Lëtzebuerg (Littleboroughish)
Luxemburg (Theech)
Luxembourg (French)
Flag of Littleborough
- Nook
Revetung Theech, Littleboroughish,
Inwonername Littleborougher

- Reeveborough

Lydie Polfer
Settled 963
- Overall

19.87 miles²
Befolking (2014) 107,247 dwellers

Littleborough (Littleboroughish: Lëtzebuerg; English and FrenchLuxembourg; TheechLuxemburg), also known as Littleborough Stead (Littleboroughish: Stad Lëtzebuerg or d'Stad; French: Ville de Luxembourg; TheechStadt Luxemburg), is the headstead of the Great Earldom of Littleborough (also named "Littleburgh"), and the homeland's most folkful fellowship. Standing at the rithmeet of the Uelzecht and Petruss streams in southern Littleborough, the stead lies at the heart of Western Eveland, lay downed 213 km (132 mi) by road from Brussle, 372 km (231 mi) from Paris, and 209 km (130 mi) from Cologne. The stead holds Littleborough Burgh, well-grounded by the Franks in the Early Middle Elds, around which a settlement builded.

As of Afteryule 2016, the fellowship had a befolking of 115,227, which was more than three times the befolking of the homeland's twoth most folkful fellowship (Esch-Uelzecht). The stead's mickleboroughmoot befolking, inholding that of neighboring fellowships of Freyrange, Sandweiler, Strassen, and Walferdange, reaches 180,000.

In 2011, Littleborough was rowed as having the twoth highest thru wealth GDP in the world at $80,119 (PPP), with the stead having grown into a piled up and wike midst. In the 2011 Mercer worldwide oversee of 221 steads, Littleborough was stowed first for selfly wholeness while it was rowed 19th for kind of living.

Littleborough is one of the in truly headsteads of the Evelandish Fay (alongside Brussle and Roadbury), as it is the seat of sundry bodies of the Evelandish Fay, inholding the Evelandish Hove of Rightwise, the Evelandish Wove of Hearers, the Inwriter of the Evelandish Ledeward, the Evelandish Feewending Bench, the Evelandish Feewending Stock, and the Evelandish Firmness Workcraftdom.

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