Old English n Modern English
Undark vbTo undark or lighten the shadows of night.
Undark adjA light or lightish at night. 2. of complexion: light.
Undarkened adjUndarkened by doubt; not darkened, lightened.
Undawned adjNot yet dawned. 2. undawned east; the light quickens in the undawned east. 3. gloomly, as in an undawned morning.
Undawning adjNot yet dawn; just before the dawn; pre-dawn.
Undead adjNot dead; not quite alive, but not fully alive. 2. dead-and-alive, as in vampirism; clinically dead, but not at rest.
Undeadliness nImmortality.
Undeadly adjNot subject to death; immortal not causing death, not mortal.
Undeaf vbTo banish deafness: "Medical Science is on the threshold to undeaf those without hearing." 2. able to hear, but refusing to listen.
Undealt adjUndivided; not dealt with.
Undear adjOf little value or estimation, worthless, cheap. 2. not dear; not regarded with affection.
Undeath-like adjEvoking a undeath-like or somewhat life-like image(s) within the mind. 2. a vivid undeathly description. 3. a natural depiction or reprentation of an undeathlike state. 4. a life-like or undeath-like being. 5. resembling death; giving an accurate representation of an undeath.
Undeath-likeness nThe state giving or showing n accarate description of undeathness or life.
Undeathliness nImmortality
Undeathly advImmortal.
Undeed vbUnable or unwilling to do.
Undeedy adjHelpless, incapable, unable to do, impotent
Undeemed adjNot judged or condemned; uncensored. 2. unsuspected; unimagined.
Undeep adjShallow, shoalish, unprofound.
Undelve vbTo not yet have dug up; unexcavated. 2. to not yet have investigated or researched. 3. exhume; as in "undelve the bodies of dead men."
Undelved adjNot yet dug up or harvested. 2. not looked into deeply or thoroughly.
Under advNotion of "subordination" was present in Old English. Also used in Old English as a preposition meaning "between, among," as still in under these circumstances, etc. (though this may be an entirely separate root; see understand). Productive as a prefix in Old English, as in German and Scandinavian. "Under the table" is "very drunk," also sense is "illegal." to get something under (one's) belt is from 1954; to keep something under (one's) hat "secret" is from 1885; to have something under (one's) nose "in plain sight" is from 1540s; to speak under (one's) breath "in a low voice" is attested from 1832. To be under (someone's) thumb "entirely controlled" is recorded from 1754.
Under nA state of lowness or inferiority. 2. an undervalue or valuation.
Under vbTo cast down, depress.
Under phr"Come Under" - fall under; be grouped with.
Under phr "Go Under" - to fail or collapse, as a business venture.
Under phr"Keep Under One's Hat" - keep in confidence, secret.
Under phr"Knuckle Under" - to give in completely.
Under phr"Take Under One's Wing" - guide, protect somebody.
Under phr"Under a Cloud" - to be under suspicion or in disgrace; to be in disfavor. 2. overshadowed by reproach or distrust.
Under phr"Under Arms" - mobilized for active service.
Under phr"Under Fire"- exposed to an enemy fire; taking part in a battle or general engagement.
Under phr"Under Foot" - on the ground; on the surface where one walks.
Under phr"Under Hatches" - below deck.
Under phr"Under Night" - during the night; by night.
Under phr"Under One's Arms" - between the arms and body.
Under phr"Under One's Belt" - of food: eaten. 2. securely acquired.
Under phr"Under One's Breath" - in a low voice; very softly spoken.
Under phr"Under One"- united, conjointly, together, at one time.
Under phr"Under One's Nose" - in plain sight; in full view of somebody, or defiantly in somebody's prescence. 2. very close at hand.
Under phr"Under One's Own Name" - using one's own name to claim or accept, identify, ownership, credit, responsibility.
Under phr"Under Ones Own Steam" - by efforts or means of one's own; without help from anybody else.
Under phr"Under Someone's Thumb" - entirely controlled.
Under phr"Under the Hammer" - to be put put for sale under the auctioneer's hammer. 2. to be put pressure to achieve a quick and successful result
Under phr"Under them All" - altogether, denoting inclusion in a group, category, class
Under phr"Under the Rose" - sub rosa: in secrecy or confidence.
Under phr"Under the Sun" - anywhere in the world.
Under phr"Under the Table" - drunk, intoxicated, blotto.
Under phr"Under the Thumb" - dominated entirely by someone.
