The Anglish Moot
Old English sb English
Unsad adj Not firm or steadfast, unreliable. 2. not firm, hard or solid. 3. free from sadness; not made sad.
Unsaddle vb To remove a saddle from. 2. to remove from the saddle; unhorse; dislodge.
Unsaid vb Not said, spoken or uttered.
Unsailed adj Not yet launched or sailed in. 2. deprived of or without a sail.
Unsailor-like adj Not like a sailor; unbecoming to or of a sailor, not in accordance with the position or character of a sailor.
Unsailorly adv In an unsailorly manner; unlike a sailor.
Unsained adj Unblessed; esp. not formally blessed or protected by a blessing.
Unsaked adj Not guilty, innocent.
Unsalted adj Not containing salt; as an "unsalted stream".
Unsame vb To alter, change.
Unsamen adv Not in union or harmony.
Unsapped adj Not sappe; not exhausted.
Unsappy adj Not containing or having little sap, as "a small, thin, sappy leaf".
Unsaught n Discord, dissension, hostile speech.
Unsaughted adj At variance or enmity; hostile. 2. dissatisfied, displeased. 3. not at ease, embarrassed, troubled, distressed.
Unsaughtily adv In a manner of discord, enmity. 2. dissatisfactorily, with distressed.
Unsaughtness n The state or condition of hostility, enmity, displeasure, embarrassment.
Unsawn adj Uncut, hewn or unprepared.
Un-Saxon adj Not of Saxon origin. 2. not in a manner of things Saxon.
Unsay vb To deny, to withdraw, retract, recant, unspeak or revoke (something said or written)
Unsayed adj Untried, untested.
Unsaying n The act of withdrawing or retracting said or written. 2. a denial.
Unsayer n One who withdraws or retracts something said or written.
Unsayly adj Unspeakable.
Unsayworthy adj Of a word or expression not fit to say, because of its offensiveness, discriminating tone, denigration and prejudice, etc.
Unscathed adj Without suffering any injury; uninjured.
Unscatheful adj Harmless.
Unscored adj A play without, or not yet provided with, a musical score. 2. something, esp. a series of items untallied, not yet reckoned, added up or accounted for.
Unseamed vb To open the seam or seam of.
Unseared adj Not seared, or withered by heat. 2. not made hard or calloused by heat.
Unseat vb To remove from a seat or fixed position. 2. to unhorse. 3. to deprive of office or rank; to depose.
Unseaworthiness n In an unfit condition for a sea voyage, said of a vessel. 2. with leaks, rotten-nes, untrustworthiness, untightness
Unseaworthy adj Not Seawothy.
Unseeded adj In tennis a player not ranked. ??
Unsee vb To avoid seeing; to leave, or make, unseen.
Unseeing adj Unable or unwilling to see or consider.
Unseen adj Invisible; not seeing; lacking sight.
Unseeking adj Not trying to find out or discover. 2. not seeking to obtain.
Unseel vb To unsew or uncover the eyes of a hawk, etc. 2. fig. to open, unclose, reveal.
Unseely adj Of persons: unfortunate, unhappy, miserable, wretched. 2. misfortune-bringing, esp. on oneself or others. 3. of animals: mischievous, harmful. 4. of things, conditions, etc. causing, involving or accompanied by misfortune or unhappiness.
Unseen adj Not seen; not apprehended by sight, unperceived, invisible. 2. not seen previously or hitherto; especially: unfamiliar, strange; unknown. 3. of translation passages: not previously read or unprepared. 4. unskilled, inexperienced.
Unseen phr "Unseen, Unrued" - out of sight, out of mind.
Unseenly adv Invisibly.
Unselde adv Unseldom or not at widely separated intervals; as of time or space; not infrequent or infrequent.
Unseldom adj Infrequently, not seldom.
Unsele n Unhappiness, misery, ill-luck, misfortune. 2. an improper time. 3. an unseemly matter.
Unsele adj Wretched, evil, wicked. 2. unlucky, unfortunate. 3. unselely, unselly.
