Mark: These are only a few rockwanderers. More can be eked if willed.

Score Anglish Name English Name Stemming
1 Gefjun Ceres Gefjun: Goddess of Ploughing/Ceres: Goddess of Farming
2 Saga Pallas Widsom Goddess
3 Nerthus Juno Fertility Goddess
4 Frigg Vesta Home Goddess
5 Forseti Astraea God/dess of Justice
6 Idunn Hebe Youth Goddess
7 Bifrost Iris Goddess of Rainbows, Rainbow bridge, It works, I guess?
8 Eostre Flora Goddess of Spring
9 Snotra Metis Goddess of Prudence & Wisdom
10 Eir Hygiea Goddess of Health, and she's a medical goddess, it works.
11 ???? Parthenope
12 Ullr Victoria God/dess of Victory (one of them)
13 Hlin Egeria Egeria, although not a Goddess, is known for froverness and warding like Hlin.
14 Freyr Irene Goddess of peace (not to be mistaken for Freyr)
15 Tyr Eunomia Goddess/God of Law (not to be mistaken for Tyr)
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