Listcraft (Mean English: art) is a manifold field of man-made doings in crafting seenly, hearsome, or showworthy listworks, showing the maker's mindful or handworking skill, meant to be worthied for their handsomeness or heartfelt craftiness. In their most broad shape, these doings inhold the crafting of works of list, the gainsaying of list, the learning of the yore of list, and the fairloreish outspreading of list.

The oldest known listworks are seeworthy listcrafts, which inhold drawings or craftings in fields such as mealwork, standbilths, thrickmaking, lightwritcraft, and other seenly kinds.

Songlist, plays, film, dance, and other showworthy lists, as well as bookcraft among others, are inheld in a broader spelling of list or listcraft. Until the H17th, list referred to any skill and was not cloven from crafts or lore.

In newfangled brook after the H17th, where fairloreish mindsets are weightiest, keenlist (the fine arts) unlikened and cloven from begotten skills, broadly speaking.

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