Old EnglishnEnglish
Tuesday nThe third day of the week.
Tuesdays advOn or during Tuesdays.
Tuft nA green knoll; a clump; a plantation.
Tuht nObsolete form of "tight" from OE: "Tyht" meaning discipline, training, breeding, conduct, usage. Also "tuhtle."
Tum vbOE: to tumble, perform, salutatory feats, to dance.
Tumbester nA female tumbler or dancer.
Tumble nAn act of acrobatic tumbling; an acrobatic feat. 2. an accidental fall; the falling of a stream or river. 3. fig. a fall, a downfall. 4. a sign of recognition or acknowledgement, a response, as in to " give a tumble." 5. an act of sexual intercourse; a woman given an opportunity for this.
Tumble vbTo dance with posturing, balancing, contortions, and the like. 2. to perform as an acrobat; esp. to execute leaps, springs, somersaults and similar feats. 3. to roll on the ground, or in the air or water. 4. to wallow, also to throw oneself about in a restless way on a bed or couch; to toss (also, fig.) 5. to throw oneself backwards during flight; to turn end over end, as an aircraft, bird. 6. to fall; esp. to fall in a helpless way, as from stumbling or violence; to be precipitated, fall headlong; also said of a stream falling into a cataract. 7. to fall prone, to fall to the ground; to tumble down, tumble over, to stumble over an object. 8. of a building or structure: to fall into ruins or fragments; to collapse. 9. to fall rapidly in value, of prices, stocks etc. 10. to be tossed about like clothes in a tumble-driver or washing machines. 11. to cause or to fall prostate; to overthrow. 12. to throw down and destroy a structure; to overthrow, demolish, reduce to ruins. 13. to cause to fall in a confused heap; to throw down, throw in, throw out etc. without order or regularly to mix up in confusion, jumble together. 14. to propel or drive headlong, with a falling, stumbling movement; to precipitate; to throw or thrust roughly or forcibly; to toss, pitch. move or pass in a motion as if falling or stumbling; to precipitately move; to proceed harshly, without order or premeditation to bowl, bundle, roll, rush. 16. to turn over in examination or search; hence fig. to examine cursorily. 17. to have sexual intercourse: to get a tumble. 18. to handle roughly or indelicately; to touse, tousle; to upset the arrangement of anything neat or orderly; to disorder, rumple; to disarrange by tossing a bed, etc. 19. to come upon or meet by chance, stumble, blunder into, on or upon. 20. to understand , comprehend something not clearly put or expressed; perceive or apprehend a hidden design or signal. 21. to detect. 22. to fall in with; agree to; take a liking or fancy to. 23. to incline or slope inwards, as a side of a ship; to batter as in tumble home ship. 24. to mix, cleanse, or polish in a tumbling box.
Tumble phr"Give Someone a Tumble." - to have sexual intercourse. (also: "to get a tumble.")
Tumble phr"Take a Tumble." - the facts of one's situation: to make up to something.
Tumble phr"Tumble Down" - topple, collapse, fall down.
Tumble phr"Tumble Home/In" - to go to bed.
Tumble phr"Tumble to/Upon" - to discover, or suddenly understand something. 2. to grasp the meaning of; to twig.
Tumbledown nA house or building in disrepair; poorly maintained.
Tumbled-down adjThat falls down habitually. 2. that is a tumbling condition; falling or fallen into ruin; dilapidated, ruinous, as in a house.
Tumble-dry vbTo dry clothes in a tumble-drier.
Tumble-dryer nA machine for drying washing in a heated rotating drum.
Tumble-dung nA dung beetle.
Tumblerful adjThe quantity that fills a tumbler. 2. the amount of liquid contained in a tumbler.
Tumble home vbTo endure a storm, esp a battering one in a ship, to "tumble home". 2. the inward inclination of the upper part of a ship's sides. 3. the narrowing of a ship's breadth above the waterline.
Tumble over nThe act of falling over.
Tumbler nOne who tumbles or falls. 2. an inexperienced window-cleaner. 3. a drinking cup, originally having a rounded bottom. 4. a toy that rocks when touched. 5. a detached mass of rocks, a rolled stone or boulder. 5. one who tumbles or tosses thing in confusion or disorder; a muddler; one confused. 6. a class of street ruffian who knocks over or "tumbles" his victims.
Tumbler-stand nA tray for glasses.
Tumble-turd nA beetle (Jamaican English).
Tumble up vbTo make haste; to come up from below deck.
Tumbleweed nVarious plants found in the US. with a globular bush in late summer, which is broken off and rolled about by the wind; the ghostwort.
