The Anglish Moot
Old English n English
Twain n Consisting of two parts or elements; double, a two-fold. 2. the abstract number two (in poetic usage). 3. in river navigation, two fathoms or twelve feet. 4. group of two, a pair or couple. 4. twins.
Twain vb To carve, cut, hew into two parts. 2. to separate, be separated part, put apart, divide into two, tweme, disunite, estrange, be at variance; to asunder.
Twain phr "East is East and West is West, and "Never the Twain Shall Meet" - the word twain is hardly ever used these days, so you're most likely to see it in an old book of poetry, or in the phrase "never the twain shall meet." This saying means that two people — or groups of people — are so unlike each other that they'll never manage to see things the same way.
Twain phr "In Twain" - in halves, in two, into two parts, asunder.
Tway-blade n A plant having or with two blades (tway-blade or twi-blade) or leaves springing from the root, such as the orchid family of Listeria and Liparis.
Twain-cloud(s) n A name for cumulostratus.
Tway n Two; a couple, a pair.
Tway phr "In Tway" - in two pieces or parts; in two.
Tway-biting n The action of cutting two-ways.
Tway-toothed adj Having two rows of teeth.
Tweak n An instance of tweaking.
Tweak vb To pinch and twist sharply; pull with a sharp jerk; twist. 2. make fine adjustment to a mechanism. (probably an alteration of dialect twick from Old English.
Tweaking n The act or action of pinching or twisting sharply.
Tweed n Scottish form of 'twill' - originally a misreading of tweel, scottish form of twill and influenced by association with River Tweed).
Tweedily adv (Of a garment) made of tweed cloth, tweedy. 2. habitually wearing tweed clothes. 3. of a robust traditional or rural character (by association with the country gentry who traditionally wear tweeds.
Tweediness n Made of or resembling tweed, as in texture, appearance, or the like. wearing or favoring tweeds, especially as a mark of a casual, sporty, or intellectual way of life, as at college or in the country: a tweedy sportswoman.
Tweeds n Clothes made of tweed, twill.
Tweedy adj Of or relating to tweed cloth. 2. tweedily.
Twelfth n Position 12 in a countable series of things. 2. one part in twelve equal parts; one-twelfth, twelfth part, duodecimal. 3. the quotient of a unit divided by twelve; one of twelve equal parts of one whole. 4. The next in order after the eleventh. 5. in music, an interval comprising an octave and a fifth
Twelfth adj Next in order after the eleventh; coming after eleven others; -the ordinal of twelve. 2. coming next after the eleventh and just before the thirteenth in position. 2. constituting, or being one of, twelve equal parts into which anything is divided.
Twelfth day n January 6th, the festival of the Epiphany, the twelfth day after Christmas. 2. also known as the Twelfth-tide.
Twelfthly adv In the twelth place; twelvth in a series.
Twelfthtide n The season including the Twelfth-night; the season of the Ephiphany; formerly the concluding part of Christmas holidays. 2. (archaic or obsolete) the season including Epiphany (the twelfth day after Christmas) and the evening of the preceding day (Twelfth Night), regarded as the end of the Christmas season; Epiphany itself
Twelve n One more than eleven; the product of two units and six units. 2. a symbol for this 12, X11. 3. a size etc denoted by 12. 4. twelve o'clock.
Twelve adj The maount of twelve.
Twelve men n "The Twelve Men" - a jury.
Twelve-fold adj Twelve times as great as or as much. 2. composed of twelve parts or division; of twelve kinds; twelve times in amount.
Twelvemonth n A period of twelve months; a year.
Twelve-monthly adv Yearly, annually.
Twelvepence n The monetary unit of twelve pence; twelve-pence.
Twelvepenny n Having a value or cost of twelve pence; twelve-penny.
Twelvescore n Two hundred and forty (twelve-score).
Twelve-stepper n A person who is or has been a participant in a twelve-step program to recover from addiction.
Twelve-year-old n A suffix (years-old) to indicate the age of something or someone.
