Old English nEnglish
Unwakened ppSleeping, as "waters sleeping unwakened by the wind". 2. not wakened.
Unwakening adjNot rousing from sleep or awakening. 2. to keep sleeping not waking up. 3. unwatchful, unalert or vigilant.
Unwalked adjUnfulled (blankets). 2. not traversed by walking. 3. unrambled. 4.
Unwalking adjNot inclined to physical activity, esp. walking; as "I am so unwalking, that prospects are more agreeable to me, when I look at them through the window".
Unwall vbTo deprive of, to free from or to demolish a wall.
Unwalled adjWithout enclosing walls.
Unwallowed adjNot rolling about or from side to side. 2. not plunged or in degraded living.
Unwandered ppOf persons : not travelled or undertaken voyaging. 2. stable, settled, not wandering aimlessly about.
Unwaning adjNot growing less or decreasing. 2. remaining the same: not shrinking or growing smaller.
Unward adjUnprotected, unguarded, undefended.
Unwarded adjUnguarded, unprotected.
Unware adjUnaware: not conscious, lacking caution. 2. not on guard.
Unwary adjIncautious, not careful of actions: done incautiously. 2. unaware, ignorant. 3. without knowing it, in ignorance, innocently. 4. unforeseen, unknown.
Unware adjGiving no heed, not cognisant, as of something not specified. 2. carelessly, unmindful, in attentive, heedless. 3. without warning, unexpectedly.
Unwares advUnexpectedly. 2. without premeditation; unwittingly. 3. suddenly.
Unwarely advIncautiously, without taking heed. 2. without warning, unexpectedly.
Unwareness nUnwariness, incautiousness.
Unwarily advWithout heed or caution; not warily; in an unwary manner.
Unwariness nThe quality or state of being unwary or taking no precaution against danger.
Unwarlike adjPeaceful; peace-loving; not warlike.
Unwarm adjLukewarm, tepid, not cold or not warm.
Unwarm vbTo grow cold; become lukewarm or tepid.
Unwarmed adjNot warmed.
Unwarming adjThat not giving warmth.
Unwarn vbTo fail to give warning to another or others.
Unwarned adjNot warned or fore-warned. 2. unannounced. 3. not guarded or protected.
Unwarning adjWithout warning or premeditation.
Unwarp vbTo uncoil, straighten out. 2. to restore from being warped or prejudiced.
UnwaryadjTaking no precautions against accident or danger; esp. not realizing the necessity of such precautions; incautious. 2. incautious, not careful of actions: done incautiously. 3. unaware, ignorant. 4. without knowing it, in ignorance, innocently. 5. unforeseen, unknown.
Unwash vbTo not wash or keep oneself clean. 2. to not launder one's clothes.
Unwashed adjNot washed; dirty. 2. not reached by the sea.
Unwashed phr"The Great Unwashed" - usually a derogatory reference to the lower classes (the mob) of former days or to less hygenic habits of our ancestors. 2. university students in western democracies of the 1960s and 1970s.
Unwashness nCondition of not being washed or washing oneself.
Unwatched adjNot watched.
Unwatchful adjNot vigilant, not wakeful, unalert.
Unwatchfully advIn an watchful manner.
Unwatchfulness nThe state or condition of being unwatchful.
Unwater vbTo drain of water. 2. to carry off water from.
Unwatered adjNot sprinkled, moistened or supplied with water. 2. not mixed with water; undiluted. 3. of land or a district: not provided with a natural spring of water.
Unwatery adjNot supplied with or containing water.
Unwaver vbNot to move one way or another. 2. to be certain and undecisive; show resolution; not vaccilate. 3. to not show signs of falling back or giving in. 4. to not flicker or gleam.
Unwavering adjMarked by firm determination or resolution; not shakeable; firm, unbending, persevering"; steadfast, steady, even, unbendable, unfaltering, stiff, unshakable. 2. not showing abrupt or uneven variations.
