Old English nEnglish
Unlade vbTo unload or discharge a load or cargo from a ship. 2. to unburthen or relieve by the removal of something. 3. to unpack. 4. to discharge a firearm.
Unlading nThe act of unloading or discharging a load.
Unladen adjUnloaded, discharged, relieved.
Unladen weight nThe weight of a vehicle etc when not loaded with goods.
Unladylike adjLacking the behavior or manner or style considered proper for a lady. 2. coarse, crude, ill-bred, inconsiderate, insensitive, offensive, tactless, unfeminine, genteel-lacking, not gentle, unrefined, vulgar.
Unlaid adjNot laid, placed, fixed or set. 2. laid out (as a corpse). 3. (slang) of a woman who no one has had, or a particular person who has not had, sexual intercourse. 4. of spirits not laid by exorcism. 5. not laid open or out.
Unlame adjWholly free.
Unland nUnarable land. 2. deprivation (of land).
Unlanded adjNot possessed of land.
Unlap vbTo uncover by withdrawing a cloth or the like. 2. to unfold; to spread open. 3. to detach in a strip.
Unlast vbTo fail to last.
Unlasting adjEphemeral, as "Man's life is as unlasting as a flower". 2. short-lived, unenduring.
Unlatch vbTo open or unlock by releasing the latch. 2. to unfasten the latch of aa door.
Unlaughing adjNot given to laughter or mirth. 2. stern, solemn, serious, gloomly.
Unlaw nAn illegal action. 2.evil custom or habit. 3. amercemant, penalty, fine.
Unlaw vbTo fine, amerce. 2. to pay a fine. 3. to annul a tax.
Unlawful adjNot conforming to legality, moral law, or social convention; improper, unconventional. 2. contrary to or prohibited by or defiane of law; as in unlawful hunters. 3. not morally right or permissible; as unlawful love. 4. having no legally established claim; as a wrongful heir. 5. contrary to or forbidden by law; as an outlawed strike; illegitimate, illicit, outlaw, outlawed,
Unlawfully adjIn a manner contrary to or in violation of the law; illegal, illicit.
Unlawfulness nUnlawful or unloyal conduct. 2. the quality of being illegal or illegimate. 3. illegality, illegitimacy.
Unlaw-learned adjNot conversant in the law and its way.
Unlaw-likeadjNot relating to or not abiding by the law
Unlay vbTo untwist a rope into separate strands.
Unlawing nThe action of illegality.
Unlawyered adjNot represented or assisted by a lawyer.
Unlawyerlike adjNot like or befitting a lawyer. 2. inappropriate for a lawyer. 3. uncharacteristic or untrained as a lawyer.
Unlawyerly adjUncharacteristic of a lawyer.
Unlead vbTo divest or strip of leadership.
Unleaded adjNot weighed, covered or furnished with lead. 2. of petrol without added lead.
Unlearn vbTo dismiss from the mind something learned.
Unlearned adjUntaught, uneducated, ignorant.
Unlearning adjDismissing from the mind what has been learned.
Unlearnly advIn a manner unlearned, untaught, uninstructed.
Un-learned-ness nCondition of being unlearned, wanting of learning, ignorancy.
Unleast adjNot the smallest in size, amount, degree or slightest. 2. not the lowest in consideration, position or importance.
Unleave vbTo strip of leaves. 2. to lose or shed leaves. 3. to defoliate.
Unleaved adjDefoliated, stripped (of leaves); unfurnished of leaves or foliage.
Unled adjWithout leadership or direction. 2. not guided.
Unlede nA foreign or hostile people.
Unlede adjUnhappy, miserable. 2. evil, dreadful, wicked. 3. vile, detestable; foriegn (of persons or things).
Unleeful adjNot permissible or allowed. 2. illicit, illegal.
Unleefulness nState or quality of being not permitted.
Unleese vbTo unfasten, undo, open.
Unlefted adjTouched, contacted, affected.
Unlength nShortness.
Unlengthened adjNot lengthened or increased in length.