Twelvish adj Of or about twelve years of age.
Tweme vb To separate into two; divide into two parts.
Twenties n Plural of twenty. 2. twenty dollar bills. 3. the decade of 1720s, 1820s, 1920s etc.
Twentieth n Position 20 in a countable series of things. 2. next in order after the nineteenth; tenth after the tenth; coming after nineteen others; -- the ordinal of twenty. 3. constituting, or being, one of twenty equal parts into which anything is divided. 4. the next in order after the nineteenth; one coming after nineteen others. 5. the quotient of a unit divided by twenty; one of twenty equal parts of one whole.
Twentieth adj Constituting, or being, one of twenty equal parts into which anything is divided. 2. coming next after the nineteenth in position.
Twenty n The product of two and ten. 2. a symbol for this XX. 3. the number from 20 to 29 , esp. the years of the century or or a person's life.
Twenty adj That amount to 20.
Twenty-fold n Two-fold; double.
Twentyish adv Of about twenty years of age
Twentyness n The property of being twenty in number.
Twenty-something n A person whose age is between twenty and twenty-nine years, inclusive of someone in his or her twenties.
Twenty-twenty n Denoting vision of normal acuity. 2. colloquial, denoting clear perception of hindsight.
Twenty-twenty hindsight n Colloquial, denoting clear perception of hindsight.
Twenty-winks n A very short sleep; one-half as along as forty winks.
Tweon vb To be doubtful, to doubt, to debate.
Twere vb Abbreviation of "It were" - it would be.
Twi prf OE: two-something twice.
Twi-bill n A kind of axe with two cutting edges. 2. a mattock, tubal, cleaver. 3. a reaping hook, pruning hook. 4. a double-bladed battle-axe, a weapon.
Twi-blade n Any of several orchids, of the genera Lipara and Listera, that have a pair of basal leaves (twayblade).
Twi-born adj That or who has experienced a second birth; born again; regenerated.
Twichild n One who is "twice a child" or in his second childhood. 2. an old man in his second childhood or dotage.
Twice adv Two times, as in succession: as write to me twice a week. 2. on two occasions; in two instances: I texted him twice. 3. in twofold quantity or degree; in double the amount or degree
Twice phr "Be Twice the Woman/Man (than someone is)" - be much better, more decent or moral, stronger than.
Twice phr "Once a Twice" - a few times, occasionally.
Twice phr "Once Bitten Twice Shy" - be extra cautious after having an unpleasant experience.
Twice phr "Think Twice" - consider carefully.
Twice phr "Twice Over" - not just once but twice.
Twice-told adj Counted or reckoned twice; twice as much as; twice in amount; two-fold in degree.
Twice-laid adj Made from the yarns of old or used rope.
Twice-weekly adv Occurring on two occasions each week.
Twi-wifing n Bigamy by a husband; twi-briding; twi-husbanding.
Twice-yearly adv Occurring on two occasions each year.
Twick vb To twitch. 2. to pull sharply or suddenly. (may be related to tweak).
Twi-fold adj Two-fold; double.
Twi-fold vb To fold in two or bend double.
Twi-foldly adv Two-fold or twice in amount.
Twi-forked adj Two-forked; bi-forked.
Twig n A small branch or division of a branch (especially a terminal division); usually applied to branches of the current or preceding year; branchlet, sprig. 2. a small shoot or branch of a tree or other plant, of no definite length or size.
Twig vb To branch out in a twiglike manner; such as a the lightning bolt twigged in several directions. 2. to twitch; to pull; to tweak. (obs).
Twig phr "Hop the Twig" - to die; pass away.
Twigged adj Like or abounding in twigs.
Twiggen adj Made of twigs or wickerwork.
Twiggy adj Like a twig; slender as a shoot of a branch made of twigs. 2. like wickerwork. 3. full or abounding in twigs; bushy, scrubby.
Twigginess n The condition or state of being twiggy, like a twig, or slender.