Under phr"Under the Weather" - unwell, esp. as the result of too much drinking.
Under phr"Under the Yoke" - in subjection.
Under phr"Under Water" - in and covered by water.
Under phr"Under way" - to make a start; in progress, to make progress.
Underarm nThe armpit.
Underarm adjPertaining to the armpit.
Underbear vbTo sustain, suffer, endure. 2. to sustain, support, bear or hold up. 3. to introduce. 4. to trim around the lower part.
Underbearer nOne who assists in the carrying of a coffin at a funeral.
Underbearing adjSustaining, enduring, suffering, supporting, bearing-up.
Underbearing adjUnassuming.
Underbeing nA human,a mortal, as opposed to or compared with a god or a divine being.
Underbeit vbTo work
Underbelly nThe lower region of the belly. 2. any similar unprotected part; the soft underbelly of Europe. 3. to have a soft underbelly: to have a weakness which can be exploited.
Underbelly phr"Have a Soft Underbelly" - to have a weakness which can be exploited.
Underbid vbMake a lower bid atan auction. 2. an instance of underbidding.
Underbidder nThe person who makes the bid next below the highest. 2. one who makes the last bid before the final bid is accepted by the auctioneer.
Underbind vbTo bind by a fastening placed beneath; also to bind down, keep down firmly.
Underbit nAn earmark to indicate ownership, made on the ear of cattle; fig. to earmark.
Underbit nThe projection of the lower jaw of the lower incisors beyond the upper jaw.
Underbitten adjEarmarked in a special manner. 2. earmarked.
Underboard advUnder the table; under-deck. 2. in an underhand or secret manner; clandestinely; secretly, not honestly or openly.
Underbody nThe lower part of a woman's dress; bodice. 2. undergarment or undershirt. 3. the underside of an aniamal's body. 4. the part of a ship's hull which is below the water line. 5.under part of the body of a vehicle; frequently attributed to rust protection.
Underborn adjBorn with insufficient development.
Underbright adjThe strong light which often appears below clouds near the horizon.
Underbough nLower boughs or branches of a tree.
Underbreath nSubdued or hidden beneath the breath.
Underbreathe nA low subdued tone; a whisper.
Underbreathing nWhispering; speech in a low or hushed tone.
Underbred adjOf inferior breeding or upbringing; wanting in polish or refinement; in manner vulgar. 2. of animals: not pure bred; of inferior strain; not thorough-bred.
Underbring adjTo bring in surreptitiously. 2. to bring into subjection or subjugation.
Underbring-ness nThe act or action of bringing someone or something in surreptitiously. 2. the action of bringing someone into subjection or subjugation.
Underbuild vbTo build under, as a means of strengthening or supporting; to underpin.
Underbuy vbTo buy for a price lower than the real value.
Undercart nTHe under-carriage of an aircraft.
Underclad adjInsufficiently clad or clothed
Underclay nA layer of clay underlying a coal seam, often containing the roots of of ancient coal-forming plants; also called seat-stone.
Undercliff nA terrace or lower cliff formed by a landslip or debris.
Underclothed adjInsufficiently clothed.
Underclothing nClothing (underclothes) worn below the upper or outer garment; esp. next to the skin.
Undercook vbInsufficiently done. 2. not cooked to the full.
Undercraft nHidden or secret craft or cunning. 2. a sly, underhanded trick belonging to inferior crafts.
Undercreep vbTo creep in (stealthily). 2. to creep in from underside or beneath. 3. to subvert secretly; to do by craftiness or stealth; to undersell in trade. 4. to evade or escape.
Undercreepings nThe act of creeping about stealthily. 2. evasion, escape. 3. subversion, craftiness, stealth.
Undercroft nA crypt of a church; an underground vault. 2. a subterranean chamber, vault or passage.
Undercumstand vbTo understand.
Under-dark adjSomewhat dark; darkish.
Underdeal nDiscomfiture.
Under-dealer nAn underhand or dishonest agent or dealer.
Under-dealings nUnderhand or secretive action (usu. dishonest).
Underdelve vbTo dig under, undermine.
Underdelving nThe act of digging under something; to undermine.
Underdo vbTo refrain from all action. 2. to do less than is requisite or necessary. 3. to do or deal with insufficiently or imperfectly. 4. to cook insufficiently.
Undoer nOne who does less than is requisite or neccesary. one who deals with matters insufficiently or imperfectedly.
