Old English nEnglish
Ungathered adjNot gathered or collected.
Ungerim adjNumberless.
Unget vbTo disinherit, to disown.
Unghere advSoon, quickly.
Unghosted-speech nOne quickly prepared, but not by a hired writer.
Unghostly adjNot spiritual, unspiritual, secular. 2. not of, or like a ghost; not belonging to.
Unghostedly advUnspiritually.
Ungild vbRemove the gild from. 2. remove gilding from.
Ungilded adjNot gilded; ungilt.
Ungird vbTo divest of, or free from a girdle or girth.
Ungirdled adjNot girdled, contained or surrounded by a girdle. 2. oceans ungirdled by streams.
Ungirt adjNot wearing a girdle; not having a belt undone, slackened or removed. 2. deprived or destitute of something.
Ungive vbTo give way, to relax, yield, give up, to lose tenacity or firmness
Ungiven adjNot given in marriage; unmarried, single. 2. not given over.
Ungiving adjUnyielding, relaxing, loosening.
Unglad adjNot glad or joyful; unhappy, sorry.
Unglad vbTo afflict, distress.
Ungladden pplTo make unhappy, sad, sorry.
Ungladdened adjMade unhappy, sad or sorrowed.
Ungladly adjOf the eyes: dull.
Ungladness nNot of gladness or good spirits.
Ungladsome adjUnglad, unhappy, sad, sorry, distressed.
Unglee nSadness, mirthless, unhappiness, sorrow.
Ungloved adjNot wearing gloves. 2. not covered with a glove; having the hand bare.
Ung'nede adjUnsparing, literal.
Ungod vbTo deprive of the quality or position of deity; to undeify.
Ungodded adjNot spiritually united with God.
Ungodlike adjNot having the qualities of a God or gods.
Ungodlily advIN an ungodly manner.
Ungodliness nNot having godliness or the qualities of God.
Ungodly advOf persons: not fearing or reverencing God; irreligious. impious, wicked. 2. of the stomach: greedy, gluttonous. 3. of actions: not in accordance with the will or the laws of God. 4. outrageous, dreadful.
Ungone adjNot yet departed; to keep ungone, to keep from ungoing. 2. untraversed.
Ungood adjNot god, evil, bad, wicked.
Ungoodlihead nState or quality of lacking goodness.
Ungoodly adjOf persons, actions, language: lacking goodness, bad, wicked, uncomely, unhandsome.
Ungoodly advIn an uncomely manner; badly, wrongly, improperly, roughly, rudely.
Ungored adjNot blood-stained.
Ungospel adjUnevangelical.
Ungospel-like adjNot in the way or message of the gospel or the Bible.
Ungot vbNot acquire, obtain or win; not begot, unbegot.
Ungotten adjNot acquired, obtained or won. 2. unbegotten.
Ungrassed adjNot sown or grass-covered.
Ungreat adjWant of size, smallish.
Ungreen adjNot supporting protection of the environment. 2. harmful to the environment.
Ungreeted adjNot welcomed, greeted or saluted.
Ungrith adjInsecurity, hurt.
Ungrounded adjNot based or established in or on something. 2. having no real basis or justification, unfounded, groundless. 3. of persons: not properly instructed about something.
Ungroundedly advIn an ungrounded way or manner.
Ungroundedness nThe quality or state of being not based or established upon something.
Ungrown adjNot yet grown up or fully grown; immature.
Ungrown-up adjImmature; youthful, young.
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