Twigless adj Lacking in twigs.
Twiglike adj Resembling a twig or twigs.
Twigsnake n A venomous snake of the genus Thelotornis.
Twigsome adj Full of twigs; twiggy.
Twi-headed adj Having two heads; two-headed.
Twile-hole n A hole left in the centre of a wattle hurdle for the insertion of a pole on which several hurdles may be carried simultaneously.
Twilight n The time of day immediately following sunset; dusk, gloaming, gloam, nightfall, evenfall, fall, crepuscule, crepuscle. 2. the diffused light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon but its rays are refracted by the atmosphere of the earth. 3. a condition of decline following successes; in the twilight of one's years. 4. the light perceived before the rising, and after the setting, of the sun, or when the sun is less than 18[deg] below the horizon, occasioned by the illumination of the earth's atmosphere by the direct rays of the sun and their reflection on the earth. 5. faint light; a dubious or uncertain medium through which anything is viewed
Twilight adj Seen or done by twilight. 2. imperfectly illuminated; shaded; obscure. 2. lighted by or as if by twilight; as the twilight glow of the sky; dusky. twilit.
Twilight vb To light imperfectly or dimly.
Twilight phr "In One's Twilight Years" - the last years of someone's life:
Twilight phr "Twilight of the Gods" - the titanic battle in which the gods and the giants destroyed each other. 2. in Norse mythology, the twilight of the gods, and the doomsday of the world, preceding the regeneration.
Twilighted adj Partly illuminated.
Twilight home n A home for old people; a geriatric institution; a nursing home.
Twilight-housing n Housing for special need persons; esp; retirement homes, nursing homes and geriatric institutions.
Twilighting n The act of relaxing; the state or condition of enjoying one’s surroundings; the state of reminiscing about the past; or thinking about someone; a revere with one lost in thought (or lack there of); absorbing-state (figuratively); a deep state of reflection.
Twilightish adj Resembling twilight; crepuscular.
Twilightless adj Devoid or having no twilight.
Twilight shift n Shift work between the day shift and the night shift.
Twilight-sleep n A state induced by pain-killing and sleep-inducing medication to alleviate or mitigate the suffering of people during a moribund state. 2. a state of partial narcosis; esp. to ease the pain of childbirth. 3. the between-light.
Twilight-world n A shadowy region. 2. a world characterised by uncertainty, obscurity or decline. 3. the world which comes to light after sunset; characterized by merry-making or criminal activity.
Twilighty adj Resembling twilight.
Twilight-years n The last years of someone's life: Old people often rely on pets for comfort and companionship in their twilight years. 2. of the elderly: a ripe old age idiom. aged.
Twilit vb Lit by twilight.
Twill n A woolen fabric or cloth having parallel lines, ribs or ridges; a fabric woven with a twill (tweed). 2. a weave used to produce the effect of parallel diagonal ribs. 3. appearance of diagonal lines or ribs produced in textile fabrics by causing the weft threads to pass over one and under two, or over one and under three or more, warp threads, instead of over one and under the next in regular succession, as in plain weaving. 4. tweed, braid, crimp, dog-ear, double, enfold, entwine, fold, fold over, frill, gather, infold, intertwist, knit, lace, lap over, loop, mat, net, noose, pleat, quill, raddle, tuck, twine, twist, wattle, weave, web, wreathe.
Twill vb Weave diagonal lines into (textiles). 2. to weave, as cloth, so as to produce the appearance of diagonal lines or ribs on the surf
Twilled adj Woven so as to produce a diagonal rib or line, ribbed or ridged.
Twilling n Twilled fabric or pattern; produces this.
Twilly adj Having twills or pertaining to twilly cloth or garments.
Twi-minded adj Having two minds about something; considering if, or thought in two aspects. 2. in a dilemma.
Twin adj Being two identical; duplicate, matching, twinned.
Twin n Either of two offspring born at the same time from the same pregnancy.

2. in astrology, a person who is born while the sun is in Gemini. 3. a duplicate copy; counterpart, similitude.