Tumbling nThe action of falling, inclining, throwing, stumbling etc.
Tumbling home nThe curving inwards of the side of a ship from the lower deck upwards.
Tumbling mill nA machine consisting of a drum that rotates on a horizontal axis, that grinds or pulverizes material mixed with a grinding material such as iron balls.
Tumbly adjReady or inclined to tumble or fall.
Tun nA large cask or barrel, usu. for liquids; esp, wine, ale or beer. 2. a large vessel in general; a cup. 3. a chimney, esp the upper part above the roof of a house; a chimney pot.
Tun vbTo put in, fill up or store in tuns or cask. 2. to swill liquor; drink excessively.
Tun-bellied adjRounded like a tun or cask; pot-bellied, corpulent.
Tun-dish nA wooden funnel used in a brewery.
Tunning nThe process of brewing; the amount of beer or ale brewed at one time.
Turd nA lump or piece of excrement; ordure. 2. as a type of worthlessness or vileness. 3. in coarse abuse applied to a person as a term of execration or contempt.
Turdish adjCharacteristic of a turd.
Turdmonger nA vile, contemptuous person, as in that turdmonger, who disdained my precious precepts, greeted me with vile and dirty dung. 2. a workman employed to remove and dispose sewage.
Turdy adjFull of, or defiled with ordure. 2. of or pertaining to excrement or fecal matter.
Turf nThat upper stratum of earth and vegetable mold which is filled with the roots of grass and other small plants, so as to adhere and form a kind of mat; sward; sod. 2. peat, especially when prepared for fuel. 3. race course; horse racing. 4. the road or street as the milieu of prostitutes, pimps, tramps etc.
Turf vbTo cover with turf or lay with turf. 2. to place or lay under the turf, cover the turf; to bury; to die and be buried. 3. to dig up turf or peat; to harvest turf for fuel.
Turf phr"On the Turf." - engaged in prostitution.
Turf phr"Turf Out" - to eject, forcibly remove or put out a person from a building or a venue.
Turfdom nThe votaries of the turf or horse-racing communities.
Turfed adjProvided or adorned with turf.
Turfen adjMade or covered by turf, turfy.
Turf grass nAny grass used to make turf.
Turf hedge nA hedge or fence formed with turf and plants of different kinds.
Turf housenA house or shed formed of turf, common in the northern parts of Europe.
Turfiness nThe sate or quality of being turfy.
Turfing nThe action or occupation of digging up turf. 2. to cover with turf or sod; as, to turf a bank, or the border of a terrace.
Turfless adjDevoid of turf; bare.
Turflike adjResembling turf or some aspect of it.
Turfman nA person who follows horse racing or who owns race horses.
Turfness nTurfy in character; horsey in nature.
Turf toe nThe common term used to describe a sprain of the ligaments around the big toe joint. Although it's commonly associated with football players who play on artificial turf, it affects athletes in other sports including soccer, basketball, wrestling, gymnastics, and dance.
Turf war nA dispute over territory between rival gangs. 2. a fight or confrontation between two divisions or parties for access to resources or capital.
Turf-writer nJournalists who write on horse-racing.
Turfy adjCovered or consisting of turf; abounding in turf or peat; peaty. 2. pertaining to, or characteristic of the turf; like turf grass. 3. suggestive of horse-racing; horsy.
Turn nEtymology?? Show change of direction or orientation. 2. movement about an axis ending up with the same orientation single loop of a coil. 3. chance to use (something) shared in sequence with others. 4. one's chance to make a move in a game. 5. figure in music. 6. time required to complete a project. 7. fit or period of giddiness. 7. change in temperament or circumstance. 8. deed done to another. 9. character; personality; nature, as a talkative talk.
Turn vbOf a body, person, etc, to move around an axis through itself, as the Earth turns. 2. to change the direction or orientation of. 3. to change one's direction of travel. 4. to position (something) by folding it.

5. to become (begin to be). 6. to fundamentally change; to metamorphose. 7. to rebel; to go against something formerly tolerated. 8. to shape (something) symmetrically by rotating it against a stationary cutting tool, as on a lathe. 9. to sour or spoil; to go bad. 10. to change the color of the leaves in the autumn. 11. to change one's course of action; to take a new approach.

Turn phr"As Things Turned Out" - as things happen, take place or are shown or proved by later events.
Turn phr"At Every Turn" - in every place or stage; at every moment; on every occasion; continually. 2. all the time; at every opportunity. 3. as one can, in all possible respects.
Turn phr"By Turns" - one after the other; alternately.
Turn phr"Do Somebody a Good Turn" - do somebody a favor.
