Old English nEnglish
Unpathed adjWithout a path or walkway; unpathwayed.
Unpen vbTo let out; release from a pe or enclosure.
Unpin vbTo unfastened or detach something by removing the pins.
Unplanted adjNot planted; growing naturally.
Unplayed adjNot played or performed.
Unploughed adjNot turned up by the plough or plow. 2. of boks: not trimmed with the plough.
Unplucked adjNot plucked; or having the feathers or petals still on.
Unprettiness nThe state or quality of attractiveness, pleasantness; as in "the smallness and unprettiness of the house."
Unpretty adjNot pretty, fair, comely, attractive, good, decent, decorous. 2. "her not unpretty parting lips"
Unprettily advIn a way that is not pretty, often deliberately so; as, 'she mouthed her food unprettily.
Unput vbNot put down, placed, inserted.
Un-put-on ppNot affected, not feigned or faked, as in "he has a natural exaltation, perfectedly unaffected and un-put-on".
Un-put-out ppUnextinguished, dowsed, unejected, remaining, continuing; as in "there was no fire un-put-out".
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