Unself n Deprivation of self and selfish qualities.
Unselfed adj That which directs one to the welfare and interests of others.
Unselfish adj Not selfish or greedy; generous. 2. kind, charitable, altruistic, self-denying.
Unselfishness n The condition of not being concerned with one's own interest, advantage, etc. in the total exclusion of the interest of others
Unself-love n The instinct by which one's actions are not directed to the promotion of one's own welfare or well-being, especially an excessive regard for the well-being of others . 2. humbleness; self-effacement, lack of vanity. 3. unnarcissism
Unselfly adv In a manner that put other's interests ahead of one's own. 2. "she attends unselfly meetings, participates in discussions and is extremely involved in neighbourhood issues".
Unselfishness n The condition of not being concerned with one's own interest, advantage, etc. in the total exclusion of the interest of others.
Unself-willed adj Not stubborn or obstinate willful in pursuing one's own wishes, aims, etc.
Unself-willed-ness n State or quality of not pursuing one's own interests above those of others.
Unselling n The dissuading from the belief in the desirability, value or truth something.
Unselth n Unhappiness, infelicity, misery.
Unsene adj Invisible, not obvious.
Unsent adj Not sent for, unsummoned. 2. not dispatched.
Unset vb To put out of place; to undo the setting of. 2. to get out of place or position.
Unsete adj Unbecoming, improper, bad. 2. unpleasant, painful. 3. unwholesome. 4. of persons: Ill-disposed, dissatisfied or discontent.
Unsetting n Not going beneath the horizon.
Unsettle vb To undo from a fixed position. 2. to unfix, unfasten, loosen. 3. to force out of a settled condition. 4. to deprive of fixity or quiet. 5. to be unsettled. 6. to clear of settlers.
Unsettling n The altering from a settled state; causing to be no longer firmly fixed or established; rendering unstable; disturb. 2. the shaking or weakening (beliefs, feelings, etc.); causing doubt or uncertainty about. 3. the vexing or agitating the mind or emotions of; upset; discompose: "the quarrel unsettled her. 4. the unfixing or disordering of something or someone.
Unsettled adj Altered from a settled state; no longer unfirmly fixed or established; unstable; disturbed: 2. shaken or weaken (in beliefs, feelings, etc.); doubted or uncertain. 3. vexed or agitated in the mind or emotions of; upset; discomposed. 4. unfixed or disordered. 5. upset, disturbed, unbalanced, confused, disconcerted.
Unsew vb To undo the sewing (of a garment). 2. to remove the stitches from. 3. to unwrap, uncover, set free by the removal of stitches.
Unshackle vb To free from shackle or fetter. 2. to untie, detach.
Unshackledom n Divorce; freedom from marriage (slang). 2. freedom from imprisonment (slang).
Unshackled adj Not fettered or chained. 2. fig. anything that prevents freedom of thought, action, procedure.
Unshade vb To expose to the sun, sunlight and sunshine.
Unshaded adj Not darkened or obscured by shade; not covered by a shade or blind. 2. not provided with shade. 3. fully exposed to light or heat. 4. not having shades in colouring: not modified or toned down. 5. not marked with shady lines.
Unshadow vb To free from shadow; to allow to become illuminated. 2. fig. to disclose, reveal. 3. computing) to combine (a password file) with its corresponding "shadow file" in order to facilitate cracking of the passwords.
Unshadowed adj Not covered or darkened by shadow.
Unshaken adj Not agitated. 2. not moved from a fixed position.
Unshamed adj Not put to shame; unashamed.
Unshamedfast adj Unshamefaced. 2. immodest of person, the mind, heart, conduct.
Unshamedfastly adv Immodestly; unshamedfacely.
Unshamedfastness n Immodestly of quality or conduct.
Unshameful adj Shameful-less.
Unshamefully adv In a shameful or immodest manner.
Unshamefulness n Shameful-less-ness.
Unshape vb To deform, destroy.