Underdog nThe dog that's losing, has lost, or is at a disadvantage in a dogfight. 2. the weaker or worst person. 3. anyone in a position of inferiority. 4. object of sympathy (the antonym of underdog effect is 'bandwagon effect')
Underdone vbOf meat: under-cooked; left slightly raw after cooking.
Underdrain vbTo dig a deep ditch for drainage purpose.
Underdraw vbTo mark by lines drawn underneath. 2. to represent or depict inadequately or with ineffective detail. 3. to withdraw from a bank account so as to leave a reserve.
Under-earth nEarth, soil beneath the surface.
Underearth adjSubteranean, underground.
Under-eaten adjEroded, consumed or eaten away from beneath or below.
Underer nAn inferior, minion; one of lower rank.
Underfall nA foot-hill slope.
Underfed adjInsufficiently fed or ill-nourished.
Underfeed vbTo feed insufficiently; to stint in food. 2. to feed in fuel from below.
Underfeel vbTo examine, pry into quietly or secretly.
Underfeeling nFeeling subdued, repressed or hidden.
Underfelt nFelt laid under the carpet to minimise wear and tear.
Underfiend nOne of the fiends from under the earth or hell. 2. devilish or evil being; Satan, Lucifer, Old Sooty.
Underfind vbTo perceive, understand.
Underfill vbTo fill below the required level.
Underfind vbTo perceive, understand.
Underfired adjInsufficiently baked, (as pottery or cakes).
Under-fives nChildren under five years of age collectively.
Underfloor nSituated or operating under the floor.
Underflow nUndercurrent (also fig.) 2. a flow beneath.
Underflow vbTo flow beneath the surface or underground. 2. an undercurrent.
Underfo vbTo receive a thing; to have something given to one; to come to have or possess. 2. to receive willingly; to accept. 3. to take in hand; to undertake. 4. to admit into a receptacle; to conceive. 5. to receive a person; to admit to one's presence, society or friendship; to accept. 6. to receive at baptism. 7. to receive by way of hurt or harm; to undergo, suffer. 8. to reprove, rebuke.
Underfold vbTo wrap up, hide, conceal.
Underfong vbTo seduce, entrap. 2. to surround, enclose. 3. to comprehend, conceive.
Underfonging nThe act of seducing, entrapping. 2. surrounding, enclosing. 3. comprehension, conception.
Underfoot nThe surface of the ground at the foot of a tree.
Underfoot vbTo strengthen the foundations of a wall.
Underfoot advBeneath the feet; lying under the foot down on the ground, immediately below; in the way. 2. by virtue of one's great power to treat a person's rights with contempt and not to give them proper consideration.
Underfoot adjInterior, abject, low, downtrodden. 2. below the real or rent value. 3. quietly, secretly. 4. of persons: about one's foot (irritatingly) 5. present.
Underfooting nGround underfoot; esp, with regard to its condition.
Underframe nSubstructure, eso. of vehicles
Underfurrow vbTo plough in, as manure.
Undergang vbTo commence a journey or an undertaking. See "Undergo & "Undergoing"
Under-get vbTo catch up with; overtake.
Undergird vbTo secure or fasten from the underside. 2. to bind underneath; to gird around the bottom, as a ship.
Underglow nA glow beneath the surface of .
Undergo vbTo work under, so as to impair or destroy; to undermine. 2. to deceive, get the better of. 3. to get under; search below. 4. to submit to (to do something.) 5. accept, admit, allow. 6. to be subject to, serve, 7. to go or pass under. 8. to sink below one's sight. 9. to occupy oneself with; to investigate; to get knowledge of. 10. to bear up, endure, sustain; suffer through (pain, danger, suffering) 11. to bear, sustain a burden. 12. to subject or submit oneself to examination, inspection. 13 to go under experiences; to have imposed on or to experience; pass through a change or alteration. 14. to partake or enjoy. 15. to expose oneself to (risk). 16. to take in hand, to undertake.
Under-god nDemi-god, minor deity.
Undergoing nAn ordeal, enduration, suffering. 2. an undertaking, experience, burden.
Undergore nBlood shed and clotted under a wound.
Underground nThat which is beneath the surface of the ground, as a passage or space. 2. a railway operated in a system of tunnels beneath the ground. 3. a group secretly organised to resist or oppose those in control of a government or country.

4. an avant-garde movement in art, cinema, journalism; etc. generally considered to be in opposition to conventional culture or society and whose works are usually experimental, erotic or radical in style, content or purpose, used with the underground.

