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Unmad vbSane, not mad or crazy: "She is the only unmad member of my family".
Unmaddened adjNot made angry: "unmaddened by the babble of vain main."
Unmaddening adjNot in an uncontrolled manner, with quietness, calmness
Unmadding pplUnaffected with madness; calm; quiet, sane.
UnmaddinglyadvIn a manner unaffected with madness, quiet, calm, tranquil.
Unmade vbNot yet made. 2. untrained. 3. existing without having been made. 4. uncreated but existent. 5. not made out or up.
Unmaiden vbTo deprive of maidenhood. 2. to deflower.
Unmaidening nThe act of depriving a woman of maidenhood. 2. the act of deflowering.
Unmaidenly advBehaviour not appropriate or expected of a maiden; unbecomingly, immodest.
Unmain nWant or lack of strength.
Unmake vbTo reverse or undo the making of (something or object). 2. to reduce again to an unmade condition. 3. to deprive of a particular role or station. 4. to depose of. 5. to deprive of a certain character or quality. 6. to alter in nature. 7. to undo, ruin, destroy; to bring to nothing. 8. to annul a decision.
Unmaking nThe act of reversing or undoing something. 2. the act or action of reducing something again to an unmade condition. 3. the deprivation of certain characters or qualities. 4. the alteration of the nature of something. 5. ruination, destruction, undoing of, 6. annulment, abrogation, repealing.
Unman vbTo deprive of the attributes of a man. 2. to remove from the category of men. 3. to reduce below the level of man; to degrade, brutalise. 4. to deprive of manly courage or fortitude; to make meek or effeminate. 5. to deprive of virility. 6. to emasculate. 7. to take from a ship or vessel its company of men. 8. to deprive oneself of something.
Unmanfully advNot in a manner of a man; unmasculinely, effeminately.
Unmanhood nUnmanliness, unmanly conduct.
Unmanlike advBelow the level of manly conduct. 2. brutally, cruely, harsh, inhuman. 3. not like or inappropriate to a man or men, unmasculine. 4. unnaturally licentious or debasing.
Unmanliness nThe state or quality of not being masculine or virile.
Unmanly advNot masculine, not manly, effeminate, not virile, with unmanly weakness, not courageous, meek. 2. not gentlemanly, not honourable; dishonourably, treacherously, inhumanly, cruelly. 3. dishonourable or degrading to a man. 4. not befitting a man in respect to fortitude or energy.
Unmanned adjNot manned. 2. deprived of virility or manhood. 3. unaccustomed to men, untamed: said of hawks. 4. uninhabited.
Unmannish adjUnmanly, unmasculine, lacking in virility. 2. weakly, without strength or courage, timid, meekish. 3. dishonourable, ungentlemanly, treacherously.
Unmarked adjNot marked; uncorrected. 2. without blemish. 3. not observed. 4. not ticketed, as shop goods.
Unmatched adjNot matched or equal; matchless, unrivalled. 2. not provided with something equal or alike.
Unmatchless adjUnmatchable, unequal, unrivalled.
Unmatchedness nState or quality of being unrivalled, having non equal, non-pareil: "his stark unmatchedness in all way or manner of learning."
Unmated adjnot mated; single.
Unmawe nA poor or helpless person.
Unmawe adjHelpless.
Unmeaning adjOf features: expressionless, vacant, unintelligent. of persons: having no seriousness or purpose. 3. action, conduct: having no meaning or signifance. 4. utterings, saying: meaningless, insignificant; having no meaning or signification; as, unmeaning words. 5. ot indicating intelligence or sense; senseless; expressionless.
Unmeaningly advMeaninglessly or unsignificantly. 2. intelligently or without sense; senselessly; expressionlessly;
Unmeaningness nState or condition of emptiness, without signifance. 2.
Unmeant pplNot meant or intended.
Unmeedful adjUndeserving of reward or guerdon.
Unmeedy adjUnrewarded.
Unmeet nUnmete: immoderate or excessive amount or measure. 2. excessive in size, huge, immense. 3. unequal, unevenly matched. 4. unequally. 5. not closely united; remote. 7. unfitting, unsuitable, unbecoming, improper. 8. unfit, unsuited for some purpose: incompetent. 9. not met or adapted.
