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WracknA fusion of OE wraec punishment, revenge & Dutch wrak: wreck. 2. retribution, punishment; vengeance, revenge; later active enmity, persecution. 3. damage, disaster, danger, injury to a person by reason of force, outrage or violence. 4. a disastrous change in condition or state of affairs; wreck, ruin. 5. the ruin, downfall, or overthrow of a person or persons. 6. an instance of causing or suffering wrack, ruin, destruction etc. 7. a means or cause of subversion, overthrow, or downfall. 8. a thing or person in an impaired, wrecked or shattered condition. 9. that which remains after the operation of any destructive action or agency. 10. a trace or vestige left by some subversive action.
Wrack nA parallel formation to OE: wraec. 2. a wrecked ship or other vessel; a shipwreck. 2. remnants of goods from a wrecked vessel, esp. as driven or cast ashore. 3. marine vegetation, seaweed or the like, cast ashore by the waves or growing on the tidal seashore. 4. weeds, rubbish etc., floating or washed down or ashore by a river, stream, pond or the like. 5. field weeds, roots of couch grass or the like; esp. as loosened from the soil to be collected for burning.
Wrack vbTo suffer or undergo shipwreck. 2. to wreck, ruin or cast ashore by shipwreck. 3. to cause to ruin, downfall or subversion of (a person); to ruin, overthrow. 4. to render useless by breaking. 5. to injure, spoil severely, destroy. 55. to undergo ruin or subversion.
Wrack phr"Do or Nim Wrack Upon" - bring suffering, ruin or downfall to.
Wrack phr"He Have No Wealth by Wrack of Sea" -
Wrack phr"World's Wrack" - earthly dross; worldly possessions.
Wracked adjThat has undergone or suffered wrack; esp. shipwreck, ruined, destroyed.
Wrackful adjCharacterized by resentment or anger, vengeful, angry. 2. causing shipwreck; wreckful. 3. full of misery, wrecked. 4. causing destruction or devastation, effecting damage or harm. 5. subject or attended by injury and harm.
Wracksome adjDestructive.
Wrackwort nSeaweed.
Wrake nOE. wracu. revenge, vengeance, persecute.
Wrake nShipwreck, wreck, wreckage. 2. a wrake edifice.
Wrake vbTo execute vengeance upon. 2. to become angry. 3. to wax violent or furious, rage. 4. to vent one's wroth. 5. to take wroth upon someone.
Wrake phr"To Do or Nim Wrake Upon" - to take vengeance upon.
Wrakedom nRevenge.
Wrangnail nOE. warnel- a corn on the foot or head.
Wrath nExtreme anger.
Wrath phr"Flee from the Wrath to Come" - try to escape from the threat of anger, punishment, revenge or persecution foreseen as threatening one.
Wrath phr"In Wrath" - in anger.
Wrath phr"Wrath of God" - terrible, dreadfully.
Wrath-bearing adjThat produce or gives rise to wrath and anger.
Wrath-bewildered adjConfused or perplexed by wrath, as 'wrath-bewildered brain'
Wrath-fire nExtreme or burning anger, as 'stir up one's wrath-fire.'
WrathfuladjExtremely angry. 2. full of wrath; angry, incensed, furious, raging; indignant.
Wrathfully advIn a wrathful manner, angrily, wrathly
Wrathfulness nState, condition, quality of being wrathful, wrath, ire.
Wrath-hood nWrath, deep anger; wrathhood.
Wrathily advIn a wrathy or angry manner; done with ire or angrily.
Wrathless adjFree from, devoid of wrath.
Wrathness nAnger, ire, wrath.
Wrath-storm nStorm of rage; rage.
Wrathy adjExtremely angry.
Wraxle vbTo wrestle, contend, strive.
Wraxling nAct of wrestling, contending, striving.
Wray vbTo accuse, denounce, inform on a person. 2. to expose (one) by revealing or divulging information, etc., to one's harm. 3. prejudice, or discredit. 4. to charge with a crime, offence, fault. 5. to declare, assert, (something about another by way of accusation or denunciation. 6. to bring forth a charge. 7. to reveal or disclose (someone's secrets) perfidiously or prejudicially; to divulge with breach of trust, betray. 8. reveal, disclose, divulge some fact, to declare, communicate, make known. 9. to reveal or make known in the prescence of. 10. to betray a person to an enemy by disloyalty. 11. to expose (a person) by revealing some hidden fact or private matter. 12. to reveal or disclose, to expose to view, to exhibit.