Turn phr"Done to a Turn" - perfectly cooked.
Turn phr"In One Turn" - when one turns or opportunity comes.
Turn phr"In Turn(s)" - in due order; in sequence, of succession; one by one.
Turn phr"Leave No Stone Unturned" - to be thorough
Turn phr"Not Know Which Way to Turn" - to be completely at a loss; unsure how to act.
Turn phr"Not Turn a Hair" - to remain composed.
Turn phr"On the Turn" - on the moment of changing, as the tide. 2. of milk: about or on the point of turning sour.
Turn phr"Out of Turn" - out of proper order or sequence. 2. at an unsuitable time; imprudently, indiscreetly.
Turn phr"Take a Turn for the Better" - a change that promises improvement.
Turn phr"Take a Turn for the Worse" - a change that promises deterioration.
Turn phr"Take One's Turn" - to keep one's right place in a queue, etc.
Turn phr"To a Turn" - to just the proper degree; to perfection.
Turn phr"Turn a Blind Eye" - pretend to ignore or deliberately overlook esp. with respect to something unpleasant or improper.
Turn phr"Turn a Deaf Ear" - to refuse to listen or hear something.
Turn phr"Turn Against (Someone)" - to rebel, be hostile to, or oppose something formerly supported. 2. to set against in opposition to something. 3. to use to a disadvantage.
Turn phr"Turn a Hair" - to become afraid or visibly upset.
Turn phr"Turn Away (from)" - to rotate the body or head so as not to face some or something. 2. turn to face in another direction. 3. stop looking at somebody or something (especially because one finds them unpleasant, or it painful). 4. refuse to accept; reject someone, deny hospitality to.
Turn phr"Turn Back" - to reverse direction and retrace one's steps; go back the way one has come. 2. cause to go back; to return to a previous state of being. 3. to prevent or refuse to allow passage or progress. 4. to adjust to a previous setting. 5. to fold something back; to fold down. 6 (obsolete) to give back; to return.
Turn phr"Turn Down" - to refuse, decline an offer; deny. 2. reject an application for one seeking a job, finance, membership of a club. 3. (idiomatic) to reduce the power, etc. of something by means of a control, such as the volume, heat, or make a light less bright. 4. (idiomatic) to re-position by turning, flipping, etc. in a downward direction. 5. enter a minor road leading off from the one on which one is traveling.
Turn phr"Turn Forth" - to expel.
Turn phr"Turn from" - leave, abandon a career, study, consideration, a problem.
Turn phr"Turn Green" - to become very envious.
Turn phr"Turn Handstands" - to express great joy.
Turn phr"Turn Heads" - to attract a considerable amount of attention.
Turn phr"Turn In" - to submit something; to give to, hand in because something is no longer needed or is serviceable. 2. (idiomatic) to relinquish; give up; abandon, leave, renounce. 3. to tell on someone to the authorities (especially to turn someone in). 4. (intransitive, idiomatic) to go to sleep; retire or go to bed. 5. bend inwards. 5. in soccer, to convert a goal using a turning motion of the body
Turnphr"Turn In One's Grave" - an expression showing one to be appalled, angered , offended by something, despite being in one's grave.
Turn phr"Turn Inside Out" - of a footballer who out maneuvers his opponent by turning around him.
Turn phr"Turn Into" - become changed or change into, develops or transform into.
Turn phr"Turn In Upon Oneself" - move away from contact with others and become unhappily preoccupied with one's own problem.
Turn phr"Turn It In" - stop behaving ina way that irritates; annoys; knock it off.
Turn phr"Turn It Up" - to abandon a job; give up. 2. stop saying or doing things which offends other people.
Turn phr"Turn Off" - to completely change; deviate. 2. to power down; to stop a device by disconnect or by switching it off. 3. to screw or turn off as a tap to stop the flow. 4. to repulse, disgust, or discourage interest in; lose one's appetite for. 4. to leave a road for another; to exit.
Turn phr"Turn Of Foot" - the ability to accelerate quickly.
Turn phr"Turn of Speed" - ability to go fast when necessary. 2. a swift , usually temporary, acceleration of movement or prgress.
Turn phr"Turn of the Year" - approximately at the end of one year and the beginning of the next.
Turn phr"Turn On" - to cause to begin the operation, activity, or start the flow of electricity, gas, water. 2. to begin to display, employ, or exude: turn on the charm. 3. (slang) a. to take or cause to take a mind-altering drug, especially for the first time. 4. to be or cause to become interested, pleasurably excited, or stimulated. 5. to excite or become excited sexually. 6. stimulate , excite, switch on. 7. become hostile towards; attack physically or verbally, reproach, blame.