Unmeetly advUnmetely: immoderately, excessively, unfitly, unbecomingly.
Unmeeteness nUnfitness, unsuitableness.
Unmeethship nImpatience.
Unmellow adjUnripe, not well-matured, not bitter or acidulous. 2. not rich or mellow in tones. 3. unhappyish, unmerry, not friendly of companiable. 4. not friable of soil.
Umellowed adjNot mellowed; immature.
Unmelted adjNot liquefied by heat.
Unmenged adjUnmixed, unblended. 2. not joined or combined.
Unmerrily advIn an unhappy manner.
Unmerry adjUnhappy, unjoyous, not glad.
Un-merryness nState or condition of being or feeling unhappy.
Unmet vbNot meted out, measured out. 2. to not reward.
Unmet adjNot come upon or encountered. 2. not made an acquaintance of or introduced to. 3. not to be at a place of arrival to meet someone. 4. not to come into contact, conjunction or intersection with. 5. not to face, confer, deal with or encounter. 6. not to comply with, or meet another expectation. 7. not to pay a bill or account. 8. not to experience or go through a situation, usu. ghastly or disturbing.
Unmethe nImmoderation, excess fault.
Unmethe adjUnequal, unfair, urgently.
Unmight nFeebleness, want of the strength, weakness.
Unmightful adjUnable, impossible, cannot do, undoable.
Unmightness nImpotence
Unmighty adjDevoid of might or strength, weak, feeble, powerless, impotent.
Unmild adjNot mild or gentle. 2. harsh, tough, unkind. 3.harsh of taste
Unmildness nState or quality of being unmild, harsh, tough, unkind.
Unmildewed adjNot covered in mildew.
Unmilked adjNot having milk draw or extracted from the mammary glands as a cow. 2. not to be quizzed or grilled for information. 3. not to exploit or take advantage of.
Unmilled vbNot yet ground, shaped or polished.
Unminded adjUnmentioned, not borne in mind. 2. unheeded, unregarded, left unnoticed, overlooked.
Unmindful adjNot keeping in mind; not having knowledge of, be unaware of. 2. careless, heedless.
Unmindfulness nThe state or condition of not keeping something in mind.
Unminding nThe action of forgetting or disregarding.
Unmined adjNot dug up or mined.
Unmingle vbTo not mix together (fig and lit). 2. not mix, blend or unite together. 3. not to join, combine, bring into close relations. 4. not to enter into compny, association, as with a crowd.
Unmingled adjUmixed; unblended, not combined or joined. 2, not associated or united in society, or with certain people, by ties of relationship. 3. not deprived of purity by mixture; uncontaminated. 4. not made or prepared by mixing the ingredients of.
Unmirthful adjNot happy, glad, joyful. 2. lacking of laughter.
Unmirthfulness nState of not be happy, merry or joyful.
Unmisgive vbTo make free of fearfulness, anxiety, suspicious, or doubtful. 2. to be unapprehensive.
Un-misgiving nA feeling without doubt, premomition, anxiety or apprehension.
Un-misgivingness nIn a state without doubt, anxiety or apprehension.
Unmissed adjTo hit or strike. 2. to meet, catch, obtain, accomplish, be success. 3. to take opportunity or advantage of. 4. to attend a meeting or gathering.
Unmist vbTo free from mist, to brighten.
Unmistaken adjThat cannot be mistaken for something else. 2. evident, clear, obvious.
Unmistakenly advEvidently, clearly, obviously, patently.
Unmonkish adjSecular, wordly, not religious, as "High schools .. from the monkish ages into the highly unmonkish ones".
Unmoth-eaten pplNot eaten or ruined by moths. 2. unworn.
Unmothered adjDeprived of motherly feelings. 2. deprived or destitute of a mother.
Unmotherly adjUnlike or not resembling a mother. 2. not pertaining to, or unbecoming to, of a mother.
Unmotherly advNot in a manner of a mother.
Unmotherless adjHaving no mother; motherless.
Unmown adjNot mowed, left with longest grass.
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