Wraying nThe action of wray; accusing; accusation, denouncing, etc.
Wrayer nA betrayer, accuser, one who denounces, discloses.
Wrayful nConcerning or involving an accusation.
Wrayward adjPerverse, forward.
Wreak vbTo inflict or exact as vengeance of ones anger. 2. to satiate; give free expression to, as a feeling or passion. give play or satisfaction to ones anger. 5. cause damage upon.
Wreak nVengeance, retribution, punishment.
Wreaker nAn avenger; one who seeks retribution, vengeance.
Wreakful adjOf persons; given or addicted to revenge. 2. marked or characterized by desire for revenge. 3. of the nature of vengance or retribution.
Wreakless adjUnpunished, free from punishment. unavenged, lacking retribution.
Wreath(e) nA bank of sand. 2. a snowdrift. 3. column of smoke, steam. 4. whirl, whorl, spiral structure. 5. fold, crease, wrinkle. 6. tail of a boar. 7. roll of flower, etc., a wreath 8. something formed by twisting, yarn. 9. trailing cluster of vine, etc. 10. a part of a continuous handrail going around a curved plan.
Wreathe vb(Of smoke) move in shape of a wreathe. 2. form flowers, silk into a wreathe. 3. make a garland.
Wreathe phr"Wreathed In" - surrounded by coils or wavy lines of mist, smoke, ivy, etc.
Wreathed adjShaped in the form of a wreathe. 2. coiled, twisted, intertwined.
Wreathed stairs nA geometrical stairs or stairs with a continuous strings aand handrail round a semi-circular or semi-elliptical well.
Wreathen vbFormed or arranged by or as by twining or interweaving, entwined, intertwined.
Wreathen adjWreathed, contorted, twisted. 2. entwined, intertwined.
Wreather nOne who, or that which wreathes, twists, or twines.
Wreathing nThe action of twisting or contorting, or of entwining or intertwining. 2. the fact of wreathing, a instance of this; something twisted or wreathed.
Wreathingly advIn a manner or way twisting, twining, intertwining,
Wreathless adjHaving no wreath; devoid or destitute or wreath or wreaths.
Wreath-like adjResembling or characteristic of a wreath in some aspect.
Wreath-shell nA spiral structure.
Wreathwort nOrchis mascula or the early purple orchis.
Wreathy adjOf the form of a wreath, coil, or twisted band; marked or characterized by convolution, curling, twirling, twisting or twining. 2. decked with a wreath. 4. of the nature of, forming, or constituting a wreath or garland.
Wrecche nRetribution, punishment, vengeance. 2. affliction, calamity, deep distress, misery, wretchedness.
Wrecche vbTo arouse, rouse, to bring to life, awake. 2. undertake to awake or arouse. 3. to rescue or deliver. 3. to avenge (oneself). 4. to give effect to.
Wrecche phr"To Go to Wrecche" - to suffer misery, affliction, calamity.
Wreccher nAn avenger, revenger, retributory.
Wrecchful adjVengeful, revengeful.
Wreck nWreck goes back ultimately to the Indo-European base 'wreg'. Its Germanic descendant 'wrek' forms the basis of a verb 'wrekan' - drive. The native English descendant of this is the OE 'wreak' which originally meant 'drive.' and developed its modern meaning via 'give vent to anger or other violent emotions.' Wreck itself was acquired via old Norse 'wrek and Anglo-Norman wrec, and etymologically it denotes a ship that has been driven on to the shore. A variant of same base, wrek lies behind English wretch.
Wreck vbTo causes wreck, destruction of, frustration of any sort. 2. to tear down and remove old buildings. 3. to forcefully break.
Wrecker nOne who causes wreck, destruction of, frustration of any sort. 2. one employed in tearing down and removing old buildings. 3. a person, train, car or machine that clears away wrecks. 4. one employed to recover disabled vessels or wrecked cargoes for the owners; one who salvages. 5. one who lures ships to destruction by false lights on the shore in order to plunder the wreck.
Wreck-free adjFree of wrecks.
Wreckful adjCausing wreck, involving ruin.
Wren nThe bird genus 'Troglodiles' or 'Svyliidae' 2. slang. a woman, a young woman.
Wrench nA crooked, cunning or wily action or device. 2. a trick, wile, or artifice. 3. trickery, deceit, guile, fraud. 4. a violent twist or oblique pull or act or tearing off. 5. an adjustable tool like a spanner for the gripping and turning of nuts. 6. melody, song, and modulation.
