Old EnglishsbEnglish
Ye prnThou.
Yea interjInterjection expressing assent to a statement or command; truly, verily. 2. yes, indeed.
Yea and nay adjIndefinite and indeterminate, shilly-shally, vacillating, ambiguous, undecided, expedient.
Yea and nayer nA fence-sitter, waverer, one who vacillates, sways, quakes or hesitates.
Yea and Nays nAffirmative and negative votes.
Yea-forsooth adjpertaining to or indicative of one who say 'yea' & 'forsooth', not belonging to genteel society, as a coarse, yea-forsooth rascal.
Yeah advColloquial form of 'yes'.
Yean vbBringing forth a lamb or kid. 2. pregnant.
Yea nayish adjSomewhat indefinite or vacillating.
Yeanling nA young lamb or kid.
Year n1. Any of various calendar units based on the time the earth takes to revolve once around the sun, especially: in the Gregorian calendar, a period beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31, consisting of 365 or 366 days in 12 months. 2. a period of 365 or 366 days used as the basis for another calendar such as the Julian calendar. 3. a sidereal year. 4. a solar year. 5. period of about a year. 6. a period equal to the calendar year but beginning on a different date: a tax-reckoning year; a farming year. 7. an annually recurring period devoted to a special activity: the school year. 8. age, especially old age. 9. years as an indefinitely long period of time: it's been years since we saw her.
Year phr"For a Year and a Day" - in law the period of time in which in certain matters deternes a right or liability.
Year phr"Getting on in Years" - becoming old.
Year phr"In the Year Of the Lord" - in a year specified AD.
Year phr"Of the Year" - chosen as outstanding in a particular year.
Year phr"Year after Year" - continually over years.
Year phr"Year and a Day" - a time to be allowed for an act or an event, in order that an entire year might be served beyond all.
Year phr"Year in, Year Out" - continually over years.
Year phr"Year on Year" - year after year.
Yearbook nAn annual publication dealing with events or aspects of the usual preceding year.
Yearbookish adjPrepared in a manner somewhat resembling a yearbook.
Year-day nAn anniversary of birth, death, or marriage, or any memorable event in a family or nation.
Yeared adjContaining years, having existed or been for many years; aged.
Year-end nThe end of esp. the financial year.
Yearful adjDesirous.
Yearling nAn animal between one and two years old. 2.
Yearling adja year old having existed or being such for a year. 2. intended to terminate after one year.
Yearlong adjLasting a year or the whole year. 2. continually through the year.
Yearly adjone, produced or occurring once a year. 2. lasting a year.
Yearly advOnce a year; from year to year.
Yearman nSomeone in a particular year of study.
Yearmark nAn inscription on a coin indicating the year in which the coin was either produced or issued.
Yearmind nThe commemoration of a deceased person by requiem services on the first or on each anniversary of her or his death.
Yearn vbHave a strong emotional longing towards. 2. filled with compassion or tenderness.
Yearn phr"Yearn for" - desire strongly; long for.
Yearner nOne who yearns or longs emotionally and strongly.
Yearnful adjDesirous.
Yearnfully advIn a desirous or longing manner.
Yearning nA strong emotion of longing or desire, especially with tenderness.
Yearningly advWith yearning, with desire, longingly.
Year-on-year adjYear over year and compared with the same period in previous years.
Year-old sfxA suffix used to indicate the age of someone or something, in terms of years.
Yearward advIn direction of the year as a whole, towards the remainder of the year.
Yea-sayer nOne who agrees or assents, one who is always
Yea-say nAffirmation.
Yea-saying nAquiescence, to agree to a statement even when in doubt.
Yearward advIn the direction of the year as a whole; toward the remainder of the year.
Yeast nSubstance produced in the forming of alcohol by certain liquids, used in bread making
Yeast-bitten adjWhen the froth of the beer has entered the body of the beer.
Yeasted adjMade with yeast or having yeast as an ingredient.
Yeastily advIn a yeasty manner.
Yeastiness nState or condition of being yeasty.
Yeastless adjWithout or not containing yeast.
Yeastlike adjResembling yeast or haracteristic of yeast in some aspect.
Yeasty adjFrothy or tasting like yeast. 2. in a ferment. 3. working like yeast. 4. of talk; light and superficial.
Yeaword nAppeasement
Yedding nA speech, a long discourse, a spree, a gest or tale or verse of romance.
