Old English n Modern English
Unaddled adjUnearned.  2. not putrid or rotten.
Unailing adjFree from disease.
Unaffeared adjUnafraid, afeared.
Unakinned adjNot related, for reasons not unakinned or related to each other.
Unalike advDifferently; not the same; not alike.
Unalive adjNot fully susceptible or awake to something. 2. lack in vitality; not living (fig).
Unanemned adjIndescribable, unnamed.
Unaneled adjNot having or without receiving extreme unction; unanointed
Unanswered adjNot having received received an answer.
Unarm vbTo disarm; deprive of weapons.
Unarmed adjNot armed; without weapons; defensiveless. 2. having no sharp, hard projections, or spines, prickles, plates; said of plants or animals.
Unashamed adjUsed of persons or their behaviour; feeling no shame, brazen, forward, unabashed, unblushing, unrueful, unsorrowful.
Unashamedly advWithout shame, shamelessly, barefacely, brashly, flagrantly, improperly without qualm, unruefully, unbearing, unrespectful.
Unasked adjUninvited, without being asked. 2. not requested or intreated. 3. not asked for; not made the subject of a request.
Unasked-for adjNot sought or requested.
Unasking adjWithout asking for; unrequesting; unsolicitious.
UnawakenedadjDull in senses, obtuse, unalert, dormant, slumbered.
Unawakening adjPermanently sleeping; death, as in awakening sleep.
Unaware advNot aware of; not cognizant, ignorance. 2. blind to the consequences; reckless.
Unawareness nState or condition of being unaware, not with cognizance, unconscious of.
Unawares advWithout being aware, not aware, ignorant, not cognizant, take unawares, unconsciously, inadvertently; recklessly, lacking caution, unwary. 2. without being noticed, unobserved. 3. "unawares to" -- without the knowledge of; unperceived by. 4. without warning unexpectedly. 5. unknown, inexperience.
Unawares phr"At Unawares" - by surprise.
Unawares phr"Unawares to" -- without the knowledge of; unperceived by.
Unawed adjNot inspired by awe or awestruck. 2. not impressed.
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