Old English n Modern English
Unbacked adjOf horses: unmounted; untrained. 2. not backed or supported, not endorsed. 3. not furnished with a back or backing. 4. not backed by betting. 5. (fig.) unsupported.
Unbaked adjOf tiles, not baked in a kiln; not exposed to heat. 2. of bread, not prepared by heating. 3. fig. left in an unfinished or immature state; inchoate.
Unbaleful adjHarmless, not evil, unwoeful. 2. good, not wicked, unwicked.
Unbare vbTo uncover, strip, lay bare. 2. expose to view.
Unbathed adjUnwashed, unclean, dirty. 2. not bathed, dry.
Unbe vbNot to be; to be non-existent. 2. to make non-existent. 2. to deprive of being.
Unbeamed adjUnplanked; without supporting beams, devoid of trees. 2. without shafts of light, darkish, lightless.
Unbear vbNot able to withstand, endure or tolerate. 2. to loosen the bearing rein on a horse.
Unbear adjImpatient, intolerant.
Unbearded adjThat which is without a beard; clean-shaven. 2. of persons, not having a beard; clean-shaven. 3. of plants, not furnished with a bristles or hairy tufts, awnless.
Unbearing adjInfertile, unproductive, barren.
Unbeaten adjNot beaten or struck; not pounded; not broken up or soften by pounding. 2. not subdued or beaten down or trodden down. 3. not conquered or defeated. 4. not suffered defeat on the sporting field. 6. not scoured for game during a hunt.
Unbecome vbTo fail to become or suit. 2. to be unbecoming.
Unbecomed adjUnadorned, simple and plain,
Unbecomely advUnsuitably. 2. not becoming or befitting, unsuitable, improper, unworthy.
Unbecoming ppNot becoming, unsuitable; improper.
Unbecomingly advIn a manner or way unsuitable, improper, unbefittingly.
Unbecomingness nThe state or quality of unsuitability, impropriety, unfitness.
Unbedewed adjSoftened by the settling dew of morning.
Unbedimmed adjNot in any way bright or light, darkish or darkening.
Unbefitting adjNot suitable, proper or becoming.
Unbefittingness nThe state or condition of being unsuitable, improper, unfit.
Unbefriended adjWithout friends; friendless; all alone.
Unbeget vbTo annul or undo the begetting of.
Unbeginning nHaving no beginning or commencement; without beginning.
Unbeginngness nThe state or quality of having no beginning or commencement.
Unbegirt vbTo uncover or unsurround.
Unbegotten adjUngenerated, unborn, without beginning. 2. not yet begotten. 3. of God, existing independent of natural causes; eternal.
Unbegraved adjUnburied, uninterred, unentombed.
Unbegun adjThat had no beginning or ever-existed. 2. not yet begun, not commence or started; without beginning..
Unbeheld adjNot yet or unconceived in the mind, as the unbeheld splendour of heaven. 2. unseen or unimagined.
Unbeheve adjDisadvantageous, unprofitable.
Unbeholding adjNot obligated or beholding to another.
Unbeholdness nState or condition of not being under obligation to another.
Unbehoving adjNot requiring or needful of one's action in a matter.
Unbeing nThe state of absence, non-existence or the lack of being
Unbekend adjUnknown.
Unbeknown adjNot known; without the knowledge of. 2. lying outside of one's knowledge or acquaintance. 3. without knowledge of.
Unbelie vbTo not be false or tell a lie.
Unbelief nIn matters of religion: absence or lack of religious belief; disbelief, incredulity.
Un-belief-ful adjUnbelieving, wanting in belief, incredible.
Un-belief-fulness nUnbelievableness; state or condition of total belief in religion.
Unbelieve vbTo disbelieve, to give up belief in; discard or abandon belief.
Unbelieved adjDisbelieved; not believed; disbelieving.
Unbeliever nOne who withholds belief. 2. one who has no faith. 3. one having a religion different from that of the speaker or writer.
Unbelieving nThe action of not believing; disbelief; an instance of disbelief.
Unbelieving adjNot giving to or having belief in, esp. in religious matters or belief; incredulous, perfidious.
Unbelievingness nState or quality of not being.