Underground adjSituated, done or operated beneath the surface of the ground. 2. clandestinely, done in secret.
Underground advBeneath or below the surface of the ground or earth, as in: to work underground
Underground phr"Go Underground" - go into hiding.
Undergrowing adjArising, occurring, growing up from underneath; growing beneath trees.
Undergrown adjInsufficiently developed. 2. not fully grown; undersized.
Undergrowth nA growth of smaller plants, shrubs among larger plants; specifically, a thicket or coppice in or as in a forest. 2. condition of being undergrown. 3. a close growth of hair beneath and finer than the outer growth of a pelt.
Underhand adjDone or acting in a treacherously secret way; unfair, sly.
Under-handed adjClandestinely carried on; secretly. 2. underhanded or short of staff.
Under-handedily advSlily, slying; clandestinely
Under-handed-ness nThe quality or characteristic of acting in a treacherously secret way; unfairness, slyness.
Underhead nSubordinate official, a person of inferior intellect.
Under-heaven nA place or places beneath heaven, such as Earth.
Underhew vbTo undercut in various senses; to undermine. 2. to hew a log of timber so that it appears of greater cubic content than it really is.
Underhill nA low hill, as opposed to 'high-hill: a mountain".
Underhole vbTo undermine; to undercut.
Underhung nProjecting from beneath, as a lower jaw; said of persons. dogs etc. with a jaw protruding beyond the upper jaw. 2. underslung; protrusion.
Underkeep vbTo keep under or in subjection; to subjugate.
Underkeeper nA subordinate custodian or keeper.
Underkind nA subspecies; an inferior or lower kind.
Underking nA substitute king or regent.
Underkingdom nThe realm of a underking or regent.
Underlaid vbTo be laid or placed below or beneath.
Underlay nA prop, support, an insertion to make one part or the surface level.
Underlet vbTo let at an amount or rental below the true or full value. 2. sub-let.
Underlid nThe lower lid of the eye.
Underlie vbTo lie below or under. 2. to be the ground or support of: the principle that underlies a scheme. constitute a first or prior claim or lien over. 4. to be answerable, subject, liable to.
Under-life nLife existing beneath the surface or at a lower level.
Under-line nA line drawn underneath (esp. under written matter) underscore.
Underline vbTo give extra weight to (a communication); underscore, emphasize.2. draw a line or lines underneath to call attention to. 3. to mark a line below, as words; to underscore. 4. to influence secretly. [Obs.] 5. to emphasize or call attention to; highlight.
Underlinen nUnderclothing.
Underling nA subordinate.
Underlip nThe lower lip of of a person, animal or insect.
Underlive vbTo live in a manner unworthy of oneself.
Underlook nA covert look or glance.
Underlooker nAn inspector of underground workings, as of a mine.
Underlord adjSubservient, subject, submissive.
Underlout vbTo be subject to; to submit, to make subject.
Underly adjSubordinate, inferior, low; in a low state of health at a lower level.
Underlying adjLying under; hence, fig. fundamental, as in underlying thought.
Underlyingly advIn a manner fundamental; unlyingly good and honest.
Underman nAn inferior or subordinate. 2. a person with sub-human attributes.
Undermanned adjShort-handed; under-staffed; not furnished with insufficient number of man.
Under-manning nThe state or condition of be short in the number of staff or workers provided to carry out the reqired or requisite duties.
Undermatch nOne who is no match for another; an inferior rival or opponent.
Undermatch vbTo undervalue by comparison. 2. to unite or bestow in marriage below the proper rank or condition.
Undermatched adjNot equal to another; inferior.
Undermath nAn undermath of grass.
Undermeal nThe time of undern; in later use the early part of afternoon. 2. an afternoon nap or siesta. 3. an afternoon meal.
Undermeaning n"Have you considered the deep undermeaning that there lies. 2. connotation; ramification; esoterica.
Undermine vbTo excavate beneath, dig a mine or passage under, 2. to weaken by wearing away at the base. 3. to weaken or impair secretly or by degrees, as in to weaken and undermine the health or reputation of someone. 4. to enfeeble, impair, sap, unnerve. 5. to injure another person's reputation and influence by unfair and secret tactics. 6. to sabotage something.
Undermining nThe action or act of weakening or impairing the efforts, plans, projects or physical health of someone.
Undermost adjHolding in or having the lowest place, rank or position. 2. the bottom
Undern nMidday; noon. 2. afternoon; esp. a light meal taken in the afternoon. 3. an afternoon nap or siesta. 3. undern-tide or undertime.