Unwaving adjNot fluttering, moving up and down or side to side in the wind. 2. not having undulating shape or form. 3. flat, level, calm of a body of water. 4. not making a sweeping or undulating motion, as with a hand or flag.
Unway nA place without a way or ways.
Unwayed adjNot furnished with paths, ways or roads. 2. of horses: not accustomed to ways or roads, hence: restive, intractable.
Unweakened adjNot weakened or made less strong. 2. standing firm, resolute, steadfast.
Unweal nUnhappiness, distress.
Unwealful adjUnhappy, causing misfortune or distress, unhappiness.
Unwealfulness nUnhappiness, sadness, distressfulness.
Unwealsome adjUnhappy, distressed, misfortunate.
Unwealthy adjNot wealthy or rich, needy, struggling.
Unwealy adjPoor, unwealthy, needy, indigent.
Unweaned adjNot weaned, immature.
Unweapon vbTo deprive of a weapon or weapons.
Unweaponed adjNot equipped with or bearing a weapon(s); unarmed.
Unwearied adjNot wearied or tired, or not tired out; also, not becoming weary, indefatigable. 2. quality, action, condition etc: marked by absence or abatement, unremittance.
Unweariedly advIn a manner indefatigably, unwearly, or not tired out.
Unwearily advWithout weariness. 2. in a manner weary.
Unwearying adjNot wearying or tiring. 2. that does not give or become weary, unremitting, untiring.
Unwearyingly advPursued tirelessly, sedulously, as "scientific research pursued in studious retirement.
Unweary adjNot weary, free from weary, unweariness, unwearied.
Unweary vbTo restore from unweariness; to refresh or rest. 2. to relieve or ease oneself from something.
Unweather nBad, inclement, rough or stormy weather.
Unweathered adjNot exposed to, or unaffected by the action of the weather or atmosphere.
Unweatherly adjInclement.
Unweave vbTo take out of a woven, intertwined or entangled state or condition; esp. to unravel or undo (a woven fabric). 2. to unintertwine the fingers. 3. to make clear by exposition; to expose, to disclose. 4. to become disentangled (fig)- " how wonderfully strange my fate unweaves".
Unweaving adjDisentangled, intertwined, unravelled. 2. "the sleep inducing unweavings. 3 "the unweavings of political combination".
Unweb vbTo unweave, disentangle, unravel.
Unwebbed adjUnwoven, unweaved.
Unwed adjOf persons: not wedded, unmarried, single.
Unweddedness nThe state of being unmarried or single.
Unweeded AdjOf ground: having or being covered in weeds.
Unweened adjNot thought of or imagined; unexpected.
Unweenly advUnexpectedly, not imagined.
Unweeping adjOf person: tearless, without tears or sorrow "death days of unweeping eyes".
Unweeting adjNot knowing.
Unweetingly advUnwittingly.
Unweft adjUnwoven, unweaved, not intertwined.
Unweighed adjNot weighed. 2. fig. not considered carefully.
Unweighing adjThoughtless, inconsiderate.
Unweighingly adv"Frivolous and unweightingly business" - not full of thought, lacking depth and profundity.
Unweighted adjRemove the weight from (esp. a ski, by ceasing to press)
Unwelcome adjNot welcome or acceptable; unpleasing; unwelcoming.
Unwelcome vbTo receive uncordially or accepting.
Unwelcomed adjNot welcomed or accepted with warmth or cordiality.
Unwelcomely advNot with acceptance, with some fear or trepidation: "a rare moccasin was seen unwelcomely close to a school".
Unwelcomeness nState or quality of not accepting or greeting someone cordially.
Unwelcoming adjHaving an inhospitable atmosphere; not welcoming; unfriendly.
Unwell adjNot well or in good health; somewhat ill, indisposed. 2. (euph): having menstrual discharge.
Unwellness nState or condition of being unwell or not in good health.
Unwemmed adjSpotless, pure, immaculate of persons, body, qualities. 2. not injured, hurt or scarred. 3. not physically spotted or stained; unblemished, flawless.
