Drugs are things that change something in a man when eaten. Some drugs are sound, like caffeine - often to make you feel more awake - while others aren't, like snuff (or cocaine). The word drug can also mean a leechwort, as it is known in healthlore.

Wordlore Edit

Drug is a Theedish word coming from French "drogue" which comes from Netherlandish or Deutsch "droge".

Another Anglish word for drug is the word "lib" Scottish slang for a potion.

List Edit

English name Anglish name(s)
Caffeine caffeine, coffeedrug
Cannabis (Marijuana) hemp, Maria Johanna (folk), weed
Cocaine blow, snow dust, snow, white, white lady, slim, snuff
Ecstacy outdrug, crossdrug
Heroin helethin, hell dust, dope (folk)
LSD sour, Lucia, Luzia, Overman, dots,
Meth speed, crank
Mushrooms toadstools, mindopening toadstools (full name), toadstooldrug
Nicotine Nicot's drug
Purple Drank lean, Bluered drink, Lonestarland leafwos, barre
St. John's Wort Holy Johannes's wort
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