Undern adjNot hidden; secret; open; not concealed; unesoteric. 2. undark, undrear, undire.
Underneath advOn the lower or downward side; on the underside of. 2. under or below an object or a surface; at a lower place or level; directly beneath; as "a house with a good foundation underneath" 3. beneath; below; in a lower place; under; as, a channel underneath the soil.
Underneath prepUnder; beneath; below.
Underneath nBed, bedrock, belly, bottom, bottom side, buttocks, downside, fundament, lower side, lowest layer, neath, nether side, nethermost level, sole, substratum, underbelly, undercover, underlayer, underside
Underness nThe state or condition of being below a given mark or line.
Undernim vbTo make in mind or sense. 2. to understand, comprehend, perceive, feel. 3. to receive by instruction; to learn. 4. to take upon oneself; undertake; to travel; take a journey. 5. to reprove, rebuke; to convict oneself. 6. to catch unawares; or take secretly by surprise. 7. to take away by stealth. 8. to receive into one's hands or charge.
Undernimmer nA supporter or one who takes up something; one who reproves or rebukes.
Undernimmy adjThe action of reproving or rebuking; a reproof or rebuke.
Underorn vbSubborn. 2. to procure by underhand or unlawful means.
Underpin vbSupport from below with masonry. 2. support; strengthen, prop up with timber, stone, etc.
Underplay vbTo act (a role) with great restraint; underact; to hold something in reserve. 2. play a card lower than (a held high card) in the hope of a future advantage. 3. to play in a subordinate, or in an inferior manner; to underact a part.
Underplay nThe act of underplaying.
Underput nA mistress.
Underput vbTo put one thing under another; to place or set beneath. 2. to furnish with something placed under, esp. as a support. 3. to put under the power or control of ; to place in subjection; to subject. 4. to lower the voice. 5. to put or take fraudently. 5. to substitute.
Underputting nThe act or action of putting one thing under another; to place under as a support. 2.action of the putting under the control of. 3. substituting.
Underputter nA pimp; a pander.
Under-read vbTo stretch below. 2. to trap or defraud by stealth. 3. show a reading lower than the true one. 4. of the reading public reading with less frequency.
Underreckon nTo reckon too low; to underestimate.
Under-ripe adjImmature; not quite ripe.
Under-run nAn undercurrent.
Under-run vbTo run flow, or pass beneath. 2. to overhaul or examine. 3. of a broadcast, item, program etc; that runs for less than the allotted time. 4. to examine, as a rope, by passing it through the hands.
Under-runner nA subterranean stream, river, waterway.
Under-running nThe extent to which a project or program runs behind its scheduled completion date. 2. a delay; a fall behind. 3.
Unders nUnderwear, underclothing, undies.
Undersay vbTo say by way of answer.
Underscore nA line drawn below a word in order to emphasis. 2. to underline for emphasis.
Underscore vbTo draw a line below or underline, as to indicate emphasis; to emphasize something.
Underscoring nThe act of drawing a line below or beneath a word or words for emphasising.
Undersea adjExisting, carried on, or adapted for use beneath the surface of the sea; as an undersea oil well.
Underseek vbTo search into, examine, investigate; seek out.
Undersell vbTo sell acoomodity at a lower price than an other. 2. to cut by selling goods or services at a lower price.
Underselling nThe practice of selling (or undercutting) cheaper than one's competitors.
Underset vbTo support and strengthen by means of something, such as a post or prop, placed beneath; to prop up. 2. to serve as a support. 3. to act upon, furnish, fasten with something placed beneath. 4. to support, sustain or strengthen. 5. to set or place a thing under something else. 6. to place in subject. 7. to beset, besiege, surround.
Undersetting nSomething set or built as a support; a pedestal.
Undersettle vbTo occupy a house (or part of one)held by another; to sub-tenant; to undersit.
Undershaped adjInsufficiently or imperfectly formed.
Undershapen vbUndersized. 2. embryonic; inchoate; imperfectly formed.
Under-sheriff nA deputy sheriff.
Undershining adjOf an quality inferior in brightness.
Undershirt nUndergarment worn under a shirt, vest.
Undershot adjPropelled by water flowing underneath; said of a water wheel. 2. projecting; having a lower projecting lower jaw or teeth; said esp. of a bulldog.
Undershoot nOf an aircraft landing short of a runway. 2. the act or instance of undershooting.
