Old English nEnglish
Unnail vbTo undo or unfasten the structure by the extraction or removal of nails.  2. to extract or unfasten from something by the removal of nails.
Unnamed adjNot mentioned or specified by name. 2. not provided with a name; nameless.
Unne vbTo grant, allow, give freely. 2. to wish or like (one) to have something. 3. to grant, permit, or allow that.
Un-near prpNot near or approximate to.
Un-neared adj"In echoing unneared silence".
Unneed nA disadvantage
Unneeded adjNot necessary; unnecessary. 2. dispensable, excess, expendable, gratuitous, in excess, needless, nonessential, prolix, redundant, spare, verbose, superfluous, tautologous, to spare, uncalled-for, unessential, unrequired,
Unneedful adjNot necessary or required. 2. not standing in need of something.
Unneedfully advUnnecessarily.
Unneedy adjNot in need or wanting. 2. not poor or in poverty.
Unneighbored adjHaving no near neighbors.
Unneighbourliness nState or quality of not exhibiting the qualities expected in a friendly neighbour.
Unneighbourly adjNot exhibiting the qualities expected in a friendly neighbour.
Unnimble adjSluggish, awkward, clumsy, unagile, unadroit, undeft, unably.
Unnimbly advIn a unnimble or manner lacking agility; with slowness and clumsiness. un agilely. 2. in a unnimble manner; with a lack of agility; with heavy-footed, slow motion. 3. unably, unadeptly, unadroitly, unagilely, unaptly, unartfully, uncapably, undeftly, undexterously, unefficiently, unexpertly, unfeatly, unhandily, uningeniously, unmasterfully, unproficiently, unpromptly, not quickly, unreadily, unskillfully, unspryly, not swiftly, with no finesse, without skill.
Unnimbleness nWith an action of unnimblenes: lacking agility; with slowness, and clumsiness; unagileliness.
Unnimed adjUntouched.
Unnut adjThat which is useless or worthless; idleness. 2. vanity, wrongdoing. 3. unprofitable.
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