Unless conjThat, that is, in less, in a less case. 2. upon any less condition than (the fact or thing stated in the sentence or clause which follows); if not; that not; if it be not; were it not that; except; as, we shall fail unless we are industrious. 3. aside from, bar, barring, beside, besides, but, except, if not, leaving out, let alone, outside of, save, save and except, saving, than, unless that, were it not, without.
Unless prpBy the omission of the verb in the dependent clause, unless was frequently used as preposition, 'here nothing breeds unless the nightly owl'
Unlessen vbTo not decrease in size, extent, or range, not diminish, not lessen, not fall. 2. to not make smaller. 3. not wear off or die down; not subside or mitigate. 4. to not make less; to reduce; not decrease in size, or become fewer.
Unlest conjNot in order that.. not; not so that..; not for fear that.
Unletting adjOf a property receiving no rent.
Unlicked adjNot licked into shape, as a new born animal by its mother. 2. not licked into shape; rough, crude (from the old idea that that the she-bear licks her cubs into shape)
Unlidden adjNot furnished or covered with a lid.
Unlie nTruth, truthfulness
Unlife nThe state or being that is not life (but may resemble it).
Unlife-like adjOf a non-living or deathly image. 2. resembling something or someone no longer living. 3. giving a representation of something without life.
Unlighted adjUnfired, unkindled; not bright or clear, dark.
Unlightened pplNot having or producing light. 2. not lighted, unbrightened, unlighted.
Unlightsome adjNot full of, uncharacterised by, or not causing light.
Unlike advUnevenly, unequally. 2. differently, diversely. 3. in a manner differently from that (of a specified person). 4. improbably
Unlike n(Also adj): not like or resembling, different from. 2. not like each other, dissimilar. 3. dissimilar to the thing or person in question. 4. not uniform or even; improbable. 5. a person unlike or similar to others or another.
Unlike phr"How Unlike From" - how diffrernt from. 2. how unlike some, possibly idealized ,satndard of civilized home life, behavior, business, practice, etc.
Unliked adjNot liked or fondly or affectionately thought of.
Unlikelihood nThe improbability of a specified outcome; unlikeliness, long shot. 2. absence of likelihood; dark horse, faint likelihood, fighting chance, hardly a chance, hundred-to-one shot, improbability, little expectation, long odds, off chance, outside chance, slim chance, small chance.
Unlikeliness nThe improbability of a specified outcome; unlikelihood. 2. the quality or state of being unlikely.
Unlikely adjNot likely to be true or to occur or to have occurred; improbable. 2. has little chance of being the case or coming about. 3. having a probability too low to inspire belief; improbable, unbelievable, unconvincing. 4. not to be reasonably expected; as, an unlikely event. 5. not holding out a prospect of success; likely to fail; unpromising; as, unlikely means. 6. not such as to inspire liking; unattractive; disagreeable.
Unlikely advIn an unlikely manner.
Unliken vbTo make unlike; to dissimilate. (obs)
Unlikeness nStrangeness, dissimilarity. 2. the quality of being dissimilar. 3. a bad or poor likeness.
Unlikening nThe making of something or somebody unlike; or dissimilar.
Unliking adjWant of liking; dislike; dissatisfaction. 2. unpleasant, disagrreable.
Unlimb vbTo dismember.
Unline vbTo divest a garment of lining.
Unlined adjOf a paper without lines. 2. of the face:wrinkles.
Unlink vbUndo the links of a chain. 2. detach or set free by undoing or unfastening a link or chain.
Unlistening nThe state of not listening or being prepared to listening.
Unlit adjNot lit.
Unlittle adjNot little, samall or tiny.
Unlive vbTo deprive of life. 2. to reverse, undo by living or annul (a past life or experience). 2. to live so as to wipe out the effects of (a former period of life). 3. to live down.
Unlived adjDeprived of life. 2. not really or fully lived.
Unlived-in adjUninhabited, unused by the inhabitants.