Undershoot vbTo shoot short of below.
Undershot adjUnderhung. 2. of a waterwheel, turned by water flowing under it.
Undershorts nTrunks, underpants.
Undershrub nA small plant with a shrubby base.
Undershut adjImperfectedly shut or closed; said of a door etc.
Underside nThe lower or underside or surface.
Undersight nTo overlook a small detail; to forget to do something very small; to miss a nominal item.
Undersitter nOne who occupies part of another's house or property; a sub-tenant or lodger.
Undersleeve nA sleeve worn beneath another, especially when of contrasting color and shown through slashes or openings.
Undersong nA subordinate or subdued song or strain; esp. one serving as an accompaniment or chorus, burden, refrain, to another; frequently transfig. of natural sound. 2. fig. of a hidden meaning.
Undersow vbSow (a later-growing crop) on land already seeded with another crop. 2. sow land already seeded (with a crop) with a later growing crop.
Underspeak vbTo fall short or come short in speaking of another person or some thing.
Underspend vbSpend less than usual for a specified (monthly) amount.
Underspread vbto spread under or beneath.
Underspring nA subterranean water source.
Understairs nIn a space below the staircase.
Understand vbTo know and comprehend the nature or meaning of. 2. perceive (an idea or situation) mentally; realize, realise, see. 3. make sense of a language; read, interpret, translate. 4. believe to be the case; experience; infer. 5. be understanding of; sympathize, empathize, empathise. 6. to have just and adequate ideas of; to apprehended the meaning or intention of; to have knowledge of; to

comprehend; to know; as, to understand a problem. 7. to be apprised, or have information, of; to learn; to be informed of; to hear; as, I understand that Parliament has passed the bill. 8. to recognize or hold as being or signifying; to suppose to mean; to interpret; to explain. 9. to mean without expressing; to imply tacitly; to take for granted; to assume. 10. to stand under; to support. 11. to give one to understand, to cause one to know. 12. to make one's self understood, to make one's meaning clear. 13. to have the use of the intellectual faculties; to be an intelligent being. 14. to be informed; to have or receive knowledge.

Understand phr"Come to an Understanding" - make an agreement.
Understand phr"Give somebody to Understand" - lead somebody to believe.
Understand phr"On the Understanding that" - on the agreed condition that.
Understand phr"Understand All is to Forgive All" - when all facts are known and understood it is possible to forgive a person for anything.
Understand phr"Understand Each Other" - know each others views or feelings.
Understander nOne whose has knowledge or comprehension of something. 2. a leg or foot. 3. a boot or shore. 4. a apectator standing on the ground or floor; a spectator standing in a theatre or sports ground. 5. a supporter, upholder.
Understanding nPower or ability to understand, intellect, intelligence. 2. capability of judging with knowledge. 3. the faculty of comprehending; reasoning; the intellect, mind, purpose, comprehension, intent. 4. intellectual facility, as manifested in a particular person or persons. 5. signification, meaning, sense. 6. information, knowledge. 7. good, amicable friendly relation between persons.
Understanding phr"Come to an Understanding" - make an agreement.
Understanding phr"On the Understanding that" - on the agreed condition that.
Understanding phr"With the Understanding" - on (the agreed) condition that.
Understandingly advIn a comprehending or intelligent manner. 2. with understanding; also so as to be understood.
Under-standish-nessnAn attitude ready and willing to undertake a project, business.
Understandness nState or condition of being understanding. 2. the faculty of understanding.
Understay nSupport, foundation, props, as in the props and understay of health.
Understeer nTendency of a motor vehicle to turn less sharply than was intended.
Understeer vbTo have a tendency of a motor vehicle to turn less sharply than was intended.
Under-steward nA senior official serving an important dignatory.
Understock vbTo fail to provide sufficient stock or stores. 2. in farming: fail to keep the herds to an adequate number.
Understood pplBeing made known or patent; comprehended; thoroughly known; agreed upon; assured as known or fixed. 2. implied though not expressed.
Understream nAn underground river or waterway.
Under-strength adjWith a depleted number of troops or players; with less than the usual or required personnel, equipment, or resources. 2. a mixture, compound, or preparation: under the usual, appropriate, or expected potency or degree of concentration.
Under-strength advHaving less than the usual, appropriate, or expected potency or degree of concentration. 2. having less than the usual or required personnel, equipment, or resources.
Understrew vbTo spread or strew beneath; fig. to cast under foot, to trod upon.