Turn phr"Turn On a Sixpence" - turn in a very tight circle.
Turn phr"Turn One On" - to excite (often sexually) to increase interest.
Turn phr"Turn One's Back" - be absent; have gone away or turned aside, not be watchful, or in immediate control
Turn phr"Turn One's Back On " - ignore someone by having turning away aside from them. 2, reject, desert, forsake, be absent .
Turn phr"Turn One's Hand to" - to apply oneself to a task. 2. try any task requiring attention. 3. undertake something practical.
Turn phr"Turn One's Head" - to make one conceited. 2. to become giddy.
Turn phr"Turn One's Up Nose At" - to make the gesture of raising one's nose, as a sign of scorn or disgust. 2. behave in a superior way towards.
Turn phr"Turn On Its Head" - To turn upside-down; to invert. 2. to completely change.
Turn phr"Turn On One's Heel(s)" - suddenly turn away from someone or something in order to depart rapidly, especially, as expressive of haughtiness, disapproval or evasiveness.
Turn phr"Turn On the Heat" - (cruelly)put the pressure on somebody.
Turn phr"Turn Out" - to shut off, turned out the lights. 2. to arrive or assemble, to appear, be present at a public event or entertainment. 3. to produce, as by a manufacturing process; make: an assembly line turning out cars. 4. to be found to be, as after experience or trial; prove to be the case. 5. to end up; result, outcome; 6. to equip; outfit troops. 7. Informal to get out of bed. 8. to evict; expel; as some tenants. 8. empty the contents of. 9. develop progress in a certain way. 10. produce, develop, goods, students, athletes. 11. dress smartly.
Turn phr"Turn Out of" - expel, force out, drive out by force, threat etc.
Turn phr"Turn Out That" - come to be known (that), transpire (that)
Turn phr"Turn Out To Be (Somebody/Something)" - prove eventually to be a stranger, visitor, message,warning.
Turn phr"Turn Over" - to bring the bottom to the top or vice versa; invert, capsize, upset. 2. to shift the position of, as by rolling from one side to the other. 3. to start operating or cause to start operating. 4. to think about; consider: turned over a problem in one's mind. 5. to be replaced, by something else of the same kind, as the workforce. 6. to transfer to another; deliver: turned over to the police. 7. to relinquish or surrender; as a job or the management of a business to. 9. in sports, to lose possession of (the ball or puck). 10. to do business to the extent or amount of; as the amount of money turn over in a year. 11. movement of workers or other personnel in and out of a job or industry. 12. to seem to lurch or heave convulsively; as one's stomach turning over.
Turn phr"Turn Over a New Leaf" - engage in self improvement; improve one's conduct or performance. 2. to begin a good habit or start a bad habit.
Turn phr"Turn Over In One's Mind" - consider, think about, something carefully and at length. 2. reflect upon, think deeply and at length about.
Turn phr"Turn Over to" - pass the running or control to someone else. 2. give into the custody of; turn in.
Turn phr"Turn Sick" - become giddy.
Turn phr"Turn Someone's Head" - to influence someone in a manner that significantly changes his or her behavior.
Turn phr"Turn Somebody In" - report someone to the police or other authorities.
Turn phr"Turn Sour" - to become impracticable or unprofitable.
Turn phr"Turn Tail and Flee" - to turn away from someone or something in preparation for running away. 2. flee, run away as a result of defeat, weakness, timidity or the menace of wild animals.
Turn phr"Turn the Edge" - to make less sharp.
Turn phr"Turn the Heat on Something" - to intensify the investigation of some matter.
Turn phr"Turn the Key On" - lock the door behind somebody.
Turn phr"Turn the Other Cheek" - accept punishment or an injury. 2. accept attack, rebuke or offence meekly; not retaliate, back down through fear, weakness or pacifism.
Turn phr"Turn the Tide" - make a change, or reversal of opinion. 2. reverse the trend of events.
Turn phr"Turn to" - to begin work. 2. to go to someone for help and/or advice, information when you are having difficulty dealing with a situation. 2. to ask; run to for assistance. 3. begin to work vigorously (with a will).
Turn phr"Turn to Dust" - to disintegrate or disappear.
Turn phr"Turn Up" - to increase the speed, volume, intensity, or flow of. 2. to find something though lost. 3. to be found, (especially by chance) something will turn up sooner or later. 4. make visible, especially by digging. 5. to make an appearance; arrive (often after a delay). 6. to be come available, without one doing anything to create it. 7. to fold or be capable of folding up; as cuffs that will turn up. 8. to turn upwards. 9. to happen unexpectedly, as an event or difficult. 10. a disturbance or domestic upheaval. 11. make someone feel physically sick, repel somebody morally. 12 to be evident or be known; as an artist or politician.