Unwemmedness nThe state or quality of being spotless, pure, immaculate. 2. of condition: not injured, hurt, harmed or scarred.
UnweptadjNot weeping for; not mourned for; unlamenrted, as for a dead person. 2. of tears: unshed or not wept.
Unwet adjDry, not wet, waterless or moisture-free. 2. of the eye: not suffused, tearless.
Unwetted adjNot wetted.
Unwhetted adjNot sharpened. 2. inactive, unbold, lacking courage.
Unwhited ppUnbleached or whitened.
Unwhitened adjNot whitened, as in "the unwhitened and unwhite-washed, mud and rough stone cottages of England".
Unwhole adjNot in good health, unsound, unhealthly, diseased, sick. 2. spiritually or manually unsure; of unsound. 3. of food: unwholesome.
Unwholeness adjEntireness, completeness.
Unwholesome jDetrimental to physical or moral well-being; "unwholesome food"; "unwholesome habits like smoking" bad for, baneful, diseased, disgusting, foul, harmful, hurtful, loathsome, polluted, sickly, unhealthful, unhealthy, unsound.
Unwholesomeness nThe state or condition of being unwholesome.
Unwide adjNarrow, confined.
Unwield nFeebleness, unwealness, impotence.
Unwield vbTo manipulate or handle unskilfully.
Unwield adjFeeble, weak, impotent. 2. difficult, cumbrous.
Unwieldiness nState or quality of being feeble, weak, impotent. 2. difficulty in handling, unskilfulness, cumbersomeness.
Unwieldly advNot wieldy; wielded with difficulty; not readily handled or managed in use or action, as from size, shape, or weight; awkward; ungainly. 2. bulky, unmanageable, clumsy.
Unwieldy adjAwkward to handle or move. 2. bulky, unmanageable.
Unwife vbTo deprive a person of a wife.
Unwife-like adjNot like or resembling a wife.
Unwifely advNot in the manner of a wife, as "unwifely frame of mind".
Unwight nAn evil being or spirit: a fiend or monster; spec. the devil.
Unwild vbTo tame.
Unwilful adjNot bent on having one's own way; not self-willed. 2. not resulting from the exercise of one's will. 3. not involuntary or intentional.
Unwill nTo do against one's will. 2. something displeasing or undesired. 3. that which is against one's will or wishes. 4. one's dislikes or aversions. 5. the fact or condition of being displeased or offended; displeasure, unwillness. 6. to will or reverse of something one has willed.
Unwilled adjDispleased, undesired. 2. disliked, offended.
Unwilling adjNot willing; reluctant; loath; averse: an unwilling partner in the crime. 2. opposed; offering resistance; stubborn or obstinate; refractory: an unwilling captive.
Unwillingness nThe property of being unwilling: reluctant, resaistance, stubborn, averse.
Unwilly adjUnwilling to do something. 2. averse, involuntary.
Unwily adjNot wily, artful or cunning. 2. simple, silly.
Unwimple vbTo remove the wimple from; unripple, unfold. 2. smooth out; unplait. 3. to be honest, not hoodwink or deceive.
Unwin nGrief, sorrow, distress.
Unwin adjGrievous,
Unwind vbTo wind off; to loose what has been wound. 2. to roll into a ball from a skein of wool, sick, etc. 3. to become unwound.
Unwinding adjWinding loose or being drawn from a thing that has wound.
Unwindow vbTo deprive of windows.
Unwindowed adjWithout windows, not having windows.
Unwine nFoe, enemy, opponent.
Unwindy adjWithout wind, not blowing in a windy manner.
Unwine nAn enemy or foe. 2. "The Evil One", the devil, Satan, shuck, the fiend.
Unwinged adjNot having wings; without wing. 2. wingless. 3. marked by an absence of wings;
Unwink vbOf the eye: to open the eye.
Unwinking nCharacterized by watchfulness or vigilance. 2. not winking, never closing the eye; unwinkingly.