Yeie vbCry out, bark, blaspheme
Yeke nCuckoo. 2. fool, simpleton, bastard
Yekth nItch. itching
Yeld adjOf an animal: barren, one passed the time for having young, or too young to bear young. 2. Cattle not yielding milk. Fig., unproductive, effete
Yell nA loud strident cry or noise; yelling.
Yell vbTo utter or omit a strident cry, esp. because of a some sudden emotion such as rage, horror, hurt, agony. 2. to sing loudly or chant.
Yell phr"Yell Out" - cry or shout aloud to attract attention, show pain etc.
Yeller nSomeone who communicates in a loud voice.
Yelling nTo cry out loudly as in pain, fright, surprise, enthusiasm or a cheer uttered or chanted in unison.
Yellow nColour of gold, butter, egg-yolk. 2. Primary colour in the spectrum of blue and orange.
Yellow phr"Be Yellow" - be scared to do something; cringe, act cowardly.
Yellow phr"Have a Yellow Streak Down One's Back" - be cowardly.
Yellow-back nA cheap novel, esp. in a yellow cover; a pot-boiler, penny dreadful.
Yellow bear n
Yellow belly nA coward. 2. in times past a person born in the fens of Lincolnshire (from the sickly yellow complexion of persons residing in marshy living-places.)
Yellow bird nBetula lutea.
Yellow bird nThe golden finch.
Yellow-bone n
Yellow box nA very hard, heavy, strong, tough, durable eucalyptus (Eucalyptus melliodora.
Yellow-daisy nThe Black-eyed Susan.
Yellow-earth nYellowish clay, coloured by iron, used as pigment.
Yellowed adjhaving a yellowy color, esp. due to aging.
Yellow-evil nJaundice
Yellow-eye n
Yellow flax n
Yellow-gold nThe purest gold of all.
Yellow-green adjOf a pale apple-green color; chartreuse.
Yellow-haired adjBlonde, golden-haired
Yellow-hammer nA song bird, so called because of its yellow color; the yellow bunting.
Yellow hounds nSpectral hounds that hunt the wildest parts of Dartmoor on moonless nights, urged on by the Night-hunters of the Moor on his huge horse which breathes fire and flame. The baying of these hounds, held by some to be headless, if heard, spells death within a year. The abbot's way, an ancient track across the southern part of the moor, is said to be their favorite path. 2. also called Wish Hounds.
Yellowing nThe act of becoming yellow.
Yellowish adjSomewhat yellow in colour, yellowly. 2. tinged with yellow.
Yellowishly advhaving a colour resembling yellow.
Yellowishness nThe property of having a slight or moderate shade of yellow.
Yellow-lead ore nWulfenite.
Yellow-livered adjCowardly, weak-kneed, meek.
Yellow miller n
Yellow oak n
Yellow ore n
Yellow rain nOften in Fir forests the pollen is given off into the air in such enormous quantities that it is washed down by the rain as a yellow powder and is popularly known as Sulphur rain or Yellow rain.
Yellowred adjOf a colour between yellow and red: orange.
Yellow Sea nAn arm of the Pacific Ocean between Korea and the Eastern coast of China.
Yellow snake n
Yellow star nA symbol the Nazis required Jewish people to wear during the years 1933 to 1945
Yellow streak nCowardice; a personality trait combining cowardice, treachery and meanness.
Yellows nName of certain plants, such as Genista tinctora and Reseda inteola, yielding a yellow dye. 2. 'The Yellows': jaundice
Yellowware nA type of yellowy earthenware or stoneware made from a yellow clay.
Yellowweed nAny of the various Goldenrods.
Yellow wood nA name applied to various species of tree throughout the world
Yellowy adjSomewhat yellow; yellowish.
Yelm nA bundle of straw laid out for thatching.
Yelm vbTo bundle
Yelp nA dog shrill bark of excitement or distress. 2.The cry of dogs and some other animals. 3. The lifting up of one's voice to cry aloud. 4. Boasting, vain-glorous speaking
Yelper n A boaster, animal or person who whines or yelps; a whelp: avocet, a young partridge. 2. A Town Crier. 3. A writer or speaker whose utterance is like a yelper: whining, whingeing, complaining. Yelpers: wild beasts
Yelpy adjLikely or prone to yelp.
Yelt nA young sow, a gilt
Yelve nDung or garden fork
Yeme nCare, heed, attention
Yemeles nCarelessness, heedlessness, negligence
Yemer nCustodian, carer, one who looks after something.
Yender n(Ere under)Forenoon, morning
Yeo nA river, stream; a yea, ea.
