Old English nEnglish
Untailed adjNot furnished with a tail. 2. deprived of a tail.
Untaken ppNot taken by force; not made a prisoner; uncaptured. 2. not confiscated, stolen or plundered.
Untaken-away adjRemaining, not removed or carried away.
Untaken-down adjNot depressed or dampened in spirit.
Untaken-off adjUnsuccessful in idea, concept, product, fashion. 2. still earth-bound: not airborne.
Untaken-upadjNot accepted or embraced. 2. unreceptive to.
Untaking nNot overwhelmed or conquered. 2. undoing, reversing, as in "I have a wife there can be no untaking".
Untalely adjIndescribable.
Untalked adjNot discussed, broached, talked about.
Untall adjNot tall, short, small.
Untame vbTo not tamed or made gentle. 2. to not domesticate or train.
Untamed adjNot tamed or subdued. 2. not tamed, wild, undisciplned,
Untamedness n(fig.) of affections: wild and unbridled. 2. untamed by degree: as in the breaking-in of a horse.
Untameness nThe state or quality of not being tamed or domesticated. 3. untamedness.
Untanned adjNot subjected to tanning- convert skin into leather by steeping in an infusion of astringent bark. 2. not made brown by the sun or solarium exposure. 3. (colloq.) not thrash a person: : "to tan someone's hide".
Untaught adjNot enlighted or trained by teaching; uninstructed, ignorant. 2. of animals: not trained or tamed. 3. not imparted or acquired by teaching, hence: natural, spontaneous.
Untaughtness nThe state of being untaught.
Untawed adjNot yet dressed or prepared, as wood, timber, leather etc.
Unteach vbTo cause a person (a person) to forget or discard previous knowledge. 2. to undo previous knowledge or teaching. 3. to remove from the mind (something known or taught) by different teaching.
Unteaching ppThe action of causing (a person) to forget or discard previous knowledge.
Unteam vbTo unyoke, unhitch, unbridle.
Unteem vbTo overburden, destroy. 2. to leave unemptied.
Unteemed adjUnemptied.
Untell vbTo count back, days, years etc.
Untelling adjInnumerable, countless.
Unthank nAbsence of gratitude or goodwill. 2. unfavourable thought or feeling. 3. ill-will, disfavour, displeasure expressed in actions and words.
Unthank vbTo unsay or recall one's thanks to.
Unthank phr"To have unthank" - to convey displeasure or annoyance, offence or injury. 2. unwillingly, compulsorily against a person will or wish; without one's consent; also involuntary.
Unthanked adjNot thanked. 2. not received with thankfulness.
Unthankful adjNot received with thaks; ungrateful or characterised by ingratitude. 2. not very grateful or thankful; unacceptable, unappreciated, thankless, disagreeable. 3. inadequate, insufficient. 4. not rendering thanks; not feeling or exhibiting gratitude; unwelcomed.
Unthankfully advUngratefully.
Unthankfulness n}The state or feeling of ungratefulness.
Unthaw vbTo not reduce to a liquid form; remain frozen.
Unthede nStranger, foriegner, outsider.
Unthee vbTo fail to thrive or be unsuccessful.
Unthew nA bad habit, custom, quality, a vice.
Unthewed adjIll-mannered, wanton, unrefined, coarse.
Unthewful adjUnmannerly, unseemingly.
Unthick adjThin.
Unthickened ppNot thickened, not dense.
Untheivish adjNot inclined to robbery or thievery. 2. honest, trustworthy.
Unthimble vbTo rob or deprive one of their watch.
Unthink vbTo remove from thought. 2. to annul or reverse by mental effort. 3. to retract in thought. 4. change the mind concerning.
Unthinking nNot having the power of thought. 2. lack, thoughtfulness, acre or attention; heedless, inconsiderate.
Unthinkingly advWithout thought or thinking; unreflectively. 2. carelessly, accidentally.
Unthinkingness nIndifference, indolence, carefreeness.
Unthinned adjNot reduced, decreased or lessened.
Unthirsty adjNot thirsty or wanting of water. 2. uninquisitive, seeking or inquiring, as "Unthirsty for knowledge".
Unthole advUnendurable.
Untholeful adjIntolerable.
Untholemood nImpatience, intolerance, unforbearance, intholing.
Untholemoodness nTHe state or quality of impatience, intolerance, unforbearance.
Unthorny adjWithout thorns; free of thorns, thornless.
