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Unfain adjReluctant, having a feeling of dislike, not glad or delighted; sorry, ill-pleased, unpleased.
Unfair adjLack of fairness or equity, injustice.
Unfair vbTo deprive of fairness or beauty; ugly, unlitty.
Unfairing adjUnattractive, unpleasant, unbeautiful.
Unfairly advIn an unfair manner inequitably, unjustly. 2. in a rough, disorderly or untidy manner.
Unfairness nThe state or quality of being unfair.
Unfaken adjGuilleless, innocent.
Unfallen adjNot morally fallen. 2. not fallen in lit sense.
Unfallenness nState or quality of moral probity. 2. state of remaining on one's feet.
Unfallowed adjNot fallowed.
Unfanded ppUntried.
Unfarewelled adjNot given a farewell on departure or leaving.
Unfarrantly advNot nice, unseemingly, without farrant.
Unfarrowed adjNot having a litter of pigs.
Unfast adjInsecure; unresistant; not fixed,loose, unfastened, prone to fading. 2. not speedily or quick. 3. sedate, not liable to do things recklessly.
Unfasten vbTo make or become loose. 2. to open the fastenings. 3. to detach or become tied.
Unfastened adjThat has not been fastened. 2. that has ben opened, loosened or detached.
Unfathered adjHaving no (acknowledged or known) father; illegimate, bastardly; deprived of a father. 3. of obscure origin; unauthenticated.
Unfathered adjDeprive of a father; made fatherless.
Unfatherliness nState or quality of being fatherless.
Unfatherly advNot befitting a father.
Unfathom vbTo come to comprehend; demystify, unravel.
Unfathomed adjOf an unascertained depth; unsounded; fig. not fully known or explored; unascertained or solved.
Unfathomless adjUnknown, unascertained, as the unfathomless depth of his love. 2. not fully known or explored.
Unfeared adjNot affected by fear, undismayed. 2. not regarded with fear; undreaded.
Unfearful adjHaving no fear; fearless; fully, fearlessly; resolutely.
Unfearing adjInvulnerable to fear or intimidation; audacious, brave, dauntless, fearless, hardy, intrepid.
Unfeather vbTo pluck, strip of feathers.
Unfeathered adjNot provided or covered with feathers (of birds). 2. stripped of feathers, as some exotic dancers.
Unfed adjNot feed or nourished; starved.
Unfeeling adjDevoid of sensation; insensible, fig. not sensitive to impressions, etc. 2,. without kindly or tender feeling; callous, unsympathetic.
Unfeelingly advIn an unfeeling manner.
Unfeelingness nThe state or quality of being unfeeling.
Unfele adjBad, evil, wicked, wretched, miserable, unpleasant.
Unfelled adjStill standing; not yet felled or cut down.
Unfellowed adjUnequalled, unmatchable. 2. alone; without companion.
Unfelt adjBenumbing, deadened, dulled, insensate, insentient, numbed, unfeeling, not felt, unperceptive.
Unfere adjImfirmed, weak, unfit for or incapable of exertion.
Unfetter vbRelease from fetters.
Unfettered adjUnrestrained, unrestricted.
Unfickle adjStable, steady, invariable, uncapricious, constant. 2. firm or steady in affection, behavior, opinion, or loyalty. 3. constant suggests an innate disposition to status quo: a loyal lover, is not flitting from affair to affair.
Unfiery adjNot consisting of, not attended with, not characterised by or containing fire. 2. not intensely hot. 3. not like or suggestive of fire. 4. not intensely ardent, impetuous or passionate; dispassionate. 5. not easily angered or provoked. 6. coolish, coldish,
Unfighting adjFleeing or uneager for the fight or battle.
Unfill vbTo not fill a (container) or something that can be filled, (lit. and fig.) 2. to empty; to pour out.
Unfilled adjNot filled or made full. 2. fig. unfulfilled.