Unliveliness nThe state or quality of being slothful, inert, unenergetic.
Unlively advUnliving, lifeless, not lively, unanimated, or bright, dull.
Unliving adjNot living or alive; lifeless; dead.
Unlivingness nThe state of not living.
Unload vbTo remove the load of cargo from; to discharge freight from. 2. to take of or discharge a cargo from. 3. to relieve of something burdensome or oppressive. 4. to withdraw the charge of ammunition from. 5. to dispose of, esp. by selling in large quantities of.
Unload phr"Unload Onto" - pass a heavy or irksome burden on to somebody else.
Unloaded adjRemoved from a load of cargo. 2. unburdened, disposed of, withdraw ammunition from.
Unloader nOne who or that which unloads; spec. a contrivance for unloading something, as hay or coal.
Unloading nThe act of unloading something.
Unloath vbTo not loath; disincline, be not reluctant, angry or be unwilling.
Unloathfulness nState of not being full loathing, unwilling or angry..
Unloathingly advIn a manner not loathing, unwilling or angry.
Unloathfully advIn a manner neither angry or unwilling.
Unloathness nHarmlessness, innocence.
Unlock vbTo unfasten something locked. 2. to open, undo, release. 2. to lay open, disclose or reveal. 3. to become unlocked.
Unlocked adjNot locked.
Unlocking adjThe act by which something is unlocked.
Unlofty adjNot high or elevated.
Unlonely adjNot lonely.
Unlonged-for adjNot yearned or wished for.
Unlooked adjNot attended to; neglected, unregarded, unheeded, unexamined. 2. unexpected; unlooked-for, unanticipated.
Unlooked-for adjUnexpected, not anticipated.
Unlord vbTo deprive of the position or rank of a lord.
Unlorded adjdeprived of the rank of a lord. 2. not raised to the rank of a lord.
Unlordly advNot lordly.
Unlost adjNot lost or misplaced.
Unlove nThe absence of love.
Unlove vbTo cease to love a person.
Unloved adjNot loved, not held in affection. 2. unrequited in love. 3. not pursued or felt as love.
Unloveliness nUnlovely. 2. not evoking a feeling of love or affection. 3. unattractive in appearance, unpleasantly, uncomeliness, unhandsome, ugly, repellent.
Unlovely adjWithout beauty or charm. 2. not lovely; not amiable; possessing qualities that excite dislike; disagreeable; displeasing; unpleasant. 2. beautiless, blemished, defaced, disfigured, homely, inelegant, marred, plain, short on looks, ugly, ugly as hell, unaesthetic, unattractive, unbeautiful, uncomely, unpretty,

unhandsome, unpleasing, unsightly.

Unloverlike adjNot in a manner expected of a lover: "Shocked at someone unloverlike speech".
Unloving adjNot giving or reciprocating affection. 2. affectless, chilly, coldhearted, emotionless, frigid, frosty, heartless, icy, passionless, soulless, spiritless, unaffectionate, unamiable, unbenign, uncordial, unemotional, unfeeling, ungenial, unkind, unpassionate, unresponsive, unsympathetic, untouchable.
Unlovingly advIn a manner or way without love or affection. 2. unkindly, uncordial, cold-heartedly.
Unlovingness nA kind of unlovingness and hate against another or others.
Unlust nAbsence of pleasure, distress, 2. want of appetite; nausea. 3. the disinclination to be active or bestir oneself. 4. slothness, laziness, idleness. 5. unpleasantness, repulsiveness.
Unlustiness nLack of health or strength. 2. physical weakness or debilitation. 3. lack of cheerfulness or readiness. 4. dullness, disinclination.
Unlusty adjIndisposed to activity or exertion. 2. slothful, lazy, dull, listless. 3. unyielding, very fat. 4. lacking in bodily vigour; deficient in health. 5. Of land: not in good condition or "heart". 6. having an unattractive or ill-favoured look. 7. unpleasant, undesirable, objectionable.
Unlying adjHonest, trustworthy, truthful.
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