Unshaped adj Imperfectedly formed; left rough or rude.
Unshapeful adj Without form or shape.
Unshapefulness n Shapelessness.
Unshapeless adj Crude, rude in form or shape.
Unshapeliness n Lack of shape or form; unshaped.
Unshapely adv Misshapenly; misshapen of form.
Unshapen vb Not shaped; imperfectedly formrd, badly shaped.
Unshared adj Not shared with or by another or others.
Unsharp adj Bluntish, not acute or clear. 2. not acute as in the senses. 3. not keen edged or pointed. 4. not pungent. 5. unshrill or harsh.
Unsharpness n State (sense) or quality of lacking sharpness, clarity or acuteness. 2. unpungency. 3. harshness or shrill of sound.
Unshaved adj Not shaven.
Unshaven adj Not smooth, planed, or pared away with a tool or instrument. 2. of hair: not removed with a razor.
Unshavenness n Not in an unshaven aspect or appearance, as "what avails Sampson's strength, if God gives a key to a secret of it which resides in his strength".
Unsheaf vb To unsheaf or take wheat or others grain from their sheath or covering.
Unsheathe vb To draw or take out a weapon from its scabbard, as unsheathe a sword. 2. to begin hostilities or war by drawing one sword from it scabbard. 3. to draw, take out, remove a covering.
Unnsheathed adj Drawn from a sheath, as a weapon. 2. removed from a covering, as a plant.
Unsheathing pp Not drawing a weapon from the sheath. 2. not covering with a sheath or covering.
Unshed vb Not t shed, pour out, or spill. 2. to not part or separate.
Unsheen adj not beautiful, lacking brightness, unresplendent.
Unsheet vb To take a bed-covering from; to uncover.
Unshell vb Take from a shell.
Unshelled adj To take a an exterior cover from a fruit, animal or object.
Unsheltered adj Not sheltered.
Unshending pp Not harming or injuring.
Unshent adj Not disgraced, ruined. 2. not shamed, subjected to discomfit or reproach. 3. uninjured, unharmed, unspoiled.
Unsherperded adj Not tended to, as a sherperd to a flock. 2. (lit and fig) in many senses: untended, unprotected, uncared for.
Unsheriff vb To deprive a city etc of a sheriff. 2. to lose one's position as a sheriff.
Unshewing adj Hidden, secret, esoteric.
Unshielded adj Without any defensive armour. 2. (fig): unprotected, left to fend for oneself, defenceless.
Unshifted adj ot rearranged, changed, altered, removed or reassigned.
Unshiftiness n Not having inclination, or given to, full of evasion. 2. wiyhout ruse or tickery. 3. not suggesting a deceptive or evasive character.
Unshimmering adj Unshining, glimmering, glittering.
Unshining adj Not bright or light, "as heavenly bodies so unshining".
Unship vb To take out or remove from a ship; to put on shore from a vessel. 2. to deprive of a ship; dismiss from a ship. 3. to admit of being detached from a ship. 4. to become detached. 5. of a horse, to throw, unseat a rider. 6. to unbalance, upset.
Unshiplike adj Not resembling or characteristic of a ship.
Unship-shape adj Not in good order, well-arranged, trim or tidy.
Unshirted adj Not wearing or possessing a shirt.
Unshirted phr "Unshirted Hell" - serious trouble, a bad time.
Unshivered adj Not prone to shake or tremble with cold, fear, excitement. 2. not trembling or quivering.
Unshod adj Of persons or the feet: having shoes or shoe not put on, or taken off; barefooted. 2. of horses: having cast off a shoe; or not furnished with shoes. 3. of horse's feet: not protected with an iron rim piece.
Unshoe vb To remove the shoes fro, as a horse.
Unshoe-the-horse n The plant: Moonwort.
Unshop vb To throw out of employment ("The Shop" - work or employment). 2. to return not yet bought goods to the shelf while shopping.