Unfillinglike adjInsatiable.
Unfilm vbTo clear one's eyes; to remove the mist from one's eyes.
Unfingered adjNot provided with or having fingers. 2. untouched with fingers or hands; unhanded.
Unfired adjNot subject or exposed to fire. 2. of firearms: not discharged by firing. 2. not set on fire; not ignited
Unfirm adjNot firm; lacking solidity or rigidity. 2. weak, feeble, infirm, invalid, wanting in strength or power. 3. unsteady, flighty. 4. unsteady, unstable, insecure, liable to slip or fall. 5. not firmly placed or planted. 6. of a loose or soft consistency; incompact.
Unfirmness nThe state or quality of being unfirm or some what soft. 2. not strong or forceful in dealing with others.
Unfitted adjNot fitted up or out; not properly furnished. 2. not adapted or suited; unfit. 3. not adjusted by fitting.
Unfitting adjNot fitting or suitable; unbecoming, improper.
Unfittingness nThe state or condition of being not suitable or fitting, not becoming or proper.
Unfledged adjNot yet fledged, callow, unfeathered. 2. of an arrow: unfeathered. 3. of persons: immature, inexperienced. 4. of things: not fully developed; still in a crude or imperfect state; inchoate. 4. pertaining to youth and inexperience.
Unfleeting adjNot passing swiftly; intransient, unephemeral.
Unflesh vbTo strip of flesh.
Unfleshed adjOf a sword or its wielder: not yet stimulated by tasting flesh; fig. untried, raw, inexperienced. 2. stripped of flesh; not covered with flesh.
Unfleshiness nState or condition of the spirit, free from the body and flesh. 2. spiritual, free from the the body, in an unfleshiness eternity.
Unfleshly adjNot corporeal; worldly, or sensual ; ethereal; spiritual.
Unfleshy adjHaving no flesh.
Unflock vbDisgregarize; send from the flock or group; ostracise.
Unflown adjNot yet flown.
Unfoed adjWithout enemy or foe.
Unfold nA developmental process: flowering, blossoming, opening, revealing, displaying etc.
Unfold vbTo open or unwrap the folds of; to spread open, expand; to straighten out. 2. to open the lips, eyes, a gate etc. 3. to disclose, reveal by statement or exposition; to explain. 4. to disclose to view, to display. 5. to unwrap; to release or extract from wrappings. 6. to come upon, to spread out, to expand; to become patent or plain. 7. to release sheep from folds or fold
Unfold phr"To Unfold" - make known, reveal, disclose.
Unfolding adjBeing revealed at this very moment; becoming plain or clearer. 2. opening, opening up; displaying. 3. spreading out; unwrapping, expanding.
Unfollowed adjNot moving behind in the same direction. 2. not coming after. 3. not pursuing.
Unfooted adjNot trodden on by the feet of men; untraversed.
Unfootsore adjNot having sore or tired feet after a long walk or march. 2. not way-weary, way-worn.
Unforbearing adjNot showing patent, unruffled self-control, and restraint under adversity. 2. quick to retaliate or express resentment; long suffering. 3. not able to control oneself when provoked.
UnforbearingnessnThe state or quality of being unable to show self-control and restraint under adversity. 2. a quickness to relataliate or express resentment.
Unforbid vbTo allow to happen or take place. 2. to make possible, let, permit, not prohibit.
Unforbidden pplAllowing to happen or taking place. 2. making possible. letting, permitting, not prohibiting.
Unforbode vbTo not prophesize; not foretell or predict.
Unforeboding adjNot prophetic, foretelling, without prescient, unaugured, unpredicting.
Unforgetful adjRetentive of memory; recollective; mindful or attentive. 2. able to keep in mind. 3. remembering.
Unforgetting adjUnable or unwilling to forget. 2. not forgetting, enduring or persisting in memory.
Unforgiven adjNot forgiven.
Unforgiveness nThe state or quality of not forgiving.