Unbeloved adj"The Unbeloved" - not loved, unloved, liked or adored. 2. scorned and rejected, not beloved of a woman or women.
Unbelt vbTo ungird. 2. to detach or remove a sword by unfastening the belt.
Unbelted adjWithout a belt; not wearing a belt or a seat belt in a motor vehicle.
Unbend vbTo release or relax a bow from tension. 2. to uncock a firearm. 3. to unstring something. 4. to slacken or weaken; give relaxation to. 5. free from serious occupation. 6. unfasten, untie, undo a cable, line etc. 7. to allow or cause (the brow) to relax from a serious, severe or frowning aspect. 8. to straighten from a bent or curved position; to unfold. 9. to abandon an effort or attempt to free oneself from constraint or ceremony; to do in an unconstrained or genial manner, to relax one's seriousness or severity. 10. to alter from a bend or curve; to become straight or less curved.
Unbended adjA relaxed, not curved or bent position. 2. free from serious or severe state.
Unbending adjIncapable of adapting or changing to meet circumstances; as an

unbending will, inflexible, rigid. 2. not bending; not suffering flexure; not yielding to pressure; stiff; -- applied to material things. 3. unyielding in will; not subject to persuasion or influence; inflexible; resolute; -- applied to persons.4. unyielding in nature; unchangeable; fixed; -- applied to abstract ideas; as, unbending truths. 5. devoted to relaxation or amusement.

Unbendingness nThe state or quality of being unbending; unyielding; inflexible, rigid, resolute, fixed, unchangeable.
Unbe-ness nNon-existence; the state of non-existence.
Unbenight vbTo free from night, darkness or obscurity.
Unbenighted adjNot benighted. 2. enlightened intellectually or morally.
Unbent adjNot bowed or curved; straightened; free from bending. 2. released from a bent state like a bow. 3. not wrinkled or knit. 4. not subdued or subservient.
Unbequeathed adjNot uttered, declared, assigned (property) by will.
Unbereaved adjNot suffering the pain of bereavement.
Unbereft adjOld English bereafian "to deprive of, take away, seize, rob," from be + reafian "rob, plunder," Since mid-17c., mostly in reference to life, hope, loved ones, and other immaterial possessions. Past tense "bereft" now applies to circumstances.
Unberried ppOf peas: shelled; of currants: stripped from stalks; of fruits: plucked.
Unberthed adjUnboarded. 2. not yet reaching it's destination or moorings.
Unbeseen adjUnobserved, secretly. 2. unprovided, destitute, devoid of.
Un-be-seen-nessnHeedlessness; want of any care.
Unbeset adjUnbestowed or unapportioned.
Unbeset vbTo free from dullness or stupidity.
Unbesought adjNot ardently sought out, desired or pursued.
Unbespeak vbTo countermand; to cancel an order, booking or request for a service etc.
Unbespoken adjNot yet ordered, arranged, or engaged.
Unbestowed adjNot yet bestowed or given; or yet to be bestowed or given.
Unbet adjOE: ungebet: unamended; unchanged, staying as is.
Unbeteared adjWithout or devoid of tears.
Unbethought adjUnpremeditated; without pretext; unintentiontally; unexpectedly. 2. unthought of; unrealized.
Unbetide vbTo fail to happen; not occurring, not eventuating.
Unbetoken vbTo not be a signal for or a symptom of; to not indicate, or point to. 2. not to indicate by signs; not bode, not portend, not omen, not presage, not foreshadow, not augur, not foretell, not forecast or predict. 3. to not signify by some visible object; to not show by signs or tokens. 4. to not foreshow by present signs; to not indicate something future by that which is seen or known.
Unbethrothe vbTo no promise to take in marriage; to uninengage, to unplight. 2. to end or revoke the contract to any one for a marriage; to un-inengage or break or end the promise of marriage. 3. to no longer promise to take (as a future spouse); to end the plight of one's troth to. 4. to no longer nominate to a bishopric, in order to consecration.
Unbettered adjNot made better; not improved.
Unbeware advUnaware, unbewares, not alert to.
Unbewed adj Unmarried, nubile, unwed
Unbewilder vbNot make one bewilder; not bewildered.
