trowing adjTo be believed, worthy of belief.
Truce nA state of peace agreed to between opponents so they can discuss peace terms; armistice, cease-fire,truce, properly, pledge of fidelity, truth, fidelity, faith, troth, true. 2. suspension of arms by agreement of the commanders of opposing forces; a temporary cessation of hostilities, for negotiation or other purpose; an armistice. 3. hence, intermission of action, pain, or contest; temporary cessation; short quiet.
Truce phr"Truce of God," a suspension of arms promulgated by the Church, which occasionally took place in the Middle Ages, putting a stop to private hostilities at or within certain periods.
Truce vbTo make an truce, bring an end to hostilities by truce.
Truceless adjThat is without truce; unceasing in hostility.
True advAs acknowledged; admittedly, avowedly, confessedly. 2. in accordance with, truly.
True adjConsistent with fact or reality; not false. 2. accurately placed or thrown; dead on target. 3. devoted (sometimes fanatically) to a cause or concept or truth; a true belief in. 4. expressing or given to expressing the truth; a true statement; truthful testimony. 5. conforming to definitive criteria. 6. worthy of being depended on; dependable, honest, reliable. 7: not pretended; sincerely felt or expressed; genuine unfeigned. 8. rightly so called; as in true courage; a true friend. 9. determined with reference to the earth's axis rather than the magnetic poles; as in true north. 10. having a legally established claim; lawful, rightful. 11. in tune; accurate in pitch; on-key. 12. accurately fitted; level; straight.13. conformable to fact; in accordance with the actual state of things; correct; not false, erroneous, inaccurate, or the like. 14. right to precision; conformable to a rule or pattern; exact; accurate. 15. Steady in adhering to friends, to promises, to a prince, or the like; unwavering; faithful; loyal; not false, fickle, or perfidious; as a wife true to her husband. 16. actual; not counterfeit, adulterated, or pretended, genuine; pure; real; as, true balsam; true love. 17. genuine; real; not deviating from the essential characters of a class; as, a lizard is a true reptile. Nb: True is sometimes used elliptically for "It is true"
True nProper alignment; the property possessed by something that is in correct or proper alignment; "out of true"
True vbTo make true as a piece of mechanism; to place, adjust, or shape accurately; to make accurately or perfectly straight, level, round, smooth, sharp, etc, as required. 2. to make level, square, balanced, or concentric; or true up
True phr"Be True to Oneself" - above all, be true yo yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it; take yourself out of it. No ifs, buts, on maybes. 2. Trust everything about yourself, You are you and that is the beginning and the end, don't rue what you done in good faith, don't say sorrow when others have wronged you. 3. be who you are and say what you feel, for those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind. 4. be your own soul, learn to live, and if men thwart you take no heed, if men hate you have no care, sing your song, dream your dream.
True phr"Come True" - to be verified or realized in actual experience; be fulfilled. 2. to happen as forecast. 3. to come to truth.
True phr"Out of True" - varying from correct mechanical form, adjustment, out of alignment etc. -- said of a wall that is not perpendicular.
True phr"Ring True" - sound as if true.
True phr"Throw True" - to inherit a characteristic.
True phr"True to Life" - accurately representing life.
True phr"Well and Truly" - thoroughly.
True-believer nA strict follower of a religious doctrine. 2. one who sticks to one's dogma or beliefs irrespective of the facts.
True-believing nThat has a steadfast belief in a particular religion (especially, Christianity cause, devout)
True-blue adjSteadfastly loyal or faithful, unwavering or superb in loyalty (refers to symbolism of color, dating to medieval times, in which the blue represents loyalty, consistency, faithfulness, and truth. 2. consistent and uncompromising in principles, codes of conduct, loyalties.
True-born adjBorn of true or pure stock. 2. legitimately-born. 3. having the fine qualities associated with such descent.
True-bred adjBred of a true or pure stock; of the true breed; thorough-bred. 2. having or manifesting true breeding or education.
True-fast adjFaithful, loyal, honest, sincere, true-hearted.
True-fastness nThe quality of being loyal, faithful, sincere, loyal.
True-frog nA large group of frogs found worldwide on the Ranidae family, typically smooth and moist skinned, with large powerful legs and extensively webbed feet.
Trueful adjTruthful.
Truefully adjTruthfully.
True-hearted adjFaithful, loyal, honest, sincere.
True-heartedness nThe quality or state of being faithful, loyal, honest, sincere.
Truehood nTruehead, faithfulness, fidelity.
Trueing nBring (a wheel, tool, frame etc) into an exact position or form required.
Trueish adjPartly true, almost true, somewhat true.
True leaf nAny leaves of of a seed plant other than the cotyledons. 2. any leaf containing vascular tissues.
True-love nA faithful lover; one whose love is pledged; a sweetheart, a beloved. 2. an ornament or symbol of true and undying love. 3. a plant of the genus Paris with narcotic properties regarded as an aphrodisiac.
True-love-knot nAny various knots (with string or the like)having some symmetry. 2. a kind of knot with an interlacing bows on each side, symbolizing true love. 3. a particular species of moth. 4. in mathematics, a a particular knot of eight crossings. 5. a small plant in the family Melanthiaceae, Paris quadrifolia.
Trueman nA faithful or trusty man; an honest man (as distinguished from a thief or criminal.
Trueness nHonesty, loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity, sincerity, accuracy.
True North nIn geography - at a given point, the direction in which the geographic North Pole of the earth lies. 2. north according to the earth's axis, not magnetic north.