Unwinly advUnpleasantly, sadly, sorrowfully.
Unwinning adjUnconciliatory. 2. unattractive.
Unwinnowed adjOf grain: not separated from chaff by means of the wind or current of air. 2. not examined as to separate good (value)from bad (valueless). 3. distinguished, sorted.
Unwire vbTo remove the wire from.
Unwinter vbTo divest or lose of the quality of winter.
Unwintry adjNot belonging to winter; not cold, frosty, brumal.
Unwiped adjNot wiped; not cleaned by wiping; smeary.
Unwisdom nThe lack or absence of wisdom, ignorance, folly, stupidity. 2. an instance of folly. ignorance.
Unwise adjLacking or deficient in (practical) wisdom, discretion or prudence. 2. indiscreet, imprudent, foolish. 3. not marked, distinguished or prompted by (practical) wisdom. 3. characterised by lack of sound judgement. 4. injudicious, out of one's senses, mad.
Unwisely advActing in a manner or way not showing wisdom: injudiciously, foolishly.
Unwiseman nA fool,simpleton, dolt, fool.
Unwiseness nLack or absence or practical wisdom, foolishness, folly, impudence.
Unwish vbTo retract something wished. 2. to stop wishing; to make an end of wishing; to wish not to become something to wish away or annihilate a wish. 3. to retract, cancel or abrogate a wish, choice etc. 4. to wish or desire a circumstance, situation not to be. 5. to seek or remove oneself from a particular class or category by wishing. 6. to unwish for.
Unwished adjNot wished for.
Unwishful adjNot having a wish for; not longing or yearning for.
Unwist adjUnknown to one; without it being known. 2. lacking knowledge or something. 3. unknowing, not knowing how.
Unwistful adjUnwishful, not longing. 2. not musing, pensive. 3. inattentive, unobservant, wistless.
Unwit vbTo know not. 2. to be ignorant of something. 3. to deprive of wit or senses.
Unwit nLack of wit or practical knowledge; ignorance, stupidity, imprudence, foolishness.
Unwithood nFolly, stupidity, foolishness.
Unwitch vbTo free from witchcraft; to unchain.
Unwite vbNot to penalize or fine. 2. not to blame or reproach. 3. to not act guilty.
Unwithdrawing adjNot stretching back or away; unreceding.
Unwithdrawn adjNot drawn or taken away, not removed. 2. not taken back as an assertion or a promise, recall. 3. not to keep or abstract for use. 4. not to draw back or retire.
Unwithered adjNot to become limp or dry, as a plant when cut down or deprived of moisture. 2. not to waste, as flesh. 3. not to droop or languish. 4. not to abash, as by a scornful glance.
Unwithering adjNot to become limp or dry, as a plant when cut down or deprived of moisture. 2. not to waste, as flesh. 3. not to droop or languish. 4. not to abash, as by a scornful glance.
Unwithheld adjNot held back or restrained. 2. not kept back, not declined, granted. 3. not refrained or tolerated. 4. divulged
Un-with-it adjNot modern or updated. 2. languid of mind..
Unwithholding nFrankness.
Unwithstood vbNot to withstand or hinder. 2. unopposed; not successfully oppose.
Unwitless adjSenseless, insensible.
Unwitness vbTo not see with one's own eyes.
Unwitnessed adjUnobserved, not seen, not encountered.
Unwitship nFolly.
Unwitted adjWitless; unknown.
Unwitterness nUncertainty.
Unwittily advNot wittily.
Unwitting adjHaving no knowledge or consciousness of a thing in question; unknowing, unconscious. 2. unintentional.
Unwittingly advIn an unwise, ignorant or foolish or unconscious manner; unwisely.
Unwittingness nLack of knowledge, ignorance, realisation; unconsciousness.
Unwittish adjIgnorant, foolish, stupid, stultific.
Unwitty adjLacking or deficient in wit; unintelligence, knowledge lacking, unwise, witless. 2. uninexperienced in something. 3. of actions, etc.: having by lack or absent of knowledge, senseless, foolish. 4. not witty or facetious.