Unbewitch vbTo deliver from witchcraft; see free from witchcraft. 2. to disenchant.
Unbidden adjNot invited; unpremeditated. 2. not spontaneous, not called forth.
Unbidden phr"Unbidden thoughts" - unspontaneous.
Unbind vbTo free from a bond, tie, make loose by unbonding a band; unfasten, untie or loosen; to open up or out; set free; detach. 2. free from sin ot its consequences; to absolve. 3. to set free, deliver, cure from sickness or trouble. 4. to make free, or release from legal restraint or obligation. 5. to give up an enterprise. 6. to restore personal liberty. 7. to clear of phlegm. 8. to dissolve, undo, destroy. 9. to aid the natural flux of the bowels.
UnbindingadjNot binding; esp. having no binding force, invalid. 2. loosening, dissolving.
Unbirthday nAny day but one's birthday.
Unbishop vbDeprive of the rank of bishop.
Unbitten adjNot bitten. 2. (slang) not enthusiastic; without enthusiasm.
Unbiwene adjUnexpected.
Unbleached adjNot bleached; having its natural color.
Unblenched adjNot dismayed.
Unbless vbState of being unblessed or loosing the blessing of God or some one dear to you.
Unblessed adjNot blessed, not validated, unendeared.
Unblighted adjNot affected by blight or anything that mars or prevents growth or prosperity; "unblighted towns and wicks". 2. not affected with blight; not preventing the growth and fertility of by blight. 2. that doesn't cause rot in or blast vegetables, or blights corn and fruit, and not injurious to man. 3. hence: not pernicious or destructive to the happiness of; does not ruin or blight man, animal or plant; unmarring; unfrustrating; as, unblightish to one's prospects.
Unblind vbTo be free from blindness.
Unbliss nUnhappiness, sadness, sorrow, without delight.
Unblissful adjDestitute of happiness; blissless; unhappy.
Unblissfully advUnhappily, sadfulnessly, sorrowfully, ungodly.
Unblithe adjUnhappy, sad, sorrowful, not delighted. 2. of things: unpleasant, disagreeable.
Unblithely advUnhappily, sadfully, sorrisome, undelightful, blissless.
Unbloodied adjNot smeared or stained in blood.
Unbloodily advIn a bloodless manner; in a way without shedding blood.
Unbloodiness nState or condition of being without blood or bloodness. 2. not having bloodthirsty ways.
Unbloody adjNot involving the shedding of blood. 2. unbloody grave: that of one who has not died by bloodshed. 3. having no blood, unbloodied. 4. not bloodthirsty; diverse to bloodshed.
Unblown adjNot driven or tossed by wind, as flower or blossom. 2. not blown out; not extinguished. 3. not sounded; noiseless, without din.
Unboden adjUninvited; unbidden, not provided with arms or weapons.
Unbodied adjFree from the body; disembodied. 2. having no body.
Unbodily adjIncorporeal.
Unbodiliness nState or condition of being free rom the body. 2. state or condition of bearing ethereal, formless, nonphysical, immaterial, spiritual.
Unboding adjUnpropitious, unpromising; not anticipated.
Unbody vbTo leave or quit the body; to be free from the body. 2. to disembody; to render amorphous.
Unbold adjLacking in boldness. 2. deficient in self-confidence or energy; timid, unbrave, undaring, undoughty, bashful, backward, slow.
Unboldness nThe state or quality of lacking self-confidence. 2. undaring, undoughty, bashful, unbrave.
Unbolt vbUnlock, open by sliding the bolt from the catch.
Unbolted adjNot fastened by bolts; not bolted.
Unbone vbTo unbend or straighten. 2. to remove the bone.
Unboned adjNot boned or bent; straight.
Unbooked adjNot entered, registered or recorded in book. 2. not book-learned; unread; uninformed.
Unbookish adjNot bookish or studious; free from bookishness and books.
Unbookishness nThe fact or state of not being studious or booked-learned; unbook-learned. 2. unread; uninformed.
Unboot? vbTo remove the boots from. 2. to take off one's boots.
Unborn adjNot yet born; future. 2. not carried or endured.