Unthorough adjNot thorough, searching, scientific, detailed.
Unthought nAn absence of thinking or thought. 2. disregard. 3. unexpectancy.
Unthought adjNot thought of, unexpected. 2. not regarded in a certain way. 3. unimagined, not devised in thought, unheedful, disregarded. 4. unpremeditated.
Unthought phr"Unthought of" - unthinkable, inconceivable (and likely to cause disapproval.
Unthoughtful adjNot taking thought. 2. unmindful or regardless of something. 3. unthinking, thoughtless.
Unthrall vbTo emancipate, set free, liberate.
Unthralled adjUnemancipated, unfreed, unliberated.
Unthrasted adjUnbeaten, unthrashed, unflogged.
Unthread vbTo remove thread or stitching from. 2. (fig.): to disentangle, unthrid, analyse, seek to solve.
Unthreatened ppNot annoyed, vexed or troubled. 2. free from threat or danger; safe and secure.
Unthreatening adjNot threatening or aggressive; safe.
UnthrillvbTo not piece, perforate, hole. 2. not be affected with a wave of positive emotion or joy.
Unthrone vbTo dethrone, despose.
Unthrough-foreness nImpenetrability.
Unthrough-foresome adjImpenetrable.
Unthrown ppNot thrown or hurled
Unthumbed adjNot polluted by the touch of fingers or thumbs, such as a book.
Untidy adjShowing or characterised by lack of tidiness; not in good condition or order; of an un-neat appearance. 2. untimely, unseasonable. 3. poor (not excellent), unworthy, unseemly.
Untidily advIn a slovenly manner or way. 2. dressing in a dishevelled, neatless appearance. 3. unworthily, poorly, unseemingly.
Untidiness nThe state or quality of being untidy in appearance, care or daily living. 2. of not good order, unseemingness, untimeliness.
Untie vbTo loosen or undo, as a knot or knotted rope. 2. to release, set free, detach by undoing a cord or similar thing fastening. 2. to free from a confining or encircling cord, band etc. 3. to undo or unfasten a cord or knot. 4. to clear away a difficulty (a knot. fig). 5. to dissolve a bond or union. 5. to become loosened or untied.
Untied adjNot tied or restrained. 2. freed from confinement. 3. unfastened.
Untight nAn immoral act or practice. 2. Unsolid, unfirm.
Until prp(First element may be O.N). till; to; as far as; as late as; up till.
Until conjUp to the time that; to the degree that.
Untilled adjUncultivated, unworked, unlaboured upon, unobtained, untreated, uncured.
Untilward prpToward(s).
Untimbered adjNot timbered.
Untime n(Also untimes)in an untime; at an unsuitable, improper or wrong time. 2. untimely occurrence, untimeous instance, a bad time, a calamity, an inclement season. 3. untimes, misfortune, affliction.
Untime adjUntimely, ill-timed.
Untimed adjNot timed, not regulated as by time.
Untimeless adjUntimely, not timeless or everlasting.
Untimeliness nThe state or quality of being untimely.
Untimely advComing before the proper or natural time; premature. 2. of fruit - not properly ripened; immature. 2. of births, deaths etc.: premature, before the proper time; unexpected. 3. unseasonable (in respect of the time of year) of frost, blight: ill-timed, inopportune.
Untiming nMishap, ill-fortune
Untiming adjCareless, heedless, regardless.
Untine vbOE: sharp, projecting; spec. of antlers. 2. to open; to separate, sever, 3. unsharp, unprojecting.
Untinned adjOf food: not contained or placed in tin.
Untired adjNot tired or exhausted, unwearied, not failing or giving out.
Untiring adjNot wearying or becoming fatigued. 2. of effort:continuing, persisting, enduring to the end.
Untithed adjLand or produce on which no tithe is levied. 2. not receiving tithes.
Unto prpUp to the extent of time that; until. 2. up to, as far as + to, on analogy with until.
Unto-come nArrival, coming (to a place).
Unto-fore advBefore (sb., God), in the presence of.
Untold adjNot counted or reckoned. 2. not counted out or paid. 3. not enumerated or reckoned up, unaggregated. 4. uncounted, unreckoned because of the amount or number, immense, vast. 5. with pl nouns: the large numbers; numberless. countless, as in "untold millions". 6. unmeasured, unlimited. 7. not related or recounted. 8. not informed of the facts.
Untold adjThat cannot be told, not told, revealed or described; inexpressible as " untold misery".
