Old English nEnglish
Unhad pplUnobtained
Unhair vbTo deprive of hair, to loose the hair; become free of hair.
Unhaired adjBeardless, hairless.  2. without skin or hide.
Unhairy adjNot hairy or hirsute.
Unhale adjNot hale or healthy; unsalutary. 2. not in a hale or hearty condition; sick, unwell.
Unhallow vbTo deprive of holy or sacred character. 2. to profane.
Unhallowed adjNot formerly hallowed or consecrated. 2. left secular or profane. 3. not having a hallowed or sacred character; unholy, impious, wicked of action, language, place.
Unhallowedness nUnhallowing. 2. the action of making unhallowed.
Unhand vbTo release from one's grip or grasp. 2. to let go. 3. to take the word of.
Unhandily advAwkwardly.
Unhandiness nInexpertise, awkwardness; unmanageableness.
Unhandled adjNot broken in; untamed as a wild horse. 2. not dealt with or treated or touched with the hand. 3. untrained, unemployed.
Unhandsome adjOf persons, their features: not elegant or graceful. 2. faulty in appearance, form or structure. 3. plain, uncomely, not handsome.
Unhandsomely adjUnhandy, inconvenient, ill-adapted. 2. inexpert, unskilful. 3. unfitting, unbecomely. 4. unfitting, unbecoming, unseemly, discourteous, mean of language. 5. not genuine or literal; unfortunate, unhappy, unpleasant, nasty.
Unhandy adjNot easy to handle or manage. 2. inconvenient, awkward, clumsy. 3. not skilful in using the hands. 4. lacking in dexterity.
Unhang vbTo take down from a hanging position. 2. to divest of hanging. 3. to undo the hanging or execution of (a person).
Unhanged adjNot yet hanged. 2. not yet excuted by hanging.
Unhangingly advDisconnectedly.
Unharbour vbTo dislodge or deprive of shelter; esp. a person seeking refuge or animal, such as deer.
Unhard adjSoft; not hard.
Unhardened adjNot yet hardened by life; uninured; youthful. 2. still soft.
Unhardiness nState or condition of not being hardened.
Unhardy adjNot hardy.
Unharm vbTo not harmed.
Unharmed adjNot harmed.
Unharmful adjNot harmful, innocuous.
Unharming adjNot harming or injuring.
Unharness vbTo remove the harness from; unyoke; release. 2. to remove the harness from.
Unhasp vbFree or loose from a hasp or catch; unfasten.
Unhatched adj(Of a an egg) not hatched.
Unhead vbTo behead a person. 2. to deprive or divest of a head. 3. to put an end to.
Unheaded adjDestitute or devoid of a head. 2. lacking a leader or leadership.
Unheal vbWant of health or soundness. 2. infirmity, trouble, misfortune.
Unhealed adjNot yet healed.
Unhealful adjUnwholesome
Unhealth nState or want of health or wellness. 2. weak or poor health.
Unhealthful adjUnhealthy of life and growth.
Unhealthfulness nState of unhealthliness.
Unhealthiness nOf persons, places, climate: unhealthy, unsalubrious,
Unhealthsome adjUnhealthiness, unhealthy.
Unhealthy adjNot in good health, 2. (of a place) harmful to health; wholesome. 3. (slang) dangerous to life.
Unhear vbTo hear not; to not hear. 2. to refuse to hear.
Unheard adjNot listened to. 2. not heard.
Unheard phr"Unheard Of" - not known; unknown; not yet known or heard. 2. strange, unusual.
Unheard-of adjNot known; unknown; not yet known or heard. 2. strange, unusual, unprecedented.
Unheart vbTo deprive of heart or dishearten.
Unheartsome adjMelancholy.
Unhearty adjTimid, listless, without zeal or heart. 2. faint-hearted; spiritless, disspirited. 3. not hearty or cordial. 4. in poor condition.
Unheated adjNot heated.
Unheavenly advNot heavenly.
Unhedged adjNot bounded by a hedge. 2. (of a speculative investment) not hedged.
Unheed vbTo disregard; pay no attention to.
Unheeded adjNot listened to, not taken notice of, regarded or valued; disregarded.
Unheedful adjHeedless. 2. taking no heed.
Unheedfulness nState or quality of being heedless or paying no attention to.
