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Unqueen vbTo deprive of a position of queen. 2. to dethrone from sovereignity; divest of royal status. 3. to abdicate. 4. to deprive a country of its queen.
Unqueened adjDeprive of the position or authority of a queen. 2. deposed from a queenship. 3. not raised to the dignity of a queen.
Unqueenlike adjNot like a queen; unbecoming to or of a queen, not in accordance with the position or character of a queen.
Unqueenly advIn an unqueenly manner; unlike a queen.
Unquelled adjNot quelled or subdued.
Unquemed adjDispleasing.  2. unfit, uneasy.  3. uncomfortable, uneasy.
Unquemefully advUnneatly, unsnugly, unsmoothly, unpleasantly.
Unquenched adjNot extinguished, or put out like a fire. 2. not ended or caused to cease. 3. unslaked or unsatisfied. 4. suppressed or repressed, as emotion. 5. uncooled by water or another liquid.
Unquert adjDisquieted, annoyed, troubled, hurted, distressed, unjoyful; wicked.
Unquick adjLifeless, dead. 2. not lively or active.
Unquick vbTo lose vivacity; to become lifeless.
Unquickened adjUnquickened by exertion.
Unquoth vbUnsaid, not spoken or expressed.
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