Understrike vbTo strike below; underline, understroke or underscore.
Undersward nStiff, wiry knot grass forming a rugged area.
Underswearer nOne who swears under oath.
Undersweep vbTo sweep beneath or under.
Underswell nA swell below the surface of water. 2. a building of support or emotional for a cause or for change.
Undertake vbTo trap by raft; entrap. 2. to sieze upon. 3. to chide, rebuke, reprove. 4. to accept, receive willingly. 5. to receive; to have given. 6. to receive into the mind; to be understood.
Undertaken pplAttended to; made safe; taken in hand; enterprised.
Undertaker nOne who acts or assists; a helper, an assister. 2. a rebuker, reprover. 3. one who undertakes a task or enterprise; one who undertakes to carry out work or business for another; a contractor, a collector of taxes. 4. one who takes aup a challenge. 5. one who attempts to colonise land. 6. one who makes a business of carrying out the arrangements for funerals. 7. one who engages in the serious study of a subject or science. 8. one who undertakes the preparation of litery works. 9. a book publisher. 10 a producer of opera or plays; an entrepreneur; manager, impresario. 11. one who acts as security or surety for another. 12. a a baptismal sponsor.
Undertaking adjReady to undertake an enterprise , task, etc. esp., one involving some danger or risk; enterprising, bold. 3. engaged in literary work. 4. prepared to act as publishers. 5. pledged, bound by promise.
Undertakingly advResponsibly.
Undertalked adjDown playing of one own capacity and abilities.
Underthew vbTo subject, subdue, subjugate.
Underthing nA lower or inferior thing or person.
Underthings nUnderclothes; underwear.
Underthink vbTo think too little of. 2. to underestimate; to think insufficiently of. 3. to penetrate by thinking; to think deeply.
Underthrown adjSubjected, made subjected; thrown under or down; subjugated.
Undertide nEvening, undertime, not undern.
Undertimed adjUnder-exposed (of a photographic negative).
Undertow nA current below the surface of the water; moving in a contrary direction to that of the surface current.
Undertread vbTo thread under foot; subdue or subjugate. 2. to reinforce a tread on a rubber tyre.
Underwater nThe region or environment below the surface of the water.
Underwater adjPlaced, situated, carried on, etc. underwater. 2. in ships situated below the waterline.
Underwater advUnder the water. 2. situated or done under the water.
Underway advCurrently in progress, afoot.
Underweapon nPrimitive, simple weapons, such as stones and sling-shots.
Underwear nUnclothing, unclothes.
Under-weening nUnderestimation of oneself or something.
Underweight adjOf insufficient weight; not sufficiently heavy. 2. deficient in weight.
Underweight nA condition of being lighter than average for one height and build.
Underwent ppPast particle of "undergo.'
Underwhelm vbTo leave unimpressed to arouse little or no interest. 2. to interest less than anticipated. 3. to be dull to a person.
Underwhelmed adjTo be of interest less than anticipated. 3. to be dull to a person.
Underwhelming pplOf less interst than.
Underwing nThe hindwing of an insect. 2. the underside of a bird's wing.
Underwired adjHaving a thin semi-circular support of wire under of wire inset under each cup.
Underwit nA poor or inferior kind of wit. 2. a person of defective understanding; a half-wit.
Unwitted adjHaving not wit or understanding.
Underwood nSmall trees or shrubs; coppice-wood or brush-wood growing beneath higher timber or trees. 2. a stump of a tree that regularly throws out new shoots. 3. quantity or stretch of woody undergrowth.
Underwork nWork done at a lower rate. 2. subordinate or inferior work. 3. underhand or secret work.
Underwork vbTo work secretly; to take clandestine measures. 2. to work against secretly; to seek to undermine or overthrow. 3. to spend to little work on; to leave unfinished; to impose too little work on. 4. to work for less wages than another.
Underworking nThe action of a secret or unapproved nature of underworking of government.
Underworld nThe sublunary or terrestrial world. 2. the abode of the deaparted imagined as being under the earth; the nether world. 3. the region below the surface of the earth; subterranean or underlying area. 4. The Antipodes; also the part of the earth beyond the horizon. 5. a sphere or region lying or consider to lie below the ordinary one. Hence also (fig) a lower; or the lowest stratum of society. 6. the world of criminals or of organised crime (usu. with "the"); hence those of this world. 7. the slang of the criminal underworld: "he got the chop" - he was murdered.
Underwordly adjof the underworld.
