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Y pfxArchaiic form of past particle, collective nouns.
Y sfxSuffix forming adjectives: from nouns and adjectives meaning full of, having the quality of. 2. addicted to. 3. from verbs meaning 'inclined to' , 'apt to'.
Yain vbTo meet, encounter, oppose. 2. To avail, gain
Yair nAn enclosure extending into a hideway in a river or on the sea-shore for catching fish; a fish-garth. Yair-fishing.
Y'all nYou all (Southern USA).
Yammer nOE: sorrowful: a lament, wail or grumble. 2. voluble talk.
Yammer vbLate Middle English (as a verb meaning ‘lament, cry out’): alteration of earlier yomer, from Old English geōmrian ‘to lament' 2. to utter a yammer. 3. talk volubly.
Yammerer nOne who claims or whines peevishly.
Yan nmbNothumbrian form of one.
Yance advOnce.
Yard nA thing of no value. 2. Straight slender shoot, twig or branch of a tree. 3 Rod, staff or stick carried in the hand, a walking stick. 4. Crook held by shepherd or herder. 5. A birch, stick or rod used for administering strokes of punishment; also fig., hence punishment or chastisement itself. Wand, rod, staff carried as a symbol of office: authority; hence the phrase: under the yard: under the rule of discipline or under rule or authority. 6. An area of land of varying extent, according to their locality, but mostly thirty acres or a quarter of a hide. 7. "The Yard" - OE : enclosure, "Scotland Yard'.
Yard phr"By the Yard" - at great length.
Yard phr"In Somebody's Own Back Yard" - located near somebody, in the neighborhood. 2. in one's own domain.
Yard phrUnder the Yard" - under the rule of discipline or under rule or authority.
Yard phr"Yard of Ale" - a deep slender beer glass, about a yard long and holding to or three pints. 2. the contents of a yard glass.
Yardarm n(Nautical) the outer end of a yard, often equipped with blocks for reeving signal halyards
Yardarm phr"Yardarm to Yardarm" - very close to each other.
Yardbird nPrisoner, internee, convict, lag; yardie. 2. recruit, newly enlisted serviceman under discipline of a misdeamour, and assigned menial tasks. '
Yarncraft nThe making of decorative items from yarns.
Yardful adjEnough to fill a yard.
Yard goods nMerchandise, esp. fabric, sold in units of linear measurement.
Yardgrass nGrass in a lawn. 2. a coarse, widely distributed annual grass, (Elesine indica).
Yardkeeper nA timber importer who stores timber.
Yard-like adjResembling or characteristic of a yard.
Yardman nA workman working in a railway yard or timber yard.
Yardmaster nOne in chrage of a railway yard.
Yard-sale nA sale of used household goods, held on the seller's own premises.
Yardstick nA standard used for comparison. 2. a measuring stick a yard long, usually divided into into inches. 3. a graduated rod, 3ft long, used for measuring.
Yardwand nSee "yardstick"
Yare adjOf a person, ready, prepared; easily manageable, obedient 2. of things, ready for use. 2. be alert, active, brisk, nimble. 3. of a ship, move lightly,and easily; answering readily to the helm.
Yare phr"In Full Yare" - quickly, without delay.
Yare phr"Make Yare"- to be ready, get ready, prepare.
Yare-handed adjDexterous, quick.
Yarely advPromptly, nimbly, skilfully
Yare-witted adjSharp, clever, intelligent.
Yark vbTo make readily, prepare, put in position, to set in place. 2. to ordain, decree, appoint, bestow, grant.
Yarking nPreparation, readiness, setting-up. 2.Ordination, decree, appointment, bestowment, yating. See: Yate
Yarm nDiscord, outcry, yell, scream
Yarm vbTo utter discord, yell screamingly, mournfully cry, wail
Yarn nThreadspun used as fibre for weaving, knitting, weaving, rope-making. 2. a long or rambling story or discourse.
Yarn vbTo chatter, to story tell, gossip. 2. to tell yarns.
Yarn phr"Spin a Good Yarn" - tell a good, long (untrue) story. 2. to tell an amusing or unlikely story.
Yarn beam nA roller in a loom on which the warp thread are wound in weaving.
Yarn-like adjResembling yarn, rope-like, coarse.
Yarnstorm nThe action or act of covering or decorating public objects with colorful or knitted items.
Yarnwinder nA wood stand carrying revolving arms for winding wool or yarn. 2. yarnwindle, yarndle, yarringle; see Garnwindle
Yarrow nThe herb Achillea (daisy family) with a strong odour and pungent taste; milfoil.
Yate vbTo grant, bestow, concede, acknowledge, confess, provide or give guidance and direction.
Yauld adjVigorous, strong, healthly. 2. active, sprightly, alert. 3. supple, active, athletic, nimble.
Yaup adjClever, cunning, shrewd, astute, nimble, active. 2. ready and eager to do something, with alacrity 3. ready and eager to eat: hungry; also spelt: Yap, Yepe.
Yaupish adjYawpish.
Yawn nThe action of yawning; opening the mouth widely and taking a long, rather deep breath, often because one is tired. 2. a particularly boring event.
YawnvbTo open the mouth widely and take a long, rather deep breath, often because one is tired and sometimes accompanied by pandiculation.  2. to present a wide opening, as a canyon 3. to open the mouth, or to gape, through surprise or bewilderment. 4. to be eager; to desire to swallow anything; to express desire by yawning.
Yawner nA person who yawns. 2. fig. something unexciting or boring that induces yawning, as a book, sporting event or performance.
Yawniness nThe quality of being yawny. 2. fig. wide open.
Yawningly advIn a yawning way. 2. so as to open wide, gapingly.
Yawpish adjRather or somewhat clever, cunning, shrewd, astute, nimble, active. 2. with some readness and eagerness to do something, with alacrity
Yawp adjHoarse; querulous, yelpy, yelping. 2. of a bird, harsh or strident in pipe. 3. of persons, contemptuous in tone or speech.
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