True penny nAn honest and genuine person. 2. originally con of genuine metal.
True rib nA rib joined directly to the breastbone.
True-shaped adjHaving a shape that conforms to a standard or ideal type; well or properly shaped (now somewhat archaic).
Trueship nFaithfulness, fidelity.
True time nMean time as kept by a clock going uniformly or mean solar time. 2. apparent time as reckoned from the transit of the sun's center over the meridian.
True-to-life adjAccurately representing true life.
True-up vbTo make true, place or adjust accurately.
True-wit nA genuinely witty or funny person.
Truewood nHeartwood (Duramen): the inner part of exogenous trees that does not normally having living cells.
Truly advSincerely, genuinely. 2. truthfully, accurately. 3. properly, truly, accurately.
Truly phr "Well and Truly" - thoroughly, completely, fully, totally.
Truly phr"Truly Yours" - (Yours truly) - since the 1700s as a closing letter. 2. since the 1800s for 'I,' 'me,' or 'myself'.
Truly phr"Yours truly" - one of the formal phrases used in signing a letter.
Trume nA body of persons; esp. a body of troops etc. in battle. 2. an array, a troop, a company, a crowd, multitude, a thrum.
Trume vbTo assemble a troop, a crowd, a company.
Trundle nTrendle; trundle; a circle, ring, circular dish, orb, ball, globe. 2. a wheel; a small carriage or truck with low wheels. 3. a suspended hoop or on which tapers were fixed, forming a chandelier (often found in churches. 4. a vessel, round or oval tub, circular trough. 5. a bundle of partly cleaned wool. 6. applied to various round or rounded objects.
Trundle vbTo cause to roll, or revolve. 2. to trindle, trendle
Trundle-bed nA low bed running on trundles, truckles, castors, usu pushed beneath a "high" or standing bed when not in use; a trundle-bedstead.
Trundle-head nA wheel which turns a millstone.
Trundle-tail nA dog with a curly tail; a low bred dog, a cur.
Truth nA fact that has been verified. 2: conformity to reality or actuality.

verity. 3. a true statement. 4. the quality of being near to the true value; accuracy4. the quality or being true; as conformity to fact or reality; exact accordance with that which is, or has been; or shall be; conformity to rule; exactness; close correspondence with an example, mood, object of imitation, or the like. 5. fidelity; constancy; steadfastness; faithfulness. 6. the practice of speaking what is true; freedom from falsehood; veracity. 7. that which is true or certain concerning any matter or subject, or generally on all subjects; real state of things; fact; verity; reality. 8. a true thing; a verified fact; a true statement or proposition; an established principle, fixed law, or the like; as, the great truths of morals. 9. righteousness; true religion.

Truth vbTo assert as true; to declare.
Truth phr"God's Truth" - a story which is absolutely true according to the known facts.
Truth phr"Home Truth" - true (but unpleasant) comment addressed to person concerned.
Truth phr"In Truth" - in fact, as a fact, indeed, really; mostly used to emphasize a statement.
Truth phr"Tell the Truth" - to be perfectly honest.
Truth phr"The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth" - the absolute truth, from an oath takrn taken in British and Commonwealth courts by those about to give evidence in a court of justice.
Truth phr"Three Things Cannot Long Be Hidden, The Sun, The Moon and The Truth" - the truth will eventually prevail.
Truth phr"Truth be Told" - used when admitting something one might otherwise lie about, that is: to keep up appearances or be polite.
Truth phr"Truth Lies at the Bottom of the Well" - truth doesn't always out. 2. it is often very hard to find out the truth of a matter. 3. one will probably never know with certainly for truth lies in the 'deep' deception.
Truth phr"Truth to Tell" - to be frank or tell the truth.
Truth phr"Truth Will Out" - a mystery will always be solved or a truth will always be discovered. 2. truth will eventually be discovered.
Truther nOne who believes that the truth about an important subject or event is concealed from the public by conspiracy. 2. a person believing that U S government perpetrated or allowed the 9/11 attacks.
Truthful adjTelling the truth, esp. habitually. 2. conforming to truth. 3. corresponding with reality. 4. honest, trustworthy, candid, frank.
Truthfully advWith truth, mendaciously, veraciously.
Truthfulness nThe quality of being truthful; veraciousness.
Truthiness nThe act or quality of preferring concepts or facts that one wishes to be true, rather than known to be true. 2. the quality of seeming or being felt to be true, even if not necessarily true.
Truthing nThe action of plighting a troth; a contract of marriage.
Truthless adjUntrue, mendacious, false. 2. destitute of truth, dishonest, faithless.
Truthlessly advWithout truth in manner or behavior.
Truthlessness nThe quality or being truthful.
Truthlike nHaving the appearance of truth.
Truth-lover nOne who seeks and admire truth in themselves and others.
Truthly advIn accordance with truth; honestly without deceit.
Truthmaker nIn philosophy, that entity in virtue of which a truthbearer is true.
Truthmaking nThe determination of the truth of something.
Truth or Dare nA game where players take it in turn to perform a dare set by the other players, or answer a question truthfully put forth by them.
Truthsome adjTruthful, telling the truth.
Truthteller nOne who tells the truth.
Truthtelling nThe habit of telling the truth
Truthy adjtruthful, likely probable.
Truthsman nA man of truth; a man characterized by or devoted to truth.
Truthward adjLeaning or leading towards the truth.
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