Twin vb To duplicate, match, or parallel. 2. to bring two objects, ideas, or people together; match, mate, couple, pair. 3. grow as twins. 4. to give birth to twins. 5. to bring forth twins. 6. to be born at the same birth. 7. to cause to be twins, or like twins in any way. 8. to separate into two parts; to part; to divide; hence, to remove; also, to strip; to rob.
Twin vb To put asunder (properly). 2. two things or persons; or one from the other. 3. to separate, disjoin, disunite, sunder, sever, part, divide. 4. to deliver, set free, to distinguish. 5. to divide, shart, part with. 6. to deprive of. 7. of persons or things- to go asunder; to separate, put apart. 8. to depart, go away, to go, proceed, escape, get free;. to depart from a place or thing, "Ere that we farther twin." --Chaucer.
Twin phr "Twin From" - to separate oneself from; to part from; take leave of; to deprive oneself of; to give up.
Twin phr "Twin With" - to part with, to take leave, to deprive oneself; give up. 2. to break asunder; burst; cleave in, twain.
Twin-bed n Each of a pair of a single bed.
Twinberry n U.S. name for the Gaultheria procumbens, checkerberry, partridge-berry or winter-green.
Twinborn adj Born, or brough forth, at the same birth. 2. born as a twin or twins.
Twin-brother n A brother who is one's twin.
Twind vb Variant of "Twine" - to twist, twine, wind, turn. 2. to become entangled or knotted. 3. of an arrow; part from the bow.
Twindle vb To bring forth or bear twins.
Twine n Division, separation, disunuion. 2. a twined or twisted object or part. 3. a fold, coil, convulsion. 4. a twist or turn in the the course of a thing. 5. a tangle, knot, snarl. 6. an embrace, a clasp. 7. a turn of fortune; vicissitude. 8. of a line: a spiral; a helical.
Twine vb Coil or wind around. 2. grow in a winding way.
Twine-box n A twine-holder: a box with a hole in the lid through which twine is unwound from a ball inside.
Twined adj Divided, separate; disuniting. 2. twisted. 3. folded, coiled, convulsed. 4. tangled, knotted, snarled. 5. embracing, clasping. 6. vicissitudinal. 7, spiralling, helical.
Twined adj Of two born at one birth. 2. intimately joined or united; as two things: coupled (usu. also implying close similarity.) 3.
Twine-less adj Destitute of twine; having no twine.
Twiner n Any plant which twines around a support.
Twine-thread n A twisted or double-spun thread; also collectively cord, twine.
Twinge n The act of pinching, wringing, tweaking, twitching, tweaking, twisting, turning. 2. smarting, tingling, irritation. 3. pain very sharp often wringing; often a local momentarily pain; esp. applied to that of gout or rheumatism. 4. an after-twinge of the body or mind. 5. prick or twinge of conscience; sometimes stimulating pride. 6. a sharp mental pain; a pang of shame, remorse, sorrow or the like. 7. a nip of cold. 8. an earwig.
Twinge vb To pinch, wringe, tweak, twinge. 2. to cause to smart, tingle, irritate affect (the body or mind) with a twinge or sharp pain; to prick the conscience. 3. to experience a twinge or pinching.
Twinger n One who twinges, irritates, pricks the conscience of others.
Twinging n The feeling of smarting, tingling, pricking and irritatingly affecting (the body or mind) with a twinge or sharp pain.
Twingy adj Twinging pain, irritating, pain, tingling, pricking.
Twi-night n A game of baseball or cricket etc., which begins in the afternoon and continues into the night under or with artificial lighting.
Twi-nighter n A game of baseball or cricket etc., which begins in the afternoon and continues into the night under or with artificial lighting.
Twining n Twisting, spinning, winding, embracing, writhing. winding, coiling, withing etc. spec, of a plant growing spirally around a support.
Twining adj Winding, coiling, twisting etc. spec, of a plant growing spirally around a support.
