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|Umbego ||vb||To go around, to encircle, to surround with something.
|Umbego ||vb||To go around, to encircle, to surround with something.
|Um-be-grip ||vb||To sieze or grip round.
|Um-be-set ||vb||To beset on every side.
|Um-be-set ||vb||To beset on every side.

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UmpfxThis prefix was once as common to English as it still is to German verbs and was a prefix in many ME. verbs ("ymb"; umb; umbe) meaning "around", around" "about", as umstand to stand round, guard; umbeset to beset, surround, best on every side; umbego to go around, encircle, UMBETHINK. Um is a reduced form of umb- was ad. ON, umb, corresponding to OE ymb, ymbe, prefix, ymbe prep. umbe- repr. OE. ymbe is partly an extension of umb partly a combination of um- with "be-", Latin ambi is a cognate.
Umbeclead vbTo clothe, wrap up, swathe
Umbeclip vbTo surround, encircle, clutch, hug, grip around, embrace, clasp around.
Umbedelve vbDig around
Umbegang vbTo surround, go around.
Umbego vbTo go around, to encircle, to surround with something.
Um-be-grip vbTo sieze or grip round.
Um-be-set vbTo beset on every side.
Umbeshadow vbTo shade around.
UmbeshearvbTo circumcise.
Umbestound advAt times, sometimes, after a short time; umbestoundingly.
Umbethink vbTo think about, to think about oneself, consider, remember, to call to mind. Also: "Um-be-thinke" - to bethink one's self of all surroundings (or circumstances), to remember.
Umbethinking nConsideration, recollection, recalling, reflection.
Umbeweave vbTo wrap around.
Umbewhile advAfter a time, at times, sometimes.
Umest adjOf clothes: uppermost or outermost, applied to the coverlet of a bed, claimed by the priest as requisite on the death of a parishioner. 2. of things or places: lying highest or uppermost. 3. most important or prominent.
Umgamg nCircuit, circumference.
Umgo vbTo go around, encompass.
Umset vbTo invest, surround.
Umstroke nCircumference, edge.
Umthink vbTo think, consider, reflect.
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