Unshorn adj Of cloth: not shorn, cut or cropped. 2. of person's hair: not cut. 3. of cornfields: not reduced or diminished; not deprived of something.
Unshot ppl Not fixed or left on. 2. not struck by a shot; not shot at. 3. grain not come into ear; not sprouted. 4. not shot out or deposited.
Unshouldered adj Not to take upon, bear, support or carry by the shoulder. 2.(fig.)- not to bear a burden or difficulty. 3. "the berries of the species had long, unshouldered bunches."
Unshowered adj Not moistened by a shower. 2. unwashed, unbathed, unshowered, hence: dirty and unclean in self-care.
Unshowy adj Not showy, flash or ostentatious. 2. invisible, unseen, out of sight.
Unshrinking adj Unhesitating, fearless.
Unshrinkingly adv In a fearless or unshrinking manner.
Unshriven vb Not shriven; not having received absolution from a priest.
Unshroud vb To remove the shroud from; expose.
Unshunning adj Unavoidable. 2. not keeping away from ( a place, person, object) from motives of dislike, fear or caution.
Unshut adj Not opened, undone or unlocked, as a door. 2. not shut; wide-open.
Unshutter vb To open the shutter of a window.
Unshy n Not bashful, un-retiring, not easily frightened, not timid or meek, secure, assured.
Unsibby adj Not related by family or kin. 2. unsibbed.
Unsicker adj uncertain, unsafe, insecure.
Unsickerly adv Unsafely, unsurely, uncertainly, insecurely.
Unsickerness n Uncertainty.
Unsifted adj Not sifted; not examined in detail, as evidence.
Unsight phr "Unsight Unseen" - sight unseen.
Unsighted adj Not sighted or seen. 2. prevented from seeing
Unsightful adj Invisible, not seen, not visible. 2. unhandsome, ugly, distasteful, disagreeable.
Unsightfully adv Invisibly.
Unsightliness n The state of being unpleasant to the sight. 2.
Unsightly adv Not pleasing or distasteful to the sight, unpleasing to the eye, or to look at; unhandsomely, ugly. 2. invisibly. 3. in an unsightly manner.
Unsilvered adj Not coated or treated with silver, as a mirror back.
Unsin vb To annul (a sin) by subsequent action. 2. to free (a person) from being a sinner. 3. to divest of the character of a sin.
Unsinew vb To render weak or feeble; to enervate. 2. to weaken the strength, power, resilience.
Unsinewed adj Not strong, feeble, nerveless.
Unsinewy adj "I do not praise the soft, unsinewy goodness of the P.M." 2. weak, unsupportive, lacking a mainstay.
Unsinful adj Obedience to divine law, religious or moral principle. 2. impeccable, probious, good (of behaviour).
Unsing vb "A thought once thought is never unthought or a melody sung unsung".
Unsinged adj Not scorched or burnt.
Unsinking adj To remain at the same level: not gradually sinking or gradually settling to a lower level, as "unsinking sand".
Unsinning adj Impeccable, perfect, without sin.
Unsister vb To deprive of a sister. 2. to denounce or reject one's sister.
Unsisterliness n The lacking of the quality of a sister.
Unsisterly adv Not sisterly; unbecoming to a sister.
Unsitting adj Unbecoming, unfitting. 2. not inclined to a sedentary position of state
Unskilful adj Lacking or not evincing skilfulness; awkward..
Unskilfully adv In an unskilful manner.
Unskilfulness n The condition of being skilful.
Unskilled adj Lacking or wanting of skill, dexterity or knowledge.
Unslack adj Tight, taut, tense. 2. "my joints are yet nimble, my sinews unslack". 3. active, busy, vigorous.
Unslackened adj Not indolent, careless, or remiss. 2. not dull, sluggish or inactive. 3. active, busy.
Unslain adj Not put to death, not killed or murdered.
Unslaked adj Not made less active, intense or vigorous. 2. of thirst: not assuaged, quenched or allayed. 3. of wealth: desire: not achieved or satisfied.
Unsleep vb "Sleep once had cannot be slept again".