Twiningly adv In a twining manner.
Twin-kind adj Of two kinds, two-fold, double.
Twinkle n A rapid change in brightness; a brief spark or flash; scintillation, sparkling; anything which emits a transient or faint radiance, esp. applied to the eyes. 2. merriment expressed by a brightness, gleam or animation of countenance; light. 3. a closing or opening, or a quick motion, of the eye; a wink or sparkle of the eye; the time of a wink, a blink. 4. a brief flash or gleam, esp. when rapidly repeated. 5. a young sexually attractive female.
Twinkle vb Gleam or glow intermittently; flash, blink, wink, winkle. 2. emit or reflect light in a flickering manner; winkle, scintillate. 3. to open and shut the eye rapidly; to blink; to wink. 4. to shine with an intermittent or a broken, quavering light; to flash at intervals; to sparkle; to scintillate.
Twinkler n One who winks; a winkle.
Twinkle-toes n One very light and nimble on his or her toes; an accomplished dancer.
Twinkling n The action of shining with tremulous or faint radiance, scintillation, glimmering (also transfig. & fig.) 2. the action of or act of winking or nictation. 2. time taken in the winkling of an eye; a very brief moment or an instance.
Twinkling phr "In the Twinkling of an Eye" - in an instant, moment. Also: "In a twinkling of an eye; "All in a twinkling"; "At a twinkling."
Twinkingly adv In a twinkling manner: shiningly, glimmeringly, scintillationly.
Twinkly adv That twinkles.
Twinkly adj That twinkles.
Twinleaf n A small perennial herb (Jeffersonia diphyllia).
Twin-lepy adj After "Onlepi/ Onlepy"- twofold, double; two only.
Twinless adj Not having or lacking twins.
Twin-light n Twilight, dusk, the crespular.
Twin-like adj Resembling or characteristic of a twin or twins.
Twinling n A twin.
Twinly adj To an equal extent; in an identical degree; doubly.
Twinned adj Paired; coupled, joined together.
Twinner n One who gives birth to twins. 2. of an animal, a breeder of twins.
Twinning n The action of parting or separation.
Twin-room n A room, especially in a hotel, that has two single rooms.
Twinship n The condition of being a twin or a twin. 2. relations of a twin or twins.
Twin-sisterhood n The relationship of twin sisters.
Twin-soul n Kindred spirits, soul mates.
Twin-spreche n "Twin-speak" - double or deceitful speech.
Twin steamer n A double-hulled vessel with a paddle between.
Twinter n Of two winters; a period of two winters. 2. a two year-old (said of cattle, horse and sheep)
Twins n "The Twins" - the constellation "Gemini"
Twin-towns n One of a pair of towns (usu. in different countries)that have established official links. 2. of a city, town linked with another (in a different country) for the purpose of friendship and cultural exchange.
Twiny adj Of the nature of twine.
Twirede adj Of or in two minds or counsel: undecided, irresolute, not unanimous.
Twirl n A rapid rotary motion; a flourish. ????/
Twirl vb To turn around rapidly.
Twirl phr "Twirl One's Thumbs" - have nothing to do.????
Twissel n O.E. meanings include: forked, double, confluence, junction. 2. twofold. 3. a double fruit or a pair of like things growing on a tree.
Twist n A twisting force. 2. anything twisted, or the act of twisting. 3. degree of stress or strain when twisted. 4. type of thread. 5. sliver of lemon peel. 6. sudden bend (or short series of bends) in a road, path, etc distortion to the meaning of a word or passage. 7. unexpected turn in a story, tale, etc

type of dance. 8. rotation of the body when diving. 9. sprain, especially to the ankle. 10. slang: girl, woman. 11. roll of twisted dough, baked. 12. material for gun barrels. 13. spiral course of the rifling of a gun barrel or a cannon. 14. beverage made of brandy and gin. 15. strong individual tendency.

