Old EnglishspEnglish
V nWhen oldest Latin words were adopted into Teutonic languages; such words beginning with 'v' appeared in O.E. as 'w'.
Vane nFane. 2. a weather vane. 2. a blade, plate, sail, etc., in the wheel of a windmill, to be moved by the air. 3. any of a number of blades or plates attached radially to a rotating drum or cylinder, as in a turbine or pump, that move or are moved by a fluid, as steam, water, hot gases, or air. 4. a person who is readily changeable or fickle. 5. any fixed or movable plane surface on the outside of a rocket providing directional control while the rocket is within the atmosphere. 6. a similar plane surface located in the exhaust jet of a reaction engine, providing directional control while the engine is firing.
Vat nA large container, as a tub or tank, used for storing or holding liquids: a wine vat. 2. a preparation containing an insoluble dye converted by reduction into a soluble leuco base. 3. a vessel containing such a preparation.
Vat vbTo put into or treat in a vat.
Verse nPartly from Old English fers; a turn of the plow, a furrow, a line of writing, partly, from Old French vers; both, from Latin versus ‎(“a line in writing, and in poetry a verse; (originally) row, furrow”), from vertō ‎(“to turn around”). 2. a metrical composition in general
Verse vbTo make or compose verse.
Versecraft vbThe crafting or writing verse.
Versemonger nA writer of verse; versesmith, versewright.
Vinew nOE. moisture, mold, moldiness, mildew.
Vinewed adjMildewed, moisture-filled, moldy.
Vixen n OE fyxe, feminine of fox fox (compare fyxen: a female fox. 2. an ill-tempered, malicious, tempermental or quarrelsome woman; a bitch, virago, she-devil, hell-cat. origin: 1375–1425. 3. an ill-tempered or quarrelsome woman. 4. racy or salicious woman; a vamp.
VixenishadjOf or pertaining to a female fox. 2. resembling a vixenin disposition, ill-tempered, sharpness..
Vixenishly advIn a vixenish matter.
Vixenishness nState or quality of being a vixen
Vixen-like adjResembling or characteristic of a vixen.
Vixenly adjResembling a vixen in disposition: illnatured, ill-tempered.
Vixenly advShrewly, with scold, of a virago, harpy, termagantly, crossly, illnaturedly.
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