Unsleeping adj Unable to go to sleep or slumber. 2. vigilant, watchful, alert, tireless, awake. 3. "the eyes of God ever awake".
Unsleepliness n Sleeplessness; "insomnia".
Unsleepingly adv In a manner free of sleep; awakingly, vigilantly, alertly.
Unslept adj Not having slept. 2. not slept in. 3. not slept of. 4. deprived of sleep
Unslothful adj Not incline to laziness, indolence, slackness or idleness.
Unslothfulness n The state or quality of being unslothful.
Unslow adj Not slow, inactive, unalert, dull.
Unsmart adj Not acutely painful or hurting. 2. not sharp in pain of severely suffering. 3. not biting, stinging, prickling. 4. not alert of mind, thoughts, action. 5. not brisk, vigorous or active. 6. not neat or trim of appearance or dress.
Unsmelled adj Without odour or smell, smell-less; without offensive smell. 2. not scenty.
Unsmelling adj Not scented, odoured, or smelling.
Unsmiling adj Without a pleased or amused expression on the face. 2. without a pleasant or agreeable appearance or aspect.
Unsmilingly adv Of an unsmiling appearance.
Unsmilingness n The state or quality of being unsmiling.
Unsmitten adj Unstruck, untouched, unaffected.
Unsmoked adj Not smoked; not exposed to smoke. 2.not consumed by smoking.
Unsmoky adj Without or having little smoke, as "unsmoky fire".
Unsmooth adj Not smooth, not having a surface free from irregularities; rough, hrash. 2. of manners, behaviour: not pleaasant, affable, bland, plausible. 3. of sounds, speech: screechy, strident, harsh, raucous.
Unsmoothness n The state or quality of being unsmooth, not having a surface free from irregularities; rough, harsh. 2. of manners, behaviour: not pleaasant, affable, bland, plausible. 3. of sounds, speech: screechy, strident, harsh, raucous.
Unsmoothed adj Not made smooth, left rough. 2. of voltagewithany ripple left in it.
Unsmote vb Not struck, hit or smited.
Unsodden adj Not boiled.OE meanings: boiled, saturated with moisture, dull, stupid, expressionless; dull.
Unsoft adj Not hard, not soft or severe.
Unsoft adv Not softly; not severely.
Unsoftened adj Not yielding readily to touch or pressure. 2. staying hard.
Unsoftening adj Not softening or becoming subdued.
Unsoiled adj Not covered or treated with manure. 2. not blemished, marked or marred in any way.
Unsold adj Not disposed of by sale.
Unsome adv At variance; in a hostile way; unisome.
Unson vb To deprive of a son. 2. deprive of the character or state of a son.
Unsonlike adj Not like a son in character and behaviour.
Unsoothed adj Unflattered by assent.
Unsoothfast adj Not truthful or true.
Unsore adj Unsuffering of body by disease. 2. unpainful or aching. 3. without grief or sorrow. 4. without broken or inflamed skin.
Unsorrow n A state of feigning sorrow; saying sorry but not meaning it.
Unsorrowed adj Without mental pain or distress.
Unsought pp Not obtained by search or effort. 2. without being sought. 3. unassailed. 4. unexamined, unexplored. 5. unasked, without being requested, not resolved to, untried.
Unsoul vb To deprive of spirit or courage. make soul-less. 3. to deprive of the essential qualities of a soul.
Unsouled pp Deprived of a soul. 2. not endowed with a soul.
Unsoulish adj Not enjoying or having the spirit of a soul, as "he felt for a moment that he was living a miserably thin, formal, unsoulish life". 2. spiritless.
Unsound n Physical unsoundness. 2. malady, sickness, a wound, sore. 3. harm, distress, annoyance.
Unsound adj Of a person: not physically sound, unhealthy, unwholesome, diseased; suffering from wounds or injury. 2. not mentally sound or normal; not sane 3. morally corrupt or vitiated 4. not sincere or true. 5. wicked, evil. 6. of opinions, beliefs: not soundly based on fact, logic or reasoning. 7. lacking in solidity or firmness. 8. of sleep: broken or disturbed. 9. of substances, plants, fruit: not in a sound or good condition.
