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Unkempt adjUntidy, of neglected appearance. 2. uncombined dishevelled. 3.
Unkemptly advIn an untidy or neglected or dishevelled appearance.
Unkemptness nA lack or condition of being not well-combed and tidy. 2. slovenliness, sloppiness.
Unkenned adjUnknown, strange, imperceiveable, unexplored.
Unkennedness nState or conduct of strangeness, imperception, ignorance.
Unkenny adjUnknowing, ignorant.
Unkept adj(Especially of promises or contracts) having been violated or disregarded; "broken (or not kept) promises".
Unker prnOf us two. 2. belonging to us two.
Unketh adjUncouth, unknown, strange, foreign, ignorant.
Unkethness nUncouthness.
Unkind adjStrange, foreign. 2. of weather, climate: not mild or pleasant.
Unkindly advNot in or with kindness; of little kindness.
Unkindhood nUnnatural conduct, ingratitude, baseness.
Unkind-hearted adjNot kind hearted or done with kindness.
Unkindled adjNot fired up, ignited or set fire to.
Unkindleness nThe state of non-ignition or unconflagrated.
Unkindliness nUnkindly in conduct or behaviour.
Unkindling adjNot burning, as in "waning into the dull unkindling air."
Unkindly adjMorally unnatural; unnaturally wicked or vile. 2. unnatural in respect of relations or dealings in others. 3. of weather, soil etc. unnaturally bleak or cold. 4. unfavourable to comfort or growth. 5. inclement, not properly conditioned, developed or thriving. 6. prejudicial to health; not developing in a natural healing manner. 7. not of the same kind; strange. 8. lacking natural affection. devoid of kindness, unkind.
Unkindly advWith natural immorality or impropriety. 2. with enmity, harshness, cruelty. 3. contrary to right feeling or conduct. 4. improperly, ungratefully, unsuccessfully. 5. in an unkind manner; marked with unkindness, dissatisfaction, resentment.
Unkindness nUnnatural conduct; absence of affection or consideration for others. 2. uncharitableness, niggardness, ingratitude, unthankfulness. 3. a flock of ravens. 4. the fact of being unkind, unkind actions or treatment; also, an instance of this. 5. unfriendly feelings, ill-will, enmity, hostility. 6. unkindship
Unkindred adjNot related by blood; not kinfolk or not a body of people related. 2. " their souls unkindred, can never understand our language."
Unkindredly adv" A set of wretches are those of her unkindredly kin". 2. not related by blood or family.
Unkindship nUnkindness.
Unking vbTo deprive of a position of king. 2. to dethrone from sovereignity; divest of royal status. 3. to abdicate. 4. to deprive a country of its king.
Unkinged adjDeprive of the position or authority of a king. 2. deposed from a kingship. 3. not raised to the dignity of a king.
Unkingdom vbTo deprive a monarch or a dynasty of its realm; as in "The Stuarts long since unkingdomed ".
Unkinglike adjNot like a king; unbecoming to or of a king, not in accordance with the position or character of a king.
Unkingly advIn an unkingly manner; unlike a king.
Unkingship nState or action in deposing of a king.
Unkinlike adjNot like or in the manner expected of one kin or family member.
Unkissed adjNot kissed; without being kissed.
Unkithe vbTo be not known or visible, to vanish, disappear. 2. to fail to manifest, or display.
Unkithed ppAwkward or troublesome from unfamiliarity or novelty. 2. unfamiliar or dreary; solitary, forlorn, lonely. 3, uncanny, weird, eerie.
Unknelled adjNot sounded or rung like a bell, esp. to announce a funeral; as "with a grave, unknelled, not in coffin, and unknown.
Unknightlike adjNot like a knight; unbecoming to or of a knight, not in accordance with the position or character of a knight.
Unknightly advIn an unknightly manner; unlike a knight.
Unknit vbTo untie or undo a knot. 2. something untied. 3. to ungird oneself. 4. not to knit together, or closely knit, disjoin, disunite, unclasp. 5. to smooth over. 6. detach, sever, separate.
Unknitting nUnknotting, the act of disentangling knots; untying; unfastening. 2. the action of unlacing of yarn, material or thread by hand or by machinery. 3. the disjoining of something to cause separation. 4. disuniting, disconnecting; disengaging. 5. the drawing apart of something that has been knitted together.
Unknot vbTo release or untie the knot or knots in. 2. (of a muscle) relax after tense and hard.
Unknotty adjWithout or devoid of knots.
Unknow vbNot to know something something. 2. to fail to recognise, fail to perceive, to be ignorant. 3. to cease to know; to forget (what one has known).
Unknowing nIgnorance, as "A cloud of unknowing". 2. not possessed of knowledge; uninformed, ignorant. 3. without knowledge; ignorant of something.
Unknowning phr "A Cloud of Unknowing" - ignorance; without knowing; uninformed.
Unknowingly advIn a manner ignorant or not knowing.
Unknowingness n"Unknowningness shall not excuse your day of doom". 2. a state of ignorance or not knowing..
Unknowledge nAbsence or want of knowledge; something unknown to one.
Unknowledged adjUnacknowledged. 2. not admit knowledge, not recognised. 3. unknowledging.
Unknown adjNot known, unrecognised, ignorant of. 2. unostentatious, unshowy.
Unknown phr"Into the Unknown" - into an area about which nothing is known.
Unknown phr"The Great Unknown" - where one may go to after death. 2. outer space and stars.
Unknowly advNot in a manner or state of known or being aware of. 2. mysteriously.
Unknownness nThe quality of being unknown.
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