Unheeding adjNot heeding or paying attention to; disregarding.
Unheedingly advIn an unheeding manner.
Unheedy adjUnheedful.
Unhele vbTo uncover something, strip of covering, roofing etc; fig, to discover, reveal. 2. to display or make visible; hence: fig. to discover, reveal, make patent or known. 3. to uncover something, as to leave open or exposed, such as the head.
Unhelm vbTo divest, or be deprived, of a helmet. 2. take off one's own helmet.
Unhelmed adjUnguided, ungoverned. 2. unlead, leaderless.
Unhelp nHindrance, lack of help.
Unhelped adjNot helped.
Unhelpful adjNot helpful; unhelpfully.
Unhelpfulness nThe state or quality of being unhelpful.
Unhelpfully adjHelpless; shiftless.
Unhemmed adjUnconfined, unrestrained. 2. not furnished with a hem.
Unherd vbTo disperse, separate a flock, mob, crowd.
Unherdly adjFierce, savage, repulsive. 2. dismal.
Unhewn pplNot cut or hacked with a weapon, cutting tool or similar implement. 2. not hewn or cut into shape; not fashioned or shaped by hewing. 3. unpolished, rough, rugged.
Unhid adjNot hid; unconcealed; unhidden.
Unhide vbTo make visible or seen; to lay open, disclose, reveal.
Unhigh adjWanting in high or elevation.
Unhight vbTo deprive of grace, beauty.
Unhighted adjNot invested with beauty in form or aspect.
Un-highted-ness nUncomeliness, impairment, unpleasantness (in aspect or form).
Unhill vbTo remove a covering.
Unhindered adjNot hindered.
Unhinge vbTake a door off its hinges. 2. unsettle or disorder a person's mind; make or cause a person to be unstable or crazy.
Unhinged adj(Of a mind) unstable, distraught.
Unhit vbNot yet hit or struck.
Unhoard vbTo take, release or bring out of a what has been hoard.
Unhold adjOf persons: unfaithful, disloyal, false. 2. of persons: exhibiting, dislike or hostility. 3. of events: troublesome, disastrous. 4. of an enemy or foe: hostile, unfriendly.
Unholiness nState or quality of being unholy, impious, profane, wicked. 2. profaneness, wickedness.
Unholy adjNot holy, impious, profane, wicked of persons, acts, things. 2. awful, dreadful; frightful.
Unhomish adjNot like or resembling a home: unfriendly, unwelcoming, uninviting, cold and unloving.
Unhomeliness nState or quality of being unlike a home: unfriendliness, unwelcoming, uninviting.
Unhomely advUnfriendly, unwelcoming, unininviting.
Unhood vbTo remove a hood or head-covering from a person or thing.
Unhook vbRemove from a hook or hooks. 2. unfasten by releasing a hook or hooks. 3. to loosen from a hook; to detach a hook from; to open.
Unhoop vbTo remove hoops, as from a barrel.
Unhope nDespair; lack of hope, wanhope; wane-hope.
Unhoped phrNot hoped for or expected.
Unhopeful adjNot hopeful; pessimistic.
Unhopefully advIn an unhopeful or pessimistic manner.
Unhopefulness nThe state or condition of not being hopeful or optimistic.
Unhoped-for adjUnexpected, unforeseen. 2. unconceived or imagined. 3. not anticipated with hope or desire; not hoped for or expected.
Unhorse vbTo throw or drag from a horse. 2. to deprive or be deprived of a horse. 3. to help one dismount, to be thrown from a horse. 4. to unharness a horse from a carriage. 5. fig. to dislodge, overthrow, discomfort, non-plus.
Unhouse vbTo turn out of a house, habitation or abode. 2. to make homeless or without a house to live in.
Unhoused adjDeprived, evicted or forced to leave a house.
Unhouseled adjNot having received the sacraments, especially at the hour of death. 2. 'husl' was a pagan sacrifice before it became attached to the Christian Eucharist.
Unhung adjNot(yet) executed by hanging. 2.not hung up fotr exhibition.
Unhunted adjNot hunted or pursued. 2. not sought or chased.
Unhusbanded adjUnimproved by husbandry; tilling, cultivation. 2. uncultivated of ground, plants, trees. 2. Not provided with a husband; single, divorced, unmarried.
Unhusk vbRemove or strip a husk or shell from.
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