Unsound phr "Of Unsound Mind" - mad.
Unsoundly adj To act in a manner to hurt or harm; harmfully, injuriously.
Unsoundness n The quality of being physically, or materially unsound. 2.quality of being mentally unsound. 3. unwholesomeness. 4. quality of unsoundness in belief: not based on fact, priciples or good grounds.
Unsoured adj Not tart or acidic in taste. 2. not rancid or mildewed. 3. not bitter or extremely distasteful. 4. not morose or peevish.
Unsowed adj Unplanted of seed (so that it may grow); unsown. 2. of ideas, proposals, scheme not implemented.
Unsown adj Not planted.
Unspanned pp Not supported. 2. not covering or extending between two points.
Unspared adj Not spared, liberal or excessive. 2. without mercy, harsh, severe.
Unsparing adj Not sparing; liberal or profuse; excessive. 2. unmerciful; harsh; severe. 3. ungenerous, unlavish, unbountiful. 2. merciless, unrelenting, relentless
Unsparingly adv In an unsparing way: lavish, profuse; merciless.
Unsparingness n The state of quality of being unsparing.
Unsparkling adj Uneffervescent. 2. not gleaming or sparkling.
Unspeak vb "I will speak again which is unspoken".
Unspeak vb To remain unspoken or silent. 2. recant, unsay. 3. mode of speech that persuades by stealth, e.g., climate change.
Unspeaking pp Unspeakable, ineffable, not speaking, unable to speak.
Unspear vb To free from being transfixed. 2. to open.
Unsped pp Not having succeed in an errand or effort. 2. not accomplished, not done or discharged; not brought in a successful result or issue.
Unspeechful adj Not worthy of speech and expression. "lighting up their land of pain and unspeechful expectations".
Unspeed n OE: poverty. 2. lack of good speed or success, misfortune, detriment, harm. 3. unprofitable labour,
Unspeedful adj Unprofitable, of no avail.
Unspeedy adj In OE: poor, indigent. 2. of land: barren, unproductive, unprofitable, unsuccessful, slow, sluggish.
Unspeer n An unmasking, unenquiry.
Unspeered adj Unasked; unenqiried or without enquiry.
Unspell vb Undo or dissolve a spell. 2. to free from a spell. 3. to decipher, read, understand.
Unspelling n The act or action of undoing or dissolving a spell.
Unspent adj Not expended or used. 2. not exhausted or used up.
Unspilled adj Not spilled. 2. not spilt.
Unspoken adj Not spoken or expressed in words.
Unspread vb Not spread out.
Unspring vb To burst, burst out, open. 2. to release from or detach by pressing a spring.
Unspringy adj Unspringy fluid, which presses as a weight not a spring.
Unsprung adj Not produced with a spring. 2. not constructed to be resistant.
Unspun adj Not yet spun or weaved. 2. untold or not yet related.
Unstaid adj Not fixed, permanent, settled in character. 2. not of sober or steady demeanour.
Unstaired adj Not having or provided with stairs.
Unstairness n The state of not having stairs.
Unstarched adj Not starched.
Unstathelfast adj Not strong or sound of foundation.
Unstayed adj Not propped or stopped up. 2. unstable; not furnished or confined by stays.
Unstayedness n A state of lack of support.
Unstaying adj Not supporting or stabilizing.
Unstead vb Dislocate.
Unsteadfast adj Of persons, the mind etc. - not steadfast in conduct or opinion; inconstant, fickle. 2. not remaining in the same state. 3. liable to change or alternate. 4. not firmly established or fixed; readily moving or changing place; not firm or steady.
Unsteadfastly adv In a manner not firmly established or fixed. 2. not steadfastly in conduct or opinion.