Yeoman nOE 'young (?) & man' servant, attendant in a royal or noble household. 2. groom, page, assistant as in yeoman of the ewery. 3. reliable, trustworthy assistant or helper
Yeoman-like adjSturdy, courageous, bold, staunch.
Yeomanly nPertaining to or resembling a yeoman. 2. of yeoman rank; brave, rugged, staunch
Yeomanly advLike a yeoman; bravely, staunchly.
Yepe adjCunning, crafty, sly, wily. 2. nimble, agile, brisk, bold, daring. Adv. yeply
Yepsen nThe two hands together, so as to form a bowl-shaped cavity
Yerd nA stick; presumably from the same origin as yard, from Old English ġerd (“branch, twig, stick”) related to English and Scots yerk (“to whip, beat, strike, especially with a stick”).
Yerd vb(rare) To beat with a stick
Yerd-hunger n(eard or earth hunger) Voracious desire for land. "Lebensraum"
Yere vbYearn, desire, long for
Yering nA desire, a longing, request
Yern adjEager, willing, earnest, desirous, greedily, thoroughly, covetous. 2. Swift, rapid, fast, brisk, lively, quick, nimble, agile. also spelt: 'yerne'.
Yerner nA runner.
Yes interjUsed in answering that something is so or that someone will do something or sign something that one is in agreement with a statement.
Yes phr"Yes and Amen" - an emphatic agreement.
Yes phr"Yes and No" - an answer that is partly true or untrue. 2. an answer that agrees but disagrees in another.
Yes phr"Yes, but" - a response which concedes assent or agreement before introducing an object or qualification.
Yes phr"Yes to Death" - to agree in something; somewhat sarcastically
Yes-man nA weak acquiescent person; an obsequious subordinate.
Yesmanship nThe state or position of a yes-man.
Yester prefA prefix meaning immediately preceding present, as in yesterday, yesternoon, yestereve. 2. the period of time: last past. (now only used in combination with 'day' .
Yesterday nThe day preceding today. 2. loosely, the near past.
Yesterday phr"Not Born Yesterday" - be not naive.
Yesterday advOn the day last past. 2. at a recent time.
Yester-eve nYesterday eve.
Yester-evening nThe evening of yesterday
Yesterfang nThat which was captured or caught on the previous day, as a previous day 's catch.
Yestermonth nLast month
Yestermorn nYesterday morning.
Yestern nOf or pertaining to yesterday.
Yesterneve nesterday evening.
Yesternight nLast night.
Yesternoon nNoon yesterday.
Yestertide nA time period previous to the present; in the past; yestertime.
Yestertime nA time period previous to the present; in the past; yestertide.
Yestreen nTne night before (yester & e'en).
Yesterweek nLast week.
Yesteryear nLast year. 2. the recent past.
Yes way intjIndicates defiance of a previously said 'no way".
Yet advTill now or then, still; again, in addition; some time; before the chance is is gone; even, as in yet older; though that it is so.
Yet vbTo pour. 2. to shed tears or blood. 3. to pour forth or cause to flow in a flood. 4. to shed. 5. to infuse 6. to gush forth or flow in as stream, as water or tears. 7. to form an object by pouring molten metal into a mold; to found or cast metal. 8. to form metal into a shape, by pouring it when melted into a mold. 9. to melt down metal. 11. to set or fasten(as iron in stone) by means of molten lead, hence to fix firmly. See yote, yotling, yoter
Yet phr"As Yet" - up to now.
Yet phr"Nor Yet" - and also not.
Yet phr"Yet awhile" - until a little or some time later.
Yet phr"You Aint See Nothing Yet" - there is much better or worse to come.
Yetting nCasting, founding.
Yetling nPot or boiler, usu. of cast iron. 2 various articles made of cast iron. 3.cast iron (itself), cast.
Yeuck nItch, a prickly feeling.
Yeuck vbTo irritate or itch the skin.
Yetting nCasting, founding
Yever adjGreedy, voracious, covetous. 2. eager, quick, prompt.
Yeverly advGreedily, yeversome. 2. quickly
Yeverness nGreediness, gluttony. 2.eagerness, impetuosity. Yevery.
Yew nYeugh, a tree of the genus taxus, esp. the common yew of Europe and Asia, Taxus baccata. Yews are placed in church-yards and cemeteries, and closely associated with mourning. Branches and twigs of the tree are thought of as symbols of mourning.
Yewen vbMade of the wood of the yew tree.
Yex nYex or yesk: a hiccups, sob, belch
Yex vbTo hiccough or hiccup, belch forth.
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