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Unrainy adjNot inclined to rain or rainy weather, dryish, as in "unrainy clime".
Unread vbTo forget about what you have read.
Unread adjNot read; unperused. 2. not instructed by reading.
Unreadily advNot ready or prepared.
Unreading adjNot reading or instructed by books; as in "the unreading philosopher who avoids books. 2. an idle and unreading world.
Unreadiness nNot in a state of readiness or preparation.
Unready adjNot in a state of readiness or preparation. 2. not prepared or made ready. 3. not ready or plain. 4. not easy or plain. 5. undressed; in deshabille. 6. not quick or prompt; hesitant. 7. slow, not responding; guideless.
Unready vbTo undress.
Unreaped adjNot harvested or cultivated.
Unreave vbTo leave unplundered, despoiled, stripped of.
Unreckon vbTo not count, enumerate, take into consideration.
Unreckoned adjNot counted, enumerated, considered.
Unrede nLack of counsel, wisdom, evil counsel; folly.
Unredely advWithout restraint.
Unredily advWithout counsel or consideration; imprudently, unwisely, inadvisely, as "King Ethelred".
Unredy adjNot tell advisedly, incautiously, rashly, foolishly.
Unreel vbUnwind from a reel.
Unrest nRestlessness, especially of the mind. 2. trouble, turmoil; used inreagrd to public or political conditions and suggesting premonition of revolt.
Unrestful adjNot restful.
Unrestfully advIn an unrestful manner.
Unridden adjOf a horse: not ridde. 2. of a voyage, esp one by train, not as yet undertaken.
Unriddle vbTo solve a problem.
Unride adjSevere, causing much trouble and suffering. 2. of a great size or extent or strength: so large as to become cumbersome or unwiedly. 3. large in number, numerous. 4. rough or violent.
Unridely advViolently, roughly, harshly.
Unright nA wrong, wrong-doing, iniquity. 2. unfairness, injustice (done or suffered). 3. an instance of wrong or wrong-doing. 4. wrong or unjust act.
Unright adjNot right, just or equitable. 2. improper, unfair, wrong. 3. incorrect, inexact.
Unright advImproperly; not in the right way, wrongly.
Unright vbTo wrong, injure, to do injustice to, to treat unjustly.
Unrighted adjNot made right, correct or just.
Unrighteous adjUnjust, wrong, improper; unrightwise
Unrighteously advUnrighteously, unjustly, wrongly.
Unrighteousness nState or quality of being unjust, wrong or improper in conduct or behaviour.
Unrightful adjNot right, wrong, incorrect.
Unrightfulness nQuality of being unrightful: wrong, incorrect, improper.
Unrightly advWrongly, erroneously, incorrectly. 2. unfairly, not rightfully.
Unrightness nState or condition of unfairness or injustice.
Unrighty adjDevoid of the right condition.
Unrimed adjNot frosty or cloudy. 2. not covered with rime.
Unrind vbTo strip of rind, bark or hide.
Unrinded adjStripped of bark, debark, ring-barked.
Unring vbTo remove a ring from.
Unripe adjNot arrived at maturity; not ripe, immature. 2. premature. 3. not ready, not prepared.
Unripeness nState or quality of being not ripe, immature, preamature, not prepared, not ready.
Unrisen adjNot risen or ascended.
Unrive vbTo tear apert, rend, open up.
Unroadworthiness nThe stae or condition of being unroadworthy.
Unroadworthy adjNot roadworthy.
Unroof vbTo strip of the roof, unroof, make roofless.
Unroofed adjNot furnished with a roof; not roofed.
Unrope vbTo detach by undoing a rope. 2. detach one from a rope.
Unroped adjTo remove a rope from.
Unroot vbTo pluck or dig up by the roots.  2. to tear up by the roots.  3.  to eradicate, clear away, remove or detach altogether.  4. to lose root-hold; to withdraw the root from the soil.
Unrooted adjNot rooted or furnished with roots.
Unrotted adjNot yet rotted, decayed, putrified or gone off. 
Unrough adjNot rough; smooth.
Unruefully advUnmercifully,  pitilessly.
Unrun adjNot past or completed, as "the rest of the years i have to come unrun".
Unrung adjNot sounded by ringing.
Unruth nUnpity, pitilessness, mercifulness
Unruthfully advNot fully of sorrow or pity, uncompassionately.
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