Unsteadfastness n State or condition in life, fortune etc. of being unsteadfast. 2. adultery, infidelity, wedbreche.
Unsteadily adv In a unsteady manner.
Unsteadiness n The quality of not being firmly established or fixed. 2.
Unsteady adj Not steady in position; not fixed or secure. 2. not held or kept steady. 2. not steady or constant in respect of conduct or purpose; fluctuating, fickle, wavering. 3. marked or characterised by absence of steadiness or regularly; not regular, even of uniform.
Unsteady vb To deprive of steadiness. 2. to render unsteady.
Unsteadying pp Not steadying or being firmly fixed.
Unsteek vb To undo, unfasten, unopen.
Unsteel vb To make soft, open to feeling of kindness, as "why then should this enervating pity unsteel my foolish heart". 2. to deprive something of steel.
Unsteeled adj Softish, not hard, kindish. 2. without steel.
Unsteep vb To not soak in water.
Unsteeped adj Not soaked in water or another liquid
Unsteered adj Not guided or kept on course or direction, as the unsteered, storm-driven voyage of the crazy voyage".
Unstenched adj Not malodorous, smelly, offensive as "it is one of those pretty, clean, unstenched, uncontrolled places".
Unstep vb To not proceed forward by walking or taken a step.
Unstern adj Not severe, rigorous, displeased or austere.
Unstick vb To cause to be unstuck. 2. to take off from the ground, water. 2. the moment of take-off aeronautically.
Unsticking n The act or action of taking off aeronautically.
Unstiffen adj Not rigid, flexible, as in "the prospect of a few unstiffened rheumatic joints".
Unstiffening n The state of flexible, fliud, free as in "the sort of unstiffening of my long, dormant joints and muscles".
Unstill vb To disturb, distress, agitate.
Unstillness n Unsilence; unquiet; unhush. 2. the presence of motion.
Unstilled adj Agitated, distressed (by motion); unstilled. 2. distressed by hunger, upset by yearning etc.
Unstinged adj Not stung or pricked.
Unstinted adj Without cease of action; undesisted. 2. unlimited to a certain amount, number, share, or allowance, unrestricted. 3. not ending; unchecked.
Unstinting pp Unceasing, not desisting. 2. unlimiting, unending, unrestricting.
Unstintingly adv In a manner unceasing, restricting or limiting.
Unstirred adj Not stirred or giving way. 2. unmoving; still; inactive.
Unstirring pp Not stirring or giving way. 2. not moving, agitating.
Unstitch vb To undo the stitches of.
Unstitched adj Not pricked or punctured. 2. not suffering a sharp or sudden pain. 3. not sewn by a needle and thread; unsewed. 4. of a wound: open and unsutured.
Unstithe adj Weak, feeble, not strong.
Unstock vb To remove a ship from the stocks. 2. to dismount a gun; to remove a stock from a gun. 3. to deprive of livestock; deprive of goods.
Unstocked adj Not furnished with stock. 2. not provided with goods. 3. not stocked with animals.
Unstoken adj Not closed or shut; opened.
Unstolen adj Not stolen, robbed, pilfered etc.
Unstone vb To convert from a stony state. 2. to castrate.
Unstoniness n The lacking or absence of stone and stony ground.
Unstony adj Not with oor having stone.
Unstop vb To free from being closed or stopped up. 2. to become opened. 3. to pull or draw out a stop. 4. to unhinder or unstuff.
Unstopped adj Not stopped or obstructed. 2. of consonants, not stopped; capable of being prolonged; said of the consonants, said of (j)and (l).
Unstopper vb To take out the stopper from.
Unstopping n Not come to a standstill, going on, continuing as "the power of unstopping water".
Unstopple vb Not to close, stop or bung up.
Unstormed adj Not subjected to violent disturbance of the atmosphere. 2. fig. of affairs: not having a violent access or assault of troops on a place.
Unstow vb To take out of stowage. 2. to clear the hold of articles stored or stowed in it.