Twist vb To turn the ends in opposite directions. 2. to join together by twining. 3. to turn a knob etc. 4. to distort or change the truth or meaning. 5. to wind, to follow a wavy course. 6. to form a twist (in any of the above meanings). 7. to injure (a body part) by bending it in the wrong direction.
Twist phr "Twist off" - remove by turning, as the top of a bottle.
Twist phr "Twist in the Wind" - to be left in the state of suspense or uncertainty.
Twist phr "Twist Someone's Arm" - to put pressure on someone into doing something that which they are reluctant to do.
Twist phr "Twist the Knife" - to deliberately do or say something to worsen a situation or increase a person's distress, irritation or anger.
Twist phr "Twist Up" - contort, distort (in pain, disgust, contempt, envy etc).
Twist-bit n A brace bit that allows for a claen accurate boring.
Twisted adj Forced out of the natural or proper shape; crumpled. 2. injure by wrenching; sprained. 3. of a personality or way of thinking unpleasantly or unhealthily abnormal; warped. 4. in a twisted or crumpled mass.
Twistedly adv In a twisted or crumpled mass.
Twistedness n In a twisted state or condition.
Twister n A swindler, dishonest person. 2. a tornado.
Twist-free adj Free or without twists or turns; straight.
Twistily adv In a twisty manner, characterized by many twists, bends or turns.
Twistless adj Producing or having no (or very little)twist.
Twists-and-turns n Various and confusing tactics intended to achieve or evade something (often with delaying or deceit).
Twist-tie n A small piece of plastic-covered wire to be twisted around the neck of a plastic bag as a closure.
Twisty adj Not arranged or moving in a straight line; winding, bending.
Twit n A reproach or a taunt, usually good-humored.
Twit vb To reproach, blame, or taunt.
Twitted adj Taunted.
Twitch n Sudden muscle spasm; especially one caused by a nervous condition; vellication. 2. the act of twitching; a pull with a jerk; a short, sudden, quick pull; as, a twitch by the sleeve. 3. a short, spastic contraction of the fibers or muscles; a simple muscular contraction; as, convulsive twitches; a twitch in the side.
Twitch vb To snatch by way of robbery or theft. 2. to pinch and pull at with pincers or the like; to nip; to hurt or pain by doing this. 3. of a nerve: to twinge, shoot. 4. to go with a sudden swift motion; to dart, shoot. 5. make an uncontrolled, short, jerky motion. 6. move with abrupt, sudden motion, seemingly uncontrolled motions; jerk. 7. toss with a sharp movement so as to cause to turn over in the air; flip. 8. squeeze tightly between the fingers; squeeze, twinge, tweet, nip, twitch. To pull with a sudden jerk; to pluck with a short, quick motion; to snatch; as, to twitch one by the sleeve; to twitch a thing out of another's hand; to twitch off clusters of grapes.
Twitch phr "At a Twitch" - in a moment; without delay.
Twitch-bell n An earwig.
Twitched adj Irritable, rattled.
Twitchel n A fork in a road; a forked way. 2. a narrow passage between walls or hedges. 3. a noose.
Twitcher n A bird-watcher whose main aim is to collect and report sightings of rare birds.
Twitchily adv In a manner of twitching
Twitchiness n State or condition of nervousness, fidgetness, irritability.
Twitching n The involuntary action of twitching. 2. jerking, plucking, nipping, convulsing, or spasmodic movement.
Twitch-up n A pegged down snare attached to an elastic sapling or the like, which springs up and strangles the game when sprung. 2. a noose, loop. 3. a place in or part of a vein where it is compressed or narrows. 4. a small lock of wool or flax twisted around the forefinger of the left hand in spinning. 5. forceps, tweezers.
Twitch-up vb To hang.
Twitchy adj Characterized by twitching, having a tendency to twitch; also nervous, fidgety, irritable; also said of a smile.
Twi-thought n An indistinct or vague thought.
Twi-tongued adj Having two tongues; double-tongued; two-tongued and (by extension) deceitful.