Turn phr"Turn Up for the Books" - very unexpected; unusual and usually a pleasant surprise.
Turn phr"Turn Up One's Toes" - die, pass away, 'fall to sleep'.
Turn phr"Turn Upside Down" - to flip over, to rotate top to bottom. 2. to thoroughly examine.
Turn phr"Whatever Turns You On!" - whatever interests you! (although it doesn't interest me).
Turn phr"Wheel Has Turned" - circumstances have changed.
Turn phr"Worm Has Turned" - a previously compliant person is now exerting his personality.
Turnback nPart of the garment that is turned. 2. the act of turning back a boat that is holding immigrants.
Turn bench nA simple portable lathe, used on a turn bench by clock makers or watchmakers.
Turner nA person who turns or shapes wood on a lathe. 2. a kitchen utensil used for turning over food.
Turn-in nA small horizontal curve to a handrail to fix into a wall or newel.
Turning nThe act of turning or deviating from a straight course. 2. a road that branches off another; a place at which the branching of the road occurs. 3 at field hockey, a foul committed by a player attempting to hit the ball who interposes their body between the ball and an opposing player trying to do the same. 4. the shaping of wood or metal on a lathe. 4. the act of use of a lathe for turning. 5.(plural only)- shavings or chips produced by turning something on a lathe.
Turning adjTurning or deviation from a straight course. 2. in field hockey, illegally interposing one's body between the ball and an opposing player trying to do the same. 3. shaped from wood or metal on lathe. 4. produced by a lathe as (shavings or chips) from metal or wood.
Turning box nA specially made box or tray for scratching or inlaying turnery.
Turningness nThe quality of turning , instability, tergiversation.
Turning saw nA compass saw: a narrow saw for cutting circular arcs of small radii.
Turn-off nSomething which disgusts, repels, repulses or discourages, causing a loss of interest, especially sexually. 2. a (main)road where one turns off; an exit on a motorway.
Turn-on na person or thing that causes sexual arousal.
Turnout nA number of persons attending or taking part in an event; especially the number of persons voting an an election. 2. the quantity of goods produced in a given time. a set or display of equipment, clothes etc.
Turnover nThe amount of money taken as sales transacted in a given period. 2. the frequency with which stock is replaced after being used or sold, workers are replaced after leaving, a property changes hands, etc. 3. semicircular pastry made by turning one half of a circular crust over the other, enclosing the filling (usually fruit).

4. (sports) A loss of possession of the ball without scoring. 5. a measure of leg speed: the frequency with which one takes strides when running, typically given in strides per minute. 6. the act or result of overturning something; an upset. 7. (dated) An apprentice, in any trade, who is handed over from one master to another to complete his time.

Turnstile nA revolving gate at the end of a pathway, obstructing the passage of cattle, but allowing pedestrian one at a time. 2. a gate for admission at an entrance to a hall, sports stadium admitting persons one at a time.
Turnstone nA shore bird allied to the sandpiper, so called from the habit of turning over pebbles in search of small animals to feed on.
Turn tread nRadiating steps to form a change of direction from that of the flyers in a flight of stairs.
Turn-up nThe lower turned-up end of a trouser leg.
Turtur nAn echoic name, imitating the cooing of the dove, torturing.
Turver nA cutter of turf and peat.
Turve(s) nSeveral or more than piece of turf.
Tush nTusk.
Tusk nA hard smooth ivory colored dentine that makes up most of the tusks of elephants and walruses; ivory. 2. One of the elongated incisor or canine teeth of the wild boar, elephant, etc.; hence, any long, protruding tooth. 3. a long pointed tooth specialized for fighting or digging; especially in an elephant or walrus or hog. 4. tooth-shell, or dentalium; -- called also tusk-shell.
Tusk vbTo stab or pierce with a horn or tusk; to horn. 2. remove the tusks of animals. 3. to bare or gnash the teeth.
Tusked adjHaving tusks; armed with tusks.
Tusker nAn animal, such as an bull elephant or a boar, with large tusks.
Tuskless adjHaving no, or devoid of, tusks.
Tusk-like adjResembling a tusk or some aspect of one.
Tusk-nail nSame as skew-nailing. Two nails driven at opposite angles to increase the holding power.
Tuskwise advIn the manner of tusks.
Tusky adjHaving tusks, especially well developed ones.
Tussle vbTouse, tousle.
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