Unwived adjNot having a wife or wives. 2. wifeless.
Unwiving adjPertaining to celibacy; celibate.
Unwlap vbTo free or release from a covering.
Unwoeful adjFree from pain, distress, trouble.
Unwoman vbTo deprive of the quality or traits of a woman. 2. to remove from the category of a woman. 3. to unsex ( a woman): to remove the ovaries.
Unwomanlike adjLacking a womanly demeanour, as "she cursed and swore in an unwomanlike manner".
Unwomanliness nIn a manner or demeanour unlike a woman.
Unwomanly advNot befitting a character of a woman. 2. inappropriate to womanly characteristics. 2. lacking the qualities or traits of a woman. 3. in a manner ubecoming a woman.
Unwomb vbTo bring into the world, bear, give birth to.
Unwon vbTo not abide at, dwell in, or live in.
Unwon adjOf women: not to successfully woo.
Unwonder vbTo divest of the qualities of wonder.
Unwondering nA state divested of wonder.
Unwont vbTo disappoint.
Unwont adjUnnusual, uncustomary. 2. of persons: strange in manner. 3. not wont, used, or accustomed to do something.
Unwonted adjNot according to wont or custom; unusual, uncommon. 2. not accustomed, unfamiliar. 3. not habitual, not commonly heard, seen, appearing, produced rarely or infrequently. 4. not made familiar by practice; unused or unacustomed to something. 5. going beyond ordinary limits.
Unwontedness nThe state or quality of wont.
Unwontedly advIn a strange, unwontedly or unusual manner: unusually, uncommonly.
Unwoo vbTo not woo earnestly or fully.
Unwooed adjCourted earnestly.
Unwooded adjDestitute of trees.
Unwoody adjNot made of wood.
Unword vbTo deprive of words or speech. 2. to make speechless.
Unworded adjIncapable of being expressed in words; unutterable. 2. lacking words, unsaid.
Unwordy adjNot diffuse, prolixic or verbose,; concise.
Unwork n"The comfortable philosophy is the real life of this city of unwork". 2. not having the desire to work or be employed". 3. lacking the opportunity to work.
Unwork vbTo undo or detach from something. 2. to spoil, mar or destroy. 3. to release from an intertwined condition. 4. to undo by contrary action.
Unworked adjNot wrought into shape. 2. not exploited or turned to account.
Unworking adjSomething not working or impractical, as in unworking dilettantism.
Unworkmanlike adjUnlike a workman; unworthy of a good workman. 2. badly executed or finished.
Unworkmanly advIn a manner uncharacteristic of a good woman.
Unworld vbTo deprive of qualities of the world. 2. to deprive of a share in wordly activities.
Unworldliness nHaving an unworldly character.
Unwordly advOf a type transcending or exceeding what is usually found or experienced in the world. 2. of persons: activated by other than wordly or sordid motives; spiritually minded; not motivated by wordly values or interests; spiritually minded.
Unworn adjNot affected by attrition or any similar continuous action. 2. not exhausted, spent or used up. 3. not showing the affects of anxiety.
Unworried adjNot uneasy in the mind, not anxious of something. 2. to manage or progress despite trails or difficulties.
Unworship nAbsence of honour, respect or reverence, dishonour, disgrace. 2. act or instance of disgrace or dishonour, a slight. 3. lack or absence of divine worship.
Unworship vbTo deprive of honour or dignity. 2. to treat with indignity, disrespect or irreverence.
Unworshipful adjUnworthy or devoid of esteem or honour. 2. characterised by lack of divine worship.
Unworshiply advIrreverently.
Unworshipped adjNot worshipped or adored. 2. not held in reverence or esteem.
Unworshipping nThe act of treating with disrespect and disrespect. 2. habitually neglecting the worship of God.
Unworth nWanworth, worthlessness. 2. lack of worth, merit or deserve. 3. unworthiness.