Wrench vbTo twist or pull violently round or sideways. 2. pull off with a wrench. 3. distort facts to support a theory.
Wrench vbTo perform or undergo a quick or favorable turning or twisting motion.
Wrench phr"Wrench off" - take off, remove, with a powerful, twisting movement.
Wrench phr"Wrench and Wile" - trickery, strategy and deception.
Wrencher nOne who twists, turn, curl, intertwine.
Wrenchful adjArtful, crafty, deceitful. 2. that wrenches or twists. 3. the nature of twisting or wrenching. 4. causing great pain; agonizingly painful..
Wrenching nAction of the verb in various senses. 2. griping pain in the bowels.
Wrenching adjCausing great physical or mental suffering.
Wrenching-iron nA gripping tool, shaped like a wrench.
Wrenchingly advIn a wrenching manner.
Wrench-like adjResembling or characteristic of a wrench (gripping tool).
Wrench-milk nCurd.
Wrenchy adjPainful, agonizing.
Wrene adjLibidinous, lascivious.
Wrength nFrom Middle English wrength, which may derive from an unattested Old English word *wrengþu (“unevenness, wrongness, inequity”) (from wrang (“wrong”)) or have been formed in Middle English from wrong on analogy with strong→strength and long→length (see -th); - rare and now nonstandard meaning: the state or condition of being wrong. 2. crookedness, distortion. cf 'brength'
Wrest nA key for tuning a piano.
Wrest vbForce or wrench away from a person's grasp. 2. obtain by effort or difficulty. 3. distort in accordance with one's views or interest.
Wrest adjThat has undergone wresting or wringing, twisted. 2. deflected or turned from the true meaning or natural application, strained, perverted. 3. drawn out, taken or acquired, by force.
Wrest phr"Wrest from" - obtain, win from in a hard struggle.
Wrester nOne who wrests or twists. 2. an instrument for picking locks. 3. one who wrests or deflects the meaning or application of words. 3. one who perverts, or distracts. 4. griping or ringing pain.
Wrestle nA contest in which two opponents grapple and try to throw each other to the ground esp. as an athletic event under a code of rules. 2. a hard struggle. 3. do one's utmost to deal with a difficulty, task etc.
Wrestle vbTake part in a wrestle. 2. fight in a wrestle to throw an opponent to the ground.
Wrestle phr"Wrestle Down" - force to the ground by wrestling.
Wrestle phr"Wrestle with" - fight inwardly, morally with, struggle with.
Wrestle phr"Wrestle with a Pig" - engage in a struggle with an opponent with benefits from the struggle without even winning it.
Wrestler nAn athlete who takes part in wrestling events.
Wrestling-frog nSouth American 'wrestling' frog 'Rana luctator'
Wrestling nOrganized wrestling events. 2, the act of wrestling. 3. an instance of this. 4. struggling with a difficulty or problem.
Wretch nWretchedness, misery. 2. a cause or source of distress.
Wretch nOne driven out or away from his native country, a banished person, an exile; a convict, a transported felon.
Wretch vbTo render miserable. 2. to become niggardly or parsimonious.
Wretchdom nMisery, woe, distress, baseness.
Wretched adjUnhappy or miserable. 2. of bad quality or no merit, contemptible. 3. unsatisfactory or displeasing. 4.
Wretched phr"Feel Wretched" - be unwell. 2. be much embarrassed.
Wretchedful adjFull of misery, woe; miserable, wretched; unhappy, with or not having bliss.
Wretchedhood nState or condition of being a wretched person. 2. wretchedness, misery.
Wretchedly advIn a wretched manner, woeful, miserably.
Wretchless adj(Erroneously from reckless) of persons: heedless, careless, impudent. 2. marked or characterized by heedlessness or carelessness.
Wretchlessness nCondition or quality of being reckless or heedless etc. ****

2. in wretched manner or distress state; miserably.

Wretchly advIn a wretched or distressing manner.
Wretchness nThe state or condition of being a wretch.
Wretchock nA person who is somewhat or wretched.
Wrethe nViolent anger. 2. a fit or display of wrath of the Deity. 3. injury, hurt, harm.
Wrethe vbOf persons (or things) to make angry, vex, irritate. 2. to be angry with a person. 3. to be angry.
Wrethe vbTo prop up, hold up, support, sustain, (also fig.) 2. to support (oneself) by leaning upon another. 3. to rely or depend on another person.
Wrethful adjOf persons- angry, irate, marked or characterized by wroth.
