Old EnglishspEnglish
Wlaffe vbTo stammer, speak indistinctly.
Wlaffe nOne who stammers or stutters.
Wlaffing nThe action of stammering or stutters.
Wlak adjLukewarm, tepid.
Wlak advIn wlack hot - lukewarmish, a little hotter than tepid.
Wlappe vbTo wrap around, also fig.
Wlat nNausea, loathing, disgust.
Wlate vbTo feel disgust or loathing. 2. to loathe, abhor, disgust.
Wlating nLoathing, abhorrence, destestation. 2. occasionally meaning: abomination.
Wlatingness nAbhorrence.
Wlatness nNausea,loathing.
Wlatsome adjNaseous, loathsome, disgusting.
Wlench vbTo make proud. 2. reflexively - to pride oneself.
Wlessche nFlesh.
Wlisp adjLisping.
Wlite nOE: (light) : beauty, splendor, appearance, form, countenance. See: andwlite, wliti.
Wlite vbOE: writian, writling. 2. to pipe, chirp, warble.
Wloh nA hem, fringe, nap on cloth; wio.
Wlonk adjProud, haughty. 2. rich, splendid, epithet fine, magnificient - in later use esp. as a conventional epithet in alliterative verse. 3. rich in moisture or sap; rank, lush. 4. fair and beautiful.
Wlonkful adjPrideful.
Wlonkhede nWlonkhood- a proud state.
Wlouh adjOpulent.
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