Unborrowed adjNot taken on pledge or credit.
Unbosom adjTo reveal something hidden or secret. 2. to relax or elease from one's embrace.
Unbosom phr"Unbosom Oneself" - reveal, disclose, one's secret thoughts, anxieties.
Unbottom vbTo divest of bottom, base or foundation. 2. fig. to deprive of support or stay. 3. to make unstable or unsettle.
Unbottomed adjBottomless; unfathomable. 2. unsupported; not founded on or in something. 4. deprived of a bottom or foundation.
Unbought vbTo not purchase or buy.
Unboughted adjUnpurchased; not bought. 2. unpunished.
Unboundness nThe state or condition unlimited by boundaries. 2. unlimitness, boundlessness.
Unbowed adjNot bowed, invincible, undaunted.
Unbowing adjUnbending, unyielding.
UnbowingnessnState or condition of being unyielding, unbending, inflexible.
Unbowsome adjUnyielding, stiff, inflexible, unable to bend or stoop.
Unbowsomeness nState or condition of being unyielding, unbending, inflexible; stiff.
Unbreathed adjNot breathed, hence not whispered or spoken; not communicated to another.
Unbraid vbTo unplait, unweave; separated. 2. to not move in a jerky or sudden movement
Unbranded adj(Of a product) not bearing a name. 2. (of livestock) - not branded with the owner's mark.
Unbreaking adjNot separating or breaking apart. 2. not as yet happening or occurring.
Unbreathe vbTo cease to breathe; to expire, die.
Unbreathed adjUnexercised, unpractised, unfit, unhealthy. 2. not having recovered breath, exhausted. 3. not uttered or whispered (as in speech)
Unbred adjNot properly brought up. 2. not imbued with good manners; unmannerly; ill-bred. 3. not trained in; not brought up to some occupation.
Unbreeched adjNot wearing breeches or trousers.
Unbriche adjUseless; unservicable.
Unbridle vbTo remove a harness from a horse. 2. to loosen a restraint (fig. and lit.)
Unbridged adjNot having or crossed by a bridge.
Unbroken adjOf compacts etc; not broken or infringed. 2. unviolated, inviolate. 3. of material things, not broken or fractured; intact, whole. 4. not crushed, humiliated, humbled or subdued. 5. not impaired or weakened. 6. of horses, not tamed or tractable. 7. of ground, not broken by plowing or digging. 8. not thrown in disorder. 9. not variegated.
Un-broken-ness nThe state or condition of being without a break or interruption; having no hiatus.
Unbrother vbTo deprive of, or be deprive of a brother through separation or death. 2. to deprive of the feeling of brotherhood.
Unbrotherliness nState or condition of not being brotherly or having the characteristics of a brother.
Unbrotherly advNot brotherly or characteristic of a brother. 2. in a manner or spirit befitting a brother.
Unbrought adjNot carried. 2. not brought forth or into.
Unbuild vbTo pull down, demolish, destroy a building or a structure.
Unbuilt adjNot yet built or erected. 2. made without buildings. 3. of land, not occupied with buildings; not built on or upon.
Unburden vbTo free from burden; to relieve.
Unburden phr"Unburden Oneself" - reveal to somebody one's anxieties, sorrows etc which are a burden to one's thoughts, or conscience.
Unburdensome adjRelieving someone or something of a burden.
Unburden-some-nessnThe state or condition of relieving someone or something of a burden.
Unburied adjNot buried, entombed or interred; uninterred.
Unburn vbTo restore from the effects of burning.
Unburning adjNot burning or scotching, as from a fire or sun: " the kind, unburning sun."
Unburnt pplNot burnt or consumed by fire. 2. not subjected to the action of fire for a specific purpose; esp. of bricks, clay, lime.
Unbury vbTo disinter, exhume, dig up, take out of the ground.
Unburying nHaving the qualities of not being able to be buried; unburiable; fig. as of the emotions: an unburying anger.
Unbusied adjLeisurely.
Unbusiness-like adjOf unprofessional or incompetent action (or act) in the carrying out of business dealings. 2. shoddy, incompetent; unmethodical,
Unbusy adjNot busy or engaged. 2. leisurely, unbusied.
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