Wrethfulness nFull of anger and wrath.
Wrething nThe act of supporting or propping up.
Wride nA shoot, stalk or stem. 2. a group or bush of stalks, growing from one root.
Wride vbTo put forth shoots; spread out.
Wried adjTurned aside, deflected, diverted. 2. that which has undergone contorting, twisting. 3. writhed, contorted, twisted.
Wriels nA covering, veil.
Wrien nHidden, covered. 2. accoutered, equipped.
Wrier nOne who twists, contorts, a contortionist.
Wright nArtificier or handicraftsman; esp. a construction worker. 2. one who works with wood; a carpenter, a joiner. 3. see: cartwright. shipwright, wainwright wheelwright.
Wright vbTo build, construct. 2. to repair (a ship); to renovate, mend. 3. to pursue the occupation of a wright.
Wright vbDesert what has deserved or had a right to; hence blame, find fault with.
Wrightcraft nThe craft of one who builds or creates something
Wrightful adjHaving deserved something; have a right to.
Wright-house nThe place of business of a wright or wrights.
Wrighting nWrightry, art or craft of the wright. 2. the occupation, business or craft of a wright or a carpenter.
Wrightless-like adjUndeserving, without right to.
Wrightless-likely advUndeservingly, unrightfully.
Wrightsmith nThe art or craft of the wright.
Wrightwork nWork done, wrought or performed by a wright.
Wrily advTending or inclined to be mocking in humour.
Wrine vbTo squeal like a pig.
Wring nThe act of wringing; a squeeze. 2. a wine-press or cider-press. 2. a cheese-press
Wring vbTo squeeze tightly. 2. squeeze and twist to wring out moisture. 3. sueeze forcibly, break by twisting. 4. extract by squeezing. 5. obtain by pressure or importunity. extort.
Wring phr"Know Where the Shoe Wrings" - where the shoe pinch the foot by tightness. 2. know the rigors of parsimony.
Wring phr"Wring in" - to insert, insinuate or bring in with or as with a twisting movement.
Wring phr"Wring One's Hands" - squeeze and twist one's hands together as a sign of anxiety, emotion, distress or despair. 2. clasp them as with emotion
Wring phr"Wring Out (or from)" - get something from somebody; extract something by applying moral or physical pressure. 2. to force out (moisture) by twisting. 3. force water from clothing, by twisting it or passing it through rollers.
Wring phr"Wring Somebody's Hand" - clasp the hand of another with emotion.
Wring phr"Wring Somebody's Neck" - strangle, press down, throttle, somebody. 2. kill a chicken by wringing its neck.
Wring-bolt nA ring-bolt.
Wringer nAn exactor, extortionist, an oppressor. 2. one who wrings clothes or the like after washing. 3. one who occupation consists in wringing. 4. a wringing-machine. 5. a device for wringing hot fomentations before application.
Wringer phr"Put through the Wringer" - to put or subject a person to severe and prolonged questioning.
Wringhouse nThe house or shed where a cider or cheese-press is kept.
Wringing nA griping or wringing pian in the intestines. 2. remorse. 3. perversion.
Wringing adjTwisting, squeezing, obtaining by pressure; exacting, strangling.
Wringingly advIn a wrung or twisted manner; with a twist.
Wrinkle nA slight crease or depression in the skin such as produced by age. 2. a similar mark in another flexible surface. 3. a detail, esp. a useful tip or technical innovation. 4.
Wrinkle vbMake wrinkles in. 2. form wrinkles, mark with wrinkles.
Wrinkled adjMarked with wrinkles.
Wrinkle-free adjFree of wrinkles; not having wrinkles or wrinkle-less.
Wrinkleless adjFree of wrinkles.
Wrinklelessly advIn a smooth or without wrinkled manner.
Wrist nThe part connectin the hand with the forearm. 2. the corresponding part in an animal. 3. the part of a garment covering the wrist.
Wristband nA band forming or concealing the end of a shirtsleeve; a cuff.
Wrist-bone nThe carpal bone.
Wrist-drop nIn pathology, paralysis of the muscles controlling movement of the hand, a symptom of lead poisoning.
Wrist-iron nA handcuff, restraint; shackle. 2. a small strap for wearing on the wrist.
Wristily advIn a wrist manner, performed or done with the wrists.
Wristlet nA bracelet, a handcuff, wrist-iron.
Wristlock nA wrestling hold involving applying extreme pressure to an opponents wrist.
Wrist-pin nA stud projecting from a crank, as an attachment for a connecting a rod.