Unstowed adj Not stowed or filled, as ship with cargo. 2. lying loose in the hold or on deck, as cargo.
Unstreaked adj Unmarkeed, unstriped.
Unstreamed adj Not to, or fail to, stream school children according to their different abilities.
Unstreaming n The teaching of children in mixed ability groups.
Unstrenge vb To lose strength or to fail to strengthen .
Unstrength n The lack of strength, weakness, feebleness.
Unstrengthen vb To weaken, deprive of strength, make feeble, enfeeble, enervate.
Unstrengthenness n Enfeebling, as the unstrength of the State.
Unstretch vb To relax,strengthen.
Unstretching n Unslackeniing.
Unstrewed adj Not thrown or scattered, as " an empty field unstrewn with the bodies of the slain".
Unstricken pp Not struck, smitten, smote or affected bt something or someone.
Unstriking adj Unattractive; unimpressive: a scene of monotonous, unstriking beauty. 2. un-noticeable; unconspicuous: a unstriking lack of enthusiasm.
Unstring vb To relax or remove the strings of a lyre or a bow. 2. to undo the string of a purse fig. to spend money. 3. to detach from a string (fig.) 4. to detach from a union, sever, separate. 4. to unnerve or upset, trouble, dismay a person. 5. of the nerves: to release from tension.
Unstringed adj Not furnished with a string or strings. 2. not accompanied by music.
Unstringing n The action of unstringing, as "the fatigue .. and the worry has been unstringing".
Unstrong n Strong, feeble, weak.
Unstruck adj Not struck, hilted of affected.
Unstrung adj having the strings relaxed or removed (of a harp). 2. of a bow: not strung. 3. weak, relaxed, unnerved.
Unstuck adj Not stuck down or fixed. 2. airborne; take-off.
Unstuck phr "Come Unstuck" - fail; one plans do not work out.
Unstung pp Not stung or bitten by bees, wasps etc. 2. not disturbed or affected by revelation, as "unstung by knowledge".
Unsundered adj Not separated, parted, divided.
Unsunderly adv Inseparably.
Unsung adj Not sung; not uttered by singing; not celebrated by song or word.
Unsunk adj Not sunk or submerged. 2. not beaten down by adversity or isaster.
Unstuck phr "To come unstuck:: to come to grief.
Unsunned adj Not penetrated or reached by sunlight; not exposed or accessible to the sun. 2. not made patent or public. 3. not touched or affected by light or the heat of the sun (fig, also). 4. not coloured or tanned by the sun. 5. not lighted up by the sun.
Unsunny adj Not affected by the sun or sunlight. 2. fig. lacking human warmness or empathy, as an "unsunny face or look".
Un-sun-seen adj Devoid or deprived of sunlight or sunshine.
Unsunshined adj Lack of sunshine, as in "unsunshined England".
Unswaddle vb To free from, take off swaddling bonds (linen) or clothes.
Unswallowed adj Yet consumed (of food). 2. fig. not yet overwhelmed by adversity or a difficult situation.
Unswathe vb To unswaddle, to unwrap from linen.
Unswear vb To retract (something sworn or asserverate).
Unswearing n The act of retracting or asserverating.
Asweer adj Not lazy or unwilling. 2. not heavy or sad.
Unsweet adj Unpleasant, disagreeable, distasteful of a person. 2. not pleasant or sweet to the taste; distasteful. 3. not smelling sweetly. 4. unpleasant to the ear. 5. unattractive, not sweet.
Unsweetened pp Not sweetened.
Unswell vb To recover from a swollen state or injury.
Unswept adj That has not been swept off the wing of an aircraft; not swept back. 2. not having sweepback or sweep-forward.
Unswerving adj Steady, constant. 2. not turning side.
Unswervingly adv In an unswerving manner or way.
Unswilled adj Unwashed or unrinsed out. 2. not flowing freely. 3. not drunk greedily or excessively.
Unsworn adj Of persons: not subjected to, or bound by an oath. 2. not confirmed by, or sworn, as, an oath.