Underwrite vbGuarantee financial support of; subvent. 2. protect by insurance;

cover, insure. 3. to practice the business of insuring; to take a risk of insurance on a vessel or the like. 4. to write under something else; to subscribe. 5. to subscribe one's name to for insurance, especially for marine insurance.

Underwriter nOne underwrites an insurance policy; spec. one who carries on an insurance business; esp. of shipping. 2. one who underwrites company shares.
Under-written law nA long established custom that is difficult to break or disobey.
Underwrought vbUnderwork; unworked, undermined.
Undew vbTo remove or make ground or grass free of dew.
Undewy adj"Field parched with unusual heat through undewy ground". 2. not having dew; devoid of dew.
Undight vbTo divest of clothing, armour etc; to disarray, strip. 2. to unfasten; undo, unclench or open.
Undight adjNot adorned, decked or put in order.
Undighted adjUndressed, stripped.
Undim vbTo lighten, brighten up. 2. to clarify.
Undigged adjNot dug up or ploughed.
Undimmed vbNot lessening in light or perception, as in "undimmed eyes." 2. "cloudness moon, undimmed and unarrayed."
Undinned adjNot affected by a specific noise or noise, such as a noisy drummer drowning out a singer's song.
Undo vbCancel, annul, or reverse an action or its effect; 2. deprive of certain characteristics, unmake. 3. cause the ruin or downfall of. 4. cause to become loose; untie the knot. 5. remove the outer cover or wrapping of; unwrap. 5. to reverse, as what has been done; to annul; to bring to naught. "What's done can not be undone." 6. to loose; to open; to take to piece; to unfasten; to untie; hence, to unravel; to solve. 7. to bring to poverty; to impoverish; to ruin, as reputation, morals, hopes, or the like.
Undoer nOne who doesn't act or perform. 2. an expounder, interpreter, one who opens or expounds or unfastens. 3. a destroyer, wrecker, ruiner. 4. one who destroys a woman, a seducer, profligate, rake. 5 . one who does less than is requisite or neccesary. one who deals with matters insufficiently or imperfectedly.
Undoing nRuin or cause of ruin. 2. the process of reversing what has been done.3. the action of opening or unfastening. 3. the omission or neglect of doing; non-performance .
Undoing phr"That Was his Undoing." ruin, downfall.
Undoingness nThe act of not caring for or about, not pertaining to; hence duties. 2. the state of inaction or doing little. 3. uncaringness.
Undone adjBrought to decay or ruin; destroyed. 2. unfastened, untied. 3. not done, unaccomplished, unaffected.
Undoneness nUnder a sense of undone.
Undoomed adj"Unfit for earth; undoomed for heaven": not condemned or judged.
Undought nA weak puny person or creature; a silly, incapable person. 2. an ineffective, worthless person.
Undoughty adjWeak, puny, silly, incapable, worthless, feeble, contempt. 2. lacking in good qualities, ineffective, bad, vile.
Undrained adjNot drained, wet, marshy, boggy, as in fens or wetlands.
Undraw vbTo draw out; withdraw. 2. to draw back (esp. a curtain). 2. to unfasten by pulling. 3. to move back on being pulled.
Undrawn adjNever drawn or pulled along by a plough, vehicle or cart. 2. unmilked. 3. of a lottery not yet drawn. 4. not delineated or depicted.
Undreaded adjNot dreaded or feared.
Undreadful adjHaving no dread; unapprehensile. 2. not causing dread, fear, terror, undreading. 3. without dread or fear.
Undried adjNot dried.
Undriven adjNot compelled forcibly by an outside agency. 2. not urged or forced to action or act through moral persuasion. 3. not impelled; not strongly motivated for success; not compulsive, not determined.
Undrowned adjOf pasture, field, town, etc., - not flooded. 2. of persons, animals: not dead by drowning. 3. of sound, music etc : not drowned out by a noiser or louder sound, noise and the like.
Undug vbNot yet dug for, as oil lying deep under the earth surface or in a sea or ocean.
Undull adjOf conversation: not dull or boring, but no necessarily interesting or living.
Undullness n"His admirable sense, and undullness of conversation." - state or quality of being neither dull or boring.
Undusted adjNot sprinkled with dust. 2. not freed from dust; left dusty.
Undwelt adjNot dwelt in, uninhabited, unoccupied, unpopulated.
Undweltness nState of being uninhabited, unoccupied, unlived in, unpopulated.
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