Wristwatch nA small watch worn on a strap round the wrist.
Wristwork nTh act or practice of working the hand without moving the wrist. 2. sleight of hand.
Wristy adjPerformed by the use of the wrists; marked by clever wrist work, as a batsman at cricket, especially one from the Sub-continent.
Writ nA form of written command in the name of a court, state, sovereign, etc to act or abstain from acting in some way. 2. a crown document summoning a peer to Parliament or ordering the election of a member or members of Parliament.
Writ phr"From the Holy Writ" - the Scriptures; the Holy Bible.
Writ phr"One Writ Runs" - one that has the authority (as specified).
Writ phr"Writ of Right" - formerly in England a writ in action for the purpose of establishing a title to real estate. 2. a similar common law writ.
Writ phr"Writ Small" - write in a small or reduced form or text. 2. make less small or conspicuous.
Write vbWrite communicate or express by writing. 2. record data on a computer. 3. communicate (with) in writing. 4. communicate by letter. 5. mark or trace on a surface.

5. create code, write a computer program. 6. produce a literary work. 6. write or name the letters that comprise the conventionally accepted form of (a word or part of a word). 7. write music. 8. have (one's written work) issued for publication.

Write phr"Nothing to Write Home Of" - unimpressive; of little interest or value.
Write phrWrite Away" - send an order for something offered as a free gift, for sale.
Write phr"Write Against" - produce articles etc against of somebody or something.
Write phr"Write Back" - write and send a reply to.
Write phr"Write Down" - record on paper (often as a memory aid). 2. record or take note of in writing. put or set down in writing; to commit to, ascribe or record in written form; to note or jot down. 4. to overcome or surpass, disparage. 5. to disparage in writing or depreciate, condemn or decry in writing. 6. to diminish in destroy one's own literary reputation by inferior writing. 7. to write (a literary work) in a style adapted to the level of readers, or supposedly to their inferior intelligence or taste.
Write phr"Write Home" - send a letter to one's family (perhaps after some period of estrangement).
Write phr"Write In/Into" - include, insert something, as a fact or statement, in a written text. 2. add to the ballot paper the name of a candidate not printed there or the like, as a candidate of one's choice. 3. make a part of, embody in or build into to, a legal document. 4. send a question, query, suggestion in writing to an organization, esp by a radio station.
Set phr"Write in Stone" - to make something permanent and incapable of being changed, typically a plan or idea. 2. carved in stone; engraved in stone, written in stone. 3. permanently fixed or firmly established; incapable of being changed. 4. (fig). permanent or not subject to change.
Write phr"Write In the Dust" (also, in the sand, earth, wind etc.) - written in the earth implied contrast with the name graven on the rock for ever (Job 19:24) are those written on the dust or sand. The Eastern habit of writing on the ground (of which John 8:6 supplies one memorable instance, and which was the common practice in Jewish schools) gave a vividness to the similitude which we have almost lost.
Write phr"Write Off" - regard something as a failure, beyond recovery. 2. recognize that something is a loss (debt) and cannot be recovered. 3. damage something so badly that it has no value. 4. recognize that something is so badly damaged that it no longer economic to pay for its repair.
Write phr"Write Of (As)" - regard somebody or something as unimportant, not worth listening to because of its thought-to-be foolishness and wild assertions.
Write phr"Write On" - produce books etc on a particular subject.
Write phr"Write Oneself Out" - reach the point where one is no longer original, creative.
Write phr"Write Only" - In computer humor, a write-only language is a pejorative term for a programming language alleged to have syntax (or semantics) sufficiently dense and bizarre that any routine of significant size is too difficult to understand by other programmers and cannot be safely edited.[1] Likewise, write-only code is source code so arcane, complex, or ill-structured that it cannot be reliably modified or even comprehended by anyone with the possible exception of the author. See "Read-only"
Write phr"Write Out" - write in full, finished, or complete form. 2. exhaust oneself by writing.
Write phr"Write Out of" - remove a character from a dramatic series on radio on TV or radio.
Write phr"Write Up" -rewrite something in a fuller, better organized way. 2. give a full written account or description of something. 3. write a review of a pay etc., usually for a newspaper or magazine.
Write phr"Written in Stone" - to make something permanent and incapable of being changed, typically a plan or idea. 2. carved in stone; engraved in stone, written in stone. 3. permanently fixed or firmly established; incapable of being changed. 4. (fig). permanent or not subject to change.
