The Anglish Moot
Old English sb English
Yield n Payment, money paid as a tribute or tax. 2. payment for loss or injury, compensation. 3. Offering of sacrifice to a deity; worship. 4. reward, recompense, retribution. 5. Amount obtained from some financial action, as from an investment or revenue from tax. 6. Amount produced, output. Yielding
Yield vb Give as fruit, profit, outcome, give up (right or thing), give way to, be less good than. 2. Giving in, surrender, submit.
Yield adv Readily giving in or giving away
Yield phr Yield the Ghost" - to die, pass away.
Yield phr "Yield To" - allow oneself to be overcome by pressure. 2. give in, give way to, surrender.
Yield phr "Yield Up" - hand to the foe in admission to defeat, surrender. 2. render up. 3. reveal, disclose, give up.
Yielder n Something or someone that yields, as a crop or other product. 2. someone or something that yields, or gives.
Yielding n A concession.
Yielding adj Docile or inclined to give away to pressure.
Yieldingly adv In a yielding way.
Yieldless adj Unyielding, steadfastful, not surrending. 2. not providing any yield or return.
Yieldingness n A tendency to yield, submissiveness.
Yield-strength n The point at which the strength or strain just exceeds the elastic strength of the material. 2, the stress beyond which a material becomes plastic.
Yieldwell adj fruitful
Yieldy adj Yielding.
Yield-yell n A violent pressure of the thumb under the lobe of the ear.
Yil n O.E. ealu: ale.
Yisel n Hostage
Yisse vb To covet
Yisser n Covetous person.
Yissing n Coveting, covetousness
Yit prn Ye two, both of you.
Yive vb To give (obsolete).