Twitten n A narrow passage between two walls or hedges; a laneway.
Twitter vb To upbraid, rebuke.
Twixt prp Aphetic form of betwixt (preposition or adverb).
Twixten a Between.
Twizeled adj Forked (?)
Two adj Being one more than one.
Two n The cardinal number that is the sum of one and one or a numeral representing this number. 2. one of the four playing cards in a deck that have two spots; deuce. 3. one or two, a phrase often used indefinitely for a small number. 4. the sum of one and one; the number next greater than one, and next less than three; two units or objects. 5. a symbol representing two units. 6. in two, asunder; into two parts; in halves; in twain; as, cut in two.
Two phr "Be In Two Minds" - be undecided between two alternatives.
Two phr "Be a Two-edged Sword" - to involve both advantages and disadvantages of similar significance.
Two phr "For Two Pins I Would Do So-and-so" - my tolerance is almost exhausted and i am very tempted to do so-and-so.
Two phr "Have Two Left Feet" - clumsy, awkward
Two phr "Have Two Strings to One's Bow" - have two means to solve problems; be multi-skilled.
Two phr "In Two" - in or in two pieces; bisected.
Two phr "In Two Shakes" - immediately, in a moment, split second.
Two phr "In Two Twos" - in a very short time; directly, immediately.
Two phr "Knock Two Heads Together" - to make two persons come to their senses and deal with each other.
Two phr "Life's a Two-way Street" - fig. life requires mutual action.
Two phr "Put Two and Two Together" - deduce.
Two phr "That Makes Two of Us" - that is true of me also.
Two phr "Throw In Somebody's Twopence Worth" - to modestly supply one's own facts or views.
Two phr "Two and Two Make Four" - someone or a situation is a matter of fact; a self-evident proposition.
Two phr "Two A Penny" - also worthless, be easily obtained.
Two phr "Two By Two" - in pairs.
Two phr "Two Can Live As Cheaply As One" - an argument put forth in favor of two people living together (esp. from a man point of view when women were presumed not to be wage earners).
Two phr "Two Can Play that Game" - another person's behavior can be copied to that person's disadvantage.
Two phr "Two Fat Ladies" - in the game of bingo, a traditional call for the number eighty-eight (88).
Two phr "Two Fingers Up" - a gesture of contempt.
Two phr "Two Heads Are Better Than One" - some problems may be solved more easily by two (or more) people working together than by one working alone.
Two phr "Two Men and a Dog" - very few people.
Two phr "Two of a Kind" - two persons or things that are similar.
Two phr "Two Thumbs Up" - of the gesture of putting up two thumbs instead just one; as a hand gesture indicating strong approval.
Two phr "Two-time Somebody" - deceive one's (sexual) partner by simultaneously having a sexual relationship with someone else.
Two phr "Two Up Two Down" - a house with two reception rooms downstairs and two bedrooms upstairs.
Two phr "Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right" - the fact that someone has done something unjust or dishonest is no justification for acting in a similar way.
Two phr "Two Wrongs Make a Right" - in logic, ethics: a logical fallacy whereby a wrongful action is justified by the commission of another.
Two phr "Where Two or Three Are Gathered Together" - where there is a group (hover small) that is united in felowship, interest or a commom goal.
Two-at-a-length n Tandem
Two-bit adj Cheap, petty.
Two-bolt lock n One combining latch and lock. The former is operated by a knob and spindle or by a slide, and the latter by a key.
Two-by-four n A piece of timber measuring two inches by four inches by finishing; much used in building.
Two-by-four adj Measuring two inches by four inches. 2. of trifling size or significance; narrow or limited.
Two-edged adj Double-edged; having two sharp edges on each sides as a sword; cutting both ways. 2. (fig.) ambiguous, having two meanings one of which might be regarded as uncomplimentary.
Two-fisted adj Tough, aggressive, or vigorous drinker. 2. a person clutching a drink in each handle.
Two-fisted drinker n Someone who can handle their liquor well
Two-fold adj Double; consisting of two strands or threads twisted into one.
