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Yule nIn December and January heathen festivities lasting 12 days. Lammas Yule: the yearly festival of Lammas on the first day of August. Old English gēol(a) ‘Christmas Day’; compare with Old Norse jól, originally applied to a heathen festival lasting twelve days, later to Christmas.
Yule-candle nA large candle previously used in Christmas festivities.
Yule-day nChristmas day
Yule even nChristmas eve
Yule-fare nChristmas food
Yule-grith nThe peace of Christmas
Yuling nThe keeping of Christmas.
Yulemonth nThe month of December.
Yuletide nThe season of Christmas
Yule-song nChristmas carol.
Yule-tree nChrismas tree.
Yule-wreath nThe wreath placed on the front door at Christmas time.
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