Unforgiving adjNot inclined or able to forgive or show mercy. 2. not dispose to forgive or overlook offence. 3. unmerciful, uncompassionate. 4. resentful; unpardoning.
Unforgolden adjUnrequited.
Unforgone adjNot predetermined or already decided on, not previously happening. 2. not passed by or gone pass.
Unforegone'ness nState or condition of not being pre-determined.
Unforgotten adjNot forgotten, remembered.
Unforeknown adjAlready known or aware of.
Unforlet pplNot abandoned or given.
Unforesaken adjRemain with or not withdraw from; staying or staying true to; supportive. 2. maintaining, not giving up on. 3. not rejecting, accepting.
Unforeseeing adjWithout prior knowledge or awareness of. 2. the unforeseeing security of charmed and confident happiness.
Unforeseen adjNot anticipated; unanticipated, unforeseen, unlooked-for, out of the blue
Unforeseen-ness nState or condition of not anticipating, unforeseeing, unlooking-for, not-out-of-the-blue.
Unforsworn adjAs yet or not foresworn or perjured under oath. 2. as yet or not repudiated.
Unforethought nNot planned, devised or plotted in advance of action. 2. not thought of prior to an event ; not planned or considered beforehand. 3. not judicious in avoiding harm or danger; not prudent of care for the future.
Unforetold adjA silence has followed not unforetold: not told, spoken of beforehand, anticipated.
Unforewarned adjOur unforewarned Grandma Eve: not warned prior to or before.
Unfostered adjNot fostered, encouraged.
Unfothered adjNot foddered.
Unfought adjOf battle, strife, argument not yet fought or contested.
Unfouled pplNot made foul or impure; undefiled.
Unfounded adjNot found; not yet discovered; undiscovered. 2. of no foundation or basis; chiefly fig. groundless, unwarranted. 3. powerless.
Unfoxed adjSober.
Unframe vbTo distress, trouble, to take to pieces, to destroy. 2. to undo. 3. to dislocate; to thrown into confusion, disorder, distract.
Unframed adjNot framed.
Unfree adjIgnoble, base. 2. characterized by want of freedom. 3. not at liberty to do something. 4. not possessed of personal liberty; destitute of freedom. 5. not holding the position of a free or privileged member of a corporation. 6. not free of duty, tax, or impost; not exempted from commercial restrictions.
Unfree vbTo make unfree; to deprive of freedom.
Unfreely advIn a way that is not free; with interference or restriction. 2. unfrankly, unopenly. 3. not beautiful; " their mouths wide, their eyes broad; unfreely was their faces made.
Unfreeness nRestriction.
Unfriend vbOne who is not a friend, or on friendly terms; an enemy. 2. remove (someone) from a list of friends or contacts on a social networking website. 3. one not a member of the "Society of Friends."
Unfriended adjNot provided with friends; friendless.
Unfriendily advHarsh words unfriendly spoken.
Unfriendliness nState or condition not characterized by friendliness.
Unfriendly adjNot characteristic of a friend or friendship; in an unfriendly manner. 2. exhibiting dislike or hostility. 3. not having the quality or disposition of a friend; esp. unfavorably disposed, inimical, hostile. 4. not propitious or favorable.
Unfriendness nThe state or situation of not having any friends.
Unfriendship nUnfriendliness; enmity.
Unfright adjUnafraid.
Unfrightenedness nUnfearfulness. 2. state of not being afraid.
Unfrith nDissension, strife.
Unfrozen adjNot frozen.
Unfulfilled adjNot carried out or done: many unfulfilled requests. 2. not yet achieved: his unfulfilled dreams. 3. not happy or satisfied, from not having achieved one’s desires or full potential.
Unfull adjNot filled fully.
Unfulmaking nImperfection.
Unfurthersome adjUnfavourable, as in unfurthersome weather; that does not further or aids the ripening of the crop.
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