Old English nEnglish
Unoften advInfrequently, unseldom, as "You get more patient.  .. and not uoften you come to a standstill".
Un-old vbMake not old, as "Mind-gladding fruit that can un-old a man".
Un'orning nDisunion, discord, disunity, un-uniting.
Unopened adjOf letters or books: not opened, left or remaining closed or shut. 2. not opened for use.
Unopening adjNot opening because it is locked or barred, as a door.
Unorn adjOf persons: plain (in manners or appearance). 2. humble, simple. 3. wicked, mean. 4. of things: poor or inferior in quality, amount or appearance.
Unornly advPlainly, humbly, simply. wickedly, of inferior quality-wise.
Un-overcome advNot subdued, beaten, conquered or humbled, as "that not one of all the Greeks might live unovercome".
Un-own vbDisown, not own.
Unowned adjNot possessed as property, destitute of an owner or possessor. 3. unacknowledged, unadmitted.
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