Write phr"Written In the Dust" (also, in the sand, earth, wind etc.) - written in the earth implied contrast with the name graven on the rock for ever (Job 19:24) are those written on the dust or sand. The Eastern habit of writing on the ground (of which John 8:6 supplies one memorable instance, and which was the common practice in Jewish schools) gave a vividness to the similitude which we have almost lost.
Write-down nSomething that is recorded, set down in writing; to put or set down. 2. committal , ascription or record in written form; note or something jotted down. 3. a reduction in the estimated book value of an asset. 4. the disparagement in writing or depreciation, condemnation or decrying in writing. 4. the diminishing or destroying of one's own literary reputation by inferior writing. 5. the writing (a literary work) in a style adapted to the level of readers, or supposedly to their inferior intelligence, dumbing down or taste.
Write-in vbThe insertion of (a fact, statement etc.) in writing. 2. the sending (suggesting etc) in written form to an organization. 2. the insertion of (the name of an unlisted person) on a ballot paper or the like, as a candidate of one's choice.
Writeling nOE. writan - the chirp, trill or trilling, warbling of the nightingale.
Write-off nThe recording of the cancelling of a bad debt. 2. fig. the dismissing from consideration as insignificant or irrelevant. 3. the damaging beyond repair, or wrecking a motor vehicle etc.
Write-off nA motor vehicle or the like, damaged beyond repair. 2. a bad debt written off.
Write-out nA fair or perfect transcription or written copy of something. 2. a rough draft, copy, etc. 3. to copy out, transcribe in full or detail.
Write-over nWrite over the top of existing text.
Writer nA person who writes or hs written. 2. a person who writes an book; an author.
Writerling nA petty writer. 2. a poor or indifferent writer.
Writerly advAppropriate to, characteristic or worthy of an professional writer or literary man. 2. consciously literary.
Writership nThe office or position of a writer in a company. 2. the office or employment of a clerk. 2. conspicuously literary.
Write-up nA written account or description commending or praising a person or thing. 2. now loosely, any journalistic account or review whether favourable or not.
Writhe nAn act of writhing.
Writhe vbTwist or roll oneself about in or as if in acute pain. 2. suffer severe discomfort, squirm, or embarrassment (shame, etc). 3. twist one's body about in severe pain. 4. to distort. 5. to turn to and fro. 6. to be tormented in the mind.
Writhe vbTo sprout or flower.
Writhed adjTwisted, contorted, turned, jerky, unnerved.
Writhedly advIn a twisted, contorted, turned, jerky, unnerved.
Writhen adjWrested, perverted, deflected. 2. twisted, contorted, turned. 3. made or shaped by intertwining or plaiting.
Writhening nWrythening
Writhing nBended in a twisting struggle.
Writhingly advIn a twisting struggle.
Writhled adjOf persons; the skin,etc: wrinkled, shriveled, withered. 2. tough, shaggy.
Writhy adjMoving sinuously.
Writing nA group or sequence of letter as symbols. 2. a piece of literary work done; a book, article.
Writing phr"In Writing:" - written.
Writing phr"See the Writing on the Wall" - there are unmistakable signs that warn of failure, disaster, defeat, (allusion to biblical Daniel).
Writing-book nA copybook for practizing writing.
Writing-booth nA desk with a surround available in libraries, and the like for writing.
Writing-dust nWriting sand: a kind of sand used to dry ink.
Writing-frame nA frame used for the blind in witing.
Writings n"The Writings" - the Hagiographa.
Writ-rune nA written character; hence in the plural, a document or letter.
Writsax nA pen. As well as writing on parchment, the Anglo-Saxons also used tablets filled with wax for notes and for planning the layout of large books. They wrote on the tables with a metal or bone stylus, that had a pointed end and rubbed out the words with flat end.
Written adjIn writing.
Written law nStatue law, as distinguished from law based on the decision of judges.
Wrixle vbto alter, change, contract, exchange.
Wrixling nThe action of changing, or the fact of being changed.
Wrong nWhat is morally wrong; a wrong action. 2. injustice, an unjust treatment.
Wrong vbTreat unjustly; do wrong. 2. mistaken attribute bad motives; discredit.
Wrong adjMistaken, not true, in error, as a wrong answer. 2. unsuitable, unjust, less or least desirable. 3. contrary to law or morality. 4. amiss, out of order; in or into a bad or abnormal condition. 5. whatever deviates from rectitude.
Wrong advIn a wrong manner or direction. 2. with an incorrect result.