Unworth adjOf persons, things: Undeserved, contemptous.
Unworth vbTo treat a person or a thing disparagely or with disdain. 2. to slight, despise. 2. to dishonour something or someone.
Unworthily advWithout being fit, worthy or qualified. 2. without having sufficient merit or ability; unmeritedly.
Unworthiness nContempt, scorn, unworthiness; worthlessness.
Unworthy adjNot worthy or deserving. 2. unmerited, unfit, unqualified.
Unworthy vbTo dishonour, do discredit to, asperse, vilify.
Unwound vbTo not wound or harm.
Unwounded adjNot wounded, not shot, unhurt, unharmed or injured.
Unwoven adjNot woven, intertwined or thread together. 2. unwebbed, unweaved; not united.
Unwrast adjOf a poor, worthless, or vile quality or condition. 2. miserable, of little account. 3. of persons: addicted to evil, wicked or vice-ridden. 4. of actions: characterised by wickedness, evil, initiquious. 5. untrustworthy, unreliable.
Unwrastness nWickedness, evil, badness.
Unwrastly advIn a weak or feeble manner. 2. poorly, weakly, ineffectively. 3. basely, wickedly, evilly.
Unwrathful adjWithout wrath; calm, placid, lacking rage or vehemence; not angry.
Unwrathfully advIn a manner calm, tranquil; not in rage or vehemence.
Unwreak vbNot to inflict or exact vengeance. 2. to not satiate. 3. to bridle or not give free expression to, as a feeling or passion.
Unwreaked adjNot revenged, avenged, requited or unavenged.
Unwreathe vbTo free from a wreathed, writhen or intwined condition; to disentangle, untwist. 2. to divest of a wreathe.
Unwree vbTo free a person from accusation; to clear.??????
Unwreathed adjWreathless.
Unwrench nAn evil or base trick; artifice or turn. 2. a vice or sin.
Unwrench vbTo open or detach by wrenching.
Unwrest vbTo undo, detach or dislocate by wresting or wrenching.
Unwried adjNot twisted or wrested.
Unwrinkle vbTo smooth out wrinkles from.
Unwry vbTo not bend to one side; not contorted or askew. 2. not made by twist-ing or contorting the features, as an unwry smile." 3. not deviating from that which is right or proper; not perverted. 4. not warped: as a course or an interpretation.
Unwrinkle vbTo free from wrinkles; make smooth or iron out; take out ripples.
Unwrinkled adjSmooth, flat, even, unincreased, unwavey.
Unwrite vbTo cancel or abrogate the writing of (of something). 2. to annul or rescind a writing.
Unwrithe vbTo not twist with violence. 2. to not distort the body, face in pain.
Unwriting adjNot able to write; illiterate. 2. not incline to write.
Unwritten adjNot reduced to writing. 2. not written down, oral, traditional. 3. having no writing upon it, blank.
Unwritten phr"An Unwritten Law" - unwritten law refers to the law based upon custom, usage, and judicial decisions. It is distinguished from the enactments of a legislature, orders or decrees in writing. Although an unwritten law is not enacted in the form of statute or ordinance, it has got legal sanction. 2. a long established custom that is difficult to break or disobey.
Unwronged adjNot offending or causing distress, sorrow or disappointment to others, as "unwronged and causing no cause for tears".
Unwrongful adjNot characterized by wrong or injustice. 3. not injurious or unjust. 3. lawful. legal.
Unwrought adjNot beaten or hammered into shape by tools. 2. not yet worked, moulded, made, fashioned or formed. 3. not made with delicacy, not elaborated carefully. 4. not visited upon or afflicted by. 5. of a saw: not planed or wrought.
Unwrung adjNot wrung; not galled.
Unwrung phr"His Withers are Unwrung" - he is unaffected by the accusation.
Unwry vbTo uncover oneself, to make naked. 2. to reveal, disclose, make known (some hidden thing, fact, sin. etc.) 3. to coomunicate or divulge a matter.
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