Untongue vbTo deprive of (the use of) the tongue; to render speechless.
Untongued adjDestitute of a tongue; tongueless.
Untongue-freed adjFree from stuttering or hestitancy in speech.
Untoomly advHarshly, hurriedly.
Untooth vbto extract or remove a tooth (or teeth).
Untoothed adjNot having or deprived of teeth.
Untoothsome adjUnpalatable, disagreeable. 2. unpleasant or unattractive to the taste.
Untoothsomeness nState or quality of being unpalatable or unpleasant to the taste.
Untop vbTo deprive of a top, roof or any kind of covering.
Untopped adjTopless, uncovered.
Untorn vbNot pulled asunder by force. 2. not torn or lacerated. 3. not taken away by force.
Untoward adjCausing annovance or hindrance; vexatious. 2, not yielding readily, refractory, perverse. 3. uncouth, unbecoming, improper, froward, ill-disposed, awkward, clumsy, ungraceful, ill-suiting, adverse, unfavourable.
Untowardly advActing in annoying manner; hindering. 2. unbecomingly, improperly, unskilfully, awkwardly, clumsily, ungracefully, badly. 3. unluckily, unpropititiously (with a likelihood or suggestion of mishap or misfortune. 4. unsuccessfully, unfortunely. 5. rudely, roughly, forwardly.
Untowardliness nDisinclination to be accommodating or pleasant. 2. perversity, obstinacy. 3. lack of good progress or promise, esp. in respect to physical condition. 4. lack of appitude, awkwardness. 5. unpropitousness, adverseness.
UntowenadjImproper, disreputable, wanton, etc. 2. untaught, untrained, unmannered.
Untowenly advWantonly.
Untowenship nWantonness
Untowned adjTo be deprived or lacking a town, as in the people of "Sodom and Gommorrah".
Untread vbTo retrace.
Untreading nThe act of retracing.
Untree vbTo deprive of trees and forests, etc.
Untreed adjWithout or lacking trees.
Untrim vbTo deprive of trimness or elegance. 2. to strip of ornaments. 3. to unbalance.
Untrimmed adjNot in good order or condition. 2. not carefully or neatly arranged or altered. 3. not made trim by cutting, pruning or otherwise reducing to shape. 3. not property balanced.
Untrimmness nThe look or condition of being neatly arranged. 2. lacking good order or being properly arranged. 3. unbalanceness.
Untrodden adjNot trodden or stepped on. 2. not traversed; untraversed. 3. down-trodden, subjugated; subjected.
Untroddenness nThe state or condition of not being walked on or traversed.
Untroth nUnfaithfulness, treachery. 2. wickedness, mischief. 3. unbelief, false troth or truth. 4. untruthful, dishonest, unfaithful, untrustworthy; lie-ridden.
Untrow vbTo lack faith.
Untrowedness nUnfaithfulness.
Untrowful adjUnbelieving, dishonest, unfaithful.
Untrowing adjFaithless.
Untrowness nThe quality or characteristic of unfaithfulness, treachery, wickedness.
Untrue adjLacking truth; not true, not corresponding with fact. 2.not conforming to rule or standard. 3. not adhering to faith, pledge or duty, disloyal. 4. perfidious.
Untrueness nThe fact or sate of being untrue.
Untruly advNot acting or behaving in a manner of truth, adhering to faithfully to pledge, or duty.
Untrum adjWeak, ailing,ill.
Untrumness nThe condition or state of being untrim.
Untruth nUnfaithfulness, lack of fidelity, loyalty or honestly. 2. unbelief, lack of faith, falsity, falsehood. 3. false or incorrect state. 4. inexactitude.
Untruther nOne who utters untruths.
Untruthful adjUnbelieving, perfidious, untrue. 2. not true, not truthful, not veracious.
Untruthfulness nThe quality or lack of being true, veracious, perfidious.
Unturf nOf earth or soil situated or found below the turf.
Unturf vbTo dig up.
Untwilled adjNot woven or twilled.
Untwemed adjUndivided, inseparable.
Untwine vbTo untwist, undo by untwisting or disentangling. 2. (fig). to unthread, dissolve, undo, part, destroy. 3. to detach, remove, release, extract by untwisting.
Untwining nThe act or action of undoing, disentangling, undoing, parting by separating the strains or threads.
Untwined adjUnparted, undivided, unthreaded or unthreading.
Untwist vbOpen from a twisted or spiralling state.
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