Wrong n"The Wrong" - that which is wrong; absence or right or unfairness; unjust or wrongful action. 2. the end, or limit less adopted, suitable or proper for a required purpose.
Wrong phr"Back the Wrong Horse" - hae faith in, give support or put money into a project which proves to be a failure.
Wrong phr"Bark Up the Wrong Tree" - to reach an incorrect conclusion.
Wrong phr"Be On the Wrong Wavelength" - be incorrect in ones thinking.
Wrong phr"Born on the Wrong Side of the Bed" - illegimate.
Wrong phr"Don't Get Me Wrong" - do not misunderstand me. 2. do not take offense at what I say.
Wrong phr"Do Somebody Wrong" - do someone damage or harm, injury someone; be unfaithful or disloyal; act unjustly or unfairly toward someone.
Wrong phr"Do Wrong" - commit sin, transgress; offend. 2. malign or mistreat a person.
Wrong phr"Do Wrong to" - malign or mistreat a person.
Wrong phr"Get in Wrong with" - incur the dislike or disapproval of (a person).
Wrong phr"Get Off on the Wrong Foot (with somebody)"- begin very badly. 2. to make an unfavorable initial impression on a person.
Wrong phr"Get On the Wrong Side of" - cause someone to dislike one.
Wrong phr"Get Out of Bed on the Wrong Side" - be disagreeable, grumpy.
Wrong phr"Get Something Wrong" - misunderstand or make a mistake.
Wrong phr"Get/Hold the Wrong End of the Stick" - to be completely wrong about something.
Wrong phr"Get the Wrong Sow by his Ear" - to reach a incorrect conclusion.
Wrong phr"Get Wrong" - misunderstand a person's statement. 2. obtain an incorrect answer.
Wrong phr"Go Down the Wrong Way" - of food that enter the windpipe instead of the gullet.
Wrong phr"Go Wrong" - make a mistake or cease to function, work properly or become immoral or dishonest. 2. depart from virtuous or suitable behavior. 3. take the wrong path in life.
Wrong phr"Have Wrong" - to suffer injustice.
Wrong phr"In the Wrong" - culpable, guilty, purpose. 2. responsible, for a quarrel mistake, or offence.
Wrong phr"Not Put a Foot Wrong" - never make a mistake.
Wrong phr"On the Wrong Side of" - out of favor with (a person). 2. somewhat more than a specified age.
Wrong phr"The King/Queen Can Do No Wrong" - the legal and constitution principle that the Crown acts on the advice and consent of minster and cannot be held responsible.
Wrong phr"Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right" - a second error doesn't cancel the first
Wrong phr"What's Wrong with That?" - why not?
Wrong phr"Wrong Side out - with the wrong side out; inside out.
Wrong-doer nA person who behaves immorally or illegally.
Wrongdoing nTransgression, misdemeanor, offence, evil-doing.
Wronged adjTransgress against, offended, maltreated, betrayed.
Wrongfoot vbIn tennis, football, etc play so as to catch an opponent off balance. 2. disconcert, catch unprepared.
Wrongeld n(Wrong & yield) - a form of tallage.
Wronger nOne who does wrong; a wrongdoer.
Wrongfoot vbIn tennis, football, etc play so as to catch an opponent off balance. 2. disconcert, catch unprepared.
Wrong-foot phr"Get Off on the Wrong Foot"- start poorly, badly.
Wrong-footed adjUnprepared, disconcerted, off-balanced.
Wrongful adjCharcterized by unfairness or injustice. 2. contrary to law. 3. of a person, not entitled to the position, etc occupied.
Wrongful-birth nA lawsuit filing, claiming a doctor failed to advise the parents, a child may have the prospect of a serious birth defect.
Wrongfulness nSome quality or characteristic of being wrongful. 2. absence of right. 3.equity or justice. 4. wrongness
Wrongfully adjIn a wrongful manner; unjust.
Wrong-headed adjA perverse or wrong-headed person. 2. a person who displays perversity of judgement.
Wrong-headedly advIn a perverse or wrong-headed manner.
Wrong-headness nThe act of doing wrong or acting wrongheadly. 2. an instance of being wrongheaded.
Wrongish adjSomewhat wrong or in error.
Wrongless adjDevoid or free from wrong.
Wronglessly advWithout doing wrong or inflicting injury; harmlessly
Wrong look nSomething that doesn't look correctly. 2. someone who doesn't look like he/she normally does.