Two-fold adv In a two-fold manner or degree; doubly.
Two-foldedness n State or quality of being two-fold.
Two-foldly adj In a two fold manner; doubly.
Two-footed adj Having the ability to do or perform feats with both feet, such as footballer who can kick the ball equally well with either foot. 2. a bipedal; two-legged
Two-handed adj Ambidextrous. 2. having two hands. 3. constructed for use with two persons; requiring two hands or two players.
Two-handed saw n A large saw with a handle at each end and operated by two men for cross-cutting stuff of large section.
Two-headed adj Having two heads or faces on one body. 2. directed by two bosses or chiefs; existing under two coordinated authorities.
Two-hearted adj Deceitful, deceptive, untrustworthy.
Two hundred n The cardinal number occurring after after one hundred and ninety-nine and two hundred and one.
Two-income adj Receiving two incomes or wages. 2. a two income family with both partners receiving an income.
Two-ish adj Any time close to two o'clock.
Two-lipped adj Bi-labial.
Two-lofted adj Two-storied, two-tier, two etaged.
Two-ness n The fact or state of being two. 2. duality; doubleness.
Two-penn'orth n As much as its worth or costs twopence. 2. a paltry or insignificant.
Twopenny adj Costing two pence, esp. before decimalization. 2. cheap, worthless.
Twopenny-halfpenny adj Cheap, insignificant.
Twos vb To keep company with a person of the opposite sex.
Two-score n Forty.
Two-sea'd adj Situated between two seas; bismaris.
Two-seater n Vehicle or aircraft with two seats. 2. a sofa, etc for two people.
Two shot n A film, a scene shot in the camera positioned to observe two actors.
Two-sided adj Bilateral; two-sideness. 2. fig. having two parts or aspects.
Twosing n Companionship with a person of the opposite sex. 2. a couple; an item; a duo.
Twosing vb To keep company with a person of the opposite sex. 2. to date, partner, accompany
Twosome n Two persons together. 2. two in company. 3. a pair of lovers. 4. a dance, game etc for two persons. 5. something performed by two persons together.
Two-speed adj Adapted for two speeds.
Two-start phr In(mathematics, in two dimensions) - describing a double spiral that starts at the origin and divides the plane into two. 2. (mathematics, in three dimensions) - describing a construction of two helices that wrap around the same cylinder; if infinite, would divide the surface of the cylinder into two
Two-step n a round dance with a sliding step in march or polka time.
Two-stroke phr Denoting an internal combustion engine making one explosion of every two piston-strokes, used esp in motorcycles.
Two-thirds n Being two thirds of the usual dimension.
Two time vb To act or be unfaithful or double-cross one to whom loyalty is owed, especially in love.
Two-timer n One who double-crosses or is unfaithful to someone they owed loyalty to, especially in love.
Two-timing n The act or action of deceiving a person, esp. one whom loyalty is owed to, especially in love. 2. the act of unfaithfulness of a spouse or lover; by double-crossing or betraying the trust of a spouse or partner by simultaneously having a sexual relationship with some else other than your spouse or partner.
Two-tongued adj Hypocritical; double-tongued; twi-tongued.
Two twos adv In a very short time; directly; immediately.
Two-up n An Australian game of chance, where two coins are simultaneously tossed into the air and bets or wagers are placed on certain outcomes.
Two-way adj Supported by both sides; "a two-way treaty" :bipartisan, two-party, 2. involving two parts or elements. 3. operating or permitting operation in either of two opposite directions. 4.serving to connect at will one pipe or channel with either of two others; as, a two-way cock.
Two-way cock n A tap allowing fliud to run in either of two channels.
Two-way street n Occuring or existing in two directions; reciprocal. 2. fig. a situation of mutual action. 3. something that works in both ways.
Two-wheeler n A vehicle with two wheels.
Ty sfx The final suffix of the "Tens" in the numbers: "Twenty, thirty, forty etc."