Old English n Modern English
Uncalled adjNot in response to a summons. 2. without being asked or demanded.
Uncalled phr"Uncalled for" - not desirable or necessary.
Uncalled-for adjUnnecessary, gratuitous; not justified by circumstances; discourteous.
Uncallow adjWith hair; not bald; hairy. 2. covered with loam, gravel, sand, earth.
Uncallow vbTo clear the surface of clay, soil, marl, sand, etc.
Uncallowing nCondition of being with hair, unbald, haired.
Uncanniness nThe state or quality of being uncanny.
Uncanny adjMischievous, malicious. 2. careless, incautious. 3. unreliable, not to be trusted. of persons - not quite safe to trust in, or have dealings with, as being associated with supernatural acts or powers. 3. partaking of a supernatural character; mysterious, weird; uncomfortably strange or unfamiliar. 4.
Uncared adjNeglected, unloved.
Uncared phr"Uncared for" - not properly tended or looked after.
Uncared-for adjNot looked after, neglected, untended.
Uncaredly advWithout taking care; recklessly.
Uncareful adjWithout care or concern for others; unkind; reckless. 2. without care, affection or liking.
Uncaring adjNeglectful; without compassion.
Uncaringness nState or quality of not caring, having liking or respect for. 2. without care for others; hard-hearted, uncompassionate; unkind.
Uncart vbUnload from a cart.
Unchewed adjNot chewed or masticted.
Unchidden adjUnscolded, unreproved, not reproved. 2. free of anger, dispute, wrangle.
Unchild vbTo deprive of children; to make childless. 2. to deprive of the status of a child or the qualities peculiar to childhood, as in many Third World countries.
Unchilded adjDeprived or destitute of children; childless.
Unchildlike adjNot like or behaving like a child. 2. mature by years; precious.
Unchildly advUnfilial; undutiful.
Unchilled adjNot chilled or cooled.
Unchosen adjNot selected; not chosen.
Unchristian adjUnbecoming to a christian. 2. foriegn to Christianity; hence uncharitable, ungracious, rude. 3. pagan, heathen, afgodness.
Unchristianly advIn an unchristian mmner.
Unchristen-nessnState of being a non-Christian or unbaptisted into the Christian faith.
Unchurch vbDeprive of membership of a church; expel from a church. 3. excommunicate. 3. to deny the validity of the sacraments and order of, as a sect. 4. to deprive of the name and status of a church.
Unchurched adjNot associated with a church; not church-going.
Unclad adjUnclothed, without clothes, not clad; undressed, naked.
Unclean adjNot morally pure; impure; defiled, unchasted. 2. of persons, want of physical cleanliness: dirty, unwashed, ; of their thoughts: unchaste, unclean, impure.
Uncleanliness nThe state or condition of not being morally pure; impure; defiled, unchasted. 2. of persons, thoughts; ways: unchasteness, impurity, dirtness, foulness, malodorous. 3. wanting of physical cleanliness; dirty, filthy, malodorous.
Uncleanly advMorally or spiritually impure. 2. lacking in physical cleanliness or in a manner unclean; dirty, foulish; filthy, malodourously.
Uncleanness nQuality or state of being morally or spiritually unclean; morally impurity; an instance of this. 2. physical impurity; filthiness, foulness, squalor.
Uncleave vbTo become unfastened or detached.
Unclench adjOpen the fist; release; untighten; loosen grip on.
Unclenched adjReleased (a clenched part of the body, as jaw or fist). 2. relaxed from a clenched state; untightened.
Unclimbed adjOf a mountain peak, not previously climbed.
Unclothe vbTo strip of vegetation.
Unclothed adjNaked; without clothes, bare, nude. 2. not covered with vegetation.
Uncloud vbTo clear or free from clouds or cloudiness. 2. fig - to free from obscurity or gloom; to clear. 3. to become clear.
Unclouded adjNot obscured or darken by clouds. 2. transfig or fig. not darkened or obscured.
Uncombed adjOf hair, not combed.
Uncomeliness nThe quality of being uncomely; a want of comeliness, fairness or seemliness. 2. unruliness.
Uncomely adjNot pleasing or agreeable in the moral sense or to the notion of propriety. 2. unbecoming, imprecise, unseemly. 3. not pleasing or agreeable to the senses; not comely or fair to look upon.
Uncomely advUnsuitably; unagreeably; unseemly; imprecisely. 2. unfairly, unattractively; not beautifully.
Uncocked adjOf a hat: not turned up.
Uncooked adjNot cooked for eating. 2. not altered or suited for a purpose.
Uncool adjNot stylish or fashionable. 2. not having street credibility.
Uncropped adjNot cropped.
Uncrowded adjNot filled or likely to fill with crowd or throng. 2. unthronged, near to empty.
Uncouth adjOf facts or matters of knowledge: unknown; not certainly known; uncertain. 2. not acquainted or familiar with; unfamiliar; unaccustomed, strange. 3. of ways, paths, etc., land, persons, nations, foreign things: unknown or unfamiliar in character; unusual, uncommon, strange, marvellous (rare), alien, foriegn to something; unrecognisable. 3. of manners, unseemly, indecorous. 4. of smells: unpleasant, malodorous. 5. places: not commonly known or frequented; solitary, desolate, rugged, rough, wild. 6. of life, surroundings: unattractive, unpleasant, uncomfortable; strange, uneasy; at a loss. 7. of strange appearance or form: odd, uncomely, akward; clumsy shape or bearing. 8. of persons: awkward, uncultured in manners or appearance;. 9. of language:unknowing, ignorant. 10. unknown of persons; such as a stranger. 11. of things not commonly known; news.
Uncouthly advIn a strange, unfamiliar or uncouth manner.
Uncouthness nThe quality or condition of being uncouth in various senses.
Uncouthsome adjUnfavourable, unpleasant.
Uncraftily advUnskilfully. 2. without deceit or in a manner undeceitfully.
Uncraftiness nUnskilfulness. 2. deceitlessness.
Uncraftly advNot dextrous or ingenious. 2. unskilful.
Uncunning nIgnorance, stupidity, unskilfulness, gorm.
Uncunning adjIgnorant, lack of knowledge, unlearned, stupid, gullible, gormless, unskilful.
Uncunningly advIn an ignorant manner, unskilfully.
Uncunningness nThe state or quality of being ignorant, ignorance. 2. unskilfulness, gullibility.
Uncunningship nUncunninghood.
Uncursed adjNot cursed; free from evil.
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