Wrongly advIn a wrong, undue or inappropriate manner or fashion. 2. unfitting,
Wrong-minded adjHaving a mind wrongly inclined; affected harmfully or prejudically injured.
Wrongness nState or condition of being curved or crooked. 2. crookedness. 3. a wrong bent, tendency or inclination.
Wrong side nThe worst or undesired or unusable side of something, esp. fabric.
Wrong'un n(A Wrong'one; a dishonest, or criminal, person ; an unreliable, or untrainable, domestic or sporting animal.
Wrongwend(e) adjDistorted, turn aside, (halwende)
Wrongwise advIn a wrong or reserved manner.
Wroot vbOriginal form of root. 2. to turn up, dig soil with a the snout, as a pig or swine in the search or grubbing for food. 3. to dig up the earth by grubbing. 4. of worms - that burrow a d dig the earth. 5. of persons- to turn over or up the ground; to draw or cast earth.
Wrooter nA field worker, one who digs up the earth, soil. 2. an animal that roots.
Wrooting nThe act of grubbing or rooting; the result of this. 2. a furrow made by a pig rooting or grubbing.
Wroth nWrath.
Wrothe advWrathfully, sorrowfully, sadly.
Wrother-heal nEvil fate or fortune; misfortune. 2. injury, calamity or destruction.
Wrother-heal vbTo act with evil fate or fortune, as 'in wrother-heal Bob was born'
Wrothful adjFull of wrath or anger.
Wrothfully advIn a wrathful or angry manner.
Wrothly adjAngry, violent.
Wrothly advIn a wrathful manner. 2. in a bitter or cruel manner. 3. angrily, furiously, badly, off-color.
Wroth silver nMoney paid to the lord in lieu of castleward, i.e. a feudal obligation in return for protection, castle ward or guard being knight service for defending the lord's castle..
Wrothy adjWrathful, angry.
Wrought vbTo wright, work, perform labour.
Wrought adjWorked into shape or condition. 2. created, shaped, mould. 3. that is made or constructed by means of labour or art, fashioned, formed. 4. shaped, fashioned or finished from the rough or crude material, cut. 5. artificial, specially prepared. 6. of textile material: manufactured, spun. 7. decorated or ornamented, as wrought needlework, elaborated, embellished, embroidered. 8. of leather- prepared by dressing. 9. of articles: made, manufactured, or prepared for use or commerce. 10. of metals: beaten out or shaped by a hammer or tool, as in wrought iron. 11 of coal- hew or cut from the bed or seam; won; dug, moved by digging. 12. of animals: employed in labour, worked.
Wrought-iron nMalleable metal - made by hammering and hand, not cast.
Wrought phr"Wrought off" - worked off,
Wroughtphr"Wrought Up" - tense, stirred-up, nervously strained, agitated, excited or stimulated; enlivened.
Wrought-off adjWorked off.
Wrought-up adjTense, stirred-up, nervously strained, agitated, frenzied, excited or stimulated; enlivened.
Wrought phr"Wrought Upon" - influenced.
Wry vbTo cover, veil, conceal. 2. to lay, place, spread a cover over something, cover up or cover over. 3. to cover a person with a garmnent, clothe or attire. 4. to cover a person or oneself with armour. 5. to put armour or trapping on a horse; to caparison, trap, harness. 6. to cover a person so as to keep warm.
Wry adjDistorted or turned to one side. 2. of a face or smile etc, contorted in disgust, disappointment or mockery. 3. of humuor, dry and mocking.
Wry advIn a wry manner.
Wry-eyed adjIn a wry, oblique or distorted look.
Wrying adjFunny in an understated, sarcastic, or ironic way: a wry sense of humor. 2. temporarily twisted in an expression of distaste or displeasure: made a wry face. 3. archaic abnormally twisted or bent to one side; crooked: a wry nose.
Wryingly advIn a twisting or writhing manner.
Wryly advIn a wry, oblique or distorted manner.
Wry look nOne expressive of displeasure or dislike.
Wry-mouthed adjA mouth marked or characterize by contortion.
Wry-neck nA bird of the genus lynx of small migratory birds, the common species "lynx torquilla" distinguished by its habit of writhing the neck and head.
Wryneck-day nDay of one's hanging, execution.
Wry-necked adjHaving a wry or crooked neck. 2. affected with distortion of the neck.
Wryneck-ness nHaving a wry or twisted neck , as a tortoise.
Wryness nFact or condition of being wry or distorted; distortion, twisting.
Wry-